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SummaryDoes someone open themselves up to parasites from beyond this world when practicing metaphysical modalities? Our next guess says YES! Learn from whom and HOW to protect yourself while on your journey of discovery on this episode. This is...

SummaryDoes someone open themselves up to parasites from beyond this world when practicing metaphysical modalities? Our next guess says YES! Learn from whom and HOW to protect yourself while on your journey of discovery on this episode. This is another of our more controversial episodes so be warned! 2/15/2022The Skeptic MetaphysicianMysteries of the Unseen World"Everything that you've ever heard of existed,  exists. And if you practice and train yourself, you can make conscious contact. And here's the thing about demons; If you expect them to be a nightmare, they're going to be a nightmare. If you expect them not to be, then they're just like any other deity that you can interact with in the unseen world."  --Benton RyerAbout our Guest:Benton Ryer is a healer and mage whose power is rooted in ancient esoteric traditions. He performs his healings, incredibly, through Instagram where he has 100s of testimonials from the individuals he has healed for free.Check out his book here:The Shores of Eternity: A Memoir of Sorcery Vol IGuest Info:Website: bentonryer.comTwitter: @bentonryerInstagram: @bentonryerFacebook: @bentonryerYouTube: @UCXtYQzqzVXE1m6PsBSm_oJQLike the show? We'd love to hear your thoughts! Please rate/review the show here: Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

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Benton Ryer

Will: [00:00:00] Karen, I can't say I'm excited this time. I think I'm a little nervous this time actually. 

Karen: I'm right there with you. 

Will: So he builds himself as guests, as our first shadowy figure. And in trying to do research on this person.

there's not a lot out there. Is that he is a healer and he's amazed, amazed. When have you heard that term? Last? It's 

Karen: been a long time. 

Will: . He's coming on the show to talk to us about all kinds of personal experiences he has with the seen and the unseen.

And I honestly have no idea what to expect. So strap your seatbelts on, because here we go


Will: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician Benton Ryer, Benton. Thanks so much for coming on the show today. 

Benton Ryer: course. Glad to be here. 

Will: so Benton we should let everyone know that when you reached out to us you offered before we did the interview, you wanted to do a clearing for Karen and I, which you did yesterday.

And I think that's probably the best place to start, W you bill yourself as a healer. So how do you heal people and, of what and why. 

Benton Ryer: I just do it, I guess, because I can. And as far as how that's a long story in itself, but I call on higher powers to work through me and heal who I would like to heal, where it should be in.

Karen: When did you know that you had this ability?[00:02:00] 

Benton Ryer: I've always had abilities, but I really started healing. People pursue the pandemic, just because all the material outside based on sorcery, it's all very internal type gnosis type of art form. But I seem to have the ability to. Really affect the physical world with it and grounded in reality.

As you experience, 

Will: not only is he mysterious in his responses, for those of you who are watching the video, you see, he he's actually, he's dressed like a ninja and he did tell us he was coming on, dressed as a ninja. Benton are you comfortable letting us know why you're keeping your, your identity hidden?

Benton Ryer: Yeah. I think it's better this way, at least for now, you know, there's lots of people there while. I mean, there's a few people who I can think of that have different abilities that are pretty concrete and they've tried it throw [00:03:00] away and Can be public about it and I've seen how that worked out for them.

So it's better that I do it this way. I need to do something else. Hmm. Okay. 

Will: . So you are. Reaching out to higher powers to help you heal folks. And on your Instagram, if you go to your Instagram page and we'll add a direct link on our show notes so that you can go check them out for yourself, there are a lot of testimonials on there, and then you.

You do these healings for free, but you're not charging people to do these healings and there's tons and tons and tons of testimonials on there that you've posted of people, whether they're video testimonials or written testimonials saying how they have been helped by you. I mean, that's super commendable, but most people that, that perform Reiki, energy healings, or any kind of healings like that, do it as part of, of how they make a living.

Right. So, what prompted you to do this and offer it to people [00:04:00] for 

Benton Ryer: free? It's not Reiki. Sorry. Probably because I'm frozen at dealer where people for free is one of the reasons why I can do it. It's not something that is designed for me to be able to enrich myself with. So I don't, I have other talents and I use that stuff.

As a matter of fact, if I ever trying to charge people for healing and having seminars. And charging at the door. Like some of these people channeling presences. I wouldn't be able to do what I do.

And I make, I make no, I make no claim to the legitimacy or lack thereof. I think that, especially in the spiritual and metaphysical communities people need to be held to scrutiny a little bit more.

