The Truth Behind Astrology with Jazmin Kylene

The Truth Behind Astrology with Jazmin Kylene

Everyone has, at one point or another, checked out their horoscope. At time, it could have really spoken to you and prepared you for the others, it may have seemed so vague that it didn't really inspire a lot of confidence in the...

Everyone has, at one point or another, checked out their horoscope. At time, it could have really spoken to you and prepared you for the others, it may have seemed so vague that it didn't really inspire a lot of confidence in the words you were reading.So many people laugh astrology off as a pseudo-science.....but is it really?I put my guest, Jazmin Kylene, to the test by giving her ZERO information about me, other than my date of birth, my time of birth and my birthplace.The results.......BLEW MY MIND.Sure...there is a lot of information about me out there on the internet and I suppose she could have learned a few things that way prior to coming on the show, but.....her reading of my chart was so NOT vague. Like AT ALL. The specifics that she shared were so deeply personal, that I'm even worried about releasing this episode!Let's just say that listening to this episode will DEFINITELY provide you with DEEP insight into who Will is.We  also dive deeply into the "science" of astrology, where it comes from, what are the parameters behind the reading of charts and we talk about different aspects of different singes.Oh and of course, the reason why those horoscopes are sometimes so ridiculously vague!Don't miss this show if you're at all curious as to the validity of astrology. You will be amazed!Interested in all things astrology? This book may be a good first place to look:The Complete Guide to Astrology: Understanding Yourself, Your Signs, and Your Birth ChartLooking for an introductory book on all things metaphysical? Check this one out:Metaphysics: An IntroductionResources:What IS Astrology info:IG: @jazminkyleneWebsite:  jazminkylene.comSkeptic Metaphysician Info:SkepticMetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

Will: Hey everyone. Thanks for joining in again on this episode of the Skeptic Metaphysician. Now, most of the time, these intros take a minute to explain the topic, why we're covering it, but today. We're diving into astrology and come on, everyone knows what that is.

So I'm going to spare you the burden of having to listen to me, talk about horoscopes and signs and all that. And instead introduce you to my fabulous guest. She describes herself as a conscious media journalist and spiritual counselor, and just so happens to be an expert in astrology. [00:01:00] So without further ado, I'm thrilled to welcome Jasmine Kylene to the show.

Jasmine. So, so psyched to have you on the show. 

Jazmin: Hello. Hello. I'm so grateful to be here. You have no idea. Thank you 

Will: for having me. No, no. The the grateful one should be me because you and I met a couple of weeks ago, and we talked about the fact that maybe you might be able to do a chart astrology chart on me which will, which is something I've, I've always been interested in, but never actually had done.

So this will be really interesting. At least me, hopefully everyone else will we'll find it. Cause we can talk about astrology and what it means and how it works and all that kind of stuff. And so, but before it gets started, I have to ask. What is a conscious media journalist 

Jazmin: excellent question. I think a beautiful one to start with.

Well, I mean, the thing is I went into, I studied multimedia journalism in school and I might've been sociology and I thought that I would go into entertainment, journalism, and I would talk about, you know, musicians and artists and actors, but I. [00:02:00] You know, throughout my own evolution, that would probably be, it would lead to a life less fulfilling.

So I've decided to take sort of like this curiosity that I have into the realm of, of conscious media. Right. So I love to learn about, I guess, Everything that that falls under, right. I think, you know, metaphysics and spirituality and what it means to be human in this journey that we're on. I think it's a beautiful thing to explore and especially to explore out loud with each other.

So that's kind of the world that I work in. 

Will: Right. That is fantastic. Do you mind if I steal that? Because that is like the perfect descriptor for what we're trying to do here, right? 

Jazmin: Totally. 

Will: That's fantastic. Now I did a little bit of research into you and your credit is, I mean, your credentials are impressive, right?

And starting with, like with TV guide magazine, I mean all these kinds of, and if you're listening to the show now and you want to Google Jasmine, her name is J a Z M I N. You should absolutely do that because she has a fascinating [00:03:00] trajectory, but that's not. No. No, thank you really. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have you on the show.

So let's go ahead and dive into the topic, right? So what, what is everyone knows, right? Everyone picks up the newspaper and they read their horoscope on a daily basis or whatever, but there's a lot more to it than just that, right. So can you give us low down a rundown on what astrology actually.

Jazmin: Absolutely. And there's so many different ways that, you know, one can interpret it. And there's arguments whether like, is this a science or is this a pseudo science? And I just, how I describe it as it's the dance that we do with the cosmos, it's our, it's our astrological DNA blueprint. It has everything to do with where were the planets, the stars, where were the constellations aligned when you were born and how does that affect the way that you relate to yourself?

