Unlocking Your Higher Self | Tracy Yates

Do you want to be purposeful, meteoric, fulfilled, connected, illuminated, aligned? Unlocking the potential that your higher self offers, or reaching ascension, is oftentimes the ultimate goal of any spiritual practice. As a quantum activator, our guest ignites you to defy logic, collapse time, and break through barriers for infinite fulfillment, purpose and possibility in life and business.

Tracy Yates is on a mission to accelerate your infinite potential!

"People get tripped up when they're expecting to experience it (enlightenment) in a very specific way. But we all have a unique personality; our own way we experience the unseen world that's unique to us." -- Tracy Yates

As a 7 figure business owner for over two decades, dreaming up marketing for the world’s most influential brands, Tracy was “on track”. Until, her soul had enough and threw her a big curveball, thanks to the voice of a nearby cat!

Once she accepted that she wasn't losing her mind and followed where her soul was leading her – the universe responded quickly. It took her on a journey to studying with shamans, neuroplasticity, cosmic masters and spiritual gurus to emerge with powerful holistic approaches that addresses all the parts calling out for restoration and expansion – energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She says that most doctors, therapists, healers, coaches, and best-selling authors only deal with one level of our existence. And to rapidly expand, it requires attention to all parts of us.

So she created her own modality weaving consciousness, energetics, ancestral clearing, spirituality, and infinite, quantum codes.She's known for her non-surface approach to self mastery to get you rapid breakthroughs in your life and business. She has a unique ability to hold a crystal clear mirror while guideing you through her proven practices to claim lasting shifts that unlock your next level.

She's worked with soul seekers, impact-driven leaders, creatives, entrepreneurs, coaches, parents, and even an octogenarian – to accelerate momentum, reach self-mastery, expand beyond their imagination and jump solidly into infinite potential.

About our Guest:
Part Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Guide and Quantum Healer, Tracy is one of today's most innovative voices of modern spirituality. As an Activator, she guides others to unlock their innate gifts, use the secrets of the universe and heal their emotional, mental and energetic selves through soul alignment coaching and quantum energy healing. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and dog.

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Facebook: @tracy.yates15

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Tracy Yates

Will: [00:00:00] I've been racking my head, trying to figure out the best way to introduce our next guest because this conversation can go and I'm sure we'll go in so many different directions, but I guess the biggest question I have for you is. What do you know about. Quantum energy healing.

Karen: Well, I know that it exists and that's about where my HUD, well, 

Will: that's good. That's good because I didn't even know that this thing existed now, everyone knows that system is a show that I'm all about quantum mechanics and physics and all that kind of stuff. So to me, term quantum energy healing is super exciting, but I didn't know.

There were such a thing. Thankfully, our next game. Actually is an expert in that she created her own modality called soul alignment and quantum energy healing. She really focuses on. activating an elevating consciousness or helping others like Lightworkers spiritual seekers.

She helps them to collapse time, breakthrough barriers, gain infinite power purpose. Really just build themselves into the [00:01:00] best versions of themselves. I'm excited to introduce her today. Her name, Tracy Yates.


Will: Hey, everyone. Welcome back to, yes. Another episode of the skeptic, a but you knew that cause you hit play on this show. So thanks for coming along on this journey of discovery 

 tracy. Thanks so much for coming 

Tracy Yates: on the show. Hi, thanks so much for having me. I'm thrilled to be here.

Will: Did I butcher that whole introduction? Is that exactly what I said to you? Is that what you actually do? 

Tracy Yates: Yeah, I mean, I do a lot. I've I, I have a big spiritual toolbox is what I say. So I kind of. All the, all the [00:02:00] stuff that people know about some stuff that people don't know about and kind of blend it all together to really help people break through their patterns, their limitations, open up their spiritual gifts and really expand their consciousness.

Karen: I like the sounds of that. A big spiritual toolbox. I have like that little zipper pouch in my purse.

Will: What you started out to do in your life, right? This, this was something that came on you and almost like blindsided you, right? 

Tracy Yates: Yes. So I'll say yes, but there's a piece of it. You know, I've always been very intuitive. Which quite honestly, a lot of people are, and they don't realize it. So. When I was young, I think I was like six or seven and I had these visions.

