Is Eastern or Western Medicine Better? | Amy J Harris

Most people, when they don't feel well, go to a doctor…who then prescribes medicine to help them feel better. But sometimes the side effects of that medicine can be challenging to deal with. So some people say that Eastern medicine is definitely the way to go instead, since its mostly natural remedies rather than chemicals. But now we're hearing that maybe Eastern medicine is not always the best way to go for some people, so what do you do when neither Eastern nor Western medicine seems to fit the bill? On this episode, we answer once and for all the eternal question; should Eastern or Western medicine be what we turn to.

Amy J. Harris is a shaman and writer. She is certified in Acupressure Sacral Healing by the International School of Shiatsu and is a Tibetan Reiki Master. She also uses Intuitive Life Guidance to channel what is going on with her clients in her treatment room to help them stay focused on their Life Path.

She is a published author of a poem in "Writer's Craft, Teacher's Art", edited by Mimi Schwartz, articles in Beaumont Magazine, her first book "The Truthful Intuitive Guide to Life Everlasting" and is working on her current book, "The Ascended Master", a novel.


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Amy J Harris

Will: [00:00:00] Hey there, it's willed. Now because of the nature of our show, sometimes technology decides to play rough with us, and this includes the episode you're about to listen. Because our guest is so connected to Spirit Sea Spirit thought it'd be fun to force us to use a different recording platform than the one we usually use.

You know, the one that gives us the very best audio quality you've come to expect from us. So at some points in this interview, you may notice some audio clipping that comes from the fact that recorded this on the public internet instead of on our preferred platform. We feel it's still a really great content that we wanted you to have.

We're releasing it here for you as is. Thanks for being a listener, and we hope that you enjoy the episode.


 Hey, Karen. Yes. When you're not feeling well, what

Karen: do you

Amy: do?

Karen: Um, I sit around not feeling

Amy: well. I try

Karen: to sleep

Will: yeah, that's true. But when you get really, when you're really not feeling well, what do

Karen: you. I mean, I don't know, depends on how I'm not

Amy: [00:01:00] feeling. Who do you go see? Oh, well, I don't usually go see

Karen: a doctor, even though I should

Will: OK.

Where most people, when they don't feel well, they go to a doctor. Yeah. Right. And then the doctor gives you medicine to help you feel better. That's true. Yeah. And you're on your way. Mm-hmm except sometimes that medicine. Boy that medicine, it gives you some side effects, right? Oh yeah. Yeah. So some people say that Eastern medicine is definitely the way to go instead.

Mm-hmm now we've even spoken to someone that's shared all the wonderful benefits of ADA and all that kind of stuff. Right? Yeah. Yep. But now we're hearing that maybe Eastern medicine is not always the best way to go for some people mm-hmm so what do you do when neither Eastern nor Western medicine seems to fit the bill?

You find the perfect combination on this episode, we're gonna answer just that once. And for all the eternal question, should Eastern or Western medicine be your exclusive go.


Will: .

Karen ? Yes. How's that book I got? Oh, which one? You know, the Meditation of Dummies book?

Karen: It's, um, it's a

Will: lovely book. Is that lovely? The, the dust cover is quite nice, isn't it? It is quite nice, yes. Ha. Have you heard, uh, that there's writing inside of

Karen: it, ? Well, you know, I am trying to work on my, um, psychic abilities.

Mmm and just know what's in that book. Oh, well, without reading it,

Will: that would be impressive. Why wouldn't it? Sadly isn't gonna happen. You're not supportive because you have to meditate in order to develop your psych successes.

Karen: Not necessarily. People are born with them. Well, I, Mike could just be still [00:03:00] sleeping , and if I meditate, they'll sleep even longer.

Maybe I need to. Some coffee time to wake up .

Will: interview, after interview, after interview, everyone's talked about the fact that meditation is so important for any kind of spiritual awakening,

Karen: okay? You wanna hear the truth of the fact of the matter, of the whatever.

Um, as

Will: long as something in there

Karen: makes sense. I don't like being told what to do. I never have, I don't do well with self-help books. I don't, I've just never, I don't know what it is, but even as a kid, I've just, you know that, just because that's your way doesn't mean it has to be my way. And probably I'm wrong, but

But that's just, you

Will: know, So let me just get, get this, wrap this my head around this thing. Okay. You're saying you don't wanna read a self-help book because it feels like you're, someone's telling you what to. Or is it that you don't wanna read the book because I've given it to you and you don't wanna do what I ask you to do?

No, no. It's more like, is it that all of our experts are telling you that you, that you have to meditate and therefore you are fighting the fact that you gotta meditate. Cause you don't want them to tell you what to do.


Karen: I just [00:04:00] think that everyone's experience is very individual and I'm just having.

Will: The non meditative,

Karen: experience. Hey, I think I have done pretty well for myself without, you know, following exactly your plan.

Will: You know, you can't just rest on your angel laurels, Karen , you need to actually take action sometimes.


Karen: I am taking action. You just, I just don't tell you everything. Oh, speaking of telling someone everything. Yeah. Why don't we listen to this interview?

Will: Fine.

 Welcome to the skeptic physicians I'm will and I'm Karen. And today we're tackling the big questions to help us navigate the tricky waters of east versus west.

We have a shaman who's certified incu pressure, sacral healing, and is a Tibetan Reiki master. And she uses intuitive life guidance to channel the truth behind all the secret. Of her clients' problems, please. Welcome to the show. Amy J. Harris, Amy. So, so, so glad to finally have you on our show. We've been in communication for a [00:05:00] long, long time.

