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Faith Streng is a third generation healer living in Los Angeles! She is a Past Life Healer, Reiki Master, Cosmic Channel, and Manifestation Coach. Faith combines her ability to access the Akashic Records with her understanding of the chakra system and the physical body for a whole-system healing experience! Faith's mother and grandmother practiced Spiritual Response Therapy, and Faith began using SRT herself at 19. Though she has a background in the performing arts, Faith felt called to open her spiritual business in 2019. She opened Faith Streng Healing as an Animal Reiki practitioner but quickly expanded to work with people clients as well. Faith still volunteers at animal rescues throughout Southern California providing energy clearing and past life trauma healing. To her community, Faith offers 1:1 sessions, workshops, and her monthly group program, The Cosmic Joy Club! Faith believes strongly in teaching her clients accessible methods of self-care so that they can become the empowered and joyful Creators they were meant to become!

Connecting the Dots: Discovering the Interconnectedness of Spiritual Modalities
March 29, 2023

Connecting the Dots: Discovering the Interconnectedness of Spiritual …

In this podcast episode, Faith Streng takes us on a journey of self-healing and exploration, uncovering the truth of how past life trauma, chakras, and limiting beliefs can derail our manifestation process and discovering the power of surrendering control to …

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