A Past Life Regression Session - BONUS EPISODE

This is a special bonus episode, marking the 50th episode published. On this one, Will shares the past life regression session that the incomparable Leora Leon gifted to him a while back. Yep, he finally got up the nerve to share his FULL recording of the session.

If you've ever wondered what a past life regression session is like, this is the one for you. We'll be back to our regular programming next episode.

About our guest:
Divine Path Life Coach, Author, Meditation Teacher, Artist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Shaman and Reiki Energy Healing Practitioner and TeacherChannel. An International Motivational Speaker and a TV host!

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Instagram: @leoraleon
Facebook: @casaleon
TV Show: The Powers In You

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Leora Leon: Okay. So sit back in your chair and we're just going to relax now. And allow your eyes to be gently closed.

And as I said, first, we're going to focus on your breathing and allow your breathing to be deep and even breathing from way in to way out comfortable breathing. And as you know, a lot of meditation techniques in yoga, they focus first on breathing. Because it's so important and it's so relaxing and it is also the way within.

So I want you to [00:04:00] visualize or imagine yourself with each breath inhaling the peaceful, positive energy that is all around you. And with each breath out, we're going to exhale and release any tensions, any anxieties, any aches or pains that you store in your body?

Exhaling releasing all of the energy that no longer serves you.

So with each breath you're visualizing beautiful, loving energy, all around you. Each breath out, [00:05:00] exhaling all the energy that no longer serves you releasing any tension, any anxiety. Any pain that you feel in your body, we're just going to release it. So with each breath you go deeper and deeper and deeper into a relaxed, serene, tranquil state.


Now I want you to visualize or imagine a beautiful light coming in through the top of your head and beginning to spread down your body from above to below. A beautiful, powerful healing, light divine light in glowing in the slight you can choose the color or the colors as this light is connected to the light above and all around.

It's a divine light, powerful healing light, because it will help you heal every [00:06:00] cell of your body restore. All of yourselves to a normal, healthy state releasing any stress or discomfort, helping you restore your body to perfect health. 

Will: And 

Leora Leon: this is a deepening life because it will bring you to a deep level of peace and relaxation.

Allow yourself to go even deeper now, even deeper. Now I want you to imagine. That this light, this divine light is beginning to slowly spread down from the top of your head, past your forehead, behind your eyes. Smoothing out all the muscles around your eyes, beneath your scalp and relaxing all of these muscles, the light spreads beneath the deep bones and muscles of your face.

Deepening your state even more as you're [00:07:00] relaxing. And now it smoothly spreads. And dear Joe. Relaxing the muscles all around your mouth and you feel more and more peaceful, 

Will: more relaxed, 

Leora Leon: tranquil. Continue to focus on my voice and let all other noises and distractions only deepen your level even more as they fade away. 

 Now you're in a deeply relaxed state, very much a peace in this beautiful state of peace and relaxation. I want you to imagine yourself, visualize your. Walking down a beautiful staircase down into the deepest recesses of your mind. And this is a place where there is no time, no space to place of connection and of oneness, a place of wisdom.

And you can remember everything you're [00:08:00] walking down and. Deeper and deeper down, down each step down increasing the depth of your level even more. And as you reach the bottom of the stairs, In front of you is a beautiful, magnificent garden, and this is your garden and you can fill it with flowers or plants or trees, benches, places to rest.

This is your safe place, so safe and serene walking into your garden and here your body can completely rest and continue to heal itself. As you are still filled with the beautiful divine light. And as you go deeper and deeper. Your body will refresh, relax, recuperate, and rejuvenate, continuing to heal and fill your self with beautiful energy.

So that later on, after you awaken, you will feel [00:09:00] wonderful as you will still be filled with this beautiful energy refreshed and renewed and in total control of your body and your mind. Now in this garden, the deepest deepest levels of your mind can open up and you can remember everything. So to show you this, let's go to your childhood.