I'm very clairvoyant. So I see a lot of things of some tragic things happening in my family. And I didn't know what to make of it, obviously at the [00:03:00] time. And when it did come to fruition, You know, as being a young girl, I, I felt responsible. So I got really freaked out and never even talked to anybody about it.

I never told my family, my parents, I just kind of, you know, shut that part of part down. So fast forward, you know, I, I still obviously had it in me, but I just wasn't consciously tapping into it. So I. studied fashion. I was a fashion stylist. I started my own marketing agency, which I had for 25 years.

Working with, you know, the world's largest brands that you're seeing here every day. And I use my intuition all the time in that business, you know, and, and I think people don't again, realize that that our intuition is. Skill, we all have. So fast forward 2018, I had [00:04:00] a sort of interesting experience with a cat.

 the cat started sharing some things with me and kind of said it's time. And of course, like anyone that would be startled by that and not used to that, you would question it and. You know, did someone put something in my tea? Wait, 

Will: wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, I gotta stop you. What did the cat share with you that freaked you out?

I mean, did the cat talk to you? Did it, did it tell her to open up his mouth to say, Hey Tracy, check out the spirit of the universe? 

Tracy Yates: No, he didn't open his mouth. At least not that way. Telepathically. So yeah, he said it's too. 

Will: So your cat said, 

Tracy Yates: it's time. It wasn't my cat. It was someone else's 

Will: cat. Cat.

Tracy Yates: Yeah. Yeah. 

Karen: How did you, how did you know that it was the cat talking to 

Tracy Yates: you? it was only he and I in the room. And he was staring right at me and it was a pretty intense look. I almost was, you know, uncomfortable because it [00:05:00] was. I I'm, I'm a little afraid of cats anyway, but anyway, that's another story.

I didn't know obviously what it meant at the time. But pretty much overnight, my, every, all my, you know, spiritual toolbox came back online and it was something that I really couldn't. Ignore anymore. So I decided to leave my business that I built, you know, with grit and hustle and solo for so many years and really transition into supporting others.

Will: That takes some serious courage. Oh yeah. Was there ever a point when you said I'm losing my mind? I don't think this is a smart move.

Tracy Yates: Of course, I wouldn't be human if I didn't, if that didn't happen. But you know, I, it took a lot. Yeah. So it took a lot of courage. It took a lot of self-trust. But you know, I always went back to. There's, this is all happening for a reason, cause this is not you know, I don't [00:06:00] know what traditional is anymore.

Right. But eat the stories you hear about these kinds of things kind of happening. And people coming online. That's not a normal thing where one day it just kind of gets blown wide open. So I just kind of went with it and, you know, found that it was really something that I loved doing. I was, it was something that.

I was good at. And you know, it's really goes back into my purpose and my mission is really, you know, raising the consciousness on our planet. 

Karen: how did you know it was real? 

Will: Hey, that's my question. 

Karen: I just want to know what to expect when it's 


Tracy Yates: turn. Well, Karen, we can, we can teach you. It's no problem.

I am sure I can teach you very easily, but You know, I think it's natural. It's natural to question it and everybody does. And that's the biggest part, the connection and getting the downloads. And that's not the hard part, actually. It's getting out of the way and trusting it and you know, that's a [00:07:00] process, it's it?

It takes time. You know, it's, it's keeps, you know, things keep happening and keep having experiences. And then ultimately you kind of say like, okay, either I've lost it or like, this is really happening.

Will: Okay. So here comes a mill. Right? I gotta ask the question. Cause I'm still, I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around how you got the first message from the cat. If I'm in a room in a. Looking at a cat and cat staring at me. And I'm hearing the cat voice in my head seeing it's time. I don't know if the first place I would jump to is a cat is talking to me.

I think the first place that I would jump to is I'm losing my mind. I guess what I'm strong in and I've struggled with this a lot in a lot of these interviews, is it, was it. Completely unavoidably. Absolutely. The cat talking to you, could it have been your mind or your thoughts, your higher self, whatever it is, acting and bringing these [00:08:00] conscious thoughts to you.

