Sleep Paralysis and the Great Buzzing Event

Sleep Paralysis and the Great Buzzing Event

The Universe has once again conspired to derail my carefully-laid out plans to release certain episodes, and I promise that all of the great episodes that have already been recorded will be released as soon as the universe allows me to but… is so...

The Universe has once again conspired to derail my carefully-laid out plans to release certain episodes, and I promise that all of the great episodes that have already been recorded will be released as soon as the universe allows me to but… is so often the case…..when you open yourself up to the flow, the flow takes over. And this show is absolutely no different. Two weeks ago, I shared my good friend’s 11:11 Decree meditation….which opened me up to a fantastic interview with April Hannah of Path 11 TV fame about Life after Death, and no sooner did I complete that interview that the universe tapped me on the shoulder and whispered that I was not going to be releasing my past life regression as I had at first thought….BECAUSE…..after speaking about life after death with April, nothing less than a continuation (of a sort) of that conversation needed to come next.Enter my next guest…..her story is one that she is sharing with the world FOR THE FIRST TIME! I’m incredibly honored that she has accepted my invitation to “come out” as it were…to share her story with you, as she did with me. I won’t spoil it in the introduction because its just TOO GOOD not to have it shared in its proper order, like she did with me. This is Part 1 of a 2-part interview that will Blow. Your. Mind!And stay tuned to the end to hear a very special SpeakPipe message!Looking for an introductory book on all things metaphysical? Check this one out:Metaphysics: An IntroductionResources:What IS Sleep Monroe Institute:www.monroeinstitute.orgMore info on the topic:The Journey of Robert Monroe: From Out-of-Body Explorer to Consciousness PioneerJourneys Out of the Body: The Classic Work on Out-of-Body Experience (Journeys Trilogy)Skeptic Metaphysician Info:SkepticMetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

[00:00:00] Will: My name is will, and I like molded from the X-Files want to believe. So I've embarked on a journey of discovery. I've talked to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual world at thrown myself into weird and wonderful experiences. I've even joined a coven of witches all in the interest of finding something, anything that will prove that there's something beyond this physical three-dimensional world we all live in.

This is the skeptic metaphysician. Welcome  I'm excited to have you with me. Once again, as I explore some of the mysteries that the metaphysical world has to offer, the universe has once again, conspired to derail my carefully laid plans to release certain episodes in a certain order.

And I promise that all those great episodes that have already been recorded will be released as soon as the universe allows me to cut. As is so often the case when you open up yourself to the flow, the [00:01:00] flow absolutely takes over. And this show absolutely no different. Now, two weeks ago, I shared my good friend's 11, 11 decree meditation, which opened me up to a fantastic interview with April Hannah of path 11 TV, about life after death.

Now, no sooner did I complete that interview, that the universe tapped me on the shoulder and whispered again that, Hey, you're not going to be releasing your past life regression tape, like your first thought either this week, because after speaking about life after death with April, nothing less than the continuation of a sort of that conversation.

Needed to come next, enter my next guest. Her story is one that she's sharing with the world for the first time. I'm incredibly honored that she's accepted my invitation to come out as it were to share her story with you as she did with me, I won't spoil it in the introduction because it's just too good.

Not to have a shared in the proper order like she did with me. So without further ado, I'm thrilled to introduce my guest, whom we're going to call Bess Bess. So wonderful to have you on the show. 

Bess: Hi. Well thank you for having me. And I do have to say I am [00:02:00] a bit nervous since this is my first time publicly speaking about my story.

Will: I can certainly understand that, but I can assure you that most of the people that were listening to this episode will be very interested in what you have to say and will not think anything strange of the story that you're about to tell, because we are all in our own ways, searching for that something, which you very certainly have found.

Now  the difference is whether you look at it in the same way that some people look at it or not. Right. And that's some of the things that we'll we'll touch on. let's start at the beginning, So as to not spoil the surprise suffice it to say that this has something to do with the conversation that April Hannah and I had.

Last time about where the consciousness was being stored, whether it was in the body or elsewhere, let's leave it there.  First and foremost, love for you to share your story with the audience.  Start with your, your brother passing away, right. In 2008, but then [00:03:00] you had something happened called the great buzzing event, which I, I love.

maybe I should just stop talking and let you in a word in, in what so best tells the story. 

