Finding Lost Loved Ones With Psychic Investigations - Kelle Sutliff

Finding Lost Loved Ones With Psychic Investigations - Kelle Sutliff

We’ve spoken to a few psychic mediums and channels on the show over the last several weeks, but today’s guest is not just any psychic medium.  She's a psychic medium, an author and a successful radio show host who's been a practicing Medium...

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We’ve spoken to a few psychic mediums and channels on the show over the last several weeks, but today’s guest is not just any psychic medium.  She's a psychic medium, an author and a successful radio show host who's been a practicing Medium for over eighteen years. She conducts private readings and consults as a psychic investigator using her expertise on missing person cases for private investigators, individual families, and national missing persons organizations. Looking for an introductory book on all things metaphysical? Check this one out:Metaphysics: An IntroductionGuest Info:Website: psychicmediumkelle.comYouTube: Kel's Korner :Book: “Listen Up! The Other Side Is Talking”If you're interested in the other book Kelle referenced in the interview, "The Gift Within Us", you can find it here: Metaphysician @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastE-Mail:

Kelle: [00:00:00]anybody who goes missing or is murdered. their energy is so strong to be found because , their job is to come back to let their families know that they're okay. And I have to say this too, which is really important because when we run into, unfortunately, the sex trafficking aspect , of the world, there are a lot of people who might've passed the don't know where they are.

No one ever thinks that either because you're in a new area, you're in a new terrain, you could be in another country, you could be wherever. So there's a component to that. That makes it difficult to find them because truly their energy, their spirit doesn't know where they are. , but, we do our best to try to assist with that. 

Will:My name is will, and I like molded from the X-Files and want to believe. So I've embarked on a journey of discovery. I've talked to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual world at throwing myself into weird and wonderful experiences. I've even joined a coven of witches all in the interest of finding something, [00:01:00] anything that will prove that there's something beyond this physical three-dimensional world we all live in.

This is the skeptic metaphysician. welcome back to the skeptic minute physician. We'll you know, if you've listened to the show, we've spoken to a few psychic mediums and channels on the show over the last several weeks, but today's guest is not just any psychic, medium. The very best way to introduce her is for me to.

Probably read directly from our website. So I don't miss a thing, but she's a psychic medium and author and a successful radio show host. Who's been a practicing medium for over 18 years. She conducts private readings and consults as a psychic investigator using her expertise on missing person cases for private investigators, individual families, and national missing persons organizations.

Her book titled listen up. The other side is talking, has won the international. Honor of the mom's choice award and the reader's favorite book award and is currently available through her website, Amazon Barnes and noble, and all of the other major [00:02:00] books selling websites. I'm sure you are just as anxious as I am to hear what my guest has to say.

So without further ado, I'd love to welcome Kelly Sutliff to the show. 

Kelle:Hi Kelly. Thanks. Well, thanks for having me. I 

Will:am super excited to have you on the show today.  As I do with all my guests, I do some research on you beforehand. And each and every guest that I get, I've been unbelievably blessed to have some wonderful people.

And you are certainly one of my favorites so far. As I understand it, your  work really focuses on clients whose lives are kind of at a crossroads, right?  They're experiencing some sort of unresolved issues or grief. They might be dealing with loss in some way and you offer them comfort, inspiration closure, things like that.

And I definitely want to talk about all that, but, I know my audience and I know that their ears absolutely perked up at the sound of one thing in your intro, and that is psychic investigations, Yep. And we've [00:03:00] not had the opportunity to talk to someone who does this before on the show. So I've got to ask you, what can you tell us about what you do in the psychic new investigations world?

Kelle:Well, you know, what, as a psychic medium.  I channel information, right? So if you were to come to a reading with me,  I give psychic information, which is stuff about your life, that kind of thing. And then as a medium, I connect with the other side. So people who have passed to give me messages.

So there's a lot of psychics that don't do. Psychic, investigative work. I fell upon this. And when you're a psychic medium, like, listen, no one grows up and says, Hey, you know what, Kelly, you know, I raised my hand. I want to be the psychic medium. Right? Because it goes against diet. It goes against life.

It goes against society. You have to constantly prove yourself. Right. But what happened in my story is, you know, what things just fall into your lap. And I was given a case about 11 or 12 years ago. And. They said, can you work on this? And it was a missing persons case out of Detroit, Michigan. [00:04:00] And this woman had gone to church on a Tuesday night at St.

Paul's church in cross point. And I got called a week later to do this reading. So I threw my hat in the ring to see if I could find her. And what happened was,  like I said, let a psychics, don't do this work. Cause it's heavy stuff. I mean, you see things, you feel things you see if someone's been murdered, you see maybe data around that you are given, you know, the other flip side of information that comes through when people are not missing, we just got to find them.