The way they relate to the external and just like the dance that you do throughout life, you know, it's never. I think people misinterpreted or they'll, they'll use horoscopes to, you know, [00:04:00] you know, will my husband leave me on the 4th of June? Obviously it can be used, you know, for predictive, but rather I think it's this way to sort of get to know yourself on a deeper level and get to know your strengths and your weaknesses and your inclinations.

And I think he used that to empower you. So I try to use the strategy as a tool of empowerment 

Will: Great. You've got a great way. With words. That's, very specific descriptor of astrology. I've always seen it as, so I'm not sure if I really, I personally believe it for tells your future.

Right. I've never used it in that way, just because I just, I can't see how that would work, but I have found that it really gives you, or it gives me a pretty good thumbnail. Of someone's personality. So I can kind of know what to expect in the interactions, but of course we'll get into moons and planets and suns and stuff like that.

But yeah, there's a lot more, everyone knows their astrological sign as the sun sign. Right. I'm I am a Gemini in yours, [00:05:00] but there's so much more to it than that. And so people say. So, this is not exactly the read, the horoscope or the reader astrological sign. And when the descriptors, and he says, well, that's not really a, there's a lot of things that are like me, but there's so many things that are not.

And a lot of people say it's because a it's a lot of malarkey, which is not truly the case, but, but some people think it's because it's upbringing and where you grew up and all that kind of stuff in that possibly probably has a lot to do with it. There's so many other factors, right? You have your moon and your rising sign and your planets and stuff.

So, so let's get into that kind of thing. What more than just a sun sign? Yes. What is there that people should know about astrology that decides or defines who someone is? 

Jazmin: Absolutely. There's so many factors. So thank you for bringing that up because I think people do get discouraged when they'll read a horoscope for like the sign of Leo.

They're like, I'm nothing like this. I'm less boisterous and I'm more calm. And the thing is that [00:06:00] yes, nature versus nurture is absolutely a factor, but. your sun sign is just, it's one element to your identity. You know, you have your moon sign, which rules your emotional world. You have your ascendant, which rules kind of how you show up in the world, the mercury, which rules, how you think.

So there are so many elements that make up a person because we are complex beings, as we know. And so to not take the time to be intentional with looking into that will make your relationship with astrology kind 

Will: of subpar. Iffy. Right. So that, and  that's what makes people go, huh? Like I'm actually physically heard.

I mean, I know people who,  you're going to talk someone about astrology. I mean,

actually Wikipedia actually describes astrology as a pseudo science, which is, I mean, kind of. Insulting in a way to people who actually practice astrology, right? 

Jazmin: Yeah. No, I, I I'm sure for many, yeah. I just think whoever it's meant to find it will find, and the people who are skeptical probably have something in their chart that would be indicative of that.

You know what I mean? So there's [00:07:00] referral. 

Will: Right out of all the topics that we've discussed on this show, astrology seems to be the one that people go they're the most skeptical about. For some reason, they just think, yeah, there's no way that the positioning of someone's of a planet is going to actually affect who I am as a person when I was born.

Jazmin: Totally rightfully so. I get it. 

Will: Yeah. We've talked a lot about the show about how science. Can explain a lot, but sometimes in the metaphysical world the advent of quantum physics now has put a lot of questions into what, really is real. What's not what can be explained what can't be in Y.

So the goal of this show is to come into it with a skeptical mindset, but with an open mind to understand how all these things work in, in let the listener make Joan determined. 

Jazmin: Absolutely. And I think that that's, I don't know. I think it's important for us to practice self. Yeah. Just like autonomy.

But I will say that a lot of people who meet astrology with skepticism are sort of basing that perception of it off of what the [00:08:00] mainstream has made astrology to be. Quick horoscopes and little parts of magazines where you can read and be like, what will this week say?

There's so much more depth to what astrology is. And the relationship with astronomy. Yeah. Yeah, so just, I would invite anyone to open themselves up, to look into their charts and kind of see past, you know, what is your sun sign? And I think you'll find that there's so much accuracy.

Will: We're going to dive a little bit into my chart in a second. I do want to let the audience know that my first thought was to have all kinds of people's signs be sent to me so that Jasmine can talk about what they're Personality traits where things are with that kind of know what, what does a cancer, what's a cancer.

Like what's a Scorpio, like, but I didn't want to put you on the spot. So, gave you, gave you some advance. I gave you my, my birth date in my birthplace in my time of birth. And that's really all you needed to do 

Jazmin: my chart. Right? That's all you need. And I didn't look at it until maybe like 30 minutes before we started just to have a glimpse and it's yeah, you've got some, you got some work in yet.

