The Essential Guide to Spiritual Awakenings | Amirah Hall

Its the 1 year anniversary of the show and we're celebrating with one of the most fascinating conversations we've ever had!

Gifted clairvoyant, spirit medium, and quantum healing pioneer with over 22 years of experience, Amirah Hall tells us about her Egyptian Near Death experience, how E.T.s are real and interacting with us, what the key to ascension and spiritual awakening is and SO MUCH MORE!

"The key for all of it, in our spiritual awakening, our Ascension raising our vibration, is to increase our frequency and to learn how to manage our energy field so that we can be present" -- Amirah Hall

Some topics covered:

  • How she healed herself from an auto-immune disease
  • Details about her near death experience while traveling in Egypt and how it unlocked her clairvoyant gifts
  • How everything is made up of frequencies and how you can align yourself with them to clear energy blockages in your spiritual awakening
  • How the lion headed Egyptian Goddess of Healing, Sekhmet helps her in her daily life
  • How to overcome fear in order to achieve spiritual awareness
  • Why fear is the biggest mistake people make when diving into metaphysics (Its NOT what you think!!)
  • How she knows that aliens and E.T.s are real and implanting people
  • How you can join Amirah on her next trip to Egypt and participate in a full moon ritual inside Chamber of Kings in the Great Pyramid with her

And TONS more!!!

About our Guest:
A gifted clairvoyant, spirit medium, and quantum healing pioneer with over 22 years of experience, Amirah Hall is a world-class psychic mentor and a master of spirit communication. Amirah is dedicated to providing spiritual tools and guidance to seekers going through their ascension process, reaching higher levels of awareness. She's also the creator of “REVEAL" a Chakra Healing Intensive Program & Intuitive Mastery Training, 3rd Eye & Beyond. Her programs assist you in mastering life on every level. Her book is, “The Essential Guide To Spiritual Awakening”

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Amirah Hall

Will: [00:00:00] You know, we have talked about a lot of things in this show so far this past year, now that we've celebrated our one year anniversary.

And one recurring theme seems to be the Ascension process. And. Near death experiences also healing modalities and things like that. Well today on this show, we are actually combining a bunch of those together because our next guest is someone that kind of combines all of these in one, all encompassing.

Conversation. And I have no idea where we're going to go because we can go in so many different directions. And that is what makes it so exciting. 


Will & Karen: My name is will, and unlike Mulder and Scully, both. So we've embarked on a journey of discovery. Talk to people deeply entrenched in the spiritual and metaphysical world. We've thrown ourselves into weird and wonderful experiences. I even joined the coven of witches. You joined a coven. Yep. All in the interest of finding something that will prove that there's something beyond this physical three dimensional world [00:01:00] we all live in.

This is the skeptic med physicians.


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Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysicians. We're excited that you're here. I'm will as always joined by my beautiful co-host. Karen, Karen, thank you for coming on the show again.

Thank you for letting me know letting you, you couldn't. I couldn't, [00:02:00] I couldn't keep you out. Even if I wanted to, you are just way too good for the show. 

Amirah: I got nothing. 

Will: You left me hanging about Karen. She's a gifted clairvoyant.

She's a spirit medium. She's also a quantum healer and she has more than 22 years of experience. Wow. Yeah, no, this is nothing. Listen to this. She healed herself from auto-immune illness. Oh, wow. And then promptly had a near death experience while traveling in Egypt. Oh my God. Wow. Yeah. Now, now she helps people that are going through their Ascension process and helps them to reach the higher levels of awareness.

So she has a lot to talk about. I could not be more thrilled to welcome a miracle to the show, a mural hall mirror. . Thank you so much for coming on the show. 

Amirah: Oh, thank you. Well, what a wonderful introduction. I'm excited to listen to what she has to say

Will: or no 

Amirah: with me. What's going to come through. So let's brace ourselves. 

Will: I I'm looking forward to finding [00:03:00] out what. Comes out because very similarly I don't ever know what's going to come out of my mouth and \ I've seen Karen cringe lots of times while we're things are coming out of my mouth.

So definitely not miraculous. It's miraculous. We're actually still on the air. I would say. Thank you again for coming on the show. I think we probably need to. Really hit that elephant in the room. First and foremost, everyone wants to know about how you healed yourself from an auto immune illness.

Can you tell us a little bit about that? 

Amirah: Most definitely. I'm happy to, and I think it's really, really a poignant time in history right now. What we're all facing, right? Or the fear of facing some debilitating illnesses. And, and fear of dying. So for me, you know, it was over 30 years ago now that the medical system pretty much shut the door on me.

I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, but that was after my dad died and I was [00:04:00] going through a divorce and that was all happening around and within six months of each other. And at that time, you know, they just lumped everything into chronic fatigue. And I was exhausted. I exhausted my immune system.

And so it, you know, for two weeks I cried, right. I was pretty desperate. The doctors told me to go home and prepare my F my affairs. Wow. Well, I wasn't quite ready for that, I guess. And I'm a bit of a fighter, a little feisty feistiness. I was new to the U S I'm from Canada. And I had no support system, very few friends.

