The Journey to Inner Peace: Channeling the Power of Nature

The Journey to Inner Peace: Channeling the Power of Nature

In this episode of the Skeptic Metaphysicians, hosts Will and Karen are joined by Daniel Mirfield, a renowned healer and mentor from the UK. Daniel is the author of “Seedling, The Journey to Inner Peace”, and he shares his knowledge on how to channel the power of nature to help us heal and recover from stress.

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The hosts discuss finding inner peace and our true selves, and the importance of reacting from a place of love rather than fear. Ultimately, the episode offers insight into the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern times.

“We have to start understanding the other energies that drive the way that we evolve. - Daniel Mirfield.” – Daniel Mirfield

The episode highlights the challenges of maintaining inner peace amidst the constant bombardment of various energies, including media, social media, family, friends, and our own thoughts. These energies often stem from a place of control rather than inner understanding, influencing our behavior and decisions.

To achieve inner peace, the episode suggests releasing the desire for control and expanding our consciousness beyond the logic-based reality we have created. It also emphasizes the importance of positive spaces and respecting the planet, as individual choices can positively impact the planet's energetical imprint and promote positive change.

The episode argues that control is not the answer to inner peace, as it can lead to a cycle that prevents us from achieving it. Nature's balancing principles show that everything is unique and individual to its energetical imprint, and it never controls but rebalances. Therefore, we should look to nature and ourselves to find the rebalancing aspect in our lives. The episode warns that control creates fear, stress, anxiety, and anger, leading to a spiral of repeated problems in communities. Mental health is crucial in the next two decades as the planet's energies change, and we need to adapt our innate ability to it.

The episode stresses the importance of acknowledging our identity and purpose to create communities that are not driven by materialism or greed. The speaker believes that the world will change for the better if individuals understand the planet and make the right choices. We cannot change others, but we can control ourselves and our choices. Therefore, we must acknowledge our identity and purpose to create communities that prioritize positive spaces and respect for the planet.

  • Discover how inner peace and energy tuning can lead to personal growth.
  • Unleash your potential by breaking free from external controls and attachments.
  • Foster a better world by understanding mental health and individual responsibilities.
  • Find healing and wisdom by reconnecting with nature.
  • Enhance self-awareness to better grasp your gifts, feelings, and emotions.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: A renowned healer and mentor, Daniel Mirfield channels the power of nature to help his clients heal and recover from stress.

His teachings, which can be found in his new book, “Seedling: The Journey to Inner Peace”, fuse ancient wisdom with modern times to help us navigate and overcome even the most challenging moments by listening to our intuition, staying grounded, and being aligned and centered, all while reacting from a place of love rather than fear.

“Seedling: The Journey to Inner Peace” by Daniel Mirfield

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Will: [00:00:00] Karen? Yes. Today's that was different. You, you can't do that. You can't throw me like that. Yes, will. Hey, today's question from me to you. Mm-hmm. In your estimation, would you say that you found your true self?

Karen: Uh, depends on the

Will: day you ask. Wow. How about today?

Karen: Not

Will: today. Mm. Will it? How about inner peace of

Karen: mind?

Again, depends on the day you ask. Oh, oh, not today. What's a woman's prerogative

Will: to change her mind? I think it's anyone's prerogative. Male or females. Let's not, let's not limit ourselves there. Well, today's guests may be just what we both need to help us. Find both perfect. He's the author of Seedling, the Journey to Inner Peace, and he's here today to show us how to channel the power of Nature to help us heal and recover from stress.

It's time to put away whatever you have going on right now and listen, because learning how to react from a place of love rather than fear is what this episode is all [00:01:00] about. Welcome to the Skeptic Meta Physicians.



Will: Today on the review corner, we have another five star review. This time from Lala Numbers 3 33. The topic is great show and they go on to say, wonderful show. For those seeking to know more about the many modalities within metaphysics, great for those with an open mind and even may help [00:02:00] those who aren't as open be a little more curious about the wonders of the universe.

