Reverse Speech - Messages from your Higher Self | David Oates

Reverse Speech - Messages from your Higher Self | David Oates

This week’s guest describes Reverse Speech as another form of human communication. He states that language is bi-level, forward and reverse. As our brains construct the sounds of speech, it actually forms those sounds in such a way that two messages are delivered at the same time, one forwards, which is the conscious mind speaking, and the other in reverse, which is the unconscious mind speaking.

But what are these messages really? Where do they come from, and what, if anything, are these reverse messages trying to tell us?

"We all know that still small voice within. We hear it ourselves sometimes. And what I'm saying is nothing new. I'm not saying anything we don't already know. We know that voice is there, but what I am saying is that now we can hear it consciously. We can actually tap into that inner spiritual self and wow. Its just incredible." -- David Oates

Some topic covered:

  • What is reverse speech
  • Are reverse speech messages really satanic?
  • Are we communicating with each other subconsciously
  • How police are using reverse speech to help solve crimes
  • Examples of times that these messages that have revealed premonitions
  • Messages have also been discovered in the speech of babies before they can speak

And the audio samples he plays on the show are worth listening to just on their own! Truly, not one to be missed!

About our Guest:
David is the fonder of Reverse and has been finding backwards messages for over 40 years. He has appeared on numerous Australian and American TV shows including Today Tonight, The Today Show, Larry King Live, The Weekend Australia and The New Idea.

Officials in Washington DC expressed interest in his work, but this abruptly ceased when he uncovered a Desert Storm code word embedded backwards into George Bush’s speeches. A secret memo sent to Defense Secretary Dick Cheney was leaked to the press and the story hit international headlines. 1996 he became a regular guest on the nationally syndicated Art Bell radio show. This lead to further media coverage such as Extra TV and Strange Universe.

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Reverse Speech

Will: [00:00:00] Hey, Karen. Remember back in the eighties, when everyone was talking about how , some of those rock and roll albums, if you played them backwards, they'd reveal hidden messages. Yes. And I totally tried that. Yeah, it did. I think I did it wrong. I don't know. It just sounded like I scratched the record, which I ended up doing so well, apparently that is actually a real thing.

Oh. And today we have the absolute expert in the field. He actually found. Hmm. I don't even know what, where they call it a foundation or a company that actually dives into this stuff. And we're going to dive into just what these messages are, how they were discovered. What, if anything, these reverse messages are trying to tell us he's even going to share some soundbite examples with us that are absolutely going to blow your mind.

Wow. It's called reverse speech. And this phenomenon of hidden backward messages and speech is what this episode is all about. 



Will: Hey everyone. Welcome back to the skeptic metaphysicians I'm will. And we are the hosts for the show. Today I want to introduce David who describes reverse speech as another form of human communication.

He actually feels that language is bi-level it's forward and reverse. And as our brains construct the sounds of. It actually forms those sounds in such a way that two messages are delivered at the same time. Totally. Without us realizing it. One message forwards, which is the conscious mind speaking and the other in reverse, which is the unconscious mind speaking, David, 

I can't wait to dive into these sound soundbites. Welcome to the show.

David: thank you very much for having me. That was a very good introduction by the way. And reverse speech actually is I couldn't have said it better than that.

Will: thank you. Kevin, I finally nailed one. Did you just read what you wrote? No, I [00:03:00] actually rearranged some of the stuff you wrote and put it in paraphrase. Well, David we're super excited, I know. I tried to describe it the best could, but, but give us a rundown of exactly how you see reverse.

David: Okay, well, look there. Okay. You started off with talking about those backward messages in music back in the eighties. That's where most people heard about it. The fundamentalist Christians were on the bandwagon, and that was saying that these are all satanic and cite and speaking for the mind of the mind of singers and the Cosa, many of us as you.

Tables back in those days and then wham it back with.

Will:and ruined our records.

David: Yeah, that's right. So I, I got involved at that level. And back in 93, I was running a half a half a street kids and having, playing their records backwards and saying, well, what do you think about all of this? so anyway, I went home and I got out, I got out a year recorder, ran it back.

Yeah, I could hear what was [00:04:00] there. I was quite intrigued and you know, the fundamentals claimed that it was all satanic, but she was, I was finding a whole bunch of stuff that wasn't satanic. Let me uh, let me plays a message in music that is not satanic at all. So this is a Creedence Clearwater revival.

