Connecting the Dots: Discovering the Interconnectedness of Spiritual Modalities

In this podcast episode, Faith Streng takes us on a journey of self-healing and exploration, uncovering the truth of how past life trauma, chakras, and limiting beliefs can derail our manifestation process and discovering the power of surrendering control to become a deliberate creator.

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You will learn:
1. How she accesses the Akashic Records and uses them to manifest and heal past traumas.
2. Working with chakras, energetic healing, and how to clear away karmic and energetic baggage.
3. Exploring the spiritual journey through a multidimensional perspective, understanding the role of karma and how to work with angels, spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters, and ancestral healing.

Faith Streng is a third generation psychic healer, a reiki master, cosmic channel and manifestation coach. She combines past life healing, chakra balancing, channeling and coaching into one-on-one restorative spirit programming sessions to help her clients become empowered and joyful creators.

"When we become a clear channel, when we clear away this stuff we don't need anymore, those pathways become so clear to us that we go, okay, now I understand how I can show up tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day, and eventually you see it start to trickle in." - Faith Streng

Faith Streng learned about the power of metaphysics through her grandmother and mother at a young age. Through Reiki and learning about chakras, she was able to open up her clairvoyant abilities and connect with divine beings. She has used her newfound understanding to help clients clear away past life trauma and ancestral beliefs. Through her work, she helps people remember their own divinity and create a positive relationship with money. Faith's work is a beautiful combination of old and new, helping her clients reach a place of surrender and trust in the universe.

Time stamps are approximate:
[00:01:28] Messages from beyond.
[00:05:10] Past-life healing and chakra balancing.
[00:08:14] Manifestation difficulties. [00:10:47]
Manifesting inspired ideas.
[00:14:43] Surrendering to the universe.
[00:17:16] Akashic Records and Healing.
[00:23:13] Spiritual Response Therapy.
[00:24:08] Using a pendulum.
[00:28:04] Spiritual Guides and Beings.
[00:31:47] Elementals and mythical creatures.
[00:36:09] Fairies and nature spirits.
[00:41:14] Being childlike to find divinity.
[00:44:38] Soul mates and past lives.

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Faith Streng is a third generation healer living in Los Angeles! She is a Past Life Healer, Reiki Master, Cosmic Channel, and Manifestation Coach. Faith combines her ability to access the Akashic Records with her understanding of the chakra system and the physical body for a whole-system healing experience!

Faith's mother and grandmother practiced Spiritual Response Therapy, and Faith began using SRT herself at 19. Though she has a background in the performing arts, Faith felt called to open her spiritual business in 2019. She opened Faith Streng Healing as an Animal Reiki practitioner but quickly expanded to work with people clients as well. Faith still volunteers at animal rescues throughout Southern California providing energy clearing and past life trauma healing. To her community, Faith offers 1:1 sessions, workshops, and her monthly group program, The Cosmic Joy Club!

Faith believes strongly in teaching her clients accessible methods of self-care so that they can become the empowered and joyful Creators they were meant to become!

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Faith Streng Classic

Will: [00:00:00] Karen. Yes. We've talked about so many things on this show. That's true. Each episode really has been pretty focused on a single modality. Mm-hmm. and how those listening can tap into them to help them on their spiritual path. Mm-hmm. , and we've also talked about how different everyone's paths are, how one path could be drastically different from another mm-hmm.

and how that's completely okay. Right, right. Well, I. It might be time to start connecting the dots a little bit. Okay. So by the time that we finished this show, everyone listening is gonna know exactly how things like past life healing, the chakras and even manifestation are connected. Very cool. And we may even throw a fairy or two in the conversation.

Yay. Stay with us cuz this one's gonna be fun.



Will: Karen, on the show we talk a lot about synchronicities and messages from beyond and things like that. Mm-hmm. and recently, uh, you had a personal tragedy occur. Sadly, that was made just a little bit less bitter by some messages that you received. Do you wanna share some of that with.

Karen: yeah, so, well, this was several months ago.

my best friend passed away. Oh, I'm so sorry. It was awful. It was, she was the, she knew me better than I knew myself. That type of, of person. Yeah. In that relationship. And, and I hadn't seen her, for a while, while she was sick. And I, and I basically, I, by the time I got there, it was, too late.

[00:02:00] I went to visit her. She was in the hospital, but by then she was already unconscious, so I didn't feel like I got to say goodbye. I just, it was, it was really rough for me. Mm-hmm. , I'm so sorry, Karen. That's, yeah, that's rough. Yeah. you know, you, you spend, days grieving and, being sad and, and I just really wanted to.

Feel okay about it somehow that she was still there, that she was around, that she knew that I loved her, and that I was sorry that I hadn't made it in time. And so I started talking to her. Well, I, I continued talking to her. I never really stopped. And, um, I asked her specifically one night, I'm like, just send me a sign that you're around.

Let me know that you're here. send me a Magnolia because I've learned that you really need to be specific because was this a sign? Was this not a sign? So I'm like, okay, send me a Magnolia. And the reason I chose Magnolia was because I remember. some experiences I had with her, we were in college together.

We were the total anthropology kids, you know, the granola girls. And I remember granola girls. I, I love that. I remember buying this oil. We, we both bought some movies. It was really pretty little [00:03:00] blue ceramic pop, kind of small, maybe three inches big with a cork in that had, Hardened Magnolia Oil and you would just rub it on your wrist.

