Wild World of Thai Buddhist Magic | The Sadhu Dah

What does chin fat and the ashes of deceased babies have in common? Believe it or not, they are just two of the surprisingly esoteric ingredients used in one of the most obscure magical practices in the world; Thai Buddhist Magick. Our friend, the Sadhu Dah visits us this episode to dive deeply into a world that may delight you, may disgust you, but definitely will surprise you!

Sadhu Dah is a student of the Theravada lineage under Master Pong Sak and Master Thanaphol Pakdee, he has years of experience and training with inner door secrets of Thai Buddhist Magick.

After the Sadhu Dah became a Mophi in Theravada tradition he then had the privilege of studying under Rinpoches and Lamas from the Bonpo Tibetan lineage where he became a Lama through initiation.

In continued learning he is now a formal student in the Mao Shan sect of Taoism under High Priest Yong in Malaysia.

With careful practice and plenty of devotion, Sadhu Dah became a High Priest in a Wiccan Coven, he studied under Jeffery Deuel in Norse Magic, became a Master Hypnotist under the guidance of the Shambala Institute.

A passionate practitioner in Fook Yuen Chaun and a Sechem Level Reiki Master among many other titles.

Through a love of learning and a studious approach, Sadhu Dah has undergone the ritual rites and testings of many traditions and customs.

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Will: [00:00:00] Hey, Karen. Magic in all its forms has fascinated people throughout history, and we touched on topics of magic before even had our next guest on before to speak about this particular band of magic, only to get derailed by the universe into talking about the peripherals around it. But the question was never truly answered, just what is Thai Buddhist magic?

Mm-hmm. . And what's the correlation between it trauma and psychic abilities? Well, there is no one that I can think of that's better to shed some light on this fascinating topic than our friend, the Sadhu Dah, who's back on the show for the second time. He's gonna shed some light into the side of a of magic that the western world just doesn't really get to see much.

Will & Karen: My name is Will and I'm Karen. And unlike and Scully, we both wanna believe. So we've embarked on a journey of discovery. We've talked to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual and metaphysical world. We've thrown ourselves into weird and wonderful experiences. Even joined a covenant of witches and wait, you joined a coven?

Yep. All in the interest of finding something, [00:01:00] Anything that will prove that there's something beyond this physical three dimensional world we all live in. This is the physicians.

Will: Welcome to the Skeptic Meta Physicians. I'm Will. And I'm Karen, and if you haven't yet listened to our first interview with the incomparable Sadhu Dah I strongly suggest checking that out immediately following this one, because we're gonna go in a different direction this time around, and I know you don't wanna miss all of the information that our guest has so generously imparted already.

Sadhu Dah, it's an absolute pleasure to have you on the show once again.

Sadhu Dah: Welcome. Thanks. Love being back here. That's a really good podcast that you got going.

Will: Thank you. Thank you for the kind words. We are having fun, that's for sure. We're learning a ton, and the more we learn, the more we realize how much there is yet to learn.

So, we're happy to have you on to help us in that arena. I'm just gonna get right to it from the get go. What is exactly Thai Buddhist Magick?

Sadhu Dah: what makes Thai [00:02:00] Buddhist magic such a fascinating, exploration of magic compared to like ceremonial magic and pagan practices and all these other cultures?

Versions of magic that we see all over the world is you have a combination of animism, so shamanistic type traditions. The old religion, as they say, mixed. With Buddhism and it blended together in the 14th century when Buddhism, uh, was essentially converting all of old Siam, which now we call Thailand.

And you have these traditions that were very old, that no matter how much you tried, you just couldn't stamp out. And so it blended in with the lore and the stories and the practices and everything that we know about Theravada Buddhism today, which Isty Buddhism, and that's what makes it so unique.

Will: Now, when you think of Thai Buddhist monks, You don't necessarily think of magic, right?

You think of the, the chance and the meditations and all that kind of stuff, but [00:03:00] you and Karen and I have had conversations before where we've gone into some in depth, examples of how. Buddhist monks in Thailand actually use these energetic and animistic practices to make things happen. Mm-hmm. . we'll get into that a little bit later cuz some of those specifics were mind blowing when we first talked to you about it.

But to, to get a little bit more about you, you are a student of Theravada Lineage under Master Punk. Is that right? Yep. You've had years of experience and training with Inner Door secrets of Thai Buddhist magic. You became a mofi in the Theraveda tradition, and then you studied under rim poche and lamas from the Bon Poe Tibetan lineage, and you became a Lama right through initiation.

You even became a high priest in a Wiccan coven. You studied under Jeffrey Dual and Norse magic. You became a master hypnotist. You are. So multifaceted. You were familiar with so many types of magic. Why did you select Ty Buddhist [00:04:00] magic

Sadhu Dah: to follow? You know, for me it's the one that I was never able to table.

Um, I had so much fun learning different Wiccan traditions and practices, and I still do blend and use some of that to this day in the things I do now. I just kind of reached a certain point with quite a few traditions where this was nice. This was fun. I explored, I learned things. I got what I needed from it.

With Thai Buddhist magic, I have not hit that cap. I have not hit that limit. Um, there's still. So much. I'm still fascinated by there's so much that I'm still learning. There's so much that I have a deep passion I cannot see leaving with that specific field of study. Hmm.

Karen: Well, before we get really, really into it, I do have a question.

Um, Liz Will was talking about all the things you've studied and the different, I don't know, titles you've obtained. I have not heard of a Mofi. What is that?

Sadhu Dah: So moi is a Thai tradition [00:05:00] of shaman. Um, so moi, moi, mo. Uh, so this, you'll notice there's a lot of words like in the Thai traditions, that there's like, how many ways do you wanna say this?

