The Metaphysical Awakening: Revealing Ourselves & Our Paths

On this special episode, we share a LOT more about us and our individual paths than ever before.

Thanks to the Metabusiness Millennial show for allowing us to share this episode of their program to help give you a special glimpse into our thought processes and what's it been to live inside our spiritual awakenings.

Some of the things we discuss on this show:

  • How everyone's path is different and how important it is to find the path that is perfect for you
  • How, as the veil thins, more and more people are awakening to the spiritual world, not realizing how long of a journey it actually is
  • How they hope the podcast is a safe space for people to explore different modalities and spiritual awakenings without judgement
  • Where to turn for a sense of community during your dark night of the soul

And literally so much more!

"The important thing is to find your path, no matter what it is, and be okay with the fact that your path is not going to be the same path as someone else's." – Will Rodriguez

Today’s episode is something totally different. Now that we’ve released well over 100 episodes, we realized that you may not have had the chance to truly get to know us all that well….so this episode is all about that…but with a twist!

You see, Karen and I were honored to be invited as guests on a new podcast called The Metabusiness Millennial. The topics the host covers are similar to ours, with a slant towards the everyday businessperson’s point of view. And we LOVED it!

The interview revealed SO MUCH about us, how we think and what our beliefs are, that we were frankly shocked at how easy it was to get these thoughts across with her.

So this week, we’re sharing that episode of her show with you here, in an effort to reveal a little bit about ourselves, and as a way of sharing a show we now love and can wholeheartedly recommend.

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Karen Endsley is a Florida native who moved to Virginia 10 years ago and was raised Catholic. Will Rodriguez is a pragmatist and a Reiki practitioner who had a major spiritual awakening during the COVID pandemic, which led him to explore various spiritual modalities. Erin Patten is a metaphysical master on a mission to guide people and organizations on an enlightened path.

Along the way, we’ve learned about different modalities, experienced energy healing, and have formed a tight-knit community of people all exploring different spiritual paths on our journeys. Through Our hope is that through our show, we can help provide a safe space for people to explore and learn without judgement, as we all strive to find our personal, unique path.

About The Metabusiness Millennial:
In this day and age, business is more than just turning higher profits for shareholders. Business reflects our ideals. Business aligns with our values. And ultimately, business is an expression of our life paths and purposes.

It is time we now honor all that we are in the organizations we serve — body, mind and soul. We are both physical and metaphysical in the work that we do and these metaphysical or “unseen” aspects of ourselves matter in the day-to-day decision making processes of business leaders around the globe.

The MetaBusiness Millennial unpacks the hidden truths of business by tapping in to the life experiences of people’s failures and traumas to engage the healing that is necessary for true growth and success.

Your host, Erin Patten, metaphysical master in a millennial age, brings you inspirational, life-changing stories and strategies that heal organizational dis-ease and transform business trajectories so that they experience exponential growth and impact.

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Will: [00:00:00] Hey there. Today's episode is something totally different. Now that we've released well over a hundred episodes. Yeah, over a hundred. We thought about it and realized that, you know, you may not have had the chance to truly get to know us as much as you've gotten to know our guests. So this episode is all about that with a twist.

You see, Karen and I were honored to be invited as guests on a new podcast called the Meta Business Millennial. The topics the host covers are similar to ours, but with a slant towards the everyday business person's point of view. And we loved it. The interview revealed so much about us, how we think, what our beliefs are, that we were frankly shocked at how easy it was to get these thoughts across with her.

So this week we're sharing that episode of her show with you here in an effort to reveal a little bit more about ourselves and as a way for sharing a show with [00:01:00] you that we now love and can wholeheartedly recommend. So, take a listen to the Meta Business Millennial.

Erin: Greets. I am Erin Patton, metaphysical Master in a millennial age, and it is my life's purpose to guide you and organizations along and enlightened path. So I invite you to sit comfortably and tune in as I welcome you to the Meta Business Millennial, where we get the real conversations you won't get in the boardroom so that we understand this is exactly the path we need to be on in order to grow, evolve, and thrive.

Greetings. Welcome to the Meta Business Millennial Podcast. I am Erin Patton, also known as Master L, and I am joined here today with two amazing guests, will and Karen from [00:02:00] the Skeptic Meta Physician Podcast, which is a beautiful podcast about all the things that. Squirm squeeze, like all the woohoo things in the, in the metaphysical world that we question.

And I really admire them and their path, and their journey for bringing all of these things into the light. All of the things that they talk about, all of the things that they share, all of the folks that they, the guests that they bring on their show, that speak about things, that relate to the cosmos, that relate to the universe, that relate to all the things that are outside of the traditional realm.

Of existence, if you will. So I will leave it at that and allow, um, will and Karen to jump in. If, if whoever wants to start, I would love to just know a little bit more about each of you. Like where are you from? Like what's your background? Like, how did you get to where you are today? I know that's a heavy loaded question, but you know, whoever wants to start, jump right on in.

How much

Will: time do you have? Yeah,

Karen: lot .

Erin: This could be a little bit longer show cuz it's two of y'all. [00:03:00] We can go a little bit longer.

Will: Well, first of all, thank you so, so much for inviting us to come on the show. Uh, we're, we're honored and thrilled to be part of it. Uh, and, uh, Karen, you can't keep bribing them to talk such good things about us anymore.

Somebody has to. We're running outta money. , ,

Erin: whatever it takes. .

Will: Well, uh, Karen, you want to, you want to start with your, uh, your

Karen: story. My story. Yeah, my story is not a very complicated story. Um, I'm from Florida, one of the, you know, 10 people that are actually from Florida. Um, and we moved to Virginia about 10 years ago-ish.

But as far as my upbringing, I was raised Catholic. Um, my parents split up when I was young and we went to Catholic school. Didn't go to church a lot unless it was in school. Um, and as far as the metaphysical, I have always known there's something there. And it wasn't, there was never like an in your face experience.

It was more kind of having this gentle companion with me along the way. Sometimes things would happen. Um, people would pass and, [00:04:00] and I would, you know, speak to them. Like as they were passing that night, they'd come to me in a dream and I'd find out the next morning they were gone. Um, things like that. And just, I've just always known.

So when we started this podcast, this actually was Will's baby, and he will give you, The details about that, but we came with it two different points of view. He wanted to know the proof, the why, the how. Are you sure? How, how is this scientifically possible? Well, for me, I was always like, well, tell me more.

What's it like? How is it like for you? I, I get that, you know, that sort of thing. So that's kind of how we came together. And we think that our audience is composed of people just like that. You know, some believe, some don't, some wanna know more. So we try to make it like a, an easy kind of way in for people that are curious about this.

