The Skeptic Metaphysicians

The Skeptic Metaphysicians

Like Mulder from the X-Files, we want to believe.

So we've embarked on a journey of discovery. weve talked to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual, metaphysical, mental health and self help worlds. We've thrown ourselves into weird and wonderful experiences, and we're sharing them with you in an effort to find the trick to self-growth.

Whether your interests lie in the metaphysical or the spiritual or even grounded in the three dimensional world, this show will help you explore the endless possibilities of self growth....tinged with a hint of the supernatural.

We look forward to having you join us on this journey of discovery!

New episodes every Wednesday!

Recent Episodes

How to Wake Up Spiritually | Kimberley Chapman | Wake Up With KC

May 11, 2022

You've heard that more and more people are "waking up" from the dream reality they've been living in and realizing that we are so much more than just this three-dimensional body that we inhabit. But if you haven't yet gotte…

Is Time Travel Possible? | Derek Loudermilk

May 4, 2022

What if you had all the time in the world? What i you never had to worry about being late to anything again? What if you could travel into the future to see what society is like...or to the past to learn how you lived in pas…

Feng Shui - Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life | Karen Rauch Carter

April 27, 2022

You've heard the term, but do you really understand the concepts behind Feng Shui? This fascinating deep dive into the science of energy flow, not only in homes but in your body too, will have you changing EVERYTHING! 4/27/2…

Truth Behind UFOs, ETs and Starseeds | Lily Nova

April 20, 2022

Our guest this week is an astrophotographer who during the covid time, started getting visited by……UFOs. Having collected a massive amount of evidence that UFOs are REAL, she now knows what these ETs look like, and most impo…

Guest: Lily Nova

A Former Intelligence Agent's View on Metaphysics | Justin Recla

April 13, 2022

Does the government know that metaphysics is real , but actively trying to downplay the significance of the spiritual awakenings that so many people are undergoing? Is psychic ability, ESP, remote viewing and others such mod…

Guest: Justin Recla

Shibari Healing and Sacred Sexuality | Amber J Lawson

April 6, 2022

Shibari Healing is the ancient meditative art of rope tying. But how does it work And how can you use it in conjunction with sacred sexuality in order to open pathways of love in your life? What is the Shibari Healing journ…

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Will Rodriguez


Starting his career with NBC/Telemundo, Will ended up as Line Producer, second only to the Executive Producer of a live daily entertainment news show at the Telemundo network in Miami.

In 2005, Will created his own video production company, specializing in corporate video production.

Identifying a need for delivery methods for true branded content in the corporate market place, he created one of the first online TV networks, “”, bringing local television to the world, straight from one of the most visited cities in the world.

In 2011, he was asked to join the production team that produced 19 Kids and Counting and the United Bates of America for TLC and is now the Regional Programming and Video Production Manager for a national TV network where he created Emmy-award nominated programming such as Destination Virginia, Untapped VA, I Do – The Ultimate Wedding Guide, Calm, Cool and Connected, and Living 757.

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Karen Endsley is the host of Cooking from the Heart and Destination Virginia.

Her passion is showing busy moms/dads how to prepare healthy, delicious and budget -friendly meals that are simple to make and won't take away from family time.

When she is not in the kitchen, she loves traveling and discovering new places and things to do. Though she’s traveled extensively around the world including to China, Morocco, Egypt and Greece, her favorite destination country is Italy, where she spent several months learning cooking secrets from chefs in that country. Her love of travel is what has inspired her to explore the hidden (and not so hidden) gems on Destination Virginia, a show that provides her with an opportunity to show viewers the amazing experiences to be had right here in our own back yard.