I'm backwards. It says, I believe in my cool woman.

uh, Pilot twice there. so, you know, so I started finding these types of messages. I go, well, this isn't satanic, or what are they talking about? And and then in 97, Started a serious research project in drug. Cause I was quite really fascinated. And then I [00:05:00] accidentally stumbled across a phenomenon, normal human speech and purely by mistake.

And and that sort of put a whole different twist on it all together. You know, it's sort of one thing to play records back. I was like, oh yeah, listen, that sounds cool. That sounds cool. But then suddenly you hear it in space. It's like, oh wow. Geez. This puts a whole different, a whole different story.

And so I started diving into speech and and I found these backward messages once every 20 or 30 seconds of speech. And I was, I was stunned and I was sure there had to be some work on it somewhere. So I went to my load. This was for the days of the internet, of course, went to my local library, looks through psychology and linguistic books.

And there was no mention of this phenomenon of anyway Uh, or sorry, except for a couple of fundamentals climbing. It was all the devil's work. And

Will:Always going to find those.

David: of course you can find them anywhere.


David: So it just sort of dawned on me. I had a whole new sort of [00:06:00] phenomenon on my hand that no one had ever discovered before.

And let me, let me play you an example in normal everyday speech. Okay. So this is just some, a casual room conversation. Let's run it forwards. This is just one of many, many lifetimes where we are here to develop the soul, basically. And when that is achieved, the soul will ascend. I can play a small clip backwards and you're hearing him say, I love each day.

Will: love you to stay. 

David: And what's war and let's play.

Will:that gives you goosebumps.

David: Yeah, it does.

Will:so clear. I thought it would be like, you kind of, kind of sounds like it, you know, you're right. And that was the thing about it. When I heard him on the other show, I, I was amazed, like these are absolutely clear message and he he's got samples of, of presidential speeches and all kinds of things that actually show very deliberate messages.

That the subconscious mind is [00:07:00] giving to us. Now, David, you mentioned you stumbled on these things. How does someone go about stumbling? Cause Karen tried and she ruined her records. It was a crash and burn.

David: Well, I actually, how I stumbled across it was I actually got a, a, a. Track of our radio broadcast. So I was looking for some songs from the twenties and thirties, you know, to see if I could find it back there. And and I was playing with this whole thing backwards. And here, this is the very first one, our family human speech, and I played this track forwards.

Will:I recognize that.

David: Yes. We all know those famous words and the Backwoods, how different message man will space walk.

So that's the first one that I found in speech. And so that's how I accidentally stumbled across it, you know? And then I uh, Been running speech backwards. [00:08:00] And I wrote my theory. I came up with a name, reverse speech in April of 87. then I wrote my theory, which you uh, elec so eloquently explained that languages bi-level forwards as well as backwards.

This is not a spiritual or a cultic phenomenon. It's not demons. It's not angels. It's not ETS. I mean, I've heard all of them over the years. Just simply is a natural form of language. Just, just as we ha we just, as body language expresses our feelings and who we really are. Well, reverse speech does that to enable us to see who we are on the deepest level, 

Will:do you think we, we are communicating with each other on that level too, so

David: Oh yeah. Oh, sure.

Will:I'm hearing it.

David: Yeah, I've found entire conversations, played backwards, you know, wherever you are. You get like a cup of coffee. Oh, what, what would you like to struggle with it? Yes, please. Not quite that Pacific. Well, yeah. Yeah. Let me play [00:09:00] you. Oh, see conversations. Take a little bit longer to play, but let me play you a reversal that is obviously a.

Question. Whereas it's obviously a request. I, here it is. Okay. This is a reporter and not a report. This is a man talking to a reporter who suspecting of sending his wife a threatening letter. Okay. Apply this forwards. Well, she 

Will: says it was in your handwriting. Well, then she should produce that letter and 

David: I've used it in 

Will: the lesson.

David: Okay. So she says, do you want to see it? But just before she says, I want to see it. Do you want to see it? He says backwards. I want to see that letter. How long is he? Now, watch this


David: listen to this. Well, she says it 

Will: was in your handwriting. Well, then she should produce that letter. Let's 

David: have a lot of use in the lesson. This is where the [00:10:00] reversal occurs. And then she says, yeah, I have. So she responds to his reverse message. I want to see that, oh, do you want to see it?

