Severing the Soul's Bonds: Spiritual Cord Cutting | Maria Molina

When Maria Molina, a Reiki master teacher, shamanic healer and psychic medium, is asked why the sudden need for so many healings, she reveals the secret of spiritual cord cutting that could solve the world's toxic energy problem - and save at least one listener's relationship.

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Here's some of what we cover with Maria Molina on this episode:
1. What is spiritual cord cutting and how can it help explain the need for so many healings?

2. How can someone tell if they need an energetic clearing and what is the best way to cut their spiritual cords?

3. How did Reiki change Maria Molina's life and how can it help others?

"We want our own energy source. It's not that we're the ones healing them. We're allowing them to really tap into their own healing energy." - Maria Molina

Maria Molina had been working in a corporate job in New York City for 16 years, feeling anxious and depressed. After five Reiki sessions, she realized her purpose was to help others and she quit her job to pursue a career as a Reiki master teacher and shamanic healer.

She now helps others to tap into their own healing energy to bring themselves to the next level, and to set boundaries and ground their own energy.

By cutting spiritual chords and filling the space with light, she helps to remove the toxic energy and feelings of tiredness and crankiness.

Cord Cutting: Releasing the Energetic Ties of the Past by Margaret Ann Lembo

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Maria Molina, Mother of 2 and the owner of Flower Magick is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and a Shamanic Healer.

Her work also includes Blessed & Reiki infused wire wrapped crystal jewelry, intentional candles, spiritual baths and other spiritual hygiene products that she makes with love.

After working in New York City’s corporate environment for 16 years, Maria decided to spread her wings.

In 2015 she decided to leave the corporate world and start a business that would help other people in their healing journey.

She’s currently located in Virginia Beach where she continues to do the work of healing one client at a time.

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Will: [00:00:00] Karen have you ever heard of the term spiritual cord cutting? I have not. Oh, then this is gonna be fun because I did a little bit of research on it and it is absolutely fascinating and it makes so much sense. It explains everything to me. So We've heard a lot about healings. Mm-hmm. , we've talked to reiki practitioners, we've talked to intuitive energy healers. We've talked to people who draw down entities to heal people. But the big question all along has been, man.

Why do people have this need to be healed all the time?

Karen: you're asking me for the answer?

Will: I mean, kind, kind of. No.

Karen: Well, if you don't know, I'm not gonna tell you now,

Will: Oh, that's how it's okay. I understand. All right, well, our next guest actually could potentially give us an answer.




Will: This story brought a huge smile to my face, and I hope that you resonate with it as much as I did. It's called potatoes, eggs, and coffee beans. Once upon a time, a daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and that she didn't know how she was gonna make it. She was tired of fighting and struggling all the time.

It seemed just as one problem was solved. Another one soon. Follow. Well, her father, who was a chef, took her to the [00:02:00] kitchen. He filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Once the three pots began to boil, he placed potatoes in one pot, eggs in the second pot, and ground coffee beans in the third pot.

He then let them sit and boil without saying a word to his. The daughter moaned and impatiently waited, wondering what in the world her father was doing. Well, after 20 minutes, the father turned off the burners, took the potatoes out of the pot and placed them in a bowl. He pulled the eggs out and placed them in a bowl, and then he then laed the coffee out and placed it in a cup.

Turned into her her, he asked daughter, what do you. Potatoes, eggs and coffee. She hastily replied, look closer. The dad said, and touch the potatoes what she did, and noted that they were soft. He then asked her to take an egg and break it. After pulling off the shell, she observed the hard boiled egg was[00:03:00] unbreakable.

Finally, he asked her to sip the coffee.

It's rich aroma brought a smile to her face. She asked Father, what? What does this mean? He then explained that the potatoes, the eggs, and the coffee beans had each faced the same adversity, the boiling water. However, each one reacted differently. The potato went in strong, hard, and unrelenting, but in boiling water became soft and.

The egg was fragile with a thin outer shell protecting its liquid interior until it was put into boiling water. Then the inside of the egg became hard. However, the ground coffee beans were unique. After they were exposed to the boiling water, they changed the water and created something new. The question is he asked his daughter, which one are.

When adversity knocks on your door, how do you respond? Are you a potato, an egg, [00:04:00] or a coffee bean? In life, things happen around us, Things happen to us all the time. The only thing that truly matters is what happens within us. So which one are you? The potato, the egg, or the coffee bean.


Will: Hello everyone. Welcome back to another episode of The Skeptic Meta Physicians. I had to change it up a little bit. Karen. I can't say that same thing every time.

Karen: Hello, everybody.

Will: Hello. Usually it's like, Hey everyone. No, this one is. Hello everyone. Welcome back to another episode of The Skeptic Meta Physicians.

I'm super excited that you're here with us today, without further ado, I wanna welcome to the show Maria Molina. ,

She is. A psychic medium, a reiki master teacher, a spiritual teacher, and a shamonic healer. Now her work includes blessed and reiki infused, wire wrapped crystal jewelry, intentional candles, [00:05:00] spiritual baths, and a whole bunch of other hygiene products that she makes with love in the interest of healing people.