Instead of the cat being the one that's giving you the messages. I mean, cause I want to hear it. Like, I want to feel it. I want to ask a project. I want to hear things in my head. I want to lose a dream. I want to do all those things. And my big question has always been is this something that you question to go, am I really thinking that?

Or is this real? Or is it like, oh yeah, will you. Are hearing something and there's nothing that can make that, not be the case. 

Tracy Yates: Yeah. That's a great question. So let's say it wasn't the cat, let's just let's play this game, right? Let's say it wasn't the cat and it was my higher self. Would that make a difference?

Will: No, it wouldn't to your point. Absolutely not. But I guess my big thrust of that question is how definite is it when you hear this voice that, you know, for sure it's a voice and not just your own thoughts, just your fancy coming up. 

Tracy Yates: I'm sure most of your viewers, if, if they're following any spirituality or, you know, interest in their [00:09:00] intuition, they're probably familiar with the.

so when you're clairaudient, which I am, you do hear things that is a way that you do receive insight and downloads. And when you're clairaudient, it often does sound like your voice. Not always, but it's, it comes through in an auditory experience. So, you know, To answer your question. How do you know what's real?

Is D would that happen over and over again? If it wasn't real? I don't know. 

Will: And I guess the reason why I'm asking is because there've been times when. Something has occurred to me and it felt like this is not coming from me. I don't know where it's coming from, but I'm, I'm thinking this thing and I don't know where why, but here's something that I got to say to you.

Right. But it's never been a for sure thing. I've always questioned. Is this really just me thinking, I'm thinking something. I need something to hit me over the side of the head with a [00:10:00] two by four, two by fours, say this is metaphysics saying, come to the 

Karen: light. That's what the cat was all about.

Whether or not it was her higher self or a spirit or something. Whatever out there knows that she had this little phobia with cats and for a cat, first of all, it's going to get her attention. And then for it to stare intently at her, I mean, I see that as a sign, that's like, you have to hear this message, whether it's one of your own or someone else's, but she needed to 

Tracy Yates: realize that.

Well, and I think, you know, we'll, that's totally common, right? Because we aren't, we aren't taught that this is real. And so when we aren't taught that this is Phony or people were making this up or, you know, whatever people believe you know, you have a really hard time trusting it, but you gotta get out of the way.

Not you personally, I'm saying you, the global youth, maybe you too. Well, you know, I, you know, and that's part of the process actually is allowing yourself to get out of [00:11:00] the way, because all of these, I call it kind of like a second operating. So. So we have our five senses, right? Like that we experienced something, we taste something, it goes to our brain and our brain processes it.

Right. That's how our biology works. That's the main operating system everyone's using. It works. It's great, right? Nothing, nothing to say about that operating system, but we have the second operating system, which is all these other senses that we just haven't been consciously tuning into.

Does that 

Will: help? it does. I think we could probably talk about this the entire hour that we're talking to because maybe because I haven't experienced it because I don't know, because I do question because I don't want to be seen as someone who's just making stuff up. Right. I'm hoping that at some point there will be something in my mind that says, this is not you making things up.

This is real. And I won't have any question about it because right now [00:12:00] I still question it completely question. So my question comes from the fact that I want to know, like, how definitive did you get that message that this is, you had no question you're in your mind. This is real, right. 

Tracy Yates: I mean, at the time, Of course, I questioned it in that moment.

Of course I questioned it. Right. I mean, I don't think it definitely wasn't like in that moment I was like, oh 

Karen: no, no I, 

Tracy Yates: yeah. Right. That would have been cool. Yeah, I definitely questioned it. Didn't understand it at the time. But it was the impetus that put me on the path to understanding. And I think, you know, going back to your question of like, how is, how do you know it's real?

I think, you know, when you're also working with or on other people and you're seeing the transformations, you're seeing the [00:13:00] ahas, you're seeing the changes. You can't believe it. 

Will: Yeah. That I think is an excellent point and something that I've not had the opportunity to do because I don't work with people.

I don't like the only person I've talked to about these thoughts that I have is, is Karen. And Karen says, oh yeah, that's it. That's it. That's it. 

Karen: Listen to me. 