Yes. Um, but we'll, we'll get to that a little bit more later. So I don't, I don't wanna. Step on will. So will your turn step away? Not

Will: away? Yeah. So my story's a little bit more involved. Um, I was, I guess the deck was stacked against me, or for me, I guess some people might say, because my mother growing up didn't [00:05:00] know who she was, really what she believed.

So she took us from church to church trying to figure out, is this us? No, is this us? No. Is this us? No. Meanwhile, in her bookcase, she had an entire collection of Carlos Castaneda books, which, um, those who don't know what he wrote about, he wrote a lot. He was an anthropologist who, uh, spent some time with the Yaqui Indians in the Southwest and.

um, experienced all matter of life or mind expanding, uh, experiences, lack of a better word, by the use of certain medicinal herbs and things like that. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So when, uh, I stumbled on those books, I started reading them because I'm, well, the covers looked really cool. My mother saw me and said, no, no, no, no, you're not ready for those yet.

So when I got old enough to know better, I said, well, maybe I'm, I've gotta be ready now. So I started reading those books and my mind was blown. Um, I was, we ended up being Catholic, being raised in the Catholic church. I was confirmed. That was an Ulta boy. I was an choir the whole [00:06:00] deal. It was hardcore. I was hardcore.

We too, me too . But something wasn't right. Like, it just, it just wasn't me. Like, it didn't feel like it was me. Uh, after reading these books, I started going into an exploration of all different types of religions, similar to what my mother did. But, but rather than going into a church and saying, let me experience this, and, Nope, that's not me.

I actually went the scholarly route. I actually took courses like, what, what is Hinduism? What is Buddhism? What is do the dowds, anden, and all that kind of stuff, and really dove to try to understand. I, I dove into Native American Shamanism. Uh, I even joined a coven of witches, uh, to, to practice with them just so I could really experience the stuff all firsthand.

And the more I searched, the more I realized that there was not one thing that was me. So, uh, I ended up creating my own spirituality. I, I kind of cobbled things together that make me feel this is the truth for me. And one of the things we've found [00:07:00] during the show is that, If someone is opened enough to it, you'll notice that really everybody's path is just a little different.

So if someone says, this is the only path, I see that as a big red flag, because I don't think my path is gonna be exactly like yours, right? Or Karen's, it's gonna be completely different, perhaps, perhaps a little bit different. So the important thing is to find your path no matter what it is, and be okay with the fact that your path is not gonna be the same path as someone else's.

Erin: I love that. And I, I deeply, deeply resonate with both of your stories. I also grew up Catholic , sorry. And I did all those things. Yeah. , still recovering, right? Yes, yes. It's good

Karen: for some people. There are some good Catholics. It it's anybody's spirituality.

Will: You're absolutely right. That is a path for someone that's perfect for them.

Mm-hmm. And I salute them. And I support them. It's just not, mine isn't for us. . And, and the my [00:08:00] challenge with that is, is when, when people on that path slap you over the head and say, no, you're going to hell. Cause you're not following my path, well, now we got a

Erin: problem. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Absolutely. And that's the piece that also deeply resonates with me as well, because I've studied lots of different traditions and more recently have gotten into Tai Chi and into a Tai Chi organization that I greatly admire, love, and want.

Yeah. And so also, Am such a proponent and an advocate of, of moving with your own divine will, with your own divine calling versus, you know, just, you know, worshiping someone or trying to follow in someone else's path. And I think that that's something that, you know, is highly debatable. This kind of idea of id ideology, worshiping versus just following your own truth and, and essentially that's what the work is.

So, you know, moving more into that vein, I'm wondering like, was there something, you know, will you share, there's kind of like a discovery aspect, but were there any like catalytic moments where you were just like, you know what, like, I need to pursue this? Like, for me, I always speak to, as I [00:09:00] mentioned before, like my trauma, like I went through so many, um, as an adult, especially hard, challenging times, you know, like losing my father dealing with, you know, my mom's dementia or just relationships that were toxic that really just.

threw me on a spiritual path because I had nowhere else to go. Yeah. Like were there any, you know, instances or, or experiences that you could speak to that really just, you know, rocked your soul and was just like, I really, you know, there's something greater out here.

Will: Yeah. Short answer is yes. longer answers a little bit longer.

Yeah. Uh, there was a stutter step in my, uh, evolution, so to speak. Uh, I started studying these things when I, when I started looking into different religions and different modalities. Um, there was something happened that. Woke me up that there's something else beyond the 3D world we're living in. And that's when I was certified as a reiki practitioner.

Mm. I'm not sure if you know what reiki is. It's an energy healing [00:10:00] modality that, uh, Reiki practitioners feel that we channel life force energy through us and out of our hands that help heal. So it's not us they're healing, it's the energy's going through us that heal. Well, when we were, um, in that class, they had a massage table that we had after they taught us all the hand positions, they, one person was lay on the, on the table while the rest of us would practice our hand positions on that person while they took two people at a time into a back room to what they call attune them to the energies mm-hmm.

And as they, it would, you know, probably 10 minutes, uh, each person as they came out, uh, they would go back to putting, to practicing their hand positions. But every time someone came out of that room and started putting their hands on that person, they became. Like they're, they're in awe. Like, ooh, ah, oh my gosh.

And, and here I am, Karen mentioned the fact that I'm a scientist, right? I am very pragmatic. I don't wanna be seen as naive or taken a fool of. So I'm going, yeah, come on. How can that possibly little 10 minutes in a, in a, in a dark [00:11:00] room could possibly have done anything for you, but okay, whatever. Um, so then it came to be my.

And I get into the room, I get in my knees, they do whatever they're doing. I came out, I feel nothing. I have no difference whatsoever. So I'm going, oh, I just wasted my 300 bucks for this class, but okay, whatever. Uh, at least now I know, proceeded to go towards the table, went to put my hands on the person on the table, and I was blown away by the energy that was flowing through my hands.

Suddenly I was the one going, Ooh, on. Oh my God. Like, I could not believe it. There was a palpable energy that I've never felt coming out of my hands. I could not deny. So right there, I said, if this is real, if I can feel this energy, what else out there is real that I've not bothered to accept, because it's just too far out for me.

Hmm. Well then time passes and life gets in the way and you forget about things. . And it wasn't until, gosh, about two and a half years [00:12:00] ago maybe, where, um, right when Covid was hitting, uh, I had a major, major crisis of self. Uh, I had a breakdown because I suddenly was forced to see myself in the mirror as who I was.

And I hated myself. Like I hated myself. Uh, I've made awful decisions in my past. I've, my, my judgment has been super spotty. I've, I've been super judgmental and angry and just not a good guy. I was a real jerk, honestly. And I did some things that hurt my family and my friends and myself. And when I looked at it, when I was forced to really face it, I lost it.

I lost it. Mm. So I went to therapy for a while and that was great. I'm a big proponent of therapy if you can do it, but do and, and then I get the best therapist because she said, have you tried meditation? [00:13:00] Because I was having panic attacks and all that kind of stuff. So she helped me to get my foot in the door of back into these modalities when I realized, oh my gosh, that's right.