[00:09:00] Will: Ah, that's right. So yeah, I am a definitely a creature of incredible dichotomy. So I'm really curious to find out what you found about me. Before we dive into that I know that there are different types of science, right? There's is it fire signed water, signed air signs?

What are the, all the elements 

Jazmin: in water? Yeah, the rule they're elemental. So they're ruled by different elements that you find on art. So art signs typically are like the group, you know, Virgo, Taurus, and We're good horse in Capricorn and they're ruled by the earth.

So there's an element of them that is very grounded. That is very present. That is very sort of on earth and not sort of floating in the ether. It's like an air sign, Gemini Libra, Aquarius, like myself would be and yeah, water signs are much more emotional Scorpio, cancer Pisces they're ruled by their emotion, the ruled by the ocean.

Then the fire signs are kind of the ones that get stuff started. Leo area's Sagittarius. And so, yeah. There's a dance that they all do with each other. And I think there's an element that is found a lot through astrology, which is balance, right? It's not sort of [00:10:00] finding a way to anchor yourself in any end of the spectrum, but rather finding the balance and the duality within yourself.

Will: Hmm. Okay. So I'm a Gemini. I was born in June. And so can you tell me what, what are the typical characteristics of a Gemini? 

Jazmin: So your sun sign is Gemini for sure. Which is like, whenever we present ourselves with like what I am, it's what you're referring to your sun sign, because it's kind of like the first thing that people are met with and a Gemini sun, Gemini being ruled by mercury, which is the planet that.

So the mind and communication, how we process information. There's something that is very cerebral about a Gemini. There's an innate curiosity about any and everything, a charm, a care just an innate way of being charismatic that I think a lot of people would work towards that comes a bit more naturally than neatly to a Gemini.

And I think. Sort of like why people there is in the astrology world, a lot of like stigma around like Geminis, like don't stress them, but it's because you have so many different layers to [00:11:00] you that people can be met with different ones at different times. And people find it hard to sort of pin down who a Gemini is, you know?

Will: Absolutely people tell me I'm a different person. Every time they meet me. And I claim it. regular listener to the show will recognize differences in my intonation and the way I speak to people. And I feed off of someone else's energy. So I energy, give that back. If it's low energy, I tend to be more subdued.

try to tell you. That Geminis do have two sides. My two sides is one is incredibly outgoing and energetic and out there. And the other side is very shy and quiet in socially anxious and things like that. Those are my two sides. It's not like good and evil. Yeah, 

Jazmin: totally. And what's funny.

And there's more indicative of a bit of like a tug of war between being seen and sort of. I'm hibernating and what is more concealed and the reasoning, why is because in astrology we have our [00:12:00] signs, right? So we have planets that are in certain signs, but those planets in those signs, right? So a sun in Gemini will fall into a certain house.

And that house will tell you if the planet and the sign tells you an energy, whatever that falls into in a house was how you, how that energy is expressed. So of course, looking into. Yes. You have a sign in Gemini, which is, you know, just so expressive. And so I'm curious explorative and all of those beautiful things, but it falls into the eighth house, which the eighth house and let me know what I'm like.

Okay. Girl, you're getting very 

Will: convoluted. No, I, well, I just found it funny because when you said the eighth house, your eyes went really big. So I'm really curious to find out. You can speak as esoteric as you want. And I will always say ho and you understand 

Jazmin: you get digested as possible for like my clients do.

So I'm pretty used to it, but I will say that the eighth house the sun is a little bit in detriment in this house. And this is because the eighth house rules, what is taboo? [00:13:00] What is concealed, what people typically don't really want to look at. Right? So like death, sex, and rebirth and crime and mortality.

So I say all that to say that I think it's actually a strength to have your son in this house, because this is indicative of someone who is able to take these things that people don't really want to look at. And to sort of face them, head on face them really bravely and even make them part of your identity.

Right. So I think the fact that you have this role that you have sort of exploring what people don't typically want to go past the basics of makes so much sense for someone with a son in the eighth house, for sure. 

Will:  I thought that you were when you talked about taboo subjects, such as death in sex and rebirth, I thought you were going to say something along the lines of I'm a deviant, who's a fate of being killed or, or I'm about to go out and commit murder or something.

So I'm glad that it was more more benign than that. 

Jazmin: Yeah. I mean, that could show up in other parts, for sure. You got some sick stuff, [00:14:00] but just means that the son likes to be seen and the eighth house likes to be hidden. So there probably is a bit of like a tug of war between how much do I want to be seen and how uncomfortable does that also make me.


Will: no, that, that explains me to really, to a T like I just mentioned, there are two sides of me, one that's very, very out there and one is very, very quiet and, and solid. So you have said all kinds of wonderful things about Geminis, right. But I know from firsthand experience that there are some negative  connotation that come with every sign.