I'm speaking at a expo next month, you know, in the same type of garb I'm in now. So don't expect that I want people to expect to see me, but [00:05:00] you know, there's a lot of people doing this and just by how they describe it I know that they're just making it up just to get money.

Karen: So, did you, once you realize you had these abilities, did you have any sort of training or a mentor or did you just kind of work it out on your own? 

Benton Ryer: A little bit of both. I had a mentor, but a lot of it you have to kind of work out on your own. You have to do lots of reading you, can't not read books, you know, especially ancient times.

the ancients really knew what they were talking about when they were talking about spirits. And I see people in the modern day, especially, they kind of speculate that the ancients didn't know what they were talking about, but they didn't, they don't know what they knew and didn't know, and they knew more than them.

And I'm certain about. 

Karen: Yeah. And I believe that I think we have [00:06:00] so much stuff in the world now that kind of is distracting. So in the ancient times, when there was less, you know, technology and kind of visual noise, it was probably, they were able to focus better. 

Benton Ryer: Ah ha you have, cause the people that devoted themselves at the temples, they had nothing else to do to, except for, they didn't have anything else to do.

Because what would happen to his low locals when it really bothered them? Soldiers would advance when an either. And if someone somebody had some type of injury or some type of element and the physicians couldn't handle it, they go to the temple and ask someone like me to channel one, the guts to see what they can do to help.

Karen: So is that then what you're doing you're channeling gods, as opposed to channeling energy, or do you consider that the same? Like how does that 

Benton Ryer: work for you? That's not, it's not the same. It's per it's for sure not to say. 

Will: Yeah. I've seen some things on your Instagram where you actually talk about the [00:07:00] fact that it's not the same, it's different than Reiki, energy and things like that. And, and that what you do is actually so much stronger than these types of things. So I guess it's a. Segue into what our experience was because we, we did undergo a healing from you yesterday each of us individually, and you do this through Instagram, which is one of, one of the most interesting things about it, but because you would think you have to be on the phone or do you do a video chat or something, but we don't, we actually just texted on Instagram, which was super interesting.

And you had to just lay down and relax and you got to. Karen, can you tell us about your experience? Well, so 

Karen: I screwed it up. I just, you know, I was so like focused on doing it right. That I did it wrong. And so, you know, he's like lay back and observe and I'm thinking, okay, so I need to look at the phone.

So the whole time I was, I was laying back, but I had my hands kind of up in my phone, in my hands. And I was like, kind of waiting and watching. [00:08:00] And then. It was after that, that I kind of told him that I screwed up and he was very kind and gave me a few more minutes in which that time I did it, I think I did it the right way.

So for me, the first time I did feel like a weird pressure on my stomach. So, and I, haven't not knowing what to expect. I I'm assuming that's kind of what. I was receiving the second time it was kind of similar. I didn't, I didn't really feel a lot, but yesterday, all day I had had a pretty bad pain in my shoulder and like, I couldn't lift it up more than halfway.

I don't know where it came from and it, I don't have it today. So I assuming that, that, that was the healing. So even though I didn't really know what to feel. It worked, 

Will: if that makes sense. Well, that's interesting because when I had mine afterwards, Benton and I talked about the fact that maybe the energy was being saved for me because I felt a lot more.

 And I also didn't know what to expect. Well, you and I didn't really talk about what you guys did. So we all, each went into it cold and. [00:09:00] Everyone knows I am the skeptic in the group. I'm the one going. Okay. Yeah. But how can you be sure. Right. So I am going to give my disclaimer, I've got no idea.

If my mind was just making this stuff up or whether it was actually feeling it, but after the session I did send. To Benton what I felt in the hopes that he would confirm that this was indeed what I supposed to have been feeling and to his true character, self, he was very cryptic. Didn't say anything.

So let me just share with you what happened. Right? The very first thing, when I laid down and he said, relax, and I immediately felt pressure in an area of my body where I have. Problem in. So immediately felt that there it was a, it was an energy. And then from there, it like, it jumped to my head specifically my eyes and then my midsection and back to that other area that we, that we have an issue with.

And then it's the, these are the weirdest things. Right. So bear with [00:10:00] me. Cause it it's weird to me. I, as I was lying there, I felt like I was being lifted. Not lifted up completely, but like, like my torso, my head and my, my chest w like I was bending at the waist, but I wasn't bending at the waist, but that's how it felt like, and then I felt like all of a sudden I was sinking into the bed.

