The Powers In You: A Near-Death Experience that Changed Everything | Leora Leon

Do you find yourself helpless...feel like you're stuck and don't know how to move forward in your spiritual understanding and growth? Disconnected... feel isolated and alone in your journey, without anyone to guide you? Do you feel like you've been chasing spiritual understanding and growth, but keep hitting a wall? Are you searching for a deeper understanding of the spiritual realm? Then this episode is for you!

You will learn:
1.What are the different levels of understanding among spirits?
2.What is the purpose of incarnating into a physical body?
3.How can we use our powers to create the life we want?

Leora Leon is a published author, TV Show Host, Divine Path Life Coach, Energy Healer, Teacher/Coach and an International Motivational Speaker. Leora learned how to overcome successfully, any trial or tribulation that came her way. Never giving up, with determination, extensive education and training, she discovered the secrets to leading a happy and successful life. Leora has studied Metaphysics for over 30 years.

The Powers In You – by Leora Leon

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Will: [00:00:00] Hey there, it's will. Because of the nature of our show, sometimes technology decides to play rough with us, and this includes the episode you're about to listen to. Because our guest is so connected to Spirit, seems Spirit, thought it'd be fun to force us to use a different recording platform than the one we usually use.

You know, the one that gives us the very best audio quality you've come to expect from us. So at some points in this interview, you may notice some audio clipping that comes from the fact that we've recorded this on the public internet instead of on our preferred platform. We feel it's great content that we want you to have.

We're releasing it here for you as is. Thanks for being a listener, and we hope that you enjoy the episode.

Karen: Karen? Yes, we have gotten to chat with some absolutely amazing teachers in the meta spiritual space over the last year and a half. We sure have, and we've even experienced some astounding modalities and we've learned a lot. We have, Yeah. Guess what? What? We're only just getting started On today's show, we have an [00:01:00] opportunity to welcome one of my absolute favorite people in the world who just so happens to be one of the most amazing spiritual teachers in the world. Mm-hmm. . So it works out really well. . Well, I'm excited because you have talked about her so much.

Yeah. And you finally get a chance to meet her finally. I'm excited for that as well. However, we almost lost her twice. Yeah, we almost lost her twice. And she's here today to share the story of her second near death experience with us. Wow. And she's gonna help us understand that the power is truly within us.

Perfect. I mean, she's so hard to pin down cuz she knows so much about so much. But I can promise you that over the next 40 minutes or so, you are going to be amazed. I'm looking forward to it.


Will: So, Karen, when or when are you going to go get Reiki

Karen: certified? ? I need to do that right away, don't I? You do.

Will: We've been talking about that for a long time and you just haven't done it.

Karen: And, and not to mention that my back has been out for like three years and my Reiki certified husband won't reiki my back and fix it, so it looks like I'm gonna have to do it on myself.

Will: Well, what, what's the term? What's that saying? That people say, uh, God helps those who help themselves.

Karen: Or is it the, uh, shoemaker's kids have holes in their shoes?

Will: One of the

Karen: kinda, I mean, I'm not your kid, but

Will: kinda the same thing I would think. Yeah. But no, I, I, regardless of the pain that you're in [00:03:00] with your back and stuff, there's so many more.

benefits to Reiki than just pain relief. And in fact, when I give myself reiki, I don't feel You give yourself Reiki,

Karen: but you don't give your No, no, it doesn't work for me. Pained wife. It doesn't work for me. That's what I'm saying. But the thing is you're doing it to

Will: yourself, not doing it to me. Well, no, I gave, I've

Karen: given up cause I've learned, let's just give up this fight and listen to the interview.

Welcome to the Skeptic Physicians. I'm Will. And I'm Karen. And if you are a regular listener, you already know Leo's Leon.

You've heard her first interview from way back when we first got started. Then you heard her again when she so graciously gifted me with a past life regression session. Well, she's back again today to share some more eye opening wisdom with us from her latest book, which was just released. The Powers In You.

Welcome to the show, Leone.

Leora: Oh, thank you so much. It's, it's such a pleasure to be on and to meet Karen and thank.

Karen: It's always, always a thrill to have you on the shows of the, So I, I can't thank you enough for [00:04:00] taking the time, to come talk to us again

Leora: Great. You know, I owe Karen a past life regression cuz I gave you one. Right. So I will give her one if she wants.

