Divine Healing by D

"I'm able to tell you about the elements in your body, something that is going on in you, that you probably know is happening, but don't know why it's happening" -- Davina Zarnighian10/27/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianDivine Healing with...

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"I'm able to tell you about the elements in your body, something that is going on in you, that you probably know is happening, but don't know why it's happening" -- Davina Zarnighian10/27/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianDivine Healing with DSummaryWe've all heard about Reiki energy healing, and trusting your intuition. But this guest combines the two in a process she calls Medical Intuition.  Using a combination of Reiki and Medical Intuition, Davina uses her gifts to help guide people and their souls to the best version of themselves.Info about our guest Davina was inspired by the practice of Reiki and went on to be certified privately by Lisa Powers. She also has studied with many different practitioners in various spiritual fields. For the past ten years, she has been a student of Dr. Norman Suhu in BioSyntonie. (BioSyntonie® helps mitigate the negative effects of man-made technologies (including WiFi, microwaves and EMF pollution) while supporting the body’s own healing resources. It brings the healing balance of nature back into your home, work and body.) She has worked with Eli Bliliuos, a renowned hypnotherapist in New York trained by Dr. Brian Weiss. This experience inspired her to become a certified hypnotherapist by Steven Burns and Kain Ramsay from the SLA. Rebbetzin Aidel Miller, a great-granddaughter of Yaakov Yosef Herman, has also given her blessings to continue her work. The world renowned Rachel Schwartz from the Kabbalah Centre has also worked with her. In 2018, she completed her life coach certificate from the TA. Using her own methods influenced by her experiences with these experts, she will help you implement new practices slowly that will change your life for the better.What is Energy Healing?Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Quantum physics shows us that everything in our universe is made of energy, including ourselves. Every part of our body generates a unique frequency: every cell, every organ, skin, and hair follicles. Our thoughts are frequencies.When you come into contact with things that aren’t good for you, it disrupts your energy. Things that can disrupt your energy include pathogens, toxins, bacteria, and even negative people and thoughts.Reiki also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. It is effective in helping virtually every known illness and malady and always creates a beneficial effect. Guest Info:Wesbite:  divinehealingbyd.comInstagram: @divinehealingbydFacebook; @divinehealingbydPodcast: Divine Healing by DavinaSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

Divine Healing


Will: Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician. I think we need to change any skeptic metaphysicians, although not really skeptical, skeptical. So discovering the position and the true believers. That sounds good.

Well, think about it. Keep thinking has any ideas of how we should reach out to include Karen's presence on the show. Now let us know because we're not 


Karen: creative and we can't use my name because, you know, I I'm a good 

Will: Karen. She is a good Cameron. I can [00:01:00] vouch for that. That's true. No reporting things to a manager.

So Karen today, I'm really excited because we're gonna be talking about nearly

the whole world can use some healing. So how much experience, how much knowledge do you have with the healing modalities specifically? Wow. 

Karen: I would have to say.

Will: Well, longtime listeners will know I am a Reiki practitioner, so I knew a little bit about healing, but my next guest, our next guest goes way beyond just reading. So here's what I found on her website. And it's incredibly interesting. So I wanted to bring it to you as a way of introducing her. She says that quantum.

We know, I love some quantum physics. Quantum physics shows us and everything in our universe is made of energy, including ourselves. Every part of our body generates a unique frequency. Every cell, every [00:02:00] organ skin, our hair follicles, our thoughts, everything. Even our thoughts are frequency. And when you come into contact with things that aren't good for you, it disrupts your energy things that can disrupt your energy, include pathogens, toxins, bacteria, even negative people.

And thoughts. If once life force energy is low, that we're more likely to get sick or feel stress. And if it is high, we're more capable of being happy and healthy. So healing has a lot more to do than just physical wellbeing. So. Our next guest is an intuitive healer. She's a writer and a coach, and she can help guide people to heal themselves with her unique blend of teachings.

Her approach has simplified and modernized spirituality and energy healing for the modern soul today are healing sessions or combination of Reiki, energy healing, and. Medical intuition. Ooh. She uses her gifts to help guide you and your soul to the best version of yourself. Welcome to the show. [00:03:00] Davina Davina.

Davina: Thank you for having me. I'm so excited. 

Will: Yeah, this'll be fun. You and I have the advantage of having a conversation yesterday and it was fascinating. So I'm really looking forward to having to continue the conversation here in our show. So the first thing that sticks out in my mind, like the first thing that sits just blatantly obvious to me that I've got to ask.

First is what is medical intuition? 

