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Life After Death

What a great interview! I’ll be chewing on Annette’s insights for a bit. The takeaway regarding comparisons resonates. Of course my overthinking head has to take it a step further. I believe that it’s toxic to compare ourselves to others, which she shared as well. I think that it can be egoistic. When we are comparing ourselves to ourselves although, especially in terms of progress, it’s very helpful.

For myself right now, I’m in week 9 of recovering from a couple of broken bones. The therapy has been on some days, very painful. Being able to look back on the experience and see growth on many levels is what keeps me wanting the experience. I’m already better than I was before.
Cheers to you my friend. Keep on!! 💜

Sept. 14, 2021 by Cindy Howard on This Website

The Skeptic Metaphysicians