Dead Time - Paranormal, Spiritual Phenomenon and UFOs | Katherien Lunden

"We all have intuition. It's just varying degrees and yes, we can all learn to watch for the signs. And we can all learn to listen to the intuition we have better. Then there are those of us that have more than just intuition, we're going to...

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"We all have intuition. It's just varying degrees and yes, we can all learn to watch for the signs. And we can all learn to listen to the intuition we have better. Then there are those of us that have more than just intuition, we're going to call it psychic ability or medium mystic ability. You cannot shut this off. "--Katherien Lunden11/3/2021The Skeptic MetaphysicianDead Time - Paranormal, Spiritual Phenomenon and UFOsSummaryDead Time is the time when the spirit world connects to the human world. Its also the domain in which Katherien Lunden lives as a clairvoyant medium. She tells us about her experiences as well as how to discern between the real and the shams in the spiritual realm, the truth behind "imaginary" childhood friends and why its good to have a healthy skepticism inside the spiritual world.Info about our guestKatherien Lundeen is a Clairvoyant Medium. As a Clairvoyant Medium she tunes in to people’s vibrational energy and can see and sense images, colours, people, animals, buildings as well as objects that validate her authenticity. She hears spoken messages and feels emotions that are often channelled though spirit and guides. She’s also the host and creator of Dead Time a podcast that offers straight  talk about New Beginnings, Endings, Spiritual Connection, UFOs, Spiritual Phenomenon, the Paranormal and much more. Guest Info:Wesbite:  katherienclairvoyant.comInstagram: @katherienclairvoyantFacebook; @KLClairvoyantPodcast: Dead Time Skeptic Metaphysician Info:Website: skepticmetaphysician.comFacebook: @TheSkepticMetaphysicianIG: SkepticMetaphysician_Podcast

Dead Time

Katherien Lundin: [00:00:00] we all have intuition. It's just varying degrees and yes, we can all learn, to watch for the signs.

and we can all learn to listen to the intuition we have. Better. . Then there are those of us that have more than just intuition, meaning we're going to call it psychic ability or medium mystic ability. that would be like a dimmer switch.

You cannot shut this off. Why does it come out sometimes at different periods in time, more than others, because we've got to pretend it's like a crazy difference goes up and down like crazy.

so it's learning to tune that, not to quiet it, to tune it


Will: Hey everyone. Welcome back to another episode of the skeptic metaphysician. Today. I am flying solo. I know makes me just as sad as it makes you believe. When Karen's not here, it's just on the field the same, but we're going to try to do the best we can because my guest is going to make up for all of it.

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Will: I'm excited because Catherine Lundeen is a clairvoyant medium who tuned into people's vibrational energy in Ken. See. Images colors, people, animals, buildings, as well as objects that validate her authenticity. Yes. We're going to dive into all that because I'm just as curious as you are just now she hears spoken messages and feels emotions that are often channeled through spirit and God.

And she's also the host and creator of dead time, a podcast that offers straight talk about new beginnings, endings, spiritual connection, UFO's spiritual [00:04:00] phenomenon, the paranormal, and so much more. I don't even want to say anything else about her. I want to bring her on the show. So, Catherine, thank you so much for coming on the skeptic middle position 

Katherien Lundin: and thank you for having me.

We'll very happy to be. Oh, 

Will: no, I I'm excited to talk to you because you touch on some things that we've not yet explored on the show. we found each other immediately felt drawn to your show and I've listened to a bunch of them. And I'm really excited to talk to you about them because of the topics that you have on there.

But first I need to clarify what you mean by. Tuning into people's vibrational energy to see incense images, colors, people, animals, buildings, and objects that validate your authenticity. What does that mean? 

Katherien Lundin: What does that mean to me? So that would mean when I sit with someone and they allow me into their energetic space, I tune into them.

So what is them? Them is everything and anything inclusive of [00:05:00] higher self. If you believe in angels, angels what's going on in your life. Anything I can peer into. And when I state buildings, there are times where I see. You know, planes, places, things. And I do not put my opinions into it. So there will be times where, if I, for example, say a keyboard comes through, I don't know what that means because I don't, because when we put it.

Our opinions into our intuition. You're just getting an opinion and people can ask me. I would love to think that people come to me for my opinions, but they do not. 

Will: Oh, I'd love to hear your opinion about everything. Because most of the time when I'm looking for guidance, I'm trying to figure out.

