How to Use a Pendulum and Other Tools to Access Your Intuition and Higher Guidance | Jean Hanson

This week is all about how to access your higher guidance in order to help you understand what direction you're supposed to be heading in. By the end of this episode, you're going to know just how powerful it is to trust your guidance and what might be the very best tool to do just that…the pendulum! When Jean Hanson unwittingly answers her own higher guidance to uproot her life and move across the country, she discovers a mysterious and powerful tool to unlock her divine life purpose - dowsing.

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On this episode, you will learn:
1. How to use dowsing and a pendulum to connect to and trust your higher guidance
2. Tools that will help you tap into your intuitive abilities
3. Great, easy ways to help raise your vibrations in order to access your intuition, that won’t make people think you’re crazy
4. Why not everything you get drawn to is something that you should immediately jump into
5. Jean’s unique connection to the Harmonic Egg

Jean Hanson is a certified higher guidance life coach, energy healer, and co-owner of Realign Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona. She has an inspiring story of how she answered the call of her higher guidance and moved across the country to help others heal.

"Trust your higher guidance and tap into this incredibly powerful intuitive ability to discover your life's purpose." - Jean Hanson

Jean Hanson discovered her life's purpose through the use of a pendulum, which she used to communicate with the spiritual realm. She learned to trust her higher guidance and embarked on a journey of discovery. Through dowsing, she was able to connect with her spirit guides, and found the pendulum to be a gentle way to awaken her gifts and to keep pursuing her path. And listen to her help Will determine the very best vacation destination for him, by using the pendulum!

Trust Your Higher Guidance: Align Your Life to Manifest the Joy and Success you Deserve by Jean Hanson

The Pendulum Instruction Chart Book: The Doorway To Knowing Your Intuitive Mind by Dale Olson

Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David Hawkins

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Jean Hanson is a Certified Higher Guidance Life Coach, energy healer and co-owner of Realign Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona. Prior to this, Jean and her husband, Steve, owned two successful companies that helped thousands of business owners through the tools and guidance they provided for their online community. Answering the call of their own higher guidance, they sold their last company, sold their home in Minnesota, and moved across the country to start another business to help others heal, while at the same time realizing their dream of living in Arizona. You can learn more about Jean and her business at and

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Will: [00:00:00] Karen? Yes. I've been accused of meandering through life without any real purpose. Sometimes by you. Yes, Frequently. Frequently by me. Many people have said that. Can you believe it? Yes, I can. Well, truth be told, it wasn't until very recently that I realized what my life's purpose really was.

So I. In all fairness, I have floated my way through life. Mm-hmm. for most of it, right? Mm-hmm. . Now, if only I had run into our next guest sooner, I may have been able to find my direction a lot quicker. In fact, that's what this entire episode today is about, how to access your higher guidance in order to help you understand what direction you're supposed to be heading in.

And it all starts by unlocking those answers from your higher. and it just so happens, Karen. Mm-hmm. , that we have the perfect person to usher us into this conversation since she's the author of the book, trust Your Higher Guidance. Now. By the end of this episode, Karen, you're gonna know just [00:01:00] how powerful it is to trust your guidance, and even what tools you should be using to help you tap into this incredibly powerful, intuitive ability.

Great. This one's gonna be epic.


Will: Karen, it's story time. Oh boy. Yes. This one's called All the Difference in the World, and it goes like this. Every Sunday morning I take a light jogger on a park near my house. There's a Lake . Oh [00:02:00] no. I know. That's a story . I did say it was a story, right? . Just the fact, A jog, right? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. This is a store.

This the story. This is a moral play, right? Well, every Sunday morning I take a light jog around the park. Near the house. There's a lake that's located in a corner of the. Now, every time I jog by this lake, I see the same elderly woman sitting at the water's edge with a small middle cage sitting beside her.

Well, this past Sunday, my curiosity got the best of me. So I stopped jogging and walked over to her, and as I got. I realized that the metal cage was in fact a small trap and there were three turtles unharmed slowly making the way around the base of the trap.

She had a fourth turtle in her lap that she was carefully scrubbing with a spongy brush. I said, Hey, I see you here every Sunday morning. I, if you don't mind my nosy now, so I'd love to know what you're doing with these turtle. . Well, she smiled and she says, I'm cleaning off their shells. Anything on a turtle shell like algae or SC, reduces the [00:03:00] turtle's ability to absorb heat and impede its ability to swim, and it can also corrode and weaken the shell over time.

So I responded, wow, that's really nice of you. So she went on and said, I spent a couple of hours each Sunday morning relaxing by this lake and helping these little guys out. It's my own strange way of making a difference. So I asked. , but don't most freshwater turtles live their whole lives with algae and scum hanging off the shells?

And she said, yeah, sadly they do. Well, I can imagine. I scratched my head and they said, well then don't you think that your time could be better spent? I mean, I think your efforts are kind and nice and all, but there are freshwater turtles living in lakes all over the world. 99% of these turtles don't have the.

People like you to help them clean off their shells. So no fence, but how exactly are your efforts truly making a difference? So little lady laughed and she [00:04:00] said as she looked down at the turtle in her lap, she scrubbed the last piece of algae from Shell. And she said, sweetie, if this little guy could talk, he'd tell you, I just made all the difference in the.

So wake up every morning knowing that what you do makes a difference.

Hey. Hey. Thanks so much for joining us once again on this episode of The Skeptic Meta Physicians. We're excited you're here because this conversation's one of the most important ones we've had in quite some time. Jean Hansen is a certified hire guidance life coach. She's an energy healer and the co-owner of Realign Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa.