So I felt like my whole life was falling apart. And I think for most people that are, we've talked about spiritual awakening or this Ascension process. And I think for a lot of people, what happens is some major event or a significant loss or an extreme illness triggers us into that soul searching. For me at the time, you know, considering that was over 30 years ago, you know, there [00:05:00] wasn't an internet system and there weren't very many books talking about that subject at the time.

So it was kind of going back to the basics and figuring it out. I used acupuncture and chiropractic. I had to adjust my diet. I started to learn about detoxing, my gut. So all of these topics are really, really. You know, very commonplace now. Back in the day, everybody thought I was nuts because I was on a 30 day detox.

So I was a bit ahead of my time, I guess you could say, but I proved it to myself first. Then I could do it. And quite honestly, I don't know that that was a frame of mind. I had, it was a pure survival at the time. And while I was going through. A process of detoxing and fasting and trying, you know, the colon cleansing and going to the beach and just quietening my mind.

And I started yoga and meditation. So it was a compilation of a lot of different things that really, I think is a powerful [00:06:00] approach. It's not just one thing. And staring at a crystal, isn't going to help you. Process what you have to do. And I remember one doctor actually it was my chiropractor that said that I had emotional overload and I needed to learn to quiet my mind.

At the time I was working in corporate America. So. I was busy and I was successful and I was in the top 10 for the country. And I was also studying for my masters and I got Magna cum Loudy you know, so I was a real type, a personality and nothing was really going to slow me down. I didn't know how to.

So that was the journey that began. And as I started to loosen and relax my mind and heal myself, give myself the space. And now the terminology I use for that is I w I, I was letting go. Of programming sets of belief, systems, fears, you know, the trauma the fear of being alone in a foreign country, the fear of [00:07:00] not being married and, and the fear of, you know, what, what are people thinking of me going through divorce?

And now my dad left me and going through all my childhood and the processes of, you know, that traumatic lifestyle at the time. And. So that's, that's it, that's spiritual awakening in a nutshell, you know, we have to let go of everything that we, we think we are. 


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Hey, well, in true form, the minute we have spirits or near the experienced people with us the gremlins come out and this is no different. We just started talking to you. We got a lot of great information from you and boom, all of a sudden, everything. To the wayside.

So, we're going to try this again. Mira, are you still with us? 

Amirah: I'm with you. Thank you. Yes. 

Will: All right. Well, we were talking about how you helped heal yourself from an auto immune illness. And I was about to ask you, we've had quantum healers on the show [00:09:00] before, but you actually are one of the pioneers of that modality.

So do you think, is that something that you were using to help yourself during that.

Amirah: Not really, I needed to take care of my body at that time, physically. In the nineties, there wasn't any conversation about that. We didn't have the internet at the time research on that subject, you know, a chronic fatigue. I don't know. I think it was a new buzzword that doctor had in his bag, but it was almost a decade later after my near death experience.

When I started to understand where I went. When I left my body, that I believed I stepped into the quantum field and I never had words for it for a very, very long time. So my near-death experience happened in 1998 and it wasn't until at least 2000, maybe 2001, 2002, that I even started using that word or referencing it.

And even then the masses weren't talking about. [00:10:00] So what I understood about that energetic field that I called the quantum, I at first thought I called it the matrix. But the energetic version of stepping into everything that was interconnected and backwards and forwards and inter you know, it was just, it was mind blowing, but I started to understand that literally everything that permeated everything that existed was a frequency and that in order to heal myself or in order to create and manifest, what I needed to do was align with that frequent.

Will: I'm really curious to talk to you about your near death experience and how that really, I mean, I guess really opened up your toolbox, right?

It, it gave you access to such a bigger world than what you were working with before. So I guess let's take. 

Amirah: let's start there because that was the point when I came back to my, my experience happened outside the valley of the Kings in [00:11:00] Egypt. And when I have to travel back to the U S that day, when I landed like 20 hours after my experience, everybody in the airport looked like a walking, two dimensional paper, doll, black.

And I couldn't look at anybody. I couldn't come. I mean, I knew I was walking. I was in this world, but it was so freaky because it was like anger and depression and fear. It was such a low vibration. And I was still vibing in a really, really high frequency that I would call it. Bliss, you know, a total resonance to peace.

And then I stepped into that zone. It was like hidden, hidden an air pocket in the airplane. You know, it was just like, oh, this is gross. And so I, I had a book with me and I thought, I just got to stare at this book. I got to look at the book. This is real. I didn't really know what was happening. So I realized after, while I was reading the book upside down, I wasn't really [00:12:00] reading it.

I was just trying to. I have something to focus on close to me that I could hold rather than staring out into the, you know, waiting area. Well, that, that perception stopped when I got back to San Diego and what I re, what I did was I was very depressed. I was really angry and I was fearful. And I didn't know what happened.

I didn't dare unlike you that went to see psychologists and all these people. I did explore, but I didn't dare go see a psychologist. I figured, you know what? I know. I'm not crazy, but I'm not really sure, but, but 

Will: put me away, 

Amirah: rock me up and throw away the key. You know, I, I did not do that. I went to about a dozen different psychics and different healers because in San Diego there were, you know, a diamond dozen.[00:13:00] 

They all told me something different. So, you know what, that really pissed me off. I was really mad at God. I was really mad at both psychics and I was real. And, you know, I sort of kick the. Katelyn. I didn't have one at the time, but I just really was pissed off and that anger was just, you know, oozing out of me fired my friends, fired my family fired my hobbies.