 So when I do work a case and I can go back to that original case, cause that's pretty powerful. What I do is I go in and I, I call it my psychic press release. So I answer the who, what, when, where, how Of this person. And I can tell him the link when I'm connecting, but whether or not this person has passed or not, that's that mediumship piece.

that I blend in. And if they're their past, if they're the one giving me the information or if it's going to be, or if it's more psychic information that's coming from, where may they make B? I will tell you this [00:05:00] much. In our society this last year, due to riots, due to protesting, I've had a plethora of missing persons cases due to things happening in the country.

Traditionally, normally I do one to two missing persons per month  in nine weeks. I did 17. Wow.  

Will:One to two a month is I would think a lot to begin with 17 

 That just seems odd  what would you think would be the reason for that?

Kelle:Well, I'll tell you where they were and they were in Portland, Seattle, LA, New York. A lot of them Chicago and  there was a lot of sex trafficking going on. And a lot of people being taken in a lot of  defunding from the police. And with that being said, there was families who, in examples in Portland who couldn't get a proper investigation with departments there because they couldn't get in the city.

so they were calling psychic. So everybody I know who do missing persons work as psychic mediums. Everybody got an uptick in this field [00:06:00] because of that genre. So  the dynamics of what was going on with the country. So. what people have to realize is that,  I have a lot of detectives I work with around the country because I learned a long time ago when I present information, it's really, it's much better for me to present it with a detective that I know to push it in through versus me calling, Hey, I got information for you.

And they're like, Oh, so I click on line nine again. Okay. Crazy, crazy bird. So. So I've learned that over the years, like how to do it the right way. And what happens though is these, you know, families are desperate. And so, so I would be desperate to if my child has gone missing or gone and, we ran, they were.

They wanted help. And so  I gave information for the family to give to a detective to take it and see if they could, , find these people. And I can say some were found some weren't. There's also this other capacity that we have, that's gone on due to Colvin with missing people [00:07:00] is many people are just leaving.

They're leaving their houses. They're not taking their medicines. They're not getting the care. They need mental illnesses, huge. People are taking off and they can't be found the sex trafficking aspect of things. Now, listen, I've done this for 10 years, when I first started sex trafficking wasn't as common, I would say sex trafficking revolving.

My investigations is pretty huge now. So that's showing you the unfortunate trend in society and what's happening. And. The awareness that needs to be needed done with that. But it's part of my world,  when I get a case, you know, I'll work on a case. And I do all that data. I write it all out.

I give information, I see what I see. And then I consult with the family or the person who's, who's looking to find the missing. And then what happens is we blend again with information and I connect psychically with them energetically to get more information than what it takes from there is then I still continue working on it.

So,  I look at components, [00:08:00] I look at information like that. I've worked with collaboratives. So there's actually psychics out there that work as a collaborative. We worked with a group few years back with Boston university. And we worked as a group where we would get given by detectives cold cases or current cases.

And we would all just get simple information when we work on a case, the only information that I get, or I want is the person's name, the person's birthday, a picture of them last location, where they were last seen. And that's it. So I'm only given four pieces of four or five pieces of information. And then I go in blind to the link to give the data.

So what amazed me when we work as a collaborative with, with other psychic mediums who do this work, we're all given the same information on a case. What happens is when you get the information and you all share later, it's so consistent. So that shows me how spirit works with us. To, to blend it, to make it happen.

And when I first started my first case the the woman that went missing was Joanne muktuk romaine. [00:09:00] And she recently, they just did a series on her and unsolved mysteries called lady in the Lake. They should, it's been. You know, you know, the series wasn't done really how it should have been done.

But thank God over a hundred, 200 media outlets covered it the proper way. The local series that was done in Detroit, Michigan covered this awesome series. That one just won an immediate uh, huge media award for its investigation. So , in this case, there was. And it's kind of funny, but this is how this happens with mediums.

And psychics will tell you this. When oftentimes before you get a reading, sometimes spirit can show up a little bit earlier and they forget the time zone and they show up. So the, the week of. When I did that, reading after Joanne was missing, I was cooking in my kitchen, loved to cook and I'm making dinner.

And all of a sudden I saw a flash and this flash was like a small person, dark hair, long dark hair, that it was a teenager. And I was, I was like, well, my phone's going to ring. Someone's going to come like fair reading. Cause I saw spirit. So just go back to my normal bits, doing my thing that night, I got [00:10:00] a call from actually Joanne's brother  saying my sister's missing.

