What Are the Akashic Records and How To Use Them | Ronnie Ann Ryan

What Are the Akashic Records and How To Use Them | Ronnie Ann Ryan

What if there was a place that held everything that ever happened to every single person in the history of the world? Now what if you could gain access to the place, and have the ability to look at anyone's present, past or future.....and even...

What if there was a place that held everything that ever happened to every single person in the history of the world? Now what if you could gain access to the place, and have the ability to look at anyone's present, past or future.....and even access information from anyone's past lives?This week's guest claims that such a place not only exists, but that she routinely gathers information from there for her clients, in order to help them manage through challenges that they experience during this lifetime. This is what the Akashic Records are all about. About My Guest:Ronnie Ann Ryan, MBA, CCC is a Love & Cosmic Coach who has helped smart, successful, single women find lasting love. She’s also a Cosmic Coach who uses her psychic and mediumship gifts, channels your spirit guides and accesses the Akashic Records to find solutions to life’s challenges. Ronnie is a Reiki Master and has taught mystical classes for more than 20 years. She’s the author of six books on Amazon and has been featured by ABC, NBC, and Fox News, BBC, NPR,, Huffington Post,! and eHarmony among others.Some topics we cover:Why past lives and the Akashic RecordsHow she got started with themWhat exactly the Akashic Records areHow accessing the records help her clientsSome of her favorite past life storiesAnd she shares examples of the types of information she's discovered in the records and how that changed her clients' lifeAnd so much more!Resources:Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives - Dr. Brian K WeissOut on a Limb - Shirley MacLaineDancing in the Light - Shirley MacLaine Portrait of a Past-Life Skeptic: The True Story of a Police Detective's Reincarnation - Robert L. SnowJourney of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, Fifth Revised Edition - Michael Newton Guest Info:Website: Phone: (203) 877-3777 Podcast: Breathe, Love and MagicSkeptic Metaphysician Info:Facebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_PodcastVisit our website:


Akashic Records

Will: [00:00:00] [00:01:00] [00:02:00] Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician I'm will in next to me as always. Is Karen the lovely Karen, Karen, how are you doing today? Dandy. I am happy that you're dandy because I am super dandy today, especially because of the guests that we have coming on the show today.

I am unbelievably excited. Karen, how much do you know about the Akashic records? 

Ronnie Ryan: Absolutely nothing. Well, this will be fun then. Well, 

Karen: I'm excited. I hadn't even heard that term before this 

Ronnie Ryan: I'm super excited. 

Will: Wow. We have a lot to talk about. Oh, so what if there was a place that held everything that ever happened in the [00:03:00] history of the world?

Anyone could have access to that's basically what we're gonna be talking about here. And it does give us a little bit of a, conversation into past lives and all that kind of stuff. In order to really talk about that intelligently, we have brought on the expert on that. My next guest is a love and cosmic coach who has helped smart, successful single women find lasting love.

You are not to pay any attention to what Jim's saying. She's also a cosmic coach who uses her psychic and mediumship gifts channels, your spirit guides and accesses, the Akashic records to find solutions to life challenge. Ronnie's also a Reiki master has taught mystical classes for more than 20 years.

She's the author of six books on Amazon and has been featured by ABC NBC Fox news, BBC NPR,, Huffington post and E harmony among others. 

Ronnie Ryan: Wow. That is an impressive 

Karen: list of, 

Will: oh my gosh. And how I [00:04:00] cannot be more excited to welcome to the show today. Ronnie and Ryan. Ronnie, thank you so much for coming on.

I'm excited to talk to you 

Ronnie Ryan: today. Well, Karen, I'm thrilled to be here. 

Will: This is definitely going to be a lively conversation. I have no doubt. I like, I don't even know where to begin. There's so much to talk about right. To, to satisfy Karen's curiosity. Let's first go into the Kaushik records. What are the Akashic records so that we, Karen can get on the same page?

Ronnie Ryan: Okay. Well, there are many religions. That talk about a book of life or this kind of thing. And there are actually several religions that talk about past lives, Buddhists, Jainism, Sikhism, Judaism. There might be some sex of Muslim too. So, The idea is that there's a record of everything you've done, not just in this life, but in past lives.

