Psychic Fraud Warning Signs and How To Find True Guidance | Corbie Mitleid

Psychic Fraud Warning Signs and How To Find True Guidance | Corbie Mitleid

Psychic guidance is an art. Don't settle for a forgery.

This week’s guest, Corbie Mitleid, has seen it all – the rip-offs, the truth-tellers, and the workaday psychics who may not have marquee names but are skilled and valuable nonetheless. Covering material as basic as Psychic Boot Camp and The Ins and Outs of a General Reading, this episode is all about how to be selective in choosing the right psychic guidance when you need it. We discuss the "red flags" to watch out for, the difference between angels and spirit guides, mediumship and lots more

Her book, THE PSYCHIC YELLOW BRICK ROAD, is your field guide to navigating the world of professional psychics: sharp, clear, and full of practical information for those who are intrigued by the idea of using intuitive assistance, but have no idea where to start. And whether you’re a first-time client or a veteran explorer of the metaphysical realms, you’ll find clear and useful information and suggestions to make every session with your intuitive a valuable one.

Here's what we cover with Corbie Mitleid in this episode:
1. How to find real wizards and avoid flying monkeys to access reliable psychic guidance.

2. The importance of professional boundaries for psychics and how to recognize when someone is posing as a professional.

3. The ethical implications of remote spying and the dangers of relying on inaccurate information.

And so much more!





Opening to Channel how to Connect with your Guides by Sania Roman and Duane Packer

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A Certified Tarot Master, psychic medium, teacher, and ordained minister, Corbie Mitleid has been reading for 50 years, and is a full-time intuitive counselor with clients worldwide. Robert Schwartz features her work as a channel and past life expert in his breakthrough series on Karma and pre-birth planning, Your Soul’s Plan, Your Soul’s Gift and Your Soul’s Love.

As an author, her self-help volume Clean Out Your LifeCloset encourages you to write your own story of change based on your history, your life experiences, and your personal goals. Her books The Psychic Yellow Brick Road and You’ve Got The Magic, Who Needs A Genie? deal with how to use psychic counseling wisely and be a successful part of the holistic expo community from the professional side of the aisle.

Corbie’s abilities include Tarot and oracle card readings, spiritual/intuitive counseling, past life retrieval and analysis, mediumship, and spirit guide conferences (including speaking with one’s Soul or Higher Self).

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Will: [00:00:00] Karen? Yes. You know what? Some people love to go to art museums. A lot of people do. A lot of them do. Mm-hmm. . But you don't, I don't think all of them wanna be painters.

Karen: No, I think you're right.

Some just enjoy the art.

Will: Right? Some people just like to enjoy the art. Now, lots of people. Like to go to psychics too. Mm-hmm. . But they don't necessarily wanna learn to be psychic themselves. Right? Sure. Right. The problem is that there's no better business bureau for psychics.

Right. So people like you and I, well, we're on our own when it comes to finding the right person. It's a crapshoot. Yeah. Well, today's show is gonna give you the psychic yellow brick road so that you can find the real wizard. From the Flying Monkeys . I wish I could take credit for that one, but I can't. Oh man.

Welcome to the Skeptic Meta Physicians.



Will: Today's story, it's all about finding happiness, and it goes like this. There were 200 people attending a seminar, mental and physical health. At one point, the speaker told the group they were going to do an activity, an experiment, so he gave each attendee one balloon and told them to write their name on it.

Then the balloons were collected and moved into a very small. The participants were then asked to go into the other room and were given two minutes to find their own balloon. It was chaos. People were searching frantically for their balloon, pushing each other, running into one another while they grabbed the [00:02:00] balloon, looking at it inevitably tossing it aside.

Well, at the end of the two minutes, no one had found the balloon that had their name on it. So the speaker then asked the participants to go back into the room and pick up one balloon at random, look at the name and return it to its owner. Well, within minutes, everyone had been reunited with their original balloon.

The speaker then told the group, this is what it's like when people are frantically searching for their own happiness in. They push others aside to get the things that they want, that they believe will bring them happiness. However, our happiness actually lies in helping other people and working together as a community.

You know, the Dalai Lama said, if you want to be happy, practice compassion. In fact, a study from the London School of Economics found that the more you help other people, the happier you'll. See the researchers compared the [00:03:00] variance and happiness levels of people who don't help others on a regular basis to the happiness of weekly volunteers.

You know what they found? They found that the participants had the same variance in happiness as those who make 75 to a hundred thousand dollars a year versus 20,000. Friends, if you haven't gotten the message elsewhere already, I'm here to tell you that the way forward for us, the way that we attain enlightenment, that we ascend, whatever that means, is by serving others.

When you serve others, we're really serving ourselves because after all, aren't we all really just one.

Today's special guest is Corby Mik, who is a certified to master a psychic medium, a teacher, and an ordained minister. Yep. Now, she's been reading for over 50 years, which by the look of her means she [00:04:00] started, which she was just born literally, and she's a full-time intuitive counselor with clients worth worldwide.

