The Pathless Path: Enlighten Up! | Nicole Frolick

Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you feel like you're living your life in a way that's compromising all your dreams and wishes, the ones that you had at one time? Do you know how much more capable you are, but somehow you can't seem to tap into that.

Then this is the episode for you!

"You only find yourself on the pathless path when you're completely lost and that's where all of the greatness that I've been able to achieve in my life has been from." --Nicole Frolick

Some topics covered:

  • What is the pathless path and how is it so helpful in spiritual awakenings?
  • What the #1 biggest fear holding people back really is
  • Why its so important to follow your soul's craving and how to do it
  • What her podcast is about, how she started it and why you should definitely listen to it
  • Why Inner Child work is so important and how to do it safely
  • Her very personal Ayahuasca journey


About our Guest:
Nicole Frolick, the Practical Mystic, is an intuitive life coach who inspires and guides clients to deep, enduring results. Her wisdom comes from life experiences acquired walking the pathless path. She gives you immediate take-away tools and techniques to live with meaningful purpose, while guiding you through the rich world of truths that reside beyond the intellect.

She hosts her own weekly podcast, Enlighten Up, and through her Alchemy Academy, you can find a variety of online courses designed to deepen your spiritual awakening or assist you on your healing journey.

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Nicole Frolick

Will: [00:00:00] Hey you. Yes. You, the person who just hit play on that device, the person that's listening to my voice right now. Do you feel stuck in your life? Do you feel like you're living your life in a way that's compromising all your dreams and wishes, the ones that you had at one time? Do you know how much more capable you are, but somehow you can't seem to tap into that.

Then, wow. Is this the episode for you stay tuned because this episode's all about tapping into that potential. And my guest is someone you've got to.


Will: Welcome to another episode of the skeptic physicians. I'm will your host for today. Unfortunately, Karen, won't be with us this time around, but just because I'm on my own, doesn't mean that I'm not super well accompanied because that could not be further from the truth.

Joining me today is a practical mystic. She's an intuitive life coach with a mission to help everyone achieve a life that's lived to the fullest. So if you feel like you've hit a ceiling on your potential and wanna break through it, Nicole Folick is going. All of us remove the blocks that are getting in our way.

Welcome to the show, Nicole.

Nicole: Thank you. Well, it's so good to be here with you guys. Finally.

Will: Yeah. we've been chatting back and forth through social media. I tell people all the time that the reels that you put up on there, I just told you before we started recording, you're talking directly to me E everyone who listens to the show knows how.

Much I've wanted to reach my potential, how much I've wanted to, to have that spiritual awakening and all that kinda stuff. But for some reason, I'm holding myself back. Now we've talked a lot about it on the show, [00:02:00] but I'm excited to finally have the expert on the show. That's gonna help me break through all of that nonsense.


Nicole: Awesome. Breaking through ceilings is something I love to do.

Will: No doubt about it. Nicole, so that we can level set. How how'd you get into the spiritual or metaphysical industry, lack of a better word?

Nicole: Well, I mean, I've always been. Pulled into alternative health. And also metaphysics meditation was something I started doing when I was a teenager, without me even realizing that's what I was doing. And so it was just something that I naturally gravitated towards. I, when I was in my late twenties, I think I don't know if you were on his podcast or you had him on, but Michael Philpot, he's uh, at a Toronto Canada, I met him.

He was a, he was doing TA readings, which he still is. And uh, this is in my late twenties and I found him and that just kind of opened me up more. I, it started doing Reiki. It's like, I think the best way to put it is I got into this by [00:03:00] walking the pathless path and. The pathless path seems very arbitrary to, to most.

And it should because there are no definitions. There are no linear uh, directions. It's literally being guided. and you, as you walk it, you are in a way creating your own unique path. But the only way you do that is by not knowing where you're going. And ultimately the general feeling is I feel lost.

that's how you know, you're on the pathless path. And so I think by feeling very. At time, different times in my life is how I got to where I am today. It was not because I had a tenure plan or, you know, all these goals set in line. In fact, a lot of those things have shifted and changed and morphed along the way.

So I would say the pathless path is how I got out, got into all of

Will: this. I [00:04:00] mean, that's a great term pathless path. I don't think I've ever heard it before. And it's it. It's it.

Nicole: Your mouth is walking the pathless path right now.

Will: yeah, my mouth, my brain, my body, everything about me on the pathless path, but it gives a, a specific image that that is perfect. So that's a great way to explain it. Now you mentioned something. That I have to kind of go back to, you said you didn't even realize that you were doing meditation when you were younger, when you first run into it.

What does that mean? How, how does that,

Nicole: you know? So when I was 16, I did an exchange program in Europe and I lived in Switzerland for three months. And while I was traveling with the, my exchange family, they took me to a bunch of different cathedrals. And I was raised Catholic, but I was never.

Really into Catholicism. I had kind of a rebellion against, I guess, against religion. And I was more interested in things that weren't so confining or using fear to manipulate you. And that's not to say that the religion doesn't have beautiful [00:05:00] lessons and attributes to it. But for me it just wasn't resonating.

And so when I. When I was in Europe, I found myself in some of these cathedrals and they were sometimes playing like Gregorian chance. And when I got back to Toronto, I went to like a CD store and. Looking for something completely different. I stumbled across Gregorian Chan and I was like, you know what, this is what I want.

And so I started listening to it while I was in the bath and I started to realize I'm going somewhere. I'm going somewhere. And I found myself at. Such a state of peace. I was so calm and I really liked how I was feeling and my mind would just go to different places. And I literally felt like I was not in my body at certain times.

