She Left Everything Behind for a Spiritual Awakening | Jennifer Foster

She Left Everything Behind for a Spiritual Awakening | Jennifer Foster

Everyone has heard about the struggles associated with spiritual awakenings. Birth of any kind, be it physical or spiritual, are often messy and difficult. But sometimes, they are so profound that they make people question even their sanity. Lives are shaken, worlds are changed, sometimes in devastating ways. This is a story that starts similarly, but ultimately shows us what great gifts can open up when we trust the guidance of our souls.

"We're all just living a fraction of our abilities. And when we open up to them and we start to really understand what we're capable of, magic can happen all around us." --Jennifer Foster

Prior to embracing her role as a healer, Jennifer spent over 30 years enjoying life as a creative professional and volunteering for a variety of philanthropic endeavors. She owned her own production company and worked with some of the largest corporations in the world. In October of 2020, she abruptly set off an a yearlong adventure that her soul was calling her to. She had no idea why her Higher Self was so persistent that certain aspects of her life must change. She was being pointed towards Bali but had no idea why. She had never been there nor had much of an interest to; however, she was now being prompted to leave behind life as she knew it and travel across the world... during a pandemic!

While it didn't make any sense to her, or to most who knew her, she followed the calling nonetheless.

About Our Guest:
Jennifer Foster is a channel, a medium, and a healer who works with Spirit and energy to help others heal emotionally, energetically, physically, and spiritually. The path that led Jennifer to this work is one of divine guidance, a lifetime of challenges, and a lifelong journey back home to her soulful self. In order to open up these gifts, Jennifer was extracted from life as she knew it.

She is learning to embrace her role as a healer and walk in her truth in a way that helps others discover and embrace who they are too.

Her gifts of channeling, mediumship, and healing opened up while living in Bali, Indonesia on a particularly challenging soul integration trip in early 2021. This came after several intense years of her own personal and spiritual exploration that followed a spontaneous kundalini awakening (caused by a cycling crash) in 2015. That moment rerouted her life in a direction she didn’t see coming.

With the support of her guides, Jennifer now comfortably navigates between the realms of the seen and unseen worlds and helps others do-so as well.

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Jennifer Foster

Will: [00:00:00] Karen, got to ask you, have you heard about people who are going through spiritual awakenings and that their life just doesn't make sense?

And it just, it just seems so much more difficult in the point where they almost feel like they're having a breakdown with some sort. Well, 

Karen: I mean, that's my life. Usually there's no spiritual awakening happening, so I'm missing something. 

Will: Well, today we're going to talk to someone who experienced something just like that.

Her spiritual awakening was so profound that she actually left. Everything behind to go on the spiritual journey to try to make heads or tails out of what she was going through. Really exciting. 

Karen: Wow. That's so brave. I don't know that I would have the courage to 

Will: do that. And she's, she's traveled all over the world in this spiritual journey.

She ended up in Bali, Indonesia where she really opened up to her spiritual gifts. Now these spiritual gifts I'm talking about, right? She's a channel, a medium, a [00:01:00] healer, and she worked was spirit and energy to help others emotionally, energetically, physically, and spiritually. How she does this is really interesting because she serves as a vessel for healing and a bridge to connect with spirit through help from source energy and her spirit, her guides, which she calls spirit, family 20.

We'll get into that in a second. Right. And, and she also channels those in the spirit realm who want to come through and in assist in it as well. She's traveled to Costa Rica to London, Berlin, Istanbul, Egypt, Bali, and back to the U S twice within the year's time in 2021. Yeah. Her story is absolutely fascinating.

And I've had the pleasure of sitting in, on some of her first initial sessions that she offered to folks while she was trying to kind of wrap her mind around what she was experiencing. And I am thrilled to have her on the show. Jennifer Foster. Thank you so much for coming on.



Hey, everyone. Welcome back to another yet. Another Karen, another episode of the skeptic metaphysician. I can't believe how many we've done so far. This was just a, kind of a fun thing for awhile, but now holy smokes, it's really grown well. And today it's super exciting, even more so I know I see that every time, but this is one, this one is super exciting and I can't wait to introduce our guests, jennifer Foster. Thank you so much for coming on. 

Jennifer Foster: I'm I'm so happy to be here. So great to be with both of you will and just to see you again and Karen to meet. 

Will: Well, I know that Karen din for a massive [00:03:00] treat, I did share with her a little bit of what happened on our last session. Jennifer was kind enough to give me session where her spirit family came through and answered some questions.

She actually sent me, they sent me a healing, which was unbelievable. And we'll talk about that in, in a second. But then on top of that, she actually was able to channel people that I know, and it was literally like I was talking to them. Wow, It was fascinating. So, let's just start at the very beginning.

Jennifer, you suffered incredibly when this started happening. Tell us about that. What was that like for you? 

Jennifer Foster: Well, it was strange. It was very strange. My spiritual awakening started in 2015 after a cycling crash, I was hit by a van while I was on my bicycle and I had what was called a spontaneous Kundalini awakening.

And that's when I started hearing voices and really thought I might be losing my mind. I knew I had a mild brain injury and I knew that [00:04:00] my gifts of intuition and the other, you know, Claire sentience that I had were all starting to just really ramp up very, very dramatically. So prior to that I've been a writer, a producer, a director I've owned my own production company for 30 years.

So, I very much walked in the business world. I've worked with some of the biggest corporations in the world. I've worked with governments. I've done really amazing projects and There were times where I thought, why am I hearing that I'm going to write a book. Where's that voice coming from? I know that's not me.