Karen: I would love that so much. Thank you. Well, it, it's gonna be interesting now too because we've, we've expanded, we've learned so much since the time that you gave me my, my regression. I, I'm really curious to see what kind of things Karen comes out with. So, we, we definitely need to do that. Maybe I'll share them if you'll maybe not

I think our audience wants to hear it Uh, your, we know that you're here to promote your book, but recently something happened to you. You had your second near death experience. Right. Tell us about that.

Leora: Well, the first, um, one I told you about, I was young and I, uh, had a boating accident. I was underwater, left my body for over 20 minutes, and I, um, just learned, downloaded the entire multiverse information without knowing what it was, and then that changed the course of my life. And [00:05:00] so I talked to a lot of experts and you know, people didn't believe that I'd been out of the body under water for 20 minutes.

And this one expert, Lynn Kay Russell, uh, she said that, you know, people had been out and clinically, um, certified that they had been dead for 48 hours in the MOR and came back to life. So she said 20 minutes is nothing Lera. So

Karen: Wow.

Leora: I was like,

Karen: Nothing to you. Maybe

Leora: Yeah, right. Cause I guess it's pretty painful coming back in after you've been out for so long.

But, um, I had been going, um, in April. I had been going through a very serious, uh, situation that left me des devastated and, um, I was having a really difficult time getting through it and everything that I teach. I was doing, of course, but I kept going in and out of depression and I, I seemed like I couldn't get through it no matter what I did.

Um, so [00:06:00] my daughter and I and, uh, some friends, we went to Italy and we got back from Italy and you know, the long trip, like it's like. 24 hours of flying and everything. So four days after I get back, probably still jetlagged and everything, I like to hike and I said to my daughter, you know, let's go hiking cuz that's what we do on Saturdays.

And she's like, All right. So we go to Griffith Park and uh, there's the old zoo that they have there. It's really beautiful. Um, and it was a hot day, like 91 and it's near Pasadena. So if you know Pasadena weather, it's just baking, baking hot and. I don't like hot. The older you get, you don't like hot weather for some reason.

But anyhow, it kept getting hotter and hotter and you know, she and I were talking about the situation I was in and I was just really, really upset and I couldn't get through it. And so I'm going up the hill and stopping and breathing and drinking water and going up further. And I like, you know what? We get up so far and I.

I have to sit [00:07:00] down Nick, and she's like, Okay. So I sit down and I'm using my Apple watch, my blood pressure's fine and everything. And I'm like, Okay. Um, so I was feeling better and I said, Okay, I'm gonna get up. And so I go, Help me up. And so she grabs my hand and pulls me up and all of a sudden everything starts to close in and I go, I'm going down.

And boom, the next minute I knew I'm out of my. And I'm at peace and I'm so happy, and I knew I had just died and I didn't care. I didn't care that I left behind my daughter. I didn't care that anything. I was so relieved to get out of this lifetime that I was happy and far off in the distance. I could hear screaming like Mom, Mom, like really loud, screaming and a voice told me.

They said, Your daughter cannot handle it now if you die. I'm like, Okay. [00:08:00] So all of a sudden I went and I went right back into my body and I come back in. I'm like, What? Is there a bug on me? And she's like, Mom, you were seizing. So I was having a literal seizure. My eyes were bugged out, my tongue was out and I was shaking, and I thought I had just passed out when I came back in.

I told her what happened and she's all angry because you know you're not going hiking ever again. And, and I'm like, let's just go downhill And so we get downhill and I had a headache and I knew it was probably heat stroke, right? Cause I looked it up later. And you can have a seizure from heat stroke and I'm assuming that that's what it was.

I just, that night I had a headache and so I took, you know, like a Imitrex or a Motrin or something, and I wasn't worried because I knew what it was. I knew that I had died and I had come back, so I knew it was a wake up call. And so that night I went to bed, I get up in the morning [00:09:00] and my life shifted.

All of the stress that I had been under was irrelevant. All of a sudden I was like, I know what I'm going to do, A, B, C, D, E, and I was like, Thank you. Then I just started to like live my life and enjoy my life and be really, really happy and I think that I'm at a point spiritually or whatever you wanna say.

My guides. It's almost like I have, uh, Who's the wizard in Harry Potter? The, the great. Yeah, I've got him up. You know, it's actually me. That's our divine self. It's always talking to you. And now it's like, look it, if you don't get outta this crap of three months of depression, we're gonna knock you out and we're gonna make you realize what you're doing in your life.