Mm-hmm and you've been. Super engaged with us for a long time. So it's really wonderful to finally be able to see you face to face and say hello.

Amy: So it's my honor. And pleasure. I'm so happy to be here. Thank you for inviting me and then inviting me again.

Will: and again and again, and it has not been in all fairness has not been on your end.

It's been on ours. Uh, universe has, has conspired against us and it almost conspired against us today too, but I know. We push through and here we are here, we're

Karen: all the gremlins.

Amy: So see, and sometimes that's all you have to do in life. I tell people if you really, really, really want something, um, I have a theory.

It takes 11 times. If it's something you've decided you want. It takes 11 times some time. So don't quit on the 10th. So here we are in the 11th time.

Will: okay. So you've been watching the show or listening to the show for a while. You've seen our Instagram post and you see my 11 elevens. Is that why you're saying it takes 11 times?

Is that like the same?

Amy: It's my, like I said, it's my theory. [00:06:00] It's my theory. Based on though, there is a basis, uh, I did read maybe like a decade ago that it takes. If you wanna establish a habit like exercise or, you know, eating healthier, you have to do something 11 times, ah, in order to establish a habit. I, so to me, a manifestation is a habit.

And so if I wanna manifest something, I give it 11 tries. If it hasn't happened by 11 tries, it's not miss, but most of the time it is.

Will: Gotcha. Well, I love your answer, but I think I might like mine just a little bit more. Cause you know, it's, it's a little more cosmic, but here we

Karen: go

Amy: here. Here we go with that too.

Will: ah, yeah, we are all about the cosmic. so when we spoke, you said that you've never. more downloads in preparation for any interview in your life. So I gotta tell you, I am super excited to hear what these downloads are. And since we're talking about Eastern and Western medicine, let's go ahead and tackle the topic [00:07:00] if okay.

Eastern versus Western medicine, what makes the best type of medicine in your. One word

Amy: both

Karen: finally.

Will: So we're four minutes into the interview and already have given away all the answers .

Amy: So if you just leave it there, there will be many, many, many, many more questions. So we're gonna get into that words, both. So Eastern and Western healing techniques must be used in tandem mm-hmm for overall wellbeing.

in the Eastern healing reals. We refer to Western medicine as alopathic, um, they're medical, uh, pharmacology. These are alopathic medicines, apathic techniques. We believe that they are treating symptoms, right. You go to the doctor and then say, what's wrong. And you come up with your [00:08:00] laundry list of symptoms and then what do they do?

They take a guess, right? they send. Oh, okay. Um, we think it's this. And then you get test a and then if it's not that you get test B so on and so forth, and some people unfortunately will tell you they've had a through Z and they still don't know what's wrong. So my technique is a little different in the Eastern realm.

In general, we say that we are healing at the cellular level. Oh. Um, and as a shaman, I'm. You can tell me what your symptoms are. That's fine, but I am less concerned with the symptoms than I am with my intuitive or psychic. Empathing that happens in my treatment room where literally I'm looking at the parts of your body before you even tell me what's wrong, because I feel the energy.

There's a block [00:09:00] here. There's a block there. Right? So we, I think most people it's pretty mainstream by now the words key mm-hmm , which is, you know, the energy of the body and within the body, there are energy points and there are meridians. If you're familiar with acupuncture, mm-hmm . I do. it's the same basis.

I'm just not using needles. I'm using my fingers or elbows, you know, to make pressure points on the body. Hooray for no needles, needle phobic. I know. That's why I was like, why I haven't gone to school to do like the thing that's covered under, you know, health insurance. It would be nice. Right? Mm-hmm um, but I am not for needles.

Although I did a blood donation recently and saved a life. So that was exciting. But other than that, other than that, I don't really wanna do needles. So I'm with you. Um, so we are not treating the symptoms as much as empathing what's going on, not just in the body, but I'm also very concerned [00:10:00] with what the brain is doing.

And, um, pretty much everyone these days, as well knows that it's very much mind over matter. People have healed their cancer, just believing that they were gonna heal their cancer. There are books. all over the world. Mm-hmm so I am very concerned with what is going on in your head when you're in my treatment room.

If you've decided you have something and you're never getting rid of it, then guess what? You're never getting rid of it. It doesn't matter what I do. And it doesn't matter what the top surgeons in the world do. You will hang onto that sucker. Even if they alleviate the symptoms for whatever period of time, you will continue to have symptoms or you will resolve your symptoms temporarily.

And then down the line, it will present itself again, because you have incorporated that into your memory. It's what you want. You're not releasing it. So all of those things are concerning to an Eastern heal. [00:11:00] Um, I can walk you through just basically, you know, what it would look like without showing you. I hope one day I'll be able to get one of you guys.

If you swing by Pennsylvania, into my treatment room for a free treatment. Oh

Karen: wow.

Will: We were just there like five years ago, but, but you know, was so close.

Amy: What do you do? So, you know, like I said, just like with Western doctors, they do come in the clients and they, um, have their symptoms. So they start talking about them almost right away, even though they don't need to do that.

Um, it is useful information. Uh, a lot of times they're coming to you because they have not had success. In, uh, with doctors and hospitals and chiropractors, you name it, they've, they've done the insurance thing and it's not happening. So they show up in my room and, you know, they may even have had a little bit of improvement, but things are persisting.

