BONUS EPISODE: Lies, Contracts, and Malevolent Entities

In this episode of The Skeptic Metaphysicians, Will and Karen interview a guest who has lived with Bushman healers in the Kalahari and yogis in the mountains of India, where he was caught living in a cave at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. The guest shares his spiritual experiences, including shamanic training, ritual work, and fasting for 34 days, and offers no-nonsense tips on how to avoid being manipulated or lied to on the spiritual path and how to rid oneself of soul contracts.

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In this episode, we discuss the dangers of blindly following a spiritual path without doing proper research and protection. Our guest shares his personal experience of being lied to and manipulated by otherworldly entities, and how he was able to break free from their grasp. We also touch on the importance of embodying the teachings of spiritual leaders like Jesus and Buddha, rather than simply inviting their spirits into our hearts.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Michael Falcone has a law degree from the University of Connecticut. After choosing not to pursue a career in law, he tried a little bit of everything before embarking on the spiritual path. In 2016, he trained with traditional healers in Zimbabwe, South Africa. He then trained with Bushmen healer Kunta Boo in Namibia in 2018, and from there moved on to India where he lived with yogis and searched for Mahavatar Babaji.

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Will: [00:00:00] Karen. Yes. Imagine spending three years living with Bushman healers in the Kalahari and Yogis in the mountains of India. Mm-hmm. Then imagine being caught living in a cave during the beginnings of Covid. Ooh. Now, what would these things possibly have in common? You might ask. I do ask that. Well, I'm glad you asked because it just so happens that this is precisely what our next guest.

experienced. Now living in a cave is not his only claim to fame. He's also had shamanic training and ritual work. He's studied with, noted gurus. He's fasted in the mountain for 34 days. Ooh. In short, he's really dedicated his life to the spiritual path. It sounds like it. Yep. And today he's coming to us with a very important message.

Can you guess what that

Karen: is? I have no idea that I'm dying to find out. Well,

Will: how can you be sure you aren't being manipulated or lied to on the spiritual path?

Karen: Ooh, by like another spirit,

Will: We're gonna get some no nonsense tips on how to do that [00:01:00] from him. But we're also gonna chat about how you can rid yourself of any soul contracts that might exist. Hmm. This is gonna be a fun one.

Karen: Well, I can't wait to hear about the cave.


Karen: Hey Will. Yes, Karen. You know how we always try to talk about the most uplifting stories and feature these incredible guests on the show? Yeah. We're always trying

Will: to raise the vibrations of the planet

Karen: we are. [00:02:00] And in doing so, every once in a while we'll happen upon someone who's having a bit of a struggle with that.

Hmm. we recently spoke with someone. Try as he might, was not able to really pull himself out of that lower frequency. And he had a really interesting story. Hmm. You're

Will: talking about, our guests for this week?

Karen: Yes. The man that lived in the cave.

Will: Mm. The man who lived in the cave. Yes.

Karen: So this is a completely different type of interview than we've ever done before. And I think that's one reason why it's important to put it out on the show.

Because not only in doing the show are we trying to give people some ideas of what different modalities are like and what some different experiences are like. We really want to show the whole gamut of possibilities of people's real.

Will: So what he experience has not been our experience and it's hopefully not an experience that anyone else we know has experienced because he had a really hard time.

Karen: He really did. And it seems like he's still having a bit of a hard time. So we're putting this out there hoping. All of you all will listen to it [00:03:00] and keep him in mind and help him to maybe raise his vibration, send him some positive energy and some

Will: love.

Yeah, if all of us that listen to the show do that for him, I'm sure will be able to help him overcome the deity that he says is out to get him.

Karen: There's no doubt about it. Now let's listen to his story.

Will: Welcome to the Skeptic Meta Physicians. I'm Will. And I'm Karen. And today we've got Michael Falcon in our studio. Now you might remember him as the American who was caught living in a cave at the very beginning of the Covid Pandemic, but what you don't know is how much work he's put into his own spiritual growth, and he's gonna let us in on the secret to identifying whether someone in the spiritual field might really be trying to help you or not.

Michael, welcome to the.

Michael: Thank you. It's nice to be here.

 Everything that you mentioned, like the fasting and the wilderness and stuff like that, those were all kind of tests.