She's so legit, Karen. Mm-hmm. that Robert Schwartz features. On, uh, SAR features her work as a channel and a past life expert in his breakthrough series on karma and pre-birth planning Your soul's Plan. Ooh, also your soul's gift. And your soul's love. Now, she's also the author of the hugely popular book, the Psychic Yellow Brick Road, and she's here to help us discern between the true and the poo.

Corbie: Welcome to the show, Corby. It's great to be here. Thanks for asking.

Will: Now if you laughed at that joke I made at the very beginning of the show, the credit goes a hundred percent to core because that is actually the name of her book, the Psychic Yellow Brick Road. How to Find The Wizards or How to How to the Certain Jesus Christ.

I'm not

Corbie: doing Well today, how to [00:05:00] Find the Real Wizards. and avoid the flying monkeys.

Will: I couldn't have said it better myself. In fact, I didn't. let the experts talk about. Absolutely. Corey, we are excited to have you on the show because this is a passion topic of ours. Something we've talked about before, but not quite as extensively as I think we're gonna talk about it today.

Mm-hmm. . First and foremost, but I wanna talk to you about your book because I'm super intrigued. Thank you for the digital copy. I'm looking forward to finishing that book. Now, the question that comes directly to mind is there's a lot of these types of books out there, so what makes this one so

Corbie: special?

Because there actually aren't, what there are are books on psychic develop. How you can do what I do. And you know about 20 of them, 20% of them are, and yes. And I, the author am the only one you're supposed to trust. Oh, forget it. . You know, my, my tagline on [00:06:00] the back is good psychic guidance is art. Don't settle for a forgery.

Mm-hmm. , because there are not books out there that say, this is what we. , this is what we can't, here are some questions to ask. This is when to run away. Um, and the book happened because of something that I saw, oh, about 18 years ago now in a huge Canadian psychic there. Um, I was on the road for 18 years, 45 weekends a year on the road, 45,000 miles on the car.

My nickname was the Travel Channel. So, wow. You know, smaller, fair. Especially when you've got good promoters, they bet us they know who's good. Mm-hmm. . But when you've got 250 boons, someone's gonna slip through. So across from me at this fair was one of the fake gypsies. And we all know what they're like.

They wear the long skirts and the head scarfs. And the jingling, Julie. And they do bad as him. And they can be gypsy too. You know, . [00:07:00] So there was a woman walking down the aisle looking at all of us, and the fake gypsy runs out and grabs her arm. And in psychic show parlance, this is called hooking and it's as bad as the other kind of, and the woman says, oh, you don't need to pay 30, 40, $50 iri jump pump for 10 come drags the woman behind her.

20 minutes later, we see the woman leaving crying hysterically, and we all run over to find out what's going on in the gypsy. It said, oh, you have a family. How many in your family? Four. You have dog? $50. Every family member, 25 for dog. He small. We thugs and said if the woman didn't burn 400, specially blessed candles at the Roman Catholic Church.

I bless Real good. Only $1 candle . Her entire family was gonna die in a car accident in two weeks and she bought it. Oh my gosh. Wow. This is why I said the book must be. Yeah, and I started lecturing about it at Psychic Bears, but by 2018 the book was out. I [00:08:00] guess

Karen: you don't really hear about people getting a second opinion after a reading.

You know, I mean, I, I totally would, if someone said that, I'm like, all right, I'm gonna go to someone else and just get verification here, .

Corbie: Well, there's that, and there's the person who goes to every single psychic until they get what they want to hear. That's true. That's true. That's the, does Bruce Love me stuff and mm-hmm.

they beat on us. They really do. Yeah. Does Bruce Love me? Well, is he gone and love me? Not the way you want? Well, if I do such and such, will he love me? No. Okay. Is he gonna call? No. Is he gonna call later then? And they beat on us. hoping we will finally go. Yes. Yes. He loves you when he wants seven babies with you, but he just doesn't know yet.

Oh, good. I thought so. Don't do that to us. Oh my gosh. So

Will: I mean, did that, this is all very pertinent, pertinent information. Makes perfect sense and exactly what we're talking about. Mm-hmm. . So the question is how? How do you know? Whether someone's a gypsy like you just mentioned, or or

Corbie: otherwise, well, the clothes are not [00:09:00] always the giveaway.

So, um, what I did in the Psychic Hillberg Road in the first two chapters are give you psychics 1 0 1, the good, the bad, and the cleos in psychics 1 0 2, how to prep for a great psychic experience. So let's go through psychics 1 0 1. Um, I give you the word psychic and each one of those letters stands.

Something to look for. Number one, professionalism. Professionalism doesn't mean they have to do it full-time, but they have to respect general social conventions, respect you as a client and respect other psychics. Mm-hmm. S stands for sharing references, and I tell you how to get references on an intuitive before you go.

Why is you are in charge of your own? And that's why I tell you, get a recording. Listen carefully. Some of it's gonna be off the wall, some of it is real. Put it away. Some of it might be right later. Um, and I've got a story on that one after we go through this. P S Y [00:10:00] C C is for charges. Yes, we are allowed to charge.

