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SummaryIn metaphysical, paranormal, mystical worlds the term "woo" is the really, wow, wild out there. The stuff that people who are skeptical, who are pragmatic, don't typically believe in. And in fact sometimes is the barrier to people...

SummaryIn metaphysical, paranormal, mystical worlds the term "woo" is the really, wow, wild out there. The stuff that people who are skeptical, who are pragmatic, don't typically believe in. And in fact sometimes is the barrier to people following this type of topic. On this episode, we are following the woo with a deep dive into alien and fairy encounters,  and we even dive deeper into Will's experience with joining a coven of witches and past life regressions.12/8/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianFollow the Woo - Witchcraft, Aliens, Faeries and the Occult"I've had experiences, but I don't know if they are Fay or if they're aliens or if they're cryptids. And there are so many people, I would call them experts in each of those fields, who are starting to say, and this is relatively new as far as many people believing it, that maybe they're all the same." --Fen AlankusInfo about our guestQueer, empath witch, Fen Alankus, follows her curiosity wherever it takes her - from witchcraft and the occult to the paranormal, aliens, fairies, shamanism, gurus, and and and - all the WOO. She hosts the Follow the Woo podcast and through interviews, stories, and investigations, Fen and her guests explore some of life’s most intriguing and spellbinding questions, mysteries, and high strangeness.Resources:Many Lives, Many Masters by Dr. Brian WeissGuest Info:Website: followthewoo.comFacebook: @fenalankusInstagram: @followthewooYouTube: @followthewooSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

Will: Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician. We are excited to be here with you, especially excited to be here with you. Okay. 

Karen: Well, thank you. I'm excited to be here too. Yeah, 

Will: well, you, you bring a lot of energy to the show that I can't.

So when you're not here, it's really badly felt so please don't ever leave me again. I'll think about it. Well, at least it's not a no, Karen today. We're going to talk about all kinds of things. Have you heard the term? Woo. 

Karen: Well, I've heard. 

Fen Alankus: Woo. [00:01:00] You're talking 

Karen: about something different.

So now, 

Will: well, in metaphysical, paranormal, mystical world the Wu is like the, the really, wow, the wild out there, the stuff that people who are skeptical, who are pragmatic, don't typically. Leave in. And in fact sometimes is the barrier to people following this type of topic. No matter 

Karen: what with 

Will: w yeah, but like a miss school, we're following the woods.

It's like the magical people. Oh, that's, that's a whole bunch of woo woo kind of thing. Right. Our next guest has a show that's called follow the Wu. And let me give you the intro because I'm already driving the show into the ground. So queer empath, which Fen obsessed with discussing the magical and the mystical sounds familiar.

She's apprentice with gurus, been mentored by shamans and work with dozens of healers, sages, and mystics. And like I mentioned, host a podcast. Follow the whoop. Now in each episode, she follows her intuition, wherever it takes her in and around topics like witchcraft meditation, the paranormal and [00:02:00] supernatural aliens and Fe encounters.

That's a ferries for those are not initiated spirituality, gurus, shamanism, all the. See where the Wu is. 

Karen: I see. And it sounds very interesting. Cool. 

Will: I'm super excited because these are some of the things that we've not talked about. But to finish your intro through stories, investigations, interviews, and more fan, and her guests explore some of life's most unusual and fascinating questions and mysteries, I'm thrilled to welcome Venn to the show fan.

Thanks so much for coming on. 

Fen Alankus: Yeah, thanks for having me. 

Will: guess the first question is follow the rules, right? did I explain what the Wu is? Well enough.

All the hard 

Karen: questions I tell you that 

Fen Alankus: no, you know what? I think you did pretty well. Yeah. It's started as a derogatory term. The woo woo. You know, it's sort of, I think it's yeah, it covers all of those things. All of the weird high strangeness is maybe like [00:03:00] a synonymous word. 

Will: So then why call your show?

Follow the. 

Fen Alankus: Well, that's super simple. Like, nothing is more interesting to me than the high strangeness or the whoa. So I, and I naturally follow it anyway. I always have just where, wherever it leads, me and the podcast, sort of just as an extension of the way that I was already living with. 

Will: So you consider yourself let me go back to your bio real quick, an empath, which now we know what an empath is.

We know what a witch is and put, put them together. We kind of have a pretty good idea of what together that all means, but there's a lot of different. I guess types of witches. Right? So, are you the wicked witch or are you just like a solitary practitioner? Which like how, why do you consider yourself an empath?