But not long before, she and her husband sold their previous company, sold their home in Minnesota, moved all the way across the country to start a business helping others heal in Arizona. So how does everyone just pick up and leave everything they know [00:05:00] their entire life and move to an area they didn't really know?

That sounds scary. Yeah, well, they do it by answering to call their own hire guidance. And she's here today not only to share her own unbelievably inspiring story, but also to help us all to connect deeper with this power within all of us. Jean, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Jean: Oh well, will thank you so much for having me. It's a pleasure to be here today.

Will: I read your book. Thank you so much for sending it. Really nice of you to do that. And I gotta say, I really enjoyed it. Like I really enjoyed your style of writing. I enjoyed the, the information you're giving, and I mostly enjoyed learning about your path, your journey, because you weren't doing.

Then what you're doing now, right? It's all this wonderful awakening you had, you had to help of a tool. you call it dowsing, right?

Jean: Yes.

Will: those of us who may not know what Dowsing is. Can you clarify what that is exactly?

Jean: So Dowsing is, um, it's just a way to connect to your higher guidance through [00:06:00] using a pendulum. . And you know, there's different types of dowsing. Of course there's dowsing for water. That's not what I'm talking about, but I'm talking about using a little pendulum. So if, if you're not familiar with what a pendulum is, it's basically a weight on a string or a weight on a chain.

Um, some, um, you know, some, some people may be familiar with it. You can get yes, no answers from it, but you can do so much more than that. And so that's what I discovered with the.

Will: So I guess it's kind of like the original Ouija board, right? Where, in essence where you're not holding your fingers on some. Thing with someone else. It, you're actually allowing, the, the pendulum to move rock back and forth or forward or backwards to give you the answers. And you can actually like write out a, a board, so to speak, with the letters and, it'll give you answers by doing that.

Is that right?

Jean: Yeah, so when I first started, um, I, you know, I discovered actually the pendulum through an interview on Gaia woman was talking about connecting to your higher guidance by using a [00:07:00] pendulum. Well, I was on this four year spiritual journey, but previous to, this started in 2019 for me, and, and in 2015 is when I started my spiritual journey.

I, when I had my awakening in 2019, it had to do with the pendulum. I got really curious at this interview that she did, so I bought the book, she recommended I bought a pendulum, and I just started with the book and went through the exercises, and the minute I picked up that pendulum, it started responding to me.

And so, I mean, I now it's like for those of, for those of your audience who may be watching this on video, you could see, I can show you or I can, I'll explain how it works. But right now the pendulum is just going forward and backward, which is my Yes. So you're getting yes no answers as the basic use of it.

Um, if my pendulum goes from side to side, kind of like you're shaking your head no, and that's my. and there's also a motion where it goes diagonal, [00:08:00] which can mean a couple things if I'm, if I'm not asking a question, it just is kind of in weight mode. or going diagonal can mean maybe I don't get a lot of maybe answers cuz I'm pretty good at asking the right questions.

But sometimes you might get a maybe so. Um, as far as maybe some tips on how to use a pendulum, um, you know, people, like most people that use them or that are familiar with them, they're doing the yes no kind of thing. Well, I bought a chart book when I bought this book on how to use it. And so there's all these different charts in there and I was just like practicing and playing around with it, and I was getting answers that made.

And will, you mentioned a Ouija board. So there's an alphabet chart in my chart book, and that's the one that really got me going with this pendulum. I'm like, oh my gosh, I can't believe it's doing this. So you can, you can spell out words. It's not scary. I know some people kind of freak out with Ouija boards [00:09:00] and say they're evil , but this did not feel evil.

This felt. So good. It gave me so much joy just to do this and to get responses that made sense. So one of the questions at the top of the alphabet chart was it had some sample questions you could ask and it said, who are my guides? And I thought, oh my gosh, you know, that's why I did this because I wanted to connect to my guides, my higher guidance.

So your higher guidance is it's not only your higher self, it's also your spirit guides. And so I wanted to find out who are my guides. So I asked, and my pendulum started spelling out mom, and then it spelled dad. and I was like, oh my gosh. You know, my, both my parents crossed over so they were no longer with us here in the 3D world.

And so, you know, I just, I'm like, and, and then it's spelled out a couple of relatives. So I'm thinking about this going, you know, I know that you can have family [00:10:00] members on your spirit. I feel like because this is such a gentle way for me to awaken, I thought, you know, I know myself well enough to know that some people who have awakenings have kind of jarring awakenings.

Like they, uh, suddenly start seeing spirit, or they suddenly start hearing voices. I probably would've freaked out a bit

Will: uh, we would make two of us. Yeah.

Jean: so I mean, I'm the kind of, I don't like scary movies. I, I feel like I was traumatized when I watched Pet Cemetery, so, you

Will: That was terrible.

Jean: oh my gosh, I hat.

But yeah, I, I feel like that was just a really gentle way for me to awaken these gifts and to get really curious and to keep pursuing it and to keep having fun with it. And so that's what happened with me.

Will: So, you know, like as a kid you're, you know, doing the Ouija board maybe, and, and you know, always someone was pushing it, you know, they'd spell out stuff and, oh no, it wasn't me. I did not do that. Karen, I'm telling [00:11:00] you what, not me, , it was me, . I knew it. So, how were you sure, at least at first, when you first started doing this with a pendulum that you weren't maybe kind of subconsciously, like moving it a little.

To kind of make it through the yeses or nos. In fact, as a, you have a funny story in the book about your husband trying to do it, and it just hung there doing nothing. So how, how do you account for that?