And so I will listen to what they say. I take it [00:12:00] all in it's information, but right away, I start to do. Or I start to do this and I'm already empathing that what they've gone through, either mattered to some extent or didn't matter at all. Cuz that's not the problem. Like for just a brief example, even outside of my treatment room, my sister told me she had all kinds of issues, you know, I'm not gonna tell you what they are, obviously.

Right? Confidentiality. It was me who diagnosed the correct diagnosis because I was going like this the whole time. She's telling me what the doctors were saying and what they were doing. I was like, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. And I've known her my whole life. Right. So she's my younger sister. So I told her what it was.

And, you know, she tends to family members tend in general, not to believe me, you know, cause I'm their family. I don't really believe them either. That's fine. Like fairs fair. So I said, just take it back, take it back to the doctor. Let her do that. There's a test for that, right? Like there's an app for that.

There's a test for that. [00:13:00] Have him test it. guess what I was. Right. So I'm bating a thousand so far with my clients and my family members on the things that are wrong, that their doctors are not resolving. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Will: I need to address that for a second. You're banning a thousand, which means you're a hundred percent accurate on so far

Amy: and you're not like knock on wood, literally knock on everything.

Um, so far that's astound. Everyone else is failing. I'm succeeding, but that's just because, I mean, I, I, I just brush it off because I I'm a psychic, right. So I get information that is from the universe. You can't, you can't

Karen: brush that. It's a

Will: hundred percent success rate. You can't just brush that off.

That's that's remarkable. Karen we're we're headed to Pennsylvania,

Karen: Pennsylvania. Yeah. I need to get my back.

Will: We're on our way. Are you kidding me? That's

Amy: fantastic. Yeah, it's going well so far. Right? 11 years in a successful practice. It's good. So, wow. What I have them do is, and the nice thing about me is you don't have to get naked.

You keep your clothes on. Oh, no,

Will: forget it. I'm not gonna Pennsylvania. That's fine. Now.[00:14:00]

Amy: In my treatment room, keep your clothes on. And, um, after we're having our little chat and, um, I'm doing some, probably some light Reiki after I've intuitive, what I think is going on.

Um, now my hands are moving, like, you know, to your, um, energy points. I usually start with the crown and the throat. A lot of people have communication issues and have, you know, either, um, third eye blockages. Headaches things that are going on in this arena, um, where the crown cha is expanding. We can get into that in a whole other podcast, but, but I start to do the Reiki and then I start to speak words in Sanskrit and this, I believe initiates a direct channel, um, to ancient, to.

and I am a Tibetan Reiki master. I went to get certified in what everyone gets certified in, which is ZUI Reiki. Mm-hmm , [00:15:00] that's what everyone is. Right. So that's what I thought I was doing. And the Reiki master who was training me said, uh, when she was attuning me at the end. She said, I'm being told to attune you as a, I'm giving a double master, I'm attuning you to Tibetan Reiki.

And I said, I don't even know what that is, but okay.

Will: I'm gonna ask. What's the difference between you Sui method and the Tibetan method?

Amy: NSU Japanese. And Tibetan is right. China to bet, you know, it's a slight difference. Right. But I mean, Tibetan is older. It is believed mm-hmm. Um, and so that goes right in line with Chinese medicine, 5,000 years old, I do shiatsu acupressure.

This all goes back 5,000 years. So it's, it's believed to be older. I'm not gonna go back and forth with people on it because I wasn't around at the time either of those times. so who knows

Will: that you remember

Amy: like Jesus Christ was the guy. Right. But it did all those things happen. Did he walk on what it, maybe I wasn't there.[00:16:00]

So the way I look at it is I, I kind of, I just laugh at it all. I'm like, yeah, this is all really old stuff. But when she said you're gonna be a Sabaan Reiki master, I know that's different than what happens with everybody else in the. And she saw a picture on her third eye of a fire serpent. So she said that was my, um, personal Reiki symbol.

I don't even know I'm supposed to talk about that, but I don't care. I'm talking about it. wanna know. Yeah. It was like cool. You know, minds wanna know, so that all happened. And, um, So I do, I do, uh, use that first because it's, it's a good way to, to just start to, as you said earlier, just massively download the information that I need to have a starting point mm-hmm because even though I heard about all the symptoms and all the things that were wrong, I don't necessarily believe it.

I want to hear from their guides, we say guides, right? Mm-hmm so let's talk about that for a. Everybody's definitions of guides are [00:17:00] different. Okay. Some people just have God, they are religious. God is where it's at. I love God. Right. But I'm not under a particular dogma. I believe in God. I love the word.

It's great. I believe in all gods for all people. So,

Karen: and thank God

Amy: because right in my drinking. I literally have to listen to whatever guides show up. Okay. Mm-hmm so maybe Jesus is showing up for that person, cuz they've been just, you know, talking to Jesus their whole life. Like I get to talk to Jesus.

That's cool. And you know, like great. So it could be that it could be their ancestors who have passed on I've had ghosts come in and I'll say like my, my long term client, I said to her the last time I saw her, I said your grandmother's. I said, um, this is the grandmother on your maternal side. I was specific about it.

And she said, oh yeah, well, she had this problem too. And then I start to get other information, right. So now I know it's [00:18:00] hereditary, which was not something that was offered mm-hmm . So these things start to, you know, the puzzle pieces start to fit together a little bit, um, with the help of the guides, I really am grateful.