Fen Alankus: empath, which is sort of just like a, a term that I created, which a lot of which is due. Cause they're like, well, w w what, you know, even like a cottage, which are a green, [00:04:00] which some of those are a little older. It's basically taking witchcraft is all about like taking your strongest skills and then smashing it together with your craft.

So that's where the term impath, which came from. But as far as like Wiccan versus solitary, I started in a Wiccan coven. I actually it's an order. So it was many, many people in the order. And then now I'm doing more solo. Solitary work, but it's interesting. You are in a coven as well. It says in your 

Will: intro.

Yeah, it does. It says that I actually did join a coven, but I'm no longer part of it. It was long time ago back in my crazy Miami days. I was, I joined, I joined coven because I was looking into this, like you, I was following the rules. I wanted to, I wanted to believe in the womb. And one of the things I did in that.

Search was throw myself. I, Karen will tell you. I, when I look into something, I throw myself into something. [00:05:00] I mean, I throw myself into somebody, so I don't go at it half ass. So if I'm going to look into witchcraft and I'm going to, I'm going to join a coven and that's. 

Karen: So I have a question then. So you joined a coven back in the day.

I'm not the guest. No, I know, but, well, this is actually for both of you. So is it like, so now you're not going to Kevin anymore, but is it like once a week, always a witch or when you leave the coven, are you no longer a witch? Are you still a witch? And I haven't known that for all these 

Will: years. I'd love to hear fence.

Fen Alankus: think that's a great question. I was just thinking, I mean, I, it depends on the person and depends on if you want to continue to be following the craft. And I'm actually curious as well. Or do you still consider yourself a wedge? Do you still practice the craft? 

Will: I would say not in its purest sense of the word, the craft I've, I'm not part of a coven anymore.

I don't really do rituals that you. Associate with witchcraft. I'm more spiritual. Like, how can I explain this? Right. back in the day, when I was exploring all these things, I look into Buddhism. I looked into Judaism Christianity. One of the things that just [00:06:00] happened to look into was, was Wicker.

And there's a lot of VIT that I really loved and enjoyed. But there, it was still some things where I couldn't wrap my head around the whole woundedness of it all. It just, it was, it just felt like I'm treating one God that I'm worshiping for another. And the whole worshiping thing was difficult for me.

So. I, instead of tell people that I'm, I'm, you've heard the term spiritual, but not religious. I'm very much that I I'm, the family belongs to a Presbyterian church, but I'm not really consider myself Presbyterian. I am more about inner work and trying to be the best person I can. I explore different avenues.

Of things like if we actually did talk to a witch on the show and afterwards reached out to her to do a working for us. Right. We've, we've done that before. So I just follow whatever feels, right. Because at the end of the day, that's what's right for you is not necessarily what's right.

For someone else. It's just, you got to follow your own path. 

Fen Alankus: Yeah, absolutely. And let me [00:07:00] be clear here too, that like the craft itself is evolving. So there are, and I will be the first to say that, like, there are things that are problematic about Wiccan specifically in general. Well, specifically, and in general, but like, if you're thinking about witchcraft in general Wiccan does have some, there are some, some problems with it and.

I agree with you. I'm spiritual, not religious. And, and when you get hung up on the pantheons and witchcraft, you know, it's like, I don't know, who are we worshiping in this ritual? That's kind of like, okay, well, I respect that. Viewpoint, but it's not necessarily like what I need to be doing every day in my personal magic practice.

I don't, I don't need to be calling on some Greek God. In fact, I, I almost always want to leave out the gods and just focus on the goddesses. So that's meant for, for many, many reasons, but yeah, I totally know what you mean so far, 

Karen: you've mentioned a couple of times you asked, well, if he's still practicing the craft, what, what does that [00:08:00] mean?

The craft? Because I had no, nothing. This is one thing that I really know nothing. 

Will: Wow. Well, 

Fen Alankus: not too much. Well, I, again, witchcraft is always changing. But I think, I mean, the craft is short for witchcraft, but it's just sort of your personal, it can be ceremonial or ritual magic practice. And it's so broad though.

It really depends if you're talking about. Allister Crowley people and like the fellow mites, that's a totally different brand of the craft versus Wiccan, the craft versus solitary practitioners. Yeah. Or or how about just now I can't, I think of it. Hereditary witches, right? Who have like a lineage of that, but they don't do anything that's in Wiccan or Thelma or blob, you know, all of the different areas.

So it's really just your brand of magic is the easiest way. 

Will: Remember there, there was a movie called the craft back in the day, [00:09:00] but it was all about these girls who joined or wanted to be who joined their own thing. They created their own coven, I think, but It was great. It was awesome.