Maria, thanks for coming on.

Maria: Thank you for having me here.

Will: So the question on the table, Maria, to see if you can answer it, is why the sudden need for so many healings out there?

Maria: I think we're just entering into this, um, new stage in life where it's, uh, the way we've been doing things, it's really not working anymore and we're having a lot of you.

I would say high vibrational souls coming in, being born, turning into adults. And you know, we come from, it just, the vibration feels a lot higher. And so we are seeing where, you know, healing is needed, whether it's the earth, whether it's, you know, people. Um, and it's not that, you know, we are the ones healing them.

We're allowing them to really tap into their own healing. . So it's just the way the [00:06:00] world is going and, and what's happening today. It's, it's, it's called, it, it's, we're being called to step it up to the next level. Because, well, I'm, yeah, things are interesting. Go ahead. Sorry.

Karen: No, I was just gonna say, I mean, I think we need it so much, and I guess to answer your earlier question, will, I think that especially now, there's so much just toxic energy.

I mean, you can wake up in a great mood and you're out in traffic for two minutes and then you know, someone cuts you off or you know, whatever. And next thing you know, you're so angry and you're fighting with the rest of this anger that's out there right now. And I think it's just, Good Lord. We need help

It's, it's very

Will: toxic. Yeah. There, there is a lot of anger. There seems to be in the world these days for lots, lots of re different reasons and I, I'm sure a lot of it is merited and warranted, but some of it maybe has to do with something called, spiritual chords. Right,

Maria: Maria? I was thinking that too.

Yes, we're connected to. everything. We're connected to, um, you know, the source, but we're also connected to each other. And so [00:07:00] when people have fears, anxiety, um, anger, all these things, you know, we are feeling it, not knowing that, you know, we're tapped into all of this, you know, and then there's the news and, and things that, you know.

Just, you know, the social media and all these things, we're at different freak vibrational frequencies. It's like, we're high, we're low, we're this, we're that. So, you know, we have to find our ground.

Will: So I wanna get back to the chords for a second because the way I understand it, and please correct me if I'm wrong, but every time you meet somebody new, you make a connection, an energetic connection with that person.

And if you spend some time with them, that energetic connection grows stronger. And it, it's like a cord, an energetic cord that goes between you and the person you just met. It could be a coworker, it could be a lover, it could be a family, friends, anybody. But then sometimes, As things happen, sometimes you go separate ways and [00:08:00] sometimes those chords are not severed and over certain period of time, more and more chords are connected to you, which sometimes could explain feelings of tiredness all the time.

Crankiness, anger, just general , all these different things that people say. The world is under a tremendous amount of strain under because of. Could, we are talking about the, the state of the world it's in right now, but could, could it be that we are just, we need to kind of clear our energies and cut our cords that are no longer viable to us.

And that's like the entire world is so, have 50,000 cords coming out of them that, that they're just draining everyone's energy.

Maria: It's, you know, it's, there's many different ways to look. , you know, um, someone who perhaps knows about this and knows how to clear, you know, knows how to ground their energy, most likely they won't be as affected as someone who just has no clue of how they share their energy with people.

And what's the boundaries? You know, they're not, they're [00:09:00] not setting boundaries for themselves in their own energy. So what happens is, for instance, a lover, you know, you're intimate with your lover, you're connected, you're with them all the time, and then you break. and you're feeling all these different emotions.

You might even be feeling their emotions and they're feeling yours. And it's just this back and forth thing. So, um, and if you think about past lovers on and on and on, you know, friendships, parents, so, um, It does take a toll, um, and especially takes a toll when the other person maybe is more needy. Um, it's more like energy, vampire, that kind of thing.

That's when you start to kind of feel off. Um, and so this is why it's important where you know your own energy, you know how you feel like you know what it's like to be will, and when you start not feel like will, you know that maybe there might be some clearing that needs to be.

Will: Right. So Maria, I'm a Gemini, right?

So someday I'll wake up feeling like Will, and the next day I'll feel like not Will. And then the next [00:10:00] day after that, I'll feel like kind of somewhere in between. And sometimes I, I'm just someone completely different. So yeah. How can someone like me who's maybe not as in tune with their own energy, how can I tell whether or not I need a clearing?

Maria: you just gotta check in with self, like on a daily. So for instance, , waking up in the morning seeing how you're feeling, like, you know, what does your body feel like? Um, does your head hurt? Um, what are your emotions like, you know, so it's just like a, a check-in with yourself. Um, because sometimes maybe you are being affected as an empath, perhaps by the world around you are people or just situations.

Um, grounding is important for that as well. You know, a tree knows it's a. , it knows where it is, you know, regardless of the weather, the rain, the seasons, like it knows, like it's right there. That's where it belongs. And so that's, that's kind of the thing with us. You know, we, you know, that you shift sometimes with the emotions.