Aja? Aan. Aja. Yeah. Like, yeah. So a mofi is simply the terminology for a Thai shaman.

Will: I'm looking at you now, and if you're only listening to the show, you're only getting half of the picture. So you should definitely check out our YouTube channel to see what the sad DA actually looks like and how he expresses himself, because he has a lot of

He just did a whole va, Vanna White kind of, uh, so he, he's very expressive. His his image, his look. The way he speaks, really shares a lot of his knowledge, even without using the words. But I'm looking at you now and you don't look Thai to me. So how did you stumble on this modality? Wow.

Sadhu Dah: What called you to it?

Well, you are correct. I'm not Thai. I am [00:06:00] African and Mexican, so pretty far from being Thai . But I, you know, I stumbled on it when I first met, um, Master NFL P who then introduced me to Master Punk Sock. So those were my two main masters in the Thera Audit tradition. And it was kind of this weird turning point in my life.

Uh, I grew. With a lot of gang violence, uh, drug addiction, things of that nature at a very rocky childhood. And when I met Master Thano FO for the very first time, it was the first, I'd say experience that I could really think of where I met somebody who wasn't scheming, trying to get one over on me or wanted something from me.

And that alone was really what intrigued me the most. , there was such thing as pure people in this world. Not saying that they only exist in Buddhism, right? Mm-hmm. . But I'm saying within my experience, my background, where I came from to that point in my life, this was [00:07:00] the first time I met anybody like this.

Mm-hmm. . So that's kind of ultimately what got me to even go down that path.

Karen: what made you trust him and know that he wasn't pulling something over on you like the other people before?

Sadhu Dah: You know how they say, always trust your gut. Mm-hmm. , I had that, that strong feeling that if I followed this man, if I listened to this man, um, that I would be safe mm-hmm.

that I would be okay and that I would gain much more that I could possibly ever imagine. Wow. And that still stands to be true to this day.

Will: And that really stems a lot from the reaction that he had to you. Right? Because when the story that you shared with us, off camera, was astounding where you have a certain look to you and you mentioned you were involved with, uh, gang violence and things like that.

You're, you, where, how you grew up was, was a little rougher. Than a lot of the people that might be listening to the show, but you went into the temple and where you expected these people to, be afraid of you because of the way you looked and things like that. [00:08:00] He actually reached out.

Sadhu Dah: Right. And yeah, I'm, there were people afraid of me.

Um, and it's just, you know, I'm heavily tattooed and, uh, long, crazy hair, you know. And so I, I go, I go to this temple just to like, check this place out. I wasn't even seeking anything. It was. I grew up in Coleen, Texas. If anybody knows anything about Coleen, it is drive right through. Don't, don't stop, don, keep going and keep going.


Will: Yeah. You know anything about that town in Texas is that you don't wanna know anything about that town

Sadhu Dah: in Texas. Exactly, exactly. You go and, and, uh, so like out in the county, you know, where was this wa and uh, which is the name of a temple, is called a wa. And so, uh, when I, when, Oh, wa w a t Oh, for you.

Yeah. Uh, and I, I go there and I'm just looking around. There's beautiful sculptures. There's all this cool stuff that I have no experience with. I don't know what a song [00:09:00] dish bra is at that point. That's like the, the image of a Buddha like stack. Um, I'll show you an example later, but it's a specific type of amu and there are larger styles of it.

So I'm seeing all these weird sites and things I've never seen before and I always have loved art to some degree, and I thought this was just a really cool scenery. And these people just kind of like whispering and like walking around me, like with these like judgment looks on and then this monk comes up.

and he starts explaining something to me about, you know, the, the scenery and telling me stories and just very casually like it's nothing. And I'm intrigued by it. And one of the things you'll notice in, um, you know, Thai culture is that monks are like the western equivalent of celebr. , like they are very, very popular.

If you see one out and about, you want, you wanna talk to 'em, you want that FaceTime, you want picture with them like, like they're, they're Thailand celebrities, and. They, they kind of [00:10:00] like this group of people had started to see me talking and having all this FaceTime with Master Theo, and so they come over and master the dismissive to them right away.

He's like, No, no, no, you, you come to us like these people. Like went behind my back, like went, went to the monk and saying like, there's a scary looking man, like skulking around the temple and he's got tattoos and like, you know, he might steal something and he looks dangerous. and, you know, Master Theil rather than like, you know, come over and, and call me out or immediately be on guard.

He just, you know, took the time to actually get to know me and talk to me. Mm-hmm. . And, uh, he tells them, you know, I, I'm talking to this man who you thought was like, you know, scary and, and you were judging him for his tattoos and the way he looks. And he is a perfectly fine young man. There's nothing wrong with this young man.

And, uh, you know, because you were judging. Because you wanted to act this way, you go and you talk to the other monks. I'm talking to this young man right now. And so like, that was how me and Nero than became friends.

Will: So then, he impressed you. Which I can completely understand. But then [00:11:00] what made you say, I wanna continue down this path?

Did they open up their secrets to you right away, or did you have a, an initiation period? How

Sadhu Dah: does that work? So there was a little bit of an initiation period, but it didn't take place until after I had kind of come back there. The opening of that door, right? So I met master the full, I moved, I made, um, new acquaintances.

I got myself involved in the very first paranormal case I ever went on. I think I might have talked about this a little bit on your show, but I've told like the whole story before, so like, you know, This, that and the other. A woman got possessed. I found myself in the middle of it. She was like crawling on the wall.

Crazy stuff happened. , like I met a teacher calling on the wall. Really? . Yeah. It's such a long story, but, uh, yeah, I met, I met, um, you know, master a month at that point, and that was when I started to learn about magic and things of that nature. And then when I went back, that was when [00:12:00] I met, um, Charletta, who was the co mother and I started studying Wicca.

