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Having practically grown up in an extremely active haunted house in St Augustine, Florida, Cynthia always enjoyed chatting about her experiences over the years. That's why, on Jan 1st 2020, Cynthia started her blog, True Hauntings. After some encouragement from family and followers, Cynthia published her first fictional book, Parade of Nightmares, on Oct 1st 2020. On April 15th of 2021, Cynthia finally gave in to further requests and started her podcast, True Hauntings & Scary Stories, which has been met with an amazing outpouring of love and support!

June 15, 2022

True Hauntings & Scary Stories | Cynthia Seer

If you enjoy creepy stories… then this is the episode for you!!! Cynthia Seer grew up in what can only be considered a haunted ho…

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