Can you help me? Someone referred me to you. Can you help me? And following day, I gave him information on this case for an hour and a half. So gave a lot of data points possibly who was involved with it names. Real specific. Cause that's how it is. And they kept saying that this person committed suicide because across from St.

Paul's church waterway and across the road, and they kept saying that she had committed suicide, please went her off on that. They did an investigation right away. All red flags, huge red flags, but the investigation by the police department by then, by what occurred and she did not commit suicide.

So she was murdered. So following month, I follow up on the information I gave to the daughters and when I did so in that case, I said to her, and I said to them, , your mom is going to be found. In springtime. Now I read in January. She, it's going to be fun in spring time. I see a bridge people, fish [00:11:00] there.

There's what do you call a waterway? I'm seeing,  the other side of the river. She's been dumped this she's been murdered. She's in commit suicide. And I got a call on March 21st. March 20th. The first day of spring, she was found to fishermen, founder by the bridge, by where I said she would be.

And several corners ruled her death is a dry death, which means that when someone is thrown into the water they've been killed first and they have no water in their lungs. Right. So it couldn't be suicide. So there was so much data, so much information that came through in that case. , I look at this work is I'm just the conduit to give information off and the families and the detectives have to take it and run with it.

I will say this much. And as much, sometimes pushback I get from police departments or information, they all take the information. Because it's a cold case. So then I have the information all these psychics, I mean, all these police officers , are extremely psychic. You couldn't be a cop or do a beat if you're not right.

But the [00:12:00] ego steps in but you know what, as many of the detectives I've worked with, especially one that he always says, boy, you know what? Every detective needs a psychic. And a case and , a detective, and if we'd had that we'd solved cases 

Will:more quickly, and that would make for an interesting new take on lethal weapon or something like that.

Huh? The buddy cop type truly. Oh, so I got to ask  what is your typical success rate on something like this? You've talked to people who are mediums or channels and. You know, they, they get some things, right? Some things wrong. How often are you able to find folks?

Kelle:You know, I've never been asked that, but I will say this I'm really accurate and it's up to the people to investigate it. And I have found several families, have testaments to my work. Hmm. There's a component that when we give information, just so, so people understand, sometimes the information will come in and choppy.

It's not like, Hey Joe, Schmoe's over on, you know, Carter [00:13:00] lane, . At this house, we can get visuals. We can get visuals of that. We can get the name Carter.  You can get different details right. Of things. And you ha it's like a puzzle. You've got to put it together. So then what happens is you look at a map

you look at a map and then you say, Oh, okay, look, there's card over there. And then you zoon it. Isseu look at the map. And then I see the components and maybe by Google maps as, and looking at things, the terrain I saw looks similar. So you know what, then that's a pocket that we need to look in and search it.

So there's,  a recent case I did in Littleton, Colorado and Graham was his name and he went missing and  the details in the sense where  I said that mother contacted me and I gave Her lots of information and how to get the media involved, how to do things, how to keep getting the media live on your case.

That's the best thing any family can do is keep media involved to get to one and, and go above people. When you're not getting the results, like context, the mayor of a town contact state agencies. If you're not getting the [00:14:00] results from your detectives and when you go above to make this happen, so. 

I was contacted by her and right away, Graham came through and it was passed. I gave information he had a head injury and he was living in a, in a group home. And what missing? And I gave him information what's going on in the group home beforehand.  We  zeroed in on areas that he used to go to this one Lake.

I went right to it. . Where I felt he would be. He kept showing me his boots and that's when I say quickie, didn't kind of things that come through in a red blanket  as an example, so they go to search to this place and they find his boots. Then someone, the week before had seen a red blanket in the water.

Now, this is winter time in Colorado. So, the family finds the evidence that he's giving me and all the other, other stuff that I gave him. But those are just some specifics. So see how it works. It's like quirky things that come through, but it's so evidential. Right. So when they went there, the family Had a hard time, unfortunately, because the detectives didn't take it all seriously.

And then it became bureaucratic of, the fire departments [00:15:00] can go in and search, Oh, I don't know, it might be risky, but then they drone it. They find them and they go in to get him. And unfortunately, in this case they brought the wrong equipment and they lost his body. And then the next day had to go back and do it the right way.

And  I read for this family three weeks beforehand. So for three weeks they could have had those results. If the authorities would have taken it serious as they should. So unfortunately in this whole process, because of defunding as with what's happening in our world, because departments had lots of money.

Back in the day prior to nine 11.  For funding, for all searches for departments, that kind of thing. Everything had to funded after nine 11  to protect our borders. So  it's hard, percentages wise, it's gone way down for things getting solved.