Like the bed was sucking me in. Yeah, no, it was very strange. Again, I don't know if this is all in my head or if I was just being relaxed enough and that's what was happening or if this is really what I was feeling, but I'm just sharing my experience from there. My legs started throwing. Like, no pulsing, like to the, to my heartbeat.

And I've never felt this before. I've laid down millions of times in my lifetime, and I've never felt, I've never felt the blood pulse through my legs, to the beat of my heartbeat, the way this was happening. Then I suddenly started having a hard time before. Yeah, Nope. I'm telling you, I don't know what to think of this, but I started, I had a, it wasn't like, I was like, oh, like dying for breath.

But I felt like [00:11:00] I had to really work to breathe all of a sudden. And then all of a sudden it was a massive release, like a tidal wave that just my entire body just made me, made me relax, relaxed, my entire being. It was very strange. And then it goes on my right leg, started feeling like he was. My right calf, then my left hand went slightly cold.

Almost like if it was numb, how do you remember all this? I wrote it down and I sent it all to him. So I'm reading it off the texts that I sent to Benton because I needed to get some sort of validation. And then he said, And I wa I mean, my, my first reaction to him was, was wow.

In separate texts, because I like what the hell just happened to me. Right. So, Benton, can you clear this up? What the hell happened in my, in my, making it up? Or is this really what I was supposed to 

Benton Ryer: have felt That's correct. You're not you weren't making it up.

Karen: Wow. So why do you think his experience [00:12:00] was so different from, 

Benton Ryer: Because probably because he had some problems and spirits wanted to save my energy for him, but I mean, and also, also too, probably because it was just your shoulder, you know, you didn't need that much.

Karen: You know, it's weird. I just remembered this. I just remember the second time when you said, you know, try it again for five more minutes. I laid down and like on its own, my shoulder like shifted over and I'm like, huh, that was weird. I just remembered that. And that was the one that was feeling bad. That's feeling better.

Wow. See don't question. It will just accept 

Will: it.

I don't know whether I'm making this shit up or whether it's real, but this is what my experience was, whether it was real or not. That's where my, what my experience was. So to me it was a fantastic experience. Like I didn't know what to expect. I felt a lot and afterwards, I didn't know what to think.

And I still don't, to be honest with you, but I'm curious,[00:13:00] you have a lot of experience with this kind of thing, but you also have a lot of experience with, I mean, you, you build yourself as a shadowy figure, right? So let's, let's tackle that topic. What makes you a shadowy figure 

Benton Ryer: in your mind?

Uh, I don't know. I just don't want to be that public. I do other things. I don't want to be known that healer guy on TV that heals people and I see how much any of those guys get. I don't need it. It's going to impede me. I need to keep my Zed. And if I keep my eyes in, I get to master what I'm doing now.

There's a big, there's a big thing. Another thing that happens with, you know, very spiritual people that have sort of abilities, they figure they don't, they have no idea how they can sort of improve it. They kind of think all this, my [00:14:00] ability, and this is one I always have, but they don't really, you know, try to.

Take it up some notches, which they can or try to open up other abilities. They just think it just happens. But through study and training, you can sort of, better yourself and grow into a lot more, which is what I'm trying to do. And I need my piece for that.

Will: Now you have some experience with what we consider the unseen world, ? Your book, in fact, we're going to talk about that in a second, but your book is called the shores of eternity it is part mystery and adventure part. It's a memoir of sorcery in his volume one.

And apparently it's a, it's a start of a deeply personal journey into an unseen world. And the cover of the book is very intriguing. So based on the fact that it's called a memoir of sorcery, what can you tell us about. [00:15:00] What don't we know that's out there that people should know, or maybe they don't want to know 

Benton Ryer: there's lots of stuff.

So one thing that people often seem to do a lot is they take what they experience and they pull it into their existing belief system. Which you know, that doesn't really, that's never made much sense to me because of the size of the universe is full, which is endless by the way. Is full of that many possibilities.

So there's, so there's never just one thing. There's lots of things. There's different dimensions. There's different realms. There's countless spirits. It goes on and on and on. And when you take this path and you open yourself up to everything it's not stopped. It's almost restless.

Will: What kinds of things can people expect to read [00:16:00] about what, what kind of experiences have you had? 