And then. Is a wonderful guy. I'm gonna stamp the little so you can see my belly, right, right here in your gut, you have your gut instinct. That's where your intuition comes from. Um, it is the third chakra that nice yellow color, nice and yummy yellow, bright, um, where you are vibing things, right? Like you get a intuitive.

and you feel like it's this or that. So it's that express the expression. You can't see the forest for the trees. Mm-hmm so that person cannot ask their own intuition what's up. They can [00:19:00] say, is that doctor right? Am I going the right direction? Cause they're just, you know, nervous, they're stressed out about the condition.

So I can with the help of their guides and just my own natural born empath ability connect the outer source to the inner source, which is what's going on in your gut. Okay. Your gut instinct and your inner, your inner voice basical. and I take those two things together and I give you a lot of information.

Um, while this is going on, by the way, some words are coming, sometimes they're coming in Sanskrit. Sometimes they're coming in English. Sometimes they're coming in, whatever language they speak. I speak some semblance of 15 different languages. Wow. Three fluently, the rest of them just drips and DRS. Um, but I can give them words in various languages.

Mm-hmm so. and sometimes they come that way. [00:20:00] So I have no choice. um, they speak the word when they speak to the word and you'll know this from being attuned to Reiki, some and attunement occurs. Mm. Something happens that shifts the brain around. Speaking that word. It starts to heal this area where you may not have been able to tell people.

What's going on with your ailment. Maybe you're embarrassed. Maybe you really just don't know how to go about it. Whatever any of that is that starts to heal. The ability to speak on it is so important to be vulnerable about it. If you want people to help you is vital. So all of that starts to heal. And then I will start to move on after they've spoken a word or two, um, to where I believe these pressure points.

Various areas in the body that are [00:21:00] needing some release so that the energy can move and flow better.

Will: you Intuit a lot of these things and then you, start kind of a treatment process, but then you send them to their Western medicine to get confirmation. and then do they come back to you or do, are, do you expect them to get medicine to help ease the symptoms while they're waiting you to

Amy: cure?

Good question. They come back to me. I, I ask them to come back to me cuz I want, I'm waiting for the day when someone says I'm wrong because then I get to learn more. Right. like, I really just wanna learn. Mm. So yes, please come back and tell me they do come back and tell me, um, because I, even though maybe the Western medical doctors are not looking at me as anything important, right?

The client is mm-hmm and I wanna know what they say. If I'm wrong, then. We gotta figure something out because the doctors haven't figured it out. Right. So then I have to go a little bit deeper and see what's happening. I, I I'll [00:22:00] update you on when that happens, if that happens. Yeah. Um, so far they just go back to the doctors and the doctors go, all right.

Well, I mean, I don't think so, but we'll test for that. And then it comes up. Correct. So, you know, when, when that happens, that's beautiful. All I've done really is facilitated. The getting quickly to the answer, which saves everyone money. Right. like industry benefits from that.

Will: Yeah. Frustration and yeah. Oh,

Amy: absolutely.

Yes. Yes. So everybody just gets a little bit of, um, assurance that something is happening. Like we're moving towards a solution and you know, the, again, again with, you know, insurance, you're saving money on, on all ends, which is so important right now.

Will: since it's intuitive and we've learned over X amount of interviews that energy, has no boundaries.

Is this something that you could do from like, do we have to go to Pennsylvania or could you just do it right now?

Amy: I mean, we won't do it right [00:23:00] now. Well, come on, we couldn't do it at a future time.

Will: Fine.

Amy: cause I'm not really set up, like, as you know, you know, this isn't exactly how we thought we were gonna be doing this.

Mm-hmm yes. So the it's the room's not set up. Right. I would have to set everything up in the treatment room. Um, I do have my nice little active pressure chart behind me there. That side, sorry, opposite. I guess you can't

Karen: do pressure

Will: remotely, right? That's a good point.

Amy: I do do things on zoom. Okay. So I do. It remotely, because what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you the points Uhhuh. And I'm gonna say, I'm gonna need you to put this finger here or this elbow there. Mm-hmm yes. So I do it

Karen: remotely. And then they can kinda go back and keep doing that to themselves.

Amy: Yes. Because even when they're in my treatment room, I always send them away with homework. And some of the homework is here's the point. I want you to squeeze on your ankle when you're watching TV. So, um, that is important to me that I [00:24:00] allow the client to continue to heal themselves. Mm-hmm I don't like this idea of what we do.

And I go to Western doctors when necessary. I don't like that. I leave and I'm. Waiting to hear yeah. On what what's happening. Okay. It was a terrible feeling. So I'm gonna get on Google and I'm gonna start to look and I'm gonna open my pressure book and the whole nine yards of all of my tools and say, let me start handling myself.

Let me start bounce things off. Somebody else. If I'm ha if I'm stressed and having trouble doing it, I'll fellow psychic, whatever mm-hmm . And I'm gonna start to take matters into my own hands. Nobody should feel like they don't have control over their body. Right. Their. Body, like I want people to heal themselves.

Anything that I can do to facilitate the healing process, whether it's in my room over a zoom call or just you on your own drinking lemon, ginger water, taking a bath with ESO salts to detox. [00:25:00] I have lots of stuff that I can tell you to do. That's really, really simple that anyone can do. I am not. I have not taken Hippocratic oath.

I do not have to follow certain protocols and rules that keep the whole thing extended out forever. If you never come back and see me again, that's great. That means I solved your problem. I don't need you to come 500 times. I don't want that for you. I do have long term clients they're holding onto it.

