Kinetic Divination: Unlocking Your Body's Healing Power

Unlock your power to heal yourself of any obstacle and create your own destiny by listening to the language of your body with Jillian Schlager's Kinetic Divination.

After being diagnosed with cancer, Jillian discovered the revolutionary technique of kinetic divination that removes energetic blocks and enables her to take control of her health and manifest her own reality.

Here's what we cover with Jillian Schleger in this episode:
1. Learn how to unlock the ability to identify and remove blocks that are holding you back from creating your healthiest, most successful life.

2. Discover how to communicate with your body through the language of physicality to know exactly what you need and when.

3. Uncover the power of muscle testing and visualization to help you heal yourself of even the most nefarious diseases.

And much more!

Jillian Schleger is a healer and teacher with over 30 years of experience. She has combined several healing modalities to help spiritual people identify and remove blocks that are preventing them from creating their healthiest, most successful selves.

She’s dedicated her life to helping people identify and remove blocks in their lives. After her own battle with cancer, she developed Kinetic Divination, a powerful method of muscle testing to help people listen to their bodies and heal. Will experienced this first-hand and noticed that not only was his anxiety reduced, but he was able to intuitively connect with the language of his body. Through the power of visualization and meditation, Will was able to dial down the energy of his cancer from a nine to a zero. Jillian's Kinetic Divination has changed Will's life and has been an invaluable source of healing for many.

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Jillian doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers, but as a self-proclaimed PDA (that’s a Personal Developement Advocate) she is here to change the way Empaths and Intuitives create their realities. It hasn’t been an everyday occurrence that you get to eliminate subconscious programming and create life as though you really mean to, but that’s exactly what Jillian is here to show you how to do.

With over 30 years working as a healer and almost 20 years teaching experience Jillian has combined several of her favourite tools from a wide range of healing methodologies in order to teach highly sensitive people how to use the wounds and trauma of the past as a superpower which guides us in creating the future of our dreams.

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