Benton Ryer: No dead people, ancient gods agent goddesses things for this first one, things like this, things like that

angels to ease associated with. No, it's not like the look is another one of those limited views that people take on. This is how things are, as a matter of fact more than anything else, I've had more trouble getting on witchcraft podcasts, some of the big ones, because I'll look at what I do.

And because they can't do it, they dismiss everything that they read on my profile or what anyone else says, just because they have that narrow view. What they do. What's possible

Will: You're talking about limiting beliefs like religion and Wicca is a religion. But there's also a Druids. There's all kinds of different ancient mages and sourcers and all kinds of [00:17:00] stuff that We don't know about, 

Benton Ryer: There's people active. They just can't necessarily do what I do, how I do it, they do it on an internal type of metaphysical astrol basis. Although there are some that I found that can do it in the physical, but unfortunately they don't do use it to heal people.

Most of them use it to do other stuff,

you know, attack and control because it's easier. It's easier. 

Will: And we've had people come on that have told us stories of what they've seen after they've died or come close to near death experiences and things like that. And they have talked to us about all kinds of unseen things.

On your website. I noticed that one of your blogs talks about was 

a medical demon and the personal doctor to the better known demonic hierarchy. when you talk about the unseen, is that what [00:18:00] you're talking about demons, angels, that kind of stuff. 

Benton Ryer: Yeah. There's everything. Everything that you've ever heard of existed, exists.

And you can, and, if you practice and train yourself, you can make conscious contact. And here's the thing about demons. If you expect them to be a nightmare, they're going to be a nightmare. If you expect them not to be, then it's just, there's just like any other deity that you can interact with. In the unseen world.

Now I know people are going to run wild with speculation about that statement I just made, but just having a conversation is just having a conversation and it doesn't mean that they're necessarily going to try to ruin your life or destroy you. That's Hollywood. That's how religion sees it.

In the perspective from a religious lens, not all demons are evil.

As a matter of fact, in ancient Greek literature, some demons were evil and some are good, and it's just as valid as any other [00:19:00] religious texts. 

Karen: what makes, or what constitutes a demon? Like why would. Entity be called a demon. 

Benton Ryer: You know, that's, that's, that's a good question. You know, there's not much difference.

They, it just depends on what the Browns are from they're different races. They're like they look different, you know, I guess maybe because they have horns, but some of them are. Some demons are very, very light natured and some of them are more dark natured. As a matter of fact, what you would consider an angel there's more evil angels than there would be evil demons.

That's not saying one is more than the other. That's just the nature of reality. 

 a lot of times too, what you'll see is when say, you know, there's a story of demonic possession. The priest or whoever else taking care of what they're taking care of things that they're doing, let's say to, but it's almost always something [00:20:00] else. In cases of possession, if it's a more mature.

Even if it's very malicious, if it's a more mature ancient demon that's maybe, or even angel to angels possessed humans also maybe 300, 400,000 years old, they'll actually live through that person and the human rural, then not charge, not cause too much ruckus. And it's the ones that are very young, that really can't control themselves.

And you see kind of spinning out and things like that. No yelling and talking on tones and making a big scene.

Can you exercise too? Oh yeah, they can. So they can be exercise. But what happens too is especially when drugs are in play. What it does is open the doorways into the mind's eyes so wide that it can never be. That's why a lot of people who've developed schizophrenia over drug use here. These voices not stop at torture up.

And I [00:21:00] can't even help them after that.

Will: So the trick is to catch it early. 

Benton Ryer: absolutely love the longer than it's going on. The stronger the entity can dig in.

Karen: So, how does an entity get into somebody's 

Benton Ryer: just happened? It mostly just happens. You know, if you, if you really lower your vibration, it makes it easier like drunk people. You know, it's easier for them to enter drugs, especially, and some people sometimes are just so sensitive that they're just in the wrong place at the wrong.

Will: So then that brings up a question because we've heard a lot these days about things like Iowasca and DMT in that kind of stuff. Those are fall into the purposes, drugs that alter your consciousness. Is that something that could potentially in your estimation, open you up to some sort of. 

Benton Ryer: Yes, this is not the way the way to do it as naturally.

You want to open yourself up naturally so you can control it. If you do it uncontrolled, [00:22:00] you have no control. What interacts with you.

Will: I knew I didn't want to take drugs for a reason. Karen. Now I know why. 

Benton Ryer: . As a matter of fact, they pay 80% of people that practice, and I'll try to practice magic. They either get very depressed or I'd say more, maybe 90, 95, they get very depressed or they go crazy. Because they don't really practice it. Right. They don't practice it as a discipline that needs to be practiced every day, which is why you see these Tibet and time monks, who very, very devoted themselves to their cause.