Bess: Well, you know, I think I shared with you that my story actually started when I was a little girl that I've always suffered from sleep paralysis and I I'm 51 years old now. And  my earliest memories are waking up in my childhood bed unable to move and absolutely convinced that somebody was standing at the foot of the bed.

Watch. Which apparently it's a very common feeling for people that experienced sleep paralysis now. Well, have you ever had sleep paralysis? Are you familiar with that feeling 

Will: I'm familiar with the term I've never experienced it firsthand and  I've got to say as a young child to experience that it must have been absolutely terrifying.

Bess: It was, and people that experienced sleep paralysis frequently attach fear with the episodes. So, you're sleeping and [00:04:00] suddenly you become. But you cannot move. You can't even open your eyes, but you're totally aware of your surroundings. You can hear what's happening around you. You can feel the sheet on top of you, but you cannot move.

So that is what sleep paralysis is. This is a well-documented thing that happens to millions of people all over the world that adopters have studied it. They're the ones that gave it the term sleep paralysis. And the idea is that your brain awakens before your body does, and when you sleep, they theorize that your brain.

Put your body in this immobile state. That way, when you're dreaming, you're not busy actor acting out your dreams. And so that's where the paralysis comes in. And so when you're awake before your body, does it takes a few moments for your body to catch up to where your brain is? So when I would have these episodes, when I was young, of course, I had no idea what they were.

I would tell my mom and dad about them. And I had no idea what it was either. So they'd just say, oh honey, you were just streaming. It's going to be okay. Go [00:05:00] back to bed. So I would have these every few months, maybe my entire life. And it wasn't until the invention of the internet that I could actually Google what was happening and found out the term sleep paralysis.

It was common. And some of the fears and attachments that went along with it, that it felt like somebody was standing there watching you. So anyway, that was when my story began. 

Will: So that was a very scientific explanation for what sleep paralysis is and it very eloquently stated, and it makes great sense.

Now I'm rethinking whether or not I've experienced it. a lot of times when I felt that something like that, I was just thinking maybe I was recovering from the night before it is drinking binge, but maybe, maybe there's something to 

Bess: know. No, no, no, this is, this is one of those things. You're not unsure if you've ever had sleep paralysis.

If you have actually experienced it, you know, when thousand percent you have woken up and [00:06:00] been unable to move and your brain goes into panic mode with them, I, God, I've got to move. I've got to move and you're trying to force yourself to move. Until you snap out of it and sleep paralysis really only lasts a few seconds, but it feels like an eternity when you're in it, but there is no guesswork, you know, I, one time asked my husband, I said, you ever had sleep paralysis?

He gets, well, I think maybe I did. And so I knew instantly he never had, it's kind of like asking somebody if they've ever been in a car accident, there was no, I think maybe I have no, you know, 100%, if you have been in a car accident, sleep paralysis is the exact same thing. There is no guesswork involved, 

Will: right?

Similarly to what, some of the things that we're going to talk about moving forward probably every step of the way there really is. No, well maybe I felt that it's it's, you know, for a fact, whether or not this happened to you or not. So that's a constant in your story. So, When you encountered those, when you had the sleep paralysis, you mentioned it was just a couple of seconds.

Did you ever have [00:07:00] times where it was an extended period of time where you're scared. You're your fear increased as the time passed? 

Bess: Not for more than just a few seconds. No. So for me, even though it felt like a long time, it really was just a few seconds. Okay. Because you 

Will: hear stories of people  losing jobs because they were, they couldn't physically get up out of bed because of the sleep paralysis and things like that.

So that's not something that you encountered this was a lot more mild than something like that. 

Bess: Yeah. So our, at least the state that I was in was a much shortened state than maybe what you're referring 

Will: to. Okay. All right. So we know now that most of your life, if not all your life, most of your life you've experienced sleep paralysis on occasion.

How often would it, what is it. 

Bess: Oh, every few months, my entire 

Will: life regularly, then it wasn't something that happened once, once a decade or so. 