I'm not this physical body that I'm inhabiting. I'm much more than that and I need to do way better. Mm-hmm. So that really launched my exploration into what's out there, what modalities are out there that can help me to awaken spiritually and make sense of the junk that I did back then to be better in the future forevermore.

Erin: Come on now. . That's beautiful. You know, I feel like something happened during that pandemic, that 2020, you know, that clarity of your vision, it happened for a lot of people across the globe. So praise, you know, all the heavens and every, and everyone for, for the awakening that you had, because I had a similar experience as well around that time that brought me to here.

So, . Thank you for sharing that.

Will: No, thank thanks. Took providing a platform for people to share their stories with you. [00:14:00] Mm-hmm. .

Erin: All right, miss Karen , I

Karen: don't have anything quite as earth shaking as that . It's kinda like I've said, I've always just known and, um, When I was a kid, if, if I wanted something I would get it.

Um, like random, not like, you know, financial security. Things I should have asked for. , you know, ,

Will: we're still waiting on that one. . Exactly. .

Karen: But just random things, you know, like at school there'd be a, a prize drawing and I'm like, I'm gonna win it. And they'd pull out the name and it was mine. And that happened.

Yes, time again. And my favorite story about that is when I was 11, I lived in South America for a year and I was in love. I don't know, probably haven't heard of him, but there was a boy band back then called Minuto that were from Puerto Rico. And there was a one guy that I loved, I was 11 years old. I was madly in love with this, you know, kid.

And I would, you know, pray at night and like, I wanna go to college where he is gonna college and we're gonna meet and get married and have a hundred kids. Like that was, I was fixated on that. So by the time I was, you know, 13, I didn't even know who they were [00:15:00] anymore. . But, um, but we had moved back to the states.

You know, years later I go to college, um, and I was on the crew team, so I'm out, you know, rolling my little boat. And then the men's crew team came by and who was on their boat? The guy from Minuto that I wanted to marry and have a hundred kids with. So we ended up meeting, um, I never told him I knew his, who he was or anything, and, um, he, he didn't, I hate to say this, he wasn't that cute as an adult , but, but we became friends and um, I ended up actually being, um, the love interest in a video he had to make for his, you know, radio television major in order to graduate

So it was just the most random thing. And how else could that have happened without, you know, manifesting at me folks? I mean, it was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to meet him in college and I met him in college. Now we didn't get married and have 92 kids, but I was still the love interest in the video and

So we were friends for a few years and then I guess he moved back to Puerto Rico and we haven't really been in touch, but, um, so that, you know, that doesn't just happen right on the phone. So things like that, that have happened in [00:16:00] my life have, have always led me to know that there's something more. I did grow up Catholic, but also I have a degree in anthropology and I did study world religions and there were little kind of like Will was saying bits and pieces of all these different religions that that struck a chord with me.

And so I've always just kind of taken that. in and, and kind of created the same sort of thing, my own spiritual path. And I think that religion and spirituality is so personal that it really is impossible for someone to say, this is absolutely the way and you have to follow it. And for it to 100% always resound with everybody who's listening.

I have a hard time believing that to be true. Mm-hmm. Um, you know, I think a lot of the followers of different religions adhere to most of it, but there are, there's, there've gotta be things that don't resonate with them. And so kind of what I've done is I have my own beliefs and some of them incorporate some Christian beliefs, some, you know, Buddhism, Daoism, all of it.

And it's just, for me, it's about, you know, love and, and, and spreading that love. That's my goal in life. Yeah. Now that's what I think for me is important. Just, just kind of spreading that love and helping people to be happy.

Erin: I [00:17:00] love that.

Will: Yep. My, my, uh, my estimation of spirituality, the way that, um, that I explain it, uh, is told in a, in the form of a story, uh, and the story was one day God was standing on his mountain of truth and he's looking down on the world from his mountain of truth, and as he look, he likes what he's seeing.

So he leans over to take a closer look, but as he does, he kinda, uh, loses his footing a little bit and stumbles backwards a little bit and, uh, and gets back onto the, the mountain of truth. But as he does, these pebbles from the mountain of truth fall down onto the world. , and then he looks over the edge again to see what's going on down there.

And as he is watching, he sees all the people from the world running to these pebbles, grabbing them, raising them over their heads and say, I have the truth. And in essence, all they have is a pebble from the mountain of truth. So only by everyone putting their older pebbles together could they have even the inkling of what the truth actually is.

So it's a matter of knowing that we [00:18:00] probably are never gonna have the entire truth while we're on this planet. So all we can do is go towards those pebbles that really call to us the most, because that's what we're more aligned with from that

Erin: moment. Right, right. I love that story because that's essentially the agreement we made with God.

We came here knowing that we wouldn't see the truth, but we wanted to experience it and feel. We wanted to feel the truth. And that's the, I believe, the blessing of being human in human form. And why so many of you know, I mean, y'all talk about this, the other beings are so, uh, , we're gonna go there. Ok. Yeah.

Are so enamored with us is because we have the ability to feel, we have the ability to emote in a way that many of them can never, because they're so, they're not in this kind of form. And I think that's, you know, the contract that human beings make that so many of us forget and that's so beautiful is that we're able to experience and feel that love that Karen's talking about and have those manifestations and see, and see the truth happen for us when [00:19:00] we stay grounded in that truth.

that groundedness, that consistency, that belief, that faith, all those things is so hard to manage, you know? And we get to points where like will you say, well, we're like hating ourselves because we're judging our little mistakes along the way so harshly. So that's a beautiful story to share. So thank you for sharing that.

Thank you. Thank you. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. So, um, yeah, next question I kind of wanna know a little bit more about like, how did you get into this work? You know, because like I mentioned before, a lot of our listeners are kind of toting the line. They're, they're curious to what you said. I love that you use that word curious.

And they wanna understand, like if they, uh, feel called to be healers, if they feel called to talk about this work, how do they make that transition? Like, what does that look like? How did that look like for you guys? ,

Karen: I guess before we, we get into our own personal story about that, I have to, to agree with what you're saying, but so many of our guests are those people.

I mean, we've talked to [00:20:00] accountants, we've talked to people that owned international public relation firms, like all kinds of, you know, the average. White collar or, or whatever, you know, college educated, kind of mainline mainstream person. Mm-hmm. , who's had, who've had these awakenings mm-hmm. and a lot of them thought they were going crazy, you know, they thought they were losing their mind and, and others didn't.

And some have, you know, quit their past lives 100% just to focus on, on their new spirituality. Um, others kind of, you know, balance both. But it, it's really interesting how many, what we would call just, you know, regular people, are really. Diving into this and, and having these experiences and sharing them and, and kind of coming out of the closet about the fact that they are having these experiences and able to share them because it is becoming so much more, it's becoming more welcoming of a space than, obviously, than, than it used to be in the past.