Five stars for sure from this Avid listener. Thank you so much Lala Numbers for sending us this wonderful review. And if you'd like to hear your review read on the air, please feel free to go to skeptic meta Leave us a review there or go to Apple Podcasts or even podcast chaser. You never know.

You might just hear your words here on the show.

Hi, I'm Will. And I'm Karen. And this week's main topic finds us well, accompanied by Daniel Murfield, a renowned healer and mentor from the uk.

Daniel is the author of Seedling, the Journey To Inner Peace, which fuses ancient wisdom with modern times to help us navigate and overcome even the most challenging moments by listening to our intuition, staying grounded and being aligned and centered, all while reacting from a place of love.

Rather than fear Daniel, thank you [00:03:00] for coming on the show. Thank you for having me.

this is a topic that's near and dear to both of our hearts because we seem to constantly be finding and losing and finding and losing and finding and losing our inner peace. So true. So why is it so hard these days to hang on to that inner

Daniel: peace? It's a broad question, but it, it comes down to energy and the process in the internal understanding of who we are.

So the value we hold for ourselves is typically conditioned or at least driven by an alternative energy. So we never truly find or truly understand who we are and the decisions we make because of the motive behind the control, which controls us.

Will: so it's an energy. And can you, can you elaborate on that? Because I know we've all heard many, many times that we are energy, now we know we're bombarded all the time by different types of energy, whether it's the media or social media, or our kids, or our friends or our family.

We're always bombarded by [00:04:00] energies. And so Karen and I try to meditate in the mornings and try to generate a positive type of energy. But is that what's happening is that. The negative energies are overcrowding our positive energies.

Daniel: So the e, the energies that you are describing are a logic based reality that is the world that we've created and well, there's a world outside that world.

Mm-hmm. So our history, uh, Of previous lives or our history of just our family has a certain kind of influence in the way that we behave. The, the energy from the stars influences the way that we behave. So when we, when we have go to our, um, communities or, uh, rules and regulations, the forms on logic, and that is the, the eight or 9% of the brain that we a hundred percent use all the time.

So the, to expand our consciousness, we have to start under understanding the, the other energies that drive the way that we evolve. So, for example, um, just, just, just, uh, [00:05:00] one off, one off the bat. Um, if your parents were struggling during a time that you were born, the transfer of energy can indicate that you can be living some, your parents' storm.

Through large portions of your life and not actually knowing who you are. So, so by understanding energies we can start to break down and know what's our energy and what's other people's energies. And it's not just our parents. Uh, there's, there's influential figures within our life. The whole, the whole, the whole time that we are learning.

And depending on the, how they influences depends on how we absorb the energy. So if you, if you think of, uh, logic, logic performs under two conditions, efficiency and control, or the efficiency to control, but your mental health status is outside those parameters. So when we look to energy and energies that [00:06:00] complete us, It is that over 90% of that 90 odd percent of our, um, embodiment that we don't touch into is, is within that, um, process our identity and people can go their whole lives without understanding their identity.

Because we've attached their identity is their purpose. And cause and, and because of the way that, um, the whole world now is structured, particularly the Western society, is that it's a materialistic world and it's been built up over thousands of years, hold this damper control. And, uh, when we, when we look at healing and I look at healing the deepest of wounds within the mind, and that is a history of what completers it is.

It, it is outside the parameters of control. So control does not allow in a piece, it allows a format that what we can do innovative, um, programming and, uh, [00:07:00] building stuff. And, and it's an essential part of our life, but it is not our life because we're, because we've committed a hundred percent to it. We believe it is our life.

It's, it's, um, it's a cycle which we can easily get stuck in.

Karen: So if we're trying to gain and maintain that inner peace and Will and I were talking about how it's like one day it feels like it's there, then it's gone. It's just that wanting to control it. That wanting to control it. What's making I impossible for us

Daniel: to correct maintain it. That's right. Because your reaction is to control every situation.