Oh yeah. I lost my job shortly after. And I realized I had to get the answers within me. And when I started to learn some tools and integrate some of the information I was getting. It had to do with my clairvoyance. Now I didn't call it that. I didn't know that, but it was being able to tune in to what I could see.

So I access it through my clairvoyance and I believe [00:14:00] our clairvoyance again, it's my belief. Everybody's got their own journey and they, I'm not here to program anybody, but when we learn how to adjust our Shakur system, Turn down the dials, turn up the dials and be able to sit in like what I call the center of a lighthouse.

It's a power place, because then we've got a 360 degree view. We can go up, we can go down, but it helps us to have a perspective of looking out and seeing what we need to see. It's a way to soften, perhaps our trained. Mind of how we're trained to see things to then get the answers interdimensionally or.

From another realm, you know, if it's not interdimensional, I don't know what, but you know, sometimes words limit the experience. And so I like to say, and I've been teaching people for 22 years, [00:15:00] how to develop an open that pineal gland and the whole purpose is to heal yourself, to look and see where there's energetic blocks to find the answers and the information.

Then when you can see. You can do something with it. If I don't know there's any fingerprints on the window and I'm having a real hard time seeing and, you know, trying to find a clarity, I'm never going to, until I clear it, I'm not going to have clarity. So I teach people how to literally remove what I would, you know, the metaphorical finger.

And that's archived in our energetic field that is interdimensional and a quantum level, and it could all, you know, go back to past lives. It could go to future lives, you know, the key for all of it in our spiritual awakening, our Ascension raising our vibration is to increase our frequency and to be, to learn how to manage our energy field so [00:16:00] that we can be.

'cause, you know, that's where the law of attraction really kicks in. You know, I heard you talk about, you know, the importance of being able to feel something, feel what you want to create. But more than that in my books, there's a knowing. And it's alignment with the picture, the feeling and a presence that it's already created.

Therefore, I call it a knowing you're being it as if it's already happened. Some people talk about being it or acting as if it already occurred. Right. There's a resonance in your body when that goes, click. And then of course you're neutral. And your there's the commentary about the being detached. But there's a lot of things that can interfere in the energetic realm that screws up your manifesto.

Karen: I just would like to take a [00:17:00] quick step back. So you talked about being clairvoyant. Is that something that you had, or you knew about before your near death experience or was that triggered by the near death experience and what was that experience like? 

Amirah: The trauma and the grief and anger and despair that I stepped into or the vibration that I was holding as I shifted.

The experience from Egypt coming into the U S is the part, I believe that blocked all of my spiritual abilities and I believe it's the thing that blocks everybody's spiritual abilities. I have the understanding now that we come pre-wired we are like this massive, amazing supernatural software. And we're corrupted.

We've got these viruses called life experiences, brought some mamma malware going on seriously. Yeah. And so when you can see all that stuff, it's, it's relatively [00:18:00] simple having the right tools, having the right perspective and in a space of neutrality, because when we're not neutral, we can't be effective.

Right. And that's the whole secret in quantum healing is having complete neutrality. And I guess 

Will: that's what they call finding your center, but also is your appoint releasing, right? You need to find a point where you have released to the point where your ego is gone.

Your sense of self has gone to, in order to align yourself with who you are truly. Now. We've danced around it a lot. We talked about the near death experience in Egypt, but can you tell him what happened? How did you. Die or did, did you die? 

Amirah: What caused it? Everybody wants to know the drama, not, not the after 

Will: effect.

 We're going to talk about the aftereffects for sure. That's our focus, but, but set the table for us, what happened? And then we'll move into. The after-effects. 

Amirah: Yeah, so I was on a spiritual pilgrimage because as I started to heal myself, like [00:19:00] many, many people right now, I knew there was something more and I had this really successful job.

I was having more money than I knew what to do with, but there was something that. And so there I was, I found this group that was going and went on this amazing spiritual pilgrimage, where I started to see things, granite statue, smiling at me and listening or hearing that says celestial angels singing and amazing things in the pure, in the temples and the pyramids.

I stayed an extra week and I was with a friend and. I was a jewelry designer back those days and I wanted some antiquities. I found out some people were collecting, had antiquities because they lived right outside the mountain. Actually their houses were perched on the edge of the month. They backed into the mountain.

And so they have these, a lot of them were digging in their back wall. Their back wall was in the mountains. So [00:20:00] they'd, they'd be digging at night. And then in the daytime, they had this beautiful carpet hanging over it. I asked my friend if he knew somebody that might have some of these, you know, little beads, I was looking for little antique beads and I found someone I needed some money, more ATM.

So I had to go back the second day. Now in Egypt when you purchase something, especially if you're a friend of a friend is associate. You know, event, you have a cup of coffee, you have a Coca-Cola water, you sit and visit. You talk about your grandmother. You talk about every, their children. They want to show you all the pictures.

It's a real drama, you know, so I go back and they, they wanted to really treat me well. They brought out. 