Jean: Yeah, I mean, I gave him, he was watching me do this and he's watching my hand very closely. He's like, oh, it's moving, you're moving it. Right. And you know, it was moving fairly, you know, big swing. And so there's a tiny bit of momentum there that slightly moves my hand cuz it's kind of holding, I'm holding it up in midair.

So I did, I gave it to him and it, you know, he's asking it's, it would not move. Sitting there like a stone and you know, and I ha I have a couple of friends who said, oh, I tried using a pendulum before and it wouldn't do anything for me. I just, I gave up, you know, but this was moving, I [00:12:00] mean, this was moving in pretty big swings.

And so I'm like, I, and, and it was giving me answers that I never would've thought of.

Will: And the swings are big enough that you would've like seen your hand moving. Like it wasn't like a subconscious

Jean: I mean, if you would actually practice with it, you have to, you have to move your hand to get that really going. I mean, maybe you get a tiny bit of motion if you just try and make it move, but you're not gonna get the big swings like I do. Or, you know, when my pendulum starts to, to go in a circle, it starts going super fast. So, you know, and on video sometimes it looks like I'm, I'm moving slightly, but you know, again, that's just kind of momentum. But I, when I'm working with clients, I, I do use it a bit in my, um, higher guidance, life coaching. Now I'm not, um, I'm not using the alphabet anymore. Um, and, and I was gonna tell you about the alphabet because once I started using that, The words just seemed to come to me [00:13:00] without even having to spell them out after a while.

And so that's when my pendulum all of a sudden started swinging really big. And I was like, oh my gosh, what's going on with this? And so I asked my guides, you know, I'm asking them a million questions and they're spelling things out. I mean, I'm channeling through my pendulum. And they said, when it spins like that, it means you're exactly right.

And I'm like, what do, I'm like, oh, I get it. They're giving me a shortcut. So as it was starting to spell words on the chart, words would just come to me that I knew what it was gonna spell. And, you know, first it was like two, three words and then it was a phrase or a full sentence. And, but yet I didn't have enough confidence in myself.

I had to make it spell it. You know, I, I wasn't making it, but I wanted it to spell it out to confirm that I was right. And so, um, that's what I did. But then their, their clue was, or their message was No, when you say that in your head, that's right. So keep [00:14:00] going.

Will: So you don't have to say it out loud,

Jean: I don't know. I, and you know, obviously we're communicating like telepathically or however that works, you know, there's no words being spoken,

Will: It's, it's so funny cause you, you are, you are truly embedded in this role, and yet when you're talking to us about it, you're still kind of like this apologetic. Like, well, you know, you kind of telepathically think you, it's weird to say these things out loud sometimes, right?

that these beings are channeling through you and giving you answers through a, through a pendulum.

Jean: Yeah, I know. And, and I'm thinking, you know, is this real? Is this real? And of course I knew it was real. I'm like, I'm not making this up. But I was kind of afraid to tell other people other than my husband. But he started becoming a believer pretty quickly when he saw some of the things I was doing. But now I don't need the pendulum to, to.

Through with the alphabet chart anymore. I'm just channeling through my clear, cognizant, so you know, the way the words started dropping in when I was actually using the pendulum. The pendulum I didn't need [00:15:00] anymore. The words now just drop in

Will: So the pendulum was like dumbo's feather kind of getting you to trust in yourself that what you were knowing was actually accurate. I like that. Yeah. Because sometimes you're like, am I just making, am I just, do I just think this is accurate? So I like that confirmation. Yeah. Yeah. Confirmation. Yeah. It opens up.

The gate to your psychic senses. That's awesome. Mm-hmm. ? Yeah.

Jean: So, and a lot of people, they, you know, they're just using it again for that. Yes. No, but there's other, there's a lot more that's, that you can do with it. There's a lot more to it and you wanna be careful with using it and just going with what the pendulum says. So I, you know, I can give you some ideas on that, if you care for me to share more on that.

Will: You know, it's super fascinating that we've not broached a topic of, of pendulum or dowsing yet. Mm-hmm. . So this, this is great. Yeah. We'd love to.

Jean: Okay. Well, so one of the first things is people often say, you know, should I do this or should I do that? And don't use should, you know, because you can say, should I do something and you can get a yes all day long, but maybe you [00:16:00] shouldn't do it right now. You know? Or you know, there's a lot more that could be going into the that question if you're just being so general.

So I do a couple things. So first of all, I'll say, is it in my highest and best interest? To do X, Y, Z, um, and to what degree. So a lot of times I will ask to what degree? So maybe you've got some different options and you wanna know which is the best option. So when I say to what degree I, I actually do use a little chart.

It's a percentage chart, and so it's like a half circle and it goes from. 10% up to 90% or a hundred percent. And so like to, I might get, it might be to 90% degree, or one option might be only 50%. Well, if I'm going between 50 and 90, I'm probably gonna lean towards 90%, but it's in my highest and best interest.

Right. So maybe we could just do a, a quick example of how this would work. Something that's kind of fun. Um, let's say you wanna go on [00:17:00] vacation. And the first thing, I mean, yeah, so you know, the first thing you might say is, well, should I go here or should I go here? Right. So you're trying to decide where to go.

Well, first thing I would say is decide what kind of vacation you want. Or do you want the adventuresome, fun, all kinds of activity, vacation, or do you want a relaxing meditation retreat?

Will: Also, yes.

Jean: So so let's, let's do the relaxing kind re um, vacation. So maybe you guys can help me with a, let's do four cities and would that be my highest and best interest, or to what degree would this be the one that is the most, um, enjoyable?

Will: And that would be for you or for us?

