Intuitive Medical Scanning & Healing - A Buffet of Psychic-ness | Julie Ryan

What if when you weren’t feeling well, someone could scan you….and not only tell you what’s wrong, but also send energetic healing to help you. And what if this person could even tell you how close to dying you were?

This week's guest is the host of Ask Julie Podcast, which is heard by millions in over 100 countries, where she scans and helps callers with different ailments.

"There's been university-based research that validates and corroborates that we do see deceased loved ones and the spirits of deceased pets as we're ending our lives. And its about 90% as what the university-based research shows." --Julie Ryan

Some topic covered:

  • How she uses medical intuition
  • What happens to us when we die
  • How to learn to scan others yourself in 4 weeks
  • What Pope Clement VI revealed to Julie about herself
  • How she uses stem cell energy to help heal
  • Why you should run if a psychic claims to have 100% accuracy
  • Should you forego western medicine altogether?
  • How she's helped children understand the mysteries of life and death
  • At what age children typically stop connecting with spirit

And much more!

About our Guest:
Psychic and Medical Intuitive Julie Ryan can sense what medical conditions and illnesses a person has and facilitate energetic healings. Julie can scan animals, access people’s past lives, and remove ghosts from homes and other buildings, and she can tell how close to death someone is. Her book Angelic Attendants: What Really Happens As We Transition From This Life Into The Next describes a series of events that involves angels, multitudes of deceased family and friends, the spirits of deceased pets, and countless serendipitous and miraculous moments. Julie’s children’s books Angel Messages For Kids, Angel Messages For Dogs, and Angel Messages For Cats are picture books that have angels answering kids’ tough questions.

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Julie Ryan

Will: [00:00:00] What if, when you weren't feeling. Someone could scan you and not only tell you what's wrong, but also send energetic healing to help you. I would love that.

That would be amazing. Right. And what if this person could even tell you how close to dying you were? I don't 

Karen: know that I would like that. 

Will: Well, that's literally just scratching the surface with our next guest. She can communicate with spirits, both alive and dead. 

Karen: dead 

Will: spirits, curious choice of words, or we're going to ask her about that.

She can scan animals. She can access people's past lives and she can even remove ghosts from homes and other buildings. This 

Karen: is someone who needs to be our friend and still 

Will: only literally scratching the surface. This one is going to be amazing. So here we are. 


Will: Welcome to the skeptic metaphysicians I'm will.

And she is the author of the book, angelic attendance. What really happens as we transition from this life into the next, she's also written a series of children's books that have angels answering kids, tough questions. And she's the host of the ask Julie podcast, which is heard by millions in over 100 countries across the globe where she scans and helps callers with different.

I couldn't be more thrilled to welcome to the show. Julie, Ryan, Julie, thank you for being on the skeptic metaphysicians.

Julie: Oh, my pleasure. Thank you for inviting. 

Will: So 

we set a lot in the introduction about what you do in who you [00:02:00] are and what your show's about, but can you give us a nugget of who Julie Ryan 

Karen: is?

Julie: Certainly I'm a business woman, entrepreneur. I found it nine companies in five industries over 30 years, and I'm an inventor of surgical devices sold throughout the world. So I'm a business woman who learned how to do and I'm a buffet of psychicness. 

Karen: That's 

Julie: of psychicness. So some of, some of the things that you talked about are just like you said, they are just a sampling of my buffet.

And once we connect with spirit, we can go take it anywhere we want. It's really. 

Will: And I did. I went down this massive rabbit hole whenever I was looking into you, getting ready for our interview. was hard pressed to find, how am I going to introduce this person on the show? She does so much that I just, I had to pick something and I picked the medical scanning.

Cause that just seems so interesting to me. Dive into that a little bit, like people on your [00:03:00] show, people call you and they say, Hey, Julie, cause I know that you don't do it unless you get someone's permission, right. You don't scan someone without their permission, which is incredibly ethical of you. Thank you.

So, we should put that out there, but someone then asked you Julie, go ahead and scan me. And then you just scan them and say your left ear lobe needs a tune-up.

Julie: Yes, similar. I work with clients individually. All day long. And then I do my show, as you mentioned, Anne. And I raise my vibrational level to the level of spirit. And I remember I learned how to do this stop. I am not a psychic, who's had dead people chasing her since childhood, or if I did, I wouldn't have known what to do with that information.

So I learned how to do all of this. And so I connect with them, energetically, turn my abilities on and off at will. I don't walk around scan and people. Cause I don't think that that's any of my business it's unethical. And I don't, I don't really want to know, imagine being in a crowd of people and that one's got strep throat that one's got, you know, hip problem that [00:04:00] was got, whatever.