Because if you believe in reincarnation, the idea is that you come to earth to learn lessons. Lord knows I'm learning every day. [00:05:00] And you are working through, you know, according to the Buddhist tradition, it would be karma or whatever, but you're working through whatever you are too. Lifts your spirit and grow, you know, grow aspects of your soul and become more spiritual and raise your vibration and that kind of thing.

the pastor record has kept track of everything that you've done supposedly. Right. And so all the details are there and it's yeah. Interesting how people talk about this? Cause some say that there is great detail when I. That's not what I'm looking for. I'm looking for the bigger picture of what you need help with rather than is it 

Karen: just go quick clarification?

Is it like one big, massive record that covers everybody? Or does everybody have their own? Because that's like a. Right. Library card file 

Ronnie Ryan: insistent. 

Will: That's what comes to mind, right? This big hall that like the Harry Potter, Harry Potter library, where he just goes on and on forever. Everybody 

Ronnie Ryan: in it, or does each person have their own eight?

[00:06:00] Yes. The idea is each person has their own. And so, you know, that Harry Potter example is perfect example, you know, that's what people see is it, they, some people call it the temple as some people call it the library. And I'm sure it's filled with floors and. More shelves than you'd want a desk. Right.

Will: You access it. How do you act? You like you go into a meditation and then you kind of look visualize book and you pull the book of will and read through it and you learn all the stuff about me. Is this something I should be worried about? 

Karen: Yes.

Ronnie Ryan: really funny question. Not how I do it. Okay. So I I do too. I know. No, you're sick. See if you're, you know, if you have ethics and integrity, you don't just go pulling through other people's records without it. 

Will: Right. Cause I'm not signed away anything just to be clear, [00:07:00] you haven't 

Ronnie Ryan: given away your rights.


spiritually, ethically liable for polka my nose, where it doesn't belong. So that would be on me so that, you know, I w I'm not interested in doing that year. So your secrets are safe. 

Will: I feel much better now. Thanks secrets. No, no, 

Ronnie Ryan: no. Just a couple of 

Will: my book, mine for a reason. Okay. So sorry. So, so then how do you access it? how does it work? How do you tap into that? 

Ronnie Ryan: Okay. So I tap in the same way. I opened my mind to my intuition, to mediumship and, you know, spirits who want to share information or whatever, you know, like I've been practicing a long time. So I tune in and I ask, I always go with a question. You know, some people, you know, I have done recently.

I did 30 Akashic readings in 30 days. I wanted to see, you know, what that would be like, if I could do it, I have to tie [00:08:00] in a world tour of ancient history. So it was a lot of fun. If you like history, was it all different? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. All different 

Will: people. And did they all sign away the rights? 

Ronnie Ryan: No, because, so that's what I'm saying.

They all have a question. So some people just want, we're curious, you know, and so we went on a little world tour, but some people like, they want to know why they had a tough relationship with them. Like what's going on with my brother and I, we can't stand each other. He's very hurtful, blah, blah, blah.

What happened in the past that makes this happen. So then it helps for me the way I work to have a specific question and go and look for the answers because my personal reason to be here on earth is to find solutions wherever I can. So that's my methodology. So, if somebody wanted a right.

Reading with me. And they wanted to know what happened exactly. From birth to death. That's not going to happen over here. That's not how I do it, but if you want to know why you're having trouble with your brother, we [00:09:00] will go and find that and see when it started and what, like how it might've progressed in other lifetimes and brought you to where you are today and what you can potentially do about 

Will: it.


Ronnie Ryan: Well, I like the sound of that. Yeah. It's pretty 

Will: cool. Right. Feel free to use that if you like it.

 All right. So, so really then you're talking about specifically looking for past life reasons why something's happening in your current life. Right? So, yeah, exactly. Okay. So, and for those uninitiated there are. There's a school of thought that talks about the fact that things that you're encountering challenges that you're encountering in this life.

Stem. Previous things like someone who is can't can't wear turtlenecks for an example may have in a past life, been hung in that way. They can't, they can't have anything on their neck because it follows him from past life or something along those lines. Is that, kind of the same? 

Ronnie Ryan: Well, you want me to give you an [00:10:00] example?

Absolutely. Yeah. So that's an interesting one that you point out about the hangings. I worked with a woman who This was years ago at a psychic fair. And she came to me. I could tell her name was Japanese name by looking at it cause it was on the slip. And so she wants to know she was young and she wanted to know her most previous incarnation.