And that's actually what happened. And since then, I have been in this different space, a space [00:10:00] of living, what my book is. Right. And to tell you how funny, I'm so connected now to my divine self, which we all are. We're all like driven by our divine self. It's a matter of how aware we are of that divine energy, and it's all of us, you know, taking us down our path.

I was at the races in. The horse races in San Diego. Uh, some high school friends came up when we went to the races and I kept losing. I'm down like $150 and I'm like, Oh, geez. I kept picking these, you know, who knew what I was picking? And so I saw this, my, my boy, my eyes kept darting toward this one called Zimbabwe.

And I'm like, No, I don't want that Zimbabwe. No, no. And so I go up to the window and Zimbabwe was like three. So I picked four and five and I said, I don't want. And I get up to the window and I get my ticket, Zimbabwe, and I do across the board like five bucks across the [00:11:00] board, right? So I get the first, second, and third.

And so then I got number four too, Zimbabwe one. So I'm like, all these things have been happening where my divine self is kind of sick of me. And it's like saying, we're gonna start showing you where to go. Right? So that's kind of

Karen: can't leave you up to your own devices. We gotta show you, we gotta take your hand.

Leora: You know, we've had it with you. had it with you. So, but those things have been happening and, and it's really, I'm in a really good place now because I remembered who I am. I remember who we are. Who we are out of this physical body. And you know, I listened a lot to Dolores Cannon. Now when I have free time, I'll just, you know, wash the dishes and listen to her.

And she's so amazing. And she talks about all these things that I had been talking about, channeling that I didn't even know when she existed. And we're all here to be on our divine path. [00:12:00] People, all of these entities, race to get to earth so that they can go through the physical experience. And when we're spiritual being. We're like, Give it all to me. Give me everything. I can do it. And they're like, Nah, I don't think so. Yep. Just give it all. And then you come into the physical reality and you're like, Holy crap. And then somewhere along the line you wake up and you realize, Okay, I asked for it. Everything that is a bed in my life, I asked for.

And it's really, it's, it's, it's fun. It gets to be like you create your reality and when you. Responsibility for everything in your life that happens. This bad thing that happened to me. I don't wanna discuss it cuz not a lot of people know, but I put it, I asked for it, but I didn't ask for it the way it happened.

Right? But it happened. And so we asked for things. We had to be really clear when we talk to our higher self, you know, and, and our guides and all that. This is what I want. This is, you know, be very specific.

Karen: And say, what's that phrase? Be careful what you ask for. You just might get it

Leora: [00:13:00] Exactly, exactly right. So yeah, so it's, you know, I talked to Lynn Kay Russell after this happened and I said, Lynn, I said, I had another near death experience. And she goes, Oh, that's no big deal. People have 'em all the time. You know, like once you have one, you're prone to have it over and over again. And I'm like, Wow.

And I, I'll have to find this woman for you to have you bring her on the show. But she's had. So a lot of people, there's people, I'll, I'll find her name and get her for you, um, so that you can have her on the show. I'm not

Karen: that near death experiences is like a tattoo. Like you can't just have one

Leora: right. Who knew? Yeah. Who knew,

Karen: addictive.

Leora: But I know that it changes you. It gives you a perspective and they come at a time when you're at a crossroads. And then you realize, you're like, Oh, and it's kind of your higher self. The multiverse saying, Look it, this is the way it is. You don't need to be so stressed.

You don't need to be so down. Take this path.

Karen: Mm-hmm. . [00:14:00] So I've got so, so, so

Leora: go ahead.

Karen: like, we went, we, we just went through a lot of stuff, but before I get jumping into that, I gotta ask Karen. Cause as le. Sharing her experience. I watched you and you were, you were having a hard time. I saw you tearing up, it affected you.

What, what happened there? Um, when she said that her daughter wasn't ready for it, for whatever reason, I just felt like boom, Like just this very strong feeling. and that just, it, it shook me a little. Sure. Cause I can, I can imagine what she felt like thinking she's losing her mom. And then as a mother, thinking your daughter's having a hard time losing you.

You know, there's like a, it's a two way street, but then another part of you just wanting to go, that's, that's

Leora: and you're given those options all the time. Like the first one they told me, all of a sudden this voice came in after they showed me all of you know, all. Sings in the multiverse and they said, Your body can't sustain under the water anymore. It's, you either have to go or go [00:15:00] into the light. And I said, Well, what do I do?