Yeah. Not

Erin: so we're

Will: excited about that. Not that long ago you started doing these things. You people, you were seen as like, oh, this guy's a kook. Right? What, literally, or Charlatan or, yeah. Either just have to take my money or, you know, the, the Carnival Soothsayers and Toro readers and things like that. But, but now to Karen's [00:21:00] point, they're, I mean, they're the next, per the people next door.

Mm-hmm. , the la the computer analyst, the last person you would expect. Right. Uh, they say that the veil is thinning for sure. They talk about the fact that we've now moved into the age of Aquarius. This is the age where the planet is transitioning into an era where we are much more aligned with spirit and things like that.

Mm-hmm. . So it doesn't come as a huge surprise that more and more people are awakening up. Yes. Um, awakening, did I say awakening up? You did.

Erin: Absolutely. I like nicer .

Karen: Yes.

Will: Yes. So, uh, that's part of my up. I got, I got a awakening up to my grammar . There

Karen: we go.

Will: But, uh, but, but this is not, this is not something that you flip a switch and suddenly you're, it.

This is something that is an ongoing process that will forever be an ongoing process. So I question when someone says I made it, I've ascended. [00:22:00] Okay. You know, and, and good. I'm glad that you have that positivity about you that, that that's moving you in that direction. But I would argue that we are all here specifically to continuously learn mm-hmm.

So if you say, I've learned it all, then why have you not ascended to the point of no longer being on this? Planet, period. Yes. So I would say those that are curious about this kind of thing, um, buckle in for a long haul. This is not an, uh, a short trip, a short ride. Uh, we created the show honestly because we wanted a platform for people to be able to explore these modalities in a safe space.

When I first started looking into 'em, I walked into a metaphysical bookstore and went, what the heck is this? I have no idea where to turn. Thought the people were weird. I felt weird energies. The air smelled strange. Okay. But the tuly smelled good. , I don't know. I found it really strange, but truly . [00:23:00] But, uh, but I didn't know how to, how to go about it.

So I, I just took a leap and thankfully I found someone who was knowledgeable enough to lead me in the right direction, but you can't always rely on that. Mm-hmm. . So we wanted to create a platform where people can actually come on and listen from the comfort of their home or their car, or their wa while they're washing dishes or whatever it is to learn about specific modalities.

That's beautiful. And, and then if that one doesn't resonate with you, you move onto to the next episode. Cause there's a brand new modality for you to listen to. Mm-hmm. . And over the course of 101 episodes, little by little you're learning and learning and learning. You're expanding your knowledge base, and eventually it resonates with you and it clicks.

And then you start, you start realizing what your path is supposed to be. You move down that path.

Karen: and even if you just start listening for the entertainment value, which, you know, we'd like to think we're a little entertaining eventually, , you might get hooked. No, you might find something that really resonates with you.

You know, you never know. Um, but we, we've been really fortunate. We actually, um, just won the Oh yeah. [00:24:00] Listener's Choice Awards for the Inaugural Signal Podcast Awards. So we're pretty about that. Thank you. Yeah.

Erin: Congratulations.

Karen: Yeah, thanks. So it's fun to to know, we, we actually were going to cancel or quit doing the podcast about a year ago because it is a lot of work.

I mean, you know, between the editing and the marketing and all of this stuff, we, we both have our regular jobs. Um, But so we, we had made the decision to quit. And then, you know, right before it was that same day, I started googling skeptic meta physicians just to see what came up. And we happened upon the, these like, I don't know, five, 10 pages of reviews that we didn't even know existed.

Mm. Um, and they were all fanta. I mean, they were all five star reviews and people wrote like paragraphs about, and it was such an eye-opener, and the way people were, were taking the information and, and some people were saying, this is my source of spirituality and, you know, thank you. And we're like, oh my gosh.

You know, if this is something one person, we can't stop. Mm. So we, we've continued and, and we have had some very, very interesting guests and we've talked to everyone from, you know, channelers and mediums, to someone who knows Bigfoot, uh, will spoke with a vampire. We, we've, you name it, you know, and, but what we're [00:25:00] learning is we haven't even begun, you know, we're at the tip of the iceberg.

I mean, there's just so much more. The more we learn, the more we learn that there is more to learn. . Yes,

Will: for sure. For sure. Uh, I don't. , uh, I, I don't want people to think that we have all the answers because really this show is our own spiritual journey. Mm-hmm. , we are learning along with our audience. Uh, I know a little bit about a lot, um, and I know

Karen: less than that ,

Will: but as we've released episodes, we've been learning, each and every conversation that we've had has expanded our consciousness exponentially.


Karen: That doesn't necessarily mean that we. believe a hundred percent what every one of our guests say. Yeah, it doesn't, but we're also not debunking it. We're just trying to provide people with a platform to tell their stories, to share their experiences. And if it resonates with someone, great. Right?

Will: Right.

Because like as we said, who are we to judge anyone's path? If you feel that you are the light and everyone who dies goes through you to go to the afterlife, then good for you. But man, [00:26:00] that sounds exhausting. , right? Uh, but period. But I'm not gonna say, yeah, that's crap, because I have no idea. Maybe he is, and we don't know about it.

We don't know the truth, right? Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . So, The show's called the Skeptic Meta Physicians, because at the beginning we were skeptical. Okay. And we wanted to, I, I mean we still to this day ask the question like, was there a lot of alcohol involved or any other kind of substances? , are you sure you weren't just dreaming this?

You know, but in, in a, in a nice way, we're not saying, yeah, you're off your rocker. Right. We, we just want to, cuz I know if I was listening to it, I wanna know, was he drinking during that time? ? Um, yeah, some, yeah. But now it's a lot less us as a skeptics and now, cause we were talking about maybe rebranding the show a little while ago, but we decided against it because it's not us who's a skeptic meta physicians anymore.

It's our audience. Our audience for the skeptic medical physicians. Mm-hmm. people who are interested in this stuff. But don't necessarily know where to jump on or aren't a hundred percent sure this stuff is real and wanna explore in safe space. [00:27:00] So now the skeptic, meta physicians come to listen to our show.

Karen: And then getting back to your original question, as far as what our, you know, kind of professional life was prior to this. I mean, I was a teacher at a, an episcopal prep school, like a very high fancy one in Florida. After that, I, um, managed a real estate investment company for about 10, 11 years. And now, um, I work in tv.

Um, I host a couple shows and I produce some shows. So that's, you know, pretty mainstream standard, I think stuff, but I don't know. And then

Will: will, yeah, I've, I've, my whole life I've worked in television, in film, I cut my teeth with n NBC and Telemundo and then created my own production company. Uh, now I work for, uh, another big company, uh, overseeing their television.