And I know it's not outside of me and I couldn't really figure it out. And over the next several years. So 2016, 2017, 2018, my clairvoyance, my clear audience by Claire sentience. Just my claircognizance really began to Affect me in pretty dramatic ways. Let's just say, you know, I [00:05:00] was knowing things that I had no way that I should have known that I was hearing things, you know, on the other side of a restaurant, I would be sitting in a restaurant and I could hear a conversation that was happening on the other side of the room.

And my spouse would say like, you can't even hear me when I'm talking to you. Like, how do you know what's going on over there? And so these things were happening. I was communicating with people telepathically in some ways there were times where I just knew what someone was thinking. You know, there, it was just a lot.

And I think these are things that a lot of us experience, they were just very, very heightened and we're ramping up and we're coming on very quickly for. In really profound and dramatic ways. I had my my world where I was very in the public eye. I was part of an organization here in in Orlando in 2016, after the pulse tragedy . So I ended up in. Executive director role leading that organization. So I had this very public life and I had this very, you know, business [00:06:00] buttoned up professional life. And then I would go off to retreats and I would practice Kundalini yoga. And I very much had this closeted spiritual life.

And I was trying to navigate both of them and really felt like I was being extracted from my life. In some ways it was it was pretty dramatic as, as the years went on. And so towards the end of 2021, I just knew I've got to make some pretty dramatic changes here, and I've got to get a grip on what's going on.

Nothing in my life seem to fit anymore. And my spiritual gifts were, were really, really ramping up and dramatic way. 

Will: did you automatically know that it was a spiritual awakening or did you, there must have been a point in time where you're saying I'm going insane. Like this hit to my head, did some damage to me and I'm losing my mind 

Jennifer Foster: when I thought that, and you know, I've been on a spiritual journey for 20 years or so I'm 50 now, but for the past 20 years I had practiced meditation and [00:07:00] yoga.

And so I was very familiar with the spiritual journey and things like the dark night of the soul and, you know, things that people go through when they are experiencing a spiritual awakening. So I very much recognize that I was experiencing that. And I also reached out to medical professionals.

You know, I had a neuropsychologist, I had different brain scans. I wanted to know why is that? You know, why am I a deficient. This particular area. And then I have these heightened abilities and other places, you know, my brain now works in ways that it didn't before the cycling accident. And much of that I think is really a product of the work that I did after the crash to to retrain my brain.

And we can do that. We can build new neuropathways through, through meditation, I did neuro op feedback. I worked with a neuro ophthalmologist. So I did quite a bit of work to help get my brain in a position where I felt like I wasn't losing my mind. And the, the thing that is undeniable is that the energies that I was being [00:08:00] affected by that were moving through me and around me regardless of what my brain was doing and what I was hearing or what I was knowing, I was physically feeling the energy.

And that's something that was always reassuring throughout the process, even when it was. Strange. 

Karen: So when all of this was going on and you're hearing these voices and you're having this awakening, did it have any sort of physical repercussions? Did you get headaches? I mean, I think that just kind of freaked me out a little bit.

Jennifer Foster: Yeah. so I'll forward now to win the team stepped in. And that was when I was in Bali in March of this past year. And I started hearing very specific voices who were talking to me about various specific things. And it wasn't just this. I was having it kind of come and go. It was there all the time.

The voices were there all the time and I was channel writing and I was I was being blasted essentially with energy and you know, my hair started falling out a little [00:09:00] I was physically exhausted. I would be channeled writing and they would be blasting me with energy. It's an interesting story, how they identify when they first came in.

But they would say, you know, get in the pool, go take a cold shower because I was literally like I was on fire. And so there was an integration process of the energies that was very unsettling for the first several months. And it was because of the amount of energy that I now am able to be a vessel for.

And so there was a, there's a very intense process of training, testing, training, testing, and some of it was physical. Some of it was psychological and much of it was a spiritual and emotional, 

Will: Well, they all say the spiritual awakening is not for the faint of heart. It is it's a struggle, right?

It is. Every birth is difficult, whether it's physical birth or a spiritual birth, when you, we go through a rebirth, it is challenging and tough and really. It's uncomfortable. When you're talking about [00:10:00] hearing these voices, are you actually hearing the voices were there in your mind? Because I've always questioned.

I've always wondered. I've heard people say that they've heard voices before, but like when I hear your voice through my headphones right now, I, I can identify that it's coming through my auditory canals and going to membrane and is being translated. Is that how you heard it or was it more like a telepathic type of hearing?

Jennifer Foster: It's a combination. So I hear, and I sense, and the sensing is more like a knowing, which is hard to explain when you're talking about like actually being communicated with and communicating with on the other side, having a conversation. But it was more than that. Thoughts, you know, I w I was able through my meditation work over years to understand when is this my brain thinking, my thinking brain, which we all have, our voices, our brains, talk to us, we have our ego, sometimes it pop up and talk to us.

And so I was able to distinguish that this is me and it's outside of me. And when I say it is me, it's [00:11:00] partially because my higher self, so on board, our own, my own soul is part of the equation here. And so, I hear now my higher self speak to me in the same way that I hear my other guide, my main guide, Adrianna, speak to me which was also really challenging to, to understand.