Will: But Karen says that a lot about a lot of things. So.

I don't want to 

Karen: comment. No, but so is it like going with your gut but on steroids or is it like, 

Tracy Yates: which, which part, sorry, which part are you checking out? 

Karen: Which is um, you know, when you're, when you're knowing what to do or what to say and kind of to Will's point, like, how do you know what's the difference?

You know? Cause sometimes you're like, well, this seems like the right thing to do, but, but maybe not, but they say, go with your gut, so 

Tracy Yates: I'm going to do it. I think one of the. The most interesting things that people may not understand. Is that a lot of the sensations or information are also felt [00:14:00] in your body. So, yeah, Oftentimes, you don't have the words for it because you're feeling a vibration, you're feeling an energetic frequency.


Yeah, I haven't had that. 

Will: You're making things so much more complicated. Now. I was waiting for a voice that says, Hey, this is it. Got to be all kinds of aware of all the stuff. 

Tracy Yates: Okay. Well, and we'll let, so let's go back to that for a second. So you may not be clairaudient. Okay. Let's just say, let's just say you're not, you're not going to hear about.

You're going to experience it in another way. And, and that's also what I think why people get tripped up is they're expecting it to be, to experience it in a very specific way, but like, we all have a unique personality. Right. Are the way we experienced this. The [00:15:00] unseen world that's call it is unique to us.

So we'll, you may be clear sentience, let's say so you're going to feel stuff in your body. So let's say you're having a conversation with someone and it's like really off. Like, you're just like, oh, this doesn't feel good. This doesn't feel right. This person isn't being authentic, whatever. So you probably are getting, if you're clear sentience, you're getting information in your body, but you're not aware of it.

You don't know what it means. So you probably are like, oh, I worked out really hard yesterday, so my back, oh, my back hurts. Do you understand? Does that make sense? It does, but it wouldn't 

Karen: be the workout thing. 

Will: It all makes great sense and obviously, truly Important point that we are all different and we all feel things different in your a hundred percent. Right. I could be expecting something that is not how I'm going to get the messages. So I need to expand my horizons 

Tracy Yates: a little bit more.

And the more you expect it to be a certain way, [00:16:00] I'm not going to do that. Right. 

Karen: Right. So this might sound like a dumb question, but. Claire, somethings are there. May you hear clairvoyant? And now you're saying clear sentience and clever. 

Tracy Yates: Okay. I have to say them to remember all of them. So clairvoyant is clear scene, so you can see that through your eyes when they're open, that's the lesser popular or through your minds.

With your eyes closed, there's clear sentience, which is sensations, physical sensations in your body. There's a clear empathy where you're picking up other people's feelings and emotions. Is that you? 

Will: Yup. That's me. Okay. But we'll talk about that. 

Tracy Yates: Okay. There's clear audience. That's clear hearing. What am I forgetting?

There's Claire tastes. Clear touch where people can actually, I don't have this skill, but you can actually touch an item and get downloads or insights from just holding something in your hand. 

Will: So the reason why I raised my hand during clear impact is [00:17:00] because my emotions change based on someone else. If someone is really angry in a room, I start feeling the same. I start feeling anger. If someone is really sad, I have a hard time not being sad.

It to the point where I'm trying to learn. Shut it off because I am so affected by other people's emotions. And it's, it becomes a problem sometimes. 

Tracy Yates: Yeah. So you can also put boundaries up. Right? I mean, I think that's another misconception is like, because you know, I'm like why, you know, may people think I'm walking in the grocery store and I'm like being bombarded by spirits and stuff and everybody else's, and it's not the case at all.

I consciously turned it on and I consciously turned it off and everyone else can do that. Right. 

Karen: And when it's on, can you focus just on one person or when it's on, is it like all or nothing? 

Tracy Yates: Oh, no, I could F yeah, I folk, I prefer to focus in on one person. That's my preference, but yes, absolutely. 

Will: So just for the audience that they know you are a medium.[00:18:00] 

Your Chandler and your quantum healer and you are a spiritual coach, I guess, for lack of a better term. Is that right? Yes. an activator also someone who will act. The gifts of others. Is that true? Yes, that's true. Okay. We are going to talk after that. 