So Gemini, what should I maybe be aware of or be careful about when it comes to my son's sign? 

Jazmin: Totally well, yeah, so I do my best not to. Subscribed to much of duality. I think, you know, good and bad. Everything just is what it is. But I will say like the more difficult parts to deal with when it comes to having a sense I'm in Gemini will definitely be, [00:15:00] I think this element of commitment, right?

I think a lot of people can sort of place expectation on a Gemini and the Gemini wakes up feeling differently than they did yesterday. They're going to act differently than they did yesterday. That means that maybe I don't want to honor that commitment. Maybe I don't want to continue showing up to something.

They are so. A beautiful part about them is that they're so interested in so many different things at once. That at times they can have this habit of sort of starting a project here and starting a project there and starting a project there. And then just kind of living a couple of things with some loose ends and going on to whatever.

Like they're just, what's igniting them in that given moment. So I think finding structure, yeah. Anchoring yourself and whatever, like grounding and committing looks like it's something to be intentional about for sure. 

Will: Well, that's, that's a really nice way of saying that I'm flighty, so,

but you nailed it right on, right. So I've always told everyone that I'm a builder. I love to build projects and hand them off to someone to execute. So that's, and that's what I do for a living. [00:16:00] It's it, it actually goes directly in what, with what you're talking about. So that's perfect. Yeah. So we've, we've teased it.

We've touched on it. We've talked about it a little bit. So let's just, this is get into it. Let's just dive into it to me. Who am I? Who are 

Jazmin: you all? My gosh. Well, you're very led by air. So I will say because you have your sun sign, your moon sign and your ascendent sign, which are your big three as they call it astrology in air signs, which means that there's something that is just so.

Explorative about you, something that wants to go really deep. And there's more parts of your chart that are indicative of that. And I'll definitely get into them, but you have your moon sign and your ascendance sign and Libra, which means how you feel, you know, the moon roof, your emotional world, and the ascendent sign, which is your rising science.

So kind of the cloak that you wear when you enter social situations, who you are when you show up in the world are both Libra, which is, I think. You know, Libra is ruled by the scales, right? So there's always a sense of balance, a sense of [00:17:00] justice, a sense of fairness and equity, these that you abide by. And it's also like, I would say if there's a name to give like a Libra moon or rising and would be like the mediator, like you kind of like to be the middle ground, like I understand this perspective, I understand this perspective, how can I fuse them together and sort of be that bridge and Libras get along with literally.

Any, and everyone, there's not a single group or version of a person or gender that you don't, that you have any sort of disdain for. You can find connection and compatibility with literally any and everything. And if there were to be like a converse side to that Libras really liked pretty things.

So there may be it's crazy because so much of your chart is indicative of someone who goes so in depth with everything that they do I would assume it's pretty hard for you to like abide by surface level because of how deep you have the capability of going emotionally. But. A Libra does like things that are shiny in you and we'll kind of maybe get distracted by [00:18:00] that.

And especially like in loving relationships, there is that idea of like consistent infatuation. And I think it's a beautiful thing to dance with a lot of like for example, Kim Kardashian is Libra sun, you know, like she's known for beauty sort of being at the forefront, so know that you appreciates pleasure and beauty.

Does that mean. 

 Will: It does. It does.  Yes, I think that's probably what he did on it. Yeah. there is to your point earlier on, there is a sense of  routines or set things in place that allow me to maintain my ground DIT ness, which counterbalances that, that flightiness and that social butterfly in all cases personality that's really intrinsic.

Jazmin: Totally. Yeah. And there's just, yeah, there's just a very multilayered being, I will say. And, and I was curious to know what your relationship with routine was because, you know, in astrology we have the sixth house which is ruled or brother it rules, you know, routine and discipline in our daily tasks and also our health.

And you have [00:19:00] Saturn and Kira on there. So those are both planets that indicate. I wouldn't say strife, but sort of like more difficult sort of karmic work to get through. So anytime we see a placement like that, it's either indicative of someone who abides by routine so deeply that it's hard for them to get out of it.

Or it's very difficult for them to sort of like cement themselves in a routine or to maintain discipline with like, I am maintaining my health. I am doing this thing at every single day, at every single time. So have you ever like had that relationship with. 

Will: Oh, yes. In fact, if I don't have a routine, I nothing gets done.

I have to have a routine that I follow. And in fact, my routine in people who've listened to the show, know my routine is I wake up in the more. I, I drink my coffee. I meditate. I read a passage from some of the books that I'm into. I, I post some inspirational things on social media as a way for me to get affirmations out there.