You have to do it that way because what happens too, when you, and I say this to my interviews a lot when you Make an attempt at a metaphysical life. You send off a signal in the astrol rail. And what that does is get to everything there's attention saying that, Hey, [00:23:00] this person is an energy source that we can feed, or I can feed off of,

Will: So anyone who practices metaphysics becomes one of these lanterns or is it someone who does Iowasca DMT and goes to those 

Benton Ryer: extremes? Both. Both. If somebody has any natural ability, they set off that flare the people that do I Roscoe and those extremes, they set up those flares to 

most, there's a lot of Christians that used to be X witches. As a teenager, they start off doing these stupid spells and then they start seeing shadows and things like that. Then they get scared and they get depressed and think, oh my gosh, I just unleashed stayed in on myself when that's not what happened at well, that's not what's happening.

They're attracting Astro parasites, that's feeding off of them. So when they attempt these metaphysical practices, they, you know, they set off the flare and they attract stuff that starts feeding off of them. But when, when they pull back into that religion and try to shut, [00:24:00] actively shut everything off, they kind of sever that link and um, Turn off their higher perception, but that doesn't make necessarily make the parasite disappear, but because they can't see it, you know, like an ostrich sticking their head in the sand, they think that because they, prayed with their pasture, that, you know, Jesus saved them.

That's not what's happening. That's not what's happening at all. And this isn't to say that I'm sure that you've had some very convincing, psychic people, a psychic ability come on the show too. They tend to pull their perception into their belief also. So everything within that belief system, those systems is what they experience.

For example there's very, very good mediums are make a very good case that they could communicate with the day. And, you know, could pull up some anecdotal evidence that that's what they're [00:25:00] doing, but because they're not well read and they don't understand what they're doing, no matter how good they are, they don't realize they're practicing in ancient art, which was once called necromancer.

They call immediate mediumship now just because it's more tasteful, it's more palatable to to metaphysicians and spiritual people. Whereas necromancy is sorcery involving the dead, which is what they're doing. They're pulling the debt from where they are and talking to them or opening that channel to talk to them.

And they're pulling those energies to themselves is which why, which is why a lot of mediums who And, you know, those ones that are very commenced, convincing look like skeletal because they're invoking those energies. And it's also why, you know, a lot of them die of horrible diseases or injury.

I know that was a lot. 

Will: Wow. You make it sound so appealing. 

Karen: [00:26:00] What it is. 

Benton Ryer: There is, but when you're doing it every day, I mean, you're, that's what you're doing. You'll have to ups, you'll have to offset mediumship with pulling in the energies from the sun or from nature or from the ocean to kind of clear that off.

But you know, a lot of mediums. Do mediumship professionally, they will do it for they'll have like five or six finds a day or more. And there'll be pulling in those energies for six or seven, eight hours for the day. And they'll have to offset that with just as much time pulling in, you know, energies of life.

Is what I call it. The sun is a living entity. The earth is a living entity. The ocean is a living entity, which is why I'm able to heal and they cannot.

Will: So everyone knows [00:27:00] bill myself as a skeptic metaphysician. I don't have any skillsets to speak of really. I, I, I don't, I can't ask for projects. I'm not a medium, I'm not a psychic, I don't channel much. But my biggest thing here after this conversation with you is, Hey, I'm dabbling in meditation.

I'm dabbling in different things or about to do a warrior breath seminar. How does someone protect themselves from becoming this flair to get a parasite to feed off of them? Can, is it possible to protect yourself? 

Benton Ryer: Yeah. You can protect yourself as just a whole, that's a whole lesson in itself. You just keep yourself, healthy, you know, keep your vibration up.

You know, you know, Reiki, you know, I know. Trashed yet, but it's better than nothing. You learn source meditation or cosmic meditation know that stuff's good, higher self meditation, you know, that keep you clear. There is there's [00:28:00] a, quite a few ways to do it, but you, you have to do it. You can't just.

Dabble with trying to develop powers from called currents and expect nothing bad to happen. That's silly. That's like saying that in the whole universe, nothing bad happens to anyone just because people preach nothing but love and light, which, I mean, you should. No that's as humans. That's what we should try to embrace, but that doesn't go with our reality of even human nature

and for people to claim. Otherwise it's just not, it's just too optimistic. I was having a conversation. I don't like making claims. Like this, but I was having a conversation with someone and we were talking about, is life getting better on earth and, you know, higher vibrations people raising their [00:29:00] conscience and he kind of scoffed and laughed a little.

he said something really profound. he said, don't think that if everyone was enlightened, that you wouldn't have. different problems. You'd solve some problems, a lot of problems, but you'd have a whole different set of them. And he kind of left me to ponder that.