So I went to look and came back and I said, you know, you died as a Navy guy. Pearl Harbor at the, which was a Japanese attack. And so I was like blown away by the bravery of her soul or spirit to come back as a Japanese woman and the very next life to see, well, what, you know, what was it like to be Japanese?

What was it like to be a woman versus a Navy guy and whatever. I just thought that was amazing. So she, she said, well, but why do I have such terrible fear of drowning? And I'm like that's probably how you're died. Right. She goes, I hate [00:11:00] fireworks. I hate big lab noise. Yeah. Like, that's probably what it sounded like when the bombs hit, you know?


Will: so all those things that she was saying to you were they, was she saying to like that she hates fireworks. She, she really hates the water. Is that, which is she say that to you after you told her what her past life was or before. So it made a lot of sense to her 

Ronnie Ryan: then. Yeah. Yeah. 

Karen: That's something that interested me.

Well, all of this is interesting me, but she chose to come back as a Japanese woman. So do you believe that we choose how we're coming back after, 

Ronnie Ryan: you know, with each week? Oh yes, I do. I think it's not like on a earth plane. Conscious level you're in, you know, Walmart picking stuff out, 

Will: now you're getting into things like a soul contracts and things like that, right? 

Ronnie Ryan: Yes, you are so on target. So that's my belief system. I mean, you know, how can any of us really prove any of this, but that is my belief system that. We make agreements before we come [00:12:00] here to work on things and to learn lessons and to advance as best we can.

And so, yeah, that you would, you know, you would make that choice, so it would be consciously just not in your earthly body. 

Will: Right? Right. This all brings up so many, so many, so many questions in my mind. When you gain access to this information, I'm trying to wrap my head around how you get it.

Like, do you, is it a visualization? Do you see a book? Does it just pop into your mind? How does that work? 

Ronnie Ryan: That is a great question. And I have a variety of ways to be truthful. You know, it is amazing. Sometimes I see. In my head in my mind's eye. Sometimes I hear stuff sometimes I just know. Like I get a whole chunk of information at once.

So people are different and they not, everybody can see or hear or know or whatever. I just happen to access through a mix. I've actually seen somebody's book, but it [00:13:00] doesn't happen all the time. Like, you know, I've seen a book, they're turning the pages at recently, I looked and I was being shown the book and the pages were empty.

I'm like, excuse me. No, the pages are empty and like, yes, because she hasn't decided. And so she needs to decide what's next, you know, she wants, so it was interesting. So it wasn't written. So sometimes I see it's kind of like a little movie, but not that much detail. I get glimpses of things. Sometimes it's very detailed.

It's all over the board. 

Karen: So when you do go in and you have the specific thought in mind, is that what comes to you or do you have to like sort through stuff? And I'm just trying to understand how that works. 

Ronnie Ryan: Oh, good. That's another good question. So

 here's what I've learned. When I go looking, looking, looking, looking, I don't find as much what I need to do as the channel is relax and let it come to me. And [00:14:00] the information will be more on target and what is needed than me. Like looking, looking, looking. So I try not to do that because then I'm pushing the envelope.


Will: And that was going to be my next, next question is how would you know, how do you know, like, I, I have thoughts popping into my head constantly, right? How do you know that it's not just a thought that popped in your head, but rather information from this person or from somebody that you need to express.

Ronnie Ryan: Well, I turn it on. So I'm not like these psychics walking down the street who grabbed somebody's shoulders and say, I have a message. 

Will: Be a little creepy, kind of cool. But 

Ronnie Ryan: the long island psyche message.

Will: Right running. If you get a message for us, please feel free to cost us in the street and let us know because we are looking for messages. Yeah. 

Ronnie Ryan: All right. You got it. I swear. I have to turn it on. So I need to be focused and thinking about the person and [00:15:00] have their question in mind and that's how I will get access to the information

it's intense. 

Karen: Okay. I was just going to say, we went recently to Charleston and went on a shelling tour and we were looking for a shark's teeth and we're looking and looking, and maybe this is one and that's not one. And you know that I'm like, I close my eyes and like, all right, let me, let me see a shark's tooth 

Will: for my daughter.

Most of the shark's teeth were teeny tiny, right? The little tiny little shark's sheet that have washed up on shore. Yeah. 