And they said, It's up to you. So at that second time, it was up to me too. And you know, she's getting married next year and you know, she lost her brother two years ago, my son. And so it's been a really difficult time for her. Um, so I knew I needed to do one more mother thing that was important for her.

Karen: So I suppose that what you're doing now is, we never know when we're gonna go mm-hmm. , I'm sure you're probably trying to get her in a better space so that if God forbid, something happens, She's more prepared

Leora: Yeah,

Karen: you mentioned something else while you were talking.

You said that we raced to this birth for this experience. isn't there someone up there that can kick us in the head and make us get to our. Real, Right. Who would wanna do this? Like who, who would wanna come here specifically to experience these hardships? Just so we can say, Went there, there, done.

That's it. There.

Leora: [00:16:00] Right. Well, I guess for, you know, we are all part of the divine. When we're out of the physical reality, we are all God, the whole God force. That's who we are. And we're just at different levels of understanding. But from what I understand, when we're in the spirit world and we've had, you know, A long time either at, you know, a stationary planet that we come before we, um, go into a incarnation existence or up in the divine, it, it, it becomes where we want to come back in.

And it's almost like us watching a movie. So we're, it's kind of like entertaining for us as spirits. Because in spirits we can handle anything. But when we get into the physical, that's why we wake up. That's why we have to realize that we're in it. We're in the driver's seat and working, controlling everything, you know, and, and we can have the life we want.

It's all,

Karen: So basically you're saying that spirits are, masochists.

Leora: [00:17:00] Yeah, it feels that way. Doesn't

Karen: Sometimes. Right. Dear Devils. so you recently released your book, The Powers In You, and I assume that your near death experience there It is. It's a beautiful cover. did your new death experience motivate you writing this book, or are there messages in the book specifically from.

Leora: No, You know, well, there's, there's part of it, but this book is about, it's a collection of all of my life experience and all of my metaphysical experiences, everything included. And, you know, I had taught before the life that I had was super, super difficult. And, you know, two years ago I thought, you know, my son died.

And I thought, Well, that'll be the end of it. You know, it'll be, it won't be so bad anymore. And, and then this other thing happened and just devastated me. And, um, it, it's a collection of how to. Understand who we are and why we're here. [00:18:00] And you know, people go to healers, which is great. I'm a healer. Uh, people go all over to try to get this fix, um, you know, make me feel better.

And you release so what we're here to do is to evolve to the point where we wake. And we start to realize who we are out of this physical body. And when that happens, then we can start to manipulate and there we go again. We can start to manipulate our life and create the life that we want because it's all based on energy. The whole concept of what we are, we we're in the divine. We come down, we get ready for physical existence and, and there's millions of physical existence, incarnation planets. Throughout the multiverse, Earth is not just one.

There are many, uh, we're one of the human ones and there's other human ones, but there's other different species that, um, are incarnation, [00:19:00] you know, on other planets. But we come down here and we, we, and I told you this before, we start out somewhere like a caveman end up somewhere like Gandhi. And in the middle we wake up and we start to realize who we are, why we're here, and then.

Change our life and learn how to, I don't wanna say manipulate, that's not a correct term, but we learn how to create the life that we desire so that we can have a happy life. You know, Buddhist says that everything that happens is has nothing attached to it. Every action is benign. Everything that we attach to it is where the pain and suffering comes in.

When someone. It's a benign action, but, And they're off, they're happy. Just like I was outta the body. I'm like, I'm ready to go. And for us, it's devastating. Those are emotions that we attach to everything. So in my book, what I do is I give you [00:20:00] all of the information from the quantum mechanics, how the brain works.

I talk about why we are the way we are. Did it come from our childhood? Did it come from another life? We're carrying this energy. Everything is energy. So I teach you how I plant these little seeds in your head and in your subconscious so that you are constantly think. About what this book is about and and how I can change my life.

And people used to ask me what is self love? And I knew what it was, but I didn't know how to explain it. But since I wrote the book, I understand now that it is the optimization of body, mind, spirit, thoughts, words, and actions. So being in the optimization of your body, meaning being healthy, working out, doing everything that you can to optimize your body's performance.

Next is the mind where you're reading, uplifting, you know material, watching podcasts like your podcast, then meditating [00:21:00] spiritually, and then thoughts, words, and actions. what you know to stay in the vibration of love. Your actions instead of flipping somebody off when they cut you off, you know, you're like, Okay, dude, go ahead.