Maybe perhaps, maybe you know yourself better [00:11:00] than you do, but if there's a difference between like not feeling like yourself, like it's then maybe you kind of. , it's emotionally up and down. You know, it's, it's a slight difference. Um, feeling drained, feeling spiritually tired. That's feeling spiritually, spiritually tired is a different feeling than just feeling tired.

Yeah, it's, uh, yeah, it's, it's, uh, it's, it's almost like, um, you can barely move, you know, that kind of feeling. .

Karen: So we make all these connections and, and create these chords unwittingly and say it's like a past an ex lover. And it's years like con connect connection kind of fizzle and then rehab asking this for a very specific reason.

And I think, you know, what's what I'm talking about?

Will: I know exactly what you're talking about and I'm

Karen: not licking it. no, I I don't mean, I mean just like, you know, you, you forget and like this person doesn't affect you and then you move on and then all of a. , it comes back and you're like,

Will: ah. And now you're affected.

Yep. Yeah. Yep. [00:12:00] I know exactly.

Maria: It's cause, uh, some someone, whether it's you or that other person is bringing the, the attention back to you or the situation, it's kind of like, you know, you think of someone and then they call you two days later, you know, like someone is, you know, reawakening that connection again.

Will: Right. And I know that there are. specific types of people. Who followed certain paths, who actually undergo a ritual of sorts, like in for your, I mean, we, we gotta call out the way it is, Karen. Cause there's no way I can explain this without saying . So, uh, an X of hers is rematerialized out of the blue.

and, it's causing some thought processes to happen, right? Because he's, he has some issues and he's getting over them and he's trying to make amends. And then the question is, do we. bring that back into our lives or do we not want to? Right. So sometimes when you undergo a, a breakup, or an ending of a relationship of some sort, some people make a big ritual out of the actual severing of that connection.

Mm-hmm. , because that then helps you [00:13:00] visualize the actual. Cord cutting spiritually between the two people. So, I don't know, Karen, if you actually had a physical ritual of some sort of, some sort of cord cutting ceremony to remove yourselves, your connection, because if you have it, That could be that that connection's being reestablished and all the annoyances from the back and the pastor coming right

Karen: back in, you know?

Well, I don't like the thought of having a connection or a chord to this. I went to Portugal the next day. Does that count? Is that a ritual, ?

Maria: No.

Will: No, I don't think it does. It was very severing to me. . Well, yeah, but, but you do have, knowing you and I, my apologies Maria, for bringing you into this conversation, but knowing you, the way I know you, you tend to just shut it.

You shut it away and you don't look at it again, so those connections, those cords are still attached.

Karen: That that shutting away isn't enough to separate it? No,

Maria: no,

Will: it's not. Well, no, I'm asking her. She's the expert. Oh, sorry. Yes, Maria. How does someone, cut their cords?

Maria: Well, I mean, if you ignore it, it's kind of just like putting tape on a open pipe that's, you know, leaking. Um, but what I do, I don't cut it. I remove. [00:14:00] Ooh, that's even better. I visualize because a lot of times when I feel cords, it's like more in my torso, middle section, more so by like my solar plexus is where I feel it.

Um, and when I remove cords from people, I feel it more like on the, the right side of their stomach area. So, so what I do is I pick her like tree roots, like inside of me. . And so I slowly, and, and with the help of, of Arch Angel, Michael, or whoever, you know, it can just be your own self. You don't need, you know, if, if you feel good doing it yourself.

So I slowly, slowly, not too fast, start moving those, those roots. And these roots can be roots going from different directions, different energies, and, and I fully remove. and I have this vision that is go, it's, it's being transmuted into something better. So energy is energy. It doesn't really die. So it gets transmuted and then I invite light to [00:15:00] fill that space where the roots were.

If I cut it, I feel like it just regrowth. And sometimes even when you remove the. You can still start forming attachments with thoughts, with feelings, all these things, right? But just be mindful of it. So that's what I do. I remove it at the root and then I seal it with. Whoa. Are there

Karen: any cords that you shouldn't cut?

Because my first thought when Will mentioned the cord cutting, I was thinking umbilical cord and like a connection to the mother or the earth or the energy source. But now I'm thinking more of like cable cutting their connections to

Maria: cable. So are any cords that you should keep? , it's, um, yeah, I mean, if, if you don't, if you don't feel drained by a specific person's energy, then you know, perhaps, maybe it's not really taking from your life work.

Um mm-hmm. the way I see it. So, removing cords doesn't mean that you are never gonna talk to that person or you don't like that person. It just means that you wanna be in your own energy source. Okay? So, you know, we're all connected to. . [00:16:00] So what happens is sometimes when we are corded to something maybe more toxic or maybe something more draining, it's almost like we are receiving life force energy, but it, it can easily be seeped out by these cords that we give.

That's why like some people feel great when they're around us and then when they leave, we're like kind of tired. , you know, that kind of feeling. So we want our own energy source. Could

Karen: we be inadvertently sucking someone else's energy?