Karen: And I'm like, I want a big one. I want to put a big shark's tooth with my daughter. And I literally opened my eyes and looked down and there was like, Two inch perfectly shaped, beautiful socks tooth right 


Will: Yeah. Yeah. It was really big. And I'm just like surprising no one else on the beach. There was a bunch of people there. No one else on the beach found it. There were hundreds of people that went before us and lots of people after us. And the one who found it was Karen. And an interesting part was that she had actually just closed her eyes and asked for it.

Ronnie Ryan: Right. 

Karen: I mean, there's no reason anybody else shouldn't have seen it. 

Ronnie Ryan: Yeah. So it [00:16:00] was waiting there for you. You asked and the universe delivered, you got your shark teeth. Wow. That kind of makes 

Karen: me think about how you're saying you, you, you know, ask your question and it just 

Ronnie Ryan: similar energy. Quite sure, because you were focusing on what you wanted and then the universe provided it.

That's classic manifestation. You know, that was, that's a beautiful story, except it makes me a little nervous to think you were out swimming where the sharp teeth.

Will: Yeah. W just to clarify, we were not swimming. Right? Cause we had been told that there were a lot of shark teeth on these, on this beach. There's no way I would ever be in 

Ronnie Ryan: that water. 

Will: Yeah, that was my first question. So then Ronnie, this is a lot of information, a lot of great knowledge, a lot of access to information that people would love to have access to.

What brought you into this interest? Like why pass lies? Why the cash at record? set you on this? 

Ronnie Ryan: [00:17:00] Okay. when I was 12, I was in Western Civ with my best friends, Elizabeth in Doria and our project was something we had to create something from ancient Egypt. So the three of us got together and we made a pyramid.

It was just at a shirt, cardboard from my father's, you know, cleaning and we, we used colored pencils. You know, made all the hieroglyphics and everything. And I was just enthralled in deep, loving, loving, loving the whole thing. And I just always loved ancient history. And I was curious about a lot of things.

I'm curious about a lot of parts of the world, but I love ancient history. And so as time progressed, I, I ran into a book called Something about Bridey Murphy, which is a really old book from maybe from the fifties. And I wasn't reading it then.


Will: That's that's a pretty advanced for a 12 year old. 

Ronnie Ryan: Wasn't that old at fifties. Anyway, I read that and it was all [00:18:00] about a woman who had been hypnotized and gone back. And she was Friday Murphy in a past life. And then in the eighties, there were tons of books in the nineties like Brian, Dr. Brian, Roger Woolgar.

And let's not forget Shirley MacLaine because I don't know if that was early nineties, but she wrote that book I'm out on a limb, which. Her spiritual journey and then dancing, the light was all about her past lives, just fascinated by all of this. And then probably in 19, I took a class that lasted for a whole year where all we did was look at our past lives, given whatever our current challenges were.

We would go in the past. To see what was going on. And so that was a whole year of practicing with the same women and the same teacher. So that's really where things started to take off. 

Karen: why did you decide to or how did, how did you choose maybe to [00:19:00] use this, these tools to help women single women find 

Ronnie Ryan: love?

Wow. Of 

Will: course, you have to ask that question 

Ronnie Ryan: to that part of it. This is not the dating piece. you know, it could be, but I do help women find love and I help them through mindset through belief. Through eliminating any energetic blocks. And then through the regular mechanics of who should call, who should text, who should pay, you know, where do you go get it up?

So sometimes when so I was thinking were separate paths originally. And so sometimes a woman was just struggling, struggling, and we couldn't figure it out. I'm like, well, let me just tune in because I didn't want to advertise that I was doing this wacky stuff, you know,

Burned at the stake too many times in earlier life. so I would go and look and, and, you know, like one time I discovered that. This client of mine had been engaged to a guy and she just couldn't do it. She was young and she broke it off and [00:20:00] it plagued her all of her life. And now she was in her forties and she really wanted to find love and she just couldn't connect with anybody, whatever.

So we went back to look and she was very hung up on. Ma had she made a mistake at 19. And so we went back and she was very independent. She was a physician and very accomplished. So we went back to work and it turned out her ex there, who she was engaged to had been I dunno like a Shaw or something really big.

And like the Persian, you know, you're, you know, obviously centuries ago and he had a harem and she was in the harem and she was mad. She did not, she would have been young when she ended up in the harem. She didn't want anything to do with it. And she was one of his favorites and she couldn't, she didn't want, you know, she was just mad.

