Channeled Messages from the Galayla Collective

This week's guest takes manifesting to a whole new level with her sixth dimension manifestation paradigm. We had the opportunity to hear, through our guest, from the Galayla Collective they were channeled for us LIVE right on the show. Since very young, she's always been able to interpret energy in a very unique way because ...she died when she was around six months old. Listen to her full story and listen to her channel these interdimensional beings, right on this recording!

The Skeptic Metaphysician
Channeled Messages from the Galayla Collective

Some topics covered:
- What the Galayla Collective IS!
- How she started channeling them
- How they differ from the Galactic Federation
- What 6th Dimensional Manifestation is and how to best put it into practice
- The messages for the world from the Collective
- Her theory on why some people suffer so much if we truly all create our own reality

And stick around to listen to the Collective channel personal messages for Karen and Will!

About our Guest:
Leeann Rose works alongside the Collective consciousness she channels (The Galayla Collective) to assist lightleaders to master the new paradigm of manifestation do that they can achieve radical alignment with their Soul Purpose mission, unlock their abundance codes and achieve maximum impact in their work.

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