What's happening. If I were to come to you as, as a client, for example, and you said I'm getting this from you. And here's what I [00:06:00] think it means. I think I would be pretty open to it now, just like when you go see a psychologist or a psychiatrist, they say, well, I'm finding this, does it, does that resonate with you?

Sometimes? You're like, yeah, you are way off. But sometimes yeah, that makes perfect sense. It fits with what I'm thinking, what I'm saying. 

Katherien Lundin: Right, but I try not to put my opinions in. And yes, I will offer this could be that, or that could be this. But you do not want to take the clarity out of the Intuit.

And we tend to do that. All of us do that with ourselves, meaning we will have a gut instinct. We will have a feeling and right away, fear comes in or desire comes in. So it's not in essence pure, 

Quite often this can be harmful to somebody's psyche because you can plant a seed. And what happens if we water the seed, right.

It goes into a plant. 

Will: Right. Right. So I see, I see a problem with your [00:07:00] pancreas. Oh no. Pancreas cancer. 

Katherien Lundin: Correct. And that is why it is also very important. And I, myself do my very best to always state that while I may see something or feel something for the individual, meaning the client to always follow up with a doctor, meaning a physician, a credible physician certified for scientific diagnosis.

Yeah, no, definitely. That does bring someone like myself, true validation at that time. 

Will: Clairvoyance get their messages in different ways, a lot of different people, some people hear things, some people see things, some people feel or know, is a combination for you or how do you get your messages?

Katherien Lundin: Okay. I get all, I get all of it. And it's always been that way. So I can't see specifically for any individual that I'm just going to hear or see. And my husband, unfortunately, [00:08:00] fortunately, unfortunately, can attest to that because I'm a big, I'm a crier. So he quite often, if it's been a, you know, a very traumatic session he has to deal with it later.

Meaning I have to purge it. I have. And it becomes a, I have to cry. All right. You hear me? Okay. 

Will: Well that brings up a good point. Is it you say it's, it could be difficult or harmful. Has there, is there danger to the Chandler? Is it something that could potentially stick with you? Like a lot of people? 

Katherien Lundin: Yeah.

Well, it's just like anything you have a bad day of work regardless of your position. And if you are affected, correct. 

Will: Sure. 

Katherien Lundin: No, you have to de stress. You have to recharge. That is the same. As somebody that does this type of work, we still have to distress and recharge and know for a lot of people.

And I know it's human nature that we often think, okay, well, I have my clairvoyant [00:09:00] medium psychic healer person, and they're going to remember what I told them a month ago. I'm sorry. Number one, it's not healthy for myself to retain that information. And number two, I have a lot of information, so I have to find a way to get rid of that.

So to speak in a positive way, meaning recharging, purging, and spending time in nature, which works for me might not work for others, but it works for me 

Will: well, and it's interesting cause you, you consider yourself a clairvoyant medium and. It sounds like you actually allow spirit guides and angels to come through you to, to speak through you.

It, but it's not, you don't necessarily call yourself a channel. Is that, is that by design? 

Katherien Lundin: You mean, are those my words? Correct. 

Will: Okay. Can you give me more, like, why what's the difference between. 

Katherien Lundin: I guess in essence, all of it could be deemed channeling cause we're, we're changing a channel, meaning we're [00:10:00] tuning into different frequencies and vibrations.

Correct. But I like to break it down even further in the sense of, you know, psychic is a very broad. Correct. Okay. And a clairvoyant follows the clairs. Okay. Like clairvoyance, clairaudience, and a medium takes it even further. Meaning a medium is somebody that you would use to bring forth connection to spirit that may not all psychics, broad term once again, or medium.

And not all mediums are clairvoyance, meaning there's a beautiful array of very gifted mediums. That will give you messages from spirit. And yes, sometimes those messages will not only be validation, but they may say, you know, little Johnny don't cross the street tomorrow. Meaning. Guide. Okay. Or spirit is essentially telling you, but giving you warnings, but sometimes it's just for validation.

So a [00:11:00] clairvoyant is somebody that you would see that would validate your present and going into future meaning messages. So that's how I break it down to bring forth more clarity in terms of what are you getting. 

Will: Okay. That, that makes a lot of sense to me. And now no one had explained it quite like that to me before.

 Is this something that you've been. Feeling or being most of your life, all of your life, 

Katherien Lundin: all of my life. And I do attribute that to my lineage, meaning my mom is very gifted yet. She chooses not to do this profession. Okay. My sister did do this professionally at one time. But doesn't anymore.

And this is from her side of the family, as well as my father's side of the family who my father's now my spirit guide. But so he's passed his father. Very interesting story. So his father was a part of world war two and after the war, he came back and would hear noises and knocks like. [00:12:00] At three in the morning and he would, he would open the door, nothing there.