So it is actually hearing, but I'm also sensing and what, I've, what I'm still working on. You know, everybody's experience is different when they're going through a spiritual awakening. And I think mine is pretty dramatic, so I don't want to scare anybody about the awakening. There's a lot of people waking up right now, and I'm, I'm speaking with a lot of people who are going through really significant challenges in their life because of their spiritual awakening.

And what I have to believe is that we are meant to wake up at a specific time because there is work that we're meant to do on this. And so, as disorienting as it can be sometimes it is really about like finally tuning into the energies. And so I have a team [00:12:00] it's they refer to themselves as soul family, 24.

So I have a team of 24 guides 

Will: and 

Jennifer Foster: that's okay. It's spirit soul there that their energy. And they all have different vibrations. So Adrianna, my main guide speaks to me most of the time, as well as my higher self. And when I'm not voice channeling them, which took some work to be able to do I can sense.

The fluctuation in energy, the very, very fine differences in energy between who's who and so getting ready for this interview today, there was a there was a fluctuation in the energy and I said, who is this? And because I didn't, I couldn't identify who it is. And for the first several months of this process, I would say every day, multiple times a day, who are you?

And why are you. And until they got very consistent about it. I would continue to ask because I had this internal, knowing that something [00:13:00] wasn't being disclosed and eventually they said, okay, here's who we really are. Here's why we're here. And here's the work that we're meant to do together. The past several months have been training and testing and training and testing.

And that's been an areas of discernment it's been in. When do you trust your own intuition when you trust that own internal guidance system? When are you aligned with your soul? When are you not? And that was all tested before they would actually come forward and say, this is who we truly are. So for the first several months they identified as beings from beyond and much of the information was very.

Strange. And that's, I'm writing a book about some of that information, but where I like to focus now is where we are now. And that is, you know, they Adrianna, eventually identified herself and she. We're here to help you be the healer that you are meant to be. And I would say I'm not a healer.

What I don't, you know, I don't understand what [00:14:00] you're talking about. And I resisted that and I resisted that. I resisted that. And they said, you just need to remember who you are. And and the more that I would channel with people, the more things would open up, be more I was able to feel, and it really was a remembering at a very unconscious level, if you will.

I was able to kind of feel into my body, what is going on in someone else's energetic system feel in my body what's going on in someone else's physical body, we're able to channel healings. The mediumship came through without even me knowing I was a medium. I was, I was in a group environment. We had just done a, a session with a group of friends of mine and Bali.

And after the session, you know, everybody was sitting around after the energy transmission, just feeling lighter and feeling the bliss that comes from, you know, when we channeled source energy and a friend of mine said, could you bring Reiner through? And I was just about to say to her, I'm not a medium.

And my body just went through and I [00:15:00] just lean forward and out of my voice, you know, out of my mouth, Hello, Monica. And I felt the energy come through. by this time my brain multitasks and really interesting ways. So I can be channeling an energy that's come through. And at the same time, I'm having a thought conversation with my guide.

And I do this all the time, just to verify that. The energy that's meant to be there and that the information is coming through or that there's particular healings happening. And so I was channeling him Reiner to his, wife. And it was beautiful. And I had no idea that was an ability that I had.

Right. It just, they didn't tell me, you know, and part of my conversation was that would have been nice to know,

but yeah, but why it was happening, you know, he was crying through my tears, you know, I, my brain, what happens with me when I channel and I think, you know, it's, there's similarities and then everybody's experience is different, but when I'm channeling. [00:16:00] And I'm serving as a medium. My job is for my brain to step aside and just allow the energy to come through.

And my guides are there to help protect that, that energy is always there for the highest good of the individual that's receiving. And so my brain just observes as my body and my voice is being used as a vessel. And so that happened in that first session and I thought, huh, okay, that's interesting. What else?

And you know, here we are, now, several months later, new things are still opening up. I'm having sessions now with people that are just beautiful. The healings that are happening both physically and energetically and emotionally or. pretty incredible. And I, and I'm still I'm still just amazed that this process is unfolding in the way that it is.

And I don't make any claims to say, I know how all of this works because I'll ask my guides. Well, how does, how did that work? how were we able to do that? You know, we had a session the other day with someone who [00:17:00] walked in and really very uncomfortable physical pain. And as soon as we started the session, she started feeling better and started talking about that before we even did any energy work with her.

And she said, I don't have that pain right now in my background, I had it. And we did, you know, 15 minutes of energy work with her and some physical healing. And she walked out with absolutely no pain. Now, do I know how that happened? No, I don't. I have no idea besides I know that we're channeling source energy, and I know that it is of love and light and that when we are working with the client, we're creating a safe space for them to talk through whatever it is.

They need to talk through whatever they want to talk, talk through. And and Adrianna my main healing guide is the, the person that leads all of that experience. 

Will: to your point with your healing stuff, right? Everyone knows I'm the skeptic in the bunch here. When you and I had a session one of the first things he did was, was offered healing, which I graciously accepted.

And we just, we relaxed, we [00:18:00] closed our eyes and there was an absolute energy transference that came into my body. Now I've asked myself this question many times since then, and the question is. Could it not have been just me kind of like expecting, okay. He she's healing me now, so I'm going to expect something going to happen.

And the answer is sure anything's possible. But the difference is I'd never experienced this energy before in this way. So it's not something that my mind would have come up with in my mind, in my thought process, I would never have expected it to be like this. And I'm a Reiki energy practitioner. So I'm familiar with energy transferences but this was different.