It was, and it was like the texture of Chapstick, sort of. but it was a perfume, but it was this really lovely natural perfume, and it was Magnolia Oil that we both, it was our favorite. So for that, that's the reason I asked for a Magnolia. Well, then I went to bed and didn't really think about it too much.

the next morning I got up, I'm having my cup of coffee, and I, I might get an alert from my phone, a text message, and I look and it's a message from my mom. So I, I open it up and the first thing I see is a picture of a beautiful magnolia. Actually two pictures. Wow. Yeah. And I'm like, what ? And I opened the message up and I see that she said, hi, hen I was on a walk today.

It's a beautiful day. And for some reason I felt compelled to send you these pictures of these magnolias. Wow.

Will: That's amazing how the universe works like that. It wasn't the universe, it was not. You are correct. I stand corrected. You're right. It's amazing how the universe allows things to align themselves so [00:04:00] people can actually send us messages from beyond.


Karen: absolutely. Amazing. And then every, several more times during the day I saw Magnolias. I was going to a location for work and I had to turn down Magnolia Street. Oh no, it was, it was in my face. Probably three or four different Magnolia situations that day. Wow.

Will: Incredible. So, Overlying you with messages, with signs.

Karen: She did not want me to have any doubts that it was her. That's just beautiful. Yeah,

Will: it really is. Well, Karen, thanks so much sharing that story with us. I know that, it touches you personally and, it does. it's a hard story to instill, but I know that a lot of people out there that hear this will gain strength from hearing that story as

Karen: well.

Yep. Our loved ones are there. We just have to reach out to them. Absolut.

Will: Hey there, I'm Will. And I'm Karen. And today's guest is Faith String. Now she's a third generation psychic healer, a reiki master cosmic channel, and manifestation, coach who is [00:05:00] lucky enough to have a mother and a grandmother who are both practitioners of a past life healing technique called spiritual response therapy.

Ooh, that sounds Promis. I can't wait to talk to her about it. At age 19, she began the work herself, and now she combines past life healing, shock, rebalancing, channeling, and coaching into a one OnOne restorative spirit programming session, and believes strongly in teaching her clients accessible methods of self-care so they can become the empowered and joyful creators that we were all meant to.

I am excited to welcome to the show Faith Strength. Faith, welcome.

Faith: Hello. Thank you so much. I'm so happy to be here.

Will: thrilled to have you. Very excited about this. I know when Karen found you on Instagram, she immediately said, oh, will, will, will. So We get to thank Karen for bringing you on the,

Faith: on the

Karen: show.

I know. I don't think I

Faith: ever picked people, but I'm like, oh, we gotta reach out to her.

Will: Yep. She definitely resonated with you for some reason. It was, you were connected spiritually, I think really.

Faith: Love it. Well, thank you, [00:06:00] Karen . Thank you for saying yes, .

Will: All right, let's just give right to it. Faith, how? How is it all connected?

Faith: Well, the past life healing, working in the Akashi records, which is basically the iCloud of everything that's ever existed, every will ever will exist. Everything that's ever been thought is in this library or this iCloud, and going into that, we can understand why we have the challenges we do in this lifetime, why we have the relationships we do, and what our sole purpose is.

And what I found that beyond that traumas that have happened in other times based realities can affect the chakra system. Now there are many different energy systems out there. I work with the traditional seven major chakras along the spine. I also work with some of the minor chakras. And so for example, if you've had, uh, early childhood trauma in this life or in another life, that can affect your root chakra in this time space reality and how you, uh, [00:07:00] perceive your needs being met by the universe.

And what I found is that when we clear away the karmic and energetic. Baggage that we don't need anymore. It's easier to become the deliberate creator. It's easy to believe the manifestations. It's easier to believe the affirmations. So often when we start our manifestation journey, we're hitting our head against the wall, right?

Like, why can't I believe it? Why can't I believe it? And when we go in from this other direction and we start with the energetic balancing and the akasha clearing, it becomes much easier to step into that empowered sense of who we are really meant to be.


Will: Okay, so I don't know what happened except for when we start talking about spiritual stuff. Sometimes gremlins always mess with our heads, and I think that's exactly what happened. So we are back now after figuring out some technical issues. You notice that Faith does not have her headsets on anymore, so don't let that throw you.

This is better cuz now we can see her face even more clearly. So, and I love her

Faith: hair

Karen: so we can see it all now.

 So you said sometimes it's hard believing the manifest. [00:08:00] And today I was having a conversation with my nephew and we went to, um, visit a harmonic egg so he could have an experience in one here and hi with his mom. So she was in and he and I were talking and he said, you know, what do you do when you just don't?

How do you make yourself believe all this stuff? Or how do you handle when you don't feel like you believe it, but you want to? So asking you that,

Faith: I love questions about the manifestation process because it's a beautiful time to implement.

Manifesting in order to believe manifesting. So for that question, I would say you would put yourself into the space of, I'm so grateful that I believe that this can really work for me. I'm so grateful that the universe is showing me whatever it is that I need to align with how to make this work for me.

I'm so grateful that spirit is showing me the path forward that will allow me to feel empowered in that. . And along that I always advise people to use things like [00:09:00] vibrational healing, uh, like flower remedies, like essential oils, uh, things that work on a different frequency so we don't have to, uh, We don't have to try so hard to believe the affirmations and et cetera, et cetera, but we're in that space of, of, of frustration, of of, of knowing that there's something more, but not quite knowing how to surrender enough to get there.