And so when you said earlier, you know how to make sure you're not being lied to, I'm actually talking, not lied to from physical [00:04:00] being sitting in front of you that's trying to milk you, of your money and stuff. I'm talking about, you know, dreams, intuition, messages that are coming. I was right.

I'm sorry.

Will: So I'm just rarely right. Woo-hoo. That is so much better than I thought it was. Yes. So, yeah. Yes. Right. Well then in that case, let's go ahead and start at the very beginning how did you get to, I want to grow spiritually?

Michael: what Drove me to finding, the spiritual path was a completely broken heart.

A broken point. So, I was dropping weight for no reason. Like I, I was eating, but I was basically kind of sick. Apparently in, in the medical field. It is actually a thing like, you know, your heart breaks and yeah, it does have health ramifications. And, uh, I really needed healing.

And obviously a medical doctor wasn't gonna be able to help with this particular problem. So, I got a healing from like a chi hung master, which kind of helped a little bit, but it didn't really get everything done. and I ended up contacting and working with a shaman, that I kind of just [00:05:00] found online and was like, all right, you know, I don't know what else to do.

Karen: So you were just, Google searching some ways to get help because how do you go from a regular doctor to a chigong master? It's like, that's not just like a next step sort of thing. Did someone talk to you about this stuff or was it just you searching and searching?

Michael: I, I had a friend, at work that was really into Chigong, you know, so he led me to that.

Okay. from there, like I said, it was just a lot of searching. and one thing, this, man that I worked with Will, will tell people that he works with is, to knock on a lot of doors, be before you find what works for you. That's very true. And basically that's really been my story for a long time is knocking on a lot of doors.

And before I found what I thought was, okay, the path I'm supposed to be on and I'm going to Africa and India and all that. So,

Will: Did you find what you were looking for? So you, you studied with this shaman, you, participate in these rituals. was Shamanism what was calling to you?

Because the shaman path and the. [00:06:00] Gurus in India, for example, very different paths. Mm-hmm. how did those cross, how did you get to where you were

Michael: now? during that time, one of the shamans that I was working with would also say, well, in our society, you really can't just be a shaman.

You need something that is kind of your foundation, you know, so, for example, if I was a doctor, I can say, oh, I'm, you know, Michael Falcon, a doctor, and I'm also a shaman, so people take me seriously. In other words. Mm-hmm. during the beginning of this journey, I actually joined the military.

, I was discharged for a condition existing prior to service cuz of my finger. I guess the radio listeners won't be able to see that, but, one of my fingers is messed up. Mm. The ring finger, one of the tendons is messed up.

but anyways, after I was discharged from the military, like and I was very depressed. I, I had, Reentry depression is something that one of the shamans told me. I, I kind of had, you know, you spend a month in the wilderness or you spend a month in, you know, this or that, and you come back to reality, [00:07:00] quote unquote.

Mm-hmm. You know, the real world where you have to find a job and, and all that, and you're depressed because you know, you don't know what to do and nothing feels quite right. So during this time I just tried a very basic simple meditation and that meditation, I don't know, I guess I got it really right, but it just opened my heart completely and wow.

and I was kind of sitting there, you know, hating myself, and, uh, wishing something that would happen that would get me out of this mess. instead, an incredible wave of peace came over me and.

The thought that came to me that were kind of washed over me was that I would not make any more decisions based on what I thought others needed. And so that maybe is really the beginning of this transitioning over to the yogic path of the tiger where, know, you're, you're basically on your own, from the shamonic.

Will: Then, felt the need to go to India and study out there.

Michael: Well, right after this kind of awakening [00:08:00] experience, I mean, obviously personally everything changed. I didn't know exactly what I was going going to do with it.

but this is when, Moar, Babaji came to me in a very vivid dream. And didn't necessarily tell me to come find him. but, you know, I had a couple of dreams about it and then I had autobiography of a yogi sitting in my garage, went out, picked it up, and happened to turn to the page where he's talking about who the baba G is.