Davina: So just like psychics, tell you. About a certain future occurrence. That's going to happen. I'm able to tell you about the elements in your body, something that is going on in you, that you, you probably know that's happening, but you don't know why it's happening. And you're probably going to all these doctors and they're saying, oh, it's on your head.

You're fine. You're just stressed or just see hydrated. That's usually not the case. I'm able to tell you the root of that problem, what you can do to help it. I'm a great guide. I have a great network of doctors all over [00:04:00] the world, different people for different problems that you probably haven't even heard of.

So I'm able to guide you to somebody who actually helped you and not just tell you, Hey, you're just dehydrated. You're just stressed. So that's what it is really. 

Karen: Do you find, and this isn't a hundred percent on the topic, but do you find that you have more women clients in that regard? Because. From my understanding.

I think a lot of women's issues tend to be passed off as hormones or stress, or I think men tend to be more taken seriously if they tell their doctor all of this stuff. So I'm just wondering if that's something that you see as well. 

Davina: That's a really, really good point and question. Yes. I have a majority female clients because women are more in tune with their bodies and they.

They take care of themselves. More men kind of have to nag them. You have to say, you know what, I, I found this, I'm able to just I'll give an example. So my fiance, he's a very heavy breather

 and very heavy. And when he is [00:05:00] even just like walking around and he's not even, you know, It's it's very uncomfortable for me to listen because I'm so sensitive and I'm able to pick up on it. So in my mind, I already have like a list of possible reasons as to why he's a heavy breather. I have to sit and fill out like a form for him online to see a special doctor, because he's like, it's just how I am.

I'm like, well, it's, it's not good for you. It's not, it's not good. He was around like my mom and he was breathing heavy and my mom was like, know this I'm like, mom it's me. I know. She was like, let's, you know that part's not exactly this, you know, that that's not good. I, like, I told him, like, let's see if he does anything about it.

So yes, women are more in tune. And I guess when they go to doctors, doctors usually say, Hey, you know, it's stress, you know, you have kids like just be more active, [00:06:00] drink, more water. But the thing about hormones is which I'm really glad you brought up. So. Women are dealing with hormonal issues. And I find during COVID, especially, I found that I was treating a lot of women with thyroid issues.

Like almost every week I had maybe two or three women just that I could feel like some kind of thyroid issue happening. And I sent them to an endocrinologist. And now they're all on medication.

 The hormones are very serious. We have to fit those hormones seriously. So, 

Karen: and it has been tough. I had a doctor tell me that I was in menopause and I am not same because of the issues I was having. 

Davina: My point is proven. Exactly. 

Will: So when you refer someone to a specialist, are you primarily speaking about natural holistic practitioners or do you actually send them to MDA type of people?

Davina: Both majority they're natural. So, I see a natural [00:07:00] path regularly. I've seen him since. That's going on like 12 years now. He's probably like the first person I refer everybody to because he's just so brilliant. And he works with another doctor. Who's family used to just be like the doctors of the Tibetan Royal families.

So, you know that they're just brilliant. Yeah. So I usually refer everybody to him because he's able to. He's also very intuitive. Like I would go to him for things like, what do you think about this guy? What do you think of that? Just in all areas of my life. And he's able to give you this like natural approach.

That's, non-intimidating, it's kind of fun. I mean, he has an example. He gives me a special water. Each time I go to drink for different problems in my life. Like this one is very high alkaline. He uses stones shells. Right now I'm doing this like grid. So he gives you like different jars and creates like a grid around you with different things.

So right now I have like a Sesame one. I have one with like [00:08:00] acorns. It's like, it's really fun and fascinating. 

Will: It is fascinating. I, I actually I went to someone a long time ago for, I don't even remember what it was for, but it was very highly regarded. And when he did, somehow, he ha he, he laid me down on a table and he put different supplements on my thoughts.

And depending on which way they're rolled or how they've reacted, those are the supplements I take, which was kind of odd for me because. I can't imagine how that could possibly be true. But then he would ask me questions. Well, do you have this and that happening? And I had told them, do you have this happen to that happening?

And sure enough. Yeah, that's all that. I can see that from the way the supplements are reacting to them, it was the most weird thing in the world. And then I think Karen, you have a story about Dr. Ni. 

Karen: Oh, well, gosh, I was thinking about my aunt. I had an aunt who was a medical doctor in Ecuador, and then she ended up going to Germany to study bioenergetic medicine.

And she did the similar thing with me, but she would give me these little vials to hold on one hand [00:09:00] and like squeeze my fingers to the other hand, if she could pull them apart, then I needed more of that, you know? And it was weird because sometimes you could just pull them apart and then I'd hold grab onto something.