And it is that, it is the release of control that brings those additional freedoms within your, within your embodiment. And when, when we look to nature, we look to, we are part of this planet and it is nature that is our guide. So the balancing principles of nature means that everything is unique and individual.

To, to, to the energetic imprint. And that holds it, but it, it, it never controls. It rebalances. [00:08:00] And we have to look to ourselves and we have to look to nature and see our silhouette walk into nature to have that rebalancing aspect within our lives. So for example, um, the way that we attach energy is that we can.

Easily keep repeating the same problems because we're looking to control the situation. So for example, The way that the controls created is it puts a theme. And that theme typically is through fear, stress, anxiety, anger, and it, and it implements that idea within someone's mind. And, and until a moment or weakness is present, that moment that that will stay, that will stay dormant until it's ready to attach it to your reaction.

So if you, if you're going for a bit of a, a downward spiral and your reaction is that control will take over. Indicate your, your, the way that you, the, the, the way that you actually kind of drive your reaction. [00:09:00] And you are reattaching your, your empowerment to the motion of control. So all you do is keep repeating it, disempowering your ability to think for yourself.

And this is where communities can easily get at a, um, spiral. And, and so, Well, I take a two steps back. Uh, the energies of the planet are changing and our mental health, especially over the next two decades is a critical step because the way that we used to adapt to the, our innate ability to the planet is changing.

We can't naturally do it anymore. We, we, we have to look within ourselves and all starts within the mind space. And because we keep attaching control, disempowering ourselves to, to someone else's storm. We are going to, we're gonna feel the effects of it because the planets won't let us adapt like we used to adapt.

Karen: So you are talking about the energy of the planet's changing. So I have a, I guess it's an energy question. if you are able to increase your vibration of that vibration, of your energy, [00:10:00] Will it stay? Is it like a body in motion, stays in motion, or do you have to continually feed it those higher energy?

Pushes. I don't even know what you would call that. I, I, do you understand

Will: what I'm asking? I said pushes.

Daniel: Yeah, I get it. Yeah. And, and that's one of the principles of life. We, we, we, we never stay the same. We are always changing and adapting. So within our mind, space, and, uh, especially when you go through spiritual awakenings, we are realign.

We are readjust, and we are readapt and especially healing. You could readjust your opinion a dozen times. Until you get back onto the path that you're meant to be on. And because we we're, that, that control base that's forced upon us, it can pushe us off our path or detours to such a, to such a, um, a degree that we can spend years just trying to get back on that right path again.

So the, the frequencies as we adapt. Within the planet. It this, this moment when, if we're in this planet on this moment in time, it, it is special. And it, it's a [00:11:00] privilege because, talk moving, moving aside about energies, the, the planet itself now is losing its magnetic field. So we are, we are, we are, we are controlled by the sun.

So the sun is, is adding enormous amounts of, uh, gamma rays and stuff every day. And, and, and the frequencies in which the planet operates is changing cuz it's trying to defend itself or trying to evolve. And going back onto your question where you, you're trying to push it. We, we have minimized our.

Growth or minimized our potential. And we don't realize the power that lies within us because we don't understand that 90 percenters and that 90% adapts naturally. it has, that has it, it removes the control. And finds a higher consciousness of peace and, and within that peace finds your identity.

So we, everything that runs through the mind affects your health, the way that you heal, the way the conversations you hold, the positions you put yourself in, the value you [00:12:00] hold for other people. The respect across two conversations, and because we lock ourselves up in that safe room through the logical control, we don't allow people to be at peace.

That is, that is the breaking point, and that especially over the next two decades, that is, that is what will stop people from healing or stop people from, uh, making the correct decisions or stop people from just being able to be present and, and comfortable within their own mind.

Will: So you've mentioned the importance of the next two decades now twice, and I'm hesitant to ask you why. I think I know, but in your words, why are the next two decades so darn important?