And I kind of like threw the book outta my hands. I was like, oh my God, that's, you know. That's him. Wow. And so from that point, you know, I started making plans, saving money. I was going to go to India, starting in Africa actually with the Bushman, because Hmm. that was always kind of on my bucket list. I guess I don't remember why that was always kind of first on the list, but

Will: how was the reception when you went to Africa and India and you said, Hey, I'm here to, to study with y'all.

you look very different than the Bushman [00:09:00] and the Indian gurus, so were you accepted right away? Was it, difficult? What was that experience like?

Michael: that was not so difficult. The, uh, the Africa story is really, so I spent my first two or two and a half weeks in af in Africa, waiting on new bank cards because I had been mugged and choked unconscious in Johannesburg.

Oh my gosh. Um, and so it really wasn't going smoothly. It doesn't sound like it, but, so I flew from Johannesburg to Vin Hook and um, I met someone on couch surfing up in the north of Namibia that turned out to be, missionaries in Bushman land. And when I got there, eight Bushmen were staying with them learning, you know, about the Bible and this and that.

Mm-hmm. And I said to one of them, oh, I'm looking for KU Taboo, who's the name of a Bushman? I had a very famous healer. And he said, yeah, you know, he's from my village. So when a couple of days later I traveled with him in a pickup [00:10:00] truck out to their village. I'm obviously paraphrasing a little bit, but I mean, you know, ever since I was mugged this like, just flowed, unbelievably smoothly.

Um, I was

Will: gonna say, you, you've got. Unbelievable courage, not just to just get in the back of a pickup truck with a bunch of bushmen and go out to who knows where, but also the story you sent me with the article, you actually just, you went along with some dude in Nepal who could very easily have absconded with you and everything that there is about you and you never or heard from again.

So I commend you for your courage, but. Whoa. Like h how did you, did you not, were you not worried at all? Like you not think of yourself? I'm could potentially be in danger

Michael: here? I was ready to give my life for this.

I mean, yeah, I was in, I was in trouble quite a few times. I bet, I got lost in the mountains at times. I was out in the, in the bush with the bushman and had hardly any food or water and stuff like that. but the main point I guess, is once this awakening happened and this [00:11:00] was the path, like that's how strongly I felt that this is what I'm supposed to be doing.

And I was

Karen: So you were willing to take any risks necessary because you knew this is where you had to.

Michael: Right, and as long as they were kind of on that path. Right. So not necessarily like careless risks. Well, yeah. But get to that goal. Right. Risks that I thought were necessary. Mm-hmm. Or, you know, to get where I had to go and if I thought I was in the right place.

I could not be dissuaded, you know, and one example would come up and one of the villages I was staying at in India, one thing that people maybe don't know about India, once you get to near the Chinese border, and you're a lone foreigner, everyone is very worried about you. You know it, it's not gonna look good if a foreigner dies in the mountains of India.

So, mm-hmm. At some point, these policemen were at this village, at this one village, and they were asking, they saw me and they were like, okay, where, where are your papers? Where's your permission? Who's responsible for you? And That was a common theme for me in India, was, who's [00:12:00] responsible for you?

You know? And, and as an American, it's kinda. What are you talking about? I'm an adult. I'm responsible for myself. but in India it's not like that. And so there were definitely times also, aside from the physical danger, was. you should not be here. You know, what are you doing here? Blah, blah, blah.

Will: Well, we are just getting started. we need to take a break, but when we come back, we are going to get into the nitty of the interview. Specifically, how can you be sure you're not being manipulated or lied to in a spiritual path? How you can get rid of soul contracts that can exist, and of course, The story of the cave when we come right back.

 And we're back. Today we've got Michael Falcon on the show. He is a gentleman who has thrown himself into wild and wooly adventures in the path, of enlightenment, including being found in a cave [00:13:00] right as The Covid Pandemic was first starting. we talked a lot. How you started going down this path, and now I'd like to take it to meat of the interview.

You mentioned that you knew of a way that you could be sure that you weren't manipulated or lied to on the spiritual path, and not about Joe Schmoe, who wants to take you 20 bucks on a tauro reading. You're talking about how you can be sure that beings that you encounter on the spiritual path aren't leading you astray.