Uh, network and, um, very much entrenched in that 3D world. Mm-hmm. . But more and more this is calling me to the point where Aaron and I are already talking about spinning this show off into something a lot more robust [00:28:00] and Yes. Having other spinoffs from that. And we've already got plans in place to, to make this be our life

Karen: path.

Yes. And the nice thing about what we both currently do, um, working in in television and media is that, you know, we, we tell stories. So this has been a very natural, kind of complimentary sort of, I don't know, side thing that we're doing, cuz we're, we're, you know, we're telling stories or hearing people's stories, but that's what it's about.

So it's worked out well for

Erin: us. Yeah.

We need to take a quick break, but we'll be right back with more amazing conversation on the skeptic meta physicians.




Will: Hey, if you like our show and the topics we chat about with our guests, there's another show that you should know about. It's called Quantum Living. It's produced and hosted by Anna Anderson. And if you know me at all, you know how obsessed I am with a show about quantum anything. This show is one that I know that you'll love as well.

It's engaging, informative, and [00:29:00] fun filled with the type of great guests and topics that you've come to expect from quality shows like this one. This show, in essence, is all about how to bring various spiritual, metaphysical, and esoteric concepts and ideas To the very practical level of our daily life, so we can improve and enrich our experience of it as individuals, communities, and organizations.

So give Quantum Living a and keep expanding your mind.

Erin: Well this is incredibly inspiring for me because I started this podcast. You know, literally a few months ago. Mm-hmm. and congratulations. Thank you, . Thank you. But it's been such a beautiful opportunity to speak with, you know, practitioners who I've worked with, practitioners who I admire, folks who I've just met and in, in being able to, in many ways, I love how you said, hold a safe [00:30:00] space for conversations that we u like I say, like we don't have in the boardroom, we're not talking about this at, at the, at the coffee machine.

Mm-hmm. . And, and so I, I love that you, you all are really focused on that, and I would like to dig a little bit deeper, you know, into, you know, what that space looks like because, um, for folks that are skeptic, you know, what does a safe space look like? Can you just really des go a little bit, describe what that is for you and, and what that show platform creates for, for your listener.

Will: Well, it's a space of non-judgment. It's a space where you can come in and, I mean, podcasts are such a personal thing because you've got headphones in your ear, right? You're speaking to someone's head directly, right? They're carrying you around in their mind or heads. So for us it's, it's a big responsibility to bring guests on that we feel are not out specifically to sell something or just so cockamamie or charlatans or you know, just out for money.

Think that kind of, [00:31:00] we wanna bring people on that can really share information with people. That's gonna make. A difference. Yes. So you can know that when you come listen to the show or join us on our website, uh, engage with us in our community, you know that you are with a group of like-minded people that are here to support you and to love you through let's, let's face it, the dark night of the soul stuff.

Yeah. Spiritual awakening is not for the week of mind, a week of heart. It is, yes. Hard sometimes can be absolutely traumatic. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm . And if you don't have a sense of community around you to help support you, it's, it's hard. You, it's unbelievably lonely. Right. This is spiritual path is a very personal path.

You are on your own. So though I don't know what you're going through, what pain points you're experiencing at the moment, I can at least say I'm here for you. You're not alone. I can't walk with you on your path, but I can't hold your hand while you walk [00:32:00] Yours. . So that's kind of what we want to provide for people, because it's something we didn't have, we still don't have really.

So by building this community, we're finding we're building these, these like-minded people that we can actually turn to and go, oh my gosh, I need, I need help. I need someone just to listen. And they will show up no matter what. And

Karen: that's what we've found with our guests. They are genuinely interested in helping people, genuinely interested in raising the, the overall vibrational level, sharing the love, sharing that feeling of community.

And, and we, we have had some interviews that we decided not to air mm-hmm. because they just, were not kind of what we're looking for, but we want the people to listen that are listening to us to say, okay, maybe that's not so strange. Or maybe, you know, maybe I can listen a little bit more. Maybe this is kind of more comfortable than I thought it would be.

Will: That's not to say that every interview is like that, right? No. There's always some that slip through the cracks that after you, you. Put it out there and you listen to it back and you go, damn. He was only selling his book the entire time. . But, but the information that he was providing was still very pertinent to mm-hmm.

to our audience. It was [00:33:00] incredible. But if you mention his book one more time, I was gonna have to cut him off. , , you know, but everyone needs to make a living somehow. Yeah, right. And if that was the way that, that they felt that they needed, that's what they needed to do to make ends meet, then I will help them.

Because that is what we're here for. We're here to help each other. And if I can help you, and any, anyone who's worked with me, will, will, will share this about me. I am 100% in the camp that all, whether it's the rising. Rises, all ships. That whole cliche thing. I am such a collaborator. I love to help other people grow because one of the tenants that we found in spirituality, the more you help other people, the more you help yourself at the end of the day.

That part. Mm-hmm. , right? At the end of the day, Aaron, we are one. Yes, you're one. We're the same. So if I'm helping you, I'm actually helping me because we are one. Yes. So that's always been my philosophy. So anytime another show comes on and says, Hey, would you, would you mind doing a, a promo swap or anything like that?

I'm o absolutely. [00:34:00] Um, how else can I help you? I helped introduce o guests, other podcasters that think would be great for the shows. I try to do what I can to help them because I know how difficult it is, and I know that all this, this energy that's being put out, Always comes back to us because as show is doing beautifully, right?

We just won a listener's choice award. That's, that's incredible. Right? The, the, the bronze and general in the general category, overall we won. So it's, it's a, it's an unbelievable feeling to. Help others grow because it feels good, but it's also the byproduct of that when you look in the rear view mirrors going, oh my God, we're growing too.

So that's, it's, it's nice. It's just, it's just a nice community that, that we're trying to build

Karen: here. And it really even helps you in so many unexpected ways. Like just kind of, you know, seeing will, he manages a big group of people and because of how he is and just kind of lifting everyone together, which has evolved a lot largely because of this.

  1. Anybody [00:35:00] on his team would, I don't know, jump off a cliff for him. I mean, it's, it's, it's like really a family. It's, it's weirdly an incredible caring team. And I mean, I'm just a freelancer, so I don't have a team, but

Will: interject, I would never ask anyone to jump off a cliff.

Karen: I know what I mean. I mean, we've actually gotten texts saying, you know, we'd step in front of a bus for you, like that sort of thing.

And who does that with their manager? Yeah. Well, you know, but that's because of how you are. But a lot of how you are is because of how you've grown and changed and evolved

Erin: with this. Yes.

Will: Yeah. It's, there's been a big, big change in inside me and I, I, I didn't feel it at first, but people were telling me, oh yeah, I, okay, I see it.

