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Toni Reilly

Past life and Reincarnation Specialist

Dr Toni Reilly is Australia’s foremost internationally recognised Past Life and reincarnation Specialist, the best selling author of AWAKE The Purpose Of Life And Why You Are Here. She created SoulLife® Coaching programs and has guided thousands of clients and students worldwide with her visionary intuitive approach to personal development helping people to live with purpose and find their freedom. Toni certifies progressive, intuitive therapists through the Diploma of SoulLife® Coaching the next generation of a new paradigm in psychology.

In 2008 Toni trained with renowned psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss in New York where she built on her deep understanding of the regression technique and unique methods of application. Toni explored mediumship development at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Toni studied a diploma in Metaphysics and Doctorate of Divinity to support her visionary modality and teaching. This world-class training, her extensive experience along with her modern approach to personal development and intuitive training for everyday people makes her one of the most sought-after intuitive teachers. As Founder, of the Toni Reilly Institute, she delivers programs, seminars and training to audiences across Australia and Internationally in Denmark, USA, India, and the UK.

The Purpose of Life: Unpopular Truths | Dr. Toni Reilly
April 26, 2023

The Purpose of Life: Unpopular Truths | Dr. Toni Reilly

When Australia’s most renowned past life and reincarnation specialist and student of Dr. Brian Weiss embarks on a mission to discover the hidden purpose and meaning of life, she discovers an ironic truth. And the question emerges: Despite the illusion …

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