Maria: You know, like I think we've all probably been toxic at one point, or maybe needy or, you know, maybe we are going through a time in our lives where we need support and we're not really in a good place.

So we mm-hmm. , seek someone who makes us feel better, you know? And maybe when we leave, they're not so, . Energetic after, you know they're exhausted. . Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That's why I think it's important, like to ask people, Hey, can you hold space for me today? I'm not feeling too cool, you know? Mm-hmm. ,

Will: is that what that means?

Maria: Yeah. Can you hold space for me? You know, like asking [00:17:00] them if it's okay instead of just. We don't know what their day is. Right. , instead of just dumping

Karen: on them without them now. Right? Yeah.

Will: Right. Sucking their energies outta their bodies. So how about people who want to make those connections but are having a hard time doing so?

Is there a way to strengthen that connection?

Maria: Strengthen, like, um, be courted with them, like mm-hmm. , uh, I think. if it, if the connection is really strong and it makes both parties feel good, I, the way you strengthen it is just to kind of spend time and, and, and energy together. Um, and sometimes, you know, like a twin flame situation mm-hmm.

right? It's like both are in the same kind of energetic field. It's almost like they're two, one, it's like oneness there. Mm-hmm. . So I can see something like that, you know, benefiting both. , as long as you guys can also be re remain in a good space, separate mm-hmm. , and that's not affecting you, then it shouldn't be a problem.

But if it's a problem that you can't even be separate from this person, I would [00:18:00] maybe work on getting my power back a bit more. .

Will: Well, you know a lot about, a lot about healing. You're a reiki master teacher, you do wrapped jewelry. You are a shaman healer. And I wanna dive into some of that a little bit, but what made you decide I've gotta heal people?

Maria: Well, I don't feel like I heal people. I feel like I'm a tool to help them heal themselves. Like it's, you know, but Right. But as far as like, wanting to help other people, I was sitting at, you know, I, I, I worked in New York City for 16 years. Uh, I was sitting at a desk and, you know, wondering about all these terrible things going on in this world, and I wanted to be useful and I didn't feel useful.

It made me feel very anxious and depressed. And so I, Reiki started to come up a lot in my life and I decided to get a reiki session. I got five Reiki sessions and it changed my life and I said, I need to do this for other people, or at least be there in that [00:19:00] kind of way. And so I quit my nine. Thinking I was gonna have this big reiki business.

It didn't turn out that way, but I started from the ground up. Right. And, uh, I, I haven't stopped since this was in, uh, 2015 when I left corporate.

Karen: How specifically did it change your life? Like what was different after those five sessions?

Maria: It was like, uh, a light was turned on in me. It was, uh, I was able to see clearly, um, my purpose where I just didn't really know what my purpose was before. Okay. Like I was just living mm-hmm. the same mundane life. .

Will: Yeah, I, I can kind of relate because everyone who has listened to the show knows my story.

And how I've been constantly looking, searching for that physical, tangible proof that some of this stuff is real. I'm not good at taking things by faith, and Reiki was actually the thing that proved to me that there's something there, because to [00:20:00] me feeling it, I wasn't still a hundred percent sure, but once I got attuned and the energy was flowing through me and the feelings that came from that, it was.

A change. It, it was a light bulb for me. It was a, it did change my life because suddenly I realized, oh, this is legit. This is not baloney. This stuff is real out there. So then made me wanna look further into what else is there, if reiki is there. So I can imagine

Maria: story, Reiki was the catalyst.

Mm-hmm. to everything else.

Will: Yes. And then now I have a podcast. About it, ,

Maria: and now I'm a psychic medium. It's just like . It's like the gateway

Karen: modality. .

Will: So I'm glad you brought up the psychic medium thing. We just, we had someone on the show of a little while ago that his foundation certifies mediums, and I'd never really heard of that before until I had talked to him, and that's such a freaking fantastic idea because then you know who's real.

So in researching you, before you came onto the interview, I realized on your website you say that you [00:21:00] are a certifi. Medium. So I'm fascinated. Can you tell us how, who certified you, and what was the process like?

Maria: Okay, so, um, Lillian Suarez, um, she certified me and she's, she's learned from Lisa Williams who, um, just, I, I forgot who, who Lisa Williams learned from, but so what it is basically, , the hours that you put in, like, you know, um, learning the foundation, but also how many hours are you practicing reading other people and coming back and, and having the people that you've read speak to Lillian and say, Hey, you know, she got this correct, or this and that.

And so it's kind of like this back and forth validation. Um, and we don't always get validation in the real world. When, when I'm reading someone, they're not gonna tell me if I'm right or wrong. . But when learning this, um, it's about the practice and how many hours I'm putting into practicing. Um, so for a whole year I, I did practices and I did group [00:22:00] sessions and, you know, every day I was like doing something, whether it's with meditation or spiritual hygiene, to kind of get a clearer connection to the spirit world or intuitive cause they're both.

Will: So how do you use that in healing?

Maria: So, and sometimes, so I am also like, I'm, I'm also a medical medium, so, but I don't have to be a medical medium to help people, but sometimes I just kind of feel out maybe depression or some muscle things that are going on. Um, sometimes. Health things as well. Um, something, what to look at.