I also tell people that's when you just take a nap, that's when you put it down. That's when you do something fun. That's when you do something creative. If you have the intention that you want to align with it, the universe will give you the little breadcrumbs you need, the YouTube videos, the conversations, the.

That you need in order to get there. That is so true and I

Karen: just had an image when you were saying that you, you're manifesting believing so that you can believe so that like an image of looking in a mirror and a mirror and a mirror and you see like 50 reflections and if you can just change one of those, all of

Faith: them will change.

I love that. Yes. I totally on board with that.

Will: Yes. Yeah. That is fire [00:10:00] Karen. That's a great image. Every once in a while. No, That was incredible. Nice job. But it really goes deeper too, right?

So I would love to manifest a million dollars, but there's no way that my brain's gonna go, yeah, this is gonna happen. So there's a lot of work that has to go into, creating a manifestation that is so far outside your comfort zone that, it seems almost beyond belief, right?

Faith: Yes, yes. And how I work with my clients is to say, okay, let's go into the Akasha records.

Let's see where some of these limiting beliefs around believing that you are worthy about aligning with abundance, looking at your relationship with money or anything else that may come from there. We're looking at inherited beliefs from your. Ancestors that we're clearing away, then we're looking at your chakras in order to align them.

For most people, their money chakras, their sacral chakra. So that's what we'd be looking at. And then we're talking about, okay, I know I'm not gonna be sitting on my couch and a million dollars is gonna drop into my lap. If you're an ascended master, maybe. But for the rest of us, it's about [00:11:00] manifesting a pathway to earning the income that feels good for us.

It's about manifesting the inspired ideas that feel really good to. And when we become a clear channel, when we clear away this stuff, we don't need anymore. Those pathways become so clear to us that we go, okay, now I understand how I can show up tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day.

And eventually you see it start to trickle in. Hmm.

Karen: That reminds me, uh, I don't know if will, if you posted a meme or something, but it was something like, people want to, they don't wanna be part of the process. They wanna be part of the. . Letting yourself, you know, being, knowing you're gonna have to go through the process to get the result.

You know, just being okay with that, I think is the key. .

Faith: Yeah. because it's all about getting to a space of being comfortable in the journey and being comfortable in the process. You know, my background is as an actor and I remember the day when I went, oh my gosh. It's actually the rehearsals that are the fun part.

The performance is just something you have to do, but it's the [00:12:00] play and the creation and the collaboration in the journey, in the rehearsals. That's really where the juices that we are being called to, to lean into and to enjoy even. In

Will: full disclosure, I'm fully aware that Karen is completely pointing her finger at me when she says that meme, because I do, I'm looking for that pill, right?

I want that $60,000 gimme the pill I take to make it happen. it's something that, I hate to say it, but it takes a long time to get to the point where you can actually build that path for you. So are there any tips or tricks that someone can do to expedite that process since there is

Faith: no pill? Yes. If we're talking.

Expediting the re, you know, healing your relationship with money. The first thing that comes forward is, well, how much are you willing to surrender? How much control are you really willing to give up? Because if you are totally willing to give up control on how the outcome looks, on how it's going to come to you, you are infinitely closer to [00:13:00] aligning with how it's gonna.

Ah, geez. I

Karen: am not even thinking I told you so. I told you so. I told you. So. Didn't even go through. My head will. Not even once.

Faith: All

Will: right. So we, I think, I think we gonna have to disclose some things here. It's so . It's so weird. It's so weird. Starting with your question, Karen, about, the belief, right? How do you believe, getting into this interview?

I didn't disclose his faith, but I guess I should mention it now. I, I'm coming at. . I'm in a very low vibe mode at this point in time because there are things happening in our personal life. my, actually my, professional life. There are changes happening that are very, very uncomfortable for me right now for all of us, for our family.

Mm-hmm. and a lot of me is saying, Just trust in the universe and let it go and, I think everything's gonna be fine and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But then you get into the conversation with the people and, oh, but did you think about this and this and this and this? And all of a sudden they paint this bleak picture that makes you go, oh God, yeah, you are so right.

So then suddenly you find yourself in this traumatic mindset [00:14:00] that definitely blocks any path forward. Mm-hmm. . So you try to get yourself to high vibe things again, and then all of a sudden, Here we are talking to Faith string about the exact message that I need at this moment in time to move forward.

Faith: He was at a point Faith

Karen: earlier today.

He's like, can you do the interview without me? and I'm like, I can, but I really think you need to do this. I think you need to be there. Get a different head space, think about something different. I think you really need to be in this interview. There was just something that I was like, he needs to hear this message.

Hmm. Yeah. And it can't be from me cuz I'm the wife, you know, . So,

Will: and the key there is what you said is how much are you willing to surrender because you are so right. The more that I can say it's in the universe's hand and the universe always brings the greatest. That's what I need to wrap my head around as much as possible, and it's, it's just not easy.


Faith: We've been programmed for generations and [00:15:00] lifetimes to only believe what's in front of us, to, to be, to be affected by societal beliefs, cultural norms. Uh, you know, it, it, it's been safe for us to live in groups, so we've been conditioned to believe and work with the people who are in our groups, right?