Jean: Well, we could, let's will, let's do it for you. So let's say you wanna go on a relaxing retreat.

Will: okay. Pick some good ones. Will. Yes. how about Sedona, Arizona?

Jean: Okay? So, Sedona, and, and just so you know, I'm using the, the percentage chart [00:18:00] and my guides are playing along. They're just gonna throw out some percentages. . So for Sedona, I'm getting 70%.

Will: Ooh, I knew it needed to go out there. I knew it.

Jean: Okay, gimme another one,

Will: Uh, how about Jamaica?

Jean: Jamaica. Okay. I'm getting 80% on Jamaica

Will: Oh, It sounds like a tropical vacations in my future. let's see, what, what else? What bar? Barcelona

Jean: Barcelona. Okay. I'm getting 50% in Barcelona.

Will: Nope. Go to Jamaica first. Karen. Sorry. Oh, man.

Jean: Okay. Gimme one more.

Will: Sienna, uh, Italy. Yes. Somewhere in Italy.

Jean: Okay, so I'm getting 60% on Italy. Okay? So we have 50, 60, 70, and 80%. Now, if you just go with the straight percentages, , you're probably going to Jamaica, but Sedona was only 70%. Right? So that's pretty close. I wouldn't make a decision based on 70% and 80%. Now the [00:19:00] 50%, you probably can throw that out, right?

That's probably not gonna be the one that you wanna go to, but I'd probably be looking at those two higher ones. And so then what you wanna do is. Start thinking about it. Start thinking, okay, so what about the travel? Is it gonna be really expensive or is it gonna be really, uh, inconvenient to travel to a location that, what do we have?

Sedona in Jamaica. So how easy is it gonna be to travel to Jamaica? You know, maybe it's gonna be more convenient. I know when Steve and I went to St. Lucia, we had to spend overnight in Atlanta. It was a real pain. It took forever to get there. So that would be consideration. What are the accommodations gonna be like?

What actually are you gonna be able to do in Jamaica versus Sedona?

Will: is this an alone vacation you're taking? Will Um, I'm thinking that's what you were thinking. Just you going No, I was not Right. Your, your choices of places. Okay. Maybe I was, yeah. . Hmm, no. So here it is. He truly, full disclosure, [00:20:00] Jean, I've been talking about doing a meditation retreat for a long time. And, these retreats by how they're created, right?

That you get the most out of it if you are solitary, if you go by yourself. So that's probably what I was thinking. Now, if we were to go someplace as a family, maybe Sedona and Jamaica may not be our number. Priorities, but not that that's pertinent to what you just showed us. but to Karen's point, just think can you, can you make any chart? Like, can you just make your, like

Jean: Yes.

Will: members' names and, and Wow, I like that.

Jean: Yeah. So you can, yeah, you can make a chart. You can just, like, let's say you, I mean, restaurants, you wanna pick a restaurant, you write down four restaurants and you do it on a chart and you see if it points to one, you know you can do fun stuff like that.

Will: Whoa. So I'd never have to make a decision again. I like it. I think people getting addicted to that. Yeah. , you know, like not leaving the house without, you know, the, the pendulum and,

Jean: Yeah, that, and that's how I was getting, I was pretty addicted to it. But yeah, you, you do have to use [00:21:00] your own discernment too. You have free will. You don't have to go with what the pendulum says, so you kind of gotta decide. And yeah, so there's, you know, there's another example of, you know, let's say you wanna take a course, some sort of course that you wanna learn something more about.

And so, you know, I went through this with a client once and it was like, okay. Is it in my highest and best interest to take a course like this? I mean, first of all, should I even be doing this course? And so we were getting a yes and then, you know, you could ask a question like, to what degree would I be happy with course one versus course two.

Um, But I think you still need to really dive in, do your homework, do your research, really dive into what each course is about and see how you feel about it. Um, but you know, there's one question that I think is really important and I kind of talked a little bit about it briefly earlier. So a question is, is now the right time to take the course?

So maybe you say, Isn't my highest and [00:22:00] best interest to take this course. Yes, you get a big yes, but is now the right time to do it? Maybe that's a no, because what if you went ahead and took it and then something happened, you couldn't finish, or you know something went wrong and now you're saying, well, why did I listen to the pendulum?

It told me to take it, you know?

Will: Pendulum.

Jean: Yeah, darn pendulum. You wanna, and I've had people say that I, I couldn't trust myself with a pendulum. So you're not digging deep enough with these questions. And so you can, a couple more questions that you might wanna think about when you are using a pendulum is, um, am I asking the right question?

Because maybe you're not thinking of a question that you really need to be asking. Um, how well do I understand the message you've given me? So you could do the percentage on that, so maybe you only per understand it 50%. So, so there's more that you need to think about. Um, do I need more information? So, you know, think about questions like that.

So I think that would help with, you know, how to use it.

Will: how long did it take you to really [00:23:00] develop this ability?

Jean: You know it, it didn't take me very long. I mean, I think I would say the first month was a lot of experimentation and especially when I started using the alphabet chart. Sometimes I would spell, I would be trying to spell something or get an answer, and it just spelled out nonsense. You know, and that, that happened.

But, you know, after the first two, three months, it was really progressing pretty quickly. And, and that's when I decided, um, I, I actually took the self-study course that the, you know, the woman is Jean Slater, she's got Trust, your Hire Guidance certification. And I contacted her because when I, this started happening, I, I went with it for a couple months and I contacted her.