Daniel: The, and this is only, this is only a, a a, a foresight I've had a few times and I've had it, um, and I'm happy to go into parts of the picture.

Not, not all of it, but the planet's gonna reset and I got the words 38, and I dunno if it's 38 years from now, or th the year 2, 20 38. But within my vision, [00:13:00] The I'm, and I've had this a few times and it, and it keeps coming back up. I'm, I'm looking at a mountain. I'm in this valley. I'm looking at this mountain and I've got, and I put, I'm put my hand in my pocket and I pick out a pocket watch and I see the time and it's bang on 12 o'clock every time, bang on 12 o'clock.

And I look up to the mountain and I look down. It changes to a compass. And this, this compass just spins and spins and spins and spins. And to cut the, the vision short, the planet changes. And that's, that is why this time, this moment, it is about, The individual. There is no one, one for one size fits all.

It is about your purpose, your mental health, your ability to be at peace and to correct communities that aren't driven by materialistic or greed or what, whatever we've, we've created within ourselves, but about seeing the larger part of life and understanding the planet. So that's why it's over the next two decades.[00:14:00]

The, the world's gonna change, and it's gonna change for the better, but we have to start by being present and acknowledging who we are.

Will: wow. I, I agree wholeheartedly with a lot of what you're saying. My concern or my question is, do we have critical mass enough? To make the necessary changes in time.

You look at the division in the world, yes, I understand the importance of finding our, our own inner peace and our own true selves, but if others aren't doing that, also can we make a big difference just by changing

Daniel: ourselves.

When, when you look at it, On a scale of how, for example, the, the world is operating at the moment, it is operating with no identity for the individuals. It is operating on, on a scheme that this is, this is how it is, and this is how we operate. And that is not life. [00:15:00] So when you bring your attention back to the individual and make, put the choices within communities and put the choices within, within the place they call home the energetical imprint of the planet.

Change happens and change happens for for the better cuz they make the correct decisions. They put themselves in positive spaces. They respect the planet. So you, and, and that is one thing about control. You can never change someone else. So if no matter how much you try and you want to change someone, it is against a free will and the principles of life to try and change 'em.

So what? What's happening at the other side of the world really is none of our business and because our attention should be brought to the place that we call home, and it starts with every individual person on this planet identifying who they are. So we have to start, stop creating narratives or fear within narratives where we're too busy putting all our attention toward the other side of the planet. And not actually appreciating the life that we have right [00:16:00] here, right now.

And you'll find that once one country changes and sees a change, the energetical imprint or influential energy becomes contagious. And we have to know that it's not our position to control anybody else, but to influence ourselves in a positive manner.

Karen: And I like what you said about it becoming contagious and well, we've seen that a little bit like we've talked about recently in the last few months. Like, people wanna hang out with us a lot. Yes. I don't know. It's kind of weird. Yeah. but I think that's kind of what happens. You start to, you know, get this piece or.

I don't know, sense of oneness within yourself and it shines out and it's, it's attractive. Those energies attract other people and they, it helps change their

Will: energy. Yeah. For, for sure. But I guess call me negative or, or negative PO pessimist or whatever, but wow, there's just. Yes, I, I've, you and I have felt the effects.

Mm-hmm. And we will continue to move in this direction because we, it feels right for us and [00:17:00] for hopefully the world. I, it's just so difficult to imagine that our finding our peace and, on our true north, so to speak, will influence some of these dramatic happenings happening in this country right now.

You know, it just, it's just hard to. Imagine that, and I, I think to Daniel's point, I think we just have to take it on faith. Mm-hmm. That, that it will be enough to make a difference.

Karen: I mean, even if you just think of some of the reviews that we've gotten from some of the people that are listening saying, oh, I never thought about this that way.

I mean, that's, that's the start and just kind of. Feeding that along. I mean, it's not going to, it's not gonna work unless you try, I mean Right, right. You know, you gotta start somewhere. All right. You just like to see things happen right

Will: away. I do. I'm very impatient. Little grass. Yes. I, I can't, I just, you know, I'm, I'm trying, I'm trying.