Karen: I don't

Amirah: well, I don't smoke and I'm not an expert in any stretch of the way for pot or anything. So [00:21:00] I, I said, no, thank you. Mohamed erupted in rage because not only did I insult him because it's the best, it's the best. So he went on and on and on, and I'm the only lady there and the only American and I'm like, oh boy, you know, maybe I should reconsider.

I tried it a few times. Nothing happened for me, you know, I never got high, so I'll just, okay. I'll just keep the peace here. I'm a born Canadian. Remember I didn't wanna make any drama. So, I, I, they brought the joint around twice and I did, you know, make it look like I did. And then it was done. Everybody jumped up and ready to go and I couldn't leave.

I couldn't get out of the chair. It was like my arms and legs. I was parallel. The next thing, you know, I felt myself standing behind my body and I could see everybody's movie, like their life review on movies. Like a TV. Like I was at [00:22:00] circuit city seeing these 10, 10 life roles. And it was really freaky.

And I, I said, you know, I put my hand out in front of me thinking I just need water. I need to stay in my body. I need to stay in my body. And I remember everything was in slow motion. My friend Juju walked up to me and he must've poured some water in my hand. And as I got up closer to my face, I spoke. I remember the last thought it was like, oh shit, my mascara is going to run.

Will: I've got to ask the obvious question here is right. How many hits that thing did you take? 

Karen: And how strong? 

Amirah: And, and you know, when I came back, I have to say this. I was really concerned. I had a heart condition. I had been detoxing about two weeks before I came to Egypt and I had done a 30 day. So there was a high likelihood.

My doctor told me after they did a whole battery of tests, everything was fine. And he said, your [00:23:00] amino acids are a bit low. And he said, you could have been dehydrated. And the fact that I was super, super, super sensitive after having a spiritual pilgrimage for two weeks and detox, whatever that was sent me into orbit, you know, literally kicked me out of my room.

So what was, it was pretty intense and I can, I can't, even to this day it was so traumatic that I CA I don't even want to be around people that are smoking pot. And that sounds like a really minor thing, but not for me.

I don't, I think I'm going to leave the planet. 

Will: So your near death experience was. Really an astral travel experience, right? 

Amirah: here, here's the thing you could say that I collapsed, they pounded my chest with all their might. He told me like, oh, maybe 10 minutes later when I did come back that I was my breathing stopped and my heart stopped.

And [00:24:00] so what happened was my friend put his arm. Grabbed me under the arms, dragged me out and pushed me into a truck. I was in the cab of a truck and I don't remember any of this. I had been propped up. My head was out the window. I laughingly say they were giving me oxygen.

And the Egyptian CPR was pounding my chest. But I started coming back and I, I started, I felt like a shooting star or a comment, and I remember shooting through the star system. And I remember seeing the globe, we, we are a ball, a blue ball, and I was heading to work. And it kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

And I'm like, oh my goodness, that's a big place. Where am I? How, how am I going to find my body? And then it came to me. I heard these voices in a language. I couldn't understand. And I'm like, [00:25:00] I don't know that language. And the next thought was, oh, Egypt. That's where I left myself. And it's kind of a comical little dialogue that I remember in my head kind of, or my this voice.

And so then trying to get into my body felt like trying to put on a wet, wet suit. Have you ever put on what clothes or. 

So I struggled and struggled and struggled. It was thick. It was dense. It was icky. And then I couldn't open my eyes.

I remember the light being so incredibly bright. It was right about noon or one o'clock in the afternoon. And when I finally was able to sort of peak a glimpse and where am I? I remember saying to my friend that and feeling utter bliss and utter peace and joy. And I remember just sort of reaching out and touching his arm and then he's just, well, she's alive.

Of course, they're speaking in Arabic. They were so excited. They didn't, and in a negative way, they, they thought I died. And that [00:26:00] would have been a catastrophe for all of them, because a year before that there was a massacre, not a mile down the road at queen Hatshepsut temple. I think 31 Europeans were killed by.

They called it a crazy guy, came from the mountains. I think that was early ISIS, but they, you know, so if there was a law in the government, if anything happened to a us citizen, they would have all been thrown into. Lost everything. So they were really on edge, you know? And so, so when I touched him and then I said where are you taking me?

Cause I just felt like my gut was going to explode. That's all I could. That was the only physical feeling I had was my gut. 

Will: Right. 

Amirah: I always drink bottled water. And when we're there, we rule, we don't eat anything. That's not been cooked or appealed. That's sort of our rules to stay safe. And I say our rule, I've been 12 times now and I [00:27:00] take.

Wow. And near death experiences, not on the itinerary. 

Karen: Oh, I'm out then. 

Amirah: And in fact, a plug for it. We've got one plan for this October, October 30th, 31st. 

Will: Yeah. I saw that on your bio. We'll talk about that a little bit later. Super interesting. But so then, so then you came back and were\ you're getting.

All of a sudden, like a light switch and all of a sudden spirits were talking to you or was it more of a gradual reveal of, of these tools? 

Amirah: Well, after I got out of the bathroom and my friend was sitting next to me and just tears were streaming down his face, he said, you don't understand. He said, you die.

And like I was in total bliss. I felt like nothing happened. I don't feel like I died. You know, I was cool except I have to go to the bathroom real 

Karen: bad. 

Will: That's a really bad when I die, come 

Karen: back. 

