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Heather Finch

I am a Soul Realignment Practitioner. I am not a Psychic as people understand the word Psychic, but I do access the Akashic records to do Soul Profile readings that reveal one's Divine Soul Blueprint.
Every unique, beautiful soul has their own Divine Energy that governs what is positive or negative for them. This is not right or wrong as our society teaches but what is positive or negative for your soul's energy. Knowing your Divine Energy will enable you to make the right choices for yourself based on your original soul blueprint.
We are all powerful creators of our own future through our own choices. Knowing your divine energy helps you to make the positive choices that are in alignment for you.

Jan. 5, 2022

Soul Profile Reading and Realignment | Heather Finch

Ever feel like you're living a life you weren't supposed to live? Questioning whether you're experiencing karmic challenges? The …

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