And that happens all the time in conversation, you know, you might be just about to say something or say, oh, would you like a cup of coffee? Yeah. I was just thinking of that. And many cases we are actually communicating in reverse. It's the other hidden part of conversation that we don't see or hear consciously.

Will:So subconsciously we're hearing these reverse messages that we're each giving to each other. And we, we respond to those messages consciously without even realizing that we're doing.

David: exactly. Correct. It, it gives a scientific explanation to what we think is intuition or that hidden knowing this is how it's happening through this second form of human communication, right?


David: Wow. I see you guys have [00:11:00] got it. The plan is dropped. I think it's amazing discovery. It's a revolutionary discovery. Once it's accepted, it's going to change society's approach to so many different things. I mean, we're going to have to be honest for the first time ever. And that's the other be tough. I'm telling you.

Will:Do you, do you have any examples of where someone's saying something and then you play it in reverse and they're, they're lying.

David: No, lots of them.

Will:Ooh, it's getting interesting. Karen, show me the good stuff or David who got busted.

David: Alright, well, look, I'm not making any political statements. Okay. I'm just playing examples of reverse speech is a Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail. 

Will: And you know what? It also matters when he makes fun of people with disabilities calls, [00:12:00] women, pigs, 

David: and she says, and I'll scam you. 

Will: And I'll see. 

David: Nice and clear I'm sure. You'd agree. Uh, Well, let's, let's nurses. Let's just not do Hillary, but it's to Trump as well for the sake of fairness. Whereas the one on Trump I'm looking for

Will:I don't even know

David: yeah, this one here. Okay. Is Trump talking about Mexico is gonna to pay for the wall? What's the difference?

Will: I want to get the wall started. I don't want to wait a year 

David: and a half until I make my deal with. And we probably will have a deal sooner than that. And by the way, Mexico 

Will: has 

David: been so nice, but he says back, what does, I will not deal with us?


David: Say it was nine when he said I was going to pay for the wall. He knows what, no, they're not really gonna do that. And of course, as we know in Mexico, do not pay for the walls. So it was Russell [00:13:00] turned out to be quite.

Will:yeah. So you heard it here. Trump knew that they were not going to pay for the wall. Finally. It's revealed. do you think the person has to be like thinking this other thing or is it just like some, like, did he maybe subconsciously he knew they weren't going to pay for it, but he really consciously thought that.

David: Yeah, look, some of the reversals, you get people who are aware of having those thoughts at the time of speaking a yes. So it can reveal unconscious thoughts. I'm sorry, conscious thoughts. But that's only like two is maybe 20% of all the reversals. Most of them are coming from the unconscious.

We're not aware of what we're saying or what we're feeling and that's where the real scary thing. Bet reverse streets and come out. I mean, you'll start to get personality behaviors come out in reverse that you consciously are not aware of. And then it gets quite threatening. I was working with a client the other day.

This is how I make my living. [00:14:00] I used for a speech in therapy. Quite an accurate


David: practice. And I was working with a client the other day and she had reversal said, I am a narcissist. And I found that I got, oh my God, I got applied to this. And I applied to and oh, she w went into denial, but.

The couple of weeks later, we had another session. She said, you know what I be thinking about that? And I could see those tendencies in me in hose. yeah, it can reveal parts of us that we don't want to know that we don't want to see. 

Will:So police could use this for interrogations.

David: sure, sure. I worked with a place on not many cases, better half a dozen. Let me play you a example that illustrates this. This is this is a Scott Peterson. If you can remember the. Back in the early two thousands, Scott Peterson was accused of murdering his wife who went missing and uh, he was subsequently found guilty.

Here he is before the trial being interviewed by a reporter [00:15:00] who says, did you murder your 

Will: wife? Did you murder your wife? No. No. 

David: So he's denying it. No, no, I did not be run it backwards and he says, Nick, I hit her.

And when that found his wife's body, she was decapitated. So as he's denying it, he's flashing back in his mind and remembering, yeah, I hit her hard on the back of the. Sorry. Well, yeah, so the use is in police interrogation work a very, very exciting case I worked within the Australian police actually located where the murder weapon was.

And the verse was it's in the cellar and the police got a search warrant and ride to the house and found it hidden in the cellar.

Will:Wow. Okay. So.

David: You look a little bit stunned.

