Unveil the Power of Manifesting with Sex Magick and Tantric Sex

When Jessie Mclean invites us into her world of Sex Magic, she reveals an intimate journey of self-empowerment and manifestation that challenges us to release our inhibitions, embrace our full potential, and discover a new level of pleasure.

Sex Magic is an intimate practice used to manifest desired outcomes by raising one's vibration and embodying their highest self. It is a practice of going within and letting go of societal conditioning about sex. It is both an internal and external practice, with the man practicing semen retention to take ownership of his own power and the woman allowing pictures of her manifestation to come in. It is a commitment to oneself that can open doorways to greater pleasure and success.

Here's what we cover with Jessie Mclean in this episode:
1. What is Sex Magic and how can it be used to manifest what you desire?

2. How can Rituals be used to bring out an individual's highest self and highest pleasure?

3. How can Men use Sex Magic to step into their true power and experience heightened levels of bliss?

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ABOUT OUR GUEST: Jessie McLean is a women's empowerment coach, Reiki master, manifestation master, and yoga meditation teacher. She helps people upgrade their mindset and step into being the creator of their own reality through sex magic rituals.

Jessie is based in Brisbane Australia with her husband and four sons.

Jessie has lived and breathed everything she teaches by learning through her own journey of self transformation and now is working in person & online with those looking to upgrade their mindset & step into being the creator of their reality.

Creating a community of conscious souls that want to benefit your highest self, your loved ones and humanity, collectively doing good for greater human consciousness. Everyday we get a fresh chance to get the most out of this human experience, learning how to have a life filled with joy, connection and love is always on the other side of suffering.

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