She wanted independence, she wanted to do steps. She wanted to whatever. And so in this life, She didn't commit to him. And then she hadn't gotten married because she really wanted [00:21:00] independence. And even though her conscious mind really wants love, wants to get married, whatever part of her didn't want to give up any independence or be controlled by a man or whatever, from things that happened in her past.

So that's the crossover, that's where that started to come into play. 

Will: And that makes a lot of sense. So I guess the next intuitive question is do past. Challenges follow you life after life, after life until you deal with it or do they skip generations? Oh, 

Ronnie Ryan: huh. That's very interesting. Okay. I told him, I asked all the good questions.

I can't give a definitive answer because I'm not a hundred percent sure on that. But what I can say is. You're not stuck with things like, even if you're repeating a lesson, you can learn it at any time. So it's not like if you do something in this life, you're stuck with it. And, and I don't really believe in [00:22:00] karma as being punishment.

Like people always say, oh, Karma's a bitch. And maybe it is, but it doesn't mean that you're here being punished for all the stuff you did in the past. That's not how I look at it. To me. This is another chance to. Try it and see if you can do better and that you've made the choice to try it and see if you can do it.

Karen: you said you don't necessarily believe that stuff follows you around. What about people are, I mean, are you stuck with the same people all the time? Well, 

Will: what stuck is, it has such a negative connotation. You're choosing to come back with the same thing. Right.

Karen: And you might get to be with others every time. 

Ronnie Ryan: Yeah. 

Will: Well, I'll let Ronnie answer that, but I would tend to think that from, from what I've heard, right, you do travel with a circle of souls with you that you reincarnate life after life, and sometimes you might be stuck with that soul. Other times you might be happy to be with that soul.

I do. It depends on the soul contract you make before [00:23:00] you. Okay. So I didn't mean to take up your expertise. Yeah, 

Ronnie Ryan: that was great. So very knowledgeable. I, I read a couple of books. I don't remember the author, but journey of souls was one of the books that he wrote and his gig was to hypnotize people for their lives in between lines.

Yeah, very, very cool. Like what are you doing when you're hanging out in heaven or whatever you want to call it right in between it's like eye opening. Fascinating. It's really good. So what they say in that, like in this is really distilling it is that we do. We were in like pods or having a soul group we're soul family or something like that.

So we do tend to run with the crowd. And so if you have someone, who's your art, just enemy, it's all this, but you probably know them from your soul plaid or whatever. And they agreed to [00:24:00] come back and drive you crazy and be your nemesis or whatever. And 

Karen: so you're always with them kind of like when a teacher assigned you to groups, One kid, but you've 

Ronnie Ryan: got to do the project.

It's a very big group. So you, I'm sure there's a lot of mixing and matching, but for example, I saw a past life of my own, where I was in Italy. And I don't know if it was the 14, 15 hundreds, but it was the Renaissance, which, you know, I just so close to my heart that the beauty, the, whatever, anyway, so I was there and my husband and I were doing magic with a whole bunch of other couples.

And I didn't know what kind of magic we were doing, but anyway, The garden showed up with their. Swords or whatever, and they just chopped. We were all standing in a circle. They chopped everybody's. Oh my gosh. Wow. Yeah. So I can wear a turtleneck. [00:25:00] What my brother I realized was my husband. So it was really funny because I told him, I said, Hey, I saw a pass wipe where you were my husband.

Yeah. Did I keep you in line? I'm not, not really. 

Will: You ended up getting your head chopped off because

basically you're saying that we are cosmic dolphin pods, right. We just go in. Yeah. Yeah. 

Ronnie Ryan: I love that. That sounds playful and fun. It sounds wonderful. 

Will: Absolutely. In fact, we've, we've interviewed people who, there was one gentleman I can think of who. His, he was so full of joy, his whole life in EA. We interviewed him about lucid dreamings and about his him traveling in his dreams to different, in his mind, he was leaving his body and actually traveling to what do you call it?

Soul school or something like that. But he had a sense of joy about him that was so like, it would just came across so strongly that w I just, we couldn't help a thing. You're doing something right. Because he [00:26:00] is so happy. It was awesome. So, okay. Here comes a skeptic in me, right? there are. Schools of people, schools of thought that would say that you may just be picking up some vague things that then like we all, we come to you and we want to believe that the information you're bringing across is true and is going to help us in our lives.