No, thank you. 

Will: I can't imagine you being seen for very long if that, in that case, but at least you'd know who to stay away from a good point. That was get cool.

Julie: True. Yeah. They, you know, they look like pig pen. They've just got this cloud of dust around them. No, I'm kidding. I'm kidding. So I raise my vibrational level. I connect in with them anywhere. If you guys were on Mars, I could scan you on Mars. It doesn't matter. And I'm like a human MRI and something will be identified.

And I actually see body parts. Well,

and Karen, I can see broken bones, torn ligaments, viral infections, bacterial infections, cancer. COVID whatever. And then I, I facilitate energetic healings and those can take the form of something, getting added, something, getting removed. I watch procedures all the time in my mind's eye.

That emulate what I saw in the operating room for 30 years when I was in and out of there developing [00:05:00] products, testing, prototypes, things like that. Sometimes I see healings that utilize methodologies And devices that haven't been invented yet. And regardless of what I'm seeing, I'm very descriptive with the person with whom I'm working, because if they can envision it, it helps integrate the healing into their body.

Simply because when we, when our brains show us something, the body's gonna react. Think about watching a scary movie, your brain knew it was pretend, but your heart might've felt like it was getting ready to jump out of your chest. So that's an overview of what.

Karen: And you say you learned all of this, like 

Julie: I did. 

Karen: made you decide you wanted to learn? And did you go to school? How did that 

Will: work? 

Karen: I want to learn this.

Julie: not only did I learn it, I teach people all over the world. How to do this. A lot of people who've gone through my training are physicians, judges, Hollywood, producers, [00:06:00] and directors Housewives, plumbers, whatever. Now all walks up. Bunch of professors. I think I've had 17 professors go through from different specialties and then they utilize these skills, not just the medical, but all of them, again, just connecting into spirit and they utilize it to enhance their lives and the lives of those close to them, people that they love.

So I studied a curriculum of six years. Karen, what led me to do this was I read a book called anatomy of the spirit by a woman named Carolyn maze. And she called herself a medical intuitive. This was a little over 30 years ago. And I thought, what the heck is that? I been in the medical business. For some time at that point.

And I thought what's that I was always trying to come up with ways to help people heal normally in the form of a surgical device. And so I was interested and I, [00:07:00] I read her book. I wanted to know more and back then we didn't have the internet yet. So I did the old fashioned thing and I went to a Barnes and noble bookstore. To see what they had. And I found this book called hands of light by Barbara, Dr. Barbara Brennan, both these authors are PhDs. Well, Barbara Brennan was a NASA physicist and she parlayed very complex quantum physics principles into understandable English for the non-scientific mind. That would be me and talked about how to use healing energy.

In the form of different modalities to help facilitate healing. And again, I wanted to know more. So I called her school and I said, is there anybody in my area teaching this stuff? And sure enough, there was. And then I studied with that woman for six years, who was a graduate of Barbara Brennan's school and she's still in my life.

She's still my mentor, [00:08:00] 30 years later. And she's in her eighties now. And I laugh. I says up on people all over the world. She's the only one that zaps on me. So that's how it happened. Fast forward. My training now is. Four weeks, four Saturdays, three hours, each Saturday via zoom. And people say, well, how can you teach all this stuff in such a short period?

What it took me, I could have paid for an MD or a PhD with the money. I paid to learn this stuff back then. And I say, well, it's kind of like how we communicate. We used to have the carrier pigeon and then the horseback rider, then the Wells Fargo wagon, and then the mail. And now we communicate. Yeah, text and email and phone and, and all of that.

So we, we are getting more and more sophisticated with how we can present this.

information. It is a blast. It is [00:09:00] so much. 

Karen: Yeah, 

Will: it seems to be a lot of fun, but you are my type of people. You come from a scientific background, you're a businesswoman. , but yet you found this niche that is very firmly ensconced in the Wu.

So it's not. It's not an intuitive thing where someone like you would then flip and go, oh, I'm going to scan you. And I'm going to facilitate some energy healings from you. What kind of reaction did you get when you came out of the closet? So to speak and say, Hey, I'm no longer selling surgical devices.

I'm now actually helping you to heal myself.

Julie: Yeah. For me, it, it frankly took golden ovary courage for me to put myself.

out there. Cause you know, guys have brass balls. Girls have golden ovaries and. 

Will: Thanks for clarifying

Julie: I thought, oh my gosh. I've lived in the deep south. I'm going to have men on horseback wearing white hoods burning across in my front yard.

You know, I mean, I literally thought whatever. And I have a [00:10:00] funny story about that. If I may share a fun story, I was with my mentor and she was doing a healing on me and I lay on. Massage table face up, have a blankie on I'm all cozy. And then my deceased loved ones. Spirits are on either side of the table.