Will:But here's, here's where, where my skeptical mind comes [00:16:00] in. Right. Because yes, they all sound. Fairly distinct. I mean, I heard everything that you said that they said backwards. I heard it. I certainly did, but could this not just be straight coincidence that the jibberish kind of arranges itself into a rate of speech that could perhaps have could we could read something into it?

I mean, there's a knife was in the seller will, but there's hundreds of thousands of hours of speeches. You're bound to run into a couple. That will inevitably say something backwards now

David: Yeah, look. Yeah, look, that's a, that's a very common criticism. Ironically, when I first went public, the skeptic verbal, these things don't exist. We're just imagining it. Now they're at least saying light exists. We can hear it. So that's good. But, but let's look at coincidence. I mean, what are the all. Of running a tight backwards and every, and every year, 20 or 30 seconds following a grammatically correct sentence that directly relates to the [00:17:00] forward dialogue.

I mean, that's the odds of that occurring at such a regular interview is stunning here. Let me play you. Let me play an example that is so stunning. There's there's no way this can be coincidence when we play this. This is, this is Donald Trump talking to Hillary Clinton, bad Hillary Clinton theme emails.

Okay. So we'll run it forwards 

Will: when he gave up that email thing. He, he said here, Hillary, and you know what? That was orchestrated by 

David: the democratic party. Okay. So two words significant. He says Hillary and email, let me run it backwards. And he says, Hillary, let's see this.

Will: You were wondering. 

David: So what are the odds of hearing Hillary and email, but forwards and backwards in a grammatically correct sentence. That's directly related to the Fords. 

Will: You told me.

Will:I'm sure it's astronomical. And, and I will say that the fact [00:18:00] that, like, for example, the state of Oregon is starting to use it in criminal investigations that, but they don't take it as as site on scene, they call it. DNA evidence with these reverse messages and things. So, so there is something for sure, something there, but it just blows your mind when you think about the fact that these are people who are just speaking and somehow subconsciously these messages are coming out.

So maybe all those religious people back in the eighties were right. Maybe kiss was nights and service of Satan.

David: I have no comment on that. I, I stick clear satanic messages.

Will:Yeah. Some things you don't want to hear. Right. 




Will:how can you find these messages? I mean, you, we heard early on the Karen ruined her record collection, trying to find these things going backwards. Do you just spend your days with records and playing them backwards or do you have a machine that does it, how does it work?

David: Well, we have software now that that finds that we have video software too, which is fantastic to actually see the video clips run backwards in the lips movements, mouth out. The reversals is absolutely stunning to see. Anyway now I forgot the question.

Will:Yeah. Just how do you, how do you,

David: Oh,

Will:kind of software

David: right. Okay. Back in the early days I did modify cassette players. You know, I would open the cassette players up, modify it and to play forwards and backwards with a little variable speed control. It was a [00:21:00] very, very amateurish modifications. but live for 20 years now, we've had software. It's available from our website.

You can just go in and download the software. It'll play. Forwards and backwards and up very, very variable rates. We also have video software that runs video backwards and then adds a whole new dimension to the phenomenon. When you see, when you actually see the lip movements, mouth out, the reversal and the body language signals happening at the same time, X it's stunning.

It takes your breath away.

Will:I can only imagine. So you're saying that these software pieces of software on your site. People can download it and actually try it for the.

David: Correct. Yes. Go to my Also while I'm advertising my site, I made a manage management decision last week to give all of my 10 reverse suites books away for free in PDF format. So [00:22:00] if you go to my site and you go to the product section of the pay, you can get all 10 of my books.

Will:that's fantastic. We're going to put a link, a direct link in our show notes for you. So if you're interested in his books or the software, you can go directly to our website, skeptic, metaphysician dot. And go to his episode page and you'll see the link directly lead in there. But we're not gonna let you off quite so easily.

 I understand that this reverse speech, isn't just in the English language too, right? This is another language languages.

David: So far, we've looked at three different languages, German, French, and Spanish. Uh, We're founded in each one of those languages. If someone is bilingual, you can get reversals in both. Languages. Sometimes the sentence will start out in one night. We just switch halfway through into a nother one. So, uh, the assumption is if it's a natural form of language and we should find it in all languages, but we've only looked at three so far.

Yeah. I know what to tell [00:23:00] you. It's such an amazing, incredible, fantastic phenomenon. You know, I've been doing for 40 years and I love it as much today as when I first started.