We don't necessarily charge you $78,000, but we deserve to get paid. I mean, face it. I've been reading since 1983. I'm a certified terra master past life specialist. I've got certifications at the wazoo and I read a thousand people a year and I have done for 20 years. You're not gonna pay me 10 bucks.

like, I'm in Jackson Square in New Orleans . Okay. But I also teach you how to know when you should get your money back, which is unusual. P S Y C H. He and I can fix anything, quarter price. And these are the stories about what you should be careful of. Mm-hmm. , you know, we're not gonna find you the lottery numbers, we're not gonna make a, a neighbor move away, things like that.

I stands for inappropriate actions and this is the serious stuff, and C stands for. And I give a few paragraphs on all of that stuff so that by the end of that you're going to have the tools to figure [00:11:00] out is this person any good at all or are they just another Madam Haha, or Swami Swand, which you don't wanna go to.


Will: So I guess the modern version of all this, the, the, the gypsy, the swami, the all the, the, the scammers is, uh, on social media, right? When you get the, uh, grand rising love, I feel your energy strongly. Can I give your reading?

Corbie: Oh, man. Well, can I vomit now, , uh, it drives me crazy because I do a free reading hour on my business Facebook page every month, kind of pro bono to give back to the universe because some.

don't have the money, but they have a question. Mm-hmm. . So it's something I can answer in a couple of minutes here. Yeah. Boom. And in an hour I'll read about 40 people, but invariably someone will go, oh, beloved, I feel your energy, blah, blah, blah. And they'll try and poach. Mm-hmm. off my page. Let me tell you, that's a scam.

Artist. They will steal your credit card. They're liars and themes because no professional, intuitive feels the desperate need to poach off [00:12:00] somebody else's page. Yeah. .

Will: So then how do you handle it? Well, the way I handle it is block and ignore, right? Mm-hmm. , delete, but. There are some times where maybe you're in person and you are now suddenly being accosted for money, for reading that you have come in fully expecting to pay, but now, oh, there's a curse on you and I have to bathe you in skunk food and, eggshells for, uh, an hour and it's gonna cost you $7,500.

How do.

Corbie: Back on you. Stop 'em. Right in the middle of that, you say, I refuse the information. I did not ask for a reading. Get out on my face. And if they follow you, you report them to the promoter or whoever's ahead. I am being harassed. Wow.

Will: I'm feeling a, an energy coming from you Corby, like you really, you are, you've been dealing with this for, this

Corbie: is touched you since Moses was in diapers.

And the thing is, um, The person who does that is the Long Island medium. Mm. People see, you know, somebody's in Wegmans feeling up the lops and she walks up and goes, [00:13:00] excuse me, you rear Doris. She says, you have a bald tire in the back. You're gonna die in a week if you don't fix it. She's down. One walks away and people think that really happened.

No it doesn't. I mean, get a clue. Her PR people go out and scout out all the Wegmans on Long Island and pick one. Then they interview everybody and have them sign legal model releases. Mm-hmm. , and then they rehearse it. Mm. It ain't that real, but people think it is. And what I tell them is if anything like that happens, you need to look at what the Lilydale Mediums.

Lilydale is one of the most famous spiritual enclaves in the world. Mm-hmm. . Somebody might say, uh, my name is Reverend Shirley, and I believe I have a message for you. May I come to you? That's the secret, because if you say no, she zips it. She walks. , that's the universe saying that person's not ready, but especially the rookies, I refer to them as, as you know, the G Lupy Purple with Angels [00:14:00] types.

Um, hi, I'm little Dancing raccoon and here's my spirit guide, Arctic Bear. . I, you know, I'm re We love her . 11 hour. I told you I'd do standup comedy for this. Um, I, the shows in Canada were 11 hours and at the end of the day, I'd be exhausted and my neck would have arick and I'd do this. And invariably one of the little rookies would go, I knew Reiki, let me fix it.

Coming at me like this. And I'd say, no thank you. Really? I could do this. I'd appreciate it if you didn't. Just let me stop it back off. You're not Mary Love and late, are you? Well, you didn't listen. You know, man, number one, I am from new. what number? ? Number two. I've been in this business long enough that I know what's right and what isn't.

Mm-hmm. and I also have very strong self boundaries. I mean, it's rare that I'm going to go for a reading myself, but if I do. and it's [00:15:00] good. Then I'm the one who tells everyone else about you, right? On my , there are certain things that I don't do. Mm-hmm. , I am not a health expert. I am not good with, you know, a cult, floor washes, fixed candles, et cetera.

And I'm not really an animal communicator. So there I recommend three people. Stacy Wells for health. , Katrina and Eric Rabo for the occult stuff, and Catherine Knock for animal communications because I have used them. Mm-hmm. and a good professional will not take money for what is not in their wheelhouse, right?

Mm-hmm. .

Will: you mentioned the Long Island medium and that type of mm-hmm. , psychic. Mm-hmm. , How normal is it or how often do you get psychic messages for someone that's just walking down the street? Has it ever happen or, so someone Actually you have to, it's,

Corbie: it's my rules. It is my rules.

