How to Energize Your Chakras to Heal Yourself | Susan Corso

Human beings have an energy system, all of their own. What if I told you that' its possible to recharge that internal energy system whenever we wanted to, without any cost whatsoever. The fact is that we can, and our next guest finds it shocking that none of us are actually taught this when we're kids, and in fact, feels like something that should be taught, right along the lines of brushing your teeth. By the end of this episode, we're gonna learn exactly what the human energy system is and how everyone can learn to work with their own.

Dr. Susan Corso is a metaphysician, an intuitive, and an author of both fiction and nonfiction. She has had a spiritual consulting practice for over 40 years. Her latest nonfiction are the eight Energy Integrity workbooks; they teach applied, practical knowledge of how your chakras reflect your past, how your chakras can be changed in the present, and how to use your own human energy system to create your future.

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Will: [00:00:00] Karen, did you know that we've been compared to the Energizer Bunny? I did not know that. The right, I I

Karen: just wait. Like you in me particular or people

Will: in general? Well, the show, the show itself has been Compared to the Energizer Bunny. Yeah. Wow. Sadly, the way I heard it has a question mark at the end like, is that show really still going?

Oh, . Wow. ba wow. Well, I'm here to celebrate the fact that we are like the Energizer Bunny. We got a lot of energy and we're only just getting started. Well, much like our show, human beings have an energy system, all of their. Now, what have I told you that's possible to recharge that internal energy system whenever we wanted to, without any cost whatsoever.

Oh, I like that. Yeah. The fact is that we can, and our next guest finds it shocking that none of us are actually taught this when we're kids, and in fact, feels. Like it should be right along the lines of brushing your teeth. Oh, right. So by the end of this episode, we're gonna learn exactly what the human energy system is and how everyone can learn to work with their own.


Karen: So will you had quite an adventure. And before we get into it, I just want to let our audience know that this is the man who I could not get out of a resort. . I mean, for him roughing, it was a three star hotel where he might have to, I don't know, make his own bed or something. From time to time, I enjoy my comfort.

Yes, you

Will: do. You know, most of my career I've been put up in really five star hotels or resorts, and anytime I traveled, whether it's in the US or international, The company I [00:02:00] used to work for treated us really well. That's great. Yeah. So I didn't get a chance to do all the roughing it like you did you. packed all across the world.

Karen: Well, now in all fairness, sometimes I would take my backpack into the nice hotels. Oh, . Well, yeah, and sometimes I roughed it a little bit more, but backpacking for me was more about schlepping your clothes around and not having a big, bulky suitcase.

Will: Yeah. Well, I've had some. unfortunate experiences with camping in the past, which really kind of tainted my thoughts on the whole experience.

Mm-hmm. , when I was a kid, I got rained on, I froze to death. I had experiences that no young child wants to have when they're going camping because it, it really kind of

Karen: the

Will: experience. It really taints the experience for you. and and that's what you were experiencing at the time? Every time you asked me to go

Karen: camping. Well, you know what? I did, whatever it took. We got an instant tent that pops up in two seconds with windows, and I like to call it the Tama tent.

Tama 10. Awesome. And then we grabbed you and our daughter and a bunch of cool gear. And went camping and it was fantastic.

Will: It was fun. It was fun.

Karen: I have to admit so much so that not only did you wanna do it again, but you [00:03:00] wanted to do it again without us, and you did

Will: well, that's not fair. Let's give the a little bit of context to this whole thing.

I wanted to do a meditation retreat, but the cards were not in alignment or at the stars were not in alignment. So I took, matters into my own hands and, went out and. On my own so I could have my own meditation retreat by myself. So I went and I set up camp and spent three days in almost complete silence and doing nothing but meditating for three glorious days, and it was amazing.

Karen: He should have listened to me a long time ago. Uh, . Yes. Speaking of listening, , why don't we let our audience listen to this next interview?

Will: I think that is an excellent idea.

Welcome to the Skeptic Meta Physicians. Hi, I'm Will and I'm Karen. And today we're excited to bring on the show Dr. Susan Corso. She's a meta physician and an intuitive, and an author who has had a spiritual consulting practice for [00:04:00] over 40 years. She must have been two when she started. She must have been two years old when she started.

But uh, her latest books are the eight Energy Integrity Workbooks that Teach applied practical knowledge of how our chakras reflect our. How they can be changed in the present and how to use our own human energy systems to create our future. If that doesn't excite you, nothing's gonna Welcome to the show, Dr.

Susan Corso. How are you doing?

Dr Corso: Very well will. Thank you. Thank you for, uh, allowing us to have this visit.

Will: Yeah. Well, I, I thank you for reaching out and for coming on the show. Chakras are something that we haven't really touched on. Mm-hmm. , and it is that mysterious energy system that people talk about. But we, everyone has their own idea of what they are, where, when everyone knows where they are, but what they are, how to use them.

And I've even. Some people talk about the fact that we've got to actually disconnect ourselves from our chakras. Have you heard that? Never right. Me, I just, I, it's, it's a movement that's just starting out and it scares

Karen: me. Well, you know what's [00:05:00] interesting is that I, you know, you hear the term chakra and everybody hears it has an idea of what it is, but yeah, we have never had like a expert to come and talk to us because it seems like even though it's a commonly known about topic, not a lot of people really know about it.

Karen and Will: Does that make sense?