Karen: So we we've had a bunch of different guests from all different walks of life and that practice different things in your experience.

Have you dealt a lot with negative energies and negative spirits? Like the scary stuff we've heard this, we've heard it. Doesn't and I just would like to know what your thoughts on that are. 

Tracy Yates: There is dark there's there's duality in life, right there is there's it's and it's the balance that we're all trying to get to, but that's a whole nother conversation too, but dark, yes, there are dark energies that come in various different forms.

They're not fun. But you know, it's also the more you are in fear of. The more it's you're going to [00:19:00] react to them. So, and the higher that you raise your vibration and are in a positive, non fearful place, the harder it is for any of that stuff to really affect you. 

Will: Yeah. We've heard that from several different people.

The key is to, raise your vibrations. And that's where someone like you comes in, where you help people raise their vibrations to the point where that the term Ascension gets thrown around a lot, but we are all trying to. Get to that point at some point. So, you do something you've talked about something called higher self mastery, and then your modality is the soul alignment.

And I think I have an idea of what soul I'm in is, but I'm not sure I've ever heard of higher self mastery. Can you tell us what that 

Tracy Yates: is? Yeah. everyone has a higher self, and I, and that's also often referred as our. It's sort of a little bit interchangeable. And that's, that's the person, the soul, the herself that really knows, right.

What's in our best interests. [00:20:00] What we're here to experience what, what our purpose is. Right. That's think of it as like, this is such a funny analogy, but think of it as like a little cloud computer, right. With all the information stored in it and And what happens is, you know, we all, and we all have an energetic signature that says I thrive in nature, or I thrive in a city, you know, I'm best suited doing X and.

We don't listen to it because we're not connected to it because we're so deep in our conditioning, you know, like you grilled me at the, at the start, which I totally am happy to have, but you know, we, we question everything, right? Oh, am I doing the right thing? Or is this, am I on the right path? Or, oh, should I be, if I go down this path, like I can't make money or I can't create a business.

Right. So we're doing all these things. Where we're being guided, we're being led all the time, [00:21:00] but it's that we're not listening and paying attention. And so we go down the path of doing things that aren't aligned with our higher self. And the more that we do that. We start chasing fulfillment because we're, you know, even like you can have accomplishments and have accolades, right.

And, and it's just like, there's something in you that says there's more, or this, this, what is this? You know, we don't know. And then we just get on this cycle of chasing. And then, you know, thinking that, oh, when we finally reach. We'll be fulfilled, right? Everything will fall into place. you know, that doesn't happen because when you're at aligned with who you are aligned with, your higher self is actually when the things fall into place.

It's when you start attracting what's right for you. It's when you can actually manifest rapidly. So that's kind of the connection between soul lined and [00:22:00] higher self. 

Will: So how does someone know.

 They're supposed to be doing, because you can feel like, well, I'm not, something's wrong. And then you, you kind of have a feeling that you're not aligned with your soul purpose, but then how, if you feel that, how does someone go about finding alignment? 

Tracy Yates: it starts with really healing, our limitations.

Because we, you know, I always say that like the great cosmic joke is that we have limitations, but we don't, we don't have limitations. Our minds are putting these limitations on us by our stories that we tell ourselves, you know, our subconscious, our beliefs from other people. So it really starts with.

Healing, your limitations, the stories, and opening up your consciousness. And then really the path is lit. 

Will: And I assume that's where the quantum energy healing part. 

Tracy Yates: Yes. So I do coach people to [00:23:00] help them find them higher selves align with their soul align with their higher purpose. So that is part of my coaching, but I also do energy healing uh, which is the quantum stuff.

Karen: How long does it take someone to become aligned? Typically I know everybody's different and their experiences are different, but what's a ballpark.

Tracy Yates: It doesn't take that long. Really? It doesn't. I mean, I, most of the people that I work with, my clients, we generally work together for, for two months and we do an intense kind of rapid experience. They change drastically in those two months. And it's, it really takes the willingness and the desire.

That's really where it stops. 