And so I was like learning these two different forms of magic and under master among there was, there was a lot of other stuff he was teaching me at the same time too. Um, like ceremonial magic. He was, uh, even teaching me, um, like Qigong and things of that nature, like I became like his apprentice right away cuz he saw something in me with the way I handled myself on that first paranormal case.

Mm-hmm. and then, Once I had like come back and I'd meet Met Master than Full again, that was like, he noticed something different in me. And so at that point, He explained that he wanted to teach me some things, and so for that to take place, I had to one, go through this like weird period of like silence, and I had to do like vaasa practices.

I had to do these different breathing meditations, these walking meditations, and at first it was kind of like I wasn't learning. It was more of just like following him around like a lost puppy. And he would just like, you know, instruct and say [00:13:00] things and explain and then have me do stuff. But then shortly afterwards he would just very casually show me something, you know, like a, like a, like a taru, uh, which is like a rolled piece of like, you know, copper, uh, foil with like comb script or like poly spell work on it.

And then he would, he would explain like, With each, you know, symbol and figure how you, you point on his part as you're driving what's called like a my crew, like a Buddhist. Across it. And you're saying like, not mo ta and like you're, you're saying each syllable of this, uh, kata mantra and you're, you're forming the symbol with the entire mantra at each point where it turns.

And then he's like, breaking this down into a complex science. And I was like, Wow, this is so cool. Like, what are we even doing? And then, and then he explains to me once we make one, he's like, So now you know how to make t crew. He's like, This. For protection. This one helps stop bad dangers. And he explains that to me.

And then he was like telling me, you [00:14:00] know, never unroll it a cru because it releases the power from it and it like will send back like the bad karmas that it chased away, uh, and, and the energies and things of that nature back onto you. Oh. Uh, and so like, yeah, so he, he was like explaining things in a.

that not only gave me a deep and vast amount of knowledge on something that I already didn't know anything about to begin with mm-hmm. . But there were people who collect accrues and they're, and they're familiar with Thai ambulance and things like this, and they don't even know about that stuff because that's like the inner door practice of it.

Like that's how to. You know, you, you could learn a lot about cars, right? But that's different than knowing how to manufacture and build a car. Mm-hmm. , right? So it was kind of the same thing. And before I realized it, um, I was being, I was being invited to all kinds of different things. And some of the journeys that me and Master Theil went on were kind of like pilgrimages.

That I don't necessarily talk about because there's a certain [00:15:00] level of secrecy was in some of the traditions. Sure. And some of the ways that you're taught things and to hold the purity of the lineage, those things just can't be made public. Right. But they changed my life, uh, forever. And what I thought was possible, and I guess one of, one of the wildest things that I experienced with Master Thele was like having.

These profound experiences that defi logic, that defi reason. And yet he could explain 'em. You know, like I, I told you the story about the monk with the water coming out of the hands and things like that, you know, and it's like, Like it defies logic. But then you're explained through this cannon of knowledge and how these practices are formed in the way that's attained and understanding like, you know, these complex wicha, these magical systems of, of practice that come from, you know, the theravada, um, traditions.

And you're like, Okay, well that does make sense. But at first it's just magic until you explain it in a scientific way. Hmm.

Will: You're kind of speaking my language in [00:16:00] a way. We're talking a lot about Thai Buddhist magic and we're talking about ceremonial magic and all kinds of different magic, but that's magic with a ck.

But there is, there's gotta be a way to explain what some of these things are doing, or is it truly just these magical shadow figures that that make shit.

Sadhu Dah: You're gonna love this. You're gonna love this. So, so I have, um, this, let's see, article that I wrote, and I'll just give you like the cliff notes of it.

And this is an explanation that you're looking for. Okay. Um, this is basically what, what you're, what you're asking about is like, how can we bring the, the science to magic? Um, so this one, I titled it Scientific Foundations of Magic, and many people often wonder where magic ends and science begins and vice versa, right?

Mm-hmm. the [00:17:00] two are not exclusively separate. Many a time as someone made the comment that magic is just a technology we don't fully understand yet. So understanding that little tidbit, let's get straight into it. So there's, there's a couple experiments that we wanna be aware of. One, Vladimir Proponent is the owner of Nano Photonics Biosciences Inc.

He's also a highly respected quantum physicist known worldwide for his contributions in quantum biology. He has established a vast amount of research into the non-linear dynamics of DNA and the interactions of weak electromagnetic feels with biological. So not magic science. Science, right? Quantum.

Quantum mechanics, Yes. He conducted an experiment in the early nineties and demonstrated human DNA can affect the photons around it. This means that human DNA can affect light particles. Equals mc squared. The famous equation that Einstein discovered tells us in combination with proponents research that all matter is composed of light and can be manipulated by [00:18:00] other light particles.

In his experiment, proponent had a glass tube with all the air removed to create a vacuum, and all that remained were photons, light particles. Then he went on to measure the distribution of the photon particles in the tube. While in a vacuum state, proponent validated the distribution of the photon particles was entirely random.

He then introduced human DNA inside the tube. Only this time when the photons were measured, there was a pattern present, meaning the photons were aligning and positioning according to the presence of human dna. They actually aligned along the access of the dna. This would indicate in some way that the photons had to have been aware of the introduction of the human dna.

Removing the DNA from the tube presented interesting results as well. The photons didn't return to behaving randomly. They behaved as if the DNA was still present in the tube. The photons maintained the aligned structure of the dna, which means the DNA must have left an energetic imprint Once removed, this phantom DNA energy field was continually observed and kept the photons in place for a month.