I can see my deceased grandparents And my parents and my late sister, even my, even my late dog that Spirit's there too. 

Will: was this before or after you learn how to do all this.

Julie: This was after I learned how to do this stuff, . One day I was at my mentors and this Pope spirit showed up this dead Pope and his whole Pope outfit. They had. The Shepherd's rod, the whole nine yards. Yeah. And I said, well, who are you? And he said, I'm plummet. And I, and S and Susan could see him too.

And I said, Clement, I never heard of a Pope Clemett. And he said, well, yeah, I was number six. I said, of course, I'm paraphrasing. I said, Okay[00:11:00] 

Kind of like, why are you here? And he said, well, you're supposed to teach the world. What happens when somebody dies? And I said, I'm not doing that. I'm a business woman.

People are going to think I'm nuts. He said, yeah, yeah, yeah, Yeah,

Everything you've done in businesses has prepared you for this. So just get on with it. He treats me like a Nike ad. Now he's just always says, Hey, just. Just do it. So I said, okay, fine. Kind of blew him off a little bit. and then I got my car to go home.

You guys. And just for kicks, I Googled Pope Clement the sixth, well come to find out he was in office during the black plague. When two thirds of Europe died, he's best known for his purse, for the dying in his purse for the dead. And I thought, okay, I can't make that up. I never heard of a boat climate.

Let alone number six. So fast forward a couple of years. And when he showed up, I had gone through my mother. Last [00:12:00] day with her, her dying process and had gone through it with several other people with whom I've worked, telepathic leave all over the world. And there are stages that everybody goes through from the spiritual side.

And so of course, climate news. And that's what my book angelic attendance is about. So he prodded me really for several years. And then the final straw was I was in church, sitting behind, sitting next to my husband and my son on either side and from the pulpit. My pastor said, when it be nice, if somebody could really verify that our deceased loved ones and angels, you know, lead us to heaven when we die.

And so I'm getting elbowed from both sides from my men. And I just said, okay, God, really? From the pulpit, really. And so that's when I took the leap and haven't looked back and in the meantime I had sold my surgical device manufacturing company, and I had other companies that were going, but they [00:13:00] didn't take that much time.

They kind of were, had great people running them And so I thought, what the heck? And here I am. 

Will: what kind of ailment can you see? I mean, can you see, you mentioned broken bones and things like that, but can you go as far as to see someone who has cancer or terminal illnesses, 

Karen: things like that.

Julie: Oh, absolutely. Yes. And, and I see stem cell energy get used that generates new organs that oftentimes will show up on subsequent scans. It freaks out the doctors. It's hilarious. When that happens, sometimes I'll have them call me and say uh, what are you doing? And how does this work? I have a client recently who grew a new spleen.

30 years after she had hers removed as a teenager. Yeah. And we use stem cell energy to do that And the doctor kept saying, it's impossible. You can't grow a news bleed. There's no way. And she's like, well, you're looking at the. And so it's really fun when that happens, but the things that I get to see, [00:14:00] and again, in my mind sight, it's like my head's a big satellite, you know, like a big screen TV.

And I watched these healings. And as I mentioned, I always am very descriptive. If you listened to one of my shows, my analogies are hilarious at. I may tell you, your elbow looks like a bowl of whipped cream or something crazy, but it's spirit giving me visual analogies and also information into my head.

I call them divine downloads and I'm telling the person with whom I'm working, why. Seeing, because they're envisioning it, that helps integrate the healing into their body because we're giving them a human frame of reference for something that we don't know. We don't know about energy healing. Nobody's actually seen it.

And it, at least to this point, I mean, if I was in a physics lab, somebody would be able to monitor what the vibration was of the energy I was utilizing. But I, it [00:15:00] that's what makes it so fun? I say stem cell energy is a light Amber color gel with sparkles in it. Cause you got to have sparkles is whoa. And it has a watery consistency to it.

It reminds me of deputy do hair gel that they had when I was a kid. Do you remember deputy. yeah.

Karen: yeah.

Julie: so it's just, it's hilarious. And the other thing that's really interesting is spirit will give me analogies that will oftentimes be really readily understandable by the person with whom I'm working. For instance, earlier in the week, I was working with a professional show.

And so I was getting these chef analogies. I am no chef, but I was talking about different chef things and this client got them instantly. So it was really fun. 

Karen: when you have a client and they come to you, do they tell you about something specific or is it just like a checkup and they want a scan and then you find stuff or both, [00:16:00] how does that work?