Bess: No, no, no, very regularly. And it was something that I only a few times got the sensation that somebody was standing there. Most of the time, I would [00:08:00] just wake up panicked because I couldn't move.

And you would try everything to move any type of muscle to wake 

Will: up. Okay. So then I've got to ask what's with the sensation of someone standing there. If you had a very scientific explanation for what sleep paralysis is, but you have, you've not explained the presence of someone by your bed.

Bess: So it's a very commonly reported feeling by people who have sleep paralysis. In fact, we go back through some of the stories that go throughout kind of that were reported. The decades and centuries of what they believe were episodes of sleep paralysis. It's very common to feel like a demon or somebody was standing on your chest, holding you down.

There's all sorts of witchy and spiritual things that go along with it. So I think it's a very common feeling.  

Will:  So you've experienced sleep paralysis  but wait, there's more right. Something else happened after that. 

Bess: Yeah. So my older brother. Passed away in 2008 and he was three years older than me.

And we were quite [00:09:00] close. He actually, as, as grown adults, he lived just a few houses down from me. And so we, we raised our children together and we even, we were in the hospital at the same time when my son and his son were born. So we were quite close and he died unexpectedly. In 2008, he was traveling on a plane, got home, felt sick, turned out.

He had contracted strep a, which was resistant to antibiotics. It's the same thing Jim Henson died from. And so, he passed within just a few days. Wow. So it was very unexpected. And it really rocked, you know, as it would any family, my parents were living with us at the time, which was a godsend for native people to be there, to be their support system and vice versa.

But, you know, I think people underestimate. The passing of the sibling and the effect. It has said my best way to describe how it affected me. I've got two older brothers, one of them passed and it felt like really a third of [00:10:00] me had been ripped away. My other brother was the other third and you know, you divide our child into thirds.

And the third, third of me was just gone. And so it was difficult to deal with. But interestingly enough whenever I dreamed, and I think I mentioned this to you, that I was always cognizant that my brother had passed. So when grant, as my brother grant, when he would be in my dream, I would be aware that he was no longer alive and he was visiting the dream.

And this was unique to him because I had other relatives. My father that passed later passed you know, aunts, uncles that I never had that recognition in the drain of him having pets. Or them having passed when they were like visiting in the dreams that with my brother, it was always very assured, very cognizant during the dream that he was no longer here, that he was just visiting, which I kind of found unusual that I was always aware of that in my [00:11:00] dreams.

. I definitely do feel like, his consciousness was visiting mine.

Especially when it came to the great buzzing event that come, that 

Will: comes up next. Yes. So tell us what was the great buzzing event that sounds so enticing and wonderful, but 

Bess: no other way for me to describe it. So, to make a long story short, I'd had a mammogram. I had come back irregular. I was very worried about it.

I was convinced I had breast cancer and I, you know, I was waiting for them to reconfirm the ultrasound and all the follow-up tests to tell me that I was, you know, having to go in for treatment for breast cancer. So I was very concerned about it. So I was dreaming one night that my brother grant, who was dead, was sitting next to my bed, telling me don't worry about it.

I'm taking care of the cancer. You don't need to be stressed over it. When all of a sudden I woke up in a sleep paralysis episode, panic started to set in as it always does when I'm frozen in bed and can't move. But the [00:12:00] difference here was suddenly along the back of my neck, there was this very loud, buzzing.

I felt it physically the vibrations and I heard it and it was so loud that it was almost like when your cell phone business, it was almost like my husband was holding a buzzing cell phone to the back of my neck and it freaked me out. And that enabled me to wake up wide awake, freaking out because I never ever had such a strong, intense, physical sensation and sleep problem.

Will: So you, heard the buzzing, but did you feel the buzzing 

Bess: or just.

And it was intense, right.  I have, from that point forward two different types of vibrations that are going on, which have be going to the doctor and trying to find out what all these physical symptoms for. continuing on with that, with the great buzzing event where it was these intense, physical, buzzing first of all, it scared me so much that I didn't want to go back to bed.