Karen: So what did it feel like for someone getting that energy? It 

Will: is impossible to explain. It is impossible to describe it. It is one of these things where at the moment that she started and it was almost instant, it was a being filled. Yeah, I know. It's weird. It's I was, I was being filled and it started [00:19:00] from my root shock.

And, and then it moved up. It was just like, wow. A member. I'm I'm the scientist here. Right. I'm always like ne I absolutely felt this energy. And then interestingly enough, after when I left, when it was all said and done again, cause it was a lot more beyond that that happened. But after we had you and I, Karen had a conversation and also I went, oh my gosh, my back does not hurt anymore.

Right in my back was not hurting at like at all a little bit. And right before I was having a hard time bending over a time, my shoes, So I can attest to the fact that this stuff. Wow out there. I don't understand it either, but man, I'm glad you're out there. 

Jennifer Foster: Thank you. How's your back now? 

Will: It's it's better.

It's it kinda came back after a few days. The pain did come back, but it doesn't feel as bad. So, you know, you'll hear from me again soon because it felt good to be pain free for awhile. 

Jennifer Foster: Okay. Yeah. And that [00:20:00] happens. And it's interesting. I had a friend who had a session a few days actually last week and she has herniated discs in her back.

Now we can't fix herniated discs, you know, that is a physiological condition. But she left without any pain. And she said, for several nights, she hasn't even been able to sleep because she had such significant pain. And her dog tore his muscle. And she said, can you help my dog? I was like, I don't know, let's give it a try.

So I went over to her house this morning and and you know, we did some work with her dog and her dog was running around after it was over with. So, to your point of, is it psychological, is there something going on that you think, oh, sure. I'm receiving healing. Maybe there's a little bit of that, but I have seen this over and over and over with individuals and, I can feel the energy moving through me.

And yet I still don't know. I'm not a, I don't have a medical background. I'm not a psychologist. Right. But I can see the transformations happening in front of me over and over and over again. And that [00:21:00] is that's just a beautiful gift from source from, from, you know, God, the universe the, the one energy that connects us all.

So I 

Karen: wanted to ask you something about what you mentioned a little bit earlier, just because I'm so curious, you said that, you know, you, when your guides were coming in, you, you identify them as, are they identified as beings from beyond wasn't that scary? I mean, I think like D or was there just such a feeling of love?

Like how 

Jennifer Foster: was that the way that it happened for me, I knew that there was something coming. I mean, I had left my entire life behind. I had, you know, extracted and just left my life. And so I was in Bali and I went to bed one night and I said, God, I don't know what I am meant to be doing. I have no idea why I'm here.

I have just had all of this magic unfold. I mean, there was magical, magical things that run folding for me throughout my travels. I mean, I traveled around the world during the pandemic and. I wouldn't recommend that. For me [00:22:00] it allowed for a lot of magic to unfold and really amazing, amazing ways.

And so went to bed that night and I said, you know, sh guide me where I meant to go and show me what I meant to know. And the very next morning I got up and I heard go get your notebook. And I went, who's that? Like, what is that? And it was a voice. I hadn't, it was something new to me and I kind of walked through almost like I was, my, my energy was not my own at that time.

And I walked through and I went to. I went to my backpack because I was thinking I don't have a, I don't have a, I don't like to journal. I don't have a notebook, you know, just hanging around with me. And I went to my backpack and I just reached in and I grabbed this little notebook that I bought like two days prior.

And I looked at it and went, huh. And I started to walk out to this gazebo where I would have my morning meditation and just like that at my body just turned around and it walked back into my Villa and it reached into my purse. I say it was me with [00:23:00] energy reaching into my purse. And I grabbed five colored markers that I carried around for about three years.

And I just stood there looking at that notebook and these markers, like I don't, I have no idea what's about to happen. And I went out and I sat down and I just started channel. Right. And they introduce themselves. And the first words that they wrote were love and peace. And so from the very beginning, they let me know that they were very benevolent.

They were very much about love and light and peace, and that's how it started. And so as strange as it was, and because they identified as beings from beyond, and they were talking about planet nine they were giving me information about the solar systems, things that I had no idea about. I thought.

Well, this is strange and this isn't something my brain just came up with because it wasn't something that really interested me. And so I I would just [00:24:00] write, you know, I would channel right, whatever was coming to me and they were teaching me how to communicate with them. And I had no idea. So about a weekend, I called my ex spouse and I said, I just need someone to know what's going on.

I need someone to, cause I I'm by myself in Bali. And she said, well, what are they saying? And you know, totally open-minded about this. And, and for somebody who knows me, you know, we were married 17 years for somebody who knows me like, you know, better than anyone to say, what are they saying? Give me the information.

And then she checked it out and she came back and she said, this all checks out, ask them this, ask them that. And so right off the bat, there was this. Okay. Maybe I'm not losing my mind. and again, the energy that was coming to me and the channel writing, I was writing with my left hand, my right hand they were doing very elaborate art projects with me.

They would say, you know, go buy some [00:25:00] crayons. And so I would sit and we would color. And I wasn't even looking at the colors of the crayon. My hand would just go get a cran, come back over, start drawing. And S and as they were drawing, they, because it was my hand just being used, you know, for that, for, for their purpose, as images were being drawn in front of me, they were telling me stories about my life from their perspective.