So that's where psychics come in and families come in and, you know, that's what we help. But within all of that, which is really unique to this is that you know what, when I have, given  closer to families and connecting that way in my world, [00:16:00] it's like getting the Academy award.

because of what, what I've helped. And I always say to everybody, you know what, I don't really work for the families. I work for the debt. On the other side, 

Will:I read that on your website. That that's the perspective that I've not seen before. And that's actually, I would think very accurate because you're, you're trying to find them or you're trying to give their families 


Right.  In anybody who goes missing or is murdered. their energy is so strong to be found because , their job is to come back to let their families know that they're okay. And I have to say this too, which is really important because when we run into, unfortunately, the sex trafficking aspect , of the world, there are a lot of people who might've passed the don't know where they are.

No one ever thinks that either because you're in a new area, you're in a new terrain, you could be in another country, you could be wherever. So there's a component to that. That makes it difficult to find them because truly their energy, their spirit doesn't know where they are. , but, we do our best to try to assist with that.

So, there can be some form of closure, but [00:17:00] all the evidence that I give. Somehow always fits. Whether it be a year later or evidence shows up later,  it's pretty powerful. 

Will:So you bring up a good point that no one's brought up before. Also the fact that you were talking to people on the other side and they are, they don't know where they are.

 It's gotta be quite a. Shock? Is it, something that suddenly now, you know, everything, so it's not as much of a shock. I'm not, I'm not sure.  On your website, you say that you help provide closure and you help folks they're in their crossroads.

Those are the people that are on this side of things. But how do you feel that you have gotten a CA on the Academy award? Because you've helped someone on the other side. 

Kelle:Yeah, it does. Because what happens is their vibration becomes higher. If that makes sense.  I often describe.

If you want to call it the other side or heaven or, wherever people choose to use that word of where they go after they die. I often describe it is it's the vibration. Like  if you ever had a child and you hold your baby for the first time, that's what happened. Feels like that's where they [00:18:00] are.

You can't describe that. You can't put that in words, right. It's just something. Wow. Right. So that's where we all go. That's the vibration. That's that energy. So when I Lincoln . With people and I'm able to give information to answer your question, There's there in that vibration, but there's a confusion.

 Because they're trying to make this right. It's like kind of a little pan it's panicky. Like, you know what I mean? Like when you're lost or, you know, you're driving in a GPS takes you down the wrong road. Right. Keeping it simple. This is that's where it is. So when we're able to give information to the whole time I'm working, I can sense their vibration changing and sometimes.

Cases go on a long time and they're not solved like that Joanne's case. But still whenever I connected with that family, Boy does that evidence come through strongly and , it gets more specific or it gets more data or there's more evidence or there's more exposure of things and where the what's going to come.

 That's how I can, I can say too, I can only feel that, you know what I mean and describe it to the [00:19:00] family, but you know what I can say this much, the families who I have read. Are extremely grateful, appreciative, and we connect always like we still connect, you know what I mean? If there's ever anything else.

So there's a validation and that's an important piece that so many missing people. There's 2,500 people a day in our country that go missing people don't realize that, 

That can be people from, certainly the cases we're kind of we're talking about, but can also be people who have Alzheimer's and leave or, people who want to be missing.

 That too.  But that's our statistic here in the United States. I am sure that has gone up dramatically after this past year. 

Will: I assume it's because of the reasons you mentioned earlier. Yeah. 

Kelle:And people just leaving COVID issues, mental issues, sex trafficking. 


Will:So , how can you differentiate when,  just random things that just pop into your mind turn into, Oh, this is something I need to tell the family or the, or the investigators. 

Kelle:Okay. So  here's the easiest way to do it.  Everybody has psychic ability. [00:20:00] Everybody can massage it to work with it.

We're kind of silly if we don't work with our psychic ability, it's like our best friend. It's our intuition. It's our thought. It's our, gut instinct. It's mother instinct gets father instinct. Right? That's psychic. And so everyone's using it every day.

Anyways. Usually. Best way to do this I say to this, to my clients all the time is when you ask a question to spirit when I say spirit, your life pass level ones are who, your guides, however you want to call it that first thought you get is your answer.

That's them talking to you. Whatever that thought is. Here's the next one? Greatest tool. Okay. That I'm allowed to share with you, which is awesome. When you want to connect with a loved one. You say, okay. I want to connect with my father and you are going to give your father a sign to give to you.

You're going to say, okay, dad, I want to know that you okay. Today. I want to see a yellow lamp. Give me a yellow lamp today. You will walk into home goods. You'll see three of them, you'll hear the word yellow. Your wife will come in and say, Oh, I just bought some new lamps [00:21:00] today. So this is how you connect with spirit.