The [00:13:00] next night I didn't want to go to sleep because I was worried it was going to happen again. And it wasn't until the day after that. And I finally said, well, let me just Google it. So I put in to Google the words, sleep. And vibrations I'd never done. Didn't say you had cancer, did it? No, it didn't.

And by the way, the mammogram and the ultrasound came back clear, I was completely fine. So he took care of my cancer. Yeah. But I put in Google sleep paralysis and  vibrations. I'd never done that before. I'd never had race. I never even thought to do that. I mean, why would I, why would I add the word vibrations?

And suddenly this whole new world opened to me. Apparently there were millions of people around the world that were experiencing the exact same physical sensations as I was waking up and sleep paralysis and having these intense vibrations, I call them the buzzing vibrations to distinguish from another sensation that I have had.

[00:14:00] These are so intense that well, we used to live in Florida. Do you remember going body surfing at the beach and you'd have a wave that would pound down on you almost be as intense as says waves in the surf pounding down on you. I mean, they are so intense I just I'm like science has to have been investigating these.

This is really happening to me, what the heck is going on. And so that began my search to try and figure out physically what was happening to me because I'm not religious I'm since become very spiritual, but at the time I needed a physical explanation for what was happening to me. 

Will: Right. Makes, makes sense.

Some people in your audience may already be connecting the dots. I not heard it as a buzzing. I had heard it more as a like a whooshing or a sound of water, almost 

Bess: which, which tracks with my description of describing it, almost like the surf pounding down on you, you know, it can feel that yeah.

So after I [00:15:00] read about it and figured out, okay, maybe I'm not dying. Maybe I'm not having a seizure in my sleep.  I started trying to recreate the feeling. Now you can't, I've never been successfully able to put myself in sleep paralysis.

It always happens on occasion. So I was trying to figure out how to recreate these vibrations, these intense vibrations. So I started reading and they talked about meditating. So I began meditating on a daily basis. One guy described how, you know, before you reached the vibration, she need to be fully relaxed.

And then it feels like. Blanket gets laid over you and you feel the chills going down your body and then it sets in. So I tried to recreate all this stuff with very little success at first. But I do believe that with that daily practice of the meditation, I eventually got to where I could achieve those specing vibrations, but something interesting started happening in my body.

I believe some of your guests [00:16:00] have described this inner blissful feeling, and that was something that I started to having on a waking basis. And I described it to my husband. And these are just the regular vibrations. These are not them, the buzzing vibrations, but I started having, even when I was awake, kind of this butterfly feeling.

So that pumped up adrenaline, you get when suddenly you have these butterflies in your stomach, I would have these very gentle. Butterfly vibrations. That really felt wonderful, but I have them all the time and  that's when I started getting worried about Ms or Parkinson's, and that's what I finally headed to the doctor.

I'm like, listen, I'm having these internal tremors all the time. I said, I don't think there's anything wrong with me because I actually feel so good. So blissful with them, but can we rule out anything? So, you know, I talked with her, she said, you know, if you were Ms or Parkinson's, you'd have some, some warning signs in there.

So it's probably, you're probably okay. You're probably just feeling really healthy. I mean, she had no [00:17:00] other explanation. 

Will: So you're feeling these vibes, these butterflies, like you call them literally all the time 

Bess: right now as I'm sitting here. Yeah. Yeah. There are really gentle, wonderful, wonderful feeling.

And sometimes they're more intense than others. So particularly when I'm. So if I'm meditating getting ready to sleep at night, I can just feel the vibrations running up and down my body. I mean, into my legs, I can feel the blood rushing in my, in my feet. You're probably going to have some listener that some doctor that's going to contact you to let you know that you need to let me know that I'm dying of somewhere to say yes, 

Will: I think you would've found that out just when you Googled it.

Bess: But I mean, in my arms, I can feel them all over and it's a very gentle, very peaceful, just blissful feeling. I truly think when you read about these ancient mystics talking about the good vibrations, I truly think this is what they're [00:18:00] talking about because they are a physical sensation that I have.

Will: And this is something that people have been striving to achieve for lifetimes. And you just happened to stumble. 

Bess: Well stumble on it and I'm not really sure. I mean, I can't claim that I'm awakened. I can't claim that it was lightened or anything. I just know that I have some, some butterflies that are there all the time and they made me feel 

Will: wonderful.