Will: it, it does. And now we do. Who enter Dr. Corso?

Dr Corso: But enter Doctor Cor. Well, let me tell you what shockers are not. They are not solid hockey puck lined up against your spine

Will: Well, that's a relief.

Dr Corso: They're not what the shockers actually are. I'm gonna go backward in order to go forward and explain it. So when a, when an ordinary person goes to medical school, they study 11 systems.

The circulatory system, the skeletal system, the respiratory, you know the list, right? We learned that sort of in the eighth grade. But those students are not asking the question, What makes a circulatory system circulate? And yes, yes, I know the heart is a pump. The heart makes it circulate, but what gives it the impetus to [00:06:00] work?

What makes a respiratory system aspire? I would answer that the life force and the chakra system is the life force, the spark of life. Viewed through a prism. So the spark of life would be starlight, essentially, not white light, all color,

Karen and Will: Hmm.

Dr Corso: which is why the chakras are associated with the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and I use an H one rose.

Those energies. Are spheres. There are three dimensional spheres that live and sort of float in the center of your body, in front of your spine, sort of, and infusing your organ.

Will: But you, you mentioned that they're not a hockey puck, but you said there there are three dimensional spheres. Are they three dimensional or are they five dimensional? Cause I mean, not a physical [00:07:00] thing, right,

Dr Corso: well there, there's, they're a quillian dimensional in that case,

Will: Okay. All right. All right. Just so we are on the same page, it's not, it's not a physical thing, it's an energetic thing like a

Dr Corso: It's a f, it's a frequency.

Will: Ah, frequency.

Dr Corso: you get on the, What you hear on the radio isn't a physical thing, it's a frequency. That's what it is. It's a vibration. And in the rainbow, different vibrations are different lengths of light. That's what makes color, color. But what I say about chakra is that I've never heard anybody else say ever is this.

If I had a piano in front of me and I played middle C for you, and I said to you, Well, Karen, this is music you would say to me, No, it's not. It's middle C.

Will: Right. It's just a note. Mm-hmm. a single.

Dr Corso: It's a note. Right? The important thing about chakra is isn't that you have a red chakra or an indigo chakra. The important thing about Shakras is that [00:08:00] they talk to each author.

They're not discreet hockey pucks against your spine. They're living breathing frequencies that react to everything in your environment. They react to your past, they react to your present, they react to your future. You have your past life. It's, it's almost like the shockers are what, what brain scientists might ascribe as the subconscious.

They remember everything, and the chakras are what create the human aura, which is layers of light that surround every single body. The normal, healthy human aura is about eight feet all the way around, left, right, front, back up, down eight feet. Now let's say you've just had your, um, evaluation at. And it didn't go so well. I feel like you've been punched in the third chakra, which is your solar [00:09:00] plexus.

Will: Oh, I, I would say that was in a face

Dr Corso: Well,

Will: Val would be in a face

Dr Corso: maybe, but the energetic reaction would be to feel your power diminished,

Will: right. I'm sorry. I meant, I meant what I did, what my reaction

Dr Corso: Right. , right? No, no. I didn't mean literally, I meant an energetic reaction. So your, so your third chakra would feel like, ugh, somebody just punched me.

Well, that yellow layer in your aura, that yellow chakra in your musical. Energetic system is not playing the notes that it normally plays. It's licking its wounds. It needs some help. Right. But if, if you were working in an emergency room and somebody walked in with a gunshot wound, would you poke it? You wouldn't

Will: Not if you wanna get punched in the face,

Dr Corso: Exactly. Not if you value your face. So

Will: now if you don't wanna get punched at the face yet,

Dr Corso: Right. So you don't do, you don't work in the third chakra. When it's wounded, you [00:10:00] work in the one below it and you work in the one above it and you feed it energetic frequency, top and bottom. So if your yellow chakra is hurting, you work with orange and your second chakra and you infuse it up.

So you're like, you are sort of ending up working with orange, yellow. and then from your heart, shocker, which is green, you sort of end up infusing green, yellow, and that revitalizes your power right Now. You can do that through a in a million ways. You can do that by intentionally working in your own energy system, or you can call your bestie and say, Oh, my boss is such a jerk.

And you're besty can say, Oh, you're so right and you feel better, Right? It's the same thing, but. What if you can't get your bestie on the phone? What if you are really stuck? You're on your own. What we don't know is that we have energy systems, let alone how to work with them or fix them. So we go through the rest of the day feeling like our [00:11:00] stomachs have been punched in.

We can't eat lunch. We get low blood sugar. We're feeling crummy. We get a headache, and by the time we get home, you know, all we wanna do is. Things that probably aren't the best for us. Well, you could instead take 30 seconds out of your workday and very quietly work in your own chakra system.

Karen: That's all it takes. 30 seconds.

Dr Corso: 30 seconds would be a long treatment.

Will: Wow. Okay. That sounds amazing. I can get behind that , but, But how, like what do you do? You just visualize a color in that area of your body.