The deal I made with my guides. I mean, look, um, I read Tara for 20 years, 1973, we were all hippies. You know, we had our [00:16:00] elephant bell bottoms and our David Crosby fringe jacket and a deck. But in the early nineties with no training, all of a sudden I could do hands-on healing and talk to dead people is when I hung up my.

And I knew then I had to have boundaries. Mm-hmm. . And the deal I made with my guides is, look, there has to be an energy exchange. We exchange money, it's a barter. They bring me or it is deliberately pro bono, but I don't want to be one of those drive-by psych shooting types. I. There's too much damage. Uh, I mean,

Will: is it possible to be drive by psychic?

Are those, are these messages real?

Corbie: Uh, yeah. Yeah. But these are people whose ego is more important than the comfort of the person they're sending

Will: or reading to. Because that person may not be ready for the messages that you're, that

Corbie: come they're boom. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. We are the two that comes from it is not.

It is not about us. I lost a reality show gig because they wanted to say, oh, she is [00:17:00] brilliant and nobody can do what she does. And I just said, wait, wait. Whoa, you're, that's a lie. I have always said, I'm not special. You can do what I do so that other people will access their own abilities. Mm-hmm. , they shrugged.

They went off, you know, Thomas, John, seatbelt, psychic, whatever, and everybody you'd ever seen in the Thomas John thing, oh, they were all actors. It was all. . So no reality show is an oxymoron. Like jumbo shrimp.

Karen: Have you ever been in a situation where someone wants you to do a reading and you sit down and nothing comes?

Corbie: Absolutely does not happen often, but I explain to them.

If they want me to get a past life, I'll see their Akasha book of records and it'll be, the page will be riffling and it'll be blank. I'll look at the cards and it's like all of a sudden I'm looking at the b BBC shipping forecast. Um, it just, it's not there. And I tell them, mm-hmm. , I'm really sorry, but we're not connecting.

Now there are some cases that I do that deliberately, um, I don't do what I call remote. If John and Mary are [00:18:00] dating fine, but after they break up, they can't ask about each other. . That's good. And there was a woman in Canada who said, I wanna know if my husband is sleeping with his mistress. I said, I'm sorry, I don't do remote spying.

Huh? But can you tell me how many people he slept with? I'm sorry. Mrs. Corren would, but I don't do remote spying. Geez, you're no good. Well, is he sick? Is he gonna die soon? And leave me his money? And I turned my front person and said, Laura, I'm not connecting with Mrs. Correk. Please give her back her money and off.

Wow. I mean, I'm not gonna put my ethics Yeah. Through the ringer for you. Yeah. But you

Karen: could do remote sping if you wanted

Corbie: to. Karen, but I'll not. No, no. I wouldn't want it. No, seriously. I wouldn't want it done for me. There was one exception. . Parents may spy on their children any damn way they can. But if your mom comes, same deal.

Don't come to me. .

Will: I don't know. Her mom is pretty, uh, cunning, .

Karen: No, no. I was just wondering cause I didn't know if you could, you know, I don't know, [00:19:00] focusing on someone's attitude. A lot

Corbie: of psychic's coming to you, A lot of psychics love to tell you whether someone's cheating and where they're doing. I'm sorry.

What good does that do you? Yeah. You

Will: know. Well, and then it comes to mind, cuz I know on your book you mentioned the fact that, psychics, I mean, you can't be 100% accurate, right? Mm-hmm. , Nope. So how bad would you feel if you say, oh yeah, your, your husband is cheating with 15 women and he's not? , right? It is just, it's just something that's coming to you, but it's not quite, so I can, I can imagine how that might open you up.

In fact, my next question is, how does that open you up to litigation? Has someone ever come to you and said, Nope,

Corbie: because I'm very careful. But to flip it, when I was first reading, this is the one trick pony thing. Uh, there was a woman who was running the show, we'll call her Reverend Crotchety, she's lung dead , and this was five months before I married my.

and we still can't pass each other in the house without smooching. It's been 21 years. Oh, that's amazing. She [00:20:00] said, let me show you how we read it at the shows. And I was, you know, brand new. So I said, great. She flips some cards and she goes, I'm so sorry, but your husband is sleeping with your best friend on a daily basis and he's siphoning money out of your bank account.

Now, at that point, my best friend was in Thousand Oaks, California. I was outside of Albany. daily? Don't think so. . And he didn't even know where I had a bank account, but then she said, it's all right. I'll tell you how to deal with it. And told me how she took her last four husbands to the cleaners, muddy channels.

Give muddy information. Wow. Right? Yeah. Yeah. You know, that's perfect sense. Our, our job is to say, here your opportunities and how to grab 'em. Here's a tough stuff. Here's how to get through it or around it. Here's your toolbox. Go rock and roll. Ah, we leave them their free will. Mm.

Will: I, I feel like we're jumping all over the place.

They're going like bing. I feel like a ping pong. I know, but I have one more ping pong question. No, I've got several other ping pong questions.

Corbie: So , sorry, who's got the paddle here? .

Karen: Have you ever done a reading with someone and they're like, Nope, that's wrong. [00:21:00] And just been like, like how sure?