You bring up a good point. I personally, and, and as we continue in the conversation, I think more people will understand. I personally think that that perhaps you are more weakened than you think you are, or that you're aware of because of everything that's leading up to this point, you just, you're so pragmatic that you're trying to explain it in very scientific manner, which makes sense to my scientific mind, but at the end of the conversation, we'll, we'll, we'll touch on this again because I would challenge anyone listening in to not say.

[00:19:00] Wow. At the end of it. I want that because to be, to describe your feelings as a, as one of bliss, right? I've you listened to the Kundalini expert that I had on you've listened to the Reiki practitioners. They are all talking about that euphoria. That's what everyone, the mat, the ascended masters. That's what they're they all we all aspire to, but you walk around in that state all the time.

Bess: Yeah, I do. I do. And it's, it's funny. Cause sometimes at night it's a little distracting because I'll be ready to go to bed. And one night it was particularly annoying at, for like of our word. It was vibrating so much inside that my husband said, are you doing something? And I said, no, I'm just laying here.

And he goes, are you sure? I said, well, I'm sitting here feeling my vibrations and he goes, I can feel it. So, I mean, I mean, who knows maybe the air conditioner was running and I don't know something, but he claims he could feel it through the [00:20:00] mattress. Now it hasn't happened again since, but or maybe it's just, I do have Parkinson's and I was shaking and didn't realize it.

So, you know, you mentioned the Reiki practitioners, the Kundalini master, and I agree with you, every guest that I've listened to, that you've had on really are describing similar physical symptoms to what I have experienced. And it's interesting that each one of them kind of has a different take on it.

 I believe matter cannot be created or destroyed. So this energy inside bank, I mean, I believe it has a purpose and I, I totally believe in it. A life after death and consciousness beyond the body, but I believe it's based in science. 

Will: Yeah. And in the conversation that I had with April last week, also, we talked about the fact that  I believe it was Arthur, C Clark has said any technology far enough advanced can seem like magic to those, not understanding it.

So [00:21:00] there is a very real probability I have to face it. I've now in how many episodes in, I now have to face the fact that there is a real probability that we just don't know enough about. Maybe, maybe it's quantum physics, maybe 

All these experiences that we're having are perfectly natural parts of us remembering who we are and where we come from and where we go to next. But so many of us are living our lives in an ego-driven judgemental capacity that isn't allowing ourselves to open up to the experiences that are truly our  birthright, right? Things that, that, that we it's, it's part of us, it's who we are and it's our natural state and we're just cut off from it. So the more I talk to folks like you that bring these experiences to my consciousness, the more I'm finding, like I mentioned in my intro, It it's becoming a snowball, [00:22:00] which is a wonderful experience for me because starting something just on a let's check it out basis now suddenly has become truly a life path for me.

We've talked about your great buzzing event and the vibrations, and you then started to try to, you mentioned recreate them and you ended up having being able to do so by meditation, you started eating more cleanly. You moved to a mostly plant-based diet. You try to you try to make sense out of some of this stuff. 

Bess: Yeah. So in my efforts to recreate the vibrations you know, I stopped drinking alcohol altogether. I mean, I have wine at night, like, like most house moms do, you know, most, most working moms do.

So I, you know, I, I gave up drinking completely because I didn't want any altered states of mind effecting. I also started eating better and and exercising more. Part of my research led me to of course Robert Monroe, you and I have [00:23:00] discussed his journeys out of the body. And then his work with the CIA and the government to help them attempt to achieve these vibrations, et cetera.

And Thomas Campbell, who was a physicist to scientists, one of the things. Bob Monroe was, he was very similar to me when it first started happening, he went to his doctor. He's like, what the heck is happening to me? And they ruled out any kind of illness or sickness. And then when he was tasked with trying to help others do the same thing, he said, I want this scientifically documented.

So he brought in scientists to help with this. And Thomas Campbell is one of them. And Thomas Campbell has written extensively about, you know, the experiences and lots of YouTube videos. So I became a big fan of his, and one of the things that he noted was the candidates that seem to have the greatest success or in the most optimum health physically.