You're, you know, in a bath, you're in a different frame. You know? Um, words. Words have such radical vibration. They can hurt you like a knife. And then thoughts, and we have 82,000 thoughts or more a day controlling those and making sure that every single thought is in the vibration of love. So all of that is the vibration of love, optimizing every area of your life, those six.

So that's an equation that I came up with. Optimization of body, my spirit, thoughts, words, and actions equal self love.




Karen: So you, talking about this first, Near death experience or I guess death experience because you were under for 20 minutes, and we've heard that from a lot of people that they interview, they've. Had this big event in their life, something has happened and then they have this awakening.

Do you think an event sort of thing is necessary in order to start that awakening? Or are some people, is it easier for some people? What are your thoughts on that?

Leora: You know, it seems to me that that would be for, for me, understanding that is it has to be an event being human and the way we look at things, and it gives us that opportunity to jump out rather than just to be, you know, walking along cooking your macaroni and you're out, you know? And I mean, it could happen that way too.

I don't know. But it just seems like an event like that gives us the opportunity to get out of the body

Karen: Mm-hmm.

Leora: easier.

Karen: because you hear about people that as a child were able to. Kind of see this or, or understand this more so maybe [00:23:00] how does , it's, it's confusing.

Leora: kids like, I'm sure that when you are walking down the street and you see this little kid and it looks at you and just like penetrates, like their kids are powerful, especially nowadays, they're so jacked up on these new type of, uh, tweaks that the aliens have done to us. So they're, they're.

Like people are being born awake and they're powerful and yeah, they're still connected. I have a friend, her, her grandson is four years old and now he's starting to forget, but he's like, Grandma, I used to be married to, uh, Matilda. And she's like, Who's Matilda? She, he goes, In my other life I was married to her, so he knew his whole other life and then now it's slipping away as he gets older.

But yeah, they're in tune. I don't know if I answered your question.

Karen: Yeah. But you said something that I can't just let go. just dropped the letter. There was nothing, but you said something about aliens are, are they currently [00:24:00] tweaking us as we speak?

I mean, you said that.

Leora: absolutely.

Karen: is that what the, abduction experience is? Or is it before we, are born how, Like what, Huh? What

Leora: And I don't think it's an abduction. I think rather it's an agreement that you go, uh, along with them. So, and if you look, and this is so backed up by science, um, anthropology, uh, when, and you know, it's funny, I. I have known this because they showed me, but Dolores Cannon talks about it too. And she, when she would do past life regressions on people, they would, the, the higher vibrational beans would come in and say, This is what we're doing.

But what I know and what she confirms is that, you know, Planets were created and they wanted a human, or they wanted a form, a beam that could incarnate, but that could survive and grow and become more powerful in all [00:25:00] knowing. And if you look at, um, is it anthropology where they, they dig up? What's that?

When they dig things. Archeology. Well, they're digging up small little bodies, big gigantic bodies. These were all tests. And if you go through Egyptian history too, you see, um, humans that had an animal brain and all of, like, if you watch, uh, what is it called? Alien, What's the show? it's Ancient aliens and they tell you everything.

And I mean, this is all confirming everything that I know, but, um, we, they want, wanted to find, um, a bean that could do the incarnation, uh, journey. And the reason behind it that I know, and that I was shown by people that I would channel is the incarnation being every time. Raise their vibration. There's a byproduct of that raising your vibration.

[00:26:00] And do you know what that is?

Karen: I wanna say spam.

Leora: What'd you say?

Karen: Uh, spam. What is it? Spam that. Yeah, the byproduct, right? I'm just thinking, what's the product? Oh my god, you know, I thought we were gonna make it through one. No way, Jose,

Leora: I know I watch his, I watch his post on Facebook all the time. I mean, they're great.

Karen: That.

Leora: Bravo, Bravo.

Karen: things interesting. You gotta at

Leora: That's

Karen: Interesting. Absolutely. . So no. What, what, what is, what is the byproduct?

Leora: byproduct is love.

Karen: I

Leora: So every time you raise your vibration, every time you make a choice to be a better person, there is an energy factor that is excreted and that is love. And the purpose of the multiverse is to stay in the balance of love. So that's why we were created. We were created and all of the other planets like us, [00:27:00] um, so that we could, we're actually minors, Minors of love.