And she couldn't, and I was using the same amount of strength every time. To, you know, keep my fingers close, but sometimes depending on what I was holding in the other hand I could, or couldn't, it was weird. That's 

Davina: crazy. I've never heard of it. Yes, so cool. She had this whole case. It 

Karen: was like this magic little case of little tiny vials.

Davina: Oh my God. 

Will: There's so much. We don't know. It's crazy. And then your story with Dr. V and that horrible, horrible. 

Davina: Oh, did you get those tests too? 

Karen: It looked like he had just chipped stucco off the side of the house and thrown some dirt and maybe a piece of chalk. And it would, I would make this tea and I drink it twice a day and I was just wanting to do a cleanse because that.

And start trying to get pregnant, take this, they'll get you all set, you know, balanced and everything. And so I did it for about a week and it was horrible. Oh, and you had to boil it down to, it was like the syrup. It was terrible, 

Will: but

Karen: no, that is a different [00:10:00] story. I had arthritis in my foot and it's gone left or right before. Right foot. Okay. And just, and, and it, it just disappeared after that and I've had it for years and actually that's kind of my one experience with, or an experience I had with Reiki. I forgot. I did have a little bit of experience with Reiki.

 Sitting on the couch. And I had my foot that had the arthritis in it and it was, it was bothering me. So my fiance at the time was I had my feet on his lap and he was doing Reiki to my foot and I was watching TV. And I remember looking at Adam asking him to not press down on my foot so much because it was really bothering me.

And then when I looked at his hand, it was a good two inches away from my foot. It wasn't even touching. I feel the force of the energy, that much

Davina: powerful 

Karen: that was before the tea, because it's been gone ever since the T 

Davina: I have my thoughts to that.[00:11:00] 

Yeah. I mean, it's more, if she's comfortable, how's your relationship with your father? Or like how. Around that time. 

Karen: It's always been, I mean, my dad was not super present when I was young. But then he tried to make up for it. So he's, it's, it's fine. It's not like this amazing at the time. It was fine.

Davina: It was fine at the time because your right side is, is your father's side. So usually if we have a. Specific problems on the right side of our body, usually a hip problem or foot problem. I always like tell the person, like, how's your relationship with your dad at that point? Like I did a I did a show in January and this girl probably like college age girl came to me.

She was like, I can barely walk, you know, on my left side, I'm like, I'm in so much pain. I can't move. I was like, how's your relationship with your mom right now? She's like, we're not talking. Where just it's, it's a mess. It's so bad. How did you know? I'm like, well, it's your left side? Left his mom, right?

His dad. 

Karen: Wow. Cause I haven't had the hip pain and back pain on the right 

Will: side. [00:12:00] My right hip is killing me, 

Karen: but my relationship with my dad is fine. It's just, he has relationships with other people in the family. Or other family members that's not great. And that really affects me. So wonder it adds a lot of pressure.

I'm kind of the peacemaker. I 

Davina: hear you. I see you. And I hear.

Will: I mean all these different healing modalities are fascinating because I know that the Western world in which we live is so far behind the holistic mindsets and things like that. So we're, we're so stuck in that medical. This is the way the. Only if the MDA and the FDA approved this, or are we okay to use it kind of thing, but there's so much more out there than just taking a pill for something that we unfortunately don't take advantage of.

A lot of the rest of the world really do. And you hear all these kinds of stories all the time about people getting better. I know some folks that were battling cancer and, and [00:13:00] talk about alkaline water, right? Getting rid of all the acidity helped them either heal from cancer or at least go into remission or, or D decrease the effects or slowed down.

I mean, it, you just get a lot of stories about that kind of stuff. 

Davina: I actually interviewed a neuroscientist. I heard, yeah, she's a neuroscientist. And she had. Around a hundred tumors in her brain. What, I dunno how she's alive, but she is such a, such a sweetheart. So when she got that diagnosis, her first thought to her.

 How am I going to make the people in this hospital around me, the nurses, the other patients happy, how can I put a song to face today? And she really attributes herself to getting better, being just a higher frequency vibing person, like doing good things for other people. Making them happy, not thinking about her illness, like why, when you get that diagnosis, you're like, okay, I'm gone.

Bye-bye say goodbye to everybody. But no, that was like, how am I going to start living [00:14:00] like a new life being sweeter, nicer, kinder, and more open with my heart to everybody else. And she's here. She wrote a new book. She was talking about it with me. It's just such an amazing story of how like did your thoughts and your energy can really heal.

Right. Did, did she still have the tumors? No. Wow.