Mm-hmm. , but we are evolving so quickly now beyond what. We've been serving our world for so long, we hear a lot about, you know, the breaking down of, of the, uh, of the patriarchy, right? And this is the space that we're coming into, to the space of what my ultimate, ultimate work is helping people remember their own divinity.

And, and our relationship with money is how we do that because we have so much urgency attached to it. But when we continue to remind ourselves, everything is always working out for me, and I am believing it a little more every day. I am choosing to believe it a little more every day. There is a spiritual solution to every problem.

I just haven't aligned with it yet. There is no [00:16:00] problem too big for the universe to solve. I just have to be the vessel. And it's just getting the ego, the small self out of the way, right? And putting ear muffs on. When you listen to those people who have those very 3D fear-based realities that this is how it has to be done, and you have to go, you know what?

That doesn't make me feel good, so I'm not gonna believe that anymore. I'm gonna create something co-create something with the divine that is so beautiful and perfect for me where I am at this point. And I'm just gonna let myself be surprised and. . You know, it,

Karen: it is, things are weird. I mean, I needed this message just as much as well, cause I'm halfway in and outta that space every single day too, because this is affecting all of us.

But just the other day I was watching, um, a podcast. It was Oprah and I'm, I don't remember who she was talking to, but she said, you know, I just tell myself it's gonna work out for me. It was almost just what you exactly said. I'm like, This is what the people do, . So I've been trying and now you're saying it too.

So that's something that I need for me is just to know, yeah, my things are gonna work out. Things always work out for me.

Will: My hope [00:17:00] is it doesn't take three years like it did last time.

Karen: Which is, well, they don't say things are gonna work out for me eventually. That's not part of the mantra. Right. I think

Will: it might be, actually, that might be what the mantra is.

Get rid of that part eventually, and, which is why I asked about the pill or, or exp or how to expedite it because it's just scary. That's, that's the scariest part is how long is it gonna take. So how

Faith: do you, when

Karen: you are helping someone with this, how do you, you go about this, you go into their kasha

Faith: records and like how, how does that.

For me, it's just my gift that I'm able to access them in a waking state. So in my sessions, it's just a conversation with people. I am clairvoyant, I am clear audient, and I am clear sentient. So I see things, I hear things, and I feel things. And I'll generally start with the chakra system. And let's say we, I noticed there's some blocks in the heart.

We'll go into the akashi records, which could be a lifetime on earth, a different planet. Parallel experience and we find what, what is, what experience happened there That's blocking the heart chakra in this life. We work with high level guides and we just say, let it go. We don't [00:18:00] need it anymore. Thank you angel babies.

That's my favorite thing to say. Thank you angel babies. And then the healing is done and it really happens that quickly. So. There's a lot of laughter in my sessions. I don't go into a trance channeling. I loved when we logged on today, you said, we don't take ourselves too seriously. There's a lot of laughing.

I said, well, you are laughter. Excuse me. I said, you are my people, because that's, that's in my sessions too. We, we can't take it too seriously. We're, we're not supposed to, and there is time for that in the spiritual journey, but it should be playful. It should be fun. And so it's, uh, my sessions are, are very easy.

People just have to show up. They just have to show up and be willing and. You know, again, I'm just the vessel for it. So Spirit does all the work. And how many sessions

Karen: does it usually take for someone to really kind of, to.

Faith: It depends on where people are in their spiritual journey. Sometimes one session is enough and, and people will have huge breakthroughs and, and they will see a path forward and they will meet their guides and feel very prote, very supported.

And I have other people [00:19:00] that I've been working with for much longer periods of time, but I would say it's. Three is usually a good number. If I work with someone three times, they're, we're gonna get to some deep stuff and they're really gonna feel the effects of it.

Will: And, you can do them in a week or you have to space amount a certain amount of time that you know, you clear on your calendar, aren't you?

I am a hundred percent,

Karen: you know. Are you available Wednesday through Friday next? ?

Faith: It's different for everyone usually because of my schedule. It's, it's about a week or a week and a. I think it is nice to have some time in between to let things integrate, but I certainly have done back-to-back sessions when it seemed appropriate for people before.

Okay. Well you said

Karen: I'm, I'm sorry, did I, I'm cutting you off.

Will: Go ahead. No, I love, I love that you asking so many questions. Great.

Karen: I just, my feeling like I need to talk to her. Yeah.

Will: We've had people actually ask us to hear you more. So here you go. , here's your,

Faith: I'm gonna shut

Karen: up now. .

Faith: So you said something earlier and Will and I have this

Karen: debate, so we, [00:20:00] we.

Have the things that we're, we believe in, that we're skeptical about. And sometimes, I mean, we just don't agree and everyone thinks how you do this podcast together, you have to be on the same page and everything. A lot of things we are, but there's quite a few things that we aren't. And karma is one of the things that we have.

We see it differently. Um, I see it very differently from him and he's, you know, of the mindset of it's the past life and this and that. I'm more of the mindset, it's this life and you know, you can fix this karma. I'm probably wrong, but I don't know. Maybe not. But when you said it instead of like using the terminology karma and you were talking about the, the chakras, that kind of clicked with me because that makes me think it's because the energy energy's always there.

You can't, you know, get rid of it. And so I can see energy being affected in one lifetime and kind of transforming and getting into your chakra and energy system and having an effect that way. So, I mean, is that how it works? Because that to me makes.