I'm, maybe if I find my inner peace, I'll be able to

Karen: become, maintain it. Yeah. So I wanna get back to something that you said earlier. if you're born into a situation where your parents are undergoing a lot of stress, and I know that was the case. For me, [00:18:00] I know that was the case for Will, and somewhat it was the case for our daughter.

How can you help someone who has not realized the impact that those energies have had on them throughout their lives?

Daniel: And, and, and that is, that is the, not trying to link things, but that is the style of my book. So, um, these energies that run through our. Our embodiments, we, we don't understand it. We don't, we don't even recognize 'em.

And, and, and they can be driving our actions to certain degrees of control. And we have no, we're, we're powerless to, to even under, uh, even even appreciate ourselves. And when we look at energy, and especially the transfer of energy from, um, let's, let's say, let's say a conversation, let's, let's just break it down to a simple conversation.

When you are in a weak position and you have a mindset of negativity, you project a lot. So [00:19:00] you, you kind of, you kind of throw your energy and attach that moment of fear that control because cuz you lack control within your life. You believe the way to react, and this is, this is where the community comes in or the, the culture comes in where we, this, this is how we gain control from others.

We, we, we, we attach that energy and if we feel, if, if we lack control, we must take their control. And it, when, when you, when, especially when you're born. So for example, the, the, the energies of your parents and the status of their minds. Is within your reality, so you know more about your mom than your mom knows about your dad and vice versa.

So you, you have every memory that they have within their lives running through you, but their status of control. Within that moment, if they're feeling weak and they're trying to take over people's power, that storm or that reality is transferred across onto your embodiment and it influences you in a manner that you, you never can [00:20:00] really touch in and connect in with your soul.

It minimizes that purpose, that kind of that relationship or even that bond so people can potentially born into a world where, Their soul has reduced the communication to such a fine line because of the mental trauma or anger that has been placed upon your embodiment for the transfer of energy from your parents.

And so, so jumping back onto healing and one, one technique of healing that I use is that, We always look to the source, the source holds the power to release that burden from you. So say for example, you, you have a certain kind of relationship with either your, your, your mom or your dad's, and there's always been this kind of underlying issue and tension, but you're not really sure what it is.

Well, the power of the story or the history within that moment can released the burden from your energetical alignment of control. So [00:21:00] let, let, let's say, let's say, an event happened and your one of your parents has never recovered from it. And they've carried that though the whole time. And then during the pregnancy, that was triggered again and that was attached onto you or their mental status through fear was attached onto you.

Listening to that story has the power to release the energetical control from your embodiment, cuz what you're doing is you're identifying the energy and then identifying it within your embodiment and knowing that it's not natural to who you are. And that is, that is, that is just, there's many different scenarios, but the source, he holds the power to release that motion.

So when we talk and, and conversations and talking and being honest are very basic essential principles to knowing your identity and someone else's identity. it is a web of integrated energies, and it's not just that one, but as we move forward [00:22:00] now and as we kind of look to our mental health, it is gonna be a topic for every single person on this planet because talking about what, one way why it happens is that we put the economy and the materialistic wealth before people's mental status.

So when you look at the whole world for the last, especially the last a hundred years, the way that it's accelerated, the way that technology is accelerated, for that to happen, 95 or 90, a high percentage of people have to stay weak within their minds. They have to freely give away their empowerment. They can't achieve more than certain aspects within this lifetime.

They have to have. they have to compromise or give away certain elements of their life to feed this machine. And when you feed this machine, you can see it for every single generation. When, when it's evolved, it's attached to families, and that families carries on and it evolves and it changes and it depths.

So the way that we move forward now to help this mental space, Is that we [00:23:00] cannot put the economy before mental health. They can com, they can be imbalanced together and they can grow together. But the moment that you put the economy first, the moment that you are compromising every single person's mental health.