Will: Okay. That blows my mind. So I have heard all this stuff about the importance of positive mindset thinking, and it goes to. To your introduction about how your if you raise your frequency rates that does have a huge healing factor associated. And of course the law of attraction and all that kind of stuff, it all, it all fall into place there.

But. To actually have 200 tumors, 

Davina: 100 or 100 over 120, something like that, one 20, something like that. Over a hundred over threes. I know. 

Will: So [00:15:00] to have a thousand tumors just disappear, that's an incredible story. And I'm going to go and look for that extra. Listen to it for those that we have. Did we not actually has a podcast called divine healing by Devina that is available right now on all podcasting platforms.

I'm going to add a link to that directly to our show notes so you can access it directly. It's it's fast. I've been a subscriber and I love it. So I recommend it to anyone who is interested in this type of modality. 

Davina: So that episode is not out yet, but there is one that everyone should listen to, which I think you'd find it interesting as well.

This amazing doctor who was treating this 37 year old, a woman with a tumor on her third eye. So her pituitary gland right here. And when he started treating her, he found out that her parents wanted to leave each other. Just as the [00:16:00] mother found out she was pregnant. So they stay together for her. And the mother was, was obviously not happy.

She carried that energy throughout her pregnancy. And here's the thing that the doctor talks about how important it is to be in a good mindset. When you want to have a child, when you want to get. Because that child will pick up on that energy. So when this child would, when she was coming out of her mother, she sensed how her mother didn't really want her.

She was only really there for her father. The father stayed there because of her and she, as she was coming out, she had a tough labor her right here. So her, her glance hit her mother multiple times. Okay. And. That is how the cancer manifested and showed up when she was older, because she carried all that energy and she had that trauma of the birth.

So he basically [00:17:00] treated her and they did a lot of meditation where like they went back to her birth and he has this whole amazing process where he talks about his book on her. Her tumor was. 

Karen: Wow 

Will: after that. Yep. I definitely look for that. 

Karen: How did you decide to get involved in this? And it's fantastic, but what, what drew 

Davina: you to it?

the whole healing. Oh, healing. So I once knew that I was a little bit different growing up. I was labeled very sensitive. I never really thought I was like fitting in anywhere. I always thought I was like a little bit neared or just not normal anyway. So I think it was until I was in college.

I got so it's when I first realized that I was pretty, pretty psychic. So in college I got really bad food poisoning. I was hospitalized. And after that I started. Having a lot of like daily visions and like truth needs that were coming true. And I had this, I had these [00:18:00] things as a kid, like here or there, but I never really thought of it.

Like I was like, whatever, it's just, I'm just very imaginative. I'm creative, but it wasn't until I was in college and these things started happening and I met this girl and she's, she's pretty religious spiritually. She's like, you need to meet this here. And I was like, you see this here, our community, because she's very religious.

And I was thinking like, don't you guys think this is like, maybe like devil's work or something. I'm like, surprised. Like I see her, but like, why would you see her? She's like, she's amazing. She's an Orthodox woman too, from Israel. And she does this healing. You have to meet her. And I'm like, okay. So I go to her and I was at the time, my dad and I were.

Fighting about like work and stuff. I wanted to work for the family business. He didn't want me in the business, blah, blah, blah tension. Actually, it wasn't my right at the time, [00:19:00] it was my right foot. The top of my foot, the top of my right foot was in so much pain. I didn't understand like, what is this pain?

I didn't hit anything. So I go to her. She's like, sit down over there. She put me in front of a true crystals and she's like pig, crystals. Right. Okay. So I pick and I'm like, no, no, no. I pick five. And after I'm done, she says, do you know how I know you're seeing. Literally, do you know how I know you're saying

you picked five crystals, five as a perfect hand. I know if women or men have mental issues, if they pick more than five, because each crystal that you pick has some specific purpose of like what you need in life, what you have too much of all that stuff. So I was like, okay, great. I'm sick. So she puts me on this bed.

She starts working on me and she's. What's happening with you and your dad right now. And I explained to her [00:20:00] what happened and she goes to my foot. And then she goes, I need you to go back to the time where your father didn't protect you and it hurt you and you kept it in all this time. So we went back to a situation when I was five years old.

So at the time when I did this, I was like 22, 23. And I went back to kindergarten where my dad. An employee was overly friendly with me and I would tell my dad, dad, I'm like uncomfortable. This, that, whatever. You're just so cute. Like I never got like, I'll talk to him, I'll protect you. Don't worry. So that was like the situation.