Dr Corso: Well, that's one way to do it. But here's the thing. Your best friend when it comes to your energy is your body. And the reason for that is this bodies are really cool. Now, if you're a socialized female western woman, You probably think some of your body is really cool, but some of it isn't

Will: I was gonna go further and say, [00:12:00] Somebodies are really cool. Others are

Dr Corso: Oh, yeah. And, and others aren't. Well, bottom line though, bodies can't lie. They don't lie because they can't lie. Right. So by the time you have an illness, let's say a bodily symptoms, so let's say you, you've, you've gotten yourself a cold, right? So, Sunday night, you didn't get a really good night's sleep and you didn't really feel like going to work Monday, but you went anyway and you had to push through a meeting and you ended up staying late, and then the next day your throat was a little bit sore, and then your kid comes home from daycare with a cold, and then by Thursday you have a cold, right?

You don't start out with boom cold. You start out with an energetic symptom. How do you fix that on Monday so it doesn't show up as a. You learn to listen to your body, your body will say, Huh, I don't feel quite right, And their actual sensations, right? If somebody [00:13:00] actually gave you really, really bad feedback or really bad news, that emotional news.

You'd feel that as an actual sensation in your body. Anybody who's ever been through a breakup, a romantic breakup, knows what that feeling is in their heart.

Will: Okay. I guess, I guess we gotta talk about something else then, cuz I, I've never gone through that. I dunno.

Dr Corso: Oh, well, okay. Maybe Karen will be the only one who understands that then Karen and me. Um, but, but that pain is an energetic message. You can fix that sitting in your car at a traffic light. No cost, no mat, no teacher, no class, no nothing. But we are not taught that we even have energy systems. So if you don't know that you have a system, how are you supposed to be able to.

Even tune in, [00:14:00] figure out and bottom line actually and see here's the place where things fall apart. Learn to trust that your body is telling you something. Right? Cuz what we've learned to do, because this is what Western Medicine does, is we use our brains to overpower our sens. Our bodies. We go, Oh nah, I don't feel that bad.

We weren't together that long. It didn't really matter. Right? Your heart is like sinking, sinking. You're gonna go home and work beaches for three week, three weeks in a row and cry and cry and cry, and cry, and cry and cry, cry until you get out, right? Well, there's another solution and it doesn't mean don't feel your feelings.

Your feelings are absolutely part of your energy system, but. You don't, if you don't know it exists, you don't know that you can actually affect what's going on. So let's do that scenario over again. But you decide you're gonna go in and you are gonna ask for a 50% raise. Nobody asks for a [00:15:00] 50% raise and nobody gets a 50% raise.

Everybody knows that, right? Everybody knows that.

Karen and Will: Well, sure.

Dr Corso: Okay, so you punch up your third chakra, you give yourself some power. You watch Amy Cutty's TED Talk, and so you take your Wonder Woman pose, right? And you do your thing and you go, I could do this. The worst thing that happens is the boss says No. Right? The worst thing that happens.

But if I don't ask, I'm not even gonna get a 20%. So what the hell? Why not? And you energize yourself. Now, you might in that situation also energize your fifth chakra, your throat chakra, which is turquoise. And the reason you would wanna do that is so that you didn't trip up in your speech, right? You want to be able to speak clearly and powerfully.

This is why I deserve a 50% raise. You hired me for 20 hours a week, and I'm working 40 hours a week. Do the.

Will: Right. So, but [00:16:00] you, you're talking my language, right? You're speaking my language. That's, that's all. Sounds great, but I'm still not sure I know how to energize those chakras.

Dr Corso: You learn to listen to your body and you start to visualize, you start to imagine colors and it, I don't want you to, uh, take this as literally as most people do. Some people actually hear sounds for colors. , right? Other people have sensations for colors, right? I'm not saying you have to have a perfect turquoise screen in your third eye in order to be able to say what you have to say.

I wanna tell you, you, I don't care if you need to use finger paints in your own mind. You use whatever helps you feel like you can use color for energy for yourself

Will: if you're trying to clear your, solar plexus, what color is that for example?

Dr Corso: It's egg yo yellow.

Will: Yellow. Okay. So then you got gut punched and you try and energize that to try to get you up and going again. [00:17:00] So you just visualize yellow in your solar plexus, uh, and make it bright yellow?

Or do you breathe through it? Like how do you.

Dr Corso: You can do that. You can breathe it in. You could put your hand on your solar plexus and imagine that there was yellow coming out of it. You could also buy intention, pull on the chakra below it and lift that orange up to, uh, goose up that energy and send love from your fourth chakra, which is your personal heart.

Because it's self-love that, that and self-esteem that gets jammed when that happens, right? And send it that way. You could imagine a big yellow ball taking up residence, right? You could imagine the sun moving into your body. Whatever works for you. And I have to tell you, I've taught this to, you know, type A tech CEOs and they have been looking at me like I have been, you know, from Planet Q.

Will: well I did notice the three heads, but you

Dr Corso: Ah, yes. Well,

Will: so, [00:18:00] So really it's just, just putting your energy in that particular area, right? Your

Dr Corso: and focus. That's exactly right. Focus. It's paying attention. When your body says, Hey, pay attention, this hurts.

Will: Mm Gotcha. So it's like a little kid going, Hey mommy, daddy, I need something. Just giving that area your attention,

Dr Corso: if your kid were bleeding into his sock, you would be paying attention to his knee, wouldn't you?

Will: Yes, yes.

Dr Corso: that only we bleed energetically and we don't know it. Right? That's the thing that's so hard. How many people do you know who live their lives? Overwhelmed. Overbooked overstressed toast?

Karen and Will: Have you met my husband Will .

Will: What I was gonna say is, well, we live in the United States of America, don't we?