That's fine because there's a. Stuff going on in the head as well that we're trying to resolve. If you're familiar with Louise Hayes, you can heal your life. Of course. Yeah. That's one of the books I use. She's great. Right? So sometimes we've released the physical issue, but there's so much going on psychologically.

And if I feel it may persist, then I'm getting into that. and I'm going to give them pictures of what's in my book from Louise hay and say, [00:26:00] here's your mantra? Here's your affirmations. This is what you need to be saying. Thinking, writing on a sticky note, you know, sticking it to your dashboard. Like I do write in lipstick on your mirror, whatever it takes to really get it into your brain.

Will: You know, I've always wanted an excuse to write lipstick on my mirror. So this might be the perfect. Excuse

Karen: oh, there's so many comments I can make right now, but no, let's not going to. So

Will: anyway, Amy, what were you saying?

Amy: well, maybe by the end of the show, I'll come up with something for you.

You never know. We'll see what happens. So, um, I do get into the acupressure chart, um, this way, right? This way behind me, Accu pressure chart, you can see part of it. Um, it, it is based on ancient Chinese medicine. There are five elements that are dealt with wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. So. [00:27:00] On the chart as well.

There are also affirmations. There's some poetry, there are things that I can read to the clients. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't, but really what I'm doing is I'm honing in on these points that I need to hit. So, you know, like my last client, I was like, okay, GB 34. I don't have them all memorized.

I haven't been doing this my entire life. So if I get empathically that. LV eight. So that's liver and GB 34 is gallbladder. Now I've gotta go and look, I don't have all the points memorized, but what I do have are guides that I can open and see what's going on and what points I have to hit. And I'm always right about the general vicinity, but I have to make sure that I hit the point that an acupuncture needle would hit.

This is very specific stuff. Mm-hmm so I will go to that chart. I will find the point. And then sometimes I'll read them a passage or knot and just get right [00:28:00] in there and put very, very firm pressure. And then I start to use some techniques in SHSU massage, which is really just shaken up the G in the body, moving things around and getting the release that we're looking for.

And I'll see like their body parts, jump things, move. So this is how I know that it's working. Mm. And then. More times than not. That leads me to the next point. And so my gaze will go to like the complete opposite side of the body in some random location. I'm like, okay, I'll go down there. Now. I start to use Reiki again.

Okay. To find the exact point. There's the area. Back to the chart. There's a lot of movement going on while these guys are just completely blissed out. Some of them fall asleep entirely. Some of them. um, are there, but not entire, like, not really, they're sort of in between where they are. Um, maybe like [00:29:00] in a meditative state mm-hmm I could bring them back.

I mean, I have this guy here to just illustrate what I need to do sometimes if I have to talk to them, you know, like we do our little, if you're, if you've ever gone to a, you know, place that uses our little. A little singing bowl or for me, I just ting it and, and Hey, come on back kind of thing.

Will: like the harmonic egg? Oh my

Amy: God. That was the best episode. I loved that. That was amazing. Aw, thank you so much fun. So you guys are great. So yeah, you do the little ting, and you wanna keep them. There, if you don't want them completely, if they're asleep, sleep is one of the most healing things that can happen.

So if someone's body is in severe distress, if they broke something, if they have cancer, a chronic ailment or injury, then I am so happy to just put them to sleep, let them heal and do the work without any talking. Or anything, just let them rest because oftentimes at home they don't let themselves, there's just too much going on.

There's too many people there's too much in their head of what they have to do. They're get basically buying an hour of time [00:30:00] to take care of themselves and do nothing. So if their body needs sleep, I let them sleep. Sure. Sometimes they're completely awake and they're talking back and they're saying, Hey, I see this on the inside of my third eye.

What does that mean? And I'm like, okay, well, let's talk about that, cuz I saw this instead. So how do we connect those two? So it's a fascinating thing that happens when you do stay awake. So if you do come to my treatment room, I mean I'd love one of you to completely bliss. And the other one to be talking to me, it'll be wonder,

Will: you know, so I would bliss out and Karen be talking me.

I want

Karen: the bliss.

Will: just, I'm talking track record, you know,

Amy: is that what happened in the ag? No. You done the egg well, or was it just Karen that did the egg? Yeah, no, we both did it. You both did it. Yeah. Yous Karen, but I miss Will's. Karen

Will: did it a lot. I've done it three times. She did a lot, whereas I've only done it once, but oh,

Amy: it was good for you then.

Very good. Very good. Okay. Good. Love it. Shockingly, good stuff. I hope I'm gonna get to do that [00:31:00] one day,

Will: So then you go to you, you get all this stuff, then you get your Western confirmation at what point. Because you got a hundred percent accuracy rate. At what point do you Amy? J Harris go, okay.

You don't, you no longer have to go to a Western medicine doctor to confirm Chinese. Cause I know after 11 years that I got

Amy: this,

Will: Actually, you know what? Before you answer that, let's take a break and we'll be right back.



Will: So then you go to you, you get all this stuff, then you get your Western confirmation at what point. Because you got a hundred percent accuracy rate. At what point do you Amy? J Harris go, okay.

You don't, you no longer have to go to a Western medicine doctor to confirm Chinese. Cause I know after 11 years that I got

Amy: this,

So never cause the word was both in the beginning. Right, right. But does it have to be never tell anyone not to use everything at their disposal ever? Um, I, I don't know everything.