And also when I do reiki, I get a lot of information coming in too about what I'm feeling about the person. So, and Reiki is separate from Psychic or Medium. Mm-hmm. . But it just comes in and I just kind of give it if I need to. Right? Yep. It psychic is a healing, I feel Psychic medium is also a healing modality.

Karen: is that something you [00:23:00] learned or something that you've, a gift you've always had? How, how did you realize that you could also be a medium








Karen: is that something you learned or something that you've, a gift you've always had? How, how did you realize that you could also be a medium or that you were

Maria: also Apparently, apparently, I've always had it, but I didn't know, you know, I, I, I, I always saw if you were to see like a spirit, like a ghost or something, like it would be right there, like in the movies.

But what I didn't realize is that when someone I was, I was getting a. and she says, you're gonna be doing medium shifts. And I said, no way. I get readings. I don't do readings, . So she, she, she made me give her a reading at, I was like, but I'm paying you to read me. She's like, you're gonna gimme a reading.

And so I started to tell her what I was seeing in my imagination. And she was, she, I, I brought her to tears when she started to cry. I knew. [00:25:00] Okay, maybe I do have something. She, she was crying about the information.

Will: So then the question is, did she then pay you for the reading ? Right. There

Karen: was a wash and they paid other

Maria: still pay.

Will: That's.

I dunno. Maybe she wanted to make you pay twice cause you made her cry for crying out loud, but . okay, so all kinds of different types of healing modalities and all that kind of stuff. Something we've not touched on yet. Is that the jewelry that you do, the rap jewelry, can you explain to us the symbolism or the reasons why rap jewelry is good for this type?

Maria: Well, because you can, you can carry it on, right? You can put it around your neck. You can wear it as a ring bracelet, you know? Um, I mean, if you wanna carry your stones in your pocket or in your bra, that's fine, you know? Um, but some people like to wear it, you know? And it looks nice. It's pretty, it's shiny and it's unique, but you can also have it with you, you know, and it's not going.


Will: [00:26:00] I, it's, it's way uncomfortable when I wear it in my bra, so I try not to do that. So, ,

Maria: you're getting chaffed. .

Will: Yeah. No one wants to get chaffed. . So what, what do you wrap it with? How, like, explain to us what it looks like, because I'm not sure that we've ever seen that.

Maria: It's, um, it's, I wrap it with copper, and copper is also really good, um, for you.

Um, but I, um, I wrap it with copper, different styles of. and, um, I've used gold before. I've used silver, but for some reason I just really enjoy copper. Cause it's really easy to work with. Mm-hmm. . Um, so it's, uh, it depends, you know, sometimes I don't know how it's gonna be wrapped. I always say that the crystal.

Shows me how it wants to be wrapped, because sometimes I'll try to wrap a crystal and it's not working like nothing. I can try 10 times and it's like, okay, this crystal here wants to be free, doesn't wanna be wrapped. . So I would use another one, and then it would just flow effortlessly. So it just kind of shows me how it wants to [00:27:00] be wrapped.

All right.

Will: I know people use crystals sometimes to heal mm-hmm. people. Mm-hmm. , do you use them for that purpose or is that not really the reasons for the rap jewelry?

Maria: Um, yeah. Sometimes I definitely use, um, to work with healing. So, um, Crystals are very intelligent, you know, um, they've been around longer than most things here, right?

So, um, and the thing about crystals is that they can be cleared. They can be charged. So, for instance, let's say, um, someone has a headache, you know, and if you wanna, maybe let's say work with a clear port, the master stone, which is called, they call it a master stone, you can work with maybe, , it can absorb some, you know, some of the things happening within the center here, um, energetically.

Um, and sometimes even physically though those physical pains. Um, you know, right now I've been working a lot with fluoride. Fluoride is is a healing stone, and I was having trouble sleeping, let's say, um, started sleeping [00:28:00] with it under my pillow. My dreams have been so vivid. I'm able to sleep like a baby.

And this is like af. , I, I, I, I wasn't working with Crystal, like I was working with Crystals, but I kind of like put that aside and started doing other things. But when I got back to like really paying attention, it's like night and day. I sleep like a baby and it's like every night I'm sleeping with fluoride under my pillow.

So it's very subtle, but it works.

Will: Not to self Karen. Fluoride. Yeah.

Karen: Right. Not fluoride, right.

Maria: fluoride two there, . Oh,

Will: I totally was gonna sleep with my

Maria: twos on my pillow. Creed under the pillow not working before you smell good. I like Colgate actually. But,

Will: you gave us a really good example of how you clear these cords that are sometimes connecting us mm-hmm.

that maybe we don. We no longer need, and it'd be wonderful if someone was able to go to you to have you help them clear or or remove these cords. But if someone wasn't able to physically come to you, [00:29:00] how would you recommend they go about? Getting that connection out of them.

Maria: I do a lot of my work, um, believe it or not.