Dr Corso: We do, but you can learn. Literally between phone calls, between appointments. Oh my God, my throat's getting really tired. I'm [00:19:00] saying the same thing over and over to everybody on the committee. Shoot. I should have had a Zoom meeting or sent an email to everyone first, right? A little turquoise right here.

We'll loosen it up and calm you down. Right. What so So learning to pay attention to those signals, which are much subtler than the blood and the sock thing.

Karen: So I wanna ask you again about that breakup. So you're, in the car and you're trying to, visualize and, and, and you feel better. Will that last, or do you have to continually do this because you might feel better, but then you remember again about the breakup and then you start to feel bad again?

Like, how, how do you

Karen and Will: fix that?

Dr Corso: It's a really good question.

Karen: Yes. So you don't have to relive it over and over and it doesn't last a year. Maybe it'll last a couple months.

Dr Corso: Right. Or even a couple hours

Karen: Oh, that would be great.

Will: Wait, wait. Are you planning on freaking up with someone near future or something?

Karen: This conversation's going

Will: well, doc job.

Dr Corso: No. Um, so there are a couple things [00:20:00] to do. Really, it matters why the breakup happened. and I'll, I'll, I'll tell you the reason it matters is because if Karen, if you were sitting in that chair and you had just had a breakup and will, you were sitting in that chair, and I know you can't imagine this, but go with me for a minute, and you had just had a breakup, right?

You would have it wired into your energy system completely differently than Karen's, even though the presenting symptom is the. . Right? So Karen, in your case it might be, uh, self-esteem, which would be your third chakra. Right? Or wondering about the sexual connection that you had with the person that didn't always feel so right.

So that'd be your second chakra, right? And will, yours might be, uh, you know, the conversations really weren't that good that would take you up here to your sixth chakra. Whoa. Those are completely different. That's why I have stayed so fascinated with this all these years [00:21:00] because I could be in a room full of 200 people, all of whom wanna lose five pounds and they all wanna lose five pounds, and it's all hooked up differently for every one of 'em. Different reasons for every single person. It is the wildest and coolest thing ever because we are. Despite the special snowflakes in our world, we are actually snowflakes, right? We are all

Will: one of a kind,

Karen and Will: right?

Dr Corso: right? So a couple of things, Karen. One is, this is why I work with an eighth chakra. Now. The eighth chakra is rose pink and it lives about six inches in front of your thymus.

Glad, which is the center of your. In the center of your chest, right? And it was discovered in the 1870s by the co ballistic rabbis, and they discovered it as what they considered compassion or god's love as opposed to personal love. So first and foremost, in this breakup, it's [00:22:00] your personal love. That's hurt, right?

It's your personal heart. That's hurt. That's emerald. So if there's been a betrayal associated with this breakup, for example, somebody cheats on you, please God, that should never happen. But somebody cheats on you and you can't forgive the person. And right in the blush of it, you shouldn't be able to forgive the person.

You should need to feel your feelings and be mad and be betrayed and have that besty convers.

Karen and Will: Mm-hmm.

Dr Corso: But then you scoop up the tendrils and the dust bunnies and the big old honk and ouches and the lacerations of that hurt and you put them from your fourth chakra into your eighth chakra. So that's an unconditional personal regard place.

That's the place where I put all the people I don't wanna vote for

Karen and Will: How do you put them there?

Dr Corso: you. Imagine.

Karen and Will: Visual.

Dr Corso: I mean, some people use a vacuum cleaner, right? They vacuum you out their hearts and move [00:23:00] it up and whoosh there, right? You. What you don't wanna do though is take that betrayal and not resolve it in yourself, and then go through the next year of your life with betrayal, um, radar. Cuz you're gonna see everything as. I wanna see it through that lens. And yes, you can do it repeatedly, but you, if you are in a hurry, if you're trying to avoid your feelings or do a spiritual bypass, right? Oh, I'm above feeling hurt about this. Yeah, really? So check your ID card because I'm pretty sure it's human. And so you're not

Karen and Will: right.

Dr Corso: above this, right?

If this happened in your life, whatever the, this. There's something to learn and heal and grow from. And the moment you reject it, it you become like a beacon for it, right? Whatever you, uh, whatever you think about, Don't think about purple giraffes. [00:24:00] How

Karen and Will: there it is. Yep.

Dr Corso: right? I could do it with anything. I used to do it.

I talked to, uh, to, I did motivational speeches in the nuclear industry, 150 million years. Nuclear scientists. It was hilarious, right? And I was proving to them about how their brains worked mostly. And I, you know, I said to them, Okay, don't think about the Statue of Liberty right up my hand would go, Okay, now don't think about the Statue of Liberty in a tutu.

Plink, alinka be a good seer right in the top of the jewelry box. Well, that what you resist, persist. That's part of that. We hear that Ralph Waldo Emerson quote in metaphysics all the time. Well, there's a second part to it that nobody talks about what you perceive you receive. So if you are looking at the whole world through this big old honk and lens of Everybody's gonna betray me, honey, they are gonna betray you.

Right? So what you're looking for is healing as well as cur. [00:25:00] The curing makes the heartache stop, but the healing is emotional and spiritual. I believe that human beings are fourfold. Most people don't talk about it this way, body, heart, mind, spirit, in order of density, right? It takes you longer to learn something in your body than in your spirit.