[00:19:00] Interesting when you think about lunar cycles and et cetera, but that's for another day. . So what does this mean though, right? Like, okay, so you just told us about this cool science experiment, but like, where's the magic? I don't understand the magic sa da. Bud. Wait. There's more . When we talk about chi, prana man energy and the chakras in meridians, we're talking about a complex energy body that fuels the physical body.

The result of proponents experiment tells us that we have an energy body capable of existing and operating outside of the limits of physical. When the human DNA was removed in the experiment, the photons remained in communication with the dna. This means physical matter can be absent and a bio energetic connection can still be maintained because it's working with the greater energy field with which all matter is connected to.

Using this knowledge, we can explain residual hauntings, the imprint of energy on a land that turns sour, holy spots all over the world, and why some people can sense a presence without being able to see it. Ghost are even worth [00:20:00] mentioning here. Ghost are composed of energy and that is why they can interact with energy fields of other living beings and physical matter.

They're manipulating the photons within a specified field to create a specific effect, which seems otherworldly. But they're immediately following the laws of physics and the principles of energetic exchange. If enough energy is condensed, those photons become more visible, and this explains why we can see manifest manifestations of ghosts.

Sometimes we can also note that phantom DNA staying in place for a month lines up with that monthly lunar cycle I was talking about, and this is how in some magical practices of amulet and talisman crafting energies are consecrated and laid on top of one. To induce a specific effect, which is just the ambulate or talisman, resonating with specific or wider fields of influence to achieve the determined effect for the person holding or within reach of the harmonized energies who then joins their energetic field.

To this constructed field of energy. It's not crazy magic, it's literally science. So what

Will: you're saying is that you don't [00:21:00] practice Thai Buddhist magic. You practice Thai Buddhist

Sadhu Dah: quantum mechanics. Yeah. Yeah. Doesn't the tongue done ? Doesn't sound as cool. Sounds like that's true. Yeah. Like edgy and boring kind.

Will: I agree. Now, last time you were here we talked about some of the, some of the really interesting esoteric things that Thai Buddhist monks use For

Sadhu Dah: their practices. Yeah. The babies. Yeah. Oh yeah. The goong, all that stuff,

Will: all that. The fat, all that kind of crazy stuff that you told us about that, you know, I need to make sure that we get out there because some of that stuff made Karen and I look at each other like, what are we listening to?

What are we hearing? So can you share a couple of those with us that that really kinda makes your hair stand up on?

Sadhu Dah: Uh, yeah. So what's interesting to me is that, you know, Western culture has just such a hang up on death [00:22:00] and find it to be taboo. And we do everything we can to push it away from our, our scope of everyday life, um, because it's just not right for some reason.

Um, people just have aversion. It's

Will: death. It's the end of everyth.

Sadhu Dah: Or is it, it's, it's just part of a cycle. It's part of a yoga, like, uh, like the Hindus talk about, you know, it's a, K yoga is the, is the ending of a cycle. And for there to be, you know, so Kali and Shva are often depicted together. And what that is, is so for the end of something, for the death of something, for something to be reborn or to be born there, there has to be a destruction.

So, When a body decays and that that energy is being gathered up by, by a spirit, right? It'll gather its pr, its energy within three days after, um, the person has died. There's still pr, there's still energy in, in this body. And depending upon the situation and the circumstances, I mean, some of these which are so complex, I [00:23:00] mean, you could study this stuff for years and still learn very little about it.

Uh, certain things like a, like a, a person. , um, you know, who dies like a violent death, um, like suicide, murder, et cetera. They're perfect material. And I don't say that in a demeaning way. I mean, this is mm-hmm. like you, you have to take the emotion out of this and look at this as like a practice in a science and then exploration, um, into human consciousness and, uh, what we're achieving with these energetic fields and mixing, like I talked about.

So you'll, you'll find that there's perfect materials like. Whether that be a, a female who died on a Saturday and she was also born on a Saturday. Um, and then it, and then like that goes into like a very specific type of like amulet and things you can make with the material of the hair, the skin, the bone, chinon as it's called.

And these spirit statues that you make known as pry. It's not just straight Neman and Black Magic, as a lot of people might just jump to the conclusion of, because what you're doing is you're entering into a contract with the [00:24:00] spirit as the Aja, the Mofi, such as myself. When we gather the materials like this, we are giving that spirit the ability to.

Right. A wrong within their own existence. And to work off some negative karmas to accumulate good merits to share in the good deeds of our life. Or the owner who will buy and own the statue and work with it. Um, they don't use the term buy though. They say rent. You're renting an amnt. Um, that's another, it's just a little thing, but that is a thing in the culture.

Uh, so what happens is this spirit. Well then gain good merits and good deeds that go into its carmic bank so that when it eventually crosses over, it gets a higher reincarnation than it would've originally had. So this isn't like a spiritual slavery type situation. This isn't a harvesting, you know, material of, of dead bodies, um, you know, for some grow test shock factor.

This is a very, very normal part of Thai culture. It's very normal. , Um, people aren't weirded out by it. And when you talk about like the [00:25:00] goin thong, the roasting of child corpses, like people are immediately like, are, say what? You know? Yeah. But yes, we did You, you're, you're looking at the potentiality of this child.

Who's, who's already dead, right? So like, you know, unfortunate circumstances a very sad thing when a child dies. But you have the ability here to do something very powerful, something very positive. And that's where I kind of like, you know, am like trying to reshape the way the Western mind kinds of thinks about this thing.

Because I get people who practice like forms of black magic, if you will. And they'll kind of come to me and they're like, I'm interested in your Nero and this and that, and I'm like, You're coming to me for the wrong reasons, and that's not really what I do. We're both very different in our intentions with this subject of debt, and I'll kind of send them on their way.