And so I started to do that, not just in the bath, but sometimes like before [00:06:00] bed and, and. Before I knew it. I'm like, is this what meditation is? you know, so, that's kind of like how that all started, right. Was with growing in chance. Cause I found him. So, um, it's like, there's kind of like a mystical feeling with it that really, I don't know.

I think I've had a past life for sure. In Europe where I must have been. Somehow remembering those Gregorian chant and it just spoke to my soul.

Will: Mm well, you bring up a good point because meditation, a lot of people think it's, you know, you sit with your legs crossed somewhere with your fingers in, in low disposition.

And you try to still your mind completely, but meditation could really be all kinds of different things like there's was it transcendental meditation where you come up with a mantra and you just say the mantra over, over and over again. There's the Greek chance that you just mentioned.

There is that mindfulness though knows apps, the calm and the head space and that kind of stuff that's meant specifically for mindfulness and for clearing of the mind or, or focus, but [00:07:00] really you could. Meditation in all different directions. Like some people mowing the lawn is their meditation. They just kinda zone out and they, they enjoy that.

That's, that's really important to note because a lot of people think that it's a certain way. And I know Karen, I know you're listening to this and I know you you're, you're beating me up already. Cuz I hear you talking about the fact Karen has a difficult time meditating him and keep trying to tell her to, to just focus on something, find her meditation.

So hopefully we'll find it at some point.

Nicole: I was gonna say to, to Karen that, you know, there are no right or wrong ways to meditate. And if you can do breath work focusing just on the breath, cuz that produces the most amount of DMT, right? Our lungs produce the most amount of DMT. And so whenever you can focus on your breathing and just get into a sequence that feels rhythmic for you, then that can.

You and that in itself is a meditation. You may even have your eyes open, but it's still meditative. And you know, I, [00:08:00] I produce a ton of guided meditations. I produce one every month and I like to go outside the box of what people think are meditations. And I like to use different music and really created a lot of different visuals.

And so I think it's okay. Like I've listened to really upbeat music. That gets me into a very high vibe place through my meditations. So I think it's important to at least for even Karen, anyone else who's listening to us, who's struggling with meditation. Like, you've just gotta find what works for you and don't feel like because you're not doing it the way everyone else is or what works for you.

Isn't like everyone else that it's wrong, it's just, you know, all the power to you. You can find something that's really unique, right?

Will: No, absolutely. And it's interesting that you mentioned breathwork because that's the one thing that Karen said really sent her out of her body that she, she really.

Resonated with that very deeply. And I did stumble on your guided meditations and I'm going to buy them all because I can't wait. I, I do meditate every day, but always looking for that different take on meditations. So these look like they're gonna be a lot of fun. [00:09:00] So look forward to this, but so let's get back to the topic at hand because we fell down the rabbit hole as we always do, but reaching potential.

What, what typically have you found. To be the cause of someone not reaching their potential fear,

Nicole: fear, fear, it's the most, what do you afraid of? I mean, there's so many different facets to fear but truly, I think it's fear of actually being more than what you think you are. I, one of the things that I started to discover probably in my very early thirties was how limiting my mind was and how much that was dictating, how I was living my life, the choices I was making and how that would either open or close doors for me.

And a lot of it had to do with. A beliefs. It was a belief system that was very limiting. [00:10:00] And I didn't realize I was so limited, like I would say no to things just for the sake of saying no sometimes. And I didn't, it was a very unconscious thing. I, I had to like stop myself and realize like, why am I saying no to this?

Or why did I just believe I can't do that? And I think the big thing for me that really shifted was really understanding how powerful our mind is. And I know like we hear that a lot. Like the mind is one of the most powerful tools that we have to use, but until you actually stop and observe your own mind and the thoughts and beliefs that are dictating your whole reality, because our belief.

Or what create the frequency that then produce the reality that we perceive. So it really starts to go back to our belief system. And once you find out how to transform the beliefs from something that's very limiting into something that's very open to all possibilities. And I think that's the big key is that I had to learn how to not be so limiting in specific outcomes.

Like I all [00:11:00] I was at, I, I still am, but. I've always been like a type a personality. And so I like to like, you know, have control over a lot of things and I've gotten a lot better at allowing others to have control and to listen and to like, be like, Hey, you know what? That is actually good at. Let's do that.

But before, especially through like high school, even elementary school, high school and university in my twenties, I was very rigid and. if I had a goal in mind, I believe that that was the best way, and that was the way I needed to go. And I just closed off all other possibilities that would have bigger and better potentials, not even realizing that's what I was doing.

And so I feel like, and I, when I comes down to it, I, I feared that I really wasn't even good enough to actually deserve all of those things. And so fear. Fear of not feeling wor like not being worthy, like maybe like, I think one of the fears that I was always afraid of without even [00:12:00] realizing I was afraid of it was that people would see how unworthy I actually am.

Because I put on this, you know, oh, I've got it all together. I can do this. I was super athletic. I got great grades through all school. I worked my butt off, so I always on the outside seemed to have everything together. But like I said, walking the pathless path and feeling super lost is how I got to where I am.

 But it was the complete opposite of what I needed, but my mind thought, no, you just have to have it all figured out. Be rigid, show everyone, you got it figured out and you're gonna be fine. And no one will figure the, the truth out.

And even, I wouldn't even figure the truth out, but of course, life has different plans for us. And. Certain journeys start to take place. Mm.