Julie: It's both. Really. When I get somebody on my radar, I call it getting them on my radar. I connect with them energetically. I, the energy is always going to go where it's most needed first. Even if they have something happening that's asymptomatic. 

So, some things identified immediately thereafter.

There's an energetic healing that begins. And then I described that. And then normally just from a logistical and from a time standpoint, OCRA tell me about what your symptoms are. And then I want to hit all of those areas too, but I always go in what I call blind first, because oftentimes we're heading off a problem at the past before it really gets out of hand.

And then. Most of the time, people will want to do lots of things from my buffet of psychicness. So we'll do a medical scan and then we'll talk to a deceased loved one, and then we'll scan fluffy, the cat, and then we'll, you know, do a past life thing and whatever we can cram into an hour, what you [00:17:00] do on a private consult.

When people call into my show, I limit it to one question so I can get as many people on as I can. 

Will: Worry of some sort of liabilities or anything like that. Have you ever had someone go that was irresponsible? You said I had cancer and I don't or something like that? Or has it always been, and I don't know what your track record must be, but I'm assuming it's really good. And that's my first question.

I'll follow up my second after you finished, because I don't want Karen to beat me to the punch because she's always got the good questions.

Julie: Okay, great question. I'm a business woman. So of course there's disclaimers on everything. This show is for entertainment purposes only please consult your doctor. This is not considered to be medical advice, that kind of thing. And it's on my site to my website. And if you're scheduling an appointment with me, you agree to my terms and conditions, which is.

The disclaimer for the liability issues. Fortunately, I haven't had that in five or six years since I've been [00:18:00] doing this work. Most of the time of somebody coming to me with a medical issue, they've been to multiple doctors and they've had multiple diagnoses and perhaps multiple treatment plans and they still have the same symptoms.

So they're not getting the answers that they really want. And a lot of times, a lot of the time they're really. They're desperate because they're saying I've been suffering with this for a long time and oh my gosh. If you can figure out what this is, that would be great. The other thing is future events are always fluid.

And I always say this things that have happened in the past are set in stone. Things that are happening right now are set things that are happening in the future are fluid. So like the sports networks, I do instant replays all the time. I can go back and see what happened in a past time. But I'll say, this is what I'm [00:19:00] getting right now.

It may be different in an hour, in a day, in a weekend, a month. And if you have. Talk to a psychic that says they have a 100% success rate. Forget it run the other way, because nobody does because it's, it's all, it's all based on freewill and a bazillion variables, global pandemics and, you know, force measure, and acts of nature and all the above. 

Will: what you must be a very well kept secret because that can only make. That if it got out word got out about what you do and how well you do it, you might end up on some table, somewhere being experimented on, finding out how to replicate you, because this kind of thing, like to your point, people go to a school for many, many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

And then on top of that to have internships vast amounts of time of someone's life is spent in, in this pursuit of [00:20:00] medicine. And I have listened to your show and I, I want to talk about that in a second. And I've heard some of the things that you've talked to with people and you do you give at the very least this incredible amount of wonderful hope for people that really helps.

And let's. Mindset goes a long way towards health and healing. It's amazing what you do. But I would probably maybe not be shouting from the rooftops. Like you are a little bit, cause that'd be, I'd be afraid of my being up on a dissection table somewhere. Every 51 is right with people like 

Julie: Nah, but I, but I train people how to do well. And anybody can learn it. We all come in with the ability. It's just a matter of developing and then enhancing it. And, and I think it's, you bring up a really important point will, and that.

is nobody heals. Anybody else? We All heal ourselves. There's no doctor, no medical provider, no healer.

No ShawMan no anybody that heals anybody else. And an analogy for that I like to use is [00:21:00] think of when somebody has surgery at the end of the procedure, their surgeon's going to close the incision with sutures and staples. The surgeon doesn't make the patient's skin grow back. The patient makes their own skin grow back.

And it's the same with this, this. Healing modality that I use and that I teach, I believe is complimentary to Western and Eastern medicine as we know it. So I'll always follow up a client call with a whole bunch of resources. Okay. Here's where you can go to get this. Here's a, here's a way that you can do a gut biome test.

Here's a mold remediation. Protocol that you may want to do. Here's how to get bio identical hormones. Here's some articles for you. Here are some podcasts for you. And so I believe what I do compliments other forms of healing and, and really present [00:22:00] perhaps a missing part of the equation that, that helps people heal. 

Will: Well, so then I want to turn our attention to your show because we touched on it a little bit and I'm fascinated by it 

your show is incredible. Popular. You're in a hundred different countries in the world. Millions of people listen to you all the time and you help a ton of people. And before we started recording, you mentioned that you do with them in, was it a 12 minute segments with some commercials in between, and you ended up on the air for about two hours every time you go.