Um, virtually remote. Yeah, virtual, right? So whether it's on Zoom, so I do, um, distance, um, healing with Reiki. Um, and I do remove cords, um, when I'm doing the reiki as well. Um, I also tell them if, if they're not. Doing a service and they just kind of need guidance. There's a lot of great, um, videos on YouTube that I've looked up like a meditation of how to remove the cords, but for me, my best advice is they're very visual to visualize it actually taking place and happening to visual visualization is so important.

Karen: So Will has done Reiki on me several times, and there have been times where I have felt it so much. Like I'm not looking at him and I, and I've told him, you know, don't, don't press down on my leg or whatever, and I look and he's not even touching me.

Mm-hmm. , because it's just that kind of focused and pointed energy. When you're doing it virtually, would you, [00:30:00] would someone have that same experience or is it more like, how does it, how does it work virtually? ,

Maria: everyone's really different because even in person, some people aren't really sensitive to the energy, like they barely feel it.

And then some are very sensitive. So I feel like it depends on the sensitivity of someone, but it definitely, um, they're, it's still working, like the reiki is still reaching them. Um, and some people feel it more than others, but it's, um, I, I mean, I prefer like in person only because like I've prefer everything in person.

I even like when I call like something I like to speak to a live person, like I'm just that person. But yeah, it still works. It's still beneficial either way.

Karen: Yeah. And, and I'm sure it is and I wasn't, you know, I hope Oh no, didn't mean to seem like it wasn't, I just didn't know because like when his hand is like shooting at, I mean, I don't, I don't know how Rick he works, but in my mind it's like kinda shooting out his hand on the spot.

But like in a computer it's like, do you angle it towards you? Like how do you ? I mean that's, that

Maria: was, oh, I was wondering. I do, what I do is I, I, [00:31:00] I call upon their energy to, so, um, I call upon their energy and some people can bring it the person's energy to, to a teddy bear sometimes. Like they. do the reiki on the teddy bear because the intention is to, um, to connect with that to, to their energy.

So you're able to kind of, with reiki and with permission, you know, to bring them here with you, even though they're over there.

Karen: Oh, okay. Okay. I can, I can visualize that. I can ,

Maria: I can get my, my riki master, the one that, um, I learned from. He said that. He would hold his teddy bear, like, like the, the neck of the teddy bear was like this.

So then the guy that he was doing it on the neck knee, he said, oh, I have this ache in my neck and I don't know where it's coming from. And he says, oh, I, I had you, like, I had the teddy bear kind of lopsided. So he realized that he needs to have a teddy bear flat so that, because that's really him and the teddy bear, the, the, the spirit.

You [00:32:00] know, it's, it's interesting.

Will: Yeah. So now, now we're talking about voodoo dos. I was just gonna

Maria: say, I knew you were gonna say that . So with me, I don't really bring their energy into a bear or a pillow. I have them here, so sometimes this is where their head would be, their chest bit, their feet. And so like I can just feel different areas if I'm feeling this area here.

Stomach. Mm-hmm. , you know, and it's just me feeling hibiki in my hands. Hibiki. Is that tingle that you feel when you are working on them that. that ting you. You know what I'm talking about. Will

Will: I, I do. Sometimes I get tingles, sometimes I get heat, sometimes heat. It's, it's, you know, different sensations and some people feel it differently from when I do it.

Yeah. You know, uh, Karen feels it very much like pressure. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. , uh, other people I've worked on feel it like heat. Some people have felt it cold,

Maria: actually. Cold. Yeah. So sometimes when I feel pain in my hand, like it actually hurts. I feel like it's more something physical happening [00:33:00] within their.

When I feel the, like, tingles, it kind of feels more like, it might be more like a spiritual level. I mean, it depends, you know, it's different for every, every, every client is gonna be different.

Will: you mentioned earlier that sometimes you get messages while you're giving reiki. That's never happened to me because I'm not.

Intuitive. I'm not psychic, I'm not a medium, not anything like that. Uh, well, Karen, I'd like to differ contrary to public belief, , but what I do, what has ha what has happened with me is that as I'm laying hands on someone, sometimes I will say like, it'll just, the energy will draw me to a certain place in their body.

They didn't mention was where they needed the help. So it's almost like, like intuitively I know where I need to place my hands for the best possible outcome. Mm-hmm. , uh, and my reiki master teacher told me that, Reiki energy is, is almost sentient. So it, it'll go exactly where it's needed the most. So, um, that might [00:34:00] be okay.

Now, to your point here, Karen, maybe that's my intuitive sense is going, I need to go here and, I mean, not to reiki, so just forget everything I just said for the last 10 minutes. .

Maria: Okay, . All right.

Karen: I would like to know , especially like during the Covid and the pandemic, what, has there been more of a need for reiki or mediumship? Like what have people been seeking you out

Maria: for?

Well, when the pandemic started, I thought I was done. I thought that's it. There goes my business, you know? Um, but people were calling in a lot for intuitive, um, intuitive messages. I, I, I, people booked a lot of readings after the pandemic. They just needed some guidance of like what to do and their emotions and feelings, and I.