Faith: Mm. Yes. I love this question, and

Will: be careful of which side you're taking.

Just saying , , .

Faith: I, [00:21:00] I think that what I will offer will actually be a middle ground for both. Okay. Ah, alright. Okay. Alright. Hey, so I see karma as yes, this, this energy that, that when it's not addressed in a, in a lifetime, can carry over with the soul over and over and over again. . And when I say energy, yes it can affecting the chakras, but also I think of it as limiting beliefs that carry over from lifetime to lifetime to lifetime.

So let's say you have struggled with money in many other lifetimes, that sets up this limiting belief that money's just not for me. Money is over there. I'm not worthy. I don't know how, I don't understand it. And every lifetime you experience a trauma, it gets bigger and bigger and bigger until your soul becomes old enough in this.

Based reality for so many of us that we go, okay, I'm not doing this anymore. What can I do to heal on this very deep level? Meaning that just the healing you're doing in, in, in your own personal self care is [00:22:00] healing in all of these lifetimes. But it is, yes, I think of it, it's, it's not that you did something bad in a past life, and so something's bad is gonna happen to you in this.

No, it's that you've had trauma. We know now the effects of trauma from this current lifetime and how that can affect us into adulthood, childhood trauma specifically. And so we're just zooming out and saying it's the same thing when we're looking at all of our lifetime other lifetimes too. And until they just keep.

Building on each other, um, until we get to the point where, again, we are an old enough soul. We have the interest, the resources, the accessibility to all of these modalities and philosophies and religions that we've ever had before, we can piece everything together in a way that works for us as multidimensional beings to let go of everything that we don't.

See, I can jump aboard that

Karen: train . That makes sense to me. Not like I'm getting punished for something I did when I don't even, you know, . I'm like, okay. Because then you don't really learn the lesson if you don't remember what you did that you're making [00:23:00] up for or you're atoning.

Will: feels like we're jumping all over the place, but I do have to ask, because there was a term that I use in your introduction that jumped out at me, I've not heard of before. Can you tell us what spiritual response therapy is?

Faith: Yes. So as you said, this is the modality that my mother and grandmother did, and it is a book, uh, along with some accompanying charts you use with a pendulum to identify and clear past life trauma.

And then a lot of other things too that I don't really even understand. But I use the charts. You don't have to, you just trust that the healing is happen. So it's a modality that didn't really take off. My mother and grandmother both studied with the gentleman who channeled this information. I now do teach it to clients and two groups, and I have found it is the easiest, most effective way to do this kind of quantum self-healing for yourself.

And that's where I started. My mother started doing this for me when I was five. I [00:24:00] remember going to kindergarten and having some anxiety. I didn't know it was anxiety. I just said my stomach. and she said, well, let's do some clearing for you. And so I started doing it myself when I was 19. And I still love using a pendulum.

I think it's an amazing way to open up to your self, to open up your channels, to your guides, and I have found it just incredibly effective and profound for everyone that I have taught it to as well as for myself.

Will: Hmm. So then how did you now use that in your, restorative spirit programming sessions? How is that different or is it different?

Faith: I really have taken this material that I was raised with, where I was introduced to the body, mind, spirit connection to angels, to parallel lives, and all of the complicated karmic relationships we can have.

And then I combined it with my understanding of the chakras, which I learned in my Reiki trainings, which is not a, you know, [00:25:00] traditionally taught in Eastern reiki. Obviously the shoppers come from. Um, and so one of the, using a pendulum is an example of what's called an idiomotor response, which is a physical reaction to a subconscious truth.

It's when your eye twitches when someone says something that you don't really wanna hear. And so using a pendulum then evolved for me into communicating with spirit through my eye blanks. So for me, one blink is yes, and two blinks are no. So I was always had this connection with source beyond the pendulum.

So when I started my Reiki business, my eyes were blinking furiously and I knew that there was a lot of clearing happening happening, but I didn't really know what it was because that was, again, just kind of a different thing I'd been doing for a long time, but wasn't really interested in pursuing it.

And then as I continued on in my business and things began to evolve, I wanted to try and stretch myself a little bit and. Clairvoyant abilities opened up. My clear [00:26:00] audient abilities opened up, and I started to see things more clearly in my head as I was tuning in for people. So now I've moved away from the charts.

I still use them sometimes, but almost all of the information I can get in, uh, in my head now for people and. He does not work with the chakras in that material. But I have found using the chakras in it allows me to offer more helpful information to people. Um, allows me to offer more self-care practices that they can do.

And then when I've combined that with my understanding of all of the high frequency beings who are around us and all the help and love that they have for us, that is a beautiful element to my work as well, which is introducing people to. The celestial squad that they have that is guiding them at all times.

So I just put it all together in one mishmash that I call restorative spirit programming. It's the process of allowing the soul to rest so that we can begin the process of positively reprogramming it to remember its [00:27:00] own soul purpose.

Will: Wow, that sounds wonderful. Sign me up. yeah, . Well, we've gotta take a short.

But when we come back, we're gonna talk about the high frequency guides that you're talking about as well as faith. You say that connecting with ferries can help us align with our sole purpose. And I wanna hear all about that right after this break. We're back on the skeptic meta physicians.

We're talking the faith string, and she is an incredible healer , before the Bri just we're talking about high frequency guides assisting us.