And, and that's, you know, we're all divine beans and the earth and the multiverse has been around so many year, trillions and trillion. I don't even know what comes beyond trillions, but we're just these little, you know, young people. Young kids we're like kindergarten and we're learning how to do it, but that's what they want.

They want planets where the incarnation beans will grow and evolve and eventually become loving entities true to their divine.

Karen: I love that. , . She's totally speaking my language. Yeah. I'm all about the love. let's get back to your book because, uh, I love. Going off the rails, but we need to go back cuz I've got an entire list of questions I've gotta get through at least two of them.

the book actually teaches you about the science behind metaphysics, right? And the working of the, of the multiverse. And we've touched on it a little bit, but can you give us a little bit more into that?

Leora: Well, in [00:28:00] 2012, uh, scientists discover discovered the God particle, the Boen Higgs. Particle. So in 2012 was actually a huge spiritual awakening. That's kind of when I really went down, you know, the rabbit hole. But, um, that by scientists that don't believe in God and they don't believe in a lot of things other than just science said so much.

And this God particle is in every human, every animal, every plant, everything that is on the planet. The God particle. So that's part of the quantum mechanics that we understand that we are all one living, breathing entity, the earth, you know, unfortunately, and I think fortunately now we're, we're starting a shift with this new generation of kids who are crazy about saving our planet.

And by the way, did you hear what the guy that owns Patagonia?

Donated [00:29:00] 3 billion. So all of his profits per year, they're like $3 billion. Donated it all to planet. So the, the shift is happening. We are changing, We are becoming this planet. So we are finding out who we are. We are these divine beans. And we, and I was told a long time ago by the people that, you know, I would, uh, channel that.

The para, the, the earth is trying to get rid of her parasites through what's happening with global warming. And then the people would say, Well, who are the parasites? And we are the parasites. We are the ones that are, you know, shifting the planet. Look what we've done in 150 years from the Industrial Revolution.

We have in 150 years what we have done to planet. I mean, it's mind boggling. There's been around millions and billions of years. But, so those are the things that I teach cuz I want them to understand. I want them to understand religion and where you are in your [00:30:00] religious beliefs. And religion is a manmade vehicle, so, you know.

The mechi, they wanted, you know, money, they wanted to put fear into people. So, um, those are some of the things in the book that I talk about. I talk about meditation, I talk about the energy zones of the body and how we are pure energy. And that's why when I talk about words being so hurtful because everything carries energy and any kind of negative energy that comes at you is painful, you know, physical, but words are really severe.

So I talk about the energy and words with energy in the body. Um, I talk about how important meditation is, um, you know, having a son with severe autism and bipolar for 25 years. , it was, nobody can even under people say, Oh, I work, you know, 60, 80 hours. And I'm like, You know what? I don't care. And I worked those hours when I was in corporate, but taking care of a child [00:31:00] 24 7, nonstop.

You know, that's why I started writing cuz I could do it and I could leave and go be with him. But if I didn't meditate, if I didn't connect to that source, to pull that energy down to help. I never would've made it. And Brandon even knew in the beginning, he wouldn't let me and he'd pound at the door and I would just ignore him.

But later on when I'd have a stressful day, he'd take me by the hand and take me to my room and say, Mom, close your eyes. Because he knew what it did. So these superpowers that we have, Meditation is the mo. And I'm not talking gardening, I'm not talking about walking. Walking. Meditations are good, but we're talking about the meditation where your body is shut down.

Your mind is shut down, and you are, you are connecting to who you really are, the divine.

Karen: become you. You become yourself. You true

Leora: Yeah,

 And just, you know, the, the things that we feed ourselves, our bodies. And so, you know, I had stage three breast cancer, [00:32:00] then I had the fake boobs put on. Then I had to have them taken off and I had breast implant illness. So an autoimmune, and I've had to, you know, Be a female without having breasts, which has been super difficult.

But it was one of these challenges that I took on, and of course I put that in. So I learned to. And it's so interesting because I always took care of myself, but I ate a lot of meat and everything, but I learned how to optimize my body. So I take supplements, I juice, um, I work out to the extent. Now it's different cuz I go walking three times a week and then I hike on the weekends.

So everything's kind of shifted. With my age, but I take care of my body. I optimize my body and my mind, what I bring in. Listening to your podcast, listening to people that you know are in the know, listening to that information is amazing. I, I try to, that's what's in my book, is that you have control of every single thing in [00:33:00] your life, and then you can.