I'm like, I'm gonna, I decided to do her self-study course first, and I did that. I loved it. So then I decided to take her full certification. And so, um, yeah, by the time I was done with that, I, I felt like a, a pro. I mean, my classmates were not doing anything [00:24:00] near what I was doing with it, so I was really amazed.

Will: So then how do you. Because we talked a little bit earlier about your husband when he tried to use a pendulum, he just laid there like a limp log. That would probably be what happens to me. So without my moving my hand, how does someone connect with this pendulum enough to the point where I don't have to move it.

Jean: Well, the first thing in, if you buy the book, so Dale Olson wrote the book on, uh, you can just look up Dale Olson and he's got pendulum books and charts. Um, he teaches you, I mean, you can actually train your pendulum. And so, um, you can say, You can actually move it. So if you want your yes to be like mine, forward and backwards, very simple.

You can say, this is my yes. And then you move it side to side. So you're physically moving it side to side. This is my no, move it forward. This is my yes. And, and do that. And eventually, you know, then you start leaving alone and see if it'll move. Now my husband [00:25:00] just picked it up again recently and he's starting using.

And it's moving for him Now. It's not moving big swings like it is for me. It's very small, but he's, he's making progress. It's not sitting there like a stone anymore. So yeah, you can actually train it.

Will: So that answers the question I was just about to ask you, which was gonna be if someone else can use your pendulum. I didn't know if once you use it a lot, like you have an energy thing with it and no one else can use it. But I guess if

Jean: You know, that's a good question cuz a lot of people are really worried about that. They're like, oh my gosh, the energy nobody can touch my pendulum. There's also some things about what the pendulums are made of. Some people say, Don't buy a crystal pendulum because crystals hold energy and that can, you know, sway your answers.

You need to buy wood. Well, you can see my pendulum is copper. Um, I can, honestly, I don't buy into all of that. I believe you're just putting other people's beliefs onto, onto it. [00:26:00] Sure. You know, you, you should probably clear your, your pendulum once in a while. I don't care if somebody touches my pendulum, I can pick up any pendulum in the store.

and it works for me, and I can just, it just responds to me. So I, I think that's a kind of a belief system that I just don't buy into.

Will: And is there any reason why you chose.

Jean: It was kind of by chance I ordered, um, I ordered a book and it came with a pendulum and it came with a copper pendulum, and I like it. This particular one, it's small and it's lightweight. I had bought these, my first pendulums were really heavy, and I realized I, I don't like 'em to be so heavy. This moves really easily.

It's not too light, but it's just kind of the right weight for me. So I just stuck with the, with this.

Will: So you moved all the way across country based on the swing of a pendulum.

Jean: Yeah.

Will: Do you hear how that sounds, ? Well, it's good than the drop of a hat. I mean, that's, that's impressive that you have [00:27:00] that amount of faith and trust in this modality to, to have you do such a drastic change in your life.

That's, that's, that's impressive.

Jean: Yeah. Yeah, it is . It's, I still can't believe it sometimes because, I mean, we had a business that we've been running for 15 years and we've been in the industry for 30 years, and honestly, I was just burned out on it. I was ready to move on, but. I didn't know. I had no idea what I would do because we were making good money and we had a plan.

We were gonna stick with it until we retired. And you know, and I'm, I'll admit, I'm in my sixties now. This started when I turned 60 years old. I'm like, how can I change my life at this age? And it was just crazy. And my husband, you know, he enjoyed what he was doing and so it, you know, he wasn't buying into it right away, but, That's when I, I listened to another guy I interview and it was [00:28:00] about the harmonic egg, and I know you guys have talked a lot about the harmonic egg

Will: Yes, we love the hunger gig. Yeah, we're we're gonna, we're gonna talk about that a little bit later cause you do have a very special connection with the harmonic egg that we'll talk about. We're

Jean: yeah. Yep.

Will: gonna talk about how you actually help people to connect directly to their intuition. Right.

We're gonna, we're gonna take a break, but when we come back, we're gonna tackle those things. You don't want to miss the rest of this conversation because this, there's a lot more to this than you've heard so far, but we'll be right back.

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And welcome back to the skeptic Meta Physicians. We're talking to Jean, who is showing us how to connect to our higher guidance. So far we've been talking about using a pendulum to reach into those depths, uh, and to get some answers that we need, which is exactly what she did when she moved all the way across the country.[00:30:00]

Upended her life. It moved to from Minnesota to Arizona to open up a, a, a wellness center. And now she helps people to connect to their intuition and to, and to really find their way and their, their path and their, their purpose in life. So before we left, we were talking about how you help people connect to their intuition.

Uh, what are, what are some ways that people can do that without seeming like they're crazy

Jean: Yeah, so I have several different things to pay attention to cuz a lot of times it's really about paying attention, um, because your intuition is always talking to you and it's your guides are actually talking to you through your intuition. So that's the higher guidance that we're talking about. If you wanna connect to your higher guidance, yes you can use a pendulum, but you really need to use your intuition as well.

And so you've heard about the Claire's Claire, I mentioned Claire Cognizance earlier. There's two Claires that are really po um, very common to most people, and they're Claire sentience, which is clear feeling. So we've, [00:31:00] excuse me, we've all felt the chills, right? Something happens, you're like, oh my God, I got the chills.

Right? It was a really good thing and it's maybe something that you wanna do. So that's, that's listening to your cla sentience. You, we've also, Sick feeling in our stomach where maybe somebody wants you to do something and you, you just don't feel good about it and you're just like, Ugh. So that's your body ta talking to you.

That's your body's intuition. So pay attention to that. Clear cognizance is clear knowing that's when you just know something. You don't know how you know it. You just know it. And so that's clear cognizance, that's very common as well. And then you've got, um, clear audience, which is clear hearing. So that's when people actually hear their angels and.