Corbie: Do you handle that?

It's very, that's one of my favorite stories. They're all from Canada. Um, , I used to go to Kitchener three times a year. Mm-hmm. First weekend in January, Victoria Day in Labor Day one, labor Day, I did a reading for a woman and I told her a couple of things I saw and she gets up and she goes, you suck. And she walks away.

Wow. January. Who's the first person who sits in my chair? Same person. She goes, last time I said, you sucked. I said, yes. I remember. Because you told me that I was gonna take an abor and then I was gonna sell my house. And then I thought that was all bull, but my daughter got pregnant and moved home and now I'm gonna sell my house to raise my son.

And I still don't like you, but I wanna know what else you messenger.

Will: Wow. Well, at least she

Corbie: was honest. Yeah, that's true. I mean, she ate some

Karen: crow .

Will: so along the same lines, people. Say when you go to a psychic, you can't like, just give, don't even give 'em your name. Like just sit there and go. They, they should know what [00:22:00] questions I have or any information that should come up.

You catch the look, , I'm catching the look.

Corbie: Lemme bring you questions like trying to climb Everest in sneakers. There's no grip. Now there are some people who you sit down and it's like hitting a button. And the best one in the world that did. Was my very dear friend, Allie Cheick, to whom the book is dedicated, we called Allie Chatty, Kathy of the Dead, cuz she was, and now that she is, she still is , um, never tried to do a show with Allie where, you know, you're supposed to, you'll do five minutes.

I'll do five minutes. Because people would sit down and Allie would go, oh, you, I gotta tell you 20 minutes later, . Okay. But because I am a very practical person, I would much rather really hone in on what you. and save you money. If we can get everything done in a half an hour, why pay me for an hour reading?

Hmm. So when you sit with me, I will say, what's the most important thing you want to get out of here knowing? [00:23:00] And if you go blank on me, I'll go Brooklyn on you. Go Darling Wood's biting your butt. Because everybody's got one of those and that's what we practice on. But the thing is, I don't just do three card clips.

If you said, I wanna start a new vintage clothing. I would not throw key three cards and say, wait until January and fire the redhead. Nah, it would be a card for you, card for your partner in the business, a card for the energy around the business, the brick and mortar location, how to market it, clients, competition, staff, finances, what you need to know and best possible outcome.

Don't ask me, will my business succeed? Because what if I looked at you and said, no, and you're gonna lose everything and live in there Box under a bridge. Wrong question. You always ask what empowers you that? . Same thing with relationships. Does Bruce Love me? Well, let's look you Bruce, the relationship, what you need to know and best possible outcome.

I'm still not sure. Then I do your three threes, three cards for status quo. You [00:24:00] just kind of bumble along three cards for the come to Jesus meeting and you do serious counseling and three cards for hostel and bye-bye. It's been nice. I'll send you a postcard. I. and I don't care if leave has the Beetlejuice sign on the astral.

If you go, I guess I'll just stick it out. I have to zip it because it's your free will. Mm-hmm. . The only time that that's an exception is if you tell me you're being gas lit, battered, abused. Then the reader's turbine comes off and my reverend collar goes on and I will do pastoral counseling to help you leave.

Hmm. Because your life's in danger. Mm-hmm. , but only then.

Will: you speak specifically about, spirit guides and angels. Yep. And whether they're the same or different. I, I'm gonna have you hold that answer cause we gotta take a break. But when we come back, I'm gonna ask you about your thoughts on spirit guides and angels.

Are they the same? Are they different? And what I also wanna talk to you about, is there ever a time when it's inappropriate for someone to go to a psych? We will get the answer to those [00:25:00] questions when we come back right after this break and we are back to the skeptic meta physicians. We are talking to Corby Mik, who is an unbelievable.

Everything. She's a psychic. She's a, uh, Touro reader. She's a, uh, ordained reverend. but she's here specifically to talk to us about the difference between real psychics and fake ones and how to tell the difference along with a bunch of other

Karen: things. And I think her nickname should be that Tell it Like It is Psychic because she, this woman is direct and I love that


Will: we need a lot more people like you in the world, Corby, especially in this industry. So, salute you first and foremost for what you're doing. And a lot of this information that you're sharing with us comes from your book, the psychics, Brick Road. we're going to dive a little bit more into that in a second, but before we do that, we teased a question right before the [00:26:00] break.

Mm-hmm. , we mentioned that, might be a time where it's inappropriate to go to a psychic. Is that the case? And if so, when is that?

Corbie: If you are not willing to listen to. Then, yeah. I mean, if you're going to go to five psychics until one of them says, yes, Bruce loves you, don't do this . Um, if you're sure you know the answer to something, um, I mean, you know, we, we've talked about the, the thing about does Bruce Love me, but one of my favorites, my supervisor at work is mean to me.

Is she going to get any nicer? Is her supervisor gonna make her stop harassing me? No. Is she going to fire me? No. But if she doesn't like people, she fires them. Are you sure? She won't fire me. It doesn't appear so in anything I'm saying. All right. I have a meeting with her tomorrow. Is she gonna fire me then?