I don't know. Even if I'm, you know, a hundred percent accuracy, I dunno everything. I dunno, 11 years of


Will: hundred percent accuracy says kind of that you might know [00:33:00] a whole lot of stuff that maybe

Amy: know everything. Is the accuracy

Karen: diagnosing or is it also healing?

Amy: well, wow. Okay. I like it. So the diagnosis is a hundred percent accuracy.

The healing, some people are ongoing. So I, it, I I'm, I am not Jesus Christ. Like you're heal. Right, right. The wheelchair, you go out the door like that. I'm not Jesus, because if I was, I'd be dead, I'd be, you know, like, like I'd be the guy in the,

Will: so then you're, you're older than 33 years old. And obviously,

Karen: well, I,

Amy: the day 33 was maybe 50.

Right. I don't know. Right. That's

Will: true, but, but then we've also heard from people, Karen that, that some people just don't want to be healed, even though they say they want, sometimes they just don't and this is a prolonged thing.

Amy: So see, and that's what I was touching on earlier. Right? So in their head, they're hanging onto it.

Mm-hmm I hear somebody all the time saying [00:34:00] the same thing over and over and over again. And I very gently have to say. You let me know when you're ready to release that, but I'm not gonna be one of the hundred other people that listens to you say this ad nausea, because I am here to help. And it drives me absolutely insane that I know that I can help you and you don't wanna release it.

So thank you for that. It's never gonna go if you don't want it to go and just talk to Louise, Hey, or read her book. It's all about that. Like you've gotta get it out of your head. As I said in my last podcast, the brain is a computer mm-hmm right. If you have a problem in the computer, you reboot your computer sometimes.

Right? Completely shut it down, start it right back up. Same concept. Yep. Shut down. That thought, cancel, delete out of the head. Let's have a different thought. Something positive. It always has to be positive. It doesn't really even matter what the thought is about. Find something good about it. There is [00:35:00] something good in everything.

Every human being will tell you that there is something good to be found in every bad situation. Sometimes you don't see it until later. Mm-hmm, find the good now, because if you're sick and you wanna get better, find the good, find something positive about it, or at least a way to flip a switch. As I say, and rewire your.

To get yourself away from that. I think part

Karen: of the problem might be that some people are, they, they have this negative, whatever thought or whatever, so ingrained into their self-conscious that they don't even realize they have it. They have that feeling of, well, I don't deserve to feel healthy, or I deserve this pain, whatever, without even realizing that they have that

Amy: feeling, you've got it.

So that's where I come in and I do get a little stern. Sometimes I gotta admit, sometimes I say things like, I don't like what you're. Stop it right now. um, they laugh, you know, and I'm just like, no, but I'm dead serious. I don't [00:36:00] wanna hear you talk that way because. You talking that way means I can't even take your money today, cuz there's not a single thing I'm gonna be able to do for you.

So I I'm gonna ask you to stop with the negative self talk and the hanging onto this thing because it can go away and I remind them, Hey, you've heard the stories and you've read the books or whatever that people have healed themselves from cancer just by eating right. And deciding they don't have cancer anymore.

Mm-hmm so if we all know that these stories are true, then your thing that is not cancer is definitely resolve. Okay. So let's move away from this hanging onto, as Karen said, astutely of, uh, even, even familial garbage, right? Somebody's like, well, like, and, and I've said it earlier. Shame on me. That's hereditary now.

I never speak that to the client, but I'm. Intuitive it right. I'm I'm no. Okay. It happened with the mother, but that doesn't mean it has to happen with her. So I'm not gonna say that's hereditary the way a doctor wants everything to be hereditary. Oh, it's so much easier if everything's [00:37:00] hereditary. Well, what good is that?

Like, we gotta, we gotta this cycle. We gotta stop it. Right, right. So the importance of really everything that I'm doing, um, regarding Eastern healing in tandem with Western medicine, um, what we're trying to do is create not just resolution of symptomatic problems, but future resistance to disease. If I can.

Clear the energy channels in the body and start the healing process at the cellular level and give you homework to continue the healing process on your own. That is going to increase your ability to fight things off and resist anything that might be trying to get in the.

Will: Makes sense. And, and I wanna go back to a point you made just a [00:38:00] second ago that, finding something that's good about whatever it is you're going through or Wayne Dyer, love Wayne Dyer.

Oh my gosh. One of my absolute favorite. Teachers, uh, really cuz that's what he is to me is a such a good guru. Yes, absolutely. he mentions that sometimes, disease disease actually comes in because you're supposed to learn something from it. And I can tell you from firsthand experience that I, I have a chronic.

Illness. I've been diagnosed with something that, really opened up my eyes and jump started my search. And that's my good thing, right? Because no one wants this thing, but the universe gave me a wake up call, like knocked me on the head and said, Hey, stupid pay attention. You need to change the way you live your life or, or, you're gonna go down the wrong path.

So sometimes. hard, cuz at first you, you look at it and you go, oh my God, why me? This, this is not fair. And then you go, oh, I [00:39:00] get it now. And to your point, then you start making some changes and all of a sudden life completely turns around. So

Amy: yes. And you found the positive in it, which is what we were talking about earlier.

Absolutely. Um, it's just like I say, my example for that with clients is very simple. A tree fell in our house during hurricane. I. and I knew horrible things happened outside. And I said to my husband, you, I know you're gonna go look, but I don't wanna hear anything about it until the morning it was dark.