You can know the truth about something spiritually and just not quite get there in your. Because it takes time. It's slower. So spiritually you can understand that there's something that you needed to learn from this breakup, and it's perfectly all right and you can like bypass all that, but whoa, whoa, whoa.

We got body, heart, and mind that all need healing because the next time you go on a blind date, if you don't do the work, you're just gonna play it out. And you're gonna think, Jesus and Mary, I saw this movie.

Will: Wow. Do I have

Dr Corso: know I saw this movie. Wait a minute.

Karen: hear people always saying that, [00:26:00] Why am I attracting the same kind of guy or the same abusive, whatever? You hear that all the time. Yeah.

Karen and Will: Do

Will: I have someone that needs to listen to this episode? I

Karen and Will: think we all know a few people. Yeah. Yeah.

Dr Corso: the answer is yes, because you have some kind of pattern. Hooked into your energy system that you haven't cleaned up. Let me tell you a story. I had a woman come to me in her fifties. She was an opera singer and she had lost the top third of her range. She was a soprano and she was panicking because she had contracts to sing in, uh, German opera houses all over.

and, uh, she said, uh, I, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I can't, The top third of my range is gone. And I, I looked at her and I thought, Wow, something's choking her. Uh, I don't know how I knew that. Cause that's all straight intuition. So I said, What are you choking on? Usually that means there's something you need [00:27:00] to say or something you wish you hadn't.

So what is that? Well, it took me an hour to finally drag out of her that age 14. She'd had an abortion, pro-abortion against abortion. It doesn't matter which you are. She was hurting from it. I said to her, Where you raised Catholic? She said, I'm gonna give you two words. I said, I want you to say them as often as you think of them.

Within 10 days, you'll be able to sing again. She said, God, what could those words be? I said, Tay Absolvo, I absolve you. Which is what a priest says at the end of confession. That's what she needed to hear. She needed to become her own priest because she was never gonna walk back into a Catholic church and confess that to a priest ever in her whole life.

Will: she needed to forgive herself

Dr Corso: Forgive herself, but she needed to forgive herself in the way that she [00:28:00] needed it, which was as her own priest not to go look in the bathroom mirror and say, I forgive. No. In fact, most of us misuse forgiveness in this world. We make ourselves forgive way too early, which is why in the breakup situation, Karen and I would, I would say to you, Yeah, don't forgive him or her or them Don't.

Not yet. Wait till you have your feelings. Wait till you have your reactivity. Otherwise you're just gonna push it down and it's gonna show up somewhere else. And all of us know what that feels.

Will: Now, let's flip that on the other


Dr Corso: And all of us know what that feels.

Will: Now, let's flip that on the other side. What about the person that cheats, right? How? How does someone then find a way to truly forgive themselves for doing something so heinous to their partner if they want to continue in the relationship?

Dr Corso: Well, it depends on a couple of things. Has that [00:29:00] person confessed? Has that person at least confessed to themselves in that bathroom mirror? I cheated. So here's the question, really, Will, is there truth at the core of what that person's telling themselves? Or are they invested in a lie that continues, Oh, it's not really cheating.

We haven't had a great sex life for a long time. She's a better mother than she is a lover. Or, you know, whatever movie. You tell yourself, right? Whatever lines you're telling yourself until there's truth, you can't heal it

Will: So that's the first step is to, is to learn your own truth, accept it, and then the question is that that woman who had the abortion needed that forgiveness from a Catholic way,

Dr Corso: in

Will: I guess it really depends on the person, right? Uh, depending on, on that person that cheated, how they would need that forgiveness.

So it's a [00:30:00] matter of finding that or how they were raised. How does someone go about doing,

Dr Corso: Well, let's find out. This was like in my situation. My mother never cheated, but my mother was an alcoholic and when I was a kid, um, this is kind of dramatic butcher seat belts on. My dad was killed in a plane crash when I was five.

Will: Ooh, Yik. Sorry about that.

Dr Corso: Yeah. Awful. Right? Her best friend died. My mother had three kids under the age of five in 1963.

Right? Like, ugh. Well, what did she do? She moved into a martini glass. She couldn't deal with the feelings. Okay. I, I adored my mother. Do not misunderstand. She's long gone though, right? So what did she do after that? She married three alcoholics in. She had something she had to learn. So was she cheating? She felt like she was cheating on my dad.

Now, that wasn't real cheating. Right. So it depends on how it's hooked up. If you have a dad or [00:31:00] a mom who's a serial cheater and you know about that as a kid, man, you're gonna have something hooked up completely different than if it was, you know, your high school girlfriend in church choir who cheated on you by kissing your best friend behind the one

Will: you know

Dr Corso: I'm so sorry, Will

Will: Matt, if you're listening to this, I still have that in my head. No, he

Dr Corso: See But you know what, that would actually be true. It wouldn't be that emotionally intense because you're an adult, but you, you could like with your defenses down, if it ever happened again, you could go right back there. Right? It's the incepting event. It's what started the behavior. Now that. Where did it, Where is it seeded?

And it doesn't matter if it was seeded three weeks ago, three years ago, or three lifetimes ago. whether you believe that or not, even if it's just a metaphor, sometimes past [00:32:00] life stuff helps people look at their own life trajectory really clearly in a way that they can't do it when they're, when they see themselves as the hero of the story.

