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John Moyer is a professional hypnotist and YouTube Creator of hypnosis and meditation content for his 230K subscribers.

His journey began as a producer screenwriter of several independent films, and spending 25 years as a professional stand up comedian. Feeling like his life had hit a wall, especially personally, with a divorce, being a single dad, stuck in a loop of bad relationships and struggling financially, John realized something needed to change. That something wasn’t just his outside world, John knew it was everything inside of him.

That’s when he discovered the power and ability of the mind, through meditation and hypnosis.

John trained in the art of stage hypnosis, retired from stand up comedy, and everything took off, with a radical shift for the better. He began performing his hypnosis show across the United States for colleges, universities and high end corporate events. He was also invited to perform around the world as a headlining entertainer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

The changes were particularly reflected in John's personal life. An ongoing practice of mediation and self-hypnosis rewired his thinking for the better. Gone were the all the limiting beliefs and behaviors that held him back. He met and married his soulmate, Rachelle Joseph, former Mrs. Utah and First Runner up Mrs. America.

That’s when John had the idea to combine his film and video production skills with his experience of hypnosis. He created a YouTube Channel, offering up content to help other people tap into the power of their mind as well. In just three years after launching, John received YouTube’s Silver Play Button Award for hitting 100K subscribers. He doubled those subscribers less than one year later.

Currently, John dedicates himself full-time to his YouTube Channel, sharing what he’s so passionate about, to benefit as many people as possible.

March 9, 2022

Using Hypnosis for Spiritual Awakenings | John Moyer

SummaryEveryone wants to unlock the mysteries of the mind in order to improve ourselves. So we throw ourselves into hours and hours of self-reflection meditation, breath work, drugs, or whatever you're into. But what if there was a way to …

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