Michael: yeah, in all of this backstory that I've just told, really the whole time I, I was being lied to. So that is, um, so be like to by. my dreams, Moar. Babaji is the name that is incorrect.

the real name is Shiva. And this also came in the form of Shamonic dreams, intuition. And if I, if I had to describe, talk about the dreams that I've had, on this path. And part of any good lie, right, is a lot of it is true. So a lot of the dreams that I would have are very [00:14:00] accurate or prophetic or whatever else, but the end line goal, was in fact a lie.

And just, I guess to give the punchline how I got rid of all this, far too late for me, was using ritual medicine that I have from Africa, from an initiated shaman, which is actually to dissolve these contracts, and I found a couple of other people online talking about this, that when a human being incarnates onto earth, we come in faced with the, you know, the head archon or Satan or whatever you want to call him, and we so, so, so technically

Will: in Archon is a, is a false angel, right?

Michael: I believe so. I, I mean, I'm not the crazy thing about this is that I'm not the first, I don't think the part of the confirmation I got for this sole contract thing is, uh, I don't know if you've heard of Jay Krishna Medi. Uh, so Jay Krishna Medi was [00:15:00] raised, you know, I think was brought a around and, um, nurtured by early women associated with, uh, the Theosophical, uh, society.

And one day, he's the head of this order that they created and things like that, and he gives a speech saying, I'm dissolving this order. You know, humanity needs to be free. and the follow on organization to the Philosophical society.

was the Summit Lighthouse led by, Claire Prophet, and they, they're all about connecting with ascended masters and all this stuff. one that they follow very closely is Master Coot Humie. I'm not sure if I'm saying that right. but then he says in his, channeled messages to members that, the soul enters thousands of contracts before it, Enters onto this earth. and so basically what I did was dissolve those and all the things that were happening to me. Most, most of them very, very bad. Towards the end, stopped. I haven't talking mostly about the good stuff for now. You know, the end [00:16:00] of the story was, quite a nightmare for me, but.

Karen: Bef before we go any further, I wanna take just a step back and say, how do you, how did you find out you were being lied to? Like, what, what led you to just stop believing this was the right path for you? How did you know that you needed to dissolve these contracts?

Michael: oh man. Okay, so this is a long story.

from most of the time, things were very, very, Good for me. You know, there were times in the mountains, you know, I had, I hadn't drank in three years. I, I, I didn't eat meat for three years, you know, I was very disciplined and there were sometimes I felt so good that I just felt like celebrating. Like, if I had a glass of wine, you know, I would take a drink just to celebrate how happy I was.

And a lot of the tests that I was put through, say for example, the fasting and the wilderness test, I failed it. You know, so I know that was my fault. And I came back, from the mountains down to Rishikesh. and there were all sorts of times like that where, you know, I kind of knew like the test I was being put through, and the messages and things that were being sent to me.

And I always [00:17:00] kind of knew what was, what I was doing wrong or like what I messed up. then at some point, Slash whoever else was involved in this, started manipulating things for me to get together with a woman. Um, and one thing I've learned by the way, is that these archons, whatever they are, nothing attracts their attention more than relationships. and so now the test was, To be with this woman as opposed to him, like, so getting together with this woman and then we would both kind of be disciples of Babaji.

at some point I failed in this endeavor to the point where she left, you know, we were both in Rishikesh. She took off with friends into the mountains, you know, herself. And, um, I said, you know, It's either with her or I'm done. I failed. You know, you involved someone else. And at that point I realized I was being lied to,[00:18:00] about things that were going on.

a lot of the tests that were being, I was being sent were just complete nonsense. And I know a lot of this is hard to imagine, but when I say tests, you know, I'm talking. Say if I went to sleep at say, eight o'clock, having dreams from eight in the morning until 6:00 AM about, you know, what I was supposed to do, where I was supposed to go, meditation, this and that, in addition to, Visions during the day while I was awake, messages coming intuitively, and at this point I knew I could kind of gather, you know, that things were not right.

And once I started to, not to disobey, so actually disobeying these messages is what made me realize, whoa, this is really wrong. Cuz this being now it's angry and vengeful and spiteful. It's like having, instead of, you know, pleasant dreams and good feelings, all of a sudden it's like I have something in my, in my dreams.

That's just. Very, very angry. Let me just make sure

Will: I, I'm [00:19:00] following. When you started on the spiritual path, you were getting dreams and you started, I guess, devoting your path towards this particular entity, this being.