I see it now. And, and that's the number one piece of advice I would give anyone listening is that don't worry about you, worry about others, the. Service you are to others, the more benefits you are going to reap from it. But it has to come from the right place. Yes. Did you say if I help you, then this is gonna come back and help me?

That's, no, that's not the right. You need to want to help someone because you [00:36:00] genuinely want to help somebody. The byproduct is that you're helped, but you can't do it with ulterior motives because it doesn't work that way. Right? It's an energy exchange and the more you look in, look into this stuff, you'll hear about manifestations and love thirds and uh, of attractional also, I mean, all these different principles that make so much sense when you realize that we are just one.

We're just one, and we're on this planet to help each other to be of service to

Karen: each other. And it really is an honor and a privilege to be able to help other people. I mean, whether it's emotional support or financially or whatever, if you have that ability, so many don't. So it is a, it's a privilege. Yes.

And then just seeing that joy or those changes that you can help affect in other people, I mean, that just reflects back onto you. And maybe that's a little selfish, but I think it just, the, the more reflections that there are, the brighter the world's gonna be. Yeah. And

Will: that's why I'm sad when I see some of the things happening in the world these days, so many people are just out for themselves and it hurts me because it's pushing us backwards.

Right. This is not about the competition in this world is. Off the [00:37:00] chain. Mm-hmm. , it, it, it's not about who can collect the most before they die. It's who can touch the most people before they die. And I think we've gone it backwards right now. Yes. Not that way, Karen. I'm sorry. That's a get your mind out of the gutter.

I know. That's

Erin: a 12 year old and me Yeah. . Yeah. I, and just to con, continue to expand on, on that point of competition, I talk about that in my blog. I talk about that in my, in my podcast, in my market, in everything, because I come from a very traditional business background and competition. Fundamentally drives ev everything about business.

I mean, we even call our, what I like to call, like our peers, our worthy rivals. We call them our competitors. We even call people in our own industry, our competitors. So at the core, foundationally, we are trying to win and beat someone else down, you know, pretty much. . And so for you as a manager, Karen, thank you for, uh, you know, lifting that up for, for [00:38:00] me cuz I wasn't aware that Will even had a team.

This is a lot of the work that I talk about in meta business is how do we empower ourselves and how do we empower, empower others? And I like to, uh, you know, of course I'm a meta business. Metaphysical business is what I do. I believe that metaphysics is one of the, a beautiful way in which we can empower teams in which we can empower people to, to bring our full selves to work.

I would like for you to talk more about that, you know, even as a freelancer, Karen, like, how has metaphysics, what does it mean to you? How has it really I infiltrated, influenced, impacted the work that you do, how you serve people?

Karen: Um, I think for me, uh, the biggest, I guess change is really, um, being able to lose that judgment.

I mean, we all do and, and I'm not, you know, totally judgment free. But, um, I read, um, a book by the or about, sort of by the Dai Lama. And one of the things that stuck with me was he was talking about, and this was [00:39:00] years ago, so I don't remember exactly the, the right words, but he, wait, was it the Book of Joy?

No. It was, um, the Art of Happiness. Mm-hmm. . And he was talking about how, you know, if you get cut off in traffic or someone bumps into you in the store, you know, they're not setting out to harm you. Yeah. They might have just lost their child or gotten fired from their job. You don't know what's going on in their life.

Yes, yes. And so instead of being all mad and letting that ruin your moment or your even your day, sometimes it's more like, Feel for them. I feel bad for you that you are in such a bad place that you're, you're, you know, doing this or behaving this way. And, and I'm glad that's not my case. But just in doing that, that has helped me change my, my view on so many things.

Yes. And to be able to really, to drop those, that judgment in a lot of ways, um, which has helped me be more open and receptive to, to clients, to, um, people that I'm working with, much more understanding, much more patient. So that's probably how it's helped me the most.

Will: Yeah. For me it's, it's, uh, it's two-pronged.

Uh, I was very competitive. I still am to a certain extent. I always wanna win. [00:40:00] Um, um, and, and that was part of who I recognized. in my, that is part of what I recognized in myself back before my transformation. Mm-hmm. , uh, I was UL ultra competitive. I would do whatever to win and I most often than not did, but it came with a big price tag.

Always. Yeah. My team, the team that Karen talks about were hired guns at any minute. They could just. I'm outta here. I can't, I, I don't wanna work for him anymore because I pe people, some people were afraid of me because I had a temper. And it's some, because I was such a perfectionist that if something wasn't done exactly how it's supposed to be, I lost it.

And that is not fair to anybody, including me. Hmm. But it's more about them since my transformation, since my adoption of metaphysical principles. And I, I now meditate every day. And if I don't, you can feel the difference. Who ,

Karen: who doesn't? I'm like, go meditate now. , .

Will: But I've, I've really thrown myself headfirst into these [00:41:00] principles.

And now these, this team of hired guns are no longer hired guns. They're my family. And there so many times when if come me said, well, you know, if this had happened three years ago, I don't know if I would've wanna be been around you. Because you would react in a very different way. And the result of all that of my adopting these metaphysical principles, more acceptance, more understanding that things happen, and learning from the mistakes and putting policies in place to make sure that doesn't happen again, but moving forward from there, helping everybody rise together.

Mm-hmm. , we ended up with a record setting year this year at work. Let's go. That's it. Cause of it. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . Yeah. And so now everyone is turning to me on a, on a national scale saying, well, how did you do it there? And can you help us do it here now too? So now my position, if I want it, is, has a potential of growing into something where I might travel to different c uh, states to help them build up [00:42:00] their pro their programs like I'm doing here in Virginia.

Question is. Do I want it, it, it would take me away from my family for periods of time. It would be a lot of long hours, a lot of work, a lot of pressure. And again, I'm worried the competitive side might come in and yours ugly head. Yeah. Stick me in the head. Mm. But, um, I'm letting Energy Spirit universe guide me and saying at the end of the.

We can't control anything.

Karen: And that's the nice thing about this too, is not feeling like you have to control it. Yes. Things are gonna happen, like they're gonna happen and you know

Will: Right. Everything happens for a reason. How you react Yep. Is what matters. Exactly. Yeah. It's a cliche to hear all the time.

Everything happens for a reason. But you are, you're absolutely right. Everything happens in its divine timing. Right. So if I'm meant to move up to do something else in this job, then so be it. I, using these principles, I will move forward with, with, uh, a mindset that is conducive to my spiritual wellbeing.[00:43:00]

If it's not, I'm okay. Cuz I'm actually really enjoying what I'm doing and the direction in which we're heading the, the direction in which the universe is pointing me or pushing us. It, I, I welcome it. I really, I'm opening, opening myself up to it with open arms because not only is it. It's something that's serving humanity, but damn it, it's so much fun.