Yeah. Not necessarily seeped in trueness to, for lack of a better word, but 

Karen: truth 

Will: to me, to me their craft is like

Karen: making fun of you. 

Will: And this is why we bring Karen on the show. But to me that the craft is, is like the lifestyle, right? It's a, it's a type of the way that you live. It's you live the craft in lots of different lifestyle choices out there, but, okay. So then that's what really struck out at me with With your intro that you sent over your bio is the topics that you cover on the show.

Now having been a part of a coven we do a lot with the Fe and spirits and all that kinda stuff, but, and, and there are people who truly will [00:10:00] swear that fairies are real and as are everything of the old middle earth type. Creature, so to speak. But you've also talked about all kinds of things like aliens and things like that.

So what if there was one thing that really has jumped out at you through the time that you've done your show? What, what has been the most shocking thing that you have discovered? 

Fen Alankus: Ooh, there's been a lot of. 

Will: Let's take them one by one. 

Fen Alankus: Yeah. I would say the, the weirdest, the one where like, when I got off the call, I was like, oh, wow.

I think I need to take a walk or maybe call my therapist and like move my appointment up. Like I just was, this was, this is a tough one. It, she had told me that She had been abducted by aliens and real time, not, not a mental imprint, which often it's just sort of something that's going on mentally, which is complicated in itself.[00:11:00] 

But it was real time. Like someone came into her actual room and she also told me about her, how she had been impregnated by a number of aliens and had not one or two. Alien hybrid human kids, but like dozens of them. 

Will: Wait, wait, wait. Like she's actually given birth to these alien 

Karen: hybrid babies. 

Fen Alankus: Yes. Yeah. I mean, according to, to her, her retelling of what happened to her 

Will: are they living with her now or are they taking.


Fen Alankus: were taken away that she never really was with them. I think they extracted her age. Oh, the 

Will: aliens took them away. So not at a hospital and say in the doctor goes, whoa, you got some weird looking eyes. 

Fen Alankus: That is

basically exactly according to the information that I have. Yes. So that one just, and what was so weird about that one is that she was so.[00:12:00] I listened to a lot. Let me just say I listened to a lot of people. Tell me their personal stories. I like to think I'm a little bit of like a paranormal therapist in a way at times I take it very, I do take that seriously.

I've learned to take that seriously from, from people before me as well. Who've kind of mentored me in this, this realm. So I guess I just like. I, I try to be really, really open-minded and sometimes I don't always believe fully what I'm hearing, but I believe they believe it. But what was so compelling about this one was.

Sh my bullshit meter just did not go off at all. It seemed like she was like, this is, this is fucked up. And it happened to me and I I've been keeping it a secret for decades. So that was kind of mushy in my mind for awhile, as you can imagine, 

Will: and it opens up all kinds of doors that probably rational thought doesn't want to open up.

If that's indeed. The truth that [00:13:00] it very well could be. So one of the things that I think longtime listeners will know is that Karen and I are very much of the believe everything to a certain extent, right? It's, it's more about whatever this person is saying. They're seeing it because it truly.

Believe it, or they have lived it or whatever. So who are we to say that it can't be real? We're we've talked to people and we actually, we just talked about with witchcraft, right? And if there's some people that think witchcraft is a bunch of baloney, but you and I who have been in a coven have probably likely seen the results that come from at the actual focus of the energies to get something accomplished.

So it is for sure thing for me, right. If that is real and Reiki is real, which I know for, cause I'm a practitioner as well. I mean, who am I to say that aliens aren't so I would assume that you now believe aliens aliens are among us and the whole abduction thing is. 

Fen Alankus: I believe that aliens are among us. I didn't need her to [00:14:00] convince me that I've been a molder car from the gate.

So, I have had my own experiences that some would call. Alien contact experiences, some would call Faye contact experiences. Some would call, you know, having a really weird sleep paralysis experience, you know, depending on who you talk to. So I've always believed in the other there's no, there was no question there.

And I, and to, to reinforce what you just said. I, I agree. I believe first and foremost, the only time that I don't believe my guests is when. And this is actually before they even get on the show. It's like I do pre-calls and if in the pre-call they say something that's like, I can, I can clearly tell that you're like reading this right now.

You know, they just want to be on the show. It's not really, and you can, there's like three of them that have ever happened and you can weed them out right away. It's like, oh, 

Will: Yeah. Yeah, no. Do there have been some, a few people [00:15:00] that we, after the interview we've turned it off and gone? 

Fen Alankus: No, there are very few of them though.

Surprisingly, right. It really is 

Karen: think it's interesting because the people we do interview are so knowledgeable, not just about the topic, but about the history and details and other areas. So I think that's another way you can weed people out if they don't really know kind of the background of what they're talking about, 

Will: they bring a certain amount of credit credibility with them when they come on.