And then clear voyance, which is clear seeing. So either they visibly see spirit or they see things in their mind's eyes, so they close their eyes, they might see images and things like that. So those are the clears. So those all, you know, are connecting to your intuition, but the, the most important thing that you wanna do to connect is to raise your vibration.[00:32:00]

So I, I think, I think you guys have talked about the book Power versus Force before on the show. So there is, um, an emotional resonance chart that you can get in from the book, power versus Force. And so it. , it equates our vibration to emotions. So, for example, people that are vibrating really low are gonna have a really hard time connecting to their, their intuition.

They, you need to be vibrating higher than that. So the low emo, the low vibration emotions are things like being in anger or frustration or guilt, or fear or shame. The, the emotion of shame is the lowest on the scale. It's only 20 herz. And if you're, but if you're vibrating in the vibrations or the, in the emotions of like love and joy and peace, you're vibrating between five and 600 herz.

That's a huge, huge difference. So when you can vibrate in those positive emotions [00:33:00] really high, then you're much better able to connect your intuition. So how do you, how do you raise your vibration? Well, you can do a number of things. You can get out in. You can exercise, you can have fun and just laugh.

That can raise your vibration. Um, you can eat a better diet, so eat as much organic food as you possibly can. That's, you know, organic food is high vibration food. Um, you can meditate and you know, obviously meditation raises your vibration. You can have a gratitude. A lot of people do that. Um, my, Steven, Steve is my husband, and he and I tried journaling gratitude.

We had a hard time with that. So what we've come to do is at the end of the night before we turn out the light and go to bed, we, we say, what, what are you grateful for today? And we just say three or four things that we're grateful for. We're trying to always stay in that state of gratitude because that's gonna raise your vibration just because it keeps you more positive.

I even do it [00:34:00] during the day. I mean, I never, I haven't. Um, to commute to work for 20 years. Now I have to commute to work , and I'm on a freeway and I'll see somebody cut someone off and I'll, and it was like a near miss and I'm like, thank you for keeping me safe. Thank you for keeping the other people safe.

You know, so those little thank yous during the day, that is really good. Um, staying positive is, Hard sometimes, but staying positive is really important to raise your vibration and really paying attention to your thoughts because we talk to ourselves like we would talk to nobody else sometimes, right?

Oh, you're so stupid. Oh, you're so fat. You know, we say these things to ourselves and that's not a good thing to do. You wanna be thinking more positive thoughts, and sometimes you can turn those negative thoughts around into a positive, so, There's one example I give where let's say you're, you're paying the bills, you're online, you're wa, you're paying [00:35:00] all these bills, you're watching your bank account balance go down and you're thinking, oh my God, money's so tight.

Why is it always so tight? Right? So if you catch yourself saying something like that, you can turn that around and this actually works. So you can say something like, why is money always so tight? But it's only a temporary situation. So I mean, just shifting it into something positive where this, because you know that if you're gonna always say, money's so tight, money is always gonna be tight.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Jean: and shift it into something positive. So those are ways that you can raise your vibration.

Will: yep. That works, Karen. Well, well, what I try to say is, thank goodness I have money to pay this Bill

Jean: Yes, yes. That's another one.

Will: I can pay this bill, you know? Right, right. And I guess that's why people say to me when they meet me all the time, man, I really like your vibe.

Jean: Yep, that's exactly right.

Will: It's what I'm aspiring to.

I'm being positive. Thinking again. I'm [00:36:00] thinking ahead. No, I, I like your

Jean: Yeah, that's what it's all about, that vibration. Yeah. So I do have a couple more tips. So for, um, connecting to your intuition and curiosity is huge for me, and it's a really big one because a lot of times we just ignore the things that make us curious because we're too busy or we don't have the money to try something new.

Another example. You know, obviously the pendulum was the big thing that changed my life because I got curious about the pendulum. There's another time I got curious. It was when I first started this journey back in 2015, um, I met, I knew a gal from a networking group we belonged to. She was gonna do a funk shui workshop.

It was six hours of training. Oh, spread out over three weeks. Now my old self would've gone, oh. I don't wanna spend money on that, or I don't have time. It's an hour drive from where I live. I'm too busy. But I just, I got curious. I'm like, I just signed up on the spot. I didn't really think about it and that, that [00:37:00] curiosity changed my life because turns out she's an intuitive.

I worked with her for the next four years.

Will: Oh wow.

Jean: And so she kind of was my spiritual teacher until I finally had my awakening. So I mean, that changed my life. So curiosity is really big. Not to say that everything you're curious about is gonna change your life, but if you're curious, start doing some research.

Start leaning in, and if it, if you keep getting excited about it, that's a sign to keep going. That's your intuition telling you, yes, this is for you. Now, if you start researching and you're like, Hmm, maybe not. Well then let it go. That's not for you,

Will: Yeah. And in your book you mentioned the fact. Not everything that you get drawn to is something that you should immediately jump into. so really the best thing to do then is just to ask you pendulum, right?

Jean: Yeah. Well, yeah, I mean, I was drawn to the pendulum, but it took me a while before I actually did something about it. I, I did sign up for the course though that I was [00:38:00] totally drawn to because I started studying her website. I absorbed every word of it, and I just got more and more excited. So that was my clue.

I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna start with the self-study. I didn't do the full blown program at first. I did the smaller program. I still loved it. . And so that's what led me on that journey. So yeah, that was a big thing for me.