Will:Now, if I were to. Verbatim, repeat what someone is saying, like the tapes that you just played of, of Hillary Clinton, for example, or Trump. If I were to say the exact same thing that she said, or he said, when you reversed my speech, would I say the same?

David: Several ways to answer that question. We've obviously tried that many times. If you can read, put juice, his voice tone and intonation is exactly the same way. He said it you'll get something similar backwards, but if two people were to say exactly the same sentence. Yeah. As lucky both of you two said the same sentence and you said it differently as we all do in conversation, then no, you might get an, a one, but not the other.

So it's really to do with the very unique, intricate [00:24:00] sounds of speaks that create the reversals. And like I said, two people say the same sentence and you'll get completely different reversals, but if you can do it exactly the same way it was so you can get something close.

Will:And you said you use this in therapy. So would this be a good or maybe bad tool for couples therapy? Oh boy. Yeah. Then you cannot go. He said this, but what does he really mean? You said he's not cheating, but is he really now?

David: Well, look, yeah, I took this in the therapeutic area cause I was, I was a therapist before of a speech. So, you know, I used to work with kids, all the youth counselor back in my early days. And so it was sort of very natural for me to, just to take it into take it into that. Sorry, excuse my cat here. But yeah, I've got a very busy practice, you know, I'm currently working with about 25 clients, right, right now. And I work with all sorts of issues from, oh, gee, where's working with a young [00:25:00] man now with autism getting some fantastic results with him. So he reversals will tell us exactly what's caused it.

And in many cases, tell us. Fix it then me just put my cat down for a second and I'll play you a quick example in therapy that shows you how powerful this is and the in the Sarah Predix situation. The one I'm looking for is oh, where is it? Here it is. Okay. This is a woman with money problems, and she's talking to me about her money issues.

She and I need to work this issue out, but 

Will: it started to bring up all my money, fears and stuff. And the thing is, is I knew if I know I start sourcing fear again, then I'd go 

David: back. When she says work on my grief.

So the reversals telling us exactly what we need to do to work with their money problems, work on her grief. Now, [00:26:00] usually regular therapy might have taken several sessions to get to the fact that she had grief issues that was causing her money problems. But reverse speech can tell me in just one simple recording, right?

Will:So there's no way to hide. This reverse speech then, right? Like it's scary. The scary thing is that we're broadcasting our innermost thoughts to people without realizing it as we're talking. So it makes me not want to say anything. Karen took over the show. No, I'm thinking that we've got Alexa in the living room, listening to the conversations who knows what she's doing.

David: well, until we get a lot more analysts out there than just me and the few handful of trying, you're all pretty safe

Will:Oh, shoot.

David: until the w there's it's the one, it's the one. What's the word I'm looking for? Dow down four down dis uh, so thank you. Is the immense time it takes to analyze recordings?

I mean, [00:27:00] for a half an hour political speech, I'll be spending three or four hours. Analyzing the whole tape. So it's a very time intensive process. You gotta be really patient and dedicated and you know, I think we could probably get speech, correct train speech recognition to find it for us. We approach uh, Microsoft at one stage to see if they were interested in going into the project with us, but they weren't.

So currently is just a lack of funds, 

Will:that's because bill gates doesn't want his secrets out in, out there everywhere.

well, I'm absolutely floored. Could this be, I know a lot of people that listen to the show are probably going to think, well, that's, that's your higher self selling that you're sending messages

Will: it is. Yeah, 

David: it

Will:It is.

David: Yeah. It digitalize itself as well. It's a look. Okay. Look, I say it's a voice of the unconscious, but really it's the voice of the spirit talking to us. Let me, yeah, let me play. What have I got time for one more reversal.

Will:[00:28:00] Yeah, absolutely. We love these. So please play as many as you want.

David: this is, this is obviously spirit talking. I've got a very persistent chat who doesn't want to go off my table. All right. So here's analysts talking to his tight play. He's right about my money problems. Does it 

Will: further 

David: for us to put 

Will: more 

David: energy and money and efforts? The back was, he says you're frightened, lean on me.

Will:I think

David: That's backwards. just spirit.

Will:yeah, that might be one of the clearest ones you've played so far.