And then only then can I, you know, fill myself, fill my [00:20:00] own cup before I can then go into the world and fill others. Right. So, 

Jazmin: Yeah. So that's definitely, yeah. That sat in that six house is going to make sure that like, if I'm okay, it's because I'm following some sort of structure and anytime that placement does come up, it's important to note, are you putting in a of time to also be like free of structure?

If that makes sense? Like, am I also allotting a time? 

Will: It does a hundred percent. And in fact, I was going to say, it's, it's counter-intuitive to people who typically see Geminis as people who buck any kind of routine, because they can't be my down. And, and honestly, yes, that, that is, I mean, in a perfect world, I would be free as a bird and doing whatever the whim of the day is, but I have a career, I have a family I've got responsibilities.

I've got to stick to. So I've developed these routines to make sure I stick to my. Responsibilities. You mentioned something that I can't let [00:21:00] pass because as far as I know, there's only nine planets. If you count. Right, but you said, hi, Ron. And you mentioned Kyron as a planet. W maybe I'm just too old to know.

Is this a new thing that was found? 

Jazmin: So Kyron is actually no Kyron. Isn't a planet, but it's in your sixth house. Karen is an asteroid  the story of Kyron comes from Greek mythology, which is known as like the wounded healer. And in essence, it's like the ways that we can show up for people, it's more difficult to show up for ourselves.

Kind of around showing up in your sixth house just means that especially Kyron, usually rules, like what happens earlier in our lives as well. So if there was any point in your life where you felt like I'm really taking on a caretaker role, I am really doing everything that I can to maintain either someone else's health or someone else's wellbeing, or like a collective.

Sense of wellbeing that I'm not also pouring into myself, then a lot of lessons throughout life is am I making sure that I'm taking care of myself and finding a balance between how I show up for others and how I, you know, also reciprocate that don't care for myself. [00:22:00] Whoa, 

Will: this is the first time I've ever heard of an asteroid showing up on an astrological chart.

Right. I get it makes sense. It is a heavenly body that, that was in place at a certain time that you were born or whatever, imprinted upon me, in what you're saying in six houses, I just, it all, it all tracks. 

Jazmin: I love that. Yeah. So we can go to like the lower the closer planets, the more inner planets to make to not get so out there.

I think another beautiful plant that I wanted to point out was your mercury, right? So we have our sun, our moon, and our mercury and our mercury rules, the minds, right. It's how we communicate, how we process emotion and process information. And you have that in the sign of cancer, which means that sometimes when you communicate, it can come from an emotional space rather than a logical space, which I think is a beautiful way to navigate life, right.

Being led by how we feel rather than like rationalizing every single thing. But it's also, you know, cancer is ruled by the moon. So there's a sense of home. There's a sense of nurture. [00:23:00] There's a sense of like intricate care that you have for your loved ones. What I think is the most beautiful is that it shows up in your ninth house, which anytime I see a mercury in ninth house, I'm like, you need to either be a shaman or some sort of like motivational speaker or someone that takes some form of leadership role within philosophy and spirituality, because that's what the ninth house rules, the ninth house rules, greater knowledge, it rules.

Philosophical themes, religious themes. And it also rolls just like, it also rules travel. So a mercury and ninth house. Yeah. It means that there's a lot of knowledge and a lot of identity that you gain when you are traveling. And when you are seeing new things and allowing yourself to experience new cultures, new people, you environments.

So definitely making sure that like your body is there. But ultimately it means that you, the way you process information is through the lens of. Philosophy, there is no way that you can go deeper to things. There's no way that you can't like pick [00:24:00] apart themes and ideas you have to, and the way that you do it is so innate.

So. It would only make sense for you to assume some sort of role of leadership within leading people through how they want to look at the world philosophically, 

Will: you are blowing my mind. Okay. So when people are talking about astrology, oh, they say that the biggest, their biggest hit is, oh, it's so vague.

It could be, it could pertain to anybody, but you're talking really specific things that hit right at the center of who I am. Yeah, totally. 

Jazmin: Yeah. That's the thing, like, for example, I could say, you know, you're so, you know, gregarious, cause you have a Gemini sun, but if you don't go actually into your chart and don't realize like, oh, but that son is in the eighth house, which means there could be some restriction in the way that you express yourself because of the fact that the themes you love at times can be heavy.

So like if you get into your chart specifically, you can find such intricate detail and really go into depth about. Just who you are and why you are the way that you are and how you can use certain [00:25:00] tools to strengthen you and, and certain things that you want to work on deeper, you know, 

Will: Okay. 

Jazmin: We can keep going.

I just, I didn't. Yeah. I wanted 

Will: to say that I'm glad that we took a pause cause I do need to kind of absorb some of this information. It's it, it, I didn't know what to expect, but I expect you to nail me quite so completely, quite so soon and quickly just by having the three bits of information I gave you.