Controlling. When you have your thoughts to where they're staying in the vibration of love and they're staying in abundance, you can bring everything to you and that's the way it works. And that's in the book. And I teach you how to do it.

Karen: I can't wait to read that book. Mm-hmm.

Leora: I'm gonna send you guys, you have to gimme your address. I'll send you a couple

Karen: Oh, that's

Leora: so you can each have your, um,

Karen: you. Yeah, that's very nice of you. Yeah, definitely. Because it is, it's a workbook, right? So we're gonna have to kind of

Leora: And you know what? It's so easy. The thing about it is because people nowadays have adhd, right? They can't, They can't focus for more than two minutes. So this is one chapter. This is one chapter. Then we go on to another chapter that has. Three paragraphs. So I mean, every, there's not a, a chapter in there that has more than four or five paragraphs.

And then at the end it has questions, and then at the end it has the journal. So you start out in the morning and at night you write all [00:34:00] the things you wanna do, body, mind, spirit, thoughts, words, and actions. And then the morning you get up and you do your alignment, your three minute alignment, you know, connecting, uh, to the divine, uh, connecting to the earth, protecting.

And then think about what you're grateful. For, and then think about who you love and boom, you're ready to start your day.

Karen: That's amazing. I mean, the, the, the book from, from what I've read, it really kinda gives you a step by step, right? You can go at your own pace and really gives you a step by step on how to find the power inside you. That's, that's fantastic. Mm-hmm. . this is all great. We're talking about wonderful things, but with the world nowaday. It's, it's really, it's really divided by, So some of us are actively looking to move into the 5G space. Others are kind of digging in their heels mm-hmm. and saying, not, you know, over my dead body kind of thing. So it's causing some serious, uh, ruptures in our culture, in our, in our society. [00:35:00] How can those of us who are trying to better ourself and our human experience, Help to bring those along that maybe aren't choosing really to, to see the truth.

We, we can't. You're saying, you're saying you're shaking your head that we can't, That's, that

Leora: Everybody is at their level of understanding, and when you come to that realization, you can never change anyone. You can only change yourself and people will drop off out of your life. People when they're at a level of understanding, no matter what you say, how you format it, they just don't get it. And so stop trying.

I've stopped trying to, you know, fix people cuz it doesn't work. I fix people on a broad level. If they want to be fixed, they come to me and then I give them information. But you cannot change anybody. And that's one of the things we're, remember how I said we started out as caveman and end up as Gandhi. Everybody's at their level [00:36:00] of understanding. So you cannot, and you can't be angry at them because that's part of the whole collective. You have to accept them, not judge them and love them like you love yourself. And that's the only way you can deal with it. You are going to go into your, you know, fifth element, happily, and understanding and being lovely.

Love lovingly and nonjudgmental with these people cuz it's just a level of understanding.

Karen: So, well, it seems like those people will never have an awakening, and I mean, does everybody go through it or is that the rate? You're incarnation, You keep coming back until you wake up. So

Leora: That's exactly.

Karen: to come back like.

Leora: Yeah, that's exactly what it is. Karen. I mean, you know, Hitler was one of those people and you know, uh, I'm sure he's come back and, you know, regretted it and lived a really horrible life to delete that karma. Um, [00:37:00] so we just keep evolving. We. All of us, all three of us right now, we have been murderers, rapists.

We have gone through a bunch of lifetimes that were like, I would never do that in this life. You wouldn't. But in other lives you have, and because now you are awake, you awaken at one point, and that's when you start to shift. So we've all been that. We've all been the bad guy. And now we're lucky enough to be the good guy.

Karen: So you mentioned earlier, past life regression. Should I be afraid? , like, I dunno if I wanna find out something that was horrible.

Leora: No, no, no. But you know what, And, and you know, I, your energy is beautiful. Uh, you have this really loving energy, and I feel your acceptance. And yeah, it'll be, it is just really easy. You are, you are given what correlates with this life and the people in your life now. You'll be given lives possibly with them.

So, um, it's given what you need to understand for this particular, [00:38:00] So don't be afraid and, and we'll, we'll do another one if you want to for you too, so that, because now you're at a different level, so other things will come up too, right?

Karen: Leo. She actually just started meditating with me in the mornings, which has been wonderful, and she has made like these massive leaps in just a few times that she's done it. Uh, something remarkable happen today that we're gonna have to record a session about, uh, because it truly, it was.