So what's the, Hmm. How could I say this? Diplomatically. You must run into all kinds of interesting stories. I'm curious. Does everything that you record go out on the air or do you have a lot on the cutting room floor?

Julie: No, everything pretty. I I've never had anybody that I've had to cut off in five years. 

Karen: Wow, 

Julie: And and it's funny because people will tell me often that. They [00:23:00] just listened to the show and it makes them feel better. People will say, well, I've just got it on in the background. And it's just the vibe of the show because it's so much fun.

And my energy frequency is so ramped up cause I'm bebop and around the globe scan and people, when they call in, you know, I may scan somebody from Portugal and then I'm going to Kansas and then I'm going to Montreal and then I'm going to. Tampon. Yeah. And Virginia. Right? So you guys, and so they say it's really fun.

The other thing that I hear a lot is. It resonates with people because oftentimes a caller will have a question that will emulate whatever my listener has going on in their life. And they'll say, oh my gosh, I didn't, I wasn't able to call in. I was driving home. The kids were in the car, but I was listening to it.

Most people listen to when I'm playback. They're listening to it on demand. And they'll say I was [00:24:00] listening to it, but this caller had the exact question that had, I been able to call them this week. I would have asked, 

Will: it reminds me a little bit of the Wayne Dyer's radio show back in the day where to this day, I still listen to the podcast. They put together of his radio show. They take little segments and they get colonies all the time. Now this was. Quite a few years ago Dr.

Dyer rest in peace is no longer with us, but but inevitably I always get something from that little half-hour segment that they put out there from a caller or two that have nothing to do with what I'm going through, but yet the way he talks to them really puts it in perspective so that we do things do resonate with us.

Even if we're not specifically. Suffering from that particular ailments, for lack of a better word that they're, that they're calling in about.

Julie: Well, and every time we listened to something, we, our vibration levels higher because our spirit continues to expand throughout our lifetimes with every experience that we go [00:25:00] through. And so you can listen to one of Wayne Dyer's shows from 10 years ago and you listen to it five times and each time you listen to it, you pick up something different.

So that makes a lot of sense. 

Karen: Now when someone calls in, how quickly can you Zappa? How quick does it is a scan?

Julie: Nanosecond. I kinda, it takes a second to connect with them wherever they are. I ask them where they're located, because it's fun to see where people are calling it. From, and then I literally, I close my eyes. I watch a laser beam come from my body. I'm in Birmingham, Alabama, and I'll watch a laser beam go across the map.

Either crosses and ocean or going, you know, I'm heading to Nashville, I'm heading up 65, interstate 65, or I'm heading out interstate 20 to Dallas or whatever. And I watched this laser beam going that it hooks into the person. And if they ask me to scan somebody else, for instance, if a, if you [00:26:00] said, Hey, can you scan my daughter?

I would hook into you first, Karen. And then from you, I would hook into your daughter. Do you remember. game tiddlywinks or you either of you old enough, it's like a spoken, it's like a, a wheel and spoke kind of a thing. That's what it reminds me of. So I'll hook into you and then I'll watch my laser beam go.

Whatever the direction is to hook into the person that you want me to scan. And then I'll always ask their permission telepathically. And a lot of the time it's usually with kids, I'll get enough. And Yeah. yeah.

It's normally kids will say no. And so I don't scan anybody unless I have their permission.

You alluded to that earlier. Well, but I not all is lost because we can still talk, can talk to their spirit. We can still communicate telepathically with their spirit. And the reason that I don't have a problem with that is let's say Karen, you had pneumonia. [00:27:00] You're going to tell me what you want me to know, but I'm not looking at your chest x-ray without your permission.

So that's how I rationalize that. And we get, we get a lot of information from spirits. We're tight. It's Really.

fun when we talk to animals, spirits, especially if they've got some, some malady going on, or my dog's not eating. Usually they want little Friskies. They want the cheapest. Dog food that you can get in the store and the owners buying, you know, stuff, expensive, something, something, and just one little Friskies and the owner will say, oh my gosh, I'm not going to do that.

I'll say just try it. And then I'll get an email and I'll say, oh my God, fluffy just loves the little Friskies. Thank you for the information. 

Will: now. I wanted to ask you this question towards the end of the interview so that I can edit it out if it's something that you prefer not to do, but would you be willing to scan one of us or you prefer to leave that? 

Julie: Sure. Absolutely. Well, it's up to you. If you want me to scan you, [00:28:00] because if it's something that you don't want publicized, 

Will: Well, if we don't want something publicized, we can 

Julie: edit, edit that out Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. Is there something just for time sake that you have, that's a symptom of something that you want me to focus on? 