He thought he was losing his mind, like quite literally. And he actually took it and became.

Right. So very interesting. So this is something that's been in my lineage. I feel for a very long time. And I, myself as a child, I was very clumsy and I did believe I was. So as you tell that to your mom, no, I didn't. I felt because it was there, you know, I was really pushed. But there was always a true understanding.

So my mother did not, and to this day does not try to, you know, you're just crazy, like, don't say that to the strangers. Right. But she has guided. Myself to accept and, you know, cultivate, whoever. 

Will: Wow. So how does a small child deal with [00:13:00] these types of things? Not, not just feeling like she was being pushed, but also messages.

And did you see things also? Was it just just the, the, the feelings that you got? 

Katherien Lundin: I did see things and funny, funny little story here. So my siblings when, when we were little, they had imaginary friends that they would talk about. To me and I I'm the older of three. And I, I would see their imaginary friends.

I know itselves peculiar because a child's imaginary friend is only inclusive to themselves generally. Right? So another child wouldn't be able to see them unless they were part of that little group. I wasn't part of the group, but I could see them. So that would be one of my earliest. You know, like what the fuck?

Sorry for swearing, but I didn't know. So if you don't know any better, correct. Like if you think this is normal, What, why would you question it unless somebody plants that seed for you to question it? [00:14:00] And I do feel there's a lot of gifted children. So it's often the children that have the imaginary friends or the children that are scared of the, which under the bed.

Right. That are like, mom, I, I feel this. And quite often the parent is like, now go back to bed. 

Will: A lot of people think or say that when you are born, you are born with an innate connection to spirit. The veil is a lot thinner.

And as you get older, that veil thickens up and it becomes more difficult access. So then you are. Are you implying that those imaginary friends of your friends were actually spirits that the kids were actually 

Katherien Lundin: yes. That the, in there that was my siblings. I do feel yes. And I do feel in all the cases.

And this is through what I've seen and through people I've worked with that. Yes. That these are not just figments of our imagination, that, you know, sometimes little [00:15:00] Johnny or little Bethany, they are talking to someone 

Will: that doesn't freak me out. 

Katherien Lundin: Right. It's not scary. I don't, I don't find it scary. You know, but what is scary and if we want to put the fear into it is Hollywood depiction that correct?

Will: That may be why I feel it's scary because my only thought is, you know, the, you know, the girl from the ring with the hair and a face and all that kind of stuff. That's what, that's what immediately comes to mind. 

Katherien Lundin: Right. In reality, a majority of cases that are deemed, you know, we need an Exorcist ASAP is, is true.

My answer is no a majority or no, there's nothing there. Sometimes it's electricity. Sometimes it's a form of psychosis, you know, that can be brought on by sleep deprivation. Sometimes depression can bring things forward, anxiety. There's, there's a lot more to it than right away running off the edge and saying, oh my gosh, I'm haunted.

[00:16:00] And I often tell people. If you're haunted, like for real, like a, for real you're haunted. It's not going to be a question. You're going to know. You're going to know you're haunted. It's not, you're not going to be like, maybe I should ask someone if I'm haunted. No. 

Will: Well, that's a great point and one that don't want to think about too much.

So thank you ever seen, I mean, ever since I was a kid and it's probably just comes from all that, like you said, all the Hollywood movies out there, the thought of actually getting something to haunt. Literally haunts my nightmares. Like, I don't want that to happen. When you mentioned your dad was hearing knocks like my grandfather or your grandfather, that would freak me out to the point where I think I would probably go crazy.


Fair point fair point. Yeah. Your showed dead time talks about a lot of, lot of these things. And I'm curious as to what, [00:17:00] what your experience has been with it all nigh understand as a clerk, buoyant, medium, you have direct access to a lot of things that most of us don't. So on your show, you talk about the paranormal spiritual phenomenon, but you also talk about UFO's and things like that.

How, how does that all fit into. 

Katherien Lundin: Well, it's all unknown, right? It's all, some things that we don't we don't go to a dinner party. Well, maybe we do. And have these discussions openly. Correct. Even in this day and age, it is still taboo. As much as we think we've evolved, it's still taboo. You know, talk of even death is to deal very tough.

Will: Unless we want to freak each other out, then we tell the ghost stories. 

Katherien Lundin: So that's where my idea about dead time came as well as the Morat of wonderful guests. I've had the opportunity to work with. I, you know, I believe brought to me, but also in a sense, carefully selected due to their authenticity [00:18:00] because we all know within the spiritual industry, there is a lot of miscommunication, misconception, misses.