Karen: Okay. And your clients, are they mostly people that are involved and want to also teach others the practice or is it like an accountant and a lawyer like, or a mix? I'm just 

Tracy Yates: curious. So I, I generally work with people who do not work in the spirit. Industry with my coaching.

Sometimes they [00:24:00] do, but generally I don't, most of the stuff that I'm doing outside of that with energy healing, a lot of it is Lightworkers where I'm taking them really to their next level. So it's kind of a combination of both. It just depends on the modality, I guess. 

Will: is quantum energy healing like Reiki or is it totally different?

Tracy Yates: It's totally different. 

Will: Hi. I had no idea. There were so many different types of healing. I'm just hurting 

Tracy Yates: my back. Yeah. Yeah, so, I mean, I think also most people who are in the, in the healing modality, you know, they do learn some sort of foundation, but then they tend to. Make it their own based on their own strengths.

So that's kind of how I approach it. I feel like I just created my own brand and medicine. Right. But but I did channel this modality I was self-taught Bye, you know, the spiritual masters and the cosmos. I haven't taken any energy healing classes or [00:25:00] anything. And it's just, it's really powerful stuff.

And quantum is essentially if people blue don't know it's the space, that's really where there's no limitations. 

Will: Here I go again, mate. I'm not sure if we do it, so it's totally different than Reiki, but how is it different than Reiki? I can't imagine. we had an energy healer on the show a while back who helped with visualization and we visualize things and it helped healing that way.

Then we had someone else who actually just had us lay on the, on the bed and he's manipulating energies through utilizing other deities to help focus energies into Austin, things like that. So, You are channeling universal life, energy into the other, person's going through you. And what makes quantum energy healing different?

How, how does it work? 

Tracy Yates: I use a blend of sacred geometry. 

Will: The geometry. That's another term. I have not heard 

Tracy Yates: that. Well, I'm just blowing your mind today. 

Will: You really are. [00:26:00] I honestly, Tracy, I think, we're going to have to have you back three or four times because we haven't even touched half the topics that we want to talk about.

And we're already halfway through this interview. So I'm 

Karen: excited because I did really well in geometry and bring 

Will: it on. That's a good point. Can you, can you deal with it if you were really bad at math in school? Cause I was 

Tracy Yates: really. That, I don't know the answer to that question, but ironically I, I was a good student.

I wasn't like an awesome, awesome student, but I did get an, a plus in geometry. So apparently I was onto something at that time. But no, but sacred geometry is essentially using shapes, geometric shapes that emit an energetic frequency.

Will: You've got to, you've got to go into more detail than that died with like a triangle feels like 

Tracy Yates: really? Yes, that's a pyramid. There's, there's so many different shapes and it will be, it's going to be so hard for me to describe without a visual, but you know, your [00:27:00] listeners can definitely Google sacred geometry because it's not just the basic.

So I have to Google to get visual. I'm going to, they're going 

Will: to Google the 

Tracy Yates: right 

Karen: now, all the symbolism. I mean, there's always like this triangle, the Trinity. 

Will: Well, that's a good point. Right? So in Reiki that you do use symbols, right? There's the, the, the, the chokecherry symbol, which is a spiral and things like that.

Yeah. Is that kind of the thing that you draw it into in the air at someone? 

Tracy Yates: No, I don't draw it in the air. 

Will: That's what Mickey, that's what we do and rake you out the door in the air. 

Tracy Yates: I just connect to the frequencies, the geometric patterns and there's different ones and they all have different frequencies.

So I may use. One for someone and then another, for someone else, I don't always know what. It's, it's not like an intuitive reading where I'm like getting the full story and like talking about a past life. And [00:28:00] like I'm not really, it's, it's really focused on not only clearing, but restoring an upgrading.

So the difference with quantum and Reiki is that there is a biological element to quantum. So we, we go, I go into the actual box. I am not just focused on shakras and remove things, restore them, and then download new frequencies that upgrade people. 

Will: Wow. You are really blowing my mind. That's that's like a spiritual game of operation when it 

Tracy Yates: sounds like, you know, I call it spiritual technology.