Will: There is a there's something going on in my body that I've been, I found out about eight months ago or so. And I'm going in for periodic testing to see how it's going.

Make sure it's not getting any worse. So far things are going steady, but it's obviously at some point I'm gonna have to make a decision as to whether I'm just going to leave it be, or if I'm going to do something about it. 

Julie: The energy first went to your low back left side. Like you got a D your gut, some pain, low back left side. You got some inflammation going on there. Are you having discomfort? 

Karen: It's a, it's a 

Will: permanent discomfort in my lower back. Yeah. It's always an 

Julie: you've got some vertebral collapse. You've got a bulging disc it's it's pressing on your Sadica. My guess is you [00:29:00] probably have sciatica pain every now And again on the left side. So what I'm doing is I'm propping up those vertebrae. Imagine if, if your back looks like a, a rack of baby back ribs and here's one of my fun analogies, right? 

Will: or they do eat a lot of them.

Julie: There you go. And so the vertebrae are represented by the ribs and the disc is represented by the. Well, if the meat is being pushed out, those ribs are gonna start collapsing. And that's what I'm seeing on the left side, lower back. And so what I'm doing is propping them up. I spirit working through me and with me, propping them up and the devices that I use to prop them up, remind me of the spacers that a tile Mason will use when they're laying tile, before they pour the. Doing that the disc is pushed back in discs are blue. They look to me like A bag of gel. They remind me of a breast implant before it's implanted. Can you tell, I [00:30:00] spent a lot of time in surgery. Yeah.

Karen: A little bit.

Julie: you know, it's just like a plastic bag with gel in it and, and, but it's blue. And so that gets pushed back in and then there's.

Very delicate netting that gets stretched from the upper vertebra to the lower vertical. And it reminds me of the netting that you'd see somebody use to get a goldfish out of a bowl or out of a, a, a aquarium. And it's really funny because I can go back and scan somebody years after I watched that healing happen.

And that meeting I'll be there and I'll say, oh, did I do a healing on your back? I'm seeing my net egg. And they'll say, Yeah.

you did several years ago. I say, cool. So that's what's happening now. With your low back, that'll get the inflammation down. That'll help you better heal better. You got a little bit of scoliosis in your back.

You got a little bit of curvature. So imagine, so this is another healing. So see [00:31:00] something was identified. There's a. This is the second thing that's being identified. Imagine there are two rods being placed on either side of your spine. Got a little bit of curvature going to the right side. So the, the rod on the left is stationary.

Your spine has been heated with an energetic laid sort of make it pliable similar to a Potter's clay needs to be pliable for them to make a vase or a bowl or whatever they're creating. So imagine your spine is pliable. The rod on the right is moving very slowly towards the left. It's just gone into a groove that reminds me of a sliding glass door.

And That is has your spine straightened in place. Now your spine is being, being lasered again to fire it again, like a Potter would fire their creation to make it solid. And so that'll help your back feeling.

Karen: Wow.

Julie: And then we can work on your sciatica site. Do you want me to [00:32:00] do your sciatica? Do we have time? 

Will: we'll always have time 

Karen: for 

Julie: All right. All right. So sciatica, imagine that That nerve looks like a piece of aquarium tube. And, and it gets debris in. It gets when, when nerves are injured, they get dead cells. They're called necrotic cells. They'll get dead cells and other debris in them. So imagine that tube is being Roto-Rooter to imagine there's a corkscrew, a little tiny corkscrew that's spinning inside of it.

It's, morcellating all of the debris that's in there. And then it gets irrigated. And that's my favorite part of this healing, because it makes your foot look like a sprinkler. Imagine water flying out of the end of your toe. That's what it looks like someday. I'm going to invent a sprinkler. That's helpful.

It just cause I see it all the time. And then and then I'm pouring stem cell energy in there to regenerate it again. Stem cell energy is a light. Amber color gel has sparkles in it cause we will. And it reminds me of deputy do [00:33:00] hair gel. And then there's a vortex That's 

spinning behind your left thigh.

And then. Is what transforms the stem cell energy will into new body parts, whatever we need. And so that nerve is going from dark, a dark brown or a black, even in places. And it's turning pink as I'm watching it in my mind's eye. Interesting side bar on this. I believe I'm watching and warp speed, what our bodies do every day, all day long.

Cause if you go back to your grade school science lessons, we all learned that every cell has a nucleus. Every nucleus is surrounded by cytoplasm cytoplasms of water. Reach out like deputy do. And our bodies have a central fusional force that spins, that causes the cells to divide and replicate to the tune of billions of them a day.