And she made me reenact that for every night, for two weeks, the pain was gone. It's been gone all this time, but that's where I was holding onto a memory and a certain energy and a one onto my. So that's how I got involved with. 

Will: So it's kind of like a mixture between your site, Kaia tree [00:21:00] healing, a healing modality, because in cognitive behavioral therapy, right?

You relive those emotions. You're able to process them the problem. The reason why we have issues, because we haven't processed those emotions. But the fact that she was able to identify, that was pretty interesting. So that, that launched you into your healing? 

Davina: My career, my path, I was like, I have to.

Train and do what she does. I'm like, there's no way I cannot do this. So I took a class, I got certified. I started doing it for family and friends, nothing serious. I wasn't getting paid for it. Like this was just like a hobby. It was for fun. People were like intrigued by it. Like, I be really popular parties, scaring people.

I'd be like, what have I done? Like, I always, I love to tell the story. I was at my cousin's apartment and her neighbor came in. And the neighbor was like, yeah, I'm going to Texas tomorrow to meet my boyfriend. I was like, your boyfriend's sh. And then my cousin turns to the [00:22:00] neighbor and she's like, I didn't tell her that, like, she doesn't know anything about your boyfriend.

And then like, I, I read like her boyfriend to a T and I had a friend there who didn't really know about what I could do. And it was like, when she found out and she was freaking out, she's like, I gotta get outta here. Like, what is this? Like, how did you know his dog's name? Like what the mob cooks teapots.

How do you know this? Quiet? And I was 

Will: like,

So I'm going to ask you two things. One is why Reiki? What, what drew you to Reiki specifically and to do you have to be psychic to be able to practice some of these human without. 

Karen: Loved this 

Davina: questions. Okay. So I was, I love your question because, because I had a human design reading by media and she told me that I was drawn to Reiki because I'm psychic [00:23:00] that it wasn't because like, Hey, I just like, like Reiki.

It's like my second. Gifts, whatever said like, Hey, you have do Reiki as your like, medium, like as your channel, like people have the tea leaves, like I said, or like the cards like Reiki is mine. And because I'm like very, very, I don't know if it's because I'm very in tune with my body and my like ailments and like my problems that I'm able to find in somebody else.

And maybe it's just like the Ricky that made me like that. It's all connected, but it's more because. I was drawn to it because of my abilities, because I have other ones too, like I can dream things and they happen. I'm able to project, which I really I'm glad I don't do that as much anymore. 

Will: We talked about that yesterday.

Right? How much I really badly want to have to project. And you're saying, man, it's so annoying. You really, 

Davina: really, 

Karen: I have never heard anyone say it's annoying me either. So. 

Davina: It's annoying when you do [00:24:00] a lot of it. It's like, I mean, it's like, I wake up literally, like I told him, like, you want to eat like a village of people.

You are exhausted. You feel like you got hit by a car. I don't, it's just. And the stuff I see, like, I don't, I'd rather be surprised at this point. Like I want people to supplies. Like I want people to surprise 

Will: my surprise birthday party. I hate it. I 

Davina: wish it was those things. So it's not 

Karen: something that you intentionally do.

It's just something 

Davina: that kind of just happens. Yeah. I don't intentionally do it. I have people in my family who intentionally do it. Yeah. I thought it had to be mostly men, the men, the men on my moms side do it, which is crazy, but it was crazy because the men on my mom's side are the, most of them are the ones that are like, oh, this stuff doesn't exist.

Like, what you do is BS. It's like very condescending. Yeah. [00:25:00] They're very condescending. Right. But then they can ask the project. So extreme 

Karen: the closet, pick a lane


Davina: in or you're out, but that's extreme astral projection, like Reiki, astral, projection, like what's so bad about Reiki, but you can ask for project, right?

Will: So you're saying that they feel Reiki is. Astral project, 

Davina: like my uncle. He doesn't ask for project. He just thinks all of this is like baloney.

It's like other cousins, other people on my side of, on that side that do. They don't think it's, I don't think they think it's like demonic. They just think it's like BS. I mean, my father thought it was BS for a while and then he saw what I could do. And now he's like my kid, my kid's a magician.[00:26:00] 

Will: Can you give them. Ricky healing session. Is there, has there ever been a time when you said sit down and we show you how much hogwash is actually is? 

Davina: Yeah, I mean, I put my dad's asleep. My, I think early on when I was starting, I did it to my uncle. He wasn't like that impressed yet, but then again, like I was new.

Like I knew things, but like right now, like I'm like crazy good. I'm just like, I'm like spot on. Right. I want to do it to my dad. He, he goes to sleep. He passes out. He'll be like, what day is it? Where am I? 