And, and, you know, there is a lot of technology. I think, you know, we, it just, a lot of it hasn't been available to us. And, and obviously, as you both know, you know, our planet has been going through a big expansion and, and as the collective expands their [00:29:00] consciousness, it's we kind of access. So it's, you know, everyone's doing a beautiful job, so, so that's kind of what's happening and new frequencies, new, more potent, higher dimensional frequencies are becoming available.

Will: I guess that's what people are talking about. The five D consciousness and things like that, where we're all now, the world is starting to move into a different age. It gets where we're in the age of Aquarius. Right. And so many people are waking up and I just saw everywhere you look, there is someone else waking up apparently.

And We've been told on the show as a matter of fact, that, that we are close to this shift that your thoughts. Exactly. 

Tracy Yates: Yes. So it's not a finite shift. This is how I look at it. So let's talk about awakening or Ascension. You wanna want to go there? Should we go there? We have time to get there.

Okay. So there was like their stage one. Let's call it that right where it [00:30:00] that's where the real sort of like, aha. Oh, wow. Kind of awakening was happening where people were really starting to come online. So that was stage one. And when we got to a critical mass of consciousness in the collective, we were then able to sort of transition into stage.

And I refer to stage two, as you know, the new paradigm where people are really starting to use these they're higher consciousness. Right. And there's a new frequencies in all industries you know, developing new technologies, developing different systems. So that's kind of where we are now. So I don't see Ascension.

Point a to point B, it's a little bit of an evolution. 

Will: Right. Those darn gray areas. I just want it to be on or be off. Darn it. So then you, you feel we're in stage [00:31:00] two now was that? Yeah. 

Tracy Yates: And I think, and it's, and stage one is still happening. Right? I think these are both sort of coexisting simultaneously.

It's not linear. It's not like, okay, we've accomplished this now. It's now we're going into phase two. Th we're in the beginnings of phase two or stage two stage one is still happening and people are at different levels of their awakening in stage one. So it's an overlap. 

Will: I've also been told that that is the reason why some people on the planet are having such a hard time with it because it's uncomfortable for them 

Tracy Yates: yes. I believe everything is changing. It already is changing. I'm not, I, I don't question that. I guess, you know, I try not to stay away from well, when and how, right? Because there's multiple timelines. There's multiple outcomes. But to answer your question, yes, we are evolving.

We are, you know, the consciousness has already reached a point where we were able to go [00:32:00] into stage two. Right. So it's happening. How long it takes to get to the end game goal, you know, like you want, like the end then timeline will I don't know, you know, I, I think there's a lot of stuff that needs to, to happen and to change and, you know, even down to infrastructure and that's, you know, I don't even know what.

Analogy to use there it's like steering 10 Titanics or something, you know, but but yes, it, it, it is difficult. And but I also think, you know, it's more difficult to stay than to change. 

Will: I would agree with that. I think that's why people are getting really angry, the ones that are not changing, because now they're afraid that there's a big fear that comes along with it.

we just talked to someone recently about her spiritual awakening and how difficult it was. And we did talk about the fact that any birth, every birth is messy and uncomfortable and hard. And. A spiritual birth is no different than an, a [00:33:00] physical birth. And her story was similar to yours where she thought she was losing her mind.

She, she left behind her whole life to go somewhere else to try to come to grips with all this thing. And it came back with really good understandings and amazing gifts that she's now sharing with the world. So there's, there's precedent for all this that we're talking about, but I do, I, I need I need an end game, right?

I need a finish line that says we've made it and I don't know. I, I know we're not going to get that and that's uncomfortable for someone like me. 

Tracy Yates: Yeah. Yes. I hear you.

Will: is that you talked about the sacred geometry, sacred geometry. Thank you. And you talked about each shape having different frequencies and things like that. Is that what you consider to be energy? You, you mentioned that energy clearing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Right? What did you mean by that? 

Tracy Yates: everything is energy. I think we should start there because I think, you know, energy sometimes feels very esoteric because [00:34:00] most people cannot see it. Right. You can't see it with your eyes. Some people can, but most people cannot. It's mostly felt. And so. I'm trying to think of the best analogy here.

Like one frequency could take two paragraphs in written word to explain. Wow. So it's really hard to use our language and say, this energy is. The law in one word, because it's, it's much bigger than that, right? So everything is energy. We, our bodies are energy. Our thoughts, our energy, our words are energy.