I'm like, oh, okay. So my mind will start to think all kinds of things, cuz I can't see what's going on. Right. Forget it. I said, you go look and stress out. I don't wanna hear about it. I'm going to bed. So I went to bed and I woke up the next morning and I, it was still kind of dark out. So I, I busted out the insurance policy.

I read everything. I was Perry. I was like, whatever. I'm about to see, which of course, you know, being psychic, I kind of knew my car was toast. I knew the shed got hit. I thought part of the house got hit. All of that was right. Unfortunately. Um, but, but [00:40:00] without confirmation who knows I'm I'm on numb path. I don't see pictures all the time.

Okay. So I'm not a hundred percent accurate there. So I. Get outside. And I go like this, I love your story. Cuz it went like this for me. I looked at the tree that fell on the shed car was gone and I looked how the branch was impaled in the side of the house. And I went like this. Thanks God. I started laughing and I was like, mm, let me think.

Thanks for. Thank you for whatever's coming something good. Good's coming from this. Okay. Something's good. All right. I was like, yeah, something good's coming. So you see how you start to mess with your mind, right? You start to move your mind into what you don't even know. The positive is yet. You just make a decision that you're not gonna go into a crumpled, keep and cry, or you're not gonna start yelling at the dog cuz you're stressed out or whatever.

Like all the other things that you could do that are horrible things, you could just decide [00:41:00] it. And then you step forward blindly, right? And you trust the universe God, and whoever your guides are. And you say, let's see. So within a day we found out how much money we were gonna. And I was

Karen: like, oh,

Amy: like what? The value of the was because everybody wants cars now. And, um, We were like set . So I thought this was good because we had an extra car and, and we can do without that car. And guess what we're still doing without that car. And now all these months later, cuz that was September 1st with the gas prices.

The way they are. I'm so happy. I didn't run out, get another car. That's how you start to look at things. Right? So back to your ailment, whatever it is, doesn't matter, you decided there was something good there you were gonna latch onto the good. And you are going to grow from that. Good. I bet you have learned so much.

And you know what I believe the most important thing is that you've probably learned, [00:42:00] please, correct me if I'm wrong, that you can now talk to other people who have that you can say, Hey, I'm that? Or I've been there once you've resolved it. I'm going through. Don't worry. There are really good things involved here.

Here's what I've done. If they're open to it. Right. It's really nice. I mean, at 50 I've had a lot of stuff go wrong so far in my life. And when someone comes in and they go, I got like nine times out of 10, I've had it, or I've had something, you know, similar to it, or I know somebody who's been through it.

And that's what it's really all about when we step out of ourselves and we say, I'm gonna be vulnerable. I'm gonna talk about it. I'm gonna say I got this going on. Like for me, it's PTSD. It was a long time before I could tell everybody I had PTSD. like that from childhood [00:43:00] abuse. I had to go through a lot to get there mm.

To be able to speak it. So if you can get to a place where you can say, I've got this, you know, like mental illness going on or physical illness or whatever it is. And, um, you would be shocked at how many people come out of the woodwork saying, I have that. I'm going through the same thing, and then you're holding hands in your wellness journey and that's a big

Will: deal.

So I've not gotten yet to the point where I speak of it openly as you can tell. Cause I didn't mention it here, but, but I think primarily the reason for that is, because of my daughter. I don't want her to worry. So we keep it very closely,

Amy: good time. Like I said, it took me forever to get to that point.

Will: people that are, that are close to us, do know, and it's not that I'm trying to hide it, but it's just not something that I go around telling

Amy: people you're just not ready yet. Do not ask the soul to do something it's not ready to do yet. And that's the other thing that we really haven't touched on yet is yes.

The mind. Yes. The body I'm healing. I'm speaking to [00:44:00] spirit because really just, you're just supposed, like, we're not supposed to be here suffering. We really aren't. So. We need to. Harness our like happy, free girl, happy free boy, spirit from childhood before the whole world came in and told us who, what, where, why, when, in terms of behavior and just really say, you know what I'm supposed to be like having an enjoying life, like what I'm like be miserable all the time.

Let's have some fun and then I'll just go skip down the road or whatever to remind myself that I'm still that inner child. I'm very, very, very, very. Attached to my inner child. And she had so much fun. She climbed trees and she painted without carrying what anyone thought of, how it looked. And, you know, she didn't have to be the perfectionist that her 50 year old counterpart part is.

And so that's the most important thing I think that, you know, is the end game of all of these life experiences is if you can [00:45:00] circle back to, um, what makes you happy in life and attached to. A lot of these things will resolve on their own just from the pure joy of living. If you can get yourself to a place again, where you're just having a good time in life mm-hmm and give the stressors there, do that's fine.

Put 'em in like box B, but box a should be like, what makes you happy? Like, why are you here? You know, what do you, who are you like are stopping a human, doing like B you're a human B a right. Mm-hmm you're not a human doing, we're doing all the time. So just stop and B and connect to your inner child and play.

Karen: I please

Will: play. I love that I am gonna get a t-shirt that says I am not a human doing. I was thinking that too.

Karen: that's fantastic. I love that.

Amy: Oh, that's a good segue. What we were talking about earlier with my books. Right. So , I'm like get together and do like fun stuff like that.

Will: Yeah. [00:46:00] So actually, now that you've brought it up, let's, let's talk about your book, uh, which I know has been completely sold out of Amazon, right?

