Shamanism and Nature-Based Spirituality

They say that Spirit lives in all things, not just human beings. But what does it mean to live in perfect harmony with nature? And how can someone leverage the Shamanic journey in their quest for higher spiritual awakenings? Our guests this week help mentor those that are seeking the answers to these and many more questions.

The Skeptic Metaphysician
Shamanism and Nature-Based Spirituality

"Trance work is essential to Shamanism. And ultimately what happens there is that your rational brain, your ego and all that, it kind of shuts off and you get to have an experience of what is normally being filtered out. "
--Eric Lingen

Some of the Topics Covered:
- What is shamanism?
- What is trance, and why is it important?
- What is the Spirit World?
- What are the spirits from a shamanic perspective?
- What is "soul loss", “power loss”, and “attachments”?
- What is "soul retrieval" and how can it affect someone's life?
- What is it like to be called to the shamanic path?
- What kind of paranormal events bring people to shamanism?
- What are the benefits of shamanism and how can it help in one's life?
- What does Lucid Dreaming have to do with Shamanism?
- How does drumming impact trance?
- How does shamanism help see into the veil?

About our Guest:
Laova and Eric are the founders of the Spirit World Center, a space for people of all paths to come together and discover how to create a positive relationship with the spiritual realms.

They are practitioners of shamanism and nature-based spirituality, and provide paranormal consulting and training in shamanism, channeling, and sacred ceremony.

Guest Info:
Instagram: @spirit_world_center

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