For sure. 

Fen Alankus: And people who are just telling their personal experiences. A lot of times, like I said, they've been holding a secret. Forever. They didn't even, my aunt just told me she had an alien contact, he experience the other day. And we were like,

she's like in her seventies, we were like, you haven't told anyone. And she was like, well, who was I going to tell? They were all going to think I was crazy. And I'm like that. So that really weeds people out too. I mean, if they're going to finally say, okay, fine, I'm going to get on a podcast and talk to who knows how many people [00:16:00] about.

I'm more inclined to absolutely believe them. 

Will: I get to go in there and you know, I'm not sure if I'm going where you think I'm going, but when I was in college, I wrote a book that freaked the ever loving hell out of me. Is that where I'm going? Is that okay? 

Fen Alankus: Can I guess what it was called, was it about aliens?

Will: Absolutely. Yep. That was the one that was the one I slept with my light on, in my dorm room for two weeks. And my roommate hated me because I would not let him turn the damn light off. When I read that part where the damn thing looked around, peaked around that dresser and all of a sudden realize it was awake and rushed at him.

That was the end of me. That was the enemy. I can't, I'm secretly hoping your brain. These things are not real. And it's just figments of imagination because I tell you right now, if I ever wake up and I see an alien coming at me, I'm done. [00:17:00] Ascension, whatever you want to call it. I'm no longer on this earth because that freaks the living daylights out of me.

It's a scary 

Karen: book. I read it in high school while I read most of it until my mother took it away because I was sleeping with my bedroom light on. 

Fen Alankus: Can you read it in high school? Wow. I actually have not read. I have not my mom read it. and she was like, this book fucked me up really badly. And she kind of warned us, like, read that at your own risk.

And I, I see. You know, got the cliff notes from her. And I was like, you know, I'm good. I don't think I 

Will: that's probably a smart move. So for people who don't know about the book communion, it was written by Whitley Strieber, who's a prolific writer, but he actually was having challenges and he went to a therapist who put him under hypnosis and.

There's an affidavit at the end of the book, from the hip, the therapist saying this is true, true facts. This is all, it's all came out as it was written. And it [00:18:00] tells of the history that his whole family has been abducted repeatedly over the generations. And. Through therapy or hypnotherapy.

He remembered the times when it happened to him. And these things are not for the faint of heart, but if you ever, I, I am. Not going to sleep tonight. Just thinking about it now. 

Fen Alankus: No,

you should do it like a trigger warning beforehand, but then like read it on the podcast. Like bedtime stories. 

Will: I'm not going to sleep. I don't know. I want that because literally this there's two things, a freak, the li live in daily. The first one doesn't freak me out as much anymore because of thanks to the show and that's that's death.

I'm, I'm much more comfortable with the fact of death now because of what I, what I've learned over the past 30 something weeks of doing the show. But now the only things left are demons and aliens. I don't want to encounter either one. So I'm pretty sure that's why I haven't asked her projected because I don't [00:19:00] want to encounter something in the ether that I don't know how the heck to deal with.

Karen: So 

Fen Alankus: right 

Karen: now I've decided not to believe in demons. And that works for me 

Fen Alankus: much less scary. Yeah. I mean, that's a, that's a very complex topic. These demons. Yeah, we get on that a lot. But on the hypnosis thing, I actually recently had hypnosis. At two different sessions. The first both sessions, the first one though was more intense.

I was taken back also to an alien lifetime and it freaked the shit out of me because I thought we were just doing like a, you know, she, she was just this lady who was offering. Hypnosis sessions because she's trying to get her hours in to become, you know, pro hypnosis lady. And she was like, okay. So I signed up cause I thought, oh, that's so cool.

And I get to do this like two and a half, three hour hypnosis. And she's like, so what do you want to work on? And I said, who knows? That [00:20:00] was probably, it was like, I think it was. Career stuff and like making sure I'm, I'm choosing the right place to live. Long-term I mean, topical shit. And then all of a sudden, like, I don't know how long in, because time means nothing when you're under, when you, after you're inducted.

It was just full on, oh, well this is where you used to live. And I was just. And then afterward, I don't think she knew how to deal with it. I mean, she just like, she's like, that has never happened to me. 

Will: Brought you back to a life where you were an alien. 

Fen Alankus: Yeah. Yeah. I, it didn't bring me back to like Whitley where I was abducted.