So childhood things, I don't want to talk too much about it, but I ran away when I was four years old and they said, You weren't four, you were three, you weren't quite, you weren't quite four yet. And they started to tell me the story of where I went, how long I was gone, what I did during that time.

and then it was one story after the next, after the next, all the way through my life. And so that was a little all of this was a mind bender. It was like, how do you know this about me? And also, how do you know my perspective of it? [00:26:00] And also telling me your perspective of it. That was a very interesting process.

So, you know, that went on for quite a while and what they were doing now. They, now I know they have told me that. I had some unresolved trauma that needed to be worked on before these gifts could open up. And I had dealt with a lot of these things in therapy over the years. And there were some little things that were still there and energetically, we work them out through art.

And so the way that I would create these elaborate art pieces, I could have done it blindfolded because it wasn't me. And that was another way of training me to work with energy. So now when I'm doing a healing session with. When we're doing physical touch, if there is any, a lot of times it's hover my hands just hover and it works the same way as the mediumship, my brain steps aside and my hands just go wherever the energy tells me to go.

And so my, my job is to not control it is to just allow it to [00:27:00] be. 

Will: And I should clarify that our healing session and one that you gave me was virtual. We weren't even in the same space. So it's not, it's not just something that happens when you're in front of someone, the energies transfer across vast different distances 

Jennifer Foster: well, energy's non-local and so a lot of my sessions are done via zoom and we don't need to be in the same place. So, you know, we can, I'd be happy to send you both some healing today.

Will: I'm never gonna say no personal experience. I know it's, it's wonderful. So the question then lies, cause we keep talking about how you started feeling these energies come in and you literally uprooted yourself and went away. How did your family react to these things started happening to you? 

Jennifer Foster: Well, it was quite a destructive process.

I will say that my marriage ended. I, my siblings are pretty good about this. 

And so there's a process now [00:28:00] of me kind of learning who I am again and, and embracing these gifts. And part of me feels like this isn't it yet. I still have, I have some creative projects I'm working on. I very much feel like this is unfolding still. And at the same time when I'm doing the the sessions and the healing work, I feel like I'm exactly where I meant to be and doing exactly what I meant to be doing.

And when I look at my life, it's been that way throughout my entire. career since I started my company, when I was in my early twenties. And I always felt like I was meant to be doing that. When I stepped into the community role here in Orlando, after the pulse nightclubs shooting, and helped to build that organization, I felt like that was exactly what I needed to be doing at the time.

And so that's all soul alignment that is when you know that the work that you're doing feeds your soul fulfills, you, you feel like it's what you're meant to be doing. That's the same way I feel now. It, I say [00:29:00] it was destructive because I wish I could have I could have some do overs and know what I know now, when I left my friends who said, what is going on with you?

We don't even know who you are anymore. I wish I would have had the understanding that I have now to say. This is an experience that I'm having that I really just need to figure out. And, it's unfolding and I don't have enough information to be able to even explain it to people.

What I did was just say, I got to go, you know, and, and so that's when I say it was a bit destructive now, I am so grateful to have extraordinary people in my life who love me unconditionally and have supported me through this process. And have just held me through even some of the darkest moments in this process, because it really is a, it's a shaking off of your ego in some cases, and a rebuilding back up the amount of work it took me to get comfortable, even having this relationship, if you will, [00:30:00] with 24 beings who are here all the time.

Was really challenging. There was times when I just tried to shut my brain off and not think because every thought I have every motion I make, everything I do is open for conversation is open for them to kind of jump on. So, you know, if I have a negative thought, they'll say, why are you thinking like that?

You know, you know that that's not that that's not helpful. And there's been times where I just say, I just want to be pissy right now. I just, you know, I'm human, I'm, I'm living this human experience. I'm, I'm a multidimensional being and I'm living a human experience. And so the humanness of me it is certainly not perfect.

And so the process with them was really, really challenging for a little while. You know, it was. You don't need that because it comes in plastic and plastics destroying the planet. shouldn't eat that because that's, whatever it was, you shouldn't drink wine, you know, and that's where I draw the line.

It's like, I got 

Will: gone too far. So 

Karen: I feel like an invasion of privacy. I mean, if they're [00:31:00] there watching your every move, I mean, there's some moves. I don't want anybody to know about 

Jennifer Foster: yes. They're your all time. So I had to get over, well, I'm going to go to the bathroom because that's what we do as humans. We have these bodies and we have to go to that even there.

Nothing. No, no. You know, and there's been some funny moments where I think. If there was a way to record what's going on in my thoughts with, these beings, while I'm sitting on the toilet and having a conversation with them, it'd be pretty funny because they're here all the time and, and that's, what's interesting when I'm when I'm working with people, you know, when Adrianna comes through, when I allow her to take over my voice after someone's kind of told me what's going on in their life, she'll come in and she'll say, I've been here all along.

I heard the whole thing. You don't have to repeat anything. It's true. They're always here with me all the time. 

Will: And we talked, touched on it a little bit earlier, but when everyone's talking to through around the oldest, spiritual awakenings are difficult and [00:32:00] tough. And like I said, but it's not until someone talks to someone like you, that really went through that.

Deepest darkest crud of the whole spiritual awakening. It's just suddenly now hitting me. That's a terrifying process and it is truly, is terrifying. When you think of, have you uprooted your, your life completely, you, just left you, I don't, I don't want to use the word alienated, cause that's not necessarily what you did, but people felt that you were not yourself anymore, that you were going off the deep end, your, your marriage dissolved your, it just seems terrifying.