David: Yeah. Lots of spirit talking to him saying, look, I know you're frightened and now you're up. Just lean on me. And there is so many messages from spirit in reverse speech. When I'm working with clients, I'll find a half a dozen direct messages, sort of spirit to the conscious mind saying, do [00:29:00] this, do that. I mean, look, we all know that still small voices within.

We hear it ourselves sometimes, you know, we can. And what I'm saying is nothing new. I'm not saying anything. We don't already know. We know that voice is there, but what I am saying is now we can hear it consciously. We can actually tap into that inner spiritual self and wow. It's just incredible.

Will:That's a really good point, right? Because my next question was going to be well, how do you. If this mechanism is there, what's the use of it. If we, you and I just sitting here talking, we're not consciously aware of the messages that we're giving and receiving in reverse speech. So what's the point of it, but I guess in some subconscious way, we do get those messages

David: Yeah. Oh, well, yeah, that's sort of a philosophical question more than anything else. Look, I think as human beings, we are designed as human beings have true and night nights. It is [00:30:00] to be honest with ourselves, to be honest, we have learned to be dishonest. And so the body has many mechanisms to correct that body language.

Reverse speech. The other gee whiz, you can use it. So many areas of therapy. Why is a person really got this problems and issues? Police work? I have business clients. I'll talk to me before. They're about to embark on a major business project to see what their inner self says about it. I'm the list is endless.

Gee, I could get into advertising. Why does some adverts not work? Because the reversals are contrary to the advert advertisements and it goes on and on and on and on and on.

Will:In our day job, Karen and I do work in television. So from now on any of our average that we put out there, we're going to play backwards to make sure that we're not saying the wrong messages out

David: go.

Will:and foremost, secondly, I propose that anyone running for office has to go through this process before we can actually qualify to be [00:31:00] elected anywhere because both of those things you played were incredible.

David: Yeah. And that's just a handful. I've got, I got 40 years of work in my computer. I've got millions of reversals. I mean, I've looked at everything from JFK to the moonwalk to 9 1, 1 to oh, jar of K Martin Luther king, all the, all the big conspiracy theories over the years, they're all in my computer.

Will:the answers then. Is there one, is there one that's really shocked you or surprised you that's just really stuck in your, your mind?

David: Um, Yeah, there was actually this was this this worth on bad to play in that put me in a whole new whole new area of research. Quite shocking, I think. Oh no, not shocking and stunning. This is JFK's inaugural address in 1961. Listen to this.

Will: Although Schuman rights, which this nation has always been committed and [00:32:00] which we are committed today at home 

David: and around the world. Okay. He says, head is hitting the car and again,

Will:Oh, I have.

David: freaky.

Will:I just got shivers down my spine. , he was foreshadowing his own death.

David: he had a premonition of his own death. Yeah.


David: a few of those. Yeah. But that reversal sent me off into a whole new field when I found that like, oh my God, I can't believe that it was shocking. Well, not shocking. Stunning, stunning.

Will:I think it's both stunning and shocking. I am shocked. I mean, that is wow. Holy smokes. When you're analyzing these, do you have to slow them down while you're listening to them in reverse? And that's why it takes a while

David: Yeah, reversals run faster than normal human speech. And they're about 20% [00:33:00] faster. That's because the syllable count nearly always increases. If you've got three syllable fours, you'll have five or six backwards. There's reasons for that we should don't have time to get into. So, so it gives the, so the reverse, we actually run faster.

I listened at about 85% of normal speed. New students will listen at 70 to 75% of normal speed. So yeah. Yeah. So I always slow it down.

Will:So, where do you go from here? You've discovered these, this reverse speech and you're starting to implement it with law enforcement agencies and things like that, but what, where do you hope it goes?

David: Oh me boy. That's I think it's just such significant and enough such important. Yeah. It's existence impacts everything. It's revolutionary, it's a whole new paradigm shift once this accepted look, you know, my, my, my uh, my prime emphasis at the last 40 years. Been to get accepted. It's been a tough road.

I had trouble with ACA. Well, see, I'm not an [00:34:00] academic. You know, I got through high school and that's about it. So I, I, I don't have the PhD after my name. So that's unfortunately uh, shut me off from a lot of academics, which is a shame. Monash university in Australia did a to. Did tests on it 20 years ago and they found the reversals did exist.

