A Former Intelligence Agent's View on Metaphysics

Does the government know that metaphysics is real , but actively trying to downplay the significance of the spiritual awakenings that so many people are undergoing? Is psychic ability, ESP, remote viewing and others such modalities something that the government has been researching for decades? You might be surprised at some of the answers to these questions. Former intelligence agent and army veteran Justin Recla joins us to discuss this and so many other topics on this episode.

The Skeptic Metaphysician
A Former Intelligence Agent's View on Metaphysics

"At the end of the day, the only thing worth exploring is your own consciousness and your relationship to the divine, whatever that looks like for you. "
--Justin Recla

Some topic covered:
- Raising consciousness the right way
- How to offset the lower vibrations of the mass media
- What's the difference between remote viewing and astral projection
- What was "Project Stargate"
- How working for the government helped provide validity to his search in metaphysics
- What does the government believe The Matrix (no, not the movies) is and how do they leverage it?
- How you can stop seeing the world through the eyes of a victim
- How religion influenced his metaphysical belief system
- Whats the best way to start your own metaphysical search
- How the power of belief influences your ability to develop "superpowers"....and should you?
- The reality behind the concept of hell
- How to reconcile religious beliefs with metaphysics
- The 2 rules (and only 2) that Jesus gave us
- Who the only person is that should dictate what your personal relationship with God is

And so much more!

About our Guest:
Justin Recla is an Army veteran and former counterintelligence agent. He and his family (Justin, Tonya and Neva Lee Recla) are considered the first family of inspired personal development and live their lives as a testament to the power of synergy, love and communion with God. Justin’s message is simple: help others, do things better and have self-dominion in everything you do!

Resources Mentioned:
Think and Grow Rich
Outwitting the Devil

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