Michael: well, I thought that I was in pursuit of an ascended man.

You know, someone like say a, a Buddha or a Jesus. Mm-hmm. Okay. And I don't, I don't think that is the case at all. I don't think this was an actual person. This

Will: turned out to be a being who then became very angry when, when you decided to turn your back on it.

Michael: Yeah.

Will: so my question would, be, what was the point of that being sending you these dreams or lying to you about a particular path?

Is it they just got energy from being a disciple of his

Michael: Well, that, that really is the million dollar question because, uh, I mean, you know, I'm pretty much a nobody, I hold absolutely no real world power. So it makes, which is another reason that I think, These are not in fact physical beings because otherwise [00:20:00] surely a physical being would have something better to do than mess with me.

but all again, if you look at the Christian medi story, what he was supposed to be was the vehicle for the Lord Myre to enter the world. And so that's kind of what I believe is I was supposed to be the vehicle for Shiva to enter the world. That's speculation. I'm not sure what else would make sense for why he would care so much, right?

Mm-hmm. About someone like me. So then how does

Will: someone. Watch out for that. How can someone, you hear a lot about the new age movement and meditations and all this 5G consciousness ascension, all this that we're all waking, up to. How can you tell when, when you're being led astray, first and second, how do you prevent it from.


Karen: stop it once it

Michael: started. Okay. well, my recommendation would be is if you are being sent dreams, you know, that come true or about other people, or you feel like you really are in, you know, connection [00:21:00] with, you know, other worldly entities.

do these rituals first. Make sure that, there are no contracts that allow you to be led astray, lied to or manipulated. So I would, I would do that as a baseline, which is why, and one thing for me on the spiritual path is if I kind came across a piece of truth or something, something that need really needed to be shared.

I have to share it. You know, for example, if I was sent a dream for someone else, it was my responsibility to relay that. And so that's, that's really why I've decided to, you know, do podcasts is to, well, I mean, I don't know how many people are ever gonna hear this message, but I feel like I somewhat responsible.

Uh, knowing this to at least get it out there.

Will: Sure. Mm-hmm. Sure. So then how does someone move forward on this path without fear? Like how do you open your heart to these kinds of things? How do you let Jesus or Buddha or whatever into you knowing that there are these entities out there

Michael: [00:22:00] well, I, I think I want to answer that is that what you want to do is open your heart so that. The same spirit of Jesus is embodied through you. now, I mean if it, if it does, if that does mean to you that I need to literally let the spirit of a being called Jesus into my heart, then like I say, I would still at least do these rituals to make sure as that process is happening like nothing.

malevolent can come in, certainly not contractually, and if things do come in, there are usually ways to, get them out or mitigate what's happening to you. but in the case of, uh, Jesus a Buddha, as I say, I would, uh, more advocate for what you're doing is trying to open your own heart. And embody, you know, kind of the Jesus consciousness through your heart.

Will: So, I, I'm assuming these medicines you're you keep talking [00:23:00] about is the way for you to cancel these soul contracts that we have been talking about?

Michael: Yeah, and I, I will say that I've come across a couple of people that have meditation protocols for this. That, you know, I assume take a number of weeks or months.

this was me having this, um, very powerful spirit medicine was kind of a shortcut. got it done pretty quickly. And I, as I mentioned before, I don't know if you caught it, but I got it. I got this medicine from an initiated shaman. Mm-hmm. So in other words, this medicine comes from someone with a sole con contract in essence.

To dispose, to act as a shaman, to dispose medicine, to, you know, interpret dreams, whatever the case may be. So in other words, he is contracted, he's legit. He's legit. Right, right. So in other words, if I found the same medicine, now I am on the [00:24:00] spiritual crap list. So I, I could never be

Will: Thank thanks for, uh, changing the name of the list too.

Crap. Yeah.

Michael: I, I mean, I really am. So I could never be a, you know, tm, a shaman, TM or whatever. Um, so now is this

Will: because of them or because of you? Because I would say don't cut yourself out. Like, don't cut yourself short, because anyone can change. Anyone can make themselves better than what they were before.