Right? One of the things I do with, uh, uh, clients of mine all the time is I tell their life as a fairy. Once upon a time there was a handsome prince named Will and a beautiful princess named Karen Long ago and far away in a land and a time, not unlike our own. And then I'd say to you, Okay, we know how it ends, it ends and they all live happily ever after.

You guys tell me the middle, What happened? How did they get to Happily ever after Karen and Will. It's really empowering because it's just one. Removed from, Oh my God. Oh my God. Somebody cheated with your nose against the glass. Right. Well, it's how do you get some perspective on yourself so that you can begin to see your own patterns and you'll see your own patterns if you'll [00:33:00] pay attention to the energetic reactions that you have to things.

Will: So listen to your body and, and its

Dr Corso: Listen to your body. You know, I had a girlfriend once who. Had an ex-girlfriend and she took the two of us out for dinner one night. The ex-girlfriend's name was Maureen. That may not seem significant, but it is. And , halfway through dinner, she said to us both, uh, How's your dinner, sweetie? And uh, we both looked up and said, fine.

Just like, uh, we both would have Right. And it was awful. And do you know, I was God 20 when that happened? And I still don't like people named Maureen. I'm 64. That is ridiculous. Right. I know. That's ridiculous. I know. I traced it. I know where it came from. I have met Maureen that I know and love since then, but I still have an initial energetic reaction to Maureen.

Will: Interesting. Wow.

Dr Corso: Silly huh. But at least I know.

Will: Right. So this is wonderful information, [00:34:00] but for someone that's coming to this completely clean, maybe it might help if we go through the chakras and identify where they are, what they rule, and what colors they are, so they can at least have a starting.

Dr Corso: Okay, the first chakra is red. It's called your root chakra, and it is life.

Will: Life

Dr Corso: it's your tribe. It's survival, it's food, clothing, shelter, warmth, basic survival.

Will: And where can one find the brute cha?

Dr Corso: The root chakra is found at the perineum, so it's between all the goodies at the bottom,

Will: Yeah. Ha

Dr Corso: right? Well, , I, I could be more specific, but

Will: No. Nope. It's

Karen and Will: all good. . So if you had an the Episiotomy

Dr Corso: Yes. You know exactly where it is then. That's exactly right,

Karen and Will: O.

Dr Corso: right. Um, but that cuts out a lot of the civilization because there are plenty of people who haven't. Right? So the second chakra

Will: Present company included

Dr Corso: absolutely, the second chakra is, uh, right by your belly button. [00:35:00] It's your sac chakra, and it's about what you're passionate.

What you do. For example, if you had all the money in the world and it would help you lose time, like that excitement, right? Oh man. Okay. Then your third chakra is egg. Yo yellow. It's at your solar plexus and it's power. It's your power in the world. It's your self-esteem. Your fourth chakra is emerald green, sort of Lepon green

It's your personal love and it's actual love.

Will: in your chest.

Dr Corso: Yes. Right? Where, where your actual heart is, right. Your fifth chakra is in your throat. It's turquoise, and it's about creativity. It's speaking into reality, the things that you dream. Gee, wouldn't it be fun to have a podcast? Here we are talking on a podcast. Right?

Will: In a radio show,

Dr Corso: At a radio [00:36:00] show and a YouTube channel.

Will: Yes.

Dr Corso: See, there are lots of things here. Okay. Your sixth chakra is indigo. Indigo is that funny color. That's purple blue that no one can ever figure out what it is. It's not the color of jeans, and it's not the color of eggplant, but it's somewhere between them.

Right? And this is, I. This is where you know, and you don't know how, you know your seven chakra is violet, which is a brilliant purple and it's abundance. It's your sense of wealth and belonging in the world, right? And your age chakra is your compassion chakra, right? And it. How you deal with the things that you wish to reject in this world.

And we are. We are instantly and often [00:37:00] rejecting other things and other people and parts of ourselves so quickly and so often that we don't even know we're doing it. Most of the. You read an op-ed piece in the New York Times and you disagree with whatever so and so has said about vaccines or Democrats or Republicans or purple people, leaders, it doesn't really matter which.

And you judge, and there you are. This is where you put that so that it doesn't hurt you or anyone you love.

Will: And that is outside of your body or is it still aligned?

Dr Corso: it's outside of your body. It's about six inches outside of your.

Will: Gotcha. Okay.

Dr Corso: Interesting to me that the shocker that represents God's love is associated with the gland. That is all about immunity, right? Impersonal love is what keeps us safe. Impersonal love is what makes us not hurtful by things that we would otherwise let hurt.

Right. I had a, did a podcast not long ago with, [00:38:00] um, a chiropractor and she was talking about, um, how generally speaking the chiropractor she knows are, are, uh, against vaccinations. And she said, You know, I really believe that we all need to be inclusive in this world. And I agree too, but she said, The minute I talk to anti-vaxxers about including people who believe in vaccines, it doesn't go over.

Right. So we were talking about putting the anti-vaxxers in her eighth chakra, right? Like, oh, okay. You know, I live between, uh, a, a serious liberal and a serious mega guy. They both do the snow blowing. I don't argue with them. I just love them.

Will: Right. That's all you could do. Yeah.

Dr Corso: Right? Because. You know, I think honestly, , somebody asked me once what I thought the big thing missing from the spiritual growth, uh, movement was, and I said, M Y O B, mind your own business. [00:39:00] Right? We spent so much time mining other people's business.