Like I'm putting myself in your position and thinking I could never, 

Karen: and you're doing all this banking on the fact that you're not going crazy, that this is 

Will: right. So for someone who might be. Actually be experiencing something similar who doesn't know what the heck is going on. What kind of words of advice or encouragement?

Can you give [00:33:00] someone a to identify that this is happening in beat? I handle it. You've got firsthand experience with it. 

Jennifer Foster: Yeah. Well, I think that every experience is different, right? And some people's spiritual awakenings are not as dramatic and not as upsetting as mine was or 

Will: saying there's hope then 

Jennifer Foster: I there's definitely, I like to think that my experience is a little bit more challenging than most and not because I, proud of that.

But I certainly hope it's not like this for everybody. And when I have conversations with people who are going through the awakening process and I now have the. The hindsight, which is always a luxury to be able to say, here's some books that you can read. Here's some, some breathing techniques that you can do.

Here's some different types of yoga or she gone that might help you through this process. I resisted the process for a very long time. And I also think that, and know, my guides [00:34:00] have told me that my my brain injury was a redirect for me. So I not only had that brain impairment that happened.

I also had my gifts opening up. And so there was a lot that was happening in my life. And so I don't want to scare anybody about the spiritual awakening process, because there are so many people that are waking up on this planet right now and are, seemingly breezing through. And that's not to say that, you know, some people aren't going to go through the dark night of the soul, or they're not going to recognize that they're not aligned with what their soul contracts were, why they were meant to come and, and the work that they meant to do that certainly happens.

And those are the people that I like to say you're going to be okay. you're going to be okay. Just recognize what is your thoughts and what is coming from outside of you and make sure that your own mental health and your own mental stability is in check. Because I do think that there are a lot of people that fall really victim to mental illness because [00:35:00] of spiritual awakenings.

I think that everybody's experience is different, right? And I don't want anybody to be afraid of the men mental health challenges with spiritual awakening. As long as they are aware of where the thoughts are coming from. And that is part of the spiritual awakening process is recognizing what are your thoughts?

What are coming from your soul, what are coming from your ego? And and who's talking to you and a lot of times our soul speak to us through our own intuition. And a lot of people have really recognized their own soul speaking to them, especially in quarantines, especially when they've been isolated with COVID, you know, people have really had some significant challenges saying, I think I might be losing my mind here because I'm having all these thoughts and I'm having all of these feelings and the challenges and the.

the sharpening of your abilities is recognizing where those are coming from. And if you can separate, [00:36:00] okay, that's a thought that I'm having, and that is my brain telling me this. And you can observe that, then you're able to recognize whether you're having mental health challenges or not.

Karen: you said earlier that it's kind of like, you kind of hear it through your ears and in your mind. So I think that would be helpful as opposed to just thinking it's just a gut feeling because if you're actually hearing something, then you're like, okay.

I mean, that's how I would 

Jennifer Foster: feel. I don't know. You know, and now for me it's much easier because I'm channeling and I'm channeling. And, I can say, oh, okay. I can feel that energy. And I, and I can discern the energies that are speaking to me now, when I first started hearing those voices, that was not the case.

I had to really rely on them and the information that they were sharing with me to help guide me on whether these were my thoughts or it was coming from outside of me. And there's some interesting things that happen, at least for me in, in sometimes those energies merge. [00:37:00] And so I'm having a thought at the same time.

And there are times where I say, was that me? Or is that you? And they'll say, yes, it was, it was all of us at the same time because it's energy. So we can all be thinking the same thing at the same time. There's 

Karen: a lot of 

Jennifer Foster: trust involved. There's a tremendous amount of trust that's involved. And I was comfortable channeling with individuals and with groups will, was part of when the first group that I channeled with because that's what they were telling me.

It's time to start doing this a little bit more publicly and to step outside of Bali because Bali is a very spiritual place. There are a lot of healers there, and I felt very comfortable channeling with people in Bali, but I did not feel comfortable channeling people in the U S and so my guys were always kind of pushing me saying, okay, now it's time to, channel with some friends, people who know you, people who love you, who support you channel with them.

So I, you know, I S I started doing that and I could. As much as I could just be honest with people and say, Hey, I have no idea who these spirits are. They tell me that they're my soul [00:38:00] family. How can I validate that? There's no way of possibly validating that besides my own knowings, right. And my own knowings that they are a benevolent and they're here to do to do good work.

And, and so as that started to progress and they started to become more forthcoming about who they were. And I started to trust them more. I said, okay, you're telling me I'm meant to be doing healing work. I will do that with people if I can trust. And here's the conditions. And so we've had to work out agreements for me to even be in this space with you and, and, and to uh, be sitting in front of someone and having a healing session.

And they're, they're here. for us all to be healers and, and I say, all of us and that's you and that's me and everyone. And, and what they constantly talk about is we our own best healers. And when we wake up to, we start to recognize and we start to remember our own healing abilities, then we can all do this type of work.

and I don't know whether that means channeling and mediumship. I [00:39:00] do know it means we can all be aligned with our own chakra system. We can all understand our own energy bodies. We can all understand we're multidimensional beings, living human experiences. Those are things that we can all we all have in common as humans.

We all came to this planet with those abilities 

Will: now, this soul family that you have at first question, does everyone have one of those? Yeah. 

Jennifer Foster: So family members 

Will: and these soul family, these 24 souls beings that come to you, that, that around you all the time, are they, I mean, what are they like 

Jennifer Foster: their energy and their souls.