And so that was assigned to me. Maybe I need to eat better and exercise. So [00:24:00] that's, that's why I added that part in 

Will: to it. That makes perfect sense. But you didn't just stop there. You actually did your own research. She did some research on neuroscience, you researched lucid dreaming, Kundalini. 

Bess: I was looking for my people will and I could not find them.


Will: I, I can understand that 100%. And then you stumbled on the gateway project in your research. And that to me is not only mindblowing and incredibly fascinating, but a little scary at the same time, because some of the stuff is not, I mean, it's, it's out there, right? It's it's public knowledge people, a freedom of information act.

You can look for it yourself, but talk to us about the gateway project. It was a, it was a CIA thing. Right? So what was that about? 

Bess: So it was all the way back to like the 1920s or thirties, or maybe even forties and Russia where I don't remember the doctor's name, but he cited in all of this, this [00:25:00] research.

He started a program where he believed that people could do what's called remote viewing, where I could sit here with my eyes closed and I could tell you what was happening in another room. And so they became very interested in this to develop this in order to. Develop soldiers and spies to be able to do that.

I mean, what better way to have a spine than one sitting in Russia and then spying on enemies. So America became aware of this research and they decided they needed to play catch up. So, they they listed a lot of universities to help with these studies. They became aware of Bob Munro, Robert Monroe, who's kind of the father of what we call Astro projection.

And they brought him in to actually train personnel on how to achieve the vibrations and the ideas that these vibrations, the intense buzzing that I'm talking about. Not my feel good butterfly vibrations, but the intense buzzing that happens during sleep [00:26:00] paralysis, they claimed was just your, for lack of a better word, I'm going to call this soul, but your soul or your consciousness or your awareness to actually leave.

Your body leaves your physical body. 

Will:  I've got to stop you for a second because I think we need to stress what we're talking about here. We're talking about two of the world's most powerful countries, their governments funding research into astral travel. They call it remote viewing because maybe like you said, send a spy into another country, an unseen spy, what better way to spy on.

But at the end of the day, we're talking about lots and lots of money being thrown into a project that was researching a non-physical sensation or nonphysical result, which was having your soul, your consciousness, you, whatever, go outside of your body, travel an undetermined amount of space and distance.

And [00:27:00] get actual hard evidence and bring it back. Right? So astral travel Astrobotic, we're talking about things that everyone out there in the world is seeing. This is all whole bunch of malarkey. These were the two of the world's strongest, largest, most powerful countries spending a lot of money to try to get this thing, prove it.

Bess: Well. Yes, exactly. And I mean, it's a little bit mind boggling when you think about it, but let's think about, we've seen it in the media a lot late, like near death experiences. People claiming when they were in the operating table, floating out and seeing what the doctors were doing, the life lifesaving, things that were done to save their lives.

So everybody's familiar with this concept, whether they choose to believe it or not is a different thing, but. The CIA was them purposely trying to recreate the circumstances where somebody could [00:28:00] purposely and willingly travel out of their body. And they even had targets set up in a different room and they had varying degrees of success.

But the men Rowe foundation actually set up a school where you could go, it's still active today, where you could go and they will teach you the steps to learn how to travel out of your body.

 I do believe that this is something that anybody could ultimately learn to do. I think it's kind of like playing the piano or a musical instrument.

I think there are some people that are just being honest that do it naturally. I think there are those probably like myself that have somehow stumbled. Being fairly adept at it. And then there might be people who, you know, want, barely have to work at it. But I do think it is a skill that anybody can acquire.

So Bob Monroe and Thomas Campbell, you know, they were tasked with teaching CIA American soldiers, this task, [00:29:00] and apparently did have fairly good success with it.

It's supposedly continues today. You know, who, who knows if that's true, but to me it offered kind of a stamp of confirmation that what I was experiencing was not in my head. It was not something that I was just dreaming or, you know, hallucinating about that really was happening enough. You know, the American government said, yeah, this is real, we're doing this.


Will: Okay. This has all been leading to this point. Can you confirm that you have traveled outside of your body? 

Bess: I can confirm that I've had two experiences that were purposeful where I experienced myself outside my body.