So I believe when I'm watching and warp speed is what it's just to helping heal your body better, quicker, more completely. [00:34:00] So there's a little snippet of what we do, what I 

Will: very, very cool. let's talk a little bit about you books. I want to make sure we don't run out of time before we do this. Cause you you've written a book for grownups, let's say, but then you also have a series of three, I believe three children's books as well.

Tell me a little bit about them or why, why kids books and what are they about specific.

Julie: Well, I I'm kind of like. We'll wheel of fortune Vanna. I have show and tell this is angel messages for dogs, angel messages for cats and angel messages for kids and they're darling they're picture books that is, that has angels telling kids. Different stories of things like, you know, where the cats like to hide and the washing machine and when the door is open and things like that.

Why I wrote them was because I had so many moms over the years ask me to do so, because. [00:35:00] Their child would say that they were seeing a deceased, loved ones, spirit in their room and they could talk to them and they knew information about this say deceased granddad and this child never knew the granddad.

The grant had been dead for 20 years. And this three-year-old's got all this information about granddad. That's actually. 

Karen: Yeah.

Julie: So the mom would say, well, how do I explain that? And then I'd have moms say, how do I explain to my child that they know information about a past life? And it's very detailed and we can corroborate it with historical information, but this kid can't read.

What's up with that. And then the other, the last one that I hear a lot is how do I explain to my small child that grandma's in heaven and we're at the funeral home for the visitation hours. And, and my little Susie says, no, she's not. She's asleep in that box up there in the front of the room, you know, how do we explain all that to them?

So [00:36:00] that's how these books came about. And it's, it's mostly fun things like cats. Climb trees. They like to jump on tables. They, whatever, but cats before they're born are S they have a spirit and they have a body just like you. And then they choose the family. That's going to love and take care of them.

And then in the book, if your, if your cat dies, you can still communicate with them. Because everybody comes in with these intuitive telepathic abilities. We all are born with them, but children start, start shutting them down about the age of seven, because they've had the grownups in their life, their parents, their grandparents, perhaps teachers say, oh honey, that's just your imagination.

That's not real. And if we can validate that, what the information is that these kids are getting is not only real, but we believe them. Then the child can utilize their skills to help [00:37:00] enhance their life and just countless ways as they grow into adulthood. So it's been really fun watching, you know, watching those takeoff and watching how well they've been received. 

Will: wonderful. I don't think we've ever had Karen, anyone on the show that actually spoke specifically to kids about things like this and, and you, and I've had the conversation, like how do we talk to our daughter? 

Karen: It's so necessary and to do it in a way that's so gentle, I think is just fantastic.

Julie: Well, a fun story to real quickly. I was led to do this with all the moms. And then I there was a, there were a series of events that everything just lined up, but boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Within about 48 hours, including somebody coming into my life who has been in the child TV industry. On PBS for over 20 years.

And I, so I'm being led to write a children's book and she said, great, send me the manuscript and I'll help you, you know, tweak it. So [00:38:00] she tweak a word so that a three-year-old really could understand it in a way that would make sense. And so what I find is that. Not only with this, but in everything that I've done, the people I need to show up, show up exactly when I need them.

And this is just another example of that. My illustrator's in Ireland she's she was a fashion designer and had kids and wanted to stay home. And so she became a children's illustrator children's book illustrator. So it's really been a fun journey and there are more coming out. The next book is in the works. 

Karen: Wonderful. That's fun. 

Will: Yeah. And then your grownup book, 

Julie: My grown-up 

Will: it's really about what happens when we transition right from this life to the next, 

Julie: It is. 

Will: us a sneak peek into what 

Karen: happens?

Julie: Yes, absolutely. It has. We have pictures in it too. We have illustrations 

Will: yes. That works for me really well.

Julie: Well, I think it does for most people. We, when we're dying, we [00:39:00] go through what I call 12 phases of transition. And it's how we're surrounded by angels and the spirits of deceased loved ones and the spirits of deceased pets.

And there's a, a configuration that changes as the person's getting closer to death. And we all go through 12. As I perceive it. And it's, it can be in a nanosecond if somebody dies very suddenly, like in the case of a homicide or a suicide, or if they die over days, weeks, months, year, where you all go through the 12 phases of transition, but it may happen in a nanosecond.

It may be prolonged over weeks, days, months, years. And the interesting thing about this is the first time I saw this was when my own mother was dying in 2002. And I had learned a lot of this, what was tough, but this is the first time I'd seen any of this. And I thought, am I having a hot flash? And what is this?

I know I'm grieving, but [00:40:00] what, and then I've seen it. Countless times, and it's very comforting. And the book is full of stories of families with whom I've worked, where I'm identifying spirits that are in the room. I'm identifying deceased pets, or we're coming up with information that there's no way. That I could know.