Reiki, I got some reiki business as well. Um, but more so with the readings. Oh, that's interesting. Ok. And I, I did a lot of soul, soul retrievals as well. Shamonic soul retrieval.

Will: And that's where my next question was [00:35:00] gonna go, is gonna go to the shamonic tradition. Cause you are, I don't wanna say aware of it, but you're comfortable with that.

You, you consider yourself a shamanic healer, so, Talking back to court cutting. Sometimes you can use, and I know that right now it's not very popular because of their, their claims of appropriation and things like that, but like sage and things like that. Mm-hmm. through a shamonic healing ceremony, I would assume you would use those types of things to, to help with the court stuff, but now I'm deathly curious to know what a soul retrieval is.

Maria: Soul retrieval is, uh, It's so, um, how I do it, it's, it's a shamonic term for like, going into this. It's like you're in the spirit world. It's the journey that I take within my third eye. So I, I work with my spirit animals, um, and it's kind of like I go on this journey to kind of find, um, fragments. So, [00:36:00] For instance, someone who has suffered a lot of trauma in their life, maybe some child abuse, um, perhaps maybe rape or things like that, or maybe a divorce.

You know, when people are going through things like that, they. check out in a way they don't, it's, it's too much to handle. It's too much pain. Mm-hmm. . And so they kind of go elsewhere. They take their awareness elsewhere, subconsciously, without even knowing they're doing it. And some, they're, sometimes they're like, I've never been the same after these situations.

I feel like a part of me is missing. I'm depressed now. I'm this, I'm that. And so those are, um, frag, those are fragments, like fra a fragment. Soul. And it's not that it's missing, it's just it's been display. And so how do we go about bringing the pieces of the puzzle of this person together to so they can feel a bit more whole?

And so that's where I come in. Um, and I, I do this virtually. So they relax and they're listening to Shamonic drum. I listen to my own trauma drumming [00:37:00] to get me into that mood of going and for this journey, and I seek fragments. And so let's say in my mind I, I am traveling in a forest and I see something shiny like a diamond.

I go to that because that's where my awareness is, and then I see them. As a child, right? And so that, that fragment kind of turns into this child. And so I see the state of the child, are they upset? Are they crying? Do they feel scared? Are they upset? Are they mad? And so I, I say, you know, you're safe. Now it's time to come back and to kind of get back to where you, um, belong.

And so I retrieve, sometimes I retrieve up to five different fragment. . And, and then I, I bring that back into the heart space and I blow it. I, I, I blow it back into their heart space. I seal it, and then I would go over with them what I saw on the journey. And so a lot of times they're like, oh, you know, like, wow, like I remember that happening to [00:38:00] me, or that Yeah, you're, you know, so it's very deep.

It's, uh, also people would kind of consider this shadow. As well.

Will: I know that your heritage, where your family comes from is South America. Yes. And there's a difference between South American shamonic rituals or traditions and Native North American shamonic rituals.

The thought of a spiritual retrieval immediately, the way you explained it, it's, it's perfect. I, it makes perfect sense. Is it. That you are following more of a South American shamonic tradition, or is there even that much of a difference between the two?

Maria: You know, I'm, I'm, I'm not sure, you know, um, I, I, I, I was taught this, um, by, uh, uh, Muriel Gray. She's, she's a great shaman, and, and I, I took some courses with her and, [00:39:00] and, um, and she taught me this, and then I just kind of took it on and like, just, it became, I started to tap into something that was already in me and I just don't know where it comes from.

It just comes from a place of knowing. Um, it's a lot of symbolisms. It, it's, it's, Perhaps, maybe I just have this, perhaps maybe I've, I've been in, you know, I've had a life as a na, as a Native American. Maybe I've also had a live, well, I've had lives as a shaman as well, like perhaps maybe in South America.

So it's kind of like all these things are kind of like in me and I'm just tapping in and sometimes I don't know what side of me I'm tapping in on, but it's there. You know, it's, uh, it's interesting. Um, I, I feel like I, perhaps I respect both, I even respect, like in the African cultures and, and how they do their healing.

Like, it's just fascinating,

Will: so you're in Virginia Beach, currently, so if someone wants. [00:40:00] reach out to you to get a healing or a reading or anything like that. Uh, obviously you mentioned that you prefer in person, right? Mm-hmm. . But if you're not in Virginia Beach and you want to reach out to Maria, we'll lay down all of the links in our show notes to her social media platforms, and you can go to her website.

your company really is called Flower Magic, is that

Maria: right? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Magic's filled with a c. .

Will: Right. So like the real magic, not like a stage magician. Magic. Like magic, magic. Gotta say that. Yeah, right. so, so we'll add all those links to our show notes, in case you want to reach out to.

Her but we would be remiss if we didn't ask you. We have a psychic medium in our midst. Is there, are you getting any kinds of messages or anything that we should be aware of, maybe that we, that you've been struggling holding yourself back from telling us?