Will: you are saying things that are diametrically opposed. To most of the conversations we've had with some of our past guests, which is super interesting. And in a way kind of super scary.

Benton Ryer: I think she should be scared of what we can see when you can see it. Then that's kind of when the fear draws away, when you see it and you know how to deal with it, then it's not scary. What is the unknown, then it's scary.

but they cannot change the law of yin and yang

just by work. That is a universal law is what the [00:30:00] Samaritans called the cosmic will. And these are to remove societies from talus thought, an ancient guess, you know, pagan practice coming to the same conclusion. The cosmic will is a will you know, that attempt to keep itself balanced it's chaos and order.

I don't even use the term get any.

Karen: when you first learned about this, how did you keep yourself from getting. Scared or depressed because it is kind of scary. And once you're like fully immersed, I can imagine you had some really interesting and unsettling encounters. How did you keep positive and decide you want to start to heal people and not just let yourself get swallowed up by that?

Benton Ryer: It's, you know, it started slow, it started with noticing something and Something that I had to deal with and everything I have dealt with and I've stripped away. I've noticed that there's more [00:31:00] layers to it. And then I have to deal with the next layer. I was born with problems, metaphysical problems, you know, I could either nor have ignored them or done something about it.

And I chose to do something.

And the reward of doing something about it far, outweighs not doing something about it. Now, things like nightmares, being chased by an entity, seeing shadows in your room, having sleep paralysis. This is something that can be dealt with by embracing your abilities as sorcery this, because if you can perceive.

If you could perceive these things, you can also deal with.

Will: And that's probably why when I go into the ocean, the first thing I do is stick my head in the water and look around me and make sure there's no sharks around. Cause I need to see them

Benton Ryer: Benton. 

Will: Th this has been super fascinating. I did not know what to expect, but this was not it. So I'm glad. Cause it's always, I always [00:32:00] loved being surprised by conversations that we have on the show. Your book is called the shores of eternity, a memoir of sorcery volume one. We're going to add a link, a direct link to that book on our show notes, along with your Instagram accounts and your.

Twitter and your Facebook in case someone wants to connect with you. You can go to our show notes and click the direct link. It'll take you directly to him so that you can connect with him. It's, it's really, it's Benton Ryer across the board from what I'm seeing. And it's R Y E R. Thank you so much for coming on and talking to us about stuff.

And thank you for the clearing that you do for us yesterday. W do you have any last words you want to. 

Benton Ryer: So I just want him to say that, you know, there was in the news, you know, Elon Musk, he's coming out with new microchips and things in plant being planned and, and people, I know some things about that on meadow, in the med by metaphysical nature.

I don't take any implants like that in New York.

I wasn't going to say anything. 

Will: It's just an [00:33:00] entire conversation that we should be having. 

Benton Ryer: Well, we'll do it. Then we will do it next 

Will: time.

Yeah, I think that's going to have to be because sadly we are running out of time. Benton, thanks so much for coming on and sharing your story with us. We really appreciate it and we look forward to staying. 

Benton Ryer: I I'm really enjoyed the interview. Thank you for having me on. And if anyone listening needs a healing, just contact me on Instagram.

I do have an Etsy store just in case people really need it. And I don't see their messages because I get slammed, but that'll kind of pop them up. I charge a little bit. It's not much through there, but you know, I, the vast majority of my aliens I do for free. 

Will: Wonderful. Yeah. Well, thank you for, thank you for your service really.

Cause that's, that's really what you're doing is you're providing a service. So thank you for that. 

Benton Ryer: Thank you for having me on. Thank you. 



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Fernando Frey. Thank you so much wherever you are in the United States. Thank you so much for listening and thank you for taking the time. To send us a review. We really, really, really appreciate it. Our favorite favorite favorite today, for sure. We want to know, have you applied anything you've learned on our show over the last 50 episodes?

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I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I have that's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysicians until then take care. .

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Benton Ryer is a healer and mage whose power is rooted in ancient esoteric traditions. He performs his healings, incredibly, through Instagram where he has 100s of testimonials from the individuals he has healed for free.