Amirah: So I had to, I couldn't walk. And so I [00:28:00] rested in their bedroom for quite some time. 

Will: No bathroom 

Amirah: then.

Well, I, they sorta escorted me out. I couldn't, I couldn't walk my legs. My legs were. Wow. I was really, really weak in terms of, you know, physical strength. I don't think honestly I was yet back in my body completely. And I laid there and rested for quite a while. Water yogurt orange that they brought me, but I started to see an entity.

In the arm war in the Woodgreen, every time I looked in the woodgrain, I would see segment she's the goddess, the God, the healer's healer, she's the goddess known as the patron Saint for all the doctors and the healers. And so I would, I thought I was losing my mind. Of course. And then I, there was a window and the gentle breeze from the Nile was.

Fluttering the curtains. And I kept looking out the window going, that's real. [00:29:00] That's not she and the woodgrain is not real. I'm going to keep looking at the lush green Nile valley because that's real. And so I struggled. I'm like, which I'm going to look at this world, not this world. And so it went back and forth like that.

And so I tried to ignore that. When I got to the airport that day, like four hours later one of the guides that was with me, the tour guides, I asked her, who's this lion goddess, you know, in the female body. And she goes, oh, that's sick, man. Set, commits with me today every day, all the time. And she's an incredibly powerful healing entity.

And quite honestly, I got to tell ya, you know, Speaking of skeptics, I was raised Catholic. And so I I didn't really resonate with Egypt homology and I thought, okay, it's, it's an interesting story. It's an [00:30:00] interesting myth or, or whatever you want to call it. And it wasn't until that, that Egypt came alive.

Will: That's super interesting. To reveal something of myself, Egypt has always called to be, I don't know what it is, but oncs really speak to me. The pyramids. I mean, it's, it's one of those places where either I have been there before, somewhere in my many lifetimes ago or I'm called to go there at some point, 

Amirah: I'll tell you the first time I was there, there was something about it that I felt home. And I hear that from a lot of the people that come with us. Wow. I know I've been here before and so yeah. Reconnecting with that coming home and it was fascinating how many Egyptians would say welcome home? Madam.

Welcome home. My sister. 

Will: Well, the state's the cradle of mankind right. Of life. So that's a, that could be a lot to that. We are all going home [00:31:00] when we go back to Egypt, I guess. Okay. So then I wanted to now transitioned to. Afterwards. So you are an incredibly gifted clairvoyant. You are a spirit medium.

And in fact, as we're having our technical snafoos some, something was trying to come through something and it was, it was causing all kinds of electrical challenges. So, you actually have gotten. A hold of all of your spiritual gifts and now are turning it around to help others to come to terms with their own spiritual awakening.

You mentioned earlier on in the interview that your own spiritual awakening was very difficult. As we've talked to many people before who have had very difficult spiritual awakenings. so now you are helping people with their own. Journeys with their own travels. You have a program and a mastery training called reveal, which is a chakra healing program.

You also are about to release a new book called the essential guide to spiritual awakening. And like you mentioned, you're taking applications for an upcoming journey to Egypt. So [00:32:00] what is the first step when someone feels like. Does something happening to me. I need to get someone to help me.

What's the first step. I mean, other than obviously reach out to you, what should someone know? 

Amirah: Well, like you, I think your journey is a good example. You started exploring, you became curious, right? And you, and you're starting to poke and prod and an inquire. For me, when people come to me, usually there's some form of trauma.

Or loss or illness that we need to resolve first, that's sort of the catapult or the catalyst. And so the very first thing that happens is we have to learn how to clear that. You know, and, and being present, whether it's something we, whether we want to manifest a new relationship or a career, or we want to know more about our gifts, it's all kind of part and parcel of the same thing.

Because when I take [00:33:00] people on the journey of the revealing program, where we start clearing our shockers, it's like I said earlier, it's like, we're just clearing the virus. We're just clearing the accumulation of belief systems, outmoded programming systemic, you know, co collective box. The ketchup is dangerous.

Karen: Yeah. 

Will: I've lived with that thought for many, many years. Absolutely. 

Amirah: And you see that may keep you away from exploring and, and fulfilling a lifelong spiritual class. Yeah. So 

Will: I've, it's no surprise, no mystery. Everybody knows. It's been revealed that one of the things that keeps me back, you know, with a lot of things is fear.

I've always wanted to ask to project, but I'm deathly afraid of the critters that live in ether. So I don't, it doesn't let me do it. So there's a lot of validity to that, but how can someone overcome that? 

Amirah: Okay. So first of all, [00:34:00] you want to do extreme sport and 

Karen: psychic? Yes. Yes 

Amirah: I do. You're an extremist.

Okay. As a different form. Well, we need to take it in ways. Like if you're going to build something, first of all, you need to get the right. Right. You need a map or a plan or a F you know, a, a starting point, and that is learning how to ground, make the body feel safe. When we start exploring a new language or exploring, let's say a new art form.

You're not going to go out and be a Picasso. Well, maybe you could be a Picasso, but it's not a Rembrandt. For instance, immediately, you've got to develop a skill. And a level of comfort of working with your new tools and developing your style. And, you know, it's a funny thing because it's, you're talking and exploring it with your intellect.