And as you stay in a deeply relaxed and calm and peaceful state, you're going to let your deepest mind pick out a childhood memory. And if you wish it can be. You are free to choose. And if at any time you become uncomfortable, you can imagine yourself resting back in the garden. Or you can just float above the image as if you were watching it on the TV.

You are always in control. So let's go back now to your childhood and pick out a memory and it may be something you have not thought about in a long time. Now you're going to be able to talk to me and yet remain in a very deep state, [00:10:00] continuing to experience. So are you in a childhood memory? Well, 

Will: yes.

Leora Leon: And how old are you in this? Um, six you're six. And are there people with you? Just my mom. And how are you feeling?

Will: Feeling 

Leora Leon: happy. You're feeling happy. You feel secure and safe. And, and what clothes are you wearing? 

Will: I'm wearing a striped shirt, pullover, yellow and black. Okay. 

Leora Leon: All right. And this is a happy time with you. You're with your mom. You're feeling loved and you're feeling secure. All right. And what are you doing with your mom?

Will: There's a cat on her lap and she's teaching me how [00:11:00] to pet the cat. 

Leora Leon: Very nice. So you love your mom and your mom loves you, and you're feeling very comfortable. Very calm and peaceful. All right. What I'd like you to do is we're going to go back in that childhood. We're going to go back even further back to perhaps a T a toddler or perhaps in utero.

So we're going to go back to a toddler or perhaps in utero 3, 2, 1 be there.

What do you see now?

You seen all dark. So you're probably in utero. How are you feeling?

You're feeling warm and you can hear your mother's heartbeat probably. And you can [00:12:00] probably feel her emotions. And here is, can you hear anybody talking?

Okay. And how is, how was, is he happy or you're feeling the emotions or is there issue. 

Will: Doesn't sound 

Leora Leon: doesn't sound happy. Okay. And how you can feel your mother's emotions. How is she feeling? 

Will: They're arguing. Sure. 

Leora Leon: She's not happy either. And do you know what they're arguing about at all? 

Will: I can't tell 

Leora Leon: you, can't tell, but you feel that.

And typically when we feel that energy of being in the womb and there's arguing as we are, you know, I'm not able to comprehend or understand it. We take that on as, as being our fault or feeling that we're causing that in somehow. [00:13:00] So I want you to just to release that energy right now, just let her go and know that it wasn't.

That you had nothing to do with these two adults having an argument or feeling discomfort that it's not you. So just release that energy and breathe in, and we're going to float out of that. We're going to float out of the womb and we're going to go back even further. So just float and we're going to go back in other times and other places and other experiences that you've lived in other bodies, and we're going to go and just float and you're going to be floating.

And then you're going to see a door and a door is going to appear in front of you. And let me know when you see a door it'll appear right in front of you.

Will: You 

Leora Leon: see, what color is that door beige. All right. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to instruct [00:14:00] you to walk through the door, not yet, but when I do, you're going to walk through the door and into a scene and it could be the beach or the mountains or the jungles or the Prairie. So you see the base door three, two, you reach for the door, handle, open the door and one walk into a seat.

Tell me what you're seeing.

Will: Uh, 

Leora Leon: Desert. Okay. Sand dunes, sand dunes. Is it hot? Very hot. Very hot. Okay. Can you look down at your feet for me and tell me, you know, what kind of shoes or if you're barefoot 

Will: torn up sandals 

Leora Leon: foreign up sandals. And can you see what you're wearing on your body?

Will: Loose 

Leora Leon: robes. Okay. [00:15:00] And are you a male or a female? Male. Okay. And how old would you say you are?

12. Okay. So walk a walk along, um, in the sand and find a path that you can walk on comfortably and just walk down there. And now you're seeing people around.

Will: Yeah. 

Leora Leon: Okay. And there's going to be someone far off in the distance. It's coming in gear awareness now, and they're going to be getting closer and closer. And let me know when that person becomes visually right in front of you.