Or should I quit first? Hello? Are you listening? ? Wait. Wiki, you know, um, [00:27:00] don't come to us if you want minutia. Mm-hmm. , you know, um, one of the. , amazingly bad ones that I ever got was a woman who was asking things like, does God want me to report so-and-so for not having her taxes on time? Um, this person has gone from this job to this God.

Does that mean that God doesn't like them? And what. . God is not like our third grade friend that likes us Monday and hates us on Tuesday cuz we wore the same shoes as they did. . Get a clue. , you know, there are certain things that Spirit Gods and angels want to talk to us about. Mm-hmm. , those are our spiritual things, but they're not gonna tell you whether to buy the Honda or the.

Will: That was gonna be my next question. .

Corbie: Sorry darling. No, me outta luck. We're a Subaru family going to Subaru. .

Will: I've heard the great cars, but yeah. .

Karen: you mentioned, [00:28:00] um, that there is a difference or is there a difference between angel guides or spirit guides and angels?

See now I have mixed 'em all together, , so, yep.

Corbie: Do you remember? in math class. Ven diagrams. Yes. Those are the, the, yep. And they, well, the ven diagram, right? The Venn diagram for angels and spirit guides is a donut. The angels live in the hole in the donut, huh? We all have at least one angel. They're with us from birth to death.

Mm-hmm. and our names are kind of in the back of their tunics, like little camp tags, you know, I belong to Will I Belong to Karen . Um, spirit guides are the donut because they will grow in change as we do. You don't always have the same ones. When I started really doing this work in the very early nineties, my first couple of spirit guides were people I flew with a hundred years ago in world.

do I still have connection with them? Of course. You know, they were my heart friends, but now I work much more with my angel as my primary guide, and there's probably gonna [00:29:00] be another one coming in this year at some point. I've already gotten the clues on that one. Hmm. But they grow and change the way we do because you don't have the same teacher from kindergarten, PhD, and they are here to.

Learn, they can be people you've known. They can be spirit guide animals. They can be avatars, they can be ets, they can be energy signatures and angel. All angels are spirit guides, but not all spirit guides are angels. Perfect example. My father, who is my best friend, often will come in when someone does want me to do a medical scan for them.

Mm-hmm. , um, there was a woman in way upstate, like around the Thousand Lakes region. She's 74, still nursing. She said, um, could you just tell me how I look, you know, health wise? And I feel the russell of a coat behind me. And I pointed the empty air and I said, I'd like to introduce you to my father, Dr.

Jerome Doen. Uh, he was a fabulous cardiologist and he still does consults. So now I know [00:30:00] from nothing about medicine. Everybody else in my family is medicine. I was theater major, I was a writer. I was a rebel. Hmm. But I open up and what comes outta my mouth is what's with the T waves. She looks. , she had abnormal T waves on her electrocardiogram.

What did my father do for 30 years as director of the heart station at Cooper Hospital in Camden, New Jersey. But read EKGs. Mm-hmm. . And so I look over my shoulder and I laugh and I say, you know, you're still a pretty damn good doctor, even if you aren't dead. You know, .

Will: How did she take it? ?

Corbie: Sh uh, see her jaw dropped.

Yeah. , her

Will: jaw dropped. I can only imagine. Yeah. interesting because, . someone has mentioned that I have had a spirit guide with me for my entire life. Mm-hmm. and, ever since then I've been kind of in contact with Mariana, who is my spirit guide. Mm-hmm. . But if that spirit God has been with. My whole life. Would that necessarily mean that it's not really a spirit guy, but rather an angel then because she's been there long

Corbie: time?

No. Could be. She [00:31:00] should. Look. I don't ever expect my father to leave, you know? Um, when I cross over, I expect him to be there, you know, having, having the limo, picking me up. . Um, but the thing is they don't have to stay. Gotcha. If Mariana has decided, I mean, you don't know if you knew Mariana in a. . Right. No.

Right. Right. So it doesn't mean that she's not real or that she's not a spirit guy. Right. She just likes hanging out.

Will: Which brings me to my next question, cuz you mentioned the people that flew with you in World War 100 years ago. Mm-hmm. , what, what do you feel about the concept of a soul family? That these family that, that these souls, that reincarnate with you again and again, or that are there to, to, to help you in your path.

Could, could those be your spirit guides or is that something completely d. No,

Corbie: no, no, no, no. Uh, they could be, let's go back to dad. Um, in our pre-birth planning session, I was looking at what I needed to learn in Robert. Towards his book, he talks that karma is not carrot and stick, bad and good karma's.

[00:32:00] Five things unbalanced, energy, healing, service contrast, and healing of beliefs. So when I was, or my higher self was fashioning this personality and what they wanted to. , we knew I would need a best friend as a father. My father normally comes in as my best friend, same generation, but that soul agreed to come in as my father this time so that I could go through the traumatic stuff I would need to, and still have someone at my back.