And I take people into the experience. [00:35:00] So in a way, we got to crawl before we can walk or run. So all of these topics are super psychic, sexy, psychic stuff, a cult, you know, it's super. Adventurous and unknown. And you know what? I remember as a little kid playing with the Weegee board and then other people telling me, you know, you're playing with fire.

Well, I didn't realize I could be opening up a portal for demons and entities to come in. Well, fear not necessarily only blocks you from having those experiences, but it too is a man. And drawing things to you. Oh, lovely. So when you're 

Karen: first kind of starting out and having that spiritual awakening, we've spoken with quite a few people and they've told us that, you know, they felt like they were going crazy in how do you know that that's not what it is like, how do you know that that it's a spiritual awakening?

What, what helped you to 

Amirah: understand that? I [00:36:00] had no one there, but my intuition. And so it was a longer journey than it needed to be. It was perfect for me. I'm not going to say, but now there's so many teachers and mentors, I would say, find someone or a modality that resonates with you because like, in my, before I even take anybody into my reveal program, we work one-on-one with four sessions and I will reveal to you secrets that you've never told.

Oh, wow. And so when I can develop that rapport with you and build a trust level, I always say to my students and future clients is that if, when we hit the skids or we hit some scary stuff that you don't want to let go of you being able to trust me or hang on to what the anchor that I provide for you will be what gets you through that tough.

And so I wish I had someone like that. I think my process took so much longer because there [00:37:00] was no one there to hold my rails. As I walked through the passageway. I can't do it for you, but I can give you the tools and hold a space for you to safely navigate it. And I say safely and emphasize it because there are a lot of pitfalls.

And when we're dealing with the unseen world let's just say I have done exorcisms or entities and removed ITI. What do you call it? Implants. There's been a lot of different things that I've explored and seen because I can see it. Okay. I'm not afraid of it when I have the right tools and the right system to approach it.

I just zoom it out and make it like a little cereal monster and all of a sudden it's no big deal. 

Will: You just, you just took that pin on a grenade and dropped it and walked away. He knew it [00:38:00] wasn't me, but you just dropped so much in that one little sentence implants. Wow. Just one of the things that made me go home.

Right exorcisms. So you're saying the demons are real. You're seeing that there are extraterrestrials, there have been among us and are actually abducting people mean. 

Amirah: It's really hard for me to date. Okay.

I'm sorry. I'm channeling. I'd like to give you an example, using my clairvoyance, just looking. Having this, that what I call the lighthouse in the center of my head. Right. I had a client call me from Connecticut and years ago and she also was a psychic, but she worked with cards and, and things like that.

So she calls me up and she goes to Mira. I'd like you to take a look at my son, we've got some problems with him and he was about nine years old and all of a sudden this kid from going outside and [00:39:00] playing with his friends and being really gregarious, he became very depressed and very aggressive. And the school approached her and said, you know, we want to put your kid on.

And he's got ADHD, can't settle down and he's just off the rails. And she was like really adamant to putting him on these meds. And so that's why she called me. So when I looked at him and an honest to God, I don't go looking for the aliens, they just show. And so I was looking at this and I'm like, okay, this is going to sound really bizarre, Tricia.

But what I see is. Spaceship plugged into the center of your kid's head and they are using his brain like a Periscope peeking in and seeing the world through his.

I said, look, I don't know other than what I'm seeing, I'm telling you what I'm seeing, but I knew I [00:40:00] could back it out. And it was like, I erased them and their connection to him. And I, I remember it vaguely because I go into a modified trance when I'm doing this work, but I told the story so many times that it comes back.

So I remember tracing the line where it went to the. And then I, you know, communicated with them and just sort of did my signaling and erasing it and their connection to him, like unplugging it. Like if I'm going into a computer system, I'd be fine. Oh, there's the virus. Wipe it out. Reboot. Okay. We're good.

Right? No more virus. Or she went to pick up her son and, well, she told me she goes and bureau. What what's really weird is lately all of his drawings that he brought home and they're all in the fridge are eating. And spaceships. And so that was fine. She went to get him and she brought him home and she told him, oh, hunting today.

I spoke, spoke to a mirror and she [00:41:00] moved ITI from your head and he goes, oh mom, that was my friend. He was completely aware. Um, Communication with him and unknowingly or whether there was like, I call it an energetic portal or a doorway that was open his curiosity with everything. They just plugged in, not good or bad right or wrong.

And they can do that because everything's energy. But the beautiful thing is after we cleared it, he went back to being his old self, no drugs back to playing in the yard. No depression, none of the.

gosh, so I will say to you as a skeptic myself, when I S I S I'm skeptical of even what I see, but I've been doing this for 22 years now, and I learned more than anything. I don't know when it comes to what's out there and the possibilities. So I [00:42:00] try and just stretch and allow and be neutral. And, and then when the client comes back and tells me and gives me the valve validation or the verification that this was correct, like, I don't need to go alien or you teach chasing.

I healed the problem for him here now. So my purpose is not to chase, you know, 

Karen: ETS. 

Will: we are simpatico in that sense. I'm a skeptic in as much that I needed explained in a way that my limited brain can understand. I do know in the course we've been doing the show now for a year and. I do know that if there's one thing that I've learned during the show is that we don't know shit about any and the more we do the show, the more it opens up my views.