It brought me back to you used to live on this other planet and then you had to migrate to earth. And it was not fun for you You know, it's funny cause the, this keeps coming up, right? Like are our aliens intrinsically bad? Right? Because our. Media system is obsessed [00:21:00] with.

They're only bad, but I do think I was a good alien. I felt that I was I w the planet that I was on felt very loving. It felt like it was just very peaceful. And that's why the transition to earth was so uncomfortable because here was not peaceful. 

Will: Right. So you were more ITI than independent. Yeah, 

Fen Alankus: exactly.

That's fair. I'll take it. Yeah. 

Karen: Do you know why you tend to transition? 

Fen Alankus: Did that come up? The plant, our planet burn for some reason, but it wasn't our fault. It was someone else's and, or some thing else's and so we were refugees. This is some FDIC shit. Like I had not, I, again, we were going to focus on the career, the location that I live in and afterward we were.

Blink blink, blink, just like I was just as freaked out as she was. And she remembers she's not a pro yet. So she was kinda like looking at notes and I was like, oh shit, this is not 

Karen: [00:22:00] good. 

Will: So I've got two topics to talk about. First. The first one is maybe not so serious, but in the second one is the first one after.

Do you have a question here? I 

Karen: did. Cause you got hypnotized a second 

Will: time. No, I'm going to get to, I'm going to get through, but I don't want to, I don't want to let this topic go. So first and foremost, I have to ask are you a big scifi fan? Like do you read a lot of science fiction? No. Okay. That makes it even better that you cause the first thought was, well, maybe it's something that you read or something that you saw that stuck with you the second.

Cameron, you bring up a really deep topic that at some point I need to find someone to talk to about it. And it's a whole star seed thing Y I mean, there's a school of thought out there that says. That this incarnation in life, this world that we're in is just one of many that we go through as part of our learning process.

But we live on lots of different planets by, and, and in fact, from what I've been told, this is. The hell planet. Like this is the one that we all have to go [00:23:00] through in order to kind of forge ourselves spiritually, because it's so difficult that everywhere else we go is it's much, it's a much easier existence.

And, but then we talk about star seeds that are actually from people who are living on this planet, who didn't originate from this planet. I mean, there's all kinds of stuff that we need to talk about, but I haven't found the right person yet. 

Karen: Well, maybe you start seeds out like that. Lady's babies.

Fen Alankus: No. Well, possibly, but I think in that case, the star seed is generally someone, a being that comes from another planet to help in the evolution of this planet to sort of raise the vibration. So it's not as painful. It seems like whatever the aliens were up to with her, they were just like, she's got some, some DNA we're into, so let's make all these little like, baby.

Hybrid minions. And I don't know what they're doing with them, but that, that, that seems like they have another [00:24:00] mission. I don't know if it's like, 

Will: I think that's the topic of a bachelor party for that's coming on. 

Karen: It could be for other planets, you know, they could be making 

Fen Alankus: these stories, you know what, that's a good point.

That is a good point that they could. Anything could be as far as the Lugo's 

Will: absolutely follow the woo. But then there's another school of thought that says that we are actually aliens and we were put on here by aliens, right. That the whole evolutionary thing is isn't really true that these are our ancestors coming back to, to check up on us and things like that.

Fen Alankus: Yeah. Hear it all the time. And right around the time that I had this hypnosis session, I went to my acupuncturist and. She's a lovely woman. I've been seeing for years and all of a sudden in the middle of our session, she's just, you know, poking me with little baby needles and all is well, you know, and she just says she's pauses.

And she looks at me. I have said nothing to her about the hypnosis. She said, You have alien energy here in the [00:25:00] room cannot make this shit up. And I was just like, you are kidding me right now. And she's like, no, so she, she just sorta.

Val seemingly validated that experience, but it freaked me out. And I don't know about you. Well, and I really, really wanted to ask this since I've started this podcast, weird stuff like that has been happening to me almost nonstop. I mean, every corner I turn, there's another weird thing happening to me.

Do you, are you experiencing that? 

Will: You have no idea how much inside me wants to say yes, but I was, I just had a conversation last night with someone I appeared as a guest on someone else's show and. She mentioned to me after we stopped taping that I'm blocked in a pretty big way. There's, there's something inside me that is blocking me 

but. I 

Karen: now, I just want to tell you to eat more fiber. I'm sorry. [00:26:00] That's the 12 year old in me. 

Fen Alankus: Do you have a blockage? 

Karen: Well, 

Will: did I not think about that for God's sake? 

Fen Alankus: I was Metamucil. 

Karen: That was good, 

Will: but yes, I've been, I've been trying to get all the woo in my life as much as possible. The one thing that's been happening is I'm seeing the number that the 11, 11.