So could it just be us saying, oh yeah, yeah, yeah. And grasping at straws just to make ourselves feel better? Could it just be different hints that you've gotten through conversations that you've had with someone then you give out? .

Yeah. Not just good 


Ronnie Ryan: but hard question. Yeah. Take my breath away. I think that you know, I can't, who knows am I making up stuff or whatever, I suppose that's all possible. A lot of times it really resonates with people. I just Worked with another woman who was struggling with her mother and her mother always claim that she was [00:27:00] from Royal line.

And I did see her, but in a different life as royalty. And then I proceeded to talk about, she was also a Bishop and dah, dah dah. And when I now I didn't know anything. About the woman. And so after we were done, she was like, I can't even believe it. You know, I can't believe what you said because you know, she had all this stuff, like it touched a lot of different aspects of her life.

And that's happened to me many times, even when, recently I worked with a woman and she just wanted to do the world tour, you know, what her past lives were. And so I mentioned a lot of things. And they were all interests of hers in this life. Like I said, she was a Roman soldier and she had read stuff by Marcus, really us.

And he's got some diary that's out in popular now and all this different, like if I didn't know all those things, I told one woman, she had been a beekeeper and a farmer in a an Aboriginal medicine man and all this stuff. They tell me that it relates back [00:28:00] to things in their lives. I don't know about.

So I don't know. Could I just be picking up on things and embellishing? I, you know, I, I guess it's possible. I, you know, but I will tell you this, there is this guy who wrote this book. That I found on Amazon, I read it was fascinating and he's kind of lucky because he's a skeptic portrait of a past life skeptic, the true story of a police detectives reincarnation, and it's by Robert Snow.

Hey, somehow I don't remember the details got a glimpse or was told about a past life or had like some bleed through, through dreams and stuff. And he got really lucky. And so being a detective, he went to investigate and found evidence of who he was before. 

Will: So by evidence, that's a weeded comment, right?

So he, he actually found physical evidence of a pattern. 

Ronnie Ryan: He found the person that he thought he was, was a real person [00:29:00] 

Will: in research in the history. I see. I see. 

Ronnie Ryan: Yeah. So I can't prove, and he can't prove that he really was that person. He discovered it was a real person and he knew details. That didn't make sense for him 

Will: to know.

Well, that's really interesting because if he's a detective and he is a skeptic at mind, he would certainly. Look for clues and, and be, I would think more honest with himself about whether, yeah, I'm just, I'm just making this up or, or I'm trying to make a correlation to maybe isn't there just for the sake of finding something.

Right. That's that's interest. I'll have to check out that book, portrait life skeptic. That's interesting. 

Ronnie Ryan: Yeah, it was really good. still, I don't know if you could say, well, that's not definitive, you know, if you want to be a skeptic, you can be, these are belief systems. Sure. 

Will: No, and it's, it's so true.

And we've talked about it a lot on the show, but the fact that The minute you decide that it's all a bunch of hooey. That's what it is, right? It, it, whatever you use, if you decide to be open-minded about things, then things start happening, [00:30:00] right? Yeah. Why did you close yourself off saying, no, it's not possible.

That is a hundred percent true for you. It is not possible. It will not happen because you are convinced and right. And we all create our own reality. 

Karen: I don't know if I agree a hundred percent with that because. Aren't believers and then something happens that makes them 

Ronnie Ryan: that's true too.

Will: But then I wonder if that has something more to do with the universe saying slack, wake up, I'm going to, you need to learn this thing now whether you want to, or not maybe 

Karen: secretly, they want to believe. But they just don't let themselves, 

Ronnie Ryan: I like that one better. Yeah. Yeah. That was good. Karen. I right.

Will: that's what she's around. She always is able to convince me about stuff. So, 

Karen: I do have one other thing that just popped into my head and it might sound 

Ronnie Ryan: ridiculous 

Karen: in your estimation. So you're talking about, you know, people's past lives from long time ago and we're traveling with these, you know, soul pods.

Could someone be. Their own like great, great, great, great granddaughter. 

Will: Oh, possible. 

Ronnie Ryan: I suppose it's possible. I mean, I [00:31:00] said, why not? Why not it's possible if you're coming back with a similar group or whatever, I don't see why not 

Will: such an interesting question, because it gives all kinds of like wow. Things that you didn't think about.