I can communicate with the person who's dying, even if they can't communicate to their family members. And there are three questions I always ask, are you ready to go? What do you need? Are you in pain? And the requests are just. Across the board of what people at the end of their life want. One other interesting point.

There's been university-based research that validates and corroborates that we do see the ceased loved ones in the spirits of deceased pets as we're ending our lives. And it's about 90% as what the university-based [00:41:00] research shows. So. The other thing that I believe is people have been able to see this since the beginning of time, because there's a prayer said at the end of every Roman Catholic funeral called in para diesel, which in Latin means into paradise the angels and your loved ones will greet you and lead you into paradise.

And when I was writing the book, I, I researched where did that prayer originate and learn that it started as a fifth century Gregorian chant. And I have to believe that maybe it took till the fifth century, till somebody was well-educated enough that they could read and write. And certainly those were men at that time, living in monasteries and synagogues.

And as we have become more well-educated, we've dumbed down our intuitive senses. We get a gut feeling for something, but our logic takes over and we wish we would've just followed the gut feeling. Because we are so proof-based in our world now. So [00:42:00] I love it when science catches up with Wuhan and that's, what's happening with the research on death and dying. 

Will: it seems like it's moving faster and faster. I actually just read a. Report the other day that it's been proven that our life does flash before our eyes, as we pass as well. So a lot of that research is coming to the surface now, which is really, really great because it's everyone who's listening to.

The show knows my biggest fear is death itself. So this is this show's been helping me quite a bit, little by little to get more comfortable with the fact that, that we're not just this three-dimensional body we are living in. So it's making things easier.

Julie: Most people are afraid of death because it's been, and this is what Pope climate has commanded me, not commanded me. He's he's challenged me to do, let me say your mission. If you choose to accept it, kind of a thing. 

Will: This tape will self-destruct in 15 

Karen: seconds.

Julie: Exactly. And, and he said it's been so bastardized through the ages and people when they die there, that my parish priest says, people [00:43:00] are afraid. They're good. They don't know, are they going to fly or are they going to fry? And I thought, what a great way to put it, 

Will: Oh wow. It's such a terrible way.

Julie: Well, you know, yeah. It, but people are so afraid because we've been just brainwashed with all of this propaganda.

That's been used to control the masses, you know, how do you control people, fear you better do what I want, or you know, this horn demon's gonna come and throw you into a burning pit for eternity really now. And, and so that's why I put Clement said, this is. You know, this is basically your mission is to teach the world what happens when somebody dies.

And that's what I was saying. I'm not doing it. And here I am. 

Will: if someone wanted to reach out to you, you or or get a copy of your book, what's the best way to, for someone.

Julie: Everything Asked [00:44:00] Julie It's really easy. And if somebody wants a copy of my book, all they have to do is go to ask Julie and go to the ask Julie button and say, Hey, I heard John Willan Karen show. I'd love a copy of your book, either Angelica attendance, or if you have kids or grandkids.

Kids' books and we'll send you a free digital download and a free audio book. So just ask Julie,, the asked Julie button, and we'll be delighted to do that just for your listeners, just as a gift. And I hope you enjoy it. And I, and I hope if you've lost a loved one or you're in the process of losing a loved one, it, it helps comfort you and give you a lot of information.

That'll help you get through that. 

Will: Well, thank you. Juliet is incredibly generous and we're going to go ahead and add a direct link on our show notes. So if you're interested in reaching out to Julie and possibly getting a copy of her book, you could always go to skeptic, Go to [00:45:00] her episode page. Direct link. We'll be late in the show notes right there for you.

Makes it super easy. You are absolutely lovely in every way that you can possibly define that word. It has been such a pleasure. You're one of those people that, that just lightens up the room when you're talking to you. It's just, it. I it's almost like I don't want to, I don't want to go 

Karen: talk to you all day.

Well, it's nighttime all night. 

Will: Absolutely. This has been so much fun. Thank you so much for coming on and talking to us about everything. And, and thank you so much for the scan and the healing. I'm excited about it. So, it very, very generous of your time and your energy and your expertise. We really appreciate it.

Julie: Oh, my honor and privilege. Thanks so much for having. 

Will: And. Thanks to you for coming along on this journey of discovery. Now we'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website or on Facebook and Instagram under at skeptic metaphysician, or of course skeptic [00:46:00] And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed anything, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be.

At the skeptic, where you can also watch the videos or even send us email or voicemails directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you, whether you love the show or you think we are off our tree. Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have that's all for now.

We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysicians until then 

Karen: take care.

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