Will: You are touching on some points that I think are going to magnetize some people one way or the other, and I. Understand where you're coming from. And I have to say I echo a lot of your sentiments. However, most of the people in this country, maybe not so much. Uh, we need to take a break. but this conversation's just now starting to really, truly heat up.

when we come back, we're gonna talk to Daniel about how to identify the source of negative energies and how to release them as we journey towards healing. And we're gonna talk a little bit more about the fact that. Maybe just, maybe democracy, maybe most forms of government may not be offering us the freedoms that we think right after we get back

[00:24:00] Welcome back to the Skeptic Meta Physicians. We're talking to Daniel Murfield, who is here all the way from New Zealand. He's originally from the UK but he's in New Zealand now. he's the author of Seeding the Journey to Inner Peace, and we are talking about energies and how they could. Hurt us or help us and how we need to take, personal responsibilities for, releasing some of these energies. And right before we left, we were talking about something that was a little polarizing.

Danny, you were talking about the fact that really up until now, still we are putting the economies of our countries. In front of our mental health and that maybe is not the way to sustain ourselves moving forward. You also move a little bit further in saying that possibly democracy and maybe most forms of government really don't offer the freedoms that we think it does.

Can you expand a little bit on that?

Daniel: Absolutely a and it [00:25:00] is, it is the lie within the lie which keeps evolving. So when we look to the source and how, um, energy's created, or at least how events or, time timeframes are evolve, is that when we ba, when we look back to the origins of democracy, The moment within, back, back in ancient Greek times that the Lords owned all the lands.

So they owned everything. They had the slavery and they were, they controlled every situation. They dictated what happened, and people's lives were controlled under the, the mental space of how they felt about them. So, After as after the kind of the rebellion happened and all this bloodshed went on and the voice was created, the voice was still, the voice was created, but the, the way that they were controlled was still manipulated by the Lords, and it just changed.

They changed the way they operate it. So when we look at how you start, life, life [00:26:00] events, It is all the, it's about the principles that you offer. So if, if it was going to, if it was gonna evolve properly, the Lords would've given their power completely up. They would've given everything that they had and put it across the people, and that, that is the proper form of democracy.

Hmm. There is no, it is not. Who owns the most money? Who owns the most land? Who has the most control over people? It is the status of understanding life within that community and how people see the world, how, what principles they hold. But because the way that democracy was formed and the energy that was attached to it, it is just evolved the way that other people control others.

So if, if you think of the how technologies evolved over the last a hundred years. Every time it's evolved, they've evolved to control through certain manners. They've controlled to, to manipulate and influence and kind of direct people into certain pathways if it's through advertising or, a [00:27:00] fear-based control or kind of minimizing your freedoms or choices.

So when democracy. Kind of created this kind, you know, you have a voice, it can be heard, it's heard to the extent, until they want to control you. And that is not freedom. That is not the, that is, that is outside our mental space. So as we're progressing through life, and I, I can give you an example, of.

They should. So if you look at, you look at, you, look, you look at a country, and they shouldn't be ruled by one kind of, you know, chamber or principle because the energies of the planet are unique to that individual location. So what happens in one location doesn't happen in another location. It is unique.

It is, it is divinely attached and the frequencies always change wherever you go. So, If you were gonna have a democracy, it would only be relevant to the local area. Cuz within that area, within that energy, within that kind of frequency that they hold and the, the way that they [00:28:00] operate and the culture that they have is not gonna be the same a couple of states down or, or the other side of the, the, the of a coast.

And so, so to make decision for everyone, Means that means that you are driven by a higher factor of control and maybe a naivety to think that you know what is good for everyone. Even if it's a place that you've never been. So when we, when we look at our identity and we look at our purpose within this lifetime, it is about the relationship with the planet.

It's about understanding our values, it's understanding core principles. So democracy was created on the foundations of deceit and control, and it is only evolved since then. so, Your voice never matters. If the outcome is always is always decided before you vote, you know?