And it opens up my mind about the fact that, because I don't know. It doesn't mean that it's not real. I just need to [00:43:00] compartmentalize it. Okay. So if there are ETS out there, new world, where how, why mean all that kind of stuff. Those are the questions that immediately come to mind. Not that, not that, no, I don't believe ETS are real.

I believe that whatever someone says to me is real. There's no reason for me not to be. Right. It may not resonate with me, but I do believe it's real. And I just have to figure out how does that make sense to me? 

Amirah: Well, I would say to you, if you were my clients, stop trying to figure it out.

Okay. So sometimes like, okay, we're all extremely well-trained with our linear logical mind, but to be able to connect with our heart, it's not through your head.

Will: Yes. I agree. And I, I hear what you're saying and I agree with what you're saying. And I do know that I've got to be okay with the fact that I'm not going to have all the answers. There's just no, no possible way to have the answers because we live in the world of quantum mechanics where [00:44:00] every answer is the right answer.

And every answer is the wrong answer. I very well have it where that. It's a very uncomfortable place for me to live in. So I try to make sense of things, which is my way of making my world stay grounded, because I do want to believe in all this stuff. I really do. I just need to know that I'm not just going for a 


Karen: See, but I would think trying to find all the answers and figuring it out. That's just going to give 

you so much anxiety. 

Amirah: Well, it takes a lot of your energetic. Because just imagine what you could be creating. If that was flipped, 

Will: we're creating this.

Amirah: I mean, we, we limit our experiences based on our perspective. And you said that you. By [00:45:00] keeping your, your self grounded, you keep things. And the perception I got was you keep yourself safe in a safe zone, feeling threatened by anything that doesn't make sense. And 

Karen: if you're always grounded, you're never going to be able to fly.

Got to 

Will: have your gain upon. Yes. Yes. You're both correct? Yes. You are both correct? Yes. I read the book communion when I was in college, didn't sleep for two weeks after I read the book. So the thought of having ETS be real is not a fun thought for me because I read the book it was very uncomfortable for me.

So that's just an example. I try to paint my little, you know, Les Nessman in WKRP in Cincinnati where he has a tape that, that signifies where his office starts and stops. Even if there's no, no physical walls, the tape, he would say, no, you know, you can't cross this line because now you're in my office without having come to the door.

That's kind of how my [00:46:00] mind is trying to piece it all together. I've got this tape , on the floor and you can't come here unless you come in through this particular door, which helps me. Put it in perspective. Well, 

Amirah: it's called control issue. Thank you. And here's, and, and, you know, we can laugh at it because we've all got that in some shape or form, but the more look I, I have those too.

But the journey has taken me. There are a lot of twists and turns blown my mind cause zillions of times, and I think, you know, Like I was thinking, well, how do I need to prove it to, you know, I don't need to prove it to you. I've had, you know, computer analysts and computer programmers and engineers, and I work with a lot of guys because in many ways the system that I work with makes sense.

The part of you losing control or not being able to manage or stop something around you is a fear of not having [00:47:00] control or resisting change. But once we get into that flow, you start to access more power. And you get turbocharged, you know, so I guess it's a question of what do you want to create because I'm not here to convince anybody I'm here to help people create what they want.

So if we can get out of our own way and start thinking like, okay, well I've got these supernatural gifts that want to come in. Why, why, why would I not want to accelerate those? Usually there's a trauma, maybe a past life, like in Egypt or perhaps an abduction that you can't really recall that is blocking some of your 

Will: I'm afraid of that's exactly what I'm afraid of

Amirah: going down that rabbit hole. 

Will: No, it's, it's, it's been great. It's it's not something that we talk about often, but it's certainly something that we started talking to the beam before we start recording. [00:48:00] We never know where the universe is going to take your conversation. That's part of the fun of doing this show.

We have a lot to talk about with you, but we're running out of time, but I really, I want to make sure that. Focus on your program, like how you help people with their essential. I know that we talked about reveal a little bit, but what, what is that exactly? How does 

Amirah: that work? Well, everybody is unique.

Everybody has their own path and their own journey and their discovery. Basically, my job is to help you clear what you are not. And I don't know the full picture of who and everything that you are. How can I know? All I know is what you think you are and what you're presenting to the world probably isn't.

So I just help people, you know, decompress and, you know, it's like a reconstruction project. And so we just start dismantling, you know, safely so that you, you don't feel like you're going to instantaneously combust. It's not like a

It is [00:49:00] a gentle journey. And all of a sudden, it's like, you know, when you go outside and you look for that rose to blossom and it just never, you know, you go out day after day and it's still not blossoming, but then you forget about it and you're like, oh, then you walk by, oh, look at that. The rose opened.

That's kind of a metaphor analogy of how this process happens. We start cleaning windows and clearing out old furniture and clearing out the cupboards. And next thing you know, you start feeling fresher and lighter and Hey, I feel good in my place and that's what happens. And then you start manifesting more and you start feeling different lighter.

And so it's not for me to tell you what gifts and abilities you have it's between you and the creator. They will resurrect. 

Will: And I assume that everyone is different. So you couldn't say, oh, it's a six week process or it's a 12 week process. It's however long it takes you to go through it.