Will: Like typical imposter syndrome. Right? Mm-hmm mm-hmm so then what was it? That launched your spiritual awakening or was there a particular thing that actually happened?

Nicole: I've had a coup, like I've [00:13:00] had varying points of my awakening happen, but there's been some really big moments. One of them was when I took a one year sabbatical off work when I was 31. I. Decided to quit my job. I was living in the Cayman islands and I said, let me just quit my job and go backpacking by myself through Costa Rica and Panama.

And I did that for a couple of months. Yeah. And I, I did it by starting off with a 10 day silent meditation retreat. And then I was like, you know what, from there I'm making no plan. Wherever I feel guided to go. I'm just gonna go with the flow. Like that's my mission because I have to always have everything planned out.

And so this really opened me up. So in that 10 day silent meditation, I had an experience on day four, where I was able to finally bypass all of the pain that my body was in from trying to sit and meditate for a total of 11 hours a day. Not, not uh, right after each other, but throughout the day, there'd be a total of 11 hours of meditating.

And my body was very inflexible. [00:14:00] I couldn't. Upright. I couldn't sit legs crossed without my feet falling asleep. My ankles hurting my back hurting. Oh my God. My back, my hips, my knees, like everything was in pain. Mm. And uh, finally on day four, somehow, I, it, I don't even know how it happened, but I transcended all of that.

And for the. Entire two hours. It felt like 10 minutes. I was out of my body. I love I, I was so at peace with who I was. I didn't wanna change anything about me. And I felt myself just as energy. I didn't have a body anymore. And so I remembered that feeling when I got back into my body and they ended it.

It was very distinct to me that I had returned home somewhere. And really it was home to who I truly am and the connection that we all ultimately have with our creator. And I started to cry UN like unstoppably and I realized how much I had longed for it without even knowing I was longing for that [00:15:00] connection.

And that reminder that. I am so much more than the limiting. Ideas and beliefs that I have of myself. Wow. And so when I started to do that, everything started to shift from that moment and I hated yoga and it just seemed like every town I went into, I would meet someone who wanted me to do yoga with them.

And I'm like, oh God. And so I did yoga with someone in the jungles that was right near the ocean. It was so beautiful. And I had the most incredible experience with it. So different from all the other experiences I had with yoga and. When I had a different experience, I had to ask myself, why was this so different from my other ones?

Like, why did I, I hate yoga before and now I'm in love with it. Like the only thing that could have possibly changed other than like I was in Costa Rica and not Toronto was that something's changed within me. And I realized that. I was open to a new experience. And when I was open to a new [00:16:00] experience, I was allowed to have a new experience.

Hmm. And so that really started the catalyst of me starting to stay open to all things and allow the experience to show me what I needed to. No see feel and that's kind of, that was the beginning of a very big part of my journey. It was probably the J the beginning of my self love journey. That of course is still ongoing to this day.

I don't think that journey ever ends. It just gets deeper and deeper, but that's kind of where that's what really got me on this. And that's what spurred my book that I wrote called inflexible mean it's all about that journey of, of how my. Inflexibility of my body was a result of my, my mind being so inflexible and that when my mind shifted my body shifted with me and allowed me to completely have a different experience.

So I think it's so important for us to realize that if we don't stay open to other [00:17:00] experiences, we can't have them.

Will: Mm. And what really caught my attention is. Not only the 10 day meditation retreat you did, but also the fact that you just picked up and, and left and went on this backpack trip.

Really nice that you're able to do that, but for the average person, right. I would love to do that. I mean, it truly, as you're, as you're speaking, like my soul is crying out, like that is what I want. That is what I need. I need something like that. I can't, I've got a job. I've got a family. I've got responsibilities.

Sure. So what, what can you recommend to someone if they can't go on this incredible journey like you did,

Nicole: you've gotta find a way to step outside your comfort zone. You've gotta find something that you can commit to that pushes you on all levels that is going to make you uncomfortable. It's going to make you.

Access parts of you, you wouldn't normally access because of the comforts that you're used to different surroundings, different [00:18:00] people, different environments anything that's new to you that allows you, that process of discovery is really important. And I would, I will say this, this is a process that I use a lot.

I, I talk about this with my clients because you know, I do intuitive coaching. And I'll use TA and Oracle sometimes, but ultimately I like to guide my clients into understanding how they can really make the choice for themselves and understand what the decision is to be made. And whenever you're really scared to do something, it's a really good sign.

We look at, we think of fear as a portal. We need to run away from, but fear. Is actually a portal of possibility. And I say in my book that our fears are often lighthouses to our greatest potential. So if I had never pushed myself [00:19:00] to actually become a public speaker, I would never have my podcast. I would never have my YouTube channel.

I would never be doing the work that I'm doing now that I feel so much joy for. And guess what? I freaking love to talk on stage on podcasts. Now, have you, had you tell, told me that maybe 10 years ago, I would've said you're crazy. It was, I was deathly scared of like, it was one of my big, big, top three fears of my life, but behind it was a whole portal of potential and possibility waiting for me.

And so. One, you need to look at your fears differently. Now there are certain fears that are legitimately like they're there to help keep us safe, but oftentimes we're so scared of our own potential and we're scared of failing and we're scared of the judgment that we avoid it. And there's so much waiting for you on the other side of that now.

When it comes to big life decisions and making choices that could ultimately shift the trajectory of our [00:20:00] life, which this particular trip absolutely shifted the trajectory of my life. You have to ask yourself one simple question. When you're looking at two different choices, one is the choice of me.