All the time it pops up, but that's about it. Apparently because I'm not opening myself up. It's not happening to me. Like it should, I guess it's something I have to look into for sure. 

Fen Alankus: Yeah. I mean, I'll just say right off the bat that I definitely feel energetically from you that there is sort of a, like, not a shield because it's not, it's not completely, it's not like steel, but there is something there that.

That keeps you distant from it. Maybe it's from communion. You're just like, Nope, I don't need to go. 

Will: I would not doubt it. I would not doubt it. [00:27:00] But yeah, it's and it's something that, that has seeped into my everyday life. Not just spiritually, but physically. I, I do tend to keep people at arms length and I don't, I do know where it comes from, but I need to work on it and it's a lot harder than it really.

I wanted it to be.

Fen Alankus: You need a what? Spiritual roto. Buddha. Yeah, 

Will: I heard today, man, but they had to take, it took, it, took the potty direction to get Karen energizes slips. 

Fen Alankus: I mean, I get it. it's good that you know that about yourself and that I'm sure this podcast will probably force you to peel back the layers over time, because you're just gonna get to topics that are you can't ignore. 

Will: It's already happening, right? I'm definitely a different person today than I was when I first started the show.

But I think that each interview that comes in the [00:28:00] last three or four or five, it's been one step further into the. Dude, you got to look into yourself, what's going on? Right. So I'm getting the message university. You don't have to smack me in the ass anymore. 

Karen: I mean, I think that'd be someone in all the other people that you've met and talked to that would be able to maybe guide you through that.


Will: there's a couple of people I've thought about, and I do know, I would like to talk to them a little bit further. we're not here to talk about me. That's 

Karen: true. 

Fen Alankus: I know we're like therapizing you, well, sorry. 

Karen: Hypnosis. 

Will: Tell us about the second hypnosis. 

Fen Alankus: So the second one was basically to clean up the mess of the first one.

Cause I thought, well, I don't feel good after this. And I thought you were supposed to feel kind of good. So I called up my good friend. Well I've met her through the podcast and I said, I feel like, you know, a really good hypnotist and she, this woman. She specializes in the weird as [00:29:00] far as hypnotism.

So she has the Dolores cannon background. So she's familiar with the past life regressions and possibility of other lifetimes and dah, dah, dah, dah. So I went, and this is again another three hour session. And that one I started, I, she inducted me in a much healthier way and I went into lifetimes that were in, on this planet.

And then at some point, this other being showed up and was not from this planet. And then I had a little bit of an inkling of this other planet that I lived on CA and it started with the letter L but we couldn't get it out. And then, but that one wasn't as much about it. That one wasn't as much about the aliens.

It was more about the lifetimes. And that was weird too, because have you guys ever done hypnosis like the, 

Will: Yeah. I've I've actually Lee or Leone. Who's studied with Brian K. Weiss. Took me through a past life regression and we recorded it and I've got it on standby at some [00:30:00] point I'll release it, but there's some things in there that I'm like, I'm not really sure I'm prepared to release it, but once I cleaned it up, I have promised the audience I'm going to release it at some point.

I just haven't done it. 

Fen Alankus: It's extremely vulnerable, right? I mean, it's, you, you go into such a vulnerable state. 

Will: And I don't know of a hundred percent. I allowed myself to go as deeply as vulnerable as I need to be. So I questioned whether or not it was just me coming up with stuff or if it was a real thing.

So some point once I get a grip, I like to do it again and actually allow myself to go as deeply as I can, because I have. I did go through a hypnotherapy session, not for past life regressions or any thing like that. It was more just to the thing called Silva, mind control, which is meant to help you control your own mind.

And the hypnotherapist actually brought me into the abyss, right where it was. I was at one with everything at one time and it was just in a deep, dark void. And it was amazing. But I have not found it since, [00:31:00] but I think something inside me says, I need to find that I to get back into that in order for me to be able to release this blockage, that.


Fen Alankus: that and Metamucil

Karen: Metamucil. 

Fen Alankus: Exactly. Yeah. That's really interesting. And you brought up Brian Weiss, who that book many lives, many masters changed my whole life. And I think that if more people knew, if, if the average person knew about that book, I think they would really think differently about. The possibility of past lives.


Will: I agree. I agree. And it's, I mean, this guy's a psychiatrist. This is not, this is not a a wooer right. This guy's a scientist. This is. He was shocked by his findings. People were talking in different languages that they, they did not know in this lifetime. I mean, they knew things that were verifiable.