There are some hats, but there's misses and sometimes we need to bring forth and shed a light on what's really out there, meaning. And I'm going to speak for myself. I'm a clairvoyant medium, but I'm not a healer. I won't claim that, but there are people in this industry who would, and that's also a part of my show to show you that not really.

And yes, there can be one in the same, but we also have to look for credibility and with some hats certain types of healers, and I'm going to talk about hypnotherapy. They have to have sort of key. Okay to back them up, right? Sure. Okay. Because they're working with people's psyches and in a sense we all are, and the spiritual industry itself is not really.

As an industry that we don't have a, a better business bureau. [00:19:00] So to speak 

Will: during that. Yeah. Interesting to see a 30, 40, 50, a hundred years down the road. If that changes, what are your thoughts on where we're headed? Why, why is there such like, are we stuck? Like, is there a way to broach the topic with people that's gonna allow us to not be looked at as loons.

Katherien Lundin: I went to love, you know what, I'm going to tell you. I would. I would love to say that day will come. Unfortunately, I don't necessarily feel that. I do feel there has been more openness towards this. Some of it is, and this is. What I truly believe is because a lot of people have begin or are beginning to began to turn away from organized religion.

And the core of us, our cores need something to believe in. You know, whether that's a God spark or hope itself. [00:20:00] Correct. Right. So this I feel is turning it's the new age. Right. We want something to. Okay. However, now here's my, however as much as people are, have turned away and they're seeking something, there's also a lot of people and we can, you know, some people in this industry, blame science.

I don't, because we need science. Right. We, we need it. Okay. So I, I believe in science as much as I believe in this. Regardless, there are people now that have turned away from all of it. Meaning I don't believe in anything. I believe in nothing. this is, is, is that a balance or is that a divide? And that's where I see us going in this.

When you talk about the stigma, I myself have been doing what I'm doing for many years and I do have children, and I have to tell you for many years, and still to this day, I do not openly talk about what.[00:21:00] 

Will: I don't find that hard to believe. 

Katherien Lundin: Right. So if people find me, they find me if they don't, I am not somebody that's going to solicit what I do.

I know in my, we'll say my other circles that are to do with, you know, let's say my children's academia sports, my husband's career, those circles. I tend not to express what I do. People may know about it. They're welcome to ask me questions, but I am not going to freely talk about it simply because of the stigma.

Will: Yeah. That makes a lot of sense. And equally to why I don't mention that a lot of people that I do the show. And that's unfortunate. I feel like there's a fear. That makes people. Lose there. I don't want to say looser minds, but their, their senses where it it's something that to some people, it triggers something because they're afraid of it.

And therefore they strike out in a really negative way and it becomes problematic. And I think, I mean, [00:22:00] what you don't understand you fear. Right? So I think that that might have. 

Katherien Lundin: There are people that do think that, that someone like myself, like I'm like, I know what you're thinking. No, I don't. I gotta love you nor do I want to know.

The thing is that's a misconception, meaning if I'm standing at the grocery store. Yes. Sometimes I may tune in, but I'm not the one that's going to say anything and I'm not doing that on purpose. Does that make sense? So, no, that is a misconception. The other thing is, is if somebody will talk about skeptics, I, myself, even having been in the industry and because of what I know of the industry as a whole.

You know, and I am stating there's some beautifully gifted people and then not so much. Right. Okay. So as a whole am skeptical because being in the industry, I know if you're a active [00:23:00] or not, I know what you're up to. So I see how people are afraid. Okay. When they hear the horror stories, meaning when they hear about, you know, somebody selling candles, some be selling spells it's, you know, we could go on, I truly empathize.

However, I also say to someone like that, if you haven't had a session with somebody that's authentic, just keep an open mind. 

Will: And that that could go for everything. Right? Keeping up in mind. What was it? Dwayne Dyer says be open to everything and attached to nothing. Correct. So that's, that's what, I'm how I'm trying to live my life though.

It's not always easy when you do encounter people, like what you're talking about when they, you know, on Instagram I'm getting great energies from your picture, your profile picture. Can I, can I interest you in a, in a free reading? Mm, no, no, I appreciate

Katherien Lundin: right. Or I sense that you have evil around. Yes. Yes. [00:24:00] 

Will: Send me $150 an hour in I'll take the spell, the curse off you. It could very well be that they indeed feel something right. I, who am I to say to them? 

Katherien Lