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Amirah Hall

Author, Spirit Medium, Quantum Healing Pioneer

A gifted clairvoyant, spirit medium, and quantum healing pioneer with over 22 years of experience. Amirah Hall is a world-class psychic mentor and a master of spirit communication. She is an international intuitive life coach, author, and spiritual mentor. After healing herself from auto-immune illness, then having a near-death experience while traveling in Egypt, she is following her deep spiritual calling. Amirah is dedicated to providing spiritual tools and guidance to seekers going through their ascension process, reaching higher levels of awareness. Along with being the creator of the “REVEAL, A Chakra Healing Intensive Program & Intuitive Mastery Training, 3rd Eye & Beyond, her programs assist you in mastering life on every level. Amirah will soon be releasing a new book, “The Essential Guide To Spiritual Awakening” and taking applications for upcoming sacred journey to Egypt. Download Free Quantum Energy Shower: Stress Buster

March 30, 2022

The Essential Guide to Spiritual Awakenings | Amirah Hall

It the 1 year anniversary of the show and we're celebrating with one of the most fascinating conversations we've ever had! Gifted…

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