How to Energize Your Chakras to Heal Yourself

Human beings have an energy system, all of their own. What if I told you that' its possible to recharge that internal energy system whenever we wanted to, without any cost whatsoever. The fact is that we can, and our next guest finds it shocking that none of us are actually taught this when we're kids, and in fact, feels like something that should be taught, right along the lines of brushing your teeth. By the end of this episode, we're gonna learn exactly what the human energy system is and how everyone can learn to work with their own.

Dr. Susan Corso is a metaphysician, an intuitive, and an author of both fiction and nonfiction. She has had a spiritual consulting practice for over 40 years. Her latest nonfiction are the eight Energy Integrity workbooks; they teach applied, practical knowledge of how your chakras reflect your past, how your chakras can be changed in the present, and how to use your own human energy system to create your future.

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