There’s an Ancient Manuscript about YOU in a Library in India: Indian Palm Leaf Reading

3,000 years ago, enlightened sages gained the power of clairvoyance. These Maharishis used their divine powers to look into the future and predict the lives of millions of people. Their insights were put down on dried Palm Leaves. Your Palm Leaf was written specifically for you to answer your most important questions about your life: Karma, Obstacles, Children, Destiny, Partnership, Career and Health. On this episode, our guest shares the secrets behind this jaw-dropping, little-known modality that you just HAVE to know about!

When Dr. Q Moayad, a white Austrian, discovers Indian palm leaf reading, otherwise known as Nadi Astrology, as a way to heal himself, he embarks on a transformative journey to uncover ancient secrets and bring the powerful modality to the West, only to discover the challenging truth of its complicated journey.

"When I was diagnosed with cancer, I said to myself, 'If I survive, I will go on a search to find meaning and finding this …it blew my mind I’m telling you.'" – Dr. Q Moayad

Dr. Q Moayad was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 19, an experience that propelled him on a spiritual journey to understand the unknown. After struggling with his health for years, he encountered Indian Palm Leaf Reading and was deeply intrigued. Despite the complexity of the system and difficulty of finding an authentic reader, he eventually created an institute to bring the practice to the West. He now works to not only help people through readings, but also to support an orphanage in Southern India.

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Dr Q founded the Indian Palm Leaf Reading Institute to bring this powerful, ancient wisdom to the west. Dr Q has been a guide for 30 years. His reading had a major transformational impact on his life where he was predicted that he will bring this ancient knowledge to the west.

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