But with the goman thong, you have a child who has the potential of an entire lifetime that was just snuffed out all of that energy, all of those experience that could have been, that should have been, that don't happen, and then this limbo. [00:26:00] Being reborn again, takes so long. Master Theil sat down and like broke into pieces, different aspects of like human consciousness and the way it, um, evolves and how it develops, which is just so crazy that like they have these scripts and they have all these things like, and this has been, you know, part of their.

For hundreds and hundreds of years, and like, let's just pass it down like it's nothing. And I'm like, Whoa. Like I've never thought about this before. Like, this is crazy. And he, he explained to me that like when, when you take that child and you nurture it and you raise it, um, you know it's spirit and you help it evolve and grow, and then you give it these good merits.

It gets, it gets very powerful and it'll help you with like manifestation. Um, with ritual work with like, you know, affairs of love and charm, um, business, getting good jobs, promotions like gambling, all kinds of things that people use these for. And the in, in return for the spirit helping you, you're helping it to have a better [00:27:00] reincarnation and to evolve and grow.

It's a very symbiotic situ.

Karen: So when you're



Karen: So when you're collecting these materials, is it like, okay, so, so here, you know, in the states you have your driver's license and you say that you're an organ donor and that's kind of giving permission. If something happens to you, they can, you know, harvest your organs. Is it something where everyone in that belief system automatically feels that way or believes that way, or gives that permission or is.

Specific to, you know, this person and their family. How

Sadhu Dah: does that work? Right.

Will: Cause you, we are, you are talking, uh, because we didn't go into as much detail this time as we did the first time around, but you are talking about actually roasting the dead body of a child that passed away.

Sadhu Dah: So, That practice has been made illegal in Thailand, um, for variety of reasons, um, which should be obvious, right?

Mm-hmm. , [00:28:00]

Will: Yes. But now found on, uh, roasting babies. Yeah.

Sadhu Dah: So now what they'll do is they'll take the cremated ashes of the child. So if the family has 'em cremated or if the child is buried, they'll have like a ceremony like white crew and things like that where they'll call. Fourth, the spirit of the child.

And they'll use other like pride material, usually children's ashes. Um, and, and like they'll put it into the statue and then they, and, and like the statue will be made from like a clay or something like that. Um, and that'll contain the spirit of the child. That'll be the goin thong or the Luke depth or the Luke cro, which are like different variations, which is like a whole nother subject.

But essentially just child spirit to keep it simple for right now. And. What you'll find is that it's very complex. There are aspects where it's done in a positive intentioned way. Like for example, I have, I have this P amulet right here, [00:29:00] so, Oh, here, it's, So this young lady, this is her actual. Aja Macia made this, and it has like her blood in a vial.

It has bone from her body, funeral shroud. It has like actual material from, from this, from this woman. Now the family. Once, once the woman, um, you know, passed away, she was, she was a sex worker and, and she was found, um, brutally beaten to death in an alley. It was very, very tragic death. You know, it's very sad.

Mm-hmm. like in no way, shape or form does anyone deserve that. And so the family, they wanted, they wanted something good to come from this. They wanted. You know, her death to not be like this meaningless, like violent end. They wanted her to be able to do some good in the world with such a bad and unfortunate, you know, incident.

And when you think about that, that's actually a very sweet intention. You know, move on the parents' part. Mm-hmm. like they're grieving. Like it's not just like, yeah, like let's make some money, chop up our dead daughter. That's not what is all it is at all. Like these are grieving parents who truly loved [00:30:00] their daughter.

And they have chosen to seek out this spiritual teacher to then use parts of her body to make ambulance, to help other people so that their daughter can have good merits built up so their daughter can have a better reincarnation, where maybe she won't be bludgeoned to death in an alleyway again in her next life.

Like, if that doesn't touch your heart, I think you're a monster. Like, you know, that's, that's a beautiful story from such a tragic ending. And, and that's kind of the aspect of how this can be positive intention. Same, same with parents that, um, That lose their child, and they still want to raise that child, even though that's just not possible anymore.

So they have their child turned into a go and th and then they care for it as a child, because that's how you treat a go thong spirit. You give it toys, you talk to it like a baby, like, you know, you, you take care of it. And so it's become ingrained in the culture that death isn't this big, scary, bad thing.

Death is just part of life. You can't be. Without dying eventually, It's [00:31:00] just part of the package and where it gets to be questionable sometimes in the culture. You'll have police officers that wanna make money, and it's kind of common knowledge. The Thai police force is very corrupt in many ways. And so what they'll do is they have like a, a network of buyers that they'll contact when they come to a suicide scene and they'll say like, you know, we have, we have this, uh, this man that was, uh, found in a bathtub, you know, days later.

And like, he's like, his body has like, kind of started to liquefy in the water. You know, we collected this much from the crime scene of this, like liquified fat and water and, you know, highest bidder gets this. And then so the people will like, and they'll take pictures of it. So it's like, you know, it's legit.

Like it literally came from what they said it came from. And then these people will buy the material and then they'll take it to like the monks, they'll take it to the genre and they'll take it to these homan and then they'll have 'em crafted into ambulance and. A lot of those proceeds will usually go to like foundations that help like, um, you know, people with like diseases that don't have healthcare or access to it.

Um, feeding them, putting kids through [00:32:00] school, rebuilding temples, all kinds of things. So there's a lot of good that comes from it, even though there is like this underworld crime aspect of it taking place. And then you have like hospitals that'll, instead of disposing of the babies, like they'll take 'em to temples and there was like one temple that got in a lot of trouble for.