Inspiring that we do need to talk about it at some point, but it really helped show her the power of meditation to open herself up to the universal messaging. It was astounding. so we need to get you really meditating, Karen, that

Leora: But I see that in her, she's got that energy where she's open. She just, it's like a, a baby just going, Whoa, you know? Like, and, and you're open. And so now is when the cool stuff starts to happen. When you start, you know, having all of these Yeah. Like it's, [00:39:00] Yeah.

Karen: Today's pretty cool. We'll have to tell her. Yeah. And I am not jealous at all.

Leora: No, and don't be jealous. You know why? Because you're gonna go beyond and you'll have the, the, the more, you know, like in the beginning, rapid fire of all these things start happening,

Karen: I've been meditating for two years, Le and she, you had three days and

booms fairness. I'm.

Leora: Yeah. And that's, that's, you know, the level that she's at, she's on this, you know, once you, there are some that, and that's what happened to me. The minute that I woke up, I was like, Oh, I wanna know everything. Just give it all to me. And, and let me experience, I wanted to touch on one thing that's important, um, about my book.

And, you know, people nowadays, people, I guess I've always wanted, that's why the pharmaceutical industry is so big, but people want a quick [00:40:00] fix. They're lazy. They don't wanna do the work. They, they, they just, if it comes to where, oh, you know, I don't know. I know I shouldn't. You have to, you have to want to get there.

You have to wanna do the work. You can go to people and get healed, and you can go here and get healed, but you're gonna keep coming back and you're gonna keep coming back. You have to start to do the work yourself and, and you start out with baby steps. Just little tiny things. But then, What this book does is plant the seeds so it, you keep awakening all the work that you've been doing.

Karen, with Will is been planting seeds in your head and that's why you're having in these huge, you know, gigantic things happen because you, you, these seeds have been planted and all. You're like, I'm ready. Right? Yeah.

Karen: You'd think I'd have a forest in my backyard by now, but I got a little problem. I got nothing. That's not true.

Leora: That sounds something to brag about. Will

Karen: [00:41:00] Yeah. Ooh. Yeah. Hang on. Four one. Let me mark this for the edit.

Leora: Spam. Spam.

Karen: Nice, Nice. Hate. I know. I liked her. I say the jokes on this show, Laura. I see the, All of those are jokes. . Oh, wow.

Leora: You guys are amazing. Oh,

Karen: I, this time is flown by. I knew that it would because you are just, you are one of my absolute favorite people. I'm so, so thrilled every time we get a chance to talk. Thank you again so much for the gracious offer of the past life regression for both of us. if someone wanted to, order the book, I know that it's on Amazon.

It's also something we didn't talk about. It's actually, been translated right to Polish and Spanish.

Leora: Yeah, into Spanish and Polish, and I am going to Poland I'm having a conference, a weekend conference where I go, I do everything out of the [00:42:00] book, and then I'm, after that week I'm be doing individuals. But yeah, they're flying me in and I'm gonna do a, a whole thing, you know about the po they're really receptive over there.

They, they have started their spiritual awakening and they're just hungry for stuff, so.

Karen: awaken. Yeah.

Leora: So, and the Polish people are wonderful.

Karen: Wow. That's so exciting. We look forward to seeing the postcard. Yeah,

Leora: You got it. And if you guys wanna come out to California, you're welcome to stay at my house. So you have a place to stay.

Karen: be careful what you would say. Cause

Leora: That's okay. I know. I'm

Karen: doorstep. We are . Well, your book, the Powers In You is on Amazon will add a direct link to that in our show notes. So if you listen to this on the radio, just go to, go to Le Leone's episode, and in there you'll find a direct link.

You can just click it and be connected directly to it, along with all of her, other information, socials, websites, [00:43:00] etcetera. Thera, thank you so much, such a wonderful time, spending time with you. Yes, thank you. We'll see you

Leora: Thank you both. You're amazing.

Karen: Oh no. Likewise, . No, and, and thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us.

If you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we've shared on this episode or any of our others, we really love it. If you do them a favor and share the show with them, super, super easy and you might just help change someone's. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you miss something, don't worry.

All of our shows, including this one, can be, where you can watch the videos there or even connect with us by sending us an email or voicemail directly from the site. We absolutely love the feedback and would appreciate hearing from you as well. Well, we hope that you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have.

It's all for now, but we'll see you on the next episode of The Skeptic, Ians. Until then, take.

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