Will: I think you're asking for a lot from, especially this country.

Yeah. Which, I would love to have [00:29:00] the people in power be willing to give it all up. sadly. now we're talking about capitalism. And capitalism doesn't allow for that to happen. Mm-hmm. Unfortunately. So we've interviewed a few people that have actually said that all of the institutions have to come crashing down completely.

They have to fail completely before we can rebuild something that is. Better. and the more you look around, the more you realize it. Maybe some of these things aren't happening. I think we may need to just tear it all down. Start from scratch. Now, you've also said that the best way to heal is to connect with nature as much as possible.

What do you mean by that?

Daniel: Exactly? So when, when we, when we look at ourselves and the, our kind of core principles or the, the values that we halt, everything that we are is within nature. So the energies that grounders, the energies that lift our vibrational alignment, the energies that heal us, every knowledge or wisdom.

That, that [00:30:00] we need to, or just, just to be at peace is present within nature. So the, the way that we balance our ourselves, the way that we hold ourselves, the way that we have principles within life, and we notice this circle of life. In a circle of life people, people see this and they see, and they get emotionally charged because they don't realize the power or the the, the wisdom and the blessings that that actually display themselves by just being able to know that you are part of something bigger.

And you are part of this collective consciousness, that, that, that supports you and aligns you to a greater, greater amount of growth. But if we ignore that, we're, we're ignoring our, our own purpose, the energies of the planet are. our consciousness, the actual, the vibration alignment now holds, the meaning of life itself.

So there's that much a variable. So, for example, the, the planet provides all the healing herbs [00:31:00] and the, the vegetation it provides, it provides all the renewable energies and the, concepts of, The kind of the, the going through the seasons. So as it goes through the seasons, you, you only have to be present to know that as it goes through the seasons, you go through the seasons.

So not one season is the same. So you, you be by acknowledging nature and acknowledging the values that it holds, you can bring that awareness into your or aura. Understand yourself and know that. And, and this, this is a topic. We're, we're, we're meant to get colds. It meets us stronger. We're meant to feel pain.

It helps us heal. We're meant to go through these cycles and know that within every moment there's knowledge. And it's how we anticipate and appreciate that knowledge that we, we can grow as a person. We evolve, and that is all present within the, within, within the planet, within nature.

Karen: You know, and it is true, we are so [00:32:00] strongly connected to the planet. I mean, think about will, you know, if, if you're stressed and you go to the beach and you listen to the waves or take a walk in the forest and you're surrounded by, you know, the trees and the, the breeze flying, you know, through the leaves, it's, it's so calming and so

Will: soothing.

Yeah. And what I like about what he's saying is it, it's much, it goes much further than just take off your shoes and walk around in the soil. Right? It's, it's about. Aligning yourself with the rhythm of nature, the rhythm of life. And that's something that, you're right, we're, we're forcing our will onto nature.

Mm-hmm. Versus the other way around. Or, or flowing with, with nature. Native American shamans talk about all the time about being one with nature. And we're a disposable culture, where Native Americans and folks that are much more in aligned with nature, knew how to maximize their relationship.

And that's, uh, that's a, that's a beautiful thing and something that we need to get a lot closer to because,[00:33:00] I fear for our planet if we don't. so then Daniel, how can we identify. These energies it's nice to say we've gotta align ourselves better with nature and things like that, but, How do we take that step forward, getting away from where we are now and being more closely aligned with nature, especially

Karen: now that we live in such an unnatural society mm-hmm.

In the big cities and driving the cars and eating everything out of plastic and microwaves and all of that. How do we, how do we change that?

Daniel: Yeah, good question. And, and, and that's, um, so when we look at healing and we look at all the energies that are. Present within our embodiment and our lifetime old memories and the the kind of events that we've experienced, we have to bring our awareness to being in the moment.