That's how long it 

Amirah: takes you. Well, my clairvoyant, the shocker [00:50:00] process is 10 weeks. My intuitive mastery is 12 weeks. I was working with a man in Saudi Arabia. Came to me in Dubai, he had found me and, and he wanted to develop his clairvoyance. He was already a healer and doing the work. And so when he came and he went through the program after the program a week or two after I said, so I feel like you're not happy.

You feel like I didn't deliver, or you wanted something more. And he goes, yes, that's true. And, and I said, you know what? You're not done. You're going to be processing for another 10 weeks or more. So I think it was about six or eight weeks after, again, like not looking at that rose asking it to blossom.

And all of a sudden he contacted me and said, you're not going to believe this. I can see inside my, my client's bodies. I can see their organs. I'm like, I'm, I'm laughing about it to this day [00:51:00] because I don't see like, Okay. But his abilities were whoa. I mean, he's seen high definition, you know? Interdimensionally amazing.

Wow. And he's loving it. I guess the clients love it too. 

Will: We've yet another rabbit hole that you just dropped in our lap.

Well, let's talk real quickly about your trip to Egypt, because that sounds super interesting to me. And I know that you're now you're, you're taking applications for people to join you on this. I guess, right. 

Amirah: We're taking deposits anytime soon because we are waiting for the final dates. Okay. There's been a lot of changes with air flights and things like that.

So we're getting everything finalized in terms of dates and we'll have that shortly. So anybody that's interested just to at least send me [00:52:00] on my website. Fill in the application, then we can get back to you with the details. But you know, for the I believe it's on November 8th is a full moon eclipse, and we're going to be in the King's chamber in a private ceremony on that day.

It starts group in a meditation. And I can tell you, I don't know, I've had so many mindblowing experiences in the great pyramids, you know, Well, when you go to Egypt,

you don't see things the same after. 

Will: I've always been drawn to it. 

Amirah: Egypt calls you. It's not one of those things that, oh, you think it's on your bucket list? No, it's calling you. Yeah. Yeah. And I just want to say, if anybody wants to connect with me and have a small reading, every Wednesday, I'm having a virtual small group.

And so you can access that on my website. So you can touch base with me and feel if, you know, poke, poke the bear, so to speak.[00:53:00] 

Will: Well, we're going to go ahead and add links to your website and your socials and all that kind of stuff on our show notes. So if you are interested in going to Egypt with Amirah or reaching out to her about a reading or a healing, or, or just to say hello, you know, you can just go to skeptic go to her episode.

and right there, you will have a direct link. So you can just go directly there. You don't have to keep searching or Google or whatever. It's right there for you. It's for your convenience. So much more for us to talk about. I feel wait, I'm, I'm feeling like you're going to be on the show again in the future.

Amirah: Okay. You're scrying 1 0 1, right? Yes. Sign up for that class. 

Will: no. It has been an absolute pleasure speaking with you today. 

Amirah: I would love to share with, to Pete, with people down in the next episode, how I got the princess in Dubai pregnant. 

Karen: Oh, [00:54:00] this 

Will: is a family show though, too. I don't know. 

Amirah: Well, it's not a traditional manner, so let's just leave it there. 

Will: Wow. Yeah, not fair. Um, All right. Well, for those of you who just listened to that, heard that, and you are just as mad as us. I need you to write into the show so that when we compile all the emails, angry, people saying no fair to Amirah, it will force you to come back and tell us the story of the princess who got pregnant.

So I can't thank you enough for coming on the show with us. 

Amirah: It was my true pleasure with all my heart and soul. Thank you. Thank you. And 

Karen: I'm dying to hear more. So definitely please 

Amirah: come back to hear more. Okay. Well, 

Karen: she's living to hear more 

Amirah: living to hear. I starting to choose my words a little more carefully.

Will: Before we leave. You did want to share with you a new review that came in through our website or name is Bertha [00:55:00] Moreno. She is from the United States. She gave us five star rating, Karen, another five-star rating. So thank you Bertha for doing the five star rating for us. she says that she's sending big love and immense gratitude.

She says the skeptic metaphysicians has been my consistent source of strength, faith, trust, surrender belief, growth, inspiration, determination, and the seeds of growth in my consciousness throughout my. Process. Those are big, big words. That is amazing. It is absolutely amazing. So, Bertha, thanks so much for being a listener and we are so grateful that you reached out and told us how you feel about the show.

And we're glad that it's helping you in some way because we are literally just here to help everyone get these messages. Now we'd love to hear from you too. So visit Let us know when you're listening to us from, we'd love to put a pin in the map for wherever you're listening from.

And of course we'd love it. If you left us a voicemail or an email or a review, while you're there, we do [00:56:00] appreciate every single one of them. And we're always looking for ways to improve the show and reviews, ratings, emails, voicemails are. many Ways that we can evolve and grow by learning what you like and what you don't.

And we want to thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us. Don't forget. You can continue our conversation with us on Facebook and And if you know someone that would benefit from hearing the messages we've shared on the show or any of our others, I hope you will consider sharing us with that person.

It'll help grow the show. It may help. Ellis come to terms with the fact that we are so much more than just as three dimensional bodies that we inhabit. Karen. I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I have. Oh, absolutely. Because that is all we got for now. Yeah. Will see you all on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysicians until then take care.

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