The Skeptic Metaphysicians

The Skeptic Metaphysicians

This weekly show is a fun exploration of metaphysics, spiritual awakenings, healing modalities and magical personalities. Hosted by a real-life husband and wife team of story-tellers, this Signal Award-winning program brings you interviews with inspirational experts in the fields of enlightenment and expanded consciousness...without making it cringy!

Grow and expand your consciousness without sacrificing the fun of exploring with humor!

New episodes every Wednesday!

Recent Episodes

Connecting the Dots: Discovering the Interconnectedness of Spiritual Modalities

March 29, 2023

In this podcast episode, Faith Streng takes us on a journey of self-healing and exploration, uncovering the truth of how past life trauma, chakras, and limiting beliefs can derail our manifestation process and discovering th…

Guest: Faith Streng

The Atheist’s Guide to Proof of the Afterlife | Elizabeth Entin

March 22, 2023

Though identifying as an atheist, Elizabeth Entin began examining evidence of an afterlife and anything paranormal in 2015, following the passing of her father. What she found….BLEW HER AWAY, challenging her own beliefs in t…

Kinetic Divination: Unlocking Your Body's Healing Power | Jillian Schleger

March 15, 2023

Unlock your power to heal yourself of any obstacle and create your own destiny by listening to the language of your body with Jillian Schleger's Kinetic Divination. After being diagnosed with cancer, Jillian discovered th…

Unlocking the Secrets of Spiritual Enlightenment in 5 Minutes or Less | Jonathan Robinson

March 8, 2023

One of our all-time favorite interviews! Can you imagine what it would be like to learn how to meditate from the Dalai Lama? Or see miracles performed by Sai Baba? What about becoming friends with Ram Dass? Well it just s…

Angelic Awakening: Discovering the Judah Collective | Anjie Hipple

March 1, 2023

What if you could tap into a collective of around 350,000 angels who move and work together as one unified being, similar to a swarm of birds? This week’s episode allows us to do just that when we have the wonderful oppor…

Guest: Anjie Hipple

Psychic Fraud Warning Signs and How To Find True Guidance | Corbie Mitleid

Feb. 22, 2023

Psychic guidance is an art. Don't settle for a forgery. This week’s guest, Corbie Mitleid, has seen it all – the rip-offs, the truth-tellers, and the workaday psychics who may not have marquee names but are skilled and va…

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Discovering the Interconnectedness of Spiritual Modalities

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