So, but, but yeah, let's, let's go ahead and, and, and keep going, because I can't imagine what else you could tell me. Oh my gosh. 

Jazmin: Yeah, no, there's so there's so much, and I will say that you're exactly where you are meant to be, because so Neptune is an outer planet. I'll get more into the inner planets, but I want to note that Neptune is an outer planet which essentially rules like.

And it's so funny because so much of your chart is indicative of like the metaphysical and Neptune is exactly that it rules just spirituality out there, themes the esoteric and just anything that can't really be [00:26:00] understood. Yeah. Easily, you know, like just basically what is boundless and what's limitless and you have that in your first house.

So the first house being the first house that rules your identity, it rules kind of how you show up in the world and who people know you as. So to have that larger than life planet within your first house means a lot of different things. It means that you can be, someone was a little bit, daydreamy a little bit imaginative and some people have to be like, Hey, like, are we thinking rationally here?


Yeah, I can also not struggle, but have a relationship with like escapism, like mental escapism. Like if I can't physically go, I'm kind of just going to mentally go there, but it also means that there's such an intimate relationship with the things that people. Just don't really understand what's taboo and that can maybe often bleed into someone growing up, feeling a little bit misunderstood, feeling like they see beyond what others see and [00:27:00] feeling like they kind of have to like shrink themselves in order to fit what like would make most people comfortable.

But growing into purpose means growing into the fact that that is your purpose. Like the fact that you were able to make to be that bridge, right. That Libra the bridge between the five D and the three. To understand these large themes in such a human way, and to dedicate and have disciplined in the way that you relate to them is so much of what you're supposed to be presenting to the world.

So I just, I look at you and I'm like, oh, you're so in alignment with what purpose is for you, honestly, do you feel that way? Do you feel like. 

Will: I do. In fact, a story that tell my friends all the time is the time where  I was much younger. My and my mother and my father were kept saying, just get a job, get a job.

And then I, I refuse to, because I always told them I need to, I need to have, I need to find something that I love to do. I just, can't just, just, just pick up a job just for the sake of the other jobs. I'm going to stick to my guns. Much, much later on in years, I just had my mom here visiting for the first time [00:28:00] because of the pandemic, the first time in a couple of years, a few weeks ago.

And she turned to me, she said will. And she's shared the story to my family, which was great. She said, you were right. You were right to hold out because now I see your life. You're purpose driven. You're enjoying what you do. And I tell everybody what I do. Is not work. I actually, I play for a living.

It's fantastic. So it, it does fit perfectly. Well. 

Jazmin: I have to say that that is so much of. The secret tone, lock your chart because of the fact that the 10th house rules career, it rules how we experienced success, how we build a platform in this world, and you have Venus and Jupiter there. Right? So let me look and see what signed Venus is in for you.

This isn't the sign of Leo for you. I love this placement. If anyone is like looking at for just like an ideal companion, I would tell them to look for a Venus and Leo, because there's something that's so. Look at my partner about that placement. So, um, a sense of play, a sense of there will always be [00:29:00] something childlike and the way that you relate to other people in relationships and how you express love will always have a sense of, of just child-like nature.

Not in immature sense, but rather in a playful sense. And so, but also I think everyone knows that Leos are varied. They have an assertive sense of self, right? They understand that they are deserving of being seen and you have that Venus. In Leo in your 10th house, which is success career, how we experience sort of prosperity.

And you have that alongside Jupiter, which is a planet of abundance. So I say all that to say, this placement is indicative of you find success when you are. Making sure that what comes first and foremost is love, love of what you're doing, love of the fulfillment that it comes alongside and just like love of life.

And within that, there is  sometimes with Saturn in that six house, there is an attachment to like doing things rationally and maybe, you know, satisfying what makes more earthly [00:30:00] sense, right? Like maybe consistency and structure. Is worth, you know, the forfeit of my own, you know, joy, but that Venus and Jupiter is saying like how you find consistency and structure is by honoring joy.

So know that by taking those steps that are led by body you are always going to find some form of success for sure. And another thing that I wanted to mention Is that in our, well, do you want to mention, do you want to comment on that at all 

Will: before? No. I'm glad that you clarified not immature. Not

Jazmin: totally because yeah, cause sometimes I think Leo's can be looked at through an immature lens, but I think that they're just, yeah. I think we are almost created the, think that someone who abides by a life of play as a mature. And I think that if anything, they have it more figured out than we do. But so a north node, how that shows up a north node is sort of like an angle.

And I always call it like the north [00:31:00] star. So it's what we're going towards. It's what we're supposed to build towards. But if you have a north node, that means you have a south node and that south node is kind of like our comfort zone, so where we can choose to stay, if we don't really want to, you know, grow in life.