Making this. So say it was, let's just say for instance, that you actually could go on this trip and you could take a, like, maybe it was a three month sabbatical or something like that. Let's just say that you actually were able to do that. That was a possibility, you'd say, okay, if I stay home and continue to work my job and do all those things and not go on this trip, is that choice, reflecting my fears.

Or my greatest hopes and desires, and then ask yourself if I choose to go on this three month sabbatical trip, is that choice reflecting my fears or my greatest hopes and desires. And this is the [00:21:00] question I ask myself every time I'm at a very important fork in the road where there's going to be a decision that could ch that could really alter the course of my life.

And. To me, it's one of the greatest ways to tune into your own tuition because it speaks to your heart. And when your heart is allowed to guide you, you will never be led astray. So asking that question is one of my greatest tools that I use with clients my, myself, to this day. Because if you make a choice based on your fears, you're only gonna create a reality that reflects more of those fears back to you.

But if you make a choice that reflects your hopes and desires, then the reality will reflect more of those hopes and desires back to you.

Will: But that fear boy, that fear is, is pretty phenomenal. Right? A lot of the self-help books like uh, Kar tole I mean all those seed of the soul, they all [00:22:00] talk about.

Doing what's right for you, doing what's right. What what's gonna be for your greatest. Good. And perhaps taking a sabb battle from three months, sabbatical from work might be the greatest good, but that fear is really hard to get around because there's no guarantees that taking three months away from your family, for example, Or your, or your job is going to give you what you need.

And in fact, it might actually hurt your physical reality, right? The, the ego that we, that we are, that we identify with that we are not, but we identify with mm-hmm, makes it difficult for us to trust that if we just let go. I hate to use the cliche leg go and let God, but in essence that's what were you doing?

Right. You letting the universe guide you, the spirit guide you in the direction that's to your highest good or what feels right to your spirit. So is there a way you just have to suck it up and do it, or is there a way to [00:23:00] actually take a look at that fear and say, it's gonna be okay.

Nicole: Okay. So a couple things here. One is usually we, as humans will wait until our back is completely up against the wall. Before we actually make a change in our life.

Will: Well, that's spiritual, awakenings are all about that, right? That usually takes like some, some traumatic event to, to wake people up sometimes.

Nicole: Me included. Yeah, because we've been avoiding. The thing that's been speaking to us for so long. Sure. Yep. That makes sense. And so one of the things that I tend to remind myself of is that if I want my life to be different, if I'm not happy with a part of my life or a certain way that I'm living, I have to ask myself.

If I want it to be different, then I have to be different. I can't keep doing things the same way, or I'm gonna keep getting the same results. [00:24:00] And at some point you kind of meet your breaking point where you're like, you know what? I've been scared of this, but what scares me more is continuing to live with this five, 10 years down the road and still be here when I could have done something today.

and I think the regret that you could have done something earlier versus much later in life where you now have reduced how much time you can actually spend living in a happier state. I think the state of happiness is something we need to tune into in order for us to be able to overcome some of the fears.

Because for me, I was like, I don't, I don't wanna live as a prisoner to my own fear. I, I gotta liberate myself from that and fear will keep us comfortable. Fear will keep [00:25:00] everything just as it is. And a lot of us aren't happy with the way a lot of things are in our life. So yeah, you gotta just suck it up and do it.

But there are certain things that you can do to take baby steps. You don't have to take one big leap all the, all the time. You can start to make slow changes in your day to day, that will shift the course of your life. So compounding change will eventually lead to a very big change. And I think you can start off by every day.

Just saying what is something I can do differently today? That challenges me. That pushes me a little bit outside my comfort zone, you know, just to shift the energy, just a little. And eventually it'll get to a point where you're ready for more.

Will: Right. But then there's always the, the excuse that I give to myself is that I'm an all or nothing kind of guy.

Like if I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna do it otherwise, you know?

Nicole: Yeah. I know. I, that's an excuse that I'm very much the same, so I [00:26:00] get it. I get it. I'm like an all or nothing sometimes too. And I I've learned to get away from that because it's actually self sabotage. I've learned very well

Will: familiar with that, that monster.

Nicole: It's a mechanism of self sabotage to be all or nothing when, you know, sometimes, and, and because we live in an instant gratification society right now, if we don't have it immediately, then we won't, we don't try for it. And there's. We can learn anything from our own journey is that it's never about the destination.

And we miss out on all of the beautiful golden nuggets that are laid along our path, waiting for us to pick up along the way by being on that journey. And so look at everything in your life as a journey, as opposed to a destination, and that every day you have an opportunity to pick up another gold nugget.

And I think. One of the best ways we can do that [00:27:00] is by pushing ourselves outside of our comfort zone in any kind of way. So for instance you know, if you wanna paint, you know, maybe like you start painting and you're like, let me just explore my creativity. I haven't done it. I've been wanting to do it, but I just don't find the time for it.

I don't make the time for it. You know? Like he's like, let me carve out 30 minutes every day and I'm gonna paint and like, nothing is gonna stop me and you prioritize. And it's so important to allow you to give that self, give that gift to yourself. And as you do that, you just made yourself a priority.

You made your desire a priority and. That speaks to your own self-worth and self-confidence because now you're starting to be like, wow, I am a priority. I am important. What I want matters. And you start to propel that energy into other things, and it starts to compound and it accumulates and it picks up momentum.

