Everyone has, at one point or another, checked out their horoscope.

At time, it could have really spoken to you and prepared you for the day......at others, it may have seemed so vague that it didn't really inspire a lot of confidence in the words you were reading.

So many people laugh astrology off as a pseudo-science.....but is it really?

I put my guest, Jazmin Kylene, to the test by giving her ZERO information about me, other than my date of birth, my time of birth and my birthplace.

The results.......BLEW MY MIND.

Sure...there is a lot of information about me out there on the internet and I suppose she could have learned a few things that way prior to coming on the show, but.....her reading of my chart was so NOT vague. Like AT ALL. The specifics that she shared were so deeply personal, that I'm even worried about releasing this episode!

Let's just say that listening to this episode will DEFINITELY provide you with DEEP insight into who Will is.

We also dive deeply into the "science" of astrology, where it comes from, what are the parameters behind the reading of charts and we talk about different aspects of different singes.

Oh and of course, the reason why those horoscopes are sometimes so ridiculously vague!

Don't miss this show if you're at all curious as to the validity of astrology.

You will be amazed!

What IS Astrology


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