I just love, yes, I love doing

Erin: what we're doing. Yes, yes, yes, yes. I love that because my, um, mentor's mantra that I am adopting and integrating daily is play fun, love. Mm. And we already talked about love, but come on now, having fun playing. Like, when's the last time we did that? You know, for me, like, like playing and having fun was like going out and getting drunk, you know what I'm saying?

Mm-hmm. as an adult, like I didn't even know what play, what playtime fun meant anymore. Mm-hmm. , because I had lost that aspect of myself that, that childlike, [00:44:00] curious, you know, silly aspect of myself. And now I have a three year old son and he awakens that for me. Mm-hmm. . And also, I mean, to be real, this spiritual path, like you said, it, it's.

Good, bad, and really ugly sometimes . Yeah. And oftentimes when we're in spiritual practice, it can be so serious and so disciplinary and focused and that really resonated with. The hardcore to will's point, business competitive, you know, masculine aspect that I carried. So it was a very practice program for me.

And, and so for me, I'm moving out of that, trying to be so serious trying meditating 15, you know, minutes a day, doing a hundred vows every day, doing, you know, I like literally was like a, a sergeant, you know, drill Sergeant and myself in my spiritual practice, , you know? So, um, having more in, inviting more of that playfulness, inviting more of that fun is exactly what we need in order to spread that love for humanity.

So thank [00:45:00] you so much for lifting that up.

Will: Yeah, absolutely. At the, at the, at the core of our being, we are spiritual beings. Spirits, they're just, it's just love. It's fun, it's love. Mm-hmm. . It's not supposed to be this hard, it's

Karen: not . And, and we, we tend to limit ourselves, um, so much. We do get to have fun with our work.

And not too long ago, I got to have an incredible experience that it was not on my bucket list. Something I never thought I'd do. Um, but I went hang gliding and okay, like I got hauled up by this plane, a mile up in the sky, and then the plane lets you go and you're in this kite with this other guy. And I, I don't like heights,

Um, but I took my daughter so she could see me do this. She's 12. Um, I'm 53 and I'm like, okay, I'm gonna try this. I, I used to do all kinds of stuff like that when I was younger. I've ridden on top of trains. I've gone zip lining on the Great Wall of China on this rickety thing that should've broken. Um, but there was this big gap where I hadn't done anything like that in years.

Mm-hmm. . And so I had my, um, production, my producer who was ready to, you know, step in if I chickened out. Cause I was pretty sure I was gonna chicken. But I'm like, oh, I'm [00:46:00] gonna do this. And it was, I told Will, it was such a spiritual experience. Wow. Because you are, we went through the clouds. I mean, I'm looking down on birds that are flying beneath me.

Will: Wow. Can I celebrate something you just said just a minute ago, you went up a mile in the air and flew in a kite , A mile in the air.

Karen: Yeah, it's high. It was high. . Wow. We went upside down. We did these corkscrew things

Erin: in a kite. Wow. In a kit. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. I can see it now. .

Karen: Yeah. Ok. Um, but it was, I mean, there were moments there where I just, I just didn't feel my body anymore.

I just felt it was so spiritual. I just felt like I was part of the breeze and the wind. It was incredible. And just having, you know, the, the chance to, to play like that. . It's so important. I came back and we were riding in the car and I remember looking at Will and I just like welled up with tears. Cause I had forgotten who I was for such a long time.

I was just this mom and then this working mom. Yeah. You know, so it was such a, like a, a, a spiritual moment for me in so many different ways.

Will: Yeah. Ed Edgar [00:47:00] totally talks about the power of now, right? Being Yes. In the moment. Yes. And the only way to truly recognize who we are is by being in the moment.

This experience gave Karen an opportunity to be so in the moment that she connected to who she really was. Mm-hmm. The spirit came out and she Yes. Experienced it as a spirit. And that's what reminded her. That's what made her tears well up in her eyes because she connected back to who she was. And when you mentioned that all this stuff is, is so serious and monotone and and boring, that's kinda why we made the show the way we did because we do, Karen and I aren't very serious people.

We'd love to have fun . And why would this be any different? So through our experiences, Karen's hang lighting, um, our harmonic egg visits, uh, all these kinds of things, we present it in a way where what people who hear our show come out going, that was actually a lot different than I thought. Mm-hmm. , they are [00:48:00] jokes we laugh at with each other all the time.

We don't take these things very serious. But we take it very seriously. You know, we take this topic very seriously, but, but we enjoy it. We enjoy, uh, diving into it and we have fun and we laugh because that's what laughter raises your vibrations. Happiness, love. That's how you raise your vibrations and fear, envy, greed, all those things brings your vibration down and that's, that's what makes you become competitive and that's what makes you stuck in a 3d.

We need to laugh more. We need to enjoy more. We need to love more so that our vibration rates skyrockets. The higher we raise our vibrations, the more aligned in tune we are with the universe. The universe gives us those things that are good for us and then provides us with an opportunity to tru. Ascend at some point.

Karen: And it really is so much more fun to believe than not to. Yeah. You know, I mean this guy comes on talking about his relationship with Bigfoot and their family, you know, and it's like, I mean, you could just be like,

Erin: okay, that guy was a wackadoo, [00:49:00] whatever, but it's

Karen: like, huh, that's kind of a fun thing to think about, you know?

It's just more enjoyable to have these different things to think about. Yeah. And maybe believe in, and maybe not, you know, I don't know. Yeah.

Will: For the record, we don't think he was whackadoo. We don't, his theory is really sound like we went, oh my gosh, now I can maybe believe in big Bitcoin. Why didn't we think about that?

Right. So, uh, it, it's, it's really, it's been an eye-opening experience. It's been really a lot of fun. And, uh, I, I hope this never ends cuz it's incredible.

Erin: Well, I hope that we can dream a little bit right now because I'm such a vision oriented human being, like divine being as well. And you guys shared that you have, you know, thoughts about where you wanna see the skeptic?

My deposition going, and since we're talking about this right now, I would love for you to just, if we can just have, uh, a session of, you know, possibilities for where you see Will and Karen going with this work. Because I am full of so much hope, so much optimism for what you guys have created, what you're doing in the world.

I [00:50:00] would love to just co-create with you, share in this moment with you, this safe space with you where you would like to see this work go for you and your listeners, your future listeners. Wa watchers, . Yeah,

Will: exactly. You just nailed it. . Yeah. Yeah. We, we want to travel the world exploring different modalities for a living.

Like that's, we want to, um, Expand the skeptic meta physicians into a metaphysical travel show. Yes. Where we go to Machu Picchu or we go to the Lee Lines, or we go to, uh, Iceland Stone. Stonehenge. Yeah. Everywhere. And we talk to people who are practicing these modalities to help other people to be of service.

Um, so our goal is we're, we're, we're in the process of, of filming a pilot, uh, to bring the skeptic physicians to a small screen. Um, and then it will come the act of pitching it to networks. Hopefully they'll pick it up. And then beyond that, we have ideas of how to [00:51:00] spin off some of our past guests into their own shows.