Will: Now ping ponging again, unless Karen, you have another follow up question? Yeah, I wanna hear yours. Okay. Ping-ponging again. We all know after doing the show for as long as we have, we know that everyone is psychic, uh, in some way, shape, or form. Mm-hmm. , that's right. Is it better to develop your own sense of psychic senses or is it better to reach out to someone like you who can really, show the ropes without breaking the sweat?

Corbie: If you love the idea [00:33:00] of being able to reach your own guides, if you love the idea of being able to dous find water, if you love the idea of really being able to read, then sure. Absolutely. There. Look, I'm 68, 30, 40 years, I will be dead and we will need more psychics. Even if you choose not to use it publicly, stretch yourself a little bit. If you know that you can always reach that guide and you don't need to pay me 65 bucks for 15 minutes, you've always got that friend with you.

Mm-hmm. , but just. That the work takes skill and you will have to practice. One of the things that drives me nuts, nuts, I tell you, is Ouija boards. Oh,

I steam coming outta my ears. .

Will: I have my own thought about the OUI boards, but I'm curious to hear what you think

Corbie: about them. Okay. . If you mess with a Ouija board when you don't know how to ground center and shield, that is like throwing open your [00:34:00] door in a strange neighborhood and yelling free beer.

You do not know who's out there, but they heard you and they're coming. And for everybody who always says, oh, but it's in the toy department, how dangerous can it be? This happens at lectures. I say, okay, somebody who has a child or a grandchild under 10 hands go. What you, what's the kid's name? Josh. How old is Josh?

Josh's eight. Okay. Josh goes, grandma and grandma. always on my report card. And you said We could go pick a toy up. Let's go. And he drags you over to the box. He says, everybody has. And the box says, my first chainsaw, it's in a toy department. gonna let him play with it by himself. , I don't think so.

Will: That's a fair point.

Yeah, that is a good point. Point made, absolutely. Now, what about channeling in mediums? are they the same? Are they different? What's the, they're. ,

Corbie: they are different. All me. Uh, first, let's look at psychic medium. All mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums. Hmm. Mediums. Talk to dead people.

Channels. Talk to everybody else. , whether it's angels [00:35:00] or spirit guides. Oh. Or, you know, automatic writing or whatever. But mediums specifically talk to the dead. Okay.

Karen: So kind of going back to what we were talking about earlier, you know, if someone wants to develop their psychic abilities, if they come to you and they, they know, they just, they want to do something, but they don't know.

Yep. Okay. Do you kind of look at 'em, say, well, I think you'd be good at this. Like,

Corbie: how does that work? We do look at it that way, yes. The first thing I do is I tell them to get this book, it's called Opening to Channel. Mm-hmm. , how to Connect With Your Guides by Nia Roman, and Duane Packer's. How I Learned years ago, and it's a great book for bootcamp.

One of the things that we do is we talk about what's your interest? Because when you say to spirit, Mimi, I volunteer, I'll. , um, it goes rifling through your internal file cabinet to see what you got. Mm-hmm. , what's my background? If you ever major at Brown University. I acted in New York. I understand characters and motivations.[00:36:00]

Words are my drug of choice. I'm a writer. I can tell the stories and I have loved history since I was a we thing in single digits. You put all that together and what are my favorite tools? Terone Oracle cards, which tell stories and past life retrieval. difference between retrieval and regression.

Regression is when you are hypnotized and you go up into the AKA and you find your stuff, and it must only be done by a certified past life specialist or a hypnotherapist in case you get stuck in trauma. Ooh, I am someone who goes and gets it for you. I am a retrieval person. , it's, you know, I'm, I'm picking around in, in stories that, that I could do.

Um, quick on this one, another wo woman over here. She's also good at past lives. You give us the same vision, she could say, well, it's a long skirt and a big hat, and you're in front of something. Very Nate. So I think this is somewhere in Europe, maybe then 19th [00:37:00] century I could look at the same thing and go, okay, hobble skirt, pitch your hat.

That kind of ostrich feather you were in front of the Brandenburg gates. So this is Berlin in 19. , which one's gonna give you more? Mm. On the other hand, do not ask me to do spirit art because I can't hold a sharp pencil and a lot of prayer and draws stick figure in

Will: you, me, both Corby, you, me both. Karen, on the other hand, , he's a Picasso.

I don't know about

Karen: that. Not intentionally. They looking like a Picasso and it's not supposed to to be that way.

Corbie: That


Will: so not true. You are an excellent artist. Don't, don't get me started on that, but. you have given us so much information. let's go back to your book for a second. It's called The Psychic Yellow Brick Road, so that you can find the real wizards from the Flying Monkeys and avoid the Flying Monkeys.

That's right. I love, I love that title.

Karen: Well, I think that resonates with you specifically because you're always saying you did not wanna be that guy that looked like a fool, you know, being taken by a charlatan.

Will: Why do you think I'm resonating with this conversation [00:38:00] so strongly? That's why I'm letting you talk more.

I appreciate that. Yeah. now if you had one thing to say, someone wants to read your. Is there something that you want them to know before they open it?

Corbie: Yes. Um, this book is not telling you, therefore, I'm the only good psychic. I don't care if you never come to me. If by reading this book, you stay away from the ones that will give you dangerous information or take your money and you go find good intuitive counselors. I did my job and.

