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Thanks for the wake up . You guys are top notch.

Hi guys, I discovered your podcast on Spotify and have listened to almost all of your content. Not all but darn near. Your episodes , comments and beliefs speak right to me and I’m so glad to have found your show , so much so I just became a member. Thanks for opening my mind further than it already was. Haven’t done it yet but my wife and I are definitely scheduling a session in the Harmonic Egg that we discovered is not to far away from us. Stay safe and healthy , Tim

All skeptics welcome!

OMG, Will and Karen are skeptics, yes indeed, they are, but willing to open their minds (and hearts) for the sake of both learning and teaching. We had a wild and woolly conversation. I know I learned, and I’m sure they did, too. There’s nothing like genuine curiosity to open the floodgates of mystical knowledge. I even listened to them after I was a guest! Can’t get much better than that!

Fascinating Topics

Hello. I live in Sebastopol, CA. I am thrilled to have come across your podcast. You are such a sweet and engaging pair who bring down to earth these otherworldly subjects. Being able to hear your guests speak in real time brings the methodologies and stories to life in a way that books cannot. I never know what I am going to learn - kind of like going to a fantasy school!

Fabulous Listening!

After being a guest as a past life reader, I became a regular listener to this super interesting and unique podcast. I love Will and Karen. Fascinating guests, juicy questions, and so entertaining!

Fabulous Listening!

Will and Karen are such wonderful hosts. Warm and curious, they made it a breeze to talk about my past life readings when I was a guest. Now I am a regular listener and have enjoyed so many episodes. Fascinating guests, juicy questions, and so entertaining!


Being a skeptic, it's refreshing to hear the tough questions asked during many shows.

A+ Podcast

Entertaining and informative. Bound to help anyone on this spiritual journey we call life. The most recent episode stands out the most as what was briefly discussed on what we are (not just humans) but so much more. How at the core we are unlimited love. It rings true. The episode on Bigfoot was good too. And when they bring in the Pagan witches. The hosts make it easy to learn something new each time. Very nice.

This interview was full of fun, electrical mysteries and just short of chaos. One of my all-time favorite episodes with two outstanding humans!


Love the topics and the way in which they are explored.

Love the topics and the interviewers!

This podcast dives into everything we should be looking at

So many great topics!

I was a guest on the show and I really enjoyed how both Will and Karen guide the conversation together. I would say this show goes deeper than just Metaphysics 101!

Always Interesting and Entertaining

I loved this podcast. It was a mixture of fun, new information and a feeling of comradery. I've never heard a Podcast from the Skeptics that wasn't exceptional. I'm a FAN!


I really enjoyed listening! The range of topics is great and the guests are informative. Learned a few new things!


I love this show! It is always upbeat, informative and entertaining.

Definitely in my pod rotation!

I learn something new every single episode & always something different and interesting, that maybe I never knew about or heard of before. Also this pod makes you feel like your journey for answers, whatever your looking for, that you aren't alone!

Awesome Podcast

I love your energy and the topics you cover. Everyone should check out this amazing podcast!

Stephen Hawley Martin

More confirmation and less skepticism on that which I already know. As a fellow truth seeker who is presently doing some deep dives into her inner self, this interview, you guys, has helped to push me over a hump in my path. I loved this! I posted it on our Facebook 5D wall. I know there are many members who will enjoy! Btw, you enjoy whatever you’re doing, as well!!

Akashic Records Interview

Once again…excellent! Thank you Will and Karen! I just finished listening. I personally value your skepticism. You have questions that I didn’t know I had. Karen made an interesting point that I may be able to speak to. It was about the super skeptic that goes through life putting the kibosh on anything metaphysical. Then they have the big moment of AHA. Perhaps they subconsciously want to believe and that’s why the opportunities show up. Finally, it shows up in a way that no matter how their mind tries to dismiss it, it’s so big, they just can’t. And their wall of skepticism breaks. What I want to know is this: Given that we reincarnate, the “bigger” version of me holds a certain “knowing” now. I didn’t have or didn’t remember that after birth. In my next life, will I have to re-remember this or will I retain the bigger knowing? I’d love to listen to that podcast. 💜

Life After Death

What a great interview! I’ll be chewing on Annette’s insights for a bit. The takeaway regarding comparisons resonates. Of course my overthinking head has to take it a step further. I believe that it’s toxic to compare ourselves to others, which she shared as well. I think that it can be egoistic. When we are comparing ourselves to ourselves although, especially in terms of progress, it’s very helpful. For myself right now, I’m in week 9 of recovering from a couple of broken bones. The therapy has been on some days, very painful. Being able to look back on the experience and see growth on many levels is what keeps me wanting the experience. I’m already better than I was before. Cheers to you my friend. Keep on!! 💜

My favorite podcast

Love listening to this podcast—have been listening for month . interesting topics 😊 Great work WILL.


So informative. A true classic!!

Love everything about this show

Love You WILL, love their voices and rapport, and I love the diverse topics. As a PhD, I’m always hungering to learn more about the world in which we live, and this is the perfect podcast in which to indulge. It’s never boring . Keep up the fantastic work.

Dream interpretation :)

It’s always great to learn more from our subconscious. I love the guidance from Benjamin the Dream Wizard!

Sending BIG love & immense gratitude

The Skeptic Metaphysician has been my consistent source of strength, faith, trust, surrender, belief, growth, inspiration, determination & the seeds of growth in my consciousness throughout my Phoenix process.

So Cool!

I love this podcast. An enlightening journey into the spiritual realm most are not familiar with.

Love the approach

I like how considerate he is of his guests, even when he might have skepticism. And there is a nice range of guests from the various metaphysical/spiritual aspects as well. I always appreciate good sound quality, especially if I can hear it well while driving. And that is definitely the case. I have not one single criticism for this podcast, actually. Keep it up!!

Not what I expected, but pleased!

I was turned onto to this podcast by the members of an online community I belong to, and I must admit, I didn’t think I would find much value in it. However, when I browsed the episodes, and came across the interview with Benjamin a.k.a. The Dream Wizard, I was truly impressed. I’ve always been jealous of my wife’s ability to not only remember the details of her dreams, but even interpret them. Benjamin made me realize there’s hope for me yet - even if I can barely remember my dreams. Great interview, and a great guest. Love the tandem with the host and his wife.

Interesting and Insightful

Will has a wonderful way with words and expressing his curiosity and personal journey. He interviews interesting guests that help expand our knowledge and personal insights. Well done! So glad I found his podcast.

Thought Provoking

Thank you for putting this thought provoking podcast out into the world. I really appreciate the intentionality and curiosity you bring to your episodes!

Refreshing Spiritual & Metaphysics Podcast

To say I LOVE your podcast Will is an understatement!! Thank you for bringing fourth such a great eclectic medley of spiritual souls. ✨💖