Will: That's very true, and it's interesting because this spiritual path is really a personal one, right? We all have a different path and we need to learn to accept that not everyone is on the same path as we are and we gotta be okay with that.

Dr Corso: well, not only do we have to be okay with that, but gosh, when you're not okay with it or when you need me to agree with your spiritual path. Holy moly. You have, you have such, um, a, a Paul. It, uh, poultry, Hold on. Um, your own spiritual path if you need me to agree with you. Holy moly. You know, if you need, I don't know, uh, Ronald McDonald to be your Lord and Savior, go for it darling.

That's not my thing. Right? Okay. But.

Will: I'm more of a Boer the clown guy

Dr Corso: Okay. You can have both of the clown, He's all yours. But that's not my path. Right? My path is the path as a divine [00:40:00] mother. Well, my mother was, My mother died when I was young. I was 40, and I needed a God that looked like me,

Karen and Will: Sure.

Dr Corso: okay? Right. I had somebody say to me the other day, Well, if Jesus Christ isn't your Lord and Savior, you're going straight to hell.

I said, Oh honey, all my friends will be. You j you know,

Will: a lot more fun there,

Dr Corso: right? I mean, go, but you know, uh, that tentative hold on your own growth is painful. You're better off taking your time and digging in and figuring out your way to see the whole list that's all around. That's, that's how I define metaphysics. I mean, the word metaphysics actually means beyond the physical.

And it is based on the fact that Aristotle wrote a book called The Physics, which was the seventh book he wrote, and the eighth book he wrote was called the Metaphysics, which was [00:41:00] beyond the physical. That's the only reason I was called that. Right. But for me, When I first learned about metaphysics, I thought, Oh, I get this.

I can do it in five words. Here we go, You ready? Seat belts, everybody. You're God, I'm God, Go.

If I treat you like you are the holy nest that you actually are, then I can expect to be treated like the holiness that I actually.

Will: Hmm.

Dr Corso: Do you have any idea how hard that is?

Will: As a matter of fact, I do

Dr Corso: Yeah, it is

Will: but I'm trying.

Dr Corso: but that's, that's how I think we are all meant to live.

Karen and Will: Right? Mm-hmm.

Dr Corso: All of us.

Karen: part of the problem is when that's not reciprocated,

Karen and Will: though,

Dr Corso: Um, that's what the eighth shopper's for. . It doesn't have to be reciprocated. I don't need you to treat me like I'm God. Mm-hmm. I mean, it'd be nice. That'd be cool. But if you can't [00:42:00] do that because of where you are on your path,

Will: Yeah.

Dr Corso: my judge job to judge that. That's my job is to love you there.

Will: Yeah. Well that, that's a whole namaste movement. Right. Namaste means I acknowledge the divinity within you. So, I, I think that has a lot of merit to it. Mm-hmm. you

Dr Corso: Um, it makes, uh, making decisions about behaviors and words very simple,

Will: for sure.

Dr Corso: because if I wouldn't say it, The way I measure it for me is if I wouldn't say it to the blessed Virgin Mary to her face. I'm not saying it to you.

Will: Yeah. . . . That's right. Right.

Dr Corso: Well, that, that makes for some quiet , let me tell you. right?

Will: Especially with some specific people, but , Yeah.

Dr Corso: that's exactly right. But I am not interested in ever. Ever adding to the harm in this world. And I know I add to the harm in this world and I don't do it on purpose, but you [00:43:00] know, I read an op-ed piece and I think, Ugh, how could there it is, right?

Am I, when I say that to the blessed mother, probably not. I say, How do you read these things? She'd probably tell me she didn't,

Will: Yeah, you just said my normal nature, my normal stature, that's my normal state for some reason these days. But,

Dr Corso: Life is hard these days. The the polara, the polar, our planet is based on polarity. What we've done with polarity is made it polarization.

Karen and Will: Hmm.

Dr Corso: It's like polarity times a thousand. That's not what you know, night day, right?

Karen and Will: Yeah.

Dr Corso: And they don't need to be longer or shorter. They manage it themselves. Everything's okay.


Will: Yep.

Dr Corso: But no, no. If you disagree with me, then what?

Will: person, right?

Dr Corso: Right. I'm a terrible person if I don't agree with you. Wow.

Will: Yeah.

Dr Corso: Well, I'm a grownup enough to go, Oh honey, that's not fruit

Will: All right. Well [00:44:00] I definitely wanna take some time cuz we're running out of time. But I want to talk about your books. I know that you are prolific writer, you write both fiction and nonfiction and like I mentioned in the beginning of the show, your latest books are actually eight latest books and they're energy integrity and they're workbooks and each one corresponds to different chakras.

Dr Corso: that's correct, so that you can get to know your own energy system. You know, you could come to a workshop with me and we could spend all day and I could be talking about this, about chakras and not about shoppers. Or you could read 93 books on chakras cuz I've been reading them all. And you know what? It doesn't teach you how to, how to work with them.

I'm interested in applied knowledge. How, Oh, chakras. Cool. How do I work with these to make my life better? Not only that, but how do I work with these to help my three year old stop having such bad tantrums? I teach my three year old about the chakras because you know what the three year old already knows about the chakras, right?