Will: Well, those are really great tips. Mm-hmm. on how to connect your, to your intuition. More people need to know about that because it's, it's super important and I, and I have noticed a difference when I am. judgey and, temperamental and all that kind of stuff, I, I don't. Feel very intuitive. Like I know, I, I feel kind of stuck, Ecker totally talks about the power of the now, right.

Being in the moment and just allowing yourself to be positive and grateful and, and loving, and all of a sudden that's when things start coming. And I think will, when you don't start your morning with a meditation, you can totally tell your vibes are down. I I'll tell 'em like, just go meditate. Yeah. Walk away from me.

Now [00:39:00] go meditate. Absolutely. Absolutely. And when it's weird coming from me because I was the guy that, no, I have no time to meditate. What are you talking about? That's a waste of time, but wow. Does it make a difference? It sure does. Huge.

Jean: And if you can get to where you're doing silent meditations, that's when you can actually hear, get the messages from your guides because, and people are always like, well, but how do I know if it's from my guides? Or how do I know if it's just my head making it up? Well, if it's something that you've thought about before, it's probably your mind doing that.

But if it's something. Oh, that's a, that's a brilliant idea. Or I never would've thought of that. Well, that's your guide sending that message. That's why silent meditation is if you, that that's really important.

Will: Yeah, it's really interesting because I've meditated now for several years. On a almost daily basis. Karen just recently started meditating. She does much better at meditating silently than I do. I, I prefer to have the music or the guided meditations and things like that. Mm-hmm. . But she, when it's, when it's [00:40:00] silent, that's when she sees the colors and she gets vision and all kinds of stuff.

I sit in meditation, I fall asleep, . When someone's talking to me, I'm like, oh, no, stop . Right.

Jean: do. I do like to have background, like, um, white noise or raindrops falling or something like that, so then I'm not hearing every little noise in the house like the refrigerator kicking on or something like that. So I do like that as well.

Will: Yeah, like music sometimes too that can help.

Jean: yeah. Yeah.

Will: certain tones just

Jean: I was gonna, I was gonna mention something sim simple too, that people, I know a lot of people see numbers and when I first started, numbers were really important to me and it was getting me realizing that my, my angels and guides were actually contacting me.

No, I would see numbers like a lot of people see one 11 and 5 55 and 3 33, and I was seeing those two, but I was seeing weird numbers like four 14 was with me for like a year or more, and you can look up what they mean. And for me, the message was you need to get help. You need to get [00:41:00] help. I needed to free up more of my time so that I could pursue more of the spiritual stuff that I was diving into, and when I finally hired a manager to take over a lot of the stuff that I was doing in my day-to-day work.

Four 14 disappeared.

Will: Wow. See, that's interesting because you, you do you notice the numbers? The one one elevens and the 4 4 4 s all the time. Don't 4, 4, 4 incessantly. It's always 4 44. To me, it's everywhere. For us, we've posted on social media for, there was a time where any single day I had like four or five of that 1, 1 1 s and one way or another it was crazy.

you don't think about different types of numbers. I don't know if I would notice that a four 14 would be coming up all the time for me. I

Jean: And it, you know, it's funny cuz it started with, that was our hotel room when we went to a hotel and then I would see it on the, like the odometer on my car. That's where I would see a lot of numbers and license plates. And so I would see it like all like two of them at once or, or two of them and then a third one, like almost, you know, within minutes.

So yeah, it [00:42:00] was crazy.

Will: Yeah, it was weird. I, I saw it in the hotel room for my, my father recently had a stint in the hospital. when I went to the hospital, hospital, the, the, the number was in his hospital room number. Uh, at the same time it was, uh, I forgot I sent you a message without realizing, and we looked and the message was the same time, like everything was Yep.

I was listening to a podcast and it just happened. When I, when I pause it, it was right at that number. I mean, it was all these different things that was just hit, hit me in the face. I'm gonna have to start looking for other numbers cause maybe not, successive numbers aren't the only thing that I'm being communicated.

It's, it's probably other numbers I need to start looking out

Jean: Yep. Absolutely.

Will: Well, we, we teased it a little bit earlier on, but you have a very special connection to the harmonic egg. If you've not listened to our show on the harmonic egg, I urge you strongly to go back and listen to that because first of all, it is an amazing, amazing.

Instrument. Mm-hmm. , for lack of a better word, uh, because it's not an instrument by itself. It, it is, it is so much more than just that. But [00:43:00] Gene, you actually have a special connection with these harmonic eggs. You heard about us, our show through the creator of, the harmonic egg.

Jean: Yeah, absolutely. So yeah, when I was on this journey, I was, you know, I did the higher guidance life coaching. I did. I actually did an energy healing modality called the Body Code and got certified in that. Steve started his spiritual journey, which I didn't get a chance to talk about, but what I talk about in the book, he's got interest in sound healing.

So we're like, what are we gonna do with all this? Because we can't make the money that we're making at our business. so we were just like, what are we gonna do with this? So I said, well, I'm just gonna do it part-time and my higher guidance is gonna tell me what, what we're gonna do with it. Right? And so about that time I listened to another Gaia interview, Regina Meredith Show. She interviewed Gail Lynn, the inventor of the Harmonic Ag, and I'm listening to the show going, Oh my God.

Oh my God. and I got done with it and I went right to Steve. I'm like, you have to listen to this. And [00:44:00] so we listened together. We were looking at each other and we're like, I think we're supposed to do this. Are we supposed to do this? I think, and of course then I got the pendulum out and the pendulum's just spinning, you know,

Will: Right.