It's called yeah, come wrong. The truthful, intuitive guide to life. Everlast. Yes. Right. That's it. And so, so what is that book?

Amy: Well, that book is a concise guide. There are 21 different topics of it's been described as sort of all the different pieces of your personality puzzle. So it, it says, uh, all true.

Manifestors know. And then there's a page about manifestation and it's a think speak act format. Okay. So there's like, uh, on the left page, there is a meditation, a beautiful picture that is meditative. And then a little bit of prose with it. Something to think on which creates the text on the right side.

Something that the topic, how to think about manifesting. How to speak about manifesting the affirmations you would use when you [00:47:00] wanna bring something into your reality. And then what it looks like when you manifest that. So that's just one example of, uh, the many different topics there and I still use it.

It is a really great. It, I people write books, you know, they think that you're experts and you write a book and you're an expert, but sometimes when you're psychic, you write a book because your spirit needs the information. right.

Will: Yeah. That's how I write. I write all the time. All my books are written that way.


Amy: I'm not always Tom, you know, and I need to open my book and say, all right, I need like a meditation. And it's one of those books where you just open to a random page and it's the thing you need to know that day. It's always the thing you need to know. It's wild. So, um, you know, you work on that one thing.

And then, so all of the overwhelmingness of life is boiled down to one page is so nice. So that's title as I call it affectionately, it's the acronym for the book. [00:48:00] Um, and. It is sold out. However, I have a little personal stash and I just adore you guys. So, you know, when you talked about doing a little thing together, I thought, Ooh, I can like bust out my personal stash and you know, it's guarded away.

Um, I'm not doing another, another, uh, the printing. Printing. Thank you for the word. There's another word I was gonna use, but it doesn't matter. I'm not doing again because I'm writing the ascended master and that's a book book, book, book, book. It's gonna be an amazing novel. So in the meantime, we can take these books and offer them to your audience.


Will: yeah. So, so let me just get this straight, this book. That sounds incredible. You can no longer get an Amazon, but you have a stash that you are willing to, sell to people who listen to the show. and, they're able to get this amazing book that you wrote directly from you. Is that

Amy: right directly from me?

Correct? I will. And I'm just [00:49:00] selling a list, price, nothing crazy. Um, just as is, or we, and which is $20 plus shipping and handling, or we can do, um, a personalized. Where I inscribe it. If it's a gift for someone and I will gift wrap it with these two Reiki hands, Ooh. I could even include a crystal. I like that idea.

A Reiki infused crystal for the low, low price of $30 plus the in handling. Wow. And I will offer a limited number of copies just because, I mean, this show's amazing what you guys do. I'm so honored to be here and so grateful that you exist in the world. Thank. Thank

Will: you. That's incredibly kind of you, not just for the words that you use, which make us feel really good, but also for this amazing, amazing thing that you're doing for our audience.

So thank you so much. Awesome. I know that you're gonna sell at least one of them. yeah.

Karen: we'll do the $30 package. Yes,

Will: yes, absolutely. So anyone who's listening in, if you're as excited as I am about this book, We as excited as we are [00:50:00] about this book. How, how does someone go about taking advantage of this?

Amy: can't they contact you directly or the ways to contact you let's do it that way. Absolutely. Um, and y'all can let me know. You can reach out and say, Hey, you know, I have this listener since you're, you're more connected to them than I am at the moment. Um, you can give me, they can give you their information and, and you know, then we can go about it that way.

I'm sure it's, it's gonna be that simple. I have a website, but I'd rather run it through you guys. So you guys are aware that, you know, people are ordering it through you. I think that's just the, the safest way to. Okay, well,

Will: go to our show notes and, hit the link that we'll put in there.

If you wanna order the book from Amy, we can certainly pass along your information to her directly, or go to skeptic We'll add the link there as well, so that you can take advantage. Yeah. Cause you guys

Amy: have like a little shop where you sell stuff too. Don't. We do

Will: we have a little merchandise store things like, yeah.

 Awesome. Uh, this has been fascinating and, Amy, thank you.

So, so, so much it's, it'd been an absolute pleasure finally meeting you. Pleasure for me [00:51:00] too face to face. if you are interested in getting, her book, the truthful, intuitive guide to life. Everlasting. Please reach out to us and we'll be happy to, get you connected with that book once again.

Thanks so much, Amy, for coming along on this love, you guys love you right back and thank you for coming along on this journey of discovery with us as well. We'd love to continue our conversation with you on our website or on Facebook and Instagram. You can find this there. Skeptic meta or skeptic physician podcast.

You can always reach Of course. And if you're listening to this on the radio and you missed something, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be found on our website. Again, skeptic, Right there. You can also watch the videos or send us email or voicemails directly from the site and subscribe to the show directly on the site as well.

We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you as. Well, we hope you enjoyed the episode as much as we have that's all for now, but we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic and physicians until then [00:52:00] take care.

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Amy J Harris

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Amy J Harris is a shaman and writer. She is certified in Acupressure Sacral Healing by the International School of Shiatsu and is a Tibetan Reiki Master. She also uses Intuitive Life Guidance to channel what is going on with her clients in her treatment room to help them stay focused on their Life Path. She is a published author of a poem in "Writer's Craft, Teacher's Art", edited by Mimi Schwartz, articles in Beaumont Magazine, her first book "The Truthful Intuitive Guide to Life Everlasting" and is working on her current book, "The Ascended Master", a novel.