[00:32:00] There's all this stuff that, there's really, like you said, there's no doubt if you read it, what it is. And there's a few books like that, that I found somewhere questionable. Some of them are not, but Brian Weiss's book many, many lives. Many masters is. Was one of the first books I picked up my first name and I started going down this path.

But then I started picking up things like Dan Millman books, like the way of the peaceful warrior and selecting prophecy by Redmond. And and now my big thing is you know, Wayne Dyer books, like 10 secrets to success and inner peace and conversations with God. And for so long, I fought. With that term, God, if the conversations with God, it's gotta be about God religion and I just wasn't into it.

But then when I picked it up, I realized it was not that at all, suddenly changed my life. It was, it was amazing 

Fen Alankus: Neale Donald Walsch right? 

Karen: Yep. 

Will: Yep. Neale Donald Walsch. 

Fen Alankus: His, he had a conversations with God for teenagers book and I to. Trouble with the term, God, I still kind of do sometimes, but I'm getting better with it.

And I [00:33:00] had one of my like earliest sleep paralysis experiences. After I read that book, it was like I had some kind of download and I just knew that the stuff that he was saying was, was real. It was true, I guess, is a better term. And that, that, and this last prophecy was really what spurred this. When I read Philistine prophecy, when I was.

15 or something. And, you know, the mind was like, back then, that was, that was like a really it was, there weren't as many books like that I guess are, well, the new age movement was happening in the eighties. So maybe there were, but it wasn't that one became sort of strangely mainstream. 

Will: It did. Yeah. But then, then you, you go back even further to the seventies during the Carlos Cassin Jeda books and Richard Bach.

Right. One, which was one of my absolute favorite books, but Richard Buck. Yeah. Yeah. So, I mean, there's, there's a lot behind this whole movement, but I [00:34:00] think, I don't know. Do you feel that there's an acceleration. Going on. Do you see more and more people turning onto this kind of stuff? Do you think the veil is thinning?

What w what are your thoughts on this stuff? 

Fen Alankus: Short answer is yes. Across the board. I think the veil is thinning. I think that people are awakening. I feel like we're at this really. Interesting binary moment, right? Where this planet is binary it's. That's what probably makes it what you're referring to earlier as like, this is the hell planet is because it's so polarizing.

And I think at the same time, right before something shifts like evolutionarily speaking, there is that, that tension between the two extremes. And so I think we're seeing this extreme. Shit show on this planet. And then at the same time, more people than I've ever seen before, interested in the woo the, the I'll use that umbrella term.[00:35:00] 

And I think people are starting to ask questions they're starting to investigate the interior of themselves moral. And I think that's really exciting. And I think when I talk to people who work with ghosts on a regular basis, you know, like that's just a Tuesday for them.

They tell me, you know, I don't experience that, but when I talk to them directly and I trust them, they say, Usually the ghosts go back after SALWAN, after Halloween, they stay around for a while, but then the veil kind of closes back up and they've been telling me that it's, they're not going back. They just keep staying through spring and summer and fall.

And so they're all kind of confused and chaotic and it's all part of this process of, of whatever transformation or evolution we're going through. Wow. 

Will: Okay. So. You just said something that really struck a cord back in the, I don't know, wins when Halloween or sound, I mean, sound one is much older than Halloween, but when Halloween [00:36:00] was originally developed, right.

Where you go out trick or treating and all that kind of stuff. And the whole thing was that this was the time of year that the veil is within us. This is when the spirits are the closest to us, where we can actually reach out to them. We can talk, we can talk to them, vice versa, that kind of thing. But then then the veil would, would close and, and we'd be left alone for the rest of the year, but I never imagined or thought about what you just said, which is that perhaps that was the case back then.

But now as avail thins, Halloween is becoming. Your long I would be remiss if I didn't talk a little bit more about the other stuff you've talked about on your show. Like, I'm really curious about fate, the Fe what, what kinds of experiences have you run into with things like that? 

Karen: Well, I 

Fen Alankus: haven't had, oh, this is a complicated answer, right?

Because I've had experiences, but I don't know if they are Fe or if they're aliens or if they're cryptids and there are so many people, I would call them experts in the, each of those fields who are starting to [00:37:00] say, and this is relatively new as far as many people believing it, that maybe they're all the same.

Maybe it's not, the aliens are different from the Fe and the cryptids are different from the, you know, it may be, they're all kind of from the same, I don't know is that I don't know where they're from, but so I have had. Weird experiences that are indescribable. There's one in particular where I was just recently in Pennsylvania investigating with a friend and he took us to the secret place.