Can you go a little bit more in depth? Like what are we talking angels? Are we talking spirit guides? Is our own higher selves? Who are those high frequency guides that help. ,

Faith: all of the above and more. Oh boy. . I remember hearing in Abraham Hicks [00:28:00] talk at one point where someone was asking about their inner being, and they said, who exactly is their inner being?

And Abraham said, it doesn't really matter. It's, it's everything. But my little intellectual mind was like, Ooh, no, I really, I really wanna know. I, I was like, I feel like spirit guides are different than angels and, but who else, who else is out there? I know that there's so. So when I tell people about their guides, I say, listen, you have, you have angels.

We all have between 20 and 30 angels. That's my understanding. Spirit keeps telling me that's the number I keep asking. And Spirit says, stop asking. We keep telling you it's 20 to 30 is the number. we love unconditionally. They could never be mad at you, never judge you, never be disappointed in you. We have spirit guides who can appear as animals or Cirque du sole performers or anything in between.

We have a guardian angel who is usually a soulmate or someone we have a karmic relationship with, and they're generally filling some kind of role for us that [00:29:00] we don't necessarily have in this lifetime. My guardian angel shows up in fishnet, st fishnet stockings and combat boots, and a little moto jacket, and she's just my best friend.

She, you know, I'm an only child. I was really close to my mother, so for me, having that like really close female companion has always been really important to me, so she keeps me from taking myself too serious. Then we also have select ancestors because we are doing ancestral healing in this lifetime that our ancestors have not been able to do.

So we have biological ancestors who are here helping us in support. We have ascended masters that we can work with individually or as a group. People who walk to this planet attain the level of ascension and decided to stay and stick around and, and help the rest of us on this planet. And it's my understanding, we also have an assigned ascended master who is here to help us on this journey.

My assigned ascended master is John the Baptist, who really resonates with me with. Fire. We have arc angels we can work with. We have, [00:30:00] uh, star being friends that we can work with. And we have elemental beings, beings like ferries and dragons and mer people, and we can throw unicorns in there who just vibrated a different frequency.

And so there is so much more help than we. Consciously understand. And when we start to take that perspective into our world and we soften our gaze just a little bit and open up to our feeling center, feeling these guides around us, instead of trying to see them or hear them. All of a sudden you become aware of all of this divine energy that is surrounding us all the time and it's so much more

Will: fun.

Okay, hold on, hold on a second, . Cause I knew we, we knew we were gonna talk about fairies, but you mean to tell me that unicorns and dragons are, real? Are we just smart people or the, even the mer Is this just energies that we're talking like dragon energy or the actual creature that breeds

Faith: fire? Well, I'm certainly not the only person who has this perspective, so it's [00:31:00] not just coming from me.

We'll just say that . But

Will: disclaimer, given ,

Faith: we, we understand people who are in the spiritual community. They've heard about five D, right? We've heard about three E, 40 D, five D, right? And we understand that we're gen, we're kind of in 3d. But as we continue on our spiritual journey journey, we start vibrating faster and lighter.

So we can begin to understand, well what happens if you get to 60 or 70 or 80 or up to 12 D, right? And so we can only begin to understand that those are these high frequency beings we n might not be able to see with our eyes, which we know see a fraction of, a fraction of what is really existing in our reality.

And in the 15 hundreds, uh, gentleman named Parcel Celsius wrote a book that was like, listen, y'all, there's these beings. They're not demons. You just have to understand that they exist even though we can't [00:32:00] see them. And so he wasn't necessarily talking about dimensions at this point, but that was the first time that it had come.

This. Elementals that these beings were attached to these different elements. So you can think of them as energy, you can think of them as actual beings. We know there are people who see fairies. We know there are people who, who communicate regularly with, with dragons in, in other dimensions. I definitely, I talk to all of them, um, and I, I hear laughter when I'm talking to my fairy friends, very, very audibly.

And again, it's like when I open up my feeling centered to these beings. , it's so clear that they're there and they're giving to us. There's a reason, unicorn, for example, they love children. Unicorn are 12 dimensional beings who are pure consciousness, pure light, and I guess it gets to a space where you're like, well, whether they're real or they're not real.

If I open up to the idea of what a unicorn represents and I see how it feels to me, that's gonna change you. And we just wanna align with [00:33:00] more things that bring us joy. So lean into it. That's what I would.

Will: I am leaning into the uniform , although that might

Karen: hurt. . Oh God. . I was waiting

Will: for it and I, I, it took everything inside me.

Not to clarify that after 80 and 90 comes a hundred. Just so we're clear. Yeah. . It took you a minute, Karen. I


Karen: Trying to block some of these out. No,

Faith: no. That's not even a dad joke. What would that be?

Will: It's a good joke.

That's all I do. All I do all day long.

Faith: Oh my gosh.

Karen: You know, that's one thing that, that I've even talked to Will, and I'm not an expert on anything, but it just changes your life and it makes it so much more of a joy to believe because you can believe and there's something you can believe.

Faith: There's nothing.

Mm-hmm. and which one is gonna make you feel. and when

Karen: you feel better, you're radiating that energy. You're really bringing up the vibrations and it just,

Faith: everything is better. Yes. And, and even beyond [00:34:00] that, when you are in that place, you are more able to be of service and share your gifts and, and be of service to the collective when you're coming from that excited and connected and positive place.