So. You may not see everything right away, but that's [00:28:00] okay. It's part of the jury you're not meant to. This is the physical reality. It's 3d, nothing happens right away, down here. Everything's happening up there though in the fived, right in the etheric realm and all the energy realms. So we have to always keep that in mind.

Will: So these are the types of advice that you give to your clients. And when I looked into your, your coaching, you do mention that no two people are coached the same. So you really. Kind of tailor the program to the individual person. And I gotta tell you, Nicole, right now you're tailoring it to me cuz you're talking right at me.

so I am aware of it just so that we are clear, but I wanna talk a little bit about your podcast because that's how I found you for the first time your podcast is called the enlighten up podcast and I. Am obsessed with it. Like the, the topics that you cover are right, right up my alley. When you talk about Ascension, you talk about quantum physics awakening, the Ko records.

You talk about the matrix. [00:29:00] You talk about so many different things on your show. That every time I tune in, I know I'm gonna grab one of those golden nuggets that you're talking about. So what, what prompted you to have these conversations with.

Nicole: This is like another beautiful example of the pathless path.

I literally was at one of my, I was at my best friend's place in Florida. He had gone to work somewhere on the other side of the state. He was gone for like a day and I woke up that morning and my best friend at the time, Lisa she called me crying and the she's like, she just like, I don't know what I'm doing with my life, you know, like that whole spiritual breakdown kind of thing.

And I was like, you know what, why don't we start a podcast? Like, just so that you and I can talk, we'll ask MI Michael, and he he'll be our skeptic cuz that's how we started. We're like let's have a skeptic. So very, very similar to what you're doing. And He, when he came into our conversations, which can be really far out there, he would [00:30:00] like with love in his heart, make fun of us to the point where we were able to laugh at ourselves though.

Like we, we, we thought it was hilarious and the, his take on it was so refreshing. Because I'm so used to people in like the community, just, you know, parroting back, like everything that we talk about. And he had a completely different perspective and had all these like funny little anecdotes to add to it.

I was like, you know, our conversations are pretty freaking hilarious. If someone were actually gonna listen in on them. I go, I don't know. I think a few people might listen and so was like, let's just have a podcast if for nothing. We just get to have an hour with one another and laugh and talk about spirituality.

And that's how we started it. And now to this day, like it's just now down to me because of scheduling and all that with other people and wanting to move on to different things with their life. But That's kind of how I got here. So it didn't start off with a thing, like, yeah, I'm gonna have this podcast.

And five years later, like this was everything that I intended it to be. It, it was [00:31:00] something that just grew on its own and I didn't even know the direction it was going until I was already there. So it was just one of those things where I'm like, let me just throw an idea out there and maybe we'll do it.

Will: Right. Well, I was gonna say, cause I don't remember Michael or Lisa on your show and I've listened to a bunch. So I was, I was questioning maybe I'm I'm interviewing the wrong person. No, I'm just,

Nicole: it's been two years solo now, so

Will: yeah, I would explain it. Yeah. So then is there a particular. Guest that really stands out in your mind as something that either you didn't know about.

And that really gave you a lot of wisdom or that just blew your mind for one reason or another.

Nicole: The one that quickly comes to my mind is Peter Maxwell, Slattery. And uh, he does the CEI ranch in Australia. And he is just an amazing soul and his ability to go into [00:32:00] all the diff like, not all the different, but just endless dimensions and how he's able to verbalize it was just blowing my mind.

I, I think I had him on my podcast about a year and a half ago. And. I was mind blown. I, I was at the while. I'm not sure, like, you know, when you're just getting so much information, it's overwhelming that, you know, there's no way you can fully understand it. You're gonna have to listen to the, I mean, I was doing this show.

I'm like, I'm gonna have to listen to this at least a couple more times. but also. Things were activating within me that I was getting all these downloads while he was talking. And we were, it was just such a fun show to riff off of like each other's energy and also have mine go to places that I didn't even know are possible.

And then all of a sudden, these downloads start coming in. And so, I remember Peter was a pretty awesome guest. Oh,

Will: it sounds it. I'm gonna go back in the archive and see if I can find it. Cause it sounds interesting.

Nicole: Yeah. Beyond this galaxy ETS and dimensions, as you know it [00:33:00] with Peter Maxwell flattery. So, Yeah, he's, he's a wild one.

in a good way. Like, like just mind opening. The, the audience was live with me at the time we did it live and they were minds were being blown. Like the whole chat was on fire, so it was, it was pretty

Will: awesome. It sounds awesome. Yeah. I'm definitely gonna check it out. Now. You were also, you, you mentioned you were getting messages.

You're also a channeler you're intuitive, right? So you do. Use Toro, you actually do you channel particular beings or just information and how does that work for you?

Nicole: Mostly just information. I think I'm channeling my higher self. Sometimes I do channel the PLA ins that that energy signature is very easy for me to distinguish.

I also channel people's inner child, so. Because inner child work has been something I've been doing since 2016 and my own inner child taught me how to heal the inner child, which is now why I do a lot of that work with my clients. And I have an online course that teaches you how to heal your inner child through the chakra [00:34:00] system and

the channeling. Actually, this is wild I had in March of 2019. I, I believe it was March of 2019, maybe it was, yes, it was March of 2019. I had a PLA in heart activation. And it happened when I expressed my love to someone that I didn't know how they were gonna receive it. And it's the first time I've ever done that in my life, because I always wait till the other person tells me that they love me.

Or I at least if, if I'm saying it first it's cuz I already know how they feel. But this one, like, I really didn't know. I was pretty sure they were gonna run in the, in the, in the opposite direction, but I, my love was just so I needed to express it and I realized this wasn't even about him hearing it from me.

This was about me expressing it to him. I needed, I needed [00:35:00] it. And it was important to me because it totally pushed me past a lot of my own barriers. And even though he did. He did love me, but he was too scared to get himself into a relationship. Like it scared him too much. The Pall came through and said they were able to receive the love because it came through so raw in my

expression to him, like I let down all my guards and let him see all of me that despite him not being able to fully receive. They said they were able to receive it. And it allowed a connection now from me to them that I was started just, I just started channeling, like I would be doing my YouTube videos and doing like readings and all of a sudden, I just like, oh, and it just started coming through.

And so that was really interesting. The heart that's. Now that I'm saying this. The [00:36:00] heart opening is so vital, at least for me in being able to connect to the messages. And as like we mentioned, I just came back from Mexico and did iowaska for the first time. That's right. That's right. And my intention for that ceremony was to open my heart further.

I'm like, I really wanna clear anything that's around my heart. That's ready to be cleared. And so that I can love deeper and connect deeper to all people, not just like someone romantically and um, I definitely got a heart clearing on that journey. And so I know that it's already starting to open up things for me, intuitively like, my dream, my dreams, I get a lot of galactic interaction.

I'm on ships. Uh, I receive information things that I maybe can't always access when I'm in my conscious state. So, to anyone out there. Intuition is so highly tied to your heart being cleared and open up. [00:37:00] So, Hmm.

Will: Yeah. I noticed you got meditation to open up your telepathy intuition.

And that's, one of the first ones I'm gonna get. Cuz that sounds really interesting to me, but I did wanna touch a little bit on the, on your IOIC experience. I know that there's not a lot that you can share because you're still processing everything that you went through, but you did tell me before we started recording that there are different types of iowaska, which I wasn't aware of.

And this was a very unique type that you did.

Nicole: Yeah. You know, so even like trying to get this, I thought I was gonna be super easy for me to do an iowaska journey down there in Mexico, because it just seems like everyone I talked to like, oh yeah, once you're down there is just like, there's, there's tons to choose from.

Right. well, for me, it was not the case. Like, it just seemed like everywhere. I was asking like, like find, trying to find a shaman. Someone for me, the ceremony was very important. I wanted a very Clear ceremony where the, the sacredness was upheld. I wanted to make sure that the shaman was creating the brew with a lot of respect.

And also, I didn't wanna be paying out [00:38:00] like astronomical amounts because there are places in Mexico that were charging like five to $700 for an iowaska journey, which. It's usually around a hundred, $125. So, at most, and so I was like, well, I'm just outta principle. I'm not paying that. Cuz if they're ready to gouge me money-wise then I don't even know if I wanna have that shaman, like working with me.

So what

Will: kind of guidance can they ever give

Nicole: you? Yeah, exactly. And so I. I ended up finding a shaman in the craziest way. And it happened when I finally let go, you know, there's a, you have to detox before you do the Ika like you can't eat red meat, you can't drink alcohol. You can't have caffeine. You should stay away from dairy.

You should stay away from grains for at least two days prior in the day of, but I did it like almost two weeks prior, and now I'm down in Mexico and I'm, I've got a week vacation before I'm even gonna do the ceremony. Now it's like I'm down there for four days. I'm like, I'm getting a no [00:39:00] everywhere. I'm going.

What if I don't even get to do this journey? And I'm still detoxing while I'm on vacation. I'm like, no, that's not happening. Right. And I said, you know, what? If it's meant to be, it'll be. I was like, I'm going to get a pulled pork sandwich and I'm gonna have a margarita so I go and I do that and sure enough, an hour later after I finished my friend messaged me.

Oh, I found a shaman for you. And I'm like, of course it happened. Mm-hmm . Yeah.

Will: So did you, you have to wait then a couple

Nicole: more days before you did? No, no, no, because it was still well in still outside of the two days thing. So it wasn't a big deal. So I, I, you know, the shamans that I had were Columbian, they were from Columbia and the, the shaman who made the brew, he wasn't there.

He had left already, but the, the brew was made under the full moon of Libra in April. So there was a whole, so this which was perfect because Libra. Ruled by the planet Venus. And I was wanting to open my heart and Venus a Libra Libra specifically about emotions and bringing things into [00:40:00] balance and harmonizing things.

And so I was like, oh my gosh, this is just, there are too many synchronicities coming around this. And so, my particular iowaska ceremony date happened to be also on the day that Venus was transiting my natal. Like literally transiting, like right over top of it. So already the Venus energy of the heart was right on top of the sun of like how I kind of express myself in many ways or how the world sees me and in my work and everything.

And on top of that, The planet, Uranus was one degree off of Venus, which is all about sudden change and shocking like things and just liberation revolution. like, you know, so I was like, okay, well already things are really lining up for this journey, but on top of that, right. An hour before we started the ceremony, the moon moved into Scorpio, which is the most intense sign for our, the moon to be in

And it was opposing my [00:41:00] son, Venus and Uranus. So it was creating this like push and pull energy of intensity and gonna deep dig into the deepest parts of you. And we're gonna pull up the truth. So it can't be hidden anymore. And I'm like, oh my gosh. So I energetically, I was like, this is all meant to happen,

Will: but it sounds frightening though, at the same time.

It, it

Nicole: was. And so what I find out too, and what is Scorpio rule? It rules detoxing, right? It's all about detoxifying and, and cleansing and. This particular iowaska was from a Columbian vine. Now, usually it's from the Peruvian vine. I didn't even know that there was a Colombian vine, but there is, and there's a very distinct difference between the two.

The Peruvian vine is the one that will give you more visions. The, it, it does also cleanse and heal, but it's predominantly more about visions. The Colombian one is predominantly about healing and detoxing. Hmm. So. needless to say, I had the most [00:42:00] intensely detoxifying experience of my entire life.

Will: I can only imagine would that must

Yeah, that must mean,

Nicole: yeah. So, I'm processing a lot of it. It, what I asked for in my ceremony, I absolutely received probably more than I bargained for, but in a good way. And. Not very much of it has been revealed to me yet. So I'm allowing some of stuff has been coming through in little drips and like almost like little puzzle pieces being given to me at a time.

My dreams are starting to reveal a little bit, but something definitely cracked open in my heart and there's been a major shift there. I'm just. I'm, it's something I, I know I can't push, I can't force it, so it'll probably be a, oh, I don't even wanna say it'll just be a couple more weeks who knows how long it'll be until I actually understand more fully what's going on.

And so it's, it was a very humbling experience. It is definitely something you don't go into lightly. I will say at one. [00:43:00] I question why I ever even paid money to do it. wow. Interesting. But in the end of it all, I had pure gratitude for it, pure gratitude. And it's one of those things where like, you know, You have your breakdowns, you go through that spiritual awakening.

There's one point where it's like rainbows and unicorns. And then there's one point where you just feel like you're in the depths of your own hell. Right? And that's where I, I went with this IOSCO journey on a physical level, in many ways, some mental where I felt like I was in the depths of a hell that I had never even experienced before on a physical level.

But when I got out of it, I was, I had gratitude because I received what I needed to receive. So it's that whole idea of, again, we want our journey to be a certain way. Sometimes what we really need is something else.

Will: Yeah. See that. That's what makes me nervous about the whole iowaska DMT bullfrog thing, because I do tend to react very strongly to any kind of foreign [00:44:00] substance in my body.

I'm a one hit wonder people will say right. Went back in college days. That kind of thing. I didn't, it didn't take me very much. So my fear is that my, my experience would be so intense. I mean, I read all the Carlos cast native books. I'm, I'm going through, 'em all over again to remind myself, we've talked to people on the show about psychedelics and things like that.

And my fear is that I will lose myself in, in every way. And that's the reason why I haven't done that. So why I look for natural ways of finding the same type of spiritual weakening is some of these substances can be

Nicole: okay. Let's pause on that for a second, because you said something really important there is that you're so afraid you're gonna lose yourself in every possible way.

Yes. And what did I tell you about the pathless path? Oh,

Will: no, I am right there with you. I I'm telling you, you,

Nicole: you, you, you only find yourself on the pathless path when you're completely lost and that's where all of the greatness that. Been able to [00:45:00] achieve in my life has been from actually being mm-hmm.

Will: lost. Some of my favorite books have been way of the peaceful warrior and the Celestine prophecy. And it's all exactly that great books being brought to some, like, be called to somewhere mm-hmm . And I know that that is how I'm going to benefit the most by doing that by walking the path less path. But you're right.

Fear. It's a, it's a big thing and I've not yet found the way around it, but little by little I'm

Nicole: getting, you know, It was something I had to face in this journey was surrender. It's not my easiest, it's not something that comes naturally. To me. I've been very programmed to be comfortable in my masculine energy and uncomfortable in my feminine energy, which has shifted a lot over the years of my healing.

But Throwing up puking, which happens a lot through iowaska ceremonies.

Will: I heard


Nicole: that. Yes, I can almost, I can almost guarantee you, it will happen if you do the Columbian vine. There was a moment where [00:46:00] I was so scared because I have a fear of actually throwing up. I used to pray to God when I was a kid to that.

I would do anything that he wanted. If he would make the feeling of me having to throw up, go away. Like I just, there was something about it I didn't wanna do. And so I was a little nervous about that whole part of the journey. And at one point I was like, I am here. I am embracing. I surrender. I let go. I surrender.

And I just kept saying it to myself over and over until the purging would finally just start happening.

Will: That's what they say, when you fight it, God, I'm not remember the, the exact words, but something about the fact that the, the more you fight it, the more he grabs hold of you and makes you face it.

And when you finally let go and release and say, I surrender, that's when he decides to say, okay, Now we can move forward with a conversation. And that's when Ms. Carita will like you or not like you, that kind of thing. So yes.

Nicole: That, which you resist will persist that

Will: that's that's it? That was it [00:47:00] right there.

Absolutely. Nicole, I could talk to you all day uh, literally all day long. In fact, I think we've had this conversation many times not in. Way, but in many other ways, but your podcast is enlightened up podcast. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in metaphysic spirituality, spiritual awakening, all that kind of stuff.

It's, it's a really great show. And I don't say that lightly, so look it up. I'm gonna add. Direct links to the podcast, to your website, to your social medias directly on our show notes. So if you're listening to this on a mobile device, you can go directly to the show notes and hit the link directly will take.

Straight to Nicole. Nicole, is there anything that we haven't talked about that you wanna make sure we touch on before we call it a day?

Nicole: The only thing I would say is we kind of touched on, it was like the inner child. It's become like a cornerstone of a lot of my journey and how I help clients.