Nature is energy. Energy is essentially the universal language.

Will: why would clearing that energy? Just be the tip of the iceberg though. 

Tracy Yates: generally in, and I'm not, I don't study Reiki, so I'm just going to, you know, I don't have a lot of background in Reiki specifically, but you know, most energy work is focused just on clearing, [00:35:00] but I am generally, that's not permanent.

' cause you just clearing it out generally comes back. So from a quantum healing perspective and I clear it, I restore it and I upgrade it. So you're seeing permanent instantaneous shifts rather than clearing. So it's just, it's fast. It's it's more potent. And most of the people that I work on um, they uncover new spiritual tools for their toolbox that they never knew they had they release long-term unproductive thought patterns, beliefs, pain, and we've been going to past life stuff.

So it's, it's Really powerful modality that works instantaneously and just allows you to move up or to expand. 

Karen: Wow. 

Will: understanding what you mean by cleaning. Clarifies everything for me. Now I do understand Reiki clears the [00:36:00] energies and sure things will come back. So I'm intrigued to hear that what you will, the quantum healing that you do is different because you actually go in and you fix the problem.

So that's, that's interesting that you also said something earlier that that intrigued me. You mentioned that intuition. Is the language of the soul. 

Tracy Yates: You know, our intuition we all, we all are connected through one, right? I I'm assuming you are familiar with kind of like the law of one or that concept.

Right. So we're all connected. And so we can. Connect with one another, communicate with one another telepathically, you know, through, through our senses. So using our intuition. So that's really, I mean, that's the basis of how we're all communicating with each other anyway.

Will: Like, I love that in such a profound way, because [00:37:00] it all of a sudden, as soon as you started talking, it just clicked in my head intuition. That's how we're talking to each other. That is fantastic. I'm totally writing it down. 

Tracy Yates: I'm 

Karen: stealing it. And when you always ask me how I know what you were thinking

Tracy Yates: well, and I think the interesting maybe thing to also um, am thrilled The light bulb went on for you. So that's awesome. But you know, I think when we think of intuition, we also think of like predicting the future or, you know, having some. Experience like astral projecting, like you wanted to do well, and it's it's, it's not that it doesn't have to be that right.

It can be that, 

Will: but there's a chance. 

Tracy Yates: Yes. There's a tendency for sure. Definitely. 

Will: You know, when sometimes you are sitting around a dinner table and the conversation gets going and you just you're energized and you, we, I mean, it just, you hope it never [00:38:00] finishes because you continuously, you, you come up with different topics and you go, you go dive deep into something and then you go into geesh, you shift, you surf onto another topic and it just, it, it gives you this really great.

Yeah, well, this is what I'm feeling from this conversation. It's been so amazing that we are so far out of time. I didn't realize it until right this minute. So, Tracy, I'm going to put all your social media platforms websites, all that, all that information so that people can reach out to you in our show notes.

Because I want to have more conversations with you because this has been super fun. And I know that a lot of people out there are going to want to reach out to you too, 

Karen: and you explain everything so well. So you make it so easy to understand. It's like, oh, of course. 

Tracy Yates: Well, I guess that comes to my marketing.

Right, I guess, but, but that's great. I loved being here and thanks so much for the awesome fruitful conversation. And I love I love chatting with you guys [00:39:00] too. 

Will: Well, thanks so much. And I really, I hope that we stay in contact because it it's this type of report that, that we have with you is, is, is rare.

So, it's been a lot of fun. Thank you for. Thank you. And thank you listener for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. Now we'd love to continue the conversation with you on Facebook and Instagram. So please feel free to find this there under at skeptic metaphysician, or you can always go to skeptic

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It's only going to help grow the show and believe me, you may just help someone that is going through a difficult. In their lives right now. Have you missed any of our show today? If you're listening to this on a, on the radio, not to worry all of our [00:40:00] shows, including this, one's going to be found on skeptic

So I invite you to go check it out I hope you've enjoyed the episode as much as we have. That's all we have this time around. We do appreciate you joining us.

We'll see you again on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then.

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