Katherien Lundin

I am Katherien Lundin a Clairvoyant Medium.
As a Clairvoyant Medium I tune in to your vibrational energy, I am able to see and sense images, colours, people, animals, buildings as well as objects that validate my authenticity.
I hear spoken messages and feels emotions that are often channelled though spirit and your guides.
I am also the host and creator of Dead Time a podcast that offers straight talk about New Beginnings, Endings, Spiritual Connection, UFOs, Spiritual Phenomenon the Paranormal and much more.
Dead Time is the time when the spirit world connects to the human world

Nov. 3, 2021

Dead Time - Paranormal, Spiritual Phenomenon and UFOs

"We all have intuition. It's just varying degrees and yes, we can all learn to watch for the signs. And we can all learn to liste…

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