Will: Typical Sunday.

Davina: I just have to remind him. I'm like, listen, dad, like a common thing after I work on people is like, they go to the bathroom. So don't be scared. He's like, 

Karen: why is that 

Davina: toxins? Think about [00:27:00] like, when you have diarrhea, you're either like passing. Something like the bacteria something's bad. So like you're taking the toxins.

It has to come out. Somehow I worked on an influencer, she had no reaction. She's like, I'm fine. Three days later, I had my first things. I, the attack of my life, I'm like, you're 28 and just had your first anxiety attack.

But that was her reaction. And that was like the first time I had that delayed reaction, like. After like H you might have a little anxiety. Some people do, but three days after to get a call that now she's like the whole world is spinning and she can't breathe and she wants to pass out. That was new for me.

So it's interesting how everybody reacts, but number one is done. Number one is number two, number one.

Karen: So, 

Davina: so can you do 

Karen: this virtually, do you have to be 

Davina: sitting with the person or do you know that, you 

Karen: know, we've talked to a few different people and they all say, oh yeah, we can do this [00:28:00] virtually. That just is so bizarre to me. 

Davina: Like during COVID. Yeah, that's a good point. Wow. That's just, 

Karen: that's impressive.

Will: We've talked to a lot of people that say, right. It's it's, it's it's energy. It doesn't matter whether we're right next to them or a thousand miles away, the energy still exist and still be manipulated. So it's like the radio kind of, but, but 

Karen: yeah, I still don't get how the radio works. So for me it's the same.

Will: Yeah. 

Karen: Gotcha. That's fantastic. I think that's really great that you can even help people. I mean through the computer, 

Davina: that's just blows my mind. My mom even tells me she's like, like, ha ha. I'm like just happens. She's like, wow.

I had this client. Exactly. I had this client. She's like, I saw you like in the meditation while you were working on me on FaceTime. When I was working on her, she's like, I saw you like with your hands [00:29:00] above me, I was like, that's the first time anyone ever said that? Powerful cute. Like if you saw me, that's so sweet.

That's perfect. So 

Karen: you said, you said you were drawn to Reiki because you're cycling with your psychic ability. Could you look at someone and help guide them to what they're drawn to? Yeah. 

Davina: Yeah. Usually they're very like, those people already know what they're supposed to be doing. They're just scared.

Will: Gotcha. Okay.

Davina: I don't think, I don't think Reiki is completely for you per se. Like I think just doing the level one is good and you get an understanding of like where I'm coming from, where other people are coming from. But I mean, what do you think about like plant medicine? I like herbs. Are you interested in those things?

Will: The fascinate me, but that would be too much work for you. It might [00:30:00] be too much work

Davina: more like just trying it and like sitting in a meditation and like seeing what. 

Will: Something like that. Well, the getting back to the, to the question, does someone have to be psychic to be able to heal? Because I'm hearing a lot of, like, I did the intuitive energy healing with Scott Clover a while back, I've had Reiki practitioners on the show.

I've learned Reiki myself, so you don't have to be psychic, so anyone can actually 

Davina: do this. So I'll give an example. I was at a fair. There was another vendor there. And before that, I thought, Hey, you need to be psychic to do Reiki. Like how else could, you know? And I didn't realize like what I was doing. I was going like a little bit above just Reiki with my medical intuition, but I'm talking to this vendor and he was complaining that people were like, [00:31:00] Asking him, you know, what do you sense?

What do you see? What do you feel? Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Like they wanted like a deep in-depth healing and he's like standing there and he's like, I just hover my hands above you and, you know, channel that energy and that's it. I'm, that's all I do. Like, there's nothing else. Like, just stop. I like looking at I'm like, really, like you don't sense anything, like you don't feel anything, you don't tell them anything.

That's all I do. And that was one, like, I made it a little bit of like a mission to like talk to any Reiki healer that I could find and like ask them like, Hey, can you do what I do? Like, am I different? Like, what is the extent of your abilities? A lot of healers just do that. And they don't get into the medical intuition part.

Like they don't tell them they don't sense anything going on in their future, like say, oh, Hey, you had this like problem in the past, like one time I was working on my cousin, I didn't grow [00:32:00] up with this cousin. She's older than me. She grew up in another country and I'm working on her. And I started hovering over her left foot.

I was like, So did you like fall down the stairs or something? Like, what is this? Like? It hurts. I saw a scene. She gets up and she's like, I never told you that. I'm like, what happened? She goes, I fell down when I was six years old and like, I really hurt this foot, like badly that I had to get stitches and whatever.