He's a, he's a paranormal investigator and he has a podcast and we were in the woods and apparently there's a lot of paranormal activity in the spot. And we kind of, I don't know. It's hard to tell. Cause what you see on paranormal shows is that they always find some. The reality is when you go on paranormal investigations, you almost always, almost always never find it.

I know. I mean like you really don't, so I didn't expect anything. And, and we experienced these blue and [00:38:00] red orbs that just sort of kept popping in and out of the trees. You can't cannot describe, I mean, you can't explain it. Yeah. Not 

Will: on a, I've seen these orbs on photographs and things like that. You're talking about in, in just with your naked eye or it was just popping up out of the.

Fen Alankus: Naked eye where there's 1, 2, 3, 4 of us standing there, and we're all kind of trying to validate the other's experience and we're all like, yep. I see it. It's right there. Now it's there now it's there. And this place is notorious for this kind of weird activity. Pennsylvania is fucking weird in general.

That's true. Exactly. So, that, and they. They're the guys that we went with, they were thinking that that's, that's sort of a faith thing that, that blue light. I can't remember what it's called right now, but many people in the south and Kentucky, those regions are told if you [00:39:00] see a blue light in the woods like that, you absolutely never follow it because that's the Fe trying to trick you to go do whatever.

I don't know, something nefarious. So, what kind of 

Karen: feeling did you get when you saw that? Like, was it like a creepy vibe or 

Fen Alankus: just kind of calm and peaceful? Neither. It was actually the weirdest thing. I felt like I was sort of being wold to sleep almost. We, I specifically, it got really tired and I was kinda like, wow, that's neat.

And I had to snap myself out of it and I was like, well, I'm looking at orbs right now. Why do I feel so sleep? So, yeah, we had some weird experiences that night for sure. And it could have been Fe, but the face specifically is an area that I haven't covered a lot on the podcast yet. And I'm actually in a few weeks, I'm going to have a Fe expert.

She's one of the most leading experts in the world on fairies. And I'm so excited to ask her every question in the world [00:40:00] about fairies. Yeah, I there's a lot there. 

Will: I will be listening in. I look forward to listening to that. All right. Well, I I feel like we could talk forever because we have so many different topics that we can do.

We can chat. And you've got a really fun way of explaining things. And I mean, literally I would sit here with a beer. Talk to you all night long. The show's called follow the Wu podcast. If someone went to listen in or reach out to you, what's the best way for them to do that. 

Fen Alankus: you can listen to the podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts, iTunes.

I mean, literally, literally any of the platforms it's on. And then if you want to, if anybody wants to reach out to me about their personal experiences, you can email me and I get the coolest emails. Okay. The weirdest shit all the time. So if you think it's weird, it's not that weird.

I promise 

Will: sometimes 

Fen Alankus: I don't. I try to, I had, I'd never even thought of that, I [00:41:00] guess, mostly because I try to keep things as confidential as they'd like in the beginning, at least, I guess I could do that if they said it was okay. 

Will: Get permission. And I'd be curious to hear some of them, myself.

That's a new column in the 

Fen Alankus: times. Yeah. There we go. 

Will: Well, thanks so much for taking this timing and talking to us about your show in all your experiences. I'd love to love to stay in touch and see how well. We could, we could mess the world up Yeah, 

Fen Alankus: absolutely. Thank you so much for having me.

And I agree if you would like some time to do a zoom and. You know, have a beer and talk about weird shit. Just let me know. Cause that's my favorite thing to do, so. 

Will: Cool. All right. Well, well, thanks again. And Karen, thank you so much for coming on the show again. 

Fen Alankus: Great job. You're the bank.

Will: I see [00:42:00] a new show coming out of there's at some point and listener. I want to thank you too, for coming along on this journey of discovery. I'd love to continue a conversation with you on Facebook and Instagram. So feel free to find us they are under at skeptic middle position, or you could always go to skeptic,, where you can find all of our direct links, not only to our social media platforms and to those of our guests, but where you can also subscribe to the show directly, or you can leave us a review or voicemail directly on the site and like Fenn.

We will keep it anonymous. If that is what you prefer as all. If, you know, someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we've shared on this show or any of our others, I hope you consider sharing us with that person. It can only help grow the show and it might just help someone else come to terms with the fact that we're so much more than just this three-dimensional body that we inhabit.

Now, have you missed any of our show today? If you're listening to this on the radio and are curious about this or any of our other episodes, you can find them all. On our website, skeptic [00:43:00] And there, you can also become a member of the community and enjoy added benefits of discounts and services from some of our past guests right there on the site.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the episode as much as I have Karen, because I had a ton of fun. Oh, me too. Sadly. That's all we have for now, but thanks again for joining us. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then take care.

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