Michael: Well, having this contract to be a shaman through these contracts. I can't have that. I've cut the contract thing out. And the second thing is, for as much as my life is, you know, gotten better, and a lot of the attack that was happening to me has gone away.

my dreams, 100% of my dreams for the past two years have all been still nightmares and clearly not my own. Clearly sent from, as I say, these beings are extremely [00:25:00] vindictive. They do not forget am on the crap list. That is, that is one thing I have not been able to change. Hmm.

Will: So, well, you know what they say, health has no fury, like a scorned spiritual, being.

So, yeah, I, I can imagine they could make your life a little, little difficult, if you if you cross them. Yeah. Kinda scary. Now, so my background is I'm Hispanic, so in my culture we have like eros, which, which you can go and get something like this kind of cleansed out of you. Have you considered doing something like that to get this thing off your.

Michael: so, as I say, like all of that is gone, you know, and, and I, I can very firmly distinguish, what's me and, and what. so like I say, the only thing that remains is the dreams.

and I, I don't really know why. I don't know how I could possibly get rid of that. I, I also don't know how that's possible to be sent dreams like this, but Um, I don't know if anyone. Where he knows the physics of it, how that's actually possible, but[00:26:00]

 Another thing, so this Master Khumi, as he's talking through members of the Summit Lighthouse, will say, if you are a true initiate or a true, candidate to be, you know, whatever electrodes are placed in your field or your aura, and I have no idea what he means by electrode.

But that's the language that he uses and that's literally what it felt like. Hmm. Um, I don't know if you're familiar, I mean, there's a lot of ways actually I can kind of describe using movies or what it was like for me. but you've seen the cartoons with, you know, you've got like an angel on your one shoulder and a little devil on the other.

Mm-hmm. Yep. Story of my life. Well, they say in India, I can't remember which shoulder it is, but they say Shiva, you know, sits on one of your shoulders. and that's really what it was like, you know, it wasn't, it was mostly like someone around me or behind me. a lot of the time. And then when things were very bad, I don't know if you've saw X-Men apocalypse.

Will: I'm a big comic book fan, so, yep. I've seen them.

Michael: Well, do you remember when Apocalypse was trying [00:27:00] to take over the consciousness of Charles Xavier? That's what this, the bad times were like for, for me, like being, trying something was trying to take me over like that. I was always still there like this, me in front of you was always still here just with something trying to take it over.

Will: That sounds awful. you've mentioned Shiva a few times and the Shiva that I know about is, known as the Destroyer in Hindu tradition. but also, the Supreme Lord that. Creates, protects, transforms the universe, like a God. But you are kind of making that, being out to sound much more like a devil than a God.

Is that your intent?

Michael: Yeah. and very Well, as I say, vindictive, um, jealous. Definitely jealous. Jealousy is often a big theme when you're talking about gods, I feel like from whatever culture. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. but jealous, vindictive. And also, uh, another thing that led me to believe that these are not. [00:28:00] physical entities is kind of stupid also.

and what I mean by that, I, I can describe this to you in comic book terms as well. Um, have you seen the Watchmen? Oh yeah. Love the watchmen. Well, you know, so Dr. Manhattan, you know, he undergoes that, radioactive accident and he becomes this kind of, I don't know, fourth or fifth dimensional being, but he kind of loses touch with humanity and reality, and he becomes kind of morally questionable.

you know, when he kills Roach at the end. and so when I say these beings are stupid, they're kind of, they're stupid in a way. Is if you didn't have a three-dimensional body mm-hmm. If you didn't have consequences, right. For your actions. So I would

Will: say that maybe instead of calling a all powerful being stupid, maybe naive might be a better term to

Michael: throw around there.

I wanna make it more mad. Yeah. Sorry. Um, naive

Will: or, uh Oh, ego driven.

Michael: [00:29:00] Yeah. Well, it's definitely not, I mean, maybe partially ego driven, but I think, lost ego.

Will: Sorry, E even ignorant might be better than stupid. I, I mean, it just feels like you're poking the bear a little

Michael: too much, you know? Yeah.