I was like, you have stitches here. She's like, yeah, right here. And I didn't see the stitches. Like it didn't just like, that's when she's like, oh, okay. This is 

Karen: legit. So are you able to help with that pain?

Davina: It's very cool. That was like over 25 years. Like she had that for at least like 25 years that day. Yeah. 

Will: Excellent. Okay. Well, let's, let's do a deeper dive into energy healing because some of that stuff is super fascinating. I know, I know Reiki, I [00:33:00] now know intuitive energy healing, but all the different healing, energy healing modalities, I've heard those undergoing freaky training that re all that Ricky does.

Accelerate things, right? So if you have a headache, you just accelerates it to get it out of you or things like that. And there's certain areas that you probably shouldn't do that for Vicky can also be used to help someone transition from life to death. There's all kinds of things can good for however, I've heard that there are other healing, energy healing modalities.

That on sorry. And Reiki, really? You're not giving up your energy. You're just channeling the life, universal life energy through you into the first, but there are other energy modalities, energy healing modalities, where you actually are. I've heard of one that you actually give of your energy to the other person, and that's what helps heal them.

And then sometimes you feel depleted because of it. And I've heard [00:34:00] another energy healing modality, where you're actually taking on absorbing their illness or their pain to heal them. But then you've got to clear it from. Body or your psyche as well. Have you heard about these things or is it just someone going smoke?

Davina: So you are able to deplete your energy when you work on someone by not protecting yourself and creating the wall, like the seal the last thing that you said it's do you mind repeating it again? That part, 

Will: I've heard that there's an energy healing modality, where you're actually, you're not sending anything into the person you're actually taking the pain or the, the illness, the disease into you.

Davina: So it's not someone blowing smoke. It's just. They're trying to explain Reiki in just different ways with protection, without protection. So you, when you're working on somebody, when you're, when I'm working on somebody, [00:35:00] especially, and when I looked learned about it through the healer, she would say, Imagine you're, let's say I'm working on my knee right now on your knee.

Me right now. And I'm like, okay. Imagine the pain in your knee is an object. Okay. Could say red ball. And like, as I'm like moving my hands above the knee, I'm imagining like the pain as a red bull coming out. So that's. I think what you're trying to get at, that's what I've been taught. That's what I learned getting depleted is you have to protect yourself.

You have to go in, for example, in a Reiki session, have crystals on you. Make sure you have like that white light above you. And like, just before you start working on that person, go with the intention. Like I'm going to channel Reiki energy today. I'm not going to give any of my own. I invite only the best for this person.

I don't want anything that could harm them around. Don't even say that like don't even bring up anything negative. Just I invite them to the best, best healing energy for [00:36:00] this person. And. Make sure after you're done, put your hands on wood, like this clap to disconnect and drink a lot of cold water. You and the person you've worked on.

Will: Not for a lot of these things. Like I know when, when I was taught. You have to fluff up their energy, right. To get it, but, but then I've not heard about clapping or putting your hands up. 

Davina: You have to, you have to disconnect because if you don't do that after you might be taking on their energy and you'll be feeling kind of gross.

So I always love to. And then when I'm working on somebody, I love to do it on like hair washing day. Cause your hair accumulates a lot energy, wash your hair, maybe policies onto or Sage yourself after you do it. So you don't take on their energy. Those are the, those are the best tips I 

Will: think. Wow.

Interesting. Interesting. Yes, I've been doing it wrong.

Karen: Oh boy.

Will: [00:37:00] Can you share with us some of your most successful, 

Davina: I was just going to ask you about

Will: some of your most successful healing experience experiences. Yeah. Thank you. 

Davina: So I think I'm going to go with, I'm thinking about the clients I had with all like the hormone issues. So I was working on this girl who. She was saying, like, I have been in this like deep depression for like the past here. I'm always tired.

I don't know what's going on with me. She was dealing with a lot of like, love issues as well, which was something also common that I was, you know, helping girls with during COVID like, oh, like such a relationship coach. It was, it was a 

Karen: lot. 

Davina: Yeah. I can't get it out of bed. I'm so tired. And every time I would work on her throat chakra, I would get like heart [00:38:00] palpitations, I'd start sweating.

She's like, if she would get that, I would get that. Oh. So I would, I would get all her symptoms, like when she'd be out of the Reiki session. And I said to her, like the first session, I was like, have you been to an endocrinologist? Have you checked your hormones? Yeah, they're fine. I just had them checked.

