The Secret That's Holding You Back

Prepare to be enlightened, energized, and empowered! An authentic and gifted, psychic medium, with the knowledge and experience of a psychotherapist and the big charming personality of a showman, this week's guest is one of the MOST FUN conversations we've had in a very long time! Listen as he helps us understand what it takes to achieve deep, emotional healing, radical spiritual awakenings, and the keys to making everything we attempt in life work.

The Skeptic Metaphysician
The Secret That's Holding You Back

Some topics covered:
- What's the key to a radical spiritual awakening?
- How is the Law of Attraction like the Law of Gravity or the Law of Aerodynamics?
- What the biggest thing that can throw you off the path?
- How the story of Sodom and Gomorrah perfectly reflects our current civilization
- How all the problems of today are rooted in a spiritual crisis and how we can fix it
- Will we ever reach the spiritual critical mass we need to make a difference?
- How we can make a difference in getting the message out to the masses


About our Guest:
For almost four decades, Vincent has helped thousands of people around the world heal, unlock and release their passions and purpose, and transform their lives.

He's spoken at notable organizations such as the Edgar Cayce’s A. R. E., The Shift Network, Afterlife Research and Education Inc, and the International Association of Near-Death Studies. Media appearances include Impaulsive with Logan Paul, Jenny McCarthy, Megan McCain Radio, Unity Radio, Hay House Radio, Coast to Coast AM, Gaia TV, World news Tonight, Good Morning America, and other major television shows across the country.

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The Secret Thats Holding You Back

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