BONUS: We Are Signal Awards Finalists

BONUS: We Are Signal Awards Finalists

Hey, you. Thank you for pressing play on this special bonus episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians.

We're THRILLED to have been recognized as finalists on the Inaugural Signal Awards in our category and WOW would it be HUGE for us to take this home!

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The show started as a personal journey of discovery almost two years ago, then we brought Karen in and suddenly started becoming a lot of fun. Now its become a mission for us...A mission to help spread the important messages that our guests have to share.

Now we need your help.

If you would please go to and search for Skeptic Metaphysicians, you'll be able to vote for our show in our category.

You'll have to register with your email address since that's really the only way that they can keep things only can vote once.

So go to, search for Skeptic Metaphysicians, and vote for our show!

Voting is through December 22nd, 2022 but don't wait! Vote now so you don't forget!

Thank you for listening to our show!

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