This is the easiest way. Sign symbols. Music is the best link that you can make  two, generate more psychic ability and intuition and trusting. But. That's an super easy way that spirit connects with us,  we all get so busy. We're not quiet.  That's why people oftentimes have dreams all the time.

And they'll feel their loved ones come through because that's when you're most quiet, you're not on the phone. You're not on a conference call.  You're not driving the kids to practice.  This is where, what you got to learn to be quiet and signs are often the greatest, a big hit, all right.

Easy hit.  The response is huge when you do that. and I always say, make your signs obscure. You know, so when you remember him . And two it's hard for them.   Oh, I can't stand it. When people like, Oh, I saw a red card and I'll, Oh my God, the Cardinal, they must be exhausted.

They're so overused. You know what I mean? Okay. Stop with the Cardinals is what I want to say. Unless your dad was a Cardinal fan.  Somebody was like, yeah, exactly. Or somebody was a Cardinal fan, then use a Cardinal.  [00:22:00] Really, you truly have to remember to just. You know what, keep it simple.

Like spirit is really simple. Everybody thinks this is so complicated and it sounds kind of funny because of my world. It should be complicated, but it's not, but it really is really simple. I mean,  we're born, we live, we die. And then we come back and communicate. So that's really the four stages there.

Right.  And like I said, before that that's everyone's job on the other side, their souls have to come back and say, Hey, I made it. I'm good. You know, I love you much. I know you're stressed. I know this is going on. So that's really where you have to say, okay, if you just keep it simple, it is simple.

You know, nobody has to be in the perfect room and, have the music on and all that other stuff. I mean, you wouldn't do that normally.  If you were having a conversation with anybody, right. Oh, let me set the mode before I make a phone call. You know what I mean? It was in 

Will:my teens or something, but 

Kelle:possibly, yeah.

Right. Possibly.

Will: It's fascinating. [00:23:00] The whole ghosting freaks people out, right? So, in this particular case as someone who's passed and my fear is that, , , I don't want to feel someone over my shoulder all the time.

Right. Is that, is that how it is that you, if you feel a presence all the time around, or is it just when you, can you turn it on and turn it off? 

Kelle:Well, you know what? I learned a long time ago that you have to have boundaries with this work, right? Probably the only time I'm really on more so is when I'm doing a case, because evidence will come through with lots of examples here and there.

And not in a kind of point me on the head 

Will:are your mouth open during those times? 

Kelle:Yeah, but I make myself be that way. Okay. But you know, if I were, if I were to do a reading for somebody, I open up with a prayer and a meditation. So we link, I give the information and then I do another prayer and we close off.

So you have a mantra of  beginning, middle end. And when you work in this  you can't, as I find as a psychic medium of doing this for 18 years, you can't be on. All the time, because what happens is commission going to [00:24:00] the grocery store? Okay. That's my point. Yeah.

Okay. And that's, that's where you have to realize that just like, and this is the other piece is important  for the public to understand, , we're normal. I just have this gift that I talked to the dad. Or I can know things about you that are going to happen. We live normal lives, you know what I mean?

  You're not on all the time. So when people say, Oh, what are you thinking about me? Oh my God. Or what's my lottery numbers. Oh my God, please stop. Okay. You know, I could probably give the laddering numbers, but I don't. Okay. 

 I put boundaries cause that's like not fair.

Right, right, right. So, but now that I have, I haven't consulted with people on stocks. Yes.  Financial people have called me to work with stocks or look at this or look at that. Sure. 

Will:No. Is that not, not fair? 

Kelle: I just give it. I don't use it though. I just give it back.

Will:If I asked you for lottery numbers, you're just giving it to me. Right? You wouldn't use it. 

Kelle:Right. I wouldn't, I don't know boundaries. [00:25:00] It's like, you know, I'm like I listened 12 years Catholic school. Come on. You know what I mean? You know?  If you don't have boundaries and what I find in.

The industry, if people don't have boundaries in there on all the time, guess what happens, psychic mediums get sick a lot,  they're exhausted.  They don't read accurately, right. Because of that,  I always say, you know what? Just like,  an accountant works nine to five, right?

Except during tax season. You know, this is the same thing, psychic mediums. We have boundaries too. So we have our time on and time off.  But not to say.  That I can go someplace and feel something  or be, , when the Sutliff lifts go, went over to Ireland to go travel in England.

And we stayed in some crazy castles, you know what I mean? And picked up all that five. We didn't see spirit or feel spirit in haunted places. And so, you know what, yeah, I mean, that's part of who we are, but, it's also the space where you look at. You can't live that way either.

 I'm not a big some people are in the genre where they're, they chase after ghosts and do that kind of thing. When I've done it one or two times, I'm [00:26:00] like, Oh, I'm crossing these people over. You know what I always say,  if you live in a home that's haunted, does that go as play the mortgage?