I was like, I don't think so. I was like, there's something going on there. Okay. Okay. And then she was like, I'm going to get an appointment, but it's like a little far, far off. Am I going to okay. Like, let's work together. So we worked together like every week consistently and she would say like, you know, I'm feeling, I have a lot more energy.

Like, I feel great, whatever this, that. Sure. It goes back to the doctor. She gets her thyroid checked. Thyroid is not normal. She is, she has hypothyroidism and she was like, ha like how did it just like pop up like that? I was like, well, with like Reiki, sometimes you're amping up problems have to come up to be discovered in order [00:39:00] for them, you know, I want to, for you to get help.

So she was like, yeah, they want to put me on meds. But like, I don't know yet. I was like, ultimately, it's up to you to do it. I think they could help you. She's like, you know what, like, I want to like, keep doing this, like, you know, see if I can get my levels down. Like even like a few, few numbers. I was like, okay, like up to you.

So she was like working with me and then she was doing like a special diet. She goes back to the doctor. Her numbers went down a little bit more, which was like, she was shocked. I was like, oh, that's cool. But then also without meds, but I was like, shouldn't he be on like, med slow? Like I was like, that's great.

I think that's awesome. But like, I think you should like listen to your doctor and she's like, okay, like, I'm going to go, I'm going to go on meds for this. But like the other issues that I have, like I still want to continue. I was like, no problem. So I was like she's able to get her numbers down, like to the state, to like a decent amount with the meds and like the Reiki.

And [00:40:00] she has a lot more energy and I'm able to like, like I see her, my dreams now it's really cute. Like I'm able to like connect with her and like, just all, like, I know how she, she doesn't even have to like check in. I'll be like, oh, like, how are you today? I saw you like, you're like this LA, she goes, oh, that's so cute.

So, yeah, so I love that like, relationship, like my stories are like, it's relationships with people. Like, I don't just like treat you and then like, you're gone. It's like, you're still like, you're still like my friend and oh, I like, I still check in and like, I'm able to just like, create these relationships with people that they, they can call me anytime, be like I needed to not, I'm like, no problem.

I'm right here. And she has that. I think that 

Karen: relationships are so important because ultimately if they have that relationship, they're going to trust you. They're going to be more open to the experience. And it's just, 

Will: and I love that. I saw on your website that you talk about when you come in and become a client, so to speak, you're not really a client.

You're a friend, a friend. 

Davina: That's why I don't take on like so [00:41:00] many people at a time because of my energy. And I just don't have time with the hundred things that I do. Like if I take you on it's either because you come like. Like a friend recommended you to me. Like somebody it's word of mouth, mainly how people find me or like, yeah.

Through like a family member, because they can have a family. That's true. The newsletter. Oh wow.

Will: This has been fascinating. I knew, I knew it would be after the. If someone wanted to try, like, like applied a client of yours, what's the best way of friend. What's the best way for someone to reach out. You 

Davina: can DM me on Instagram. So it's divine healing by D or you can email me at divine healing by D at Gmail.

Those are the two best ways I answer everybody. 

Will: Great. And I will put those links directly into the show notes. So if you're interested in reaching out to Davina, [00:42:00] you can always just go directly to the skeptic Actually no, though, skeptic as you're done, and those links will all be there.

Obviously there's always a divine healing by She didn't see that. So we're not going to say it here either.

Davina: Divine healing 

Will: Excellent. Even easier. So if you're looking for a healing, if you're looking to connect with Davina, you will find ways to do Thank you so much, 

Davina: so much fun. Of course, 

Karen: it's been a great time. Great conversation. 

Will: Love it. Great. Great. Thank you. Thank you. As always for coming along on this trip, having you are the best.

Anyone could ask for it.

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Davina was inspired by the practice of Reiki and went on to be certified privately by Lisa Powers. She also has studied with many different practitioners in various spiritual fields. For the past ten years, she has been a student of Dr. Norman Suhu in BioSyntonie. (BioSyntonie® helps mitigate the negative effects of man-made technologies (including WiFi, microwaves and EMF pollution) while supporting the body’s own healing resources. It brings the healing balance of nature back into your home, work and body.) She has worked with Eli Bliliuos, a renowned hypnotherapist in New York trained by Dr. Brian Weiss. This experience inspired her to become a certified hypnotherapist by Steven Burns and Kain Ramsay from the SLA. Rebbetzin Aidel Miller, a great-granddaughter of Yaakov Yosef Herman, has also given her blessings to continue her work. The world renowned Rachel Schwartz from the Kabbalah Centre has also worked with her. In 2018, she completed her life coach certificate from the TA. Using her own methods influenced by her experiences with these experts, she will help you implement new practices slowly that will change your life for the better.