And the reason is, is because the inner child [00:48:00] is. A portal in and of itself. It will take you when quantum leaps forward in your own intuitive development. And it will also take you in quantum leaps forward in your own healing, which will give you access to the enjoyment of your life in ways you didn't even know were possible.

And so connecting with the inner child can seem a little. Daunting. It can be scary because there's a lot of things that we've repressed that we don't wanna remember, that we don't even know. We don't remember. And this is one of the reasons why I created the online course to heal your inner child was because.

It can feel very daunting when even just to kind of talk to like, if someone were to book an inner child session with me, what I found happened was we would do some great work. We would get through, we break through some emotional blocks and barriers. But until I actually took someone on a guided journey to connect with [00:49:00] their inner child, That's when all the magic happened in my sessions.

So it was last summer that I started doing that with my clients. And I started to realize, whoa, I can't just tell people, this is what you do. I have to actually take them through it. And then they get it. Then they understand. And then all of a sudden the doors are wide open. And so what I did was, was like, let me create a course that has in it, my most.

Powerful meditation that I've ever created. It was channeled. The whole thing was pretty much channeled and it. Meditation that reconnects you to your own inner child. I had a guy who just recently signed up and said, he's never experienced visions before. He's you know, he is very new to his own journey.

He's very new to the spiritual journey and that meditation hit him in ways where he started to have visions that he's never had before he got emotional in ways that he didn't know he could access. [00:50:00] And so. If any of your audience members are really wanting to take things to a whole different level. And it doesn't mean like if you're new it's you can't access it it's for all levels.

But I really, I take you through all the basics that allow you to access. The depths of things that you think you're not even capable of reaching. And that includes intuition and that includes heart healing. So to me, those are like the things that I think ultimately we're all looking for, but we don't realize the package that it actually comes in.

And to me, the best portal to all of that is our inner child.

Will: There's all kinds of things that you do that we weren't even able to touch, but this, this is important. So

when someone does pass life regressions, the one of the first things they ask you is, do you meditate? Because if you don't meditate regularly, it might be difficult to get to a certain level where you get the most out of that therapy. Is this the same thing where you really need to be adept at meditation or anyone can do.

Nicole: No, [00:51:00] no it, anyone can do it. And um, there's two meditations that are in that course. It's about eight or nine modules. I would say it would take you a few months to get through the course at fastest. Just because you really wanna spend time with each section, but one is the reconnection to the inner child.

The other one is healing. Healing your DNA from the point of conception in your mother's womb. And so, uh, you basically, you're not even just the inner child. You're literally like the embryo you're like at the point of conception. And this is something that was kind of shown to me through my inner child and healing that I take you through and, and, and it's all guided.

I do it in a way that anyone who's ever meditated before or not can, can do and enjoy you. Don't have to be. Experienced in any way whatsoever. In fact, I think anyone who's not experienced might be pleasantly surprised at like what they might actually be able to access through that. The other thing is, is that I put it, I, I [00:52:00] line, I outline everything in a very basic way so that you don't even have to understand a lot too many of the concepts.

I break down the chakras, I break down the energies, the emotional needs, the physical needs, the shadow elements of each chakra and why we, the inner child, what all, how it all starts. And you will literally be able to, it's almost like what will happen is, oh my God, everything's clicking together.

It all makes freaking sense. Now why I am the way I am and why my relationships are the way they are and why I have chosen to do this and why I keep choosing to do this. So like, it's, it's just laid out that way so that any one of any level can do it.

Will: Wow. And you mentioned it's an online library of courses.

Is this something that you walk someone through or is this kinda learn it on your own as you go?

Nicole: No, you, you just do it on your own pace. It's online. So, each module focuses on one section like, so one is just an intro introduction, like who is the inner child? Why do I even wanna, why do I even wanna reconnect with the inner child?

And I talk about some of the [00:53:00] mistakes that everyone makes when, when actually trying to heal their inner child. And then I go into the different chakras. So, and then of course there's a very spiritual Let's call it final exam, but it's not really a final exam. That's very, you've got shamonic elements to it that if you actually do that and participate in, it could probably change your life in a very interesting way.

But it's, it's something, that's all videos and there's, I give you a ton of questions and exercises to work through. So it's all that. And then I let people know if you get it to a scary part, which is very normal, where you're not sure you can do it on your own. I am here for individual sessions and then I, I guide you through it and I've had clients reach out to me to they're like, you know what I've been doing well, but now I'm, I'm really, I'm, I'm find myself scared now.

I, I need some help. And so I do, and that's what I'm here for. So, but it's really good at giving you the basics and the foundation so that you have a really good foundation to build upon from there.

Will: I am sold. you got [00:54:00] me. I'm gonna try it. I'm gonna do it. That sounds amazing. Especially if it's something that really anyone can benefit from, because the problem sometimes is that you know, again, the fear kind of prevents me from going too deep into anything.

So, maybe this was the way to go about it, but. Nicole, I can't thank you enough for coming on the show and sharing of your messages, your expertise with us, because I, I have valued every message that you've put out there on social media and on your show. And I really appreciate you taking the time and coming and sharing of yourself with.

Nicole: Oh, thank you so much. Well, such a pleasure to be on your show. You're wonderful. And I'm, I'm so excited to be part of this with

Will: you. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery. Hey, we'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website or on Facebook and Instagram under at skeptic position.

Of course, the website is skeptic And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed anything, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be [00:55:00], where you can also watch the videos or even send us email or voicemails directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you.

Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as I have that's all for now. I'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic meta physicians until then take care.

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