Will: so this is not to toot your own horn, but rather to help those that want to.

and get the right results from the right people. That's right. Corby, thank you so much for your service. Cause that truly is an unbelievably needed service in especially in these days. thank you for that. is this only for people that are looking for psychics or can other psychics read the book and get a lot of out of it?

Corbie: Oh, you kidding. Psychics read this book and laugh and go, geez, I wish I had this when I was starting . So, yes. [00:39:00] Yes. Anybody can read.

Will: Uh, well, you so much for coming on and, and giving us, all this information. Mm-hmm. , I know that I'm going to, dive ahead first into this book. gonna add the links directly to the book in our show notes, as well as the book that you just talked about, earlier about channeling as well.

if someone wanted to reach out directly, they didn't wanna go to the show notes, what's the best way for them to touch base?

Corbie: Oh, God will, they can't avoid me. They really can't. . Uh, you go to my website, corby, that has hundreds of articles and talks about all the different readings I do, and you can book there.

You can also find me on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, medium, and if you want to learn with me on a monthly basis, you find me on Patreon. Great. And you can do readings and everything. . I have clients in Rita des Janeiro. They really don't want to come. Just gohar with the sheep and the cows.

Will: Trust me, . I mean, I'm, I'm sure they would probably enjoy the trip, but , it's not always in the cards.

Pardon the pun. No, no. . [00:40:00] All right. Cor, thank you so much for coming on the show. Really appreciate, time. Appreciate you for everything that you're doing. So thank you very

Corbie: much. Welcome at, had a great time.


Will: Today's review segment is a little different. See, rather than have me read what someone else wrote, I'm gonna go ahead and let you hear the review straight from the reviewer himself. His name is Mark C. Anderson Jr. And here's what he had to say.

Mark: You guys like I love the hill, the energy that you have. I like the middle sarcasm. I like how you guys like bounce off of each other. I like how not only are you guys like interviewing, you guys have also like, almost like children investigating it and listening and it's like, it's almost like you guys learning with us is we are on this journey and it, and it's so cool because it's like y'all leaving as an open format that.

Allows for the interviewee to have full expression and almost [00:41:00] take over the show. It, it's extraordinary. And then it's like you, you add to the conversation rather than having a very narrow set of questions that you want to get answered. It is more so you lent the conversation flow and then certain things pop out.

It re. You ask about those things, the stories are powerful. I love, like, uh, some of the stories you have shared, I've heard before. Some of them sound like chicken soup for the soul type stories. And honestly, those stories, uh, have so much, uh, power in them. I even like the stories that you guys talked about yourselves, like about your wedding day.

Alright, everything. And then like even the story itself was cool. Cause like he was like, all right, well you tell over there like, nah, I'll let you tell. That was cool anyway. You. . The whole point was that like, once you let things move into flow and just let things go into the natural rhythm without the fear of failure, um, things naturally come together.

You know what I'm saying? Because like, especially [00:42:00] all, there is no time. That means that the thing that you want is already happening. You just have to let it happen and come to you, which is awesome, man. I love y'all's. I literally like listens like eight or 10, 12 episodes already. So yeah, that goes to show that you know her light, what you guys are doing, keep it up.

Will: Mark, there are no words to fully express how grateful we are that you took the time to send us a voice message letting us know your thoughts about the show and though we edited them out of this recording for time purposes. The suggestions that you had for us were great, and we'll be sure to explore them for potential inclusion in future episode.

Thank you again for being a listener, for sharing the show, and for caring enough to want to help us improve the show All right. If you'd like to hear your review on a future episode, visit skeptic mini and hit the tab on the side of the site where it says, leave us a voicemail.

Now, of course, if you prefer to leave us a written review, apple Podcasts Pod chaser and [00:43:00] our own website are great places to do just that. We love hearing from our listeners, especially if they feel there are ways that we can improve the show. Hey, and you never. You might just hear your voice or your review in a future episode of the show.

Well, thanks for coming along on this journey of Discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website at or on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic Metaphysician Skeptic Medi Physician Podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them.

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We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of The Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take.

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Corbie Mitleid

Certified Tarot Master, psychic medium, teacher, and author

A Certified Tarot Master, psychic medium, teacher, and ordained minister, Corbie Mitleid has been reading for 50 years, and is a full-time intuitive counselor with clients worldwide. Robert Schwartz features her work as a channel and past life expert in his breakthrough series on Karma and pre-birth planning, Your Soul’s Plan, Your Soul’s Gift and Your Soul’s Love.

As an author, her self-help volume Clean Out Your LifeCloset encourages you to write your own story of change based on your history, your life experiences, and your personal goals. Her books The Psychic Yellow Brick Road and You’ve Got The Magic, Who Needs A Genie? deal with how to use psychic counseling wisely and be a successful part of the holistic expo community from the professional side of the aisle.

Corbie’s abilities include Tarot and oracle card readings, spiritual/intuitive counseling, past life retrieval and analysis, mediumship, and spirit guide conferences (including speaking with one’s Soul or Higher Self).