And if we're more comfortable with stagnancy. And so your north node is in your seventh house, which is the house of marriage and it's the house of relationships. It's a house of. Basically just, you know, how we relate to people outside of us, which means that that south node was in your first house, which is the house of self.

What that means in the digestive manner is that your comfort zone may have been in how you relate it to yourself. And knowing that like, as long as, and especially because the Gemini is so independent, that you may have found a lot of comfort in simply kind of doing things independently, doing things on your own.

Yeah. Living, not a life of solitude or isolation at all, actually, because of the fact that Geminis are so, sociable, but rather that like at the end of the day, if [00:32:00] only I had to take care of myself, I'm good. And so, so much of life's purpose for you. If you follow your north star, which I feel like you absolutely have.

It's finding that balance between others and yourself, and really building a life and a family where you show up authentically and where you are challenged to forfeits. A little bit of like the time that you would pour into yourself and know that it's almost more fulfilling to grow through that.

So does that make sense for you? 

Will: It does. It makes a huge amount of sense. And everything that you're saying is really complimentary. And I really, I mean, it's, it's, it's, it's lovely and it's wonderful. Well, not necessarily a bad thing, but, but for example,  in the past year ish or so, I've done a lot of self-reflection and I found some things within myself that I'm not real thrilled with that I'm actively.

Taking steps to correct. My, I have lived really my entire life. Very ego-driven very judgmental. I'm really trying to be more connected with [00:33:00] the soul path. And I have been in the past, I've made some very dire mistakes that have cost me almost cost me everything I've learned from. But what makes that happen?

What, what would, what would start my life path? So negatively only to be confronted with this, like reality of your screen. Fix it and then suddenly be so committed to fixing things. 

Jazmin: Oh my gosh. Well, you have a couple of things that would indicate that. And I think honestly, if we go back to that side of that eighth house, right.

What is hidden has so much to do with our identity. And I think that sometimes. Is it heavier house that people don't want to look at because it also rules it rules inheritance, it rules money and sometimes like money sort of being at the forefront rather than deep purpose and fulfillment. But it also just means that there are certain parts of ourselves that we don't really want to look at.

And with that sun being there, it's almost like being forced to look at it, but I think what's more important to him. Is where your moon is. So [00:34:00] like we said, your moon is in Libra, which is I think a beautiful placement as far as like being that mediator of life. But you have it in your 12th house, which the 12th house I think is one of the more intense houses.

There are 12 houses, so it's the last one. And. It has a lot to do with what's in the subconscious and it has to do with our shadow world a lot. So if you ever aren't barking in shadow work, which I feel like you kind of hinted at or alluded to having your moon there, which is your emotional world, is going to be a really, really, really deep profound experience to have in relation to.

How you identified by your emotions, right? So the moon being in the 10th house means you feel very deeply. There's a lot of intuitive and psychic ability, but it also means that you can drown in your own mistakes in your own, louder voices and the ways that maybe you hold yourself. Back simply because of fear or anxiety or just like subconscious dread.

But you also have your Mars right there. So that can also be indicative of sometimes when our Mars is in our 12th [00:35:00] house, it has to do with like a weird relationship with anger, either not feeling like your anger can be properly expressed or that it's expressed in a way that's unhealthy. So a big.

Not obstacle to overcome, but rather like something to be in touch with about when moving forward in life is what is my relationship with anger and is my anger, because it's next to that moon in that 12th house, anger and emotion, what's their relationship. And how can I make sure that I'm actually intentional with expressing my anger?

So communication. Yeah, it looks like it makes, oh my 

Will: gosh. If I thought you blew my mind before this, you hadn't even touched anything until now. Yeah. And I never mentioned anything to you about anger, but the fact that it is I, I classify my past actions or my, my past. Personality. I've been an extremely angry young men.

My whole youth was spent in anger and which then turned into something that only recently have I realized a lot of the [00:36:00] interactions I've had with people has been a direct response to my coming at them from anger, even though I'm not angry at them. Motivation in the way that I'm communicating with someone came from an anger inside myself.

I'm having to change. Actively having to change that. And that's probably the hardest thing in the world to do because it's been such a big part of me. Yeah. I know.

Bring that out. My gosh, I can't even believe. Yeah. 

Jazmin: Well, I do want to say that. So our divine feminine, you know, Mars rules, our divine masculine. So having, you know, how we express our divine masculine in a house that is so subconscious, that is so hidden that Ken sort of like rumble to the surface, it's indicative of the fact that, you know, anger isn't necessarily something that's so innate in you, but rather it's a product of not really maybe being able to have a healthy relationship with developing your divine [00:37:00] masculine.