Will: okay. You 

Leora Leon: see them now. And who is that?

It's your mother. Okay. And [00:16:00] how are you feeling right now? My mother it's 

Will: not your mother. It was not her. It's her, but it's not her to man. 

Leora Leon: It's a man. If the energy is her. Okay. And she's a man and okay. That's wonderful. And so how old is she? 

Will: She's older, she's 40 something. 

Leora Leon: So this is a 40 year old man in front of you, who has the energy of your mother.

And is, is that man unrelated to you in that lifetime? No. No, just a friend. Do you feel comfortable around teacher teacher? I see. Okay. And you can talk to this person. And what I'd like you to do is start walking and you can walk. And are they talking to you and teaching you, what are they teaching? You 

Will: teach me.

How to 

Leora Leon: [00:17:00] find water. Okay. Very important in the desert. Find water. Now I want you to walk down to, you're going to see a structure and on the left-hand side. So when you're walking, I want you to walk to the structure. It could be a house, um, a place. And let me know when you get to that and you can take this person with you.

If you.

Are you there? Yeah. Okay. Okay. Let's go inside and tell me, is this your house or what is the structure? 

Will: It is where I live. Yes, 

Leora Leon: it is where you live and who else is inside? 

Will: Brother and sister, 

Leora Leon: brother, and sister. Okay.

And how do you feel emotionally? Are you happy or.

Will: [00:18:00] I need to take 

Leora Leon: care of them, responsible for them. Okay. And are your parents not around. Or you're you're responsible for. Yeah. Okay. All right. So you're 12 years old and you're feeling a responsibility of taking care of your brother and sister, and you're, you're looking for water. And so what we're going to do is we're going to go five years ahead in this lifetime.

So we're going to go five years ahead to 17, five years ahead. 3, 2, 1 be there. And tell me what you see now and where are 

Will: you in a market? You're in a lot people. Okay.

Lots of noise.

Leora Leon: And what are you doing in the market? Are you buying, are you a purveyor? And 

Will: walking down, looking at market, look at other people's selling stuff. We've got something over my shoulder,

big bag of something. Okay. [00:19:00] 

Leora Leon: You looking to sell it or? 

Will: I think so. Okay. 

Leora Leon: All right. And how are you feeling? You're now 17. You're a young man. Tired. He feel tired. Okay. Just let that energy go.

All right. So I'd like to go 10 years ahead to you at age 27 and that life we're going to go 10 years ahead. 3, 2, 1 be there.

And where are you 

Will: now? Outside under a tree. 

Leora Leon: Okay. And who are you with? 

Will: My wife, your wife. 

Leora Leon: And what does she look like? 

Will: It's beautiful. 

Leora Leon: It's beautiful. And you love her very much. And do you have any children? 

Will: No children, 

Leora Leon: no children. You're just tacky, just very happy. And where are your brother [00:20:00] and sister at this point?

You know,

Your brother died. Okay. Sister's married off. Okay. All right. But you're just enjoying your life with your wife and very happy. And so you're feeling very happy or not very happy. You're not happy. Tell me what's going on. 

Will: I'm alone. My family gone. My wife is the only one. She's the only thing that I can hold on to.

Okay. I think I, I didn't,

I didn't protect my brother enough.

Leora Leon: You feel like it was your fault. Did he pass and just let that go.

You had let it go

the way to the world on your shoulders.

Will: I have [00:21:00] not seen my sister for a long time.

Leora Leon: all right. What I'd like you to do is I want you to, we're going to go further and we're going to go just a couple minutes before you pass out of this life. So you're going to go just a couple minutes before the time that you are to pass out of this life. 3, 2, 1. Be there. And where are you now in bed?

You're in bed. And who is with you? 

Will: My wife, my son. 

Leora Leon: And your son. You have a son now. And how old are you? Would you say

Will: early sixties, maybe. Okay. 

Leora Leon: And how do you 

Will: feel


Leora Leon: Feel relieved to be leaving. 