It got busted and caught. But like, there's different levels of it. Like there's, there's people who do it with positive intentions and there's people who do it to make money. Right. And

Will: it's all about the intention. Right. So does it sour the magic then, if it's done in a, in an intentionally inappropriate way?

Does it sour the energy that, that are mixed in

Sadhu Dah: with it? Yes, but that's not the final say. So, uh, there's ways to pur. Um, death energy, and there's ways to kind of remove the elements of backfire. Um, Aja Bo talks about it quite a bit. Uh, so he's often known as like, you know, the, the professor of Nero Mani, um, he's a famous, uh, shaman and Thailand [00:33:00] who is like commonly sleeps in graveyards and.

I mean, the, the man is just like surrounded by death all the time. And like that's just, that's just his jam. And, um, people will collect his picture because it's said that just having a picture of a jean pooey scares away bad ghost. So, like, this man's held with a lot of like, respect and esteem. And what he'll often do is he'll have people that will bring, um, prize statues or like guandong that might have been made in an unethical way to him, and he'll purify them.

For a small fee, of course, of course, of course. Help purify them and give them back to the people. And so there are certain secrecies behind, like how that's conducted and done. But usually, you know, without saying too much, there's kind of like a trading of your own life force in that aspect. Mm-hmm. . So one can only do that for so long.

Before it catches up. There have been some famous as yarns who played with too much naman pry oil, which is like, uh, chin fat oil, melted from a corpse and. It [00:34:00] makes, it makes people like, like lus after you like crazy. And so there was this one, Aja, who uh, used it on all kinds of like young ladies and like they, they went so crazy jealous over him that they ended up murdering him.

Um, and yeah, it was wild. Like at first it was like, dang, like. . Like he, he's like getting all these women and this, that, and then next thing you know, like it, they just like, they lost their minds and, and also there's an aspect of like go sickness, where like ingesting the noman ole can give you really strong spirit power, but you're also eating literal death energy.

Um, and so it'll start to corrupt you internally. And, uh, with Ghost, the Ghost eat you from within. So like you, you'll lose your mind. Um, your organs can shut down. Um, you can have like a wasting away kind of. Um, and it, and it's, it's a really, really terrible thing to watch. I've had a couple people that I had to, uh, cure of go sickness, and it was really interesting because medically, you know, they're experiencing all these ailments and these things going on, but doctors are like, We don't [00:35:00] understand, like tests are coming back negative.

Like, you should be fine, but like, You're bleeding from your bowels and we don't know how to explain it. Or like, you know, like you say that you can't eat, we've given you not a nausea medicine, and yet you're like, keep losing weight cuz the ghosts are eating you from within or they end up in a institution.

They just mentally just shatter. Um, crazy stuff. How do you cure someone from that? So what I do is I use a process from, um, ESMO, where I use, uh, lumpia. So I use like an egg and I'll like draw. Like the, the sickness into the egg. And I use iron to separate the attachment from the spirit, pressing it onto the skin.

And then I'll actually go through, um, their entire like, energetic body and clear it with the, with kata. Like I'll use like, uh, it's like very powerful calls on like a bunch of lineage masters and I'll use that one and I'll just like run it through and I'll just kind of. It's like running something through the washing machine a couple times till it comes out clean.

And so like, I'll do that, like repetitiously and just kind of roll through that. [00:36:00] And then sometimes like I'll prepare like a look om, which is like this little clay ball and it'll have like blessed lucky rice and like certain, um, charged spiritual herbs. Things that have like sat on the altar for several months, including like even a couple years.

And then I'll put this like mixture together and I have them, I'll have them ingest. And then I give them like blessed water that, like, I'll use like a mi more or a my crew and like some kata chanting into the water and then like special sea salt, mix that in. And then take, um, some of like, like when you chant and you get the consecrated chance, uh, you get a lot of power.

And this is like underneath your tongue is the purest chi, um, condensed in your body through your meridian system. And so I'll take like a dab of. And then I'll put that, I'll put that, um, into the water. And so it's like some people might be like, Ew, they're drinking your spit. And it's like, no, they're actually like ingesting very condensed pure chi.

But if you wanna just focus on its spit, like, okay, we can do that, but drink it cause it's good for you.

Will: Wow. what I'm hearing you say is that this stuff is not for the week of heart, right? [00:37:00] This is not something you go into. Unknowingly, if you want to get involved with this kind of thing, you need to make sure you have someone's strong guidance because Oh yeah.

Every step of the way. You talked about like, don't unroll the thing with jigger, right? Like, who knew that I could get all that stuff, uh, just put out in the universe back at me, or. Who knew I shouldn't use a chin fat of a corpse if I didn't know what I was doing. You know? I mean, it's, it's, it doesn't come naturally to me.

I would just just do it and then see what happens. But if someone wanted to get involved, wanted to learn more about Thai Buddhist magic, how could someone do that? I mean, cuz they're not a lot of Thai Buddhist monks in Virginia, for example, ,

Sadhu Dah: you'd have to. Contact someone like me un unless you know someone like Master than or Master Punk Sock or lo or like any of these like Masters of Charoo, AJ Macia, all these people, like unless you know them or you know someone like them, then like, sorry, but you don't have access.

And I mean good luck if you try to figure it out on your own. These are very complex, magical [00:38:00] systems. Yeah. Um, and very

Will: sounds like very dangerous. Yeah. It could potentially dangerous, magical systems you don't want to

Sadhu Dah: stumble into. Well, it's like even something like gathering go POW is like, It's like, oh gosh, this stuff is like really, really freaking potent.

And it's useful in a lot of like sane meta, like charming magic. And Gaal is the running musk oil from the back of a, um, a mating elephants ears. And so, To gather that When's the most dangerous? I mean, elephants are dangerous, right? But when's the an elephant the most dangerous during mating season? Yeah.