But they didn't know for the testing, which I was very disappointed about. I've lectured to the FBI and the CIA, if actually, if you Google reverse speech, CIA, you'll see my work upon the CIA where. Sorry. So I've tightened the government. I've tightened the business J whiz it almost needs to have a groundswell movement, I think, to get an accepted.

I don't think the authorities water because it's a red herring. I mean, it's a huge red herring

Will:But I think it would be great for like interviewing teachers or people that work with children and do an interview just to make sure that they're not sketchy. Right. But, but there's no guarantees, right. That, that the reverse speech message will come out when you do [00:35:00] things like that. So I wonder if maybe that's the reason you can't really rely on getting the messages.

So maybe it's not as,

David: Yeah, look, they're not always there. It really depends on the type of conversation. In a very lax, casual conversation, you get a whole lot of them, but if someone's very left-brain and structured in their thinking, they'll drop off quite substantially. And yeah, and there is no guarantee. You'll find them right at the point you want it.

Will:Right. And we're not really conspiracy theory show, but one might say that maybe the powers that be don't want it out there because they're afraid of what it might reveal about what they are thinking.

David: What do I have my own personal beliefs, all that, which, which fall along the lines of what you're saying. But if I sat talking about them, I'll sound like another internet nut. So we'll relay, we'll leave it quiet.

Will:Totally understand and respect your wishes. We also tow that line very carefully ourselves. So, [00:36:00] well, I mean, what you're doing. Absolutely fascinating and astounding. you're giving away your books, all 10 of your books on your site. We're going to add those links to the show notes, as we mentioned before we'll add all the links to people to get, get ahold of you.

But if someone wanted to get involved with reverse speech, are you currently taking on people? Yeah.

David: I am. Yeah. My, I have classes every year. My next class intake is in July, so that's like six weeks away. There's a whole uh, page on my site, all about the training programs. So yes, I am active actively, right at this current time, looking for new students to take my July class.

Will:And then once they take your class, there'll be able to discover these and on their own and use a software defined these reverse

David: yes. Yes. That's the whole purpose of the class to teach people how to find it, to recognize what is imagination to find what is genuine. It's, it's, it's a bit of a difficult skill to teach, but, but I get on there.

Will:Yeah, I would [00:37:00] imagine that would be hard. Am I really hearing this or is that, am I just,

David: that's right.

Will:well, it's kind of deciphering that and yet I will say there's some of the eclipse that he's played are absolutely distinct. There's no, there's no mistake in it. I don't think.

David: That's what I sell. That's what I've told the skeptics. Listen, these are clear. I'm not having, you're not having to sort of really try and say, yeah, I can sorta hear that. You know, it's like there is a right in your face. They all are. They're all riding your face. They're all startlingly clear.

Will:there really are. Yeah. Wow. Well, I think we have we've, we're running out of time, but I'm curious. Do you have one more that you absolutely you've got to share with us before the show.

David: All right, let me play you one of my favorite reversals of all time. This is a, this is my own daughter and she's in a bathtub and she's trying to pick up a cup. She can't pick it up. So she reaches out to me for help. This is unfortunate. You can speak for.

Back when she says David, which is my name, David helped me.[00:38:00] 

Will:Oh, my God. That's wow. That sounded like a, was it, was it Poltergeist?

David: It's in the bathroom and it's echoing. So it gives that sort of.

Will:Yes. Oh my God. So this is a girl that didn't know how to speak yet. And yet reverse messages was very distinct where she said, David, help

David: Well, part of my theory is that children speak back was before the do forwards. I've got kids speaking in reverse single words at four months of age, then they get into sentences around about 12 months of age. So, but that's a whole other show.

Will:This has been absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for coming on and sharing of your expertise with our audience. I'm going to download your software. I'm going to Karen. I know getting ready. [00:39:00] I'm going to go back. I'm going to go back through all of our shows and I'm going to play every single one of them.

Yeah, I'm looking at secrets. I don't want you to hear what I say, but I want to hear what you say all the time. David, thanks so much for coming on. Really appreciate it.

David: me. I appreciate that.

Will:and best of luck to you in the future.

David: Alright. Bye bye. See ya.

Will:Uh, And thanks to you for coming along on this journey of discovery.

We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website or on feed. We can find us there. And on Instagram, under app skeptic metaphysician, or you can visit And if you're listening to this on the radio and miss anything, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be, where you can also watch the videos or even send us email or voicemails directly from the site.

We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have that's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysicians. Take care. 

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