Jean: So it, it was like May of 20. And so, you know, Steve was not convinced right away. I mean, he got kind of excited about it, but we had a lot of talking to do because, you know, this would mean selling our business. It would mean moving across the country. Cuz we said if we were gonna do this, are we gonna do it in Minnesota?

No, I was, I'm done. I was done with the winter. I mean, it was, it was hard because our families were in Minnesota and Wisconsin. That was the most difficult decision. But, um, we said, if we're gonna do it, we're gonna do it where we wanna be, which was in the Phoenix area, and Phoenix was open. And we didn't contact Gil right away because we thought, she's never gonna believe us.

If we have to sell a business, that's gonna take a while. And, you know, so we said, we're just [00:45:00] gonna plan this out. We had a, you know, I had to convince him I was ready to jump ship like now, but

Will: Right.

Jean: but he wasn't. And so by the end of the year we decided, yep, we're gonna do this. So we had some people in. to buy her business.

And so after the first the year, we did approach them and they were interested. So by the 1st of March we got an offer and I'm like, okay, we're contacting Gail. And Gail said, yep, you guys are perfect. And after hearing our story and you know, all through this, I kept checking in with the guides and, you know, following what their guidance was on timing of things and, and it all just landed perfectly.

So between March and June, July 1st, We sold our house, we found a house in Arizona against all odds. That was when the housing market was super crazy and you couldn't get a house. But we did in five days. Um, we, and we sold the business by July 1st, and then we started, we opened this wellness center, and then [00:46:00] we thought we were only gonna get one egg.

And turns out we were able to get two. So we have two harmonic ags at, at our wellness center, and then I do the higher guidance life coaching. I do the energy healing. Steve now not only does, um, sound bass and his work with the sound healing with the Tibetan bowls and he's got the whole sound healing, you know, symphony

Will: Oh, nice. I think I would get along really well with Steve.

Jean: yeah.

Will: I'm all about sound healing and, and, singing balls and things like that.

Jean: Yeah, he loves doing that. And um, he actually now does quantum touch, which is another heli modality. So he's really gifted at quantum touch. It's similar to reiki. It's just a different technique using breath work, and it's amazing. He gets wonderful results.

Will: Steve. I think so. , we need to have him on the show. Yeah. yeah. And it's funny cuz you have a, you talked about, uh, very flippantly just. Phoenix area was open, but it wasn't at first when you checked the, the website, right? You talk, talk about this whole story in your book, which is [00:47:00] really clever, and your Harry guidance can telling you, don't worry, don't worry.

It's, it's gonna be yours, gonna be yours. And lo and behold, when it came time to, it was open. So I, I encourage people to pick up your book and, uh, read that story cuz it's, it's really, really, it just kind of hits you right? Smacks you in the face about, uh, how powerful this inner inner guidance stuff is.

Your higher guidance

Jean: Yeah, and it, it was fun to experience that whole journey, but there was challenges along the way and that was one big challenge cuz Phoenix was open when we made the decision, suddenly it wasn't open anymore and I panicked and my guides are like, have faith gene. Yeah, I, it was a test of my faith.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Jean: I passed the test.


Will: Yay. Yeah. Yeah, it was great. Well, your book is, trust Your Higher Guidance and we're gonna add a link directly to our show notes. So if you are interested in picking up, her book, by all means. Please go to our show notes. You can go to skeptic meta, [00:48:00] go to her episode page and you'll see the link directly there.

Makes it super easy to, to access the book. we'll also add all your social media links, uh, link to your website, all that kinda stuff on there. So if you wanna connect to Jean, feel free to do that. We highly encourage you to do so. Jean, this has been a wonderful conversation. time went by so fast that, so fast.

I, I don't know. Why it happens all the time. , uh, it almost feels like someone's telling me I'm talking too much, maybe. Hmm mm-hmm. , . . Is that your higher self? ? Maybe. . There's a pendulum. Is he talking too much? No. No. We gotta go. We gotta go. Uh, Jean, thank you so much. Someone wanted to reach out. Is the website the best place to, to do that?

Jean: Yeah, so I have Jean Hansen com handsome with an O , and the the website for the Wellness center is realign your life, az com.

Will: Okay. If you, you're in the Mesa, Arizona area and you want to, visit her, that's where to go and if you haven't tried the harmonic egg and you're in that area, [00:49:00] Reach out to Jean cuz you won't regret it. They are amazing. Yeah. Truly amazing. Jean, I thank you so much for coming and talking to us about your story and, and helping us connect to our tuition and our higher guidance and things like that.

Mm-hmm. , uh, I look forward to maintaining in contact.

Jean: Thank you so much, both of you for having me. I really had fun today, so thanks again.

Will: No, we did too. Thank you. And go ahead and cut, Karen. Okay.

Karen & Will: And thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery. You know, someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we shared on this episode or any of our others. Well, we'd really love it. If you would do them a favor and share the show with them, it's super easy and you might just help change someone's life.

And if you're listening to this on the radio, missed anything, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be, where you can also watch the videos or even send us email or voicemails directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you.

we hope that you've enjoyed this episode as much as we [00:50:00] have that's for now, but we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic IANS until then take care.

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Jean Hanson

Higher Guidance Life Coach

Jean Hanson is a Certified Higher Guidance Life Coach, energy healer and co-owner of Realign Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona. Prior to this, Jean and her husband, Steve, owned two successful companies that helped thousands of business owners through the tools and guidance they provided for their online community. Answering the call of their own higher guidance, they sold their last company, sold their home in Minnesota, and moved across the country to start another business to help others heal, while at the same time realizing their dream of living in Arizona. You can learn more about Jean and her business at and