Okay. . And so no one, no

Will: one likes to be interrupted in that moment. And I'm sorry. Doesn't matter. You're an elephant or a human

Sadhu Dah: being.

Karen: I don't wanna know who figured that out the first time. Like, hey,

Sadhu Dah: this is like secret life of monks. That like cracks me up because like everyone, everyone has this picture of like, you know, this monk, you know, and silent meditation.

Like, just so you see those inspirational. Calendars and all that. And it's like, my image is like this monk standing in front of a charging elephant, like a chanting kata [00:39:00] feverishly to like subdue and calm the mental fortitude and like essentially kind of hijack the mind of the elephant. And then allow, get the elephant to allow him to climb on top of the elephant and, and scoop up some of the oil from behind its ear.

Wait, like that's my idea of mon that's what I think of. That's the same you. Actually that actually happens. That is how you get go pow and many I kinda a tree lay on. Well, you have to be taught the proper kata because the proper kata, when you learn it, it, it has this calming effect where you actually like pacified the elephant.

Where you can actually get it to a pacified state where you can go up and you can gather. But many people have just like they know ow is actually very expensive too. Rightfully so. Right. And there are people who are not trained in it or like try to figure it out on their own. And then what happens, they get trampled to death by a freaking elephant.

Like, go figure.

Will: Wow. Yeah. And these kinds of things, you can't just find them in your local grocery store, right? You mean these are No, you gotta go to a specific place for this. Is it [00:40:00] usually mostly just sold in Thailand land or, can this stuff

Sadhu Dah: town elsewhere? It's usually, I mean, you gotta think about the culture, right?

So that, that's where you're, that's where you're gonna find it, but you have. People like me that have, um, you know, connections with temples in, in Thailand who have connections with various different monks. And I regularly have like a bunch of stuff like sent to me and on like a revolving basis. Like, I'm like, Hey, like when y'all get new capin, as in, let me know, like that stuff's selling hot right now.

So it's like, like, yeah. It's like why would you want Cat Plus to SA down? For wealth, you know, like formula and like spells, duh. Like everybody knows Capin is for that , which is like, you know, like that's, that's what these are. So, so that, that's capin.

Will: Cat placenta, that it's not a word you hear about very often or think about

Karen: very often.

And if you're not watching it, that you're only listening. It's like an alet. It's not like a big old slap or something. You just pull off the shelf. Right.

Sadhu Dah: Right. [00:41:00] It's nice

Will: and tidy. Yeah. Do yourself a favor and go check out our YouTube, video so that you can see. Exactly what the sahu dies holding up right now, because otherwise the image in your mind is probably not gonna be a pleasant one.

Karen: I wanna know one thing and it's little bit of a different topic, but, you know, you hear about Christianity and

Sadhu Dah: if you're not, you're changing the topic from the cool stuff. No,

Karen: this is, this is something I've been wondering and I need to know. And so, you know, you get baptized and they say, If you're not baptized, you're not gonna go to heaven and, and all this stuff.

And this is the one religion and the, you know, there's the Muslim, like everybody has their one religion, so, For someone like you who practices this, where do other belief systems fall into play? Are they just wrong or is there a little, like, how, how, what are

Sadhu Dah: your thoughts on that? Um, that's, you know, honestly, that's not for me to determine for anyone else.

Um, mm-hmm. for myself, I'm, I'm aware of certain elements of how the spirit moves. Within the spiritual realm. Mm-hmm. . And if I [00:42:00] were to play my cards right, I think it's safe to say that I could expect a certain type of result based upon how I choose to live my life. Mm-hmm. . And that's kind of how I go about it, is, you know, um, if I, if I help people, if I try to do good things, if I live my life in an honest way, When I pass and I have, you know, a proper ceremony or my spiritual energy's condensed to go within a certain place, maybe I can enter one of the heavenly type of realms, um, which is basically just a higher vibratory plane.

I think heavenly or heaven is just too highly chargeable word. Yeah. And gives people specific imagery. Mm-hmm. and, um, it's not even necessarily anything like that. So like I think I stand a pretty good chance of going to a higher vibratory plane of existence. Mm-hmm. , or at least coming back into an ideal life.

Mm-hmm. like this one has been, for most of my adult life, my child was, was not that great. But I would say as an adult and in my past experience is this last decade [00:43:00] especially, life's been pretty good for the most part. And I don't really have any complaints and I'm pretty satisfied and content as things stand right now.

So if I get another experience like this, I'd say I'd be okay with that. But for me to determine what anyone else is gonna get or have, um, that's not my place to say I have thoughts. I have, you know, theories and I, I have some education that would lead me to believe certain things, but it's not for me to pollute the mind of another.

Okay. That's

Karen: fair. Um, and I, I, for me personally, I think that everybody has their path and they choose what, you know, what is right for them. And, and I'm kind of, be a good person, put the good energy out there and you'll go to the, the good place, whatever that is for you. That was, I know that was a good show, , but I just know that some Jason,

Sadhu Dah: Yeah.

Karen: My way or the highway. So I just didn't know if that was a belief system of the, like people that practice Ty Buddhi magic, if they think that's the only way, or if they give room for other people and their belief systems as

Sadhu Dah: well. Yeah, I mean really the way it's approached in in Buddhism is. They don't believe in a God, you know?

Mm-hmm. , [00:44:00] right? Um, they believe that the Buddha has shown the way to liberate yourself. So Buddha isn't worshiped as a God. Buddha is, um, worshiped because he is mercy in. Going forth and struggling because before then there was, there was like, there was two extreme paths, right? There was the, there was the path of bliss and there was the path of pain.