Will: If you relieve, my son is in a good place. He's going to take care of my wife. Okay. [00:22:00] 

Leora Leon: So the feeling of not being able to take care of your brother, now, you have your son who was, you took care of, and you put him in a position where he can take care of your wife and he can take care of himself.

So you. Kind of redeemed your feeling of taking care

Will: and you 

Leora Leon: loved your wife, your wife loved you, your son loved you. So you're feeling okay.

All right. So let's go ahead and pass out of that life. We're going to go ahead and pass. You're going to feel yourself floating. And floating up and floating up, releasing all of that energy. And then soon you're going to see another door will appear in front of you. And let me know when that happens.

Will: And what 

Leora Leon: color is that door 

Will: blue. 

Leora Leon: Okay. [00:23:00] So as before, we're going to walk into open the door and into the scene. So three, you see the door two, you open it, one walk into a scene.

Will: And what are you seeing now?

I see the ocean. Palm trees. Nice.

Leora Leon: And can you look down and see your feet for me? And tell me if you have your shoes are barefooted or their foot and what are you wearing?

Okay. And are you a male again, or a female? 

Will: I'm a female. 

Leora Leon: Okay. And what color hair do you have? 

Will: Blonde hair. 

Leora Leon: Okay. And how old would you say you are? Be twenties. Late twenties. Okay. Do you look beautiful? [00:24:00] I think so. You think so? Okay. So let's take a. And take a walk and find a path. And, and how, how are you feeling?

Are you feeling comfortable? 

Will: Very, very comfortable. 

Leora Leon: Okay. And then again, you're going to see somebody, you're going to see somebody walking toward you and they're off in a distance and they're getting closer and closer. And let me know when they. Get close right up to you. So you can see who they are.

Will: Very heavyset, man. 

Leora Leon: Okay. And do you know who this person is?

Will: Elder 

Leora Leon: and elder. Okay. You feel comfortable? 

Will: [00:25:00] He's mad at me. Why is he mad and went out to. Oh, okay.

Okay. But he's not really mad. He's mad, but he's not 

Leora Leon: mean mad. Right? Right. Okay. So let's walk with him toward your, your home, where you live and walk, and then when you get to your home, let me know, or you get to a house. Let me know.

Will: Not a people by a fire outside hot,

Leora Leon: these are indigenous people or

Will: okay. 

Leora Leon: And people, you know, and.

Yes. Tell me how you're [00:26:00] feeling 

Will: and I don't belong. You feel like you've 


Leora Leon: man. They brought you in

and you're fair. Are these people fair or no? No. They, they brought you in

Will: with them a long time, but by not from them, you're 

Leora Leon: not from them. And so you're feeling like you don't belong.

Will: My family, but I don't belong. Okay. Alright.

Leora Leon: And is that man that came up to you? Is he like a father figure or

you're in your twenties? Okay. So what I'd like to do is go 10 [00:27:00] years ahead in that lifetime are going to go 10 years ahead to your thirties, 3, 2, 1 be there.

Will: And 

Leora Leon: where are you now? 

Will: I'm cooking. 

Leora Leon: Cooking. Okay. In your own home or in a fire outside.

Inside is this your house? Okay. Are you married? You see 

Will: your husband?

Leora Leon: No, you have children.

Will: No one lives with you. My husband lives with me, but he's not there. 

Leora Leon: He's not there. And what, what does he do? What is he? One of the, [00:28:00] 

Will: it provides food, 

Leora Leon: provides the food. So he's one of the villagers, the people. And do you feel like you love him?

Will: No, not like I should 

Leora Leon: not like you should. So you still feeling out of place and not 

Will: belonging.


Leora Leon: let's go five years ahead. In this lifetime, five years ahead. 3, 2, 1 be there.

What do you see now? 

Will: It's night looking out at the stars. 