The three year old goes well, yeah, mom. [00:45:00] right? Like so the workbooks are actual workbooks. They're physical books. They're not, You can't get eBooks so that you can read through the exercises. No, no. You, I mean, I suppose you could, but there are places for you to write your own story. There are places for you to draw pictures.

There are places for you to get conscious about what you've stored in that shocker system that's running your life. and you then get a choice. Hmm. Do I really want this to run my life? Maybe I don't. Maybe I'd like something else to drive my bus. Like me

Will: what a concept.

Dr Corso: I know, I know. Um, I would like to offer your, uh, listeners a gift if I might.

Will: Oh,

Dr Corso: And this is a

Will: not only do our listeners like gifts, but we do too . So

Dr Corso: well, and you actually, um, There is something that I, uh, developed called the Less Mores with the chakras and the less mores are [00:46:00] behaviors that you can start doing right now to work with your chakra system today. So let's talk about your first chakra, right? So the, the, the, the less, more is complain less and thank more This gift is a list of all the less mores on a pretty piece of paper. It's a digital download. You could go right now to cha rez dot susan, which I'm sure you'll put in the show notes and, and. download one of two different versions because I'm a Libra and I couldn't decide which one I liked better.

it is the truth. And you could start working with your shockers before dinner

Karen and Will: Hmm.

Will: Nice. I think I will. Thank you very much.

Dr Corso: You're welcome. Now what will happen is that's a free gift and I mean that you don't have to put your email address in. You don't have to earn it. You just go there, Chakras dot susan, and the things come up and you download 'em.

Now I'll. , there is a second window that comes up that asks for your email address if you wanna know more about my [00:47:00] shocker work, but you don't have to pay with your email address to get the gift.

Will: Yeah. Well thank you very much. That's incredibly, wonderful of you to, to share that, to offer that to our listeners and uh, to us. Cuz I'm gonna take

Karen and Will: advantage

Karen: of it. I know right. Quick and easy. What do we're gonna do?

Dr Corso: Well, and you know what? You'll know if you need to do less of something or more of something, right? Cause here you are with a first shocker one. You know, Less comp, complain less. Thank more, huh? Have I been showing my gratitude to people enough lately? , maybe not. I'm gonna work and I'm gonna say thank you to every single person I encounter for one thing or another.

Right? Or, Huh? I know it. I have been complaining, complaining, complaining. I'm a shut up. Right? You will know which one is your job that day, and and I do them. I'm in the process of developing a, a card deck for learning how to work with your shockers. I'm not there yet, but [00:48:00] I I, I absolutely will get there.

But the less mores are the fastest and dirtiest way I know for you to make change immediately. And it, the thing that I find so amazing about the shocker system, the human energy system, is there's no cost other than other than your attending to. , you know, it's not a mistake that the phrase is pay attention, right?

Because if you are paying attention to your shocks, you're probably not watching the sound of music at the same time,

Karen and Will: Right,

Dr Corso: right? But if you learn to pay attention to your shocks, you make a difference in your everyday life, and that's, that's worth gold as far as I'm concern.

Will: Absolutely. Yeah. Couldn't agree more. Well, we're gonna add that link and a lot of other ones will add links to your websites and all that kind of stuff on our show notes. So if you're listening to this on the radio right now and you don't have a little I button next to your phone, then just go to skeptic

[00:49:00] Go to her episode page, Dr. Susan Corso, and you will find the links directly there. All you gotta do is click and it'll take you directly there. No mess, no fuss. If you're listening to this on your phone like I am. All you need to do is hit that little I button and it'll take you to the show notes. You will see the links and you can click it directly from your phone.

Makes it super easy. So, um, Dr. Susan Corso, thank you so much for coming on the show. You have shared an awful lot of information with us and uh, I know that I'm gonna go download that less, more document because I need immediate change and I really need it. I think

Karen and Will: we're gonna stick 'em around

Will: the house. Yeah, that's a good idea.

Dr Corso: they're very pretty. They're very pretty. I, I want to thank you both for, um, spending this time with me because it, because I liked, I really, really liked your questions.

Karen: Well, thank you. We have a lot

Will: of them. Well, yay. Someone liked their questions, Karen? It sure beats the last guest.

Karen and Will: What

Dr Corso: No

Will: Oh, sorry. Did I say that out loud?[00:50:00]

Dr Corso: you might wanna take that out.

Will: Yeah. Perhaps. Yeah. No, doc. Just teasing. Um, Doc, thanks so much again. I really, really appreciate you spending your time with us today.

Dr Corso: my sincere pleasure.

Will: And thank you listener for coming along on this journey of discovery. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website or on Facebook and Instagram. You can find us there under at skeptic, meta physician, or of course, skeptic meta

And if you are listening to this on the radio and you miss something, Not to worry. All of our shows, including this one, can be where you can also watch the videos or even send us email or voicemails directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you as well.

Well, we hope you've enjoyed this episodes much as we have this all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take care.

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Dr Susan Corso


Dr. Susan Corso is a metaphysician, an intuitive, and an author of both fiction and nonfiction. She has had a spiritual consulting practice for over 40 years. Her latest nonfiction are the eight Energy Integrity workbooks; they teach applied, practical knowledge of how your chakras reflect your past, how your chakras can be changed in the present, and how to use your own human energy system to create your future. Her fiction crosses genres and is about people who are conscious creators. She lives in the Hudson River Valley in Cupcake Manor with her beloved husband and her familiar, Smooch.