But I guess at the end of the day, right, we're we are not this physical body that we are inhabiting right now. We are a three, a three body entity, the soul body, the physical body and the mental body. So I guess. I guess it would make sense if we're really who we are is our souls and the body is just a vehicle we're traveling through life.

Why wouldn't, why not write that? 

Ronnie Ryan: Especially if we're in, like, we have similar family members, like my brother and I were married in a fast life. So you do switch roles, which genders and all kinds of stuff. So, yeah, it's totally possible. 

Will: Then what is your track record like? Or has there been times where you have given information and someone's gone look at you and go on cheese as nothing at all to do with anything?

I don't feel that at all. Or, or have you found, I mean, I assume the [00:32:00] majority of the times you've had people go, whoa, that's amazing. Right? What does that 

Ronnie Ryan: look like? So everybody's different, right? Some people are like, okay, thank you very much. And you don't know, some people are like, that's very generic 

Will: with that tone of voice too.


Ronnie Ryan: Yeah. And some people are just beyond blown away. So the, you know, I tend to feel like I hit the mark. More often than not. I feel like I'm very good at tuning in and getting at what's important, especially based on a question. One of my favorites, I was in a, this was years ago, I was at a psychic fair and the woman who was running the theater was my friend.

And she was like, oh my God, this reporter here. And he wants you to do a best life reading. And I'm like, come on. She goes, no, really? I'm like, I don't want to do this. Yes, you do come up. Okay. So he sits down. And his wife is with them. And I can't remember the question he asks, but I think he just said, do you see any past lives?

I think it was pretty cheap [00:33:00] open engineer. So I looked and I said, I see you as a biking warrior, you know, you, you know, I'm not sure when it was, but obviously a long time ago, so it could have been anywhere, I dunno, between 600, 1100 or something. And I see it with all the garb and the horns and the, you know, everything and on a boat and all this stuff.

So when you. His life, his wife just starts totally cracking up and I'm like, what's going on? She goes every year for Halloween, he dresses up like I'm blanking. 

Will: Wow, crazy. 

Ronnie Ryan: It was so funny. I was hysterical. So I don't know how spiritual that reading was, but clearly he was attached to being a Viking. Caught onto that, but it wasn't near Halloween, so it's not like I had any way of knowing.

Right. So, yeah, 

Will: that makes me curious. Maybe the, the energies that are tied into a new, so he dresses as a Viking every year for Halloween. So I'm wondering if the Akashic record you access was maybe present. Record because he was constantly, maybe you want [00:34:00] it to be a biking. Now it could be that you're baking and that's, what's making them dress up as a Viking, every Halloween.

But there is also the possibility of, you know, having access to present lifestyle. Right. Regardless, 

Karen: there's 

Will: something there.

Ronnie Ryan: How I'm looking at it is we do things today that have to do with the past. So, I spent a lot of time. In my, in high school, in my early twenties, doing a lot of calligraphy and addressing wedding envelopes, all done by computer now. But I had that skill and I didn't really have to learn it. I just had that skill.

So, you know, I had a life writing out Bibles, you know, I did write doing all the lettering as a monk, you know, that kind of thing. So I have a lot of skills. I think from the past. Okay. And 

Will: that was gonna be, my next question is have you access your own Akashic records? Do you know what your past lives have been?

Ronnie Ryan: Done quite a bit of work. Cause I was in that [00:35:00] class for a whole year and so years and years ago. So I did see my Egyptian life at one of them. I'm sure there were many. And I got really stuck up stuck on the jewelry cause I'm like a jewelry fanatic. And so they're in the class are gone move on from the jewelry I'm like,

Will: and the ironic part is people are listening this to this. Can't see you. Right. You can see you and I, we don't see any jewelry on you at all, except for one big ring on your, on your right hand. Right? That's the only one, but for someone who's so interested in jewelry, there's very little of it to be seen in the video camera.

Ronnie Ryan: I will tell you. COVID has something to do that because you know, for a while I stopped wearing makeup and I, I put on my jewelry and where am I going to stop and shop with a man? Lots 

Karen: of money on lipstick

Will: is a very good point. 

Ronnie Ryan: But yeah, so, if you saw my closet, you'd see my jewelry, you would go, oh I've [00:36:00] seen so many of my lives and there, you know, some of them surprise you. Like, I've had a lot of lives in England, Ireland. It definitely Italy and Japanese, Japan, for sure. I've been, I've been all over it. Maybe a Mayan and Aztec or something. I've kind of done the world tour. So it's kind of, it's fun.