So I think a way to sort of. Not men that, but to find, make amends with it would be to, you know, have a conversation with yourself in terms of like, you know, how does my divine masculine want to be expressed? How does this like an innate work drive sex drive way of expressing myself within the masculine realm, how can I channel that healthfully and not, you know, sort of projected spew it or.

Let it be emotionally led and let it go, you know, rabid. But yeah, I was kind of like, I was like, yeah, let's talk about the pretty things, but yeah, the thing is, charts are everything and they're so indicative of not only just who we are, but how a lot of our circumstances have molded us. Right. You know, having Venus and Jupiter in the 10th house also means that there's a really.

I would say an intricate relationship with like paternal figures in your life and just like men in typical. So it would make a lot of sense. Why a lot of different things like that would sort of develop. I think it's beautiful because it also shows you okay. Like what can I be more intentional with working on and what are my [00:38:00] strengths and how can I, you know, monetize those a bit more, you know,

 Will: Oh, honestly, a little overwhelming. I'm glad we're recording is because I'm going to have to listen to it a couple times to really let it all sink in. That's a lot of information that you, that you just got off of a birthday in a place of birth and a time of birth. I mean, that's, that's amazing. That's really astounding.


Jazmin: my favorite, favorite thing in the world. They do a lot of things. And one of my favorites is just to read people's charts because we always leave a session. I feel so intimately connected to every person that I read the chart of, because there's a sense of vulnerability that you kind of have to forfeit.

And there's also a sense of connection that you always inevitably feel. I see so much of myself in you and in every person that I've been able to read, because I think it connects us deeper when we realize, you know, that we're just we're products of this earth and there is no separation between universe and human it's it's all one.

And so why wouldn't we. Ruled by this universe that we are made up of. It just, it, it, it seems easy to me, but yeah, it's, it's so much information that you can pull and I would really, I would encourage anyone to look into it.

[00:39:00] Look into the charts and just see what they find out about 

Will: themselves, for sure. Yeah. And you do this for people on a regular basis. So if somebody was interested in, in reaching out to you to get their chart and also if you go to your website, you can see all the different things that you do.

And it's, it's really. Astounded, we didn't even talk about spiritual.

There's a lot that you do, honestly. I'd love to have you back on the show because we have so much more to talk about and maybe get some other people's birth dates and see we can find, if someone wanted to reach out to you to get one of these done, how what's the best way for them to do.


Jazmin: yes, totally. Well, that would mean the absolute world to me. You can visit me on Instagram at Jasmine Kylene JZ and my N K Y L E N E. Or visit my website by the same and it's yeah, I mean, I do natal chart readings. I also do spiritual counseling. I do workshops. I do a lot of things, but I just, think it's such a beautiful way to feel more deeply connected to not only to [00:40:00] yourself, but to each other.

So  I'm always available 

  Will: The energies that come from you it very nurturing, very lovely, really wonderful, very relaxed and casual and comfortable. I can't recommend you enough.

I mean, just, just these 44 minutes or so that we've been talking have given me so much information that I do plan on going back and revisiting  I've just learned an awful lot about them. Yeah, which is the end of that thing, but maybe we should leave it here,

but, but certainly if anyone's interested in reaching out to you, gosh, I can't even recommend it enough. This has been really wonderful pleasure meeting you. And thank you for being open to coming and talking to me about this stuff. 

Jazmin: Thank you for having me means the absolute world. Thank you. 

Will: And I want to thank you listener as I always do, because I do understand that there's lots and lots of content out there screaming to get your attention.

And for whatever [00:41:00] reason, you came to this show and I'm super grateful and honored that you chose to listen to this one. Now, if this message has touched you, if you learn anything through our conversation or you no one who would benefit from this information, please. Don't hesitate to share this with someone that, you know, because to spread the message is really what we're here for.

And if you came here and you're listening to this message, it's for a reason, so let's help other people that might have a reason to listen to this message, get it. So, If you'd like to learn more about my guests, we talked about her website and her Instagram. Both is Jasmine at Jasmine Kylene is J a Z M I N K Y L E N E.

I'm going to lay in direct links to those in my show notes. So you can just go to them and click on the links directly. So it's easy as always, please don't forget. You can send me a voice message on middle position. you know, I love to hear your thoughts, your comments, your questions, your feedback on the show, the guests.

[00:42:00] Because the only way that we're going to bring you the content that it's going to really energize you. So I also love sharing people's stories. Love to share yours too. So please feel free to reach out. If you'd like to come on the show, you can join me on Facebook at the skeptic middle position links to my social media platforms and speak pipe access are all in the show notes as well.

I do have an Instagram account under sculpting your physician that you can follow as well. If you're interested. Well, that's all for now. Thanks again for listening and we'll see you again on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then take care.