Mm-hmm. for them to air on our own television network. That's all about being of service.

Erin: I love it. I love it. Karen, do you have anything to add to that? That,

Karen: I mean, that, that's it. We, we, um, it's, it's our, our dream baby that we're working on. So we just wanna have a network where we can just expand the


Will: Yeah. . And honestly, the more, the more we talk about this, the more we are finding people supportive of it and not just that the, the idea came to us from people who are incredibly talented and, and intuitive and has said, oh yeah, no, this, this show's going to do this and this and this and this. And we hadn't thought about doing that, but that's sounds incredibly daunting.

So we're taking the challenge. Yeah, yeah. We're, we're accepting the challenge. We are a allowing the universe to lead us. If the universe Yes. Says you are meant to do this, then by all means, um, we're gonna, we're gonna do it. Uh, Deepak Chopra wrote, um, the Seven Spiritual Laws Success, right? Yes. And [00:52:00] one of the laws was a path of least resistance.

Yes. I tried to live that. My, almost my entire life. But the challenge is that you can fall into complacency easily, so it's not . That's totally what I did. Yeah. So it's not just about the path of just going, uh, on the path of least resistance, it's also about recognizing where the path is taking you. Yeah.

Cause sometimes the path least resistance means just staying in bed and pulling a John and Yoko for a week, , and, and you know, not doing anything. Um, that's certainly the easiest thing to do. Mm-hmm. . But you gotta challenge yourself. And one of the things that I would urge anyone who's listening in to consider is one of my.

I, I have two favorite quotes. One, when I was in high school, I didn't even know what it was, but after many, many, many years, I looked back on it and went, oh my gosh. That sounds, that's a little, little eerie, a little scary. But that quote was, the universe rearranges itself to accommodate your version of reality.

Yes. And that could not be closer to the truth, right? [00:53:00] Yes. I was a high school kid, I didn't know what that meant, but yet I picked that from my senior quote as I was graduating. Right. Well, now it's become very clear. Hmm. But now my f my new favorite quote is, growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone.

Mm-hmm. . So if you are complacent, if you just are happy sticking to the same old, same old, and you don't push yourself outside of your comfort zone mm-hmm. , you're not gonna grow. Mm-hmm. , and I know that from firsthand experience. Yep.

Erin: Period. me as well, and, and I am so grateful. Thank you so much for the courage and the willingness to share your vision, because I had already seen it as you guys were talking.

Yes. So, so when you, you just confirmed it, affirmed it, you know that it is happening. So I am. You know, just sending you both so much light and, um, you know, because you have already been such an inspiration to many and I know that people are able to see what you do and see what other people do. It's really gonna add that extra layer for our sensory experience as [00:54:00] human beings, cuz we need all those little senses activated to really receive the information, receive the love, that it's just gonna be phenomenal.

So I can only say how grateful I am to have been on this path with you to have this opportunity to commune with you. Um, it's really given me so much inspiration for myself and where I'm going. And just to close it out, I would love for you guys to just share a little bit about how people can stay in touch with you, how they can, you know, watch more of your show, uh, you know, maybe contribute to or support with what you're doing in the.

Will: Sure. The, the very simplest way to get in touch with us is to go to skeptic medi There you can subscribe to listen to our show directly there on whatever platform you prefer. Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Amazon, you name it, we're on, on the mall. You could, uh, subscribe two of them directly from the site.

You can watch our videos directly on the site. You can reach out to us, send us messages, an email from the site. You can leave us voicemails on the site. And if you join our [00:55:00] community, we have a members-only section that, uh, allows you to access, um, different discounts on, uh, products and services that some of our past guests have graciously offered to give to our listeners.

Um, we don't get a cut of them all of, uh, any of them. Uh, it's just a matter of our way of helping people explore these modalities in an affordable way. So we ask, as a matter of course, anyone comes on, Hey, would you be interested in doing this? And if they say yes, and they'll, they'll put a code or some sort of something in the, uh, on our members only section that people can go and, and see, well, I'll, I'd like to have a Touro reading.

I'd like to get, uh, reiki energy healing, uh, at, you know, a free one or whatever the case may be. Mm-hmm. . Um, and, um, that's probably the, the easiest way. Obviously we're on social media, so Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, all that kind of stuff can all be accessed. Toke med

Erin: Amazing. Amazing. And any closing things you guys wanna share before we wrap it up [00:56:00] today?

Will: I know Karen has something cuz she I do. Yes. . I can feel it. Oh, I don't know. Claire Cog isn't. Remember Claire Cog?

Karen: Hmm.

Erin: I think your Claire Cogs might be a little off today. .

Karen: Um, gosh. We just really want people to, to open your minds. Give yourself that opportunity because you're limitless. And if you don't open your mind, then you're creating those limits on yourself that you don't need to have.

Mm-hmm. .

Will: I, I guess what I would say to close is if something inside you is freaking out because you dunno what's going on, if you are tired of working and working and working and it's still, you're, you're kind of running around in circles, then something is calling you and that something is probably your soul.

Hmm. And at the risk of signing all kinds of woo woo and all that kind of stuff, , um, give yourself an opportunity to explore if. . If you explore it and you go, this is a bunch of bowl, then all you've done is spend a [00:57:00] little bit of time. It doesn't resonate with you. But to Karen's point, if you go into this stuff with an open mind, an open heart, mm-hmm.

and you feel if something goes, oh my God, that actually feels right, then something there. Follow that path, follow that rabbit hole, because boy, once you start, if you open yourself up to stuff, things are gonna start happening. I'm telling you, I was the biggest pragmatist in the world. I didn't believe in anything, and the moment I started opening my eyes to what could possibly be out there mm-hmm.

things actually started to happen. Mm-hmm. people started to speak to me, things started occurring, things were aligned. The universe started pushing me. It is astounding. So give yourself a chance. You won't regret it.

Erin: I love it. All right, y'all, y'all heard it. Keep your mind open. Keep your, everything's limitless, and really just, just have fun with it because, you know, the being skeptical [00:58:00] is a great place to start.

Being curious is a great place to start, but as long as you're open, there's something that you can always learn from it. So I, I love that. That's really what you all are about, what you teach, what you share, what you hold space for, and keep doing more of it because it is amazing. And I thank everyone for listening.

If you wanna continue to follow the Meta Business Millennial and listen to guests like Will and Karen, follow us at the Meta Business Millennial on Instagram, also on my YouTube channel at Im Erin Patton, my website, the Meta, where you can find more resources and more information about metaphysics and how you can start to integrate more of this into your life, into your business.

I thank all of you again for watching, for listening. I love you so much. Peace.

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In the meantime, stay bright, my friends, much love and light peace.

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