And what's interesting about mine and I don't want to go too far into who they are, the 24, cause I don't know who they all are. What I can tell you is that they are some of them are incarnate on the planet at this time and we're multidimensional beings. So we can be more than one place. Time as, as energy beings.

And so, Adrianna, who's my main guide. She's not in the physical right now. My other main guide now is my own [00:40:00] higher self, my higher self stepped in, in that role and and, and their energies. Right. And so, these, these other 24 come in sometimes for collective messages. So those messages are always more universal wisdom, universal truths.

They are about more of messages that can resonate with any soul. Talking about oneness, talking about unity, talking about healing, mother earth, talking about why we're here at this particular time, the turbulent energies on the planet. Those things come through when the 24, the collective is channeling through.

More speaking with me. And then Adrianna my main, my main healing guide works specifically on the heal, the individual healing. So the group healings, 

 We all have soul family members and we all have what they tell me is over a thousand soul family members. And, and when we run into people and we say, gosh, I feel like I know you. And we've never met them before. A lot of times as a soul family member, or that's a soul contract [00:41:00] that we have that we're meant to run into that person in this particular lifetime for a certain reason.

And so we travel in soul groups and. A lot of the times those soul groups are made up of our soul family members. And so this particular collective of 24, many of them, I don't know. And and they've told me that you haven't met some of these people before. And so it's really interesting to me. And I have met a few of them and we have had really elaborate ceremonies with them and we have revealed that they're part of the collective and each one of them have said, yeah, this feels right to me.

Like they just knew at a soul level that that was that, that was part of the journey. That's the part that I think how audacious is my soul, that they're planning something like this. And why won't you tell me what it is? You know? Cause I'm constantly saying like, what's next, what's next? You have this roadmap.

Tell me what's next. And they say, we can't do that because you just jumped to the next thing. You [00:42:00] jumped to the next to the next, the next. And you miss all the good stuff. And so now the good stuff is working on these healing sessions with people and being able to help transmute energy that people have energy blockages that they haven't been able to get to in certain ways you know, through conventional methods.

And talking with spirit is a really powerful way to have pretty dramatic Drake breakthroughs on especially emotional issues and regrets, things that are really struggling with. 

Will: And we talked about the healing session that we had, but in the same session, we also, you also channeled some entities for me, one of which was my higher self, which was.

Unnerving as heck, but then there was also a family member that has passed that you channeled through. And there's some really interesting conversations. I don't want to get too much into it cause that's just a lot of, a lot of stuff. But if people want to reach out to you to talk to you, not just for healings, but also you do this cool thing where it's not just your spirit family coming through and entering questions for [00:43:00] people.

But you also, if they're available, do make room for other souls to come through you and speak and have actual conversations with you in that. To me is one of the most fascinating things about the session that we had together. 

Jennifer Foster: what's interesting about the sessions is without the individual's higher self, their own soul on board, we wouldn't even have a session.

Somebody wouldn't even reach out if they didn't get the little tinge from their soul, like, Hey, this is something that we can trust and we can believe. And when we have a session with someone, you know, what your truth is. And so it resonates with you, whether you feel like, yes, I'm actually talking to my higher self or I'm talking to my guides and all of those come through in sessions with folks.

So, that's one of the really beautiful things about these particular gifts is being able to lend my voice to spirit who can speak the truth. And a lot of times what happens is when we first start talking with an individual, [00:44:00] they just immediately start to tear up and they get this feeling of like overwhelm and they send.

The, that spirit is with them and they just sense that it is their own soul. And that is something that only you can know. Right. I can't tell you, yes. This is your soul. What I can say is Adrianna, who kind of is, is while she's the orchestrator of all the healings, she'll say, yes, we do have your higher self here, or yes, we do have your guides or yes, we do have your, you know, your aunts or your father or your brother, whoever it is.

Or we have energies, you know, we've had energies from owls and from, amphibians and Hawks and, you know, different energies that have come through to give individuals specific messages. And it's always what the individual is meant to hear at the time. And so my brain just observes, I don't control any of it.

And I think, Hm. How could that make any sense to this person? And [00:45:00] invariably, I'll get a message afterwards. And they say, I can't believe that so-and-so said this or my higher self was absolutely, spot on and that'll happen. A lot of times I'll be in a session I'll be higher channeling, someone's higher self.

And they'll say, well, you know, it's like, they're taught that they think they're talking to me or they're talking to Adrianna and the soul will say, I know this is your soul, you know, just to remind them like, no, you're actually having a conversation with your own soul right now. And it's it's just a beautiful gift.

Karen: Can you control that? Like does, does the channeling and stuff only happened during sessions or can you just be sitting with your friends and all of a sudden something pops into your head that you have to tell them? 

Jennifer Foster: So I have psychic abilities. I have, extra sensory abilities of clairvoyance and claircognizance and clear sentience.

And the new, the newest one was Claire aliens is opening up. And so that's that's an interesting one. I was watching something on television the [00:46:00] other day, and there was a battle scene that broke out on the history channel. And all of a sudden I got this big waft of body odor and I went, oh God, that's terrible.

Oh my God. And I said, what is that? Did I really sense that. And my guide said, yeah, that's Claire aliens. That's just another vibration that you're picking up on. I was like, oh, I don't want that one. I don't want that one. But what I've, what I've learned to do is really control my own energy. And so I don't read people when I'm with them and if we're not in a session and I don't access anyone's energy, unless we're in a session and I prefer to let Adrianna take the lead and really step in and guide the entire process of, of the healings, because she's the master healer.