Leora Leon: And how 

Will: are you feeling? Sad alone. And where is your husband? I don't know [00:29:00] 

Leora Leon: no one 

Will: with, you

know, this 

Leora Leon: feeling alone.

Will: The sound of the ocean.

Leora Leon: All right. So what we're going to do is we're going to go to the end of this life a couple minutes before you pass. So a couple of minutes before you pass out of this life, 3, 2, 1 be there.

And where do you see yourself now 

Will: in the woods? 

Leora Leon: Are you with anyone or,

and how old would you say you are?

Will: [00:30:00] Not 40 yet. Okay. 

Leora Leon: And you're feeling alone. 

Will: Yeah, lost tired, tired, 

Leora Leon: scared, hurt, scared. What are you scared of?

Will: Scared of dying. 

Leora Leon: Scared of dying. And so this life you were mostly alone and feeling out of place and not happy. So just release that energy. Let it go and go ahead and release that of the body. 

Will: Just float up, load up, 

Leora Leon: releasing all of that energy of feeling alone and afraid, but it all go and now we're floating up and we're going to see beautiful golden carved or.[00:31:00] 

You're going up higher and it's brighter and brighter. And let me see when you let me know when you see that golden door,

you see it. Okay. And when I instruct you to go through it, you're going to walk into a bright white light. So three, you see the door to you, pull the door open and one, you walk into the light.

Will: And you 

Leora Leon: feel so good and now high vibrational beam, whether it be an angel, someone that has passed or your guides are going to float down right in front of you, you're going to float down right in front of you. And, and let me know when they do.

And who do you see?

Will: My mother, it's your [00:32:00] mother 

Leora Leon: and she hugs you and she loves you. And she tells you how proud she is of 

Will: you.

Leora Leon: And now she reaches up into the heavens and brings this ball of divine energy and she brings it down and places it right into your chest and you pray and you feel so much love you. Not only feel her love, you feel the love of the divine and you know, you're on the path you're supposed to.

And you can go ahead and ask her any question. She'll answer. Are you[00:33:00] 

Will: almost done?

Leora Leon: She hugs you and kisses you, it tells you how loved

Will: I have 

Leora Leon: a feeling. She said you're not done.

Will: Not yet. No. With that. 

Leora Leon: She kisses you on the 

Will: cheek.[00:34:00] 

Leora Leon: and then she starts to flood

and now we're going to go back to our garden

and in your garden, you can connect with your mother or any of your guides or angels that protect you and walk with you at all times. And whenever you need them, all you have to do is go back to your garden.

So now it's going to be time to awaken and I'm going to awaken you by counting from one to 10 and with each number you're going to become more and more awake and alert and full control of your body and your mind feeling wonderful, feeling great and refreshing. You're still filled with the beautiful divine energy.[00:35:00] 

Will: 1, 2, 3, 

Leora Leon: gradually awakening feeling wonderful. 

Will: 4, 5, 6 

Leora Leon: more and more awake and alert. Feeling good. Seven eight, nearly awake. Now nine 10. You may open your eyes when you're ready.

Will: Wow. That was a lot more emotion.

Leora Leon: So what's gonna be happening over the next [00:36:00] couple of weeks is all of that that you saw is going to start filling in and you're going to be, it'll be on your mind and you'll be doing your stuff. And then you'll start to remember more. And so. You remembered your mother and then a time period in utero when things weren't going on.

And typically as children in the utero, we take that on as being something that we created. So we take responsibility and that affects us in our lives. Then you go into this other life and your mother was actually your teacher and. You ended up having, you know, you lost your brother and then your sister and you felt responsible.

Um, but then you ended up having a son and a wife who you were able to kind of resolve that lack. He felt lack of responsibility, or you felt the lack of justified responsibility, I guess. And so you were happy to, you know, like [00:37:00] know that you had taken care of your son and set up a life for him and your wife.

And then you went into the life of a young woman. What time period was that? Would you say? 

Will: It was pre-colonial. Um, okay. 