So that, that moment, so that when you bring your awareness to being in the moment, you, we, we have to define the difference between feelings and emotions so that a society driven on fear is a, is emotionally driven. It's, it's, it's, it has no control over how they feel. [00:34:00] So when we look to, to simple principles of who we are, we, we have gifts, we, we hear, we see, we smell, we touch, we feel, you know, so the, the, the five, five principles that we take for granted, but the, these, these gifts, these feelings, they bring a different awareness to our surroundings.

And when you minimize your usage of your. Your potential and every decision you make is emotionally charged. It just repeats the same repetitive, actions over and over again. You, you are attaching that, that motion of, control to someone else's storm and you have no value for yourself. So by engaging in your feelings, you are being present.

And you've just been aware of what's happening around you. and you might say, well, I'm gonna minimize all my feelings are, I'm just gonna listen. and there's power in listening, even if it's your story or someone else's story. Mm-hmm. Or I'm, I'm just gonna sit outside and observe. I'm just gonna watch, [00:35:00] I'm just gonna feel those energies.

I'm gonna express myself. I'm gonna form an outlet that I can talk about the way I feel, talk about what I see, and describe it, or talk about what I hear. So when we're reengaging in our gifts, our feelings, we are just starting to create this. And recreate this bond, this relationship with ourselves, because it's our aura that detects the energies.

But if we've lost touch with the, with our feelings, our aura dissipates. it just allows everything to come in. But you, if you are re gaging your feelings and not being driven by emotions, you are then forming this line of communication. And all of a sudden you are lifting your vibrational alignment at the same time.

So this, this step, this is, this is the very first step that I would encourage everybody to do because once you start building on this relationship, you then start going, well, hang a second, I'm, I'm feeling something different here. And then you start to work out the [00:36:00] energy that's driving those actions and go, hang on.

No, that's, that's not my energy. I'm just gonna sit back and I'm just gonna listen, or I'm just gonna observe, or, or, or I'm gonna sin it for a day and, and know how I feel and when, because it's all part of rebuild and the regrowth and the, this, the spiritual alignments or, or the enlightening processes.

And then all of a sudden your mind will go, ah, This line of communication started to grow, it started to evolve. And I, I have a chance to let him, let, let, let me know or who know, or whoever know that I've got a message for you. And then you start, then you start evolving and you start, uh, seeing the world in a different concept.

So the very first stage, I would say, know the difference between feelings and emotions and build on that relationship.

Will: this is just a very tip of the iceberg. Mm-hmm. Out of your. book, which I'm a hundred percent going to be getting now after this conversation because it is, it is left. So many [00:37:00] more questions and answers. it's called Seedling, the Journey to Inner Peace. and it is absolutely fascinating.

This conversation is something that I never, ever expected to talk about, but makes. It's such an important topic to discuss. Mm-hmm. So, absolutely Daniel, it's been wonderful getting to talk about this with you, getting your expertise, your, your wisdom, about all these energetic. Topics we're gonna add, direct links to your website and to your book and all your platforms.

So if someone wants to reach out to you directly, you can go to just skeptic and hit his episode page. You'll see all of those links directly laid in there. this has been, a wonderful conversation. We really appreciate you coming out. Thank you for

Daniel: sharing this space with me.

Will: Well, thanks for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website at SkepticMeta[ or on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic Metaphysician Podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're sharing on the show, [00:38:00] do them and us a favor and share the show with them.

It will help get the word out about us, and it may just change someone's life for the better. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, well, not to worry. All of our shows, including this one, can be found at where you can also watch the videos or you can send us an email or voicemail directly from the site.

We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take care.

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Daniel Mirfield

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A renowned healer and mentor, Daniel Mirfield channels the power of nature to help his clients heal and recover from stress. His teachings, which can be found in his new book, Seedling: The Journey to Inner Peace, fuse ancient wisdom with modern times to help us navigate and overcome even the most challenging moments by listening to our intuition, staying grounded, and being aligned and centered, all while reacting from a place of love rather than fear.