It's fun to see, you know,

Will: there's no doubt in my mind that I'm going to reach out to you offline because it would not be fair to say to you. Okay. Can you access my Akashic records? Right? That would not be fair. So you've instilled an immense curiosity in me. And I will share that I, I did interview the.

Incomparable Lee early-on who has a past life regression therapist. She studied with Brian Weiss and she did do a past life regression on me. Which I recorded, she actually recorded and then shared the file with me. I have not released that yet, but I plan to at some point, so I'm really curious to see if what you find is similar to what [00:37:00] she pulled out.

So it's okay. Did you 

Ronnie Ryan: do one life or what did you do? Many? 

Will: No, it was. Three or four different lives that we went to, she skipped back a few different lines and I'm just super curious. So I'll definitely reach out to you to ask, 

Karen: or we 

Ronnie Ryan: related, 

Will: there was one where we were related. Yeah. You were my wife, even at that time.

Right. So that, that proves the cosmic dolphin thing, right?

Yup, absolutely. So yeah, so we'll definitely reach out because. Yeah, I'm, I'm really curious about it. And if someone wanted to reach out to you to do, to hire you to do something like this, right? It could because you you've helped a lot of people over the, over the years to resolve a lot of challenges in their present lives, by going back and finding records that help to.

Explain the reason why they're experiencing the challenges. So if someone wanted to do that with you, what's the best way for them to contact you? 

Ronnie Ryan: Well, they can reach me by phone [00:38:00] (203) 877-3777. And they can reach me on my website, which is never too the website looks like mostly dating, but if you go to never too late, that biz slash reading, then you'll see a caustic reading at the top of that page.

And there are other kinds of readings that I do underneath. So I'm working on transforming my website, but we all know that. Sure. 

Will: So, I'm happy to put those direct links in our show notes so people can access that directly without a problem. But of course, if someone wanted to reach out to you with help with their love life, you'd be very open to that as well.


Ronnie Ryan: yes, of course. If people wanted help with that, too. Sure. And I've worked with men and women, so I'm open to. You know, whoever needs help, I'm happy to provide. And I also have a podcast. I don't know if you mind 

Will: by all means, go for it. Yeah. I'd love to 

Ronnie Ryan: hear it. My podcast is breathe, love and magic. One [00:39:00] more time.

Breathe, love, and match. Breathe 

Will: love and magic. I will put a direct link to that in our show notes as well. So if you're interested in hearing Ronnie's podcast, we'd love and magic, you can access it directly through our website. Ronnie, this has been really, truly, so much fun. We are running out of time very quickly, but any last words of wisdom that you'd want to make sure we impart to the audience.

Ronnie Ryan: I just think it's fun. I think the Patrick records and looking into your past can be fun, enlightening, and inspiring, and really help you understand situations and help, you know, what you should do about. You know, it can really clear things up. So I encourage people to just check it out, see what they 

Will: discover.

Two, I think it's a lot of fun, just a conversation alone that we've had has been a lot of fun for me. And I'm definitely going to reach out. To do that because I'm very curious. I do find it a lot of fun and I urge anyone out there listening to this to reach out to Ronnie because the more [00:40:00] right, the old, the whole NBC ads back in the eighties, whatever, the more, you know, right there.

Ronnie Ryan: That's great. 

Karen: I also like to mention, and we don't say this about every person that we interviewed, that you are just very warm and welcoming. So if anybody out there is a having reservations, I mean, Ron. Very she's going to make you feel comfortable. It's a very easy conversation, so just absolutely feel free to reach out.

Will: You got a great laugh you're just, your personality is wonderful. You're very welcoming. Ronnie, thank you so much for coming on. It's been an absolute pleasure and I look forward to keeping in touch. 

Ronnie Ryan: I loved it. Thank you again and all the best to you both.

Will: Thank you so much. Likewise and Karen, thanks for joining me again this time. It's always great. Always a lot of fun to have you on the phone, on the phone. And thank you listener for coming along on this journey, journey of discovery with us. Now, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we shared on this show or any of our others, I hope you'll consider sharing his podcast with that person because you never know whose life you will touch simply by the sharing of a link.

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Well, that's all for now. Thanks again for listening in. We'll see you again on the next episode, the skeptic manifestation until then take care.