You know, in many ways I I'm very much a vessel for this work. And so it is much better for everyone involved if I don't control any of it. And they locked down my energy in some ways. So I'm not being bombarded and leading up to this before I started working so closely with.[00:47:00] I would walk into a room and I would sense everything in the room, or I would hear things or I would know things and that was unnerving.

Right. And so now it's kind of like, well, at least I've got some gatekeepers, you know, help with this. And, and to know that when we're working with someone they're only going to allow in the highest forms of love and light, they're never going to allow someone through from the other side who is not a benevolence and isn't here to, to assist the person that we're working with at the time.

I'll tell you the biggest thing that comes through a lot of times is when spirit comes through, people say, I want to talk to the parent is a big one and. When they come through, I can feel when they come through. And I sense all of that and I just wait for them to take over my voice.

I don't force it. I just wait for the energy to take over my voice. And I can't tell you how many times the first words have been. I'm sorry. And it is [00:48:00] so heart warming to know that on, when we leave these bodies, our souls have a recognition of what they could have done better while they were here. And that to me is part of this process is to say, if there are anythings that you need to clear up now in this lifetime, do it because I hear that over and over and over again from souls that come in and say, Please tell mom, I'm sorry.

Please tell, you know, so-and-so I'm sorry. Or I'm sorry, I hurt you. I'm sorry. I didn't tell you. I loved you enough. I'm sorry. I didn't make you feel important enough. I'm sorry that I didn't listen to you enough when those things come through from spirit, it restores my faith that we are eternal beings that this isn't a one and done lifetime, our souls evolve and continue to evolve and continue to expand.

And that when we leave these physical bodies, [00:49:00] we we want to connect with people that we left behind as much as they want to connect with us. And the healing comes that comes through with those interactions is, is just really beautiful. I'm so honored to be able to help be a vessel for. 

Will: I can't save with 100% certainty that I understand what it is that you do or how you do it. Or if it's even something that's just, it's, that's just a psychological thing that's happening. All I can say is that after our session I was shaken, I was shaken and that doesn't happen to me often.

So I invite anyone hearing my voice if you want to experience this type of thing for yourself, I would absolutely invite you to reach out to Jennifer because I can, all I can say is, and I've been looking into this stuff for a long time. I was shaking and that's probably the biggest [00:50:00] compliment I can give you Jennifer, because I am not one to take these experiences and go, whoa, whoa.

Something's here. In fact, most of the time I go, I'm not sure this time I was shaken. So, thank you. First of all, for, for doing the session with me, second of all for starting and enduring this path, because I do think that you are here for a big reason. I think there's a reason you're here and I think you're going to be doing a lot of good for the world.

So thank you for enduring, what you have to. Cause it was super difficult. And most of all, thank you for coming and sharing your story with us because we're honored be one of the first to talk to you about this stuff. 

Jennifer Foster: Thanks so much 

Karen: like a hundred times. 

Will: Yeah. It's one of these things where I felt like a, like a, you know, the, the starry-eyed like, tell me more, tell me more like listening to a story in I not, it's not, if people who listened to the show know that I'm, that's not me.

I'm constantly asking questions and getting involved. No, this time, I just, I just let you [00:51:00] speak because I'm fascinated by your story, Jennifer. 

Jennifer Foster: Well, thank you so much. And thank you for the opportunity to allow me to share a bit of it. And you know, nobody was as surprised as me that this was going to happen.

And so I, I. Walking slowly on this path. And really enjoying where I'm at right now. And that's the key, right? That's why we're here is to enjoy life and to understand that we're all we're all just living a fraction of our abilities. And when we open up to them and we start to really understand what we're capable of magic can happen all around us.

Will: Well, thank you again, Jennifer so much for being on the show. It was an absolute honor. And Karen, thank you for coming along on this crazy journey with me again. Thank you listener for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on Facebook and Instagram. So please find us there under, at skeptic metaphysicians or skeptic, where you can subscribe to the show or leave us a review or a voicemail [00:52:00] directly there.

We really would appreciate you going to apple podcasts or even Spotify. Give us a rating for the show to help the show grow. Even a review would be super. As always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we shared on this show or any of our others, I hope you'll consider sharing us with that person.

If you miss any of our show today, not to worry all of our shows and cleaned this one can be found on our website, skeptic, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. 

And we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then take care.

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Jennifer Foster

Channel, Medium, Healer

Jennifer Foster is a channel, medium, and healer who works with spirit and energy to help others emotionally, energetically, physically, and spiritually. By channeling energy, Jennifer and her spirit team (SF24) are able to bring in perspectives that are unique to every individual’s journey while also revealing universal truths that are relevant to all human beings on the planet.

Jennifer serves as a vessel for healing and a bridge to connect with spirit. The ability to help others heal is channeled directly from Source energy, her guides (SF24), and those in the spirit realm who wish to assist. During sessions, spirit speaks directly to clients through her.

Clients can ask questions of, engage in conversation with, and receive feedback from their Higher Selves (their own soul), their spirit team (guides), loved ones who have crossed over or energy wishing to assist in their healing journey. Jennifer's main guide (Adrianna) leads all sessions and is the gatekeeper of the energies from the etheric realm. Adrianna channels the healing energy through Jennifer, and/or directly to clients, based on what the client needs at the time.

While Jennifer's own personal journey is an interesting one, she is now guided to work directly with others to help raise the collective consciousness on the planet.