Leora Leon: So were you in India with an indigenous tribe or 

Will: it felt more like, I don't want to say tahini, but someone threw me out there like, uh, Polynesian, um,

Leora Leon: And you never felt that life for you is very difficult as well. You felt very alone and isolated and 

Will: yeah, I didn't, I didn't, I didn't, I mean, they were nice enough and they accepted me, but they didn't belong there. I feel like I belong there. Right. 

Leora Leon: Right. And in the other lifetime, what time period was that 

Will: and what that was.

Uh, I want to say it wasn't I was like [00:38:00] Jordan, maybe not Egypt. Um, but it was long, long time ago. And 

Leora Leon: your mother was your teacher and she was a male. Yeah. That's so cool. I love when 

Will: that happens. 

Leora Leon: Yeah. Right. Yeah. Yeah. And then at the end, the high vibrational beam was your mother. 

Will: It's really interesting because when my mother, I mean, she's been my rock through my life for the most part, but now I'm finding her, not so much. Like, I don't feel her. Right. 

I've so many conflicting emotions about this right now, because.

My father was never there. She was always the one that, I mean, she taught me how to climb a tree and she taught me how to tie my shoes. She did, she did every, she was always been there for me.

And recently she's Have you once in a while, I'll feel the spark of her there, 

Leora Leon: So that's an interesting dynamic and that [00:39:00] she would come to you and not be so that's her higher self coming 

Will: here. That's what it felt like. It felt like it's, it's who she really is coming to me. As opposed to someone who had passed. It was, it was the person that I recognized that I knew when 

Leora Leon: I was at.

And the one that you recognized as a man in that lifetime teacher, because when you went to the childhood memory, you were appear, she was teaching you how to pet a cat. So it's kind of like this full circle thing, right? And, and what you will find that all of this pertains, to, uh, your life right now, this physical reality and something that came up for me for you was.

And I don't know you that well, but I, I sense that you are this phenomenal father and, um, in that life where you, where your mom was your father and you felt responsible [00:40:00] and all of that, that energy was reflected in this life to where you really have to take care of your kids and make them number one.

And I think that's who you are. And so that came through. So all of these things. Things ended up, you know, it's just this big ball of energy that is who you are now from who you were and all of these lifetimes and that feeling of not belonging, the little girl, you know, that'll be interesting to see where that comes from and how that's affecting that energy of your life right now and, and how it, you know, came into play.

Will: Yeah, I'm looking forward to connecting the dots. 

Leora Leon: so it will happen over, over the next couple of weeks. I mean, you're going to continue to, you know, think about it and in your meditations you can think about it and I'll fill in and yeah, it ends up being really cool. So, 

Will: thank you so much for this.

This, this was amazing. [00:41:00] And, And you were incredibly kind to do this for me. 

Leora Leon: Well, I wanted to, I know your energy and your just I you, and even like I was talking to Kelly and she said, oh, he's such a great guy. And you are, you have this wonderful energy. So I was happy to do this. And I thought it was all beautiful, you know, and I know you were, you were upset through some of it, you know, so, and that's good because what that does, and my belief system is part of the healing process. It releases that energy, it releases.

You know, so, uh, you're going to have drink lots of water today. Get sleep, go to bed early tonight, because now in your dreams, it's going to be connecting and it's all working its way out. So all of the, any pain or anything that you've kept because you know, we carry this bag of baggage when. Through every life and all these energies.

So it affects us, you know, you became this really awesome father, you know, so, and [00:42:00] because you felt so responsible and that one likes that you didn't do a good job protecting your brother and your sister and you had to, and you know, so it's all related. So it's kind of real cool. 

Will: It's pretty cool.

Take some time. Yeah. 

Leora Leon: A lot of water today and just, you know, get some sleep tonight and it'll all start working out. Okay. 

Will: Gosh, I can't thank you enough. I mean, I don't even have the words for it, so you're 

Leora Leon: welcome.