Okay. I'm sorry. Uh, I guess there might be a little bit of, uh, leftover bitter

Karen: bitterness,

Michael: yeah, Well, I mean, I think when I think about all this fist dimensional stuff and 3D reality and what we are doing here and all the ramifications of that, I think this 3D reality really enables, a lot of the, I mean, we are capable of a huge spectrum of emotion, uh, incredible reasoning and thought processes.

because we live, you know, we're having to eat and, you know, go to the bathroom and we, you know, make money and this and that. They're very real consequences to our actions. And so I think if, you know, say [00:30:00] I were to undergo a radioactive experiment and become a fifth dimensional being that you know, I, okay. Better than stupid. Yeah. Right. I would lose touch with that reality. There you go. But I think also, lose touch. What it's like to be in that reality, what it's like for other people. So maybe that means the loss of empathy, maybe in some situations it also means a desire. Like let's say, you know, you've read a drug trip about someone that is completely egoless and is really just looking for, how do I get back to that 3D grounded reality?

Mm-hmm. So if you're in a situation like that after undergoing this radioactive experiment, you know, what would you become, or what would you lose? and that, I, I think these beings that we're talking about because they are not grounded in a 3D reality, and part are jealous of it. Jealous is definitely the right word in this case.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Uh, perhaps seeking to return to it. and as, and as [00:31:00] I said before, nothing seems to attract their attention more than relationships. you know, one thing we learned from the Bible is the, the fallen angels came down to earth because women were so beautiful. I mean, but not a.

It's not a lie. They are. But yeah, so I, I think desire, their desire, I think for a 3D reality from whatever state that they're in, has, lost a lot in that transition and whatever caused that transition. I, you know, I'm. Sure.

Will: really super interesting thought process and conversation, but now we got to get to the nitty right?

The question that opened the entire episode. How did you get into that damn cave?

Michael: okay. So I mentioned before that I failed the test In the mountains fasting because on day 34, a group of geologists came over the ridge and they offered me a bunch of food and I ate a bunch of food.

Cuz you were hungry. Um, I mean, 34 days. [00:32:00] That's,

Karen: that's a wind to me.

Will: That's a lot of days. A lot of days. Yeah. Anything over a day is a wind to me. How long was it

Michael: supposed to be? part of the messages coming to me were that this happened by the way, on six six, which I thought, you know, okay, this is the Day of the beast, right?

Mm-hmm. And my birthday was six 10, so I kind of had like a premonition that is supposed to last until six 10. But of course it ended on six six though. There was no, you were four days away. Oh my gosh. So close. Well, and thi I I, I've often wondered too, like, what if I ever succeeded on this path? You know, what if, um, it's almost, by the way, I failed so many times.

It's almost as if something was keeping me from, huh? It's,

Will: it's like you, you won by losing. Yeah. And also it sounds like someone or something was watching over you, making sure you did win by losing, right? So as much as we're talking about these. beings. They're selfish uh, beings. Yeah, they're, you gotta, [00:33:00] you gotta think there's something else out there too that's not quite

Michael: so petty.

Oh, well, I mean, I could also very easily say at this point that I don't, I, I think it would be very hard to live without faith. Of something in this universe being as sure as fragile as we are in this 3D reality, eating and having to go to the bathroom and all this, and the power that I've seen that can be wielded over us.

Mm-hmm. Like I say, I think it's, uh, it's very hard. It would be very hard to live without faith. anyway, so I, I also was sent on a pilgrimage through the mountains. That was three months walking from Ladoc to Kaar. Where I was mostly alone, going through High Mountain passes and stuff like that. And when I got to Kitna, I was supposed to meet him.

Up at a lake in the mountains and I was supposed to wait again, kind of this waiting game. Fasting snowstorm moved in, I left, I failed. Um, I mean, it's

Will: cold. Yeah,

Michael: you lived, [00:34:00]

Karen: it was cold. That's a win to me.

Michael: So, um, anyway, after the, after I failed the fasting test, there were a whole bunch of different tests.

I, I'm getting the chronology a, a bit mixed up, I came down to Rishi Cash. Again, with a mind that maybe, you know, what am I gonna do now? Because winter's coming. and I had gone to Nepal, you know, a couple of winters before, because you can't really be in the mountains in India in the winter my visa was expiring.