No. Why is that ghost there? It had its time here. You got to help it lend itself to go into the light. , it's a soul that's caught. And I lived in new England in Boston for 26 years. Right. Really old, old, old part of the country. I lived in Andover, mass, and we had more.

Part of the Salem witch trials on anybody and there was constantly energy or things you would see, or I would hate the fact when my kids would have soccer in Salem, I'm like, Oh, I got to go into Salem and right away I would be panicking. . The energy. Okay. The dark energy, and it was just, crazy stuff

 I'll just share the story real quick. So one time a friend of mine said. Kelly, let's go on this ghost hunt. Let's go. There's going to be all these famous people were going to go and they all have these shows. And so we went and it was in Haverhill, Massachusetts in an old museum behind a cemetery.

 And all these old buildings where [00:27:00] they are on this land. And I'm like, Oh my God, Linda, you know what. Okay, we'll go. So we go in, everyone's got their, , EVP stuff and we have nothing. I'm just going to go, but we would, constantly picking up things and seeing spirit. So we go into this one room.

It was kind of cool because  the curator was there and the curator would tell you what what really went on historically.  In time and different things with, with when people are picking up on things. So I go into this one room and I see a little girl, five little in the corner and she's crying.

I see that literally I can see it, visualize it, see it back back it's way back in time. And. She's totally in her head. And she's asking for her mother  and I can feel her running. so I raised my hand to the curator and I'm as a mother, I'm like going to the light, going to the light, your mother's they're going to like, go, go, go, go.

You know what I mean? Sending your love, sending your God's love, going to the light crossing over, trying to, so I said to the curator, I said I'm seeing a little girl, [00:28:00] and she's  american Indian. And she's five and she's holding her head and she's running fast and she's looking for her mother, why am I getting this what's going on?

What, why is this the curator proceeds to tell us that back then? In colonial times they used to hunt. Children and they used to kill them with rocks. 

so this is a spirit child stuck. So I crossed  this child over, you have to remember back way back when everything was very puritanical, right.

If you looked at your neighbor the wrong way, you were going to hell, if you did anything worse than that, you were going to hell everything was black and white. There was heaven and there was hell. And if you did anything wrong, you were going there. So you have all these people and all this, this desperation, and a lot of people died in horrific situations and you know what they were they're caught because they're afraid they're going to go to hell.

Will:That's interesting. I had not heard it put quite like that before, but it makes perfect sense in the, in the times that they lived in. Huh  

Kelle: Let's go [00:29:00] back way back when, in the civil war,  we had mediumship was huge.  Because you had all  these young men from the South and from the North who were dying and their, loved ones want to closure.

So they were contacted medium all the time, a psychic medium. To give closure, to see if their loved ones had gone to the other side. Then we go through time, right? Not a psychic medium. Oh, the weirdos, whatever. Right. And then you go through this whole period, but in parts of our, our world in our country, psychic mediums, we're a dime a dozen.

And people would go to them for closure, just like we do today.  And granted, it takes on, it can take on a different twist because thank goodness we've had a lot of media and a lot of promotion and in what this work is like, you're doing a show on it who would have thunk. Right. 

You know, we have programs on TV and stuff like that, but what's happened also within our industry is when,  you have programs on TLC and different things like that, that are different modalities of, of how it's presented. People are thinking that,  I'm running into people [00:30:00] at Costco, tapping them on the shoulder and said, I have your mother here.

Okay. That's not, not how this works, but what's happened on the flip side. There's a lot of charlatans. Who know how to make money. And, they got a 50, 50 chance to say, tap somebody on the shoulder at the mall and say, I have your mother here. So there's been this, this other side of the industry that's been unfortunately kind of destroyed that.

People think that that's what it's like, and it's not at all, you know, not at all. So, 

Will:and it's unfortunate because, and that's, that's the reason why. So many people are discrediting all the modalities and say one, one bad bunch ruined as a whole or one bad Apple ruins, a whole bunch of whatever, how cliche goes.

But and rune why I started the shows because I was looking to a lot of stuff like the end, my question, all along has always been, is it real because you do hear about all the charlatans you hear about people who are super respected what is that gentleman who had a show on the scifi network?

He was a medium [00:31:00] Chandler and was found to be a fraud but  all these years on this television show and he was talking to people about 

Kelle: Jen, Edward, 

Will: That's his name. Yeah, but people who are very highly respected, who are just two people  from the other side who then either are proven to be charlatans or are discredited in some unfortunate way.