Mm-hmm. . And either one of those could bring you to enlightenment or kill you while you tried. And Okay. The Buddha found the middle way. Right. And so, It's an amazing thing because he taught us like, you know, salvation for ourselves. Whereas like in a lot of other religions and, and practices like, you know, there's some sort of being that gives you salvation and a lot of people will kind of.

Without a proper understanding, make that same association about Buddha. Mm-hmm. , but the Buddha is, is more of like, hey, this is possible. I was literally just a regular human and I put, you know, my effort, my energy, my soul, everything in, in existence, into striving [00:45:00] towards enlightenment. You can do it. I have shown it's possible.

And so that's what it's really about, is that you can redeem yourself. You can break those carmic chains. You can transcend, it's possible. Now, what do you wanna do is up to you. Right? And there's a school of thought

Will: that says the Buddha, Jesus, all these different, religious leaders, for lack of a better word, may not necessarily have been like Jesus, may me not have been, uh, the true.

Reincarnation of God on the planet, for example, but rather an ascended master that was teaching us the way to ascend, to move forward. Same thing could be said about the Buddha. Same thing could be said about Krishna, all these different entities that are meant to come down and to help us to pave the way.

So I, get what you're saying. The question that stays in my mind though, is some of the stuff that you, we were just talking about that, that they do and, and I, I wanna note the fact that you, when you refer to Buddhist, you say they, do you not consider yourself a

Sadhu Dah: Buddhist? No, I [00:46:00] don't really consider myself anything.

Um, note that I, I, I mentioned how, how much I love and am drawn to this practice and how it's a very big part of my life, but I never said I am a Buddhist. Mm-hmm. . It is useful for me. There's a lot that I learned from it as far as, as what I believe, like, like spiritually, Like I don't necessarily have a religion, like, I don't wanna sound hokey, but like, you know, the Dai Lama said like, you know, my religion is love.

Like, it's very much so how I feel, it's like, You know, ev everything's relevant to me in some way at some point and maybe some time. Um, yeah, I play in the parameters of whatever is appropriate for the situation. When I have clients or students that are Christian and they want to take that path working and they're coming to me like, I will use Christian mythology.

I will, I will, uh, I will teach them certain prayers like the honor boli prayer. I will, I will show them, you know, like a path working within that, right? Mm-hmm. . But that doesn't mean that's what I follow either, is just the, the Thai Budd Buddhism is my go-to. It's what I'm most [00:47:00] comfortable with. Sure. But that doesn't mean I have to be a Buddhist, right?

Will: Mm-hmm. . Right. And and that goes to, to your question, Karen,

Sadhu Dah: that that's what I love. Yeah, that's perfect. Yeah. You,

Will: you take little bits and pieces of all different things and you create your own modality that makes sense to you, that that makes perfect sense for the both of us. And that's, Yeah. That's what we've done.

Yep. No, exactly. I. Can't believe I'm about to say this, but can, you realize how much time we've actually spent already speaking and, and I have so many more questions. I have such a fun time talking with you. I, I don't wanna let you go.

Sadhu Dah: cat placenta.

Will: Well, I mean, it's, it's important to. follow up in the fact that all this stuff is used for the greater good, Right?

It's not, I mean, you, you hear of people that, that use these types of things for nefarious purposes and things like that, but for by and large, the Thai budhist monks that use these magics. They use 'em for the greater good of humanity. Mm-hmm. of itself. Right? It's, it's not meant to be looked at as something evil or negative in any

Sadhu Dah: way, right?

Mm-hmm. . And it's not meant to be used that way either. Uh, a lot of monks will [00:48:00] actually encode certain spells, kind of like a, a tamperproof lock, like spiritually inside of it to where if you try to misuse it or abuse it for, um, something very negative, uh, and it backfires on you. Oh.

Karen: I like that .

Will: That's like the rule of three in

Sadhu Dah: Wicca, right? Yeah. Don't mess with Buddhist magic. . .

Will: That's just the rule of law. . Wow. Well, uh, we have so much more to talk about. Sad da. I just, can't believe we're already over, almost to an hour in this interview, I cannot thank you enough. For coming on and, and fighting all the, the gremlins and the, for the casual listener.

This is not the first or the second time that we've tried doing this recording. We actually, last time we tried doing this. it was catastrophic. We lost the files because it, for some reason, something didn't want us to get the stuff across. So we've we're trying different platforms just to get this messaging out because I know Karen and I love talking to you

so we're gonna keep our fingers crossed and when we hit end broadcast, [00:49:00] everything's been recorded correctly.

Sada, thank you so much for coming on the show. I think we may need to find some time to, do a, part three because I don't think we're close to coming. To the

Sadhu Dah: end of this conversation. This is so much. Yeah, I welcome that. You know, there's, uh, God, there, there's just so many things we haven't even really gotten to talk about

I know that we intended to the very first time and, and besides being so

Karen: informative, you are just, we would be friends. Like you're just this great guy, you know, and it just so personable and so much fun to talk to. So we. Besides the subject matter. Really enjoyed our talks with you.

Sadhu Dah: Yeah. Oh, thank you.

Yeah, I feel the same way. Uh, you know, I just, I like to smile. Have a good time and, um, just live, man, life is a great thing.

Will: Yeah, it is. That's exactly how we are as well. So, uh, once again, thanks for coming on and we'll see you again on, on part three . Sounds good. And Karen, before we wrap this up, I wanted to share with you the fact that we got.

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Sadhu Dah: Well, that's our goal,

Will: right? It absolutely is. She goes on to say that this podcast makes you feel like your journey for answers, whatever you're looking for. Uh, it makes her feel like she's not alone in her search. So that's perfect. Jolynn, thank you so much for leaving that, that review, and we'd love to hear from you.

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