Mm-hmm. So I needed a place to hang out in Nepal. That's why I found the house for six months. as I was in Rishikesh, wondering what the hell to do, the heck to do. the message came that you are a disciple of Moha, avatar Babaji. He's accepted you now. All that there is is to meet him. And the masters of Light and Darkness are going to play a game of chess that you have to win.

Oh, oh my God. Yeah.

Will: I'm out.

Michael: So, so every, and describing [00:35:00] just even a single night during this time of what was happening to me and how, you know, the energy and everything, I, you know, I probably couldn't do it. Hmm. But so this game was every night and every morning. And I failed every, every morning, by the way.

So once again, it's like almost not possible to fail as much as I did. and then of course, this is going into 2020 and, uh, March comes around. Covid is kind of a, you know, I'm kind of aware of it from the newspapers and stuff. Mm-hmm. But the police, um, come around to hotels and guest houses. Do not take any more people.

We don't want people traveling from out of state. Mm. Right. And I was the only guest in my guest house, so on, you know, March 18th or something, I went to re-up my stay and they said, you know, you can't stay here anymore. The police are on our back or whatever. So I just started, you know, I was living outside, basically sleeping on the, uh, on the GOs by the Ganga.

[00:36:00] And, uh, happened to meet a couple of other people that were in a similar kind of situation. Um, like I said, the guest houses wouldn't take anywhere else. T take anyone else. Mm-hmm. So I couldn't find another place to stay. So there were initially about nine of us that moved out to this cave slash the beach of the river.

So, and we were, by the way, we were, we were pretty good out there. We were having a good time. We didn't wanna be found, I mean, we were 99% outside, you know, bathing in the river and cooking our own food and. And, and really isolated.

Will: You were isolated, so you were safe from the virus at that point?

Michael: Yeah.

Pretty, pretty isolated. Yeah. So I mean, a couple of us would walk to town every morning, buy some food and come back. Mm-hmm. Um, but yeah, pretty isolated.

Will: so when they found you, they said, What are you doing here? What happened? Did they then, charge you with a crime or did they send you home?

What, what happened after that?

Michael: Uh, they didn't charge us with a crime. They probably [00:37:00] would've liked to, as I said, you know, one of the top brass and the police, you know, looked at me, you know, pretty angry and was like, who will be responsible for you? And, uh, You know, once again, like I said, you know, foreign or dying on the beach of the Ganga would not look very good.

They didn't want that. so they just, they just quarantined us. Um, it was supposed to be for two weeks. We ended up being there for three. I guess they just didn't know what to do with us really. So, and kind of locked us in there and forgot about us. now

Will: When you, when you reemerged, were you shocked at how bad it actually was

Michael: everywhere? No. Um, no. So India was divided into, uh, red, green and orange zones, I think. And I, I was in a green zone, so, we were moved to another ashram after that and we were pretty much free to come and go and, I had been used to living in mountains and caves, so my life wasn't much different.

You know, I just kind of went for walks, you know, down to where we had been staying before and. Things were [00:38:00] fairly open. They weren't completely open, but they didn't seem very bad where I was. So I never really experienced Covid. I was, I kind of feel left out. No,

Will: you were, no, you did not miss anything. Yeah, no worries.

Alright, Michael, thanks so, so much for coming on and telling us your story. This has been fascinating, so interesting. If anyone wanted to reach out to you and contact you, we're gonna go ahead and put.

your social media links, on our show notes. your story is fascinating, and one that I'm sure a lot of people are probably gonna resonate with. Mm-hmm. So, uh, thanks for coming

Michael: on. Thank you.

Will: Well, thanks for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website at or on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic Metaphysician Podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them.

It will help get the word out about us, and it may just change someone's life for the better. [00:39:00] And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, well, not to worry. All of our shows, including this one, can be where you can also watch the videos or you can send us an email or voicemail directly from the site.

We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of The Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take care.

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Michael Falcone has a law degree from the University of Connecticut. After choosing not to pursue a career in law, he tried a little bit of everything before embarking on the spiritual path. In 2016, he trained with traditional healers in Zimbabwe, South Africa. He then trained with Bushmen healer Kunta Boo in Namibia in 2018, and from there moved on to India where he lived with yogis and searched for Mahavatar Babaji.