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Amy J Harris

Eastern Healer and Author

Amy J Harris is a shaman and writer. She is certified in Acupressure Sacral Healing by the International School of Shiatsu and is a Tibetan Reiki Master. She also uses Intuitive Life Guidance to channel what is going on with her clients in her treatment room to help them stay focused on their Life Path. She is a published author of a poem in "Writer's Craft, Teacher's Art", edited by Mimi Schwartz, articles in Beaumont Magazine, her first book "The Truthful Intuitive Guide to Life Everlasting" and is working on her current book, "The Ascended Master", a novel.

Oct. 5, 2022

Is Eastern or Western Medicine Better? | Amy J Harris

Most people, when they don't feel well, go to a doctor…who then prescribes medicine to help them feel better. But sometimes the s…

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