Now's the time. Maria . What message do you have for us? The

Maria: first thing that just came to mind was something big in November. Um, I'm not sure if some, if this past [00:41:00] November, like something shifts, but I do feel like there's something gonna be shifting as far as how you're gonna be doing your work in November, is what I'm seeing.

it's almost like I see this like bowling ball, like, just like, um, kind of making way for something new, like a new wave of something. Ooh. So just keep in mind and you feel, you feel. ,

Will: you feel it was last November or this coming November?

Maria: Sometimes when months come to me, I just wanna make sure, I feel like it's more future, but I just wanna make sure that there wasn't some major shift that just happened in November, but November just really highlighted for me and it just highlighted for me as a huge transformation, almost kind of like a do-over of something.

Hmm. Oh wow. So it's Cause I see like a bowling ball and it's like, like, Moving something out the way. I get a lot of visuals, like I see , I like that, like a movie in my head. So keep in mind, um, something about November, perhaps a name, like something with a name or just something, um, [00:42:00] perhaps, um, someone big that you're gonna be interviewing, but.

it's uh, it's almost like a needed change or perhaps something that you've been thinking about a lot and I feel like it's gonna really be, come from a deep heart space for you as well. So perhaps something that you've been working on or, cuz I even see like you writing it, something down about it. So I hope that resonate.

If not, just wait. . .

Will: Right. Well, the first thing that comes to mind, Karen, and I'm not sure what the timing was, but this new project that we're talking about working on, I was thinking about that. I think, didn't it start in November? I

Karen: don't know. I don't remember what, no, I think it was after that. Well, I don't know.

Maybe because we were talking about it in Florida and we were in Florida in December. So it might've started. We'll have to check. We'll have to check our emails. Yeah,

Will: we'll have to check our dates, but . Okay. Cool. Well, Maria, thank you so much for coming on and sharing your story with us and our audience.

I'm definitely going to reach out to you because I think I've got

a hundred thousand cords that I'm gonna need some help with [00:43:00] cause I'm tired all the time and I know exactly what you meant when you said. Spiritually tired. I am spiritually exhausted and blocked. So I think you might, you might be able to do me some. Some serious Good. So, okay. I'm gonna reach out to you for sure.

Maria: Thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you for having

Will: me. You kidding? Thank you for coming on. It was such a pleasure. Pleasure. Thank you. Thank you. Before we close out the show, I wanted to share Karen, review. That came in a good one. A good one. Woo-hoo. Yes. Another good one. I'm not sure if I would read a bad one.

Karen: Well, I mean, I think in transparency, well,

Will: I would, maybe you should. No, well see. The, the, the idea is to keep the bad ones to ourselves and, and make ourselves better. So we turn them run and then they do a good one. But it could be

Maria: like the mean tweets.

Will: Oh, I like that idea. It'd be kind of fun.

Karen: Hadn't thought of that, but, but don't leave us bad.

Maria: Please people ,

Will: send us a bad email. Don't leave us a bad review. Cause reviews you can't take down. So, uh, well this review comes from the U United States, so we're back in the States and it's, um, hmm. I'm not sure who this person's, it's K K E [00:44:00] P M I. How would you say that K Beef Me? I don't know. We, we, we butchered these names so badly, so please.

Please forgive us. Anyway, this person actually gave us a five star review. Yep. Very short, which is perfect, and that this person says so cool. I love this podcast, an enlightening journey into the spiritual realm. Most are not familiar with. Nice, short, sweet to the point and gets the exact message out. So Kke me.

Thank you so much for leaving us review. We really appreciate it and we would love to hear from you. Yes, you the person listening to this show right now, we really want to hear from you. Please visit where you can leave us a voicemail or an email or a review directly on the site.

You may just hear your voice or your words on the show, and we're always looking for ways to improve it. So if you have some feedback and you'd like to provide good or.

Just let us know. You'd like to keep this off the air, and we're happy to just take [00:45:00] the criticisms to ourselves. Despite what Karen says, , of course, reviews and readings are a great way to evolve and grow the show, so we'd love it if you would take a minute and leave one of those for us as well. Well, as always, I wanna thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. Don't forget, you can find us on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic bene Physicians. As always, if you know. That would benefit from hearing the messages we shared on this show or any of our others. I hope you'll consider sharing us with that person.

It'll help grow the show and may just help someone else come to terms to the fact that we're so much more than justice three-dimensional body that we inhabit I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That is all we have for now, but we'll see you on the next episode of the Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take care.

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Maria Molina, Mother of 2 and the owner of Flower Magick is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and a Shamanic Healer. Her work also includes Blessed & Reiki infused wire wrapped crystal jewelry, intentional candles, spiritual baths and other spiritual hygiene products that she makes with love. After working in New York City’s corporate environment for 16 years, Maria decided to spread her wings. In 2015 she decided to leave the corporate world and start a business that would help other people in their healing journey. She’s currently located in Virginia Beach where she continues to do the work of healing one client at a time.