Unfairly, right? So the press jumps on those much more show than they jump on the successes that you've had. I've not heard of very many psychic medium cases that were solved that were put at the foot of a psychic medium. We don't hear a lot of that stuff. So when I hear someone's a psychic medium in psychic investigations, of course, the first thing I'm going to talk to them about is 

psychic investigations because it's, it's fascinating for one, cause I'm curious about how it all works, but for two, I think more people need to know about this stuff that you are, the stuff that some of the things that you're doing, you're helping a lot of people and people don't realize that the challenge is finding someone who's legit versus someone who's just off-road book.

Kelle:Yeah. And here's the difference? Here's the [00:32:00] difference. Whether it's my work a secretary tactic or a psychic medium. The people who are legit truly do this work because it's a spiritual basis and you do it out of  love the people that get too caught up in ego. And it might say that some of these people started off really well.

 But what happens is that sometimes somewhere along their path, they lost their Juju. . They lost their focus. They left what this is about. They lost their link. When you sometimes say, okay, they got a bad rap in media. Maybe they needed to because you know what they lost, they lost their link.

They lost them, 

 Or there is people who, and you're going to remember ,  I'm probably very opposite of  the mediums in the when they do a lot of platform work, where I look at this as if you want to have a reading go one-on-one with somebody why would you go and pay $125 for a ticket?

When there's 500 people in an audience and you want to connect with somebody and you really think that you're going to get picked. Spend that money and go one-on-one to talk directly because, that's kinda like what your loved ones on the other side of the, [00:33:00] watch it to do. So I look at it is that you have to be kind of be cautious not to say that those people, some of the people don't have our true readings, but I always, I always do the flips that I'm, I'm constantly reproving things to myself, just like you're doing these shows, you're proving it to yourself where I'm like, okay, I'm going to see if this person.

Still reads one-on-one and then you go on their website and a big disclaimer comes up that they're so busy reading. Or working platform work. They no longer can read. So why on earth would you go to anybody who doesn't have time for you? See what I mean? So if you're going to do this work, you know what, and you're going to get a big platform.

You should be allocating. Two days at least  to read for people. And this is,  obviously my personal opinion, but that's how I look at it is that,  listen, , this work has different modalities. There's fabulous mediums out there and psychics who don't have a huge platform that are just awesome.

And you know, very interesting enough this last year I was in a book called the gift within you and it was 33 psychics and [00:34:00] scientists. Actually involved proving the validation of psychic ability and we had to be tested  and in this platform everybody got a chapter  and you get to tell what you do for your work and all this type of stuff.

 Then the scientists come through, who've been studying this for years to show the validation. not that you had a book that was that proof science and psychics working together to show that show all of this. Right? so many people that were in this book, this 33 psychics, there was people who were from little old ladies in Maine.

There was people who don't have huge platforms. There was people from Australia, there's people from here everywhere around the world, , and you'd be kind of surprised the people that you thought would be in there didn't pass the mustard.  I love the field that I'm in and hopefully I don't come off so cross and you know, diamond people out, but it's very much so, listen, I'm a firm believer, you know what, if you're going to do anything, you do it.

Right. When I first started,  I left a really successful real estate career. , I decided to get back into this work when I had three kids under three years of age. And,  I was [00:35:00] constantly crossing people over and ma and feeding babies at night. I, Irish twins.

My girls are 11 months apart and a three-year-old at home and you know what I was like, okay, I'm called again to do this. So I'm going to do it.  I studied though.  I studied for two years with people from England and Ireland and Scotland. And we  would sit in circle and I'd practice.

I'd figure out how this gig work. Right. And then I just kind of made it my own, and every psychic out there does their own. How they get that information. Everybody does it different. No one does it the same  and that's one of the things I always think too, if you're going to do it.

Sure. It's natural ability, but you have to kind of massage it a bit to make it your own and to make sure that you do it properly. 

Will: Can you tell me the name of that book again? I wanna, I want to make sure that everybody got it, because that seems like something that people that are listening to the show would be interested in it.

Kelle:Sure it's called the gift within you and the author is Marianne bore. Okay. 

Will:I will try and find it and put a link to that in the show notes as well, but I would be remiss because  I definitely want to talk about your book because I know that [00:36:00] you have won some great awards from it.

So , I'm really curious what is your book about and where can someone get it? 

Kelle:So my book is called listen up. The other side is talking and it's about everything we talked about tonight. It's about,  how to connect with spirit. It's about psychic investigations. I did stories in there.

It's about how spirit works. It's kind of a, how to in reference to how this whole gig works. And  it's an easy read. It's easy. It's informational.  You can get it on Amazon Barnes and noble. It's also through my website.