And that's what we really want for all of us. ,

Karen: my disclaimer is we actually contacted you because somehow a post that you put popped up on my feet and it was something about, it was like a picture of like the woods or something. I don't remember exactly what it was. And you were talking about fairies and I'm like, you know, I feel like we need to reach out to this person.

We haven't really talked about fairies, we haven't talked about. There's something that picture just was calling to me so strongly. So can you, do you know what picture I'm talking about? Is that, I mean, you probably, I,

Faith: yes I do. What? Can you explain? What was that? Where were. I was on a beautiful hike in the Los Angeles region where I live, and as I was on in this hike that I'd never been at before, uh, I was [00:35:00] feeling very intense levels of magic and energy.

and anytime you're in a wooded area, there's some kind of creatures there, 100%, because that's really what they, what they love the most. And so I was called to identify spots in nature where if you tune in, you are likely to find or more likely to find some elemental energy. And a lot of my understanding of this comes from Ted Andrews.

A lot of people know Ted Andrews from his book Animal Speak, but he has a whole library and wrote, uh, extensively too on the magical realms of the Faye. Uh, and some of it is also my own intuition. And so little places like waterfalls, no matter how big they are, We know if there's, uh, uh, tree roots, uh, that make like a little circle, uh, especially if there's water in there.

We're talking about, you know, underneath rocks. If you see some little area, any, any place that you think a kid [00:36:00] would think, oh, I bet there's ferries here. There are, there are a hundred percent are, or elves or tree spirits or all of the other magical beings. I don't even know them. But nature is, is so rich with healing and and loving energy for us, and there are so many ways that it expresses it to us more than we have a conscious understanding at this point.

So I just love the idea after I posted that, of people walking outside in the woods and looking for the different places where they could find beings. So

Karen: we haven't really talked, we've talked about angels, we've talked about spirits and guides and stuff, just with a, a lot of our other

Faith: guests, but we haven't really talked about theories.

as a

Karen: kid. You know, you read the fairy tales, but it's mostly like sleeping Beauty and the three little fairies that, I don't remember what their names were, but, can you explain what fairies are?

Faith: What your understanding is. Yeah. They are multi-dimensional beings who love our planet and care for our planet. They used to work much [00:37:00] more openly with people when people were not quite so rooted in the 3d, which is I believe, where many of these fairy stories came from. Mm-hmm. and they love humanity.

They can be mischievous sometimes. I don't believe that there. Evil fairies out there or that they mean as harm, but you do wanna be respectful with them. I think thinking of them as high frequency energy is a really lovely, uh, viewpoint and they are very playful and they are expert manifestors. And when you open up to fairy energy, however that works for you, whether you have an altar for them or you are walking around the woods looking for mushroom rings, which is usually a telltale sign of of fairy.

maybe you have something set up in a garden for them. Um, whenever I leave out an offering to my fairies, I feel a shift in my home that I didn't understand [00:38:00] before my most recent awakening what it was. But now I know that they're very present and all they wanna do is play with humans in harmony to, to help us all reconnect with each other and with our generous and beautiful planet.

Will: How can you help someone whose pragmatic mindset is having a difficult time connecting himself with the fact that bees are real? how can you make that make sense

Faith: to me? I would say you have to be willing to step into the space that you don't see all of reality, and that you don't hear all of reality that our human senses.

In tune. You're not tuned in to to, to everything that is around us. And as you start looking for magic, you'll feel it. And then you might be willing to bring in a little a, like an understanding of it. But all you [00:39:00] have to do is be open to spotting magic and feeling magic. And they'll start to come to you cuz it's fun and we just wanna have more fun.

So Will maybe it's like a dog whistle. ,

Karen: you know, we can't hear it, but the dogs do, you know, so just because we can't see it doesn't mean it's not there. Yeah.

Will: are, you are full of wonderful imagery today. Fire today, you are . okay.

So I understand a little bit better. and I can get behind the. The other dimensional being right, the, in fact, it's funny, we still laugh about Sasquatch. We can't believe that there's the world's champion hide and seek, player out there. But say that he's a multi-dimensional being who becomes invisible at times suddenly, oh yeah, that makes sense.

So I can see how fairies might make sense. That's, that same mindset. But then how does connecting with them forward our soul's purpose? Hmm.

Faith: Well, when you are connecting with ferries, you are connecting [00:40:00] with your inner child. And as we are talking about remembering our own divinity, we're talking about remembering our innocence.

We're talking about remembering those times when we were so. Joyful as children when we would just play as adults. We don't really give ourselves time to play anymore because we get so bogged down by our responsibilities. But fairies allow us to remember that, that that beautiful aspect of our souls, which is so real and so there.

And when we are talking about manifesting, we're stepping into the space of infinite possibilities of infinite solutions. and so attuning to the fairy energy allows you to be more open to that world. You know, I, I love how you put that,

Karen: especially at the beginning, kind of being more childlike. And people have asked us, you know, how does, uh, Christianity factor in?

Is it exclusive when we've spoken to people that are, you know, religious in, in a, I guess, traditional Christian sense.[00:41:00] but, and I grew up, I went to Catholic school for 12 years and, and Will did as well, I don't think, for all 12,

Will: he left for 12 hours until they kicked him out. Yeah. . But .

Karen: Well, one thing I remember, and I don't know why I remember this, but you just triggered that when you said that, is that you know, that God said you have to become a child again before you can go into the the kingdom of heaven.

And my thought was always like, well, that would explain people having dementia , because you act like a child you don't remember. But now this is actually, to me, a much preferable explanation is being childlike in your ability to see the beauty, to be open, to believe, to feel to fun, you know, have fun and, and laugh.

So I'm like, see, they're exclusive at all. It's like we've always. , different modalities

Faith: saying the same thing. Yeah. And when you

Will: think about how kids are so much closer to the veil, Mm-hmm. , you hear of kids remembering the University of of Virginia right now is doing a big study on, past lives with children who remember them mm-hmm.

maybe it also talks about getting back to a feeling of being open to believe in fairies and [00:42:00] in all this other stuff that's out there in order to move forward. Because we, we. place filters on ourselves as we grew up and we were told this is the way the world is supposed to work, and you tend to close yourself off to these kinds of things.

Maybe we need to go back to that time when we were able to remember our past lives and, and see spirits and a fairies and angels and things like that.

Faith: Yes, absolutely. Absolutely. And we, we have in so many other lifetimes, there is so much about what has come before the modern era that we don't understand.

You know, we know there was history before our understanding of history on this planet and really the overarching thing that we're coming into. Embracing the mystery of it all. We're never gonna have it all figured out. It might not ever all make sense to us, but there's so much more. And we have been limiting ourselves to the boxes and the beliefs and the expectations.

And all we have to do is be willing, be [00:43:00] willing to step outside of that into the discomfort of the mystery and the not knowing. And then all of a sudden, the universe and the cosmos can just rush into your.

Karen: Mic drop, , .

Will: I mean, where do you go from there? I dunno. How can you possibly come up with anything?

Any other questions? My gosh. Faith, you are amazing. If someone wanted to reach out to you to take advantage of your one-on-one sessions and things like that, what's the best way for someone to

Faith: do that? They can go to my website, faith strang I'm also active on TikTok and Instagram, so they can find me at Faith Strang on either one of those platforms as

Will: well.

Wonderful. We're gonna add direct links to those, in our show notes. So all you need to do is go to skeptic meta, go to her episode page. You'll see those links directly laid in there. It is a one click situation. It'll be super easy for you to connect with faith. I can't thank you enough faith for coming in and helping me to get outta this low vibe.

It was so low ru that I've been in solo today. Yeah, [00:44:00] really appreciate it.

Faith: an honor to place here with both of you, and I know that will, there's something really tremendous coming for you because this kind of pressure that you're experiencing, it only comes when there's like a big rebirth that's about to happen. So get really excited about that for sure. And Karen, start talking to your fairy friends because they loved you very much.

I will.

Karen: Yay.

Will: Yay. All right. I have to ask you since, you have, accessed the, the records consciously or is there anything that's jumping out at you? Any messages that they're coming out to you about us that you think we should hear?

Faith: Yes. Y your soulmates, I mean, that's, that's, that's very, that's very clear. You, you have many, many lifetimes where you have been romantic partners where one or the other of you has been a teacher to each other.

You've been siblings together and you're doing very important work. You're, you, you have your, your balance and where you're different and your different strengths. It just serves each other so. And will, [00:45:00] I can tell you've had a lot of past lives where you've really had to like buckle down and do the work and you didn't have a lot of time to be in this space to play and explore and, and travel in all the senses of the world.

And this is your lifetime where it all comes together. And Karen, you are a super magical being. You have so many witchy past lives and also for you like bringing that into the modern. World. Now we get to understand how it can work for us. Like for both of you, this is really an important lifetime where it's all coming together and it's healing for you, for each other, your communities, and you're doing such important work with this podcast.

So on behalf of humanity, thank you. Oh, you . Yeah,

Will: absolutely. Thank you. Fate. That was incredible. wonder. Once again, thank you for coming on the show. Please keep up the wonderful work that you're doing for humanity and it is a pleasure to be connected with you. Hope we stay in touch.

Faith: Thank you so much.

What an honor. Take good care. Me too.

Will: Well, thanks for coming along on this journey Discovery with us. We'd [00:46:00] love to continue our conversation with you on our website at, or on Facebook and Instagram under Skeptic Metaphysician Podcast. If you know someone who would benefit from hearing the messages we're sharing on the show, do them and us a favor and share the show with them.

It will help get the word out about us, and it may just change someone's life for the better. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, well, not to worry. All of our shows, including this one, can be found at where you can also watch the videos or you can send us an email or voicemail directly from the site.

We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you. Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as we have. That's all for now. We'll see you on the next episode of The Skeptic Meta Physicians. Until then, take care.

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Faith Streng is a third generation healer living in Los Angeles! She is a Past Life Healer, Reiki Master, Cosmic Channel, and Manifestation Coach. Faith combines her ability to access the Akashic Records with her understanding of the chakra system and the physical body for a whole-system healing experience! Faith's mother and grandmother practiced Spiritual Response Therapy, and Faith began using SRT herself at 19. Though she has a background in the performing arts, Faith felt called to open her spiritual business in 2019. She opened Faith Streng Healing as an Animal Reiki practitioner but quickly expanded to work with people clients as well. Faith still volunteers at animal rescues throughout Southern California providing energy clearing and past life trauma healing. To her community, Faith offers 1:1 sessions, workshops, and her monthly group program, The Cosmic Joy Club! Faith believes strongly in teaching her clients accessible methods of self-care so that they can become the empowered and joyful Creators they were meant to become!