If you want a signed copy. I have a second book coming out though, which is in June. And that's going to be the spirit within you. And that's really about how you can work with spirit and how to ground your energy, which is super important after a pandemic. And during a pandemic and your whole lifetime.

that'll be out this summer. 

Will:Great. Well, if you think about it and you can send me some information on that book as well, I'm happy to put it up. Once it's ready to. To be purchased so people can get it. Can you, pre-order [00:37:00] it, is it a pre-order? 

Kelle:Yeah, not yet.

Not yet. You will be though able to 

Will:yeah. Okay. Something that that's right up my alley. So I'll definitely be one of the first in line to get it. . I say this every time, because these conversations to me, I are absolutely fascinating. I could talk to people for hours and hours and hours, especially someone with your gifts, because we really just have scratched the surface.

And I feel like I'm saying that every show, but we really truly have to surface  I know that you do one-on-ones readings.  If someone wanted to reach out to you? Personally to schedule a reading or for whatever reason, what's the best way to do that.

Kelle:You know what, it's really simple. You just go to my website, which is psychic medium and Kelly spelled K E L L E. And you can go to the calendar  and schedule the appointment that way.  it's pretty  simple. , I read for people all over the country, all over the world.

And you don't, and this is important for people to understand, although I do one-on-one readings when I have an office. You don't have to be in front of somebody physically to do a reading because the [00:38:00] link is there and the information is the same. 

I do readings by Skype, zoom, FaceTime. Right just by phone, by voice. , technology is kind of caught up with spirit,  which is good.  It's made it easy for us. And so it's a really good space for us to be able to a psychic mediums to be able to do our work 

Will:well, that's great to know, because I know, I do know a lot of people who would say, how can you do this?

 You're miles and miles and miles away. Well, you don't need to do that in person anymore. You can actually do it through technology.

So it is, it's important people to understand that, that it is possible. The connection does happen. Doesn't have to be in close. Personal contact  the universe is the universe and these contexts will happen wherever you are.  

Kelle:You're right. And guess what? This is what people also have to remember when you have a reading, it's like a spiritual gift back to yourself.

Spirit is very organized on the other side, they know somehow someone's going to get my name two years ago. They're going to have a reading. They're going to refer me whatever. And they're ready for you. So, of course they're [00:39:00] going to connect in and of course they're going to get be there for you.

Why wouldn't they be they've been waiting.  

Will:. Kelly, it's been an absolute pleasure talking to you and I'm,  one of those that's missing out. Cause I don't have an ID your phone. So I can't do the clubhouse thing, which is very sad for me. But if you don't have an iPhone, you can't be on clubhouse.

We, we talked before we started taping about a YouTube series you're working on now. Is that right? 

Kelle:Yeah. So every Monday I do a message. 10 minute quick hit on what's happening for the week, information, guidance, that kind of thing from spirit. Pull some cards here and there once in a while.

And you can find me on YouTube, which is called Kels corner and corner spelled with a K and You can see that every week. The other thing that I have the opportunity to doing is on Monday at six o'clock Eastern time, I do a show with two great gals and it's called two psychics and a shaman.

And it's, call-in we answer questions we tune into you. And that's been pretty fabulous, so you can, , grab some great psychic advice that way, but 

Will:that's on clubhouse, right? 

Kelle:Correct. Any [00:40:00] other ones on 

Will:YouTube that was, FMO the fear of missing out? It's terrible. I need to go out and buy an iPhone  I'm sure the show is fantastic. So if you are on clubhouse, I would urge you to, to check them out because inevitably it's, it's bound to be just fantastic. Okay, Kelly, thank you so much again for coming on. This is great information that you've given us and I look forward to at some point in time, maybe maybe having you back and finishing up our conversation cause it's been kind of like a cliffhanger in some ways.

Kelle:I think that's a great idea. Thanks for having me. Well, 

Will:no, I'm happy to have you. , thank you so much for listening today. Like I mentioned, if you'd like to connect with Kelly, maybe book reading with her, I'll leave some links in the show notes for you, including the direct links where you can get your hands on her book or books where, where her shows are and all that as always, please don't forget to subscribe to the show.

So you don't miss an episode and send us a voice message on SpeakPipe. I left links to do both of those in the show notes as well. We'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, questions, feedback on the show or the guests and your message may one day [00:41:00] actually make it on the show itself. So give it a try. We also love sharing other people's stories and we'd love to share yours.

So feel free to reach out. If you'd like to come on the show, you can join us on Facebook at the skeptic metaphysician or. Email me directly, the address you guessed it also in the show notes. And if you're listening to us on  Apple podcasts, we'd appreciate you throwing us a five star reading and leaving us a review.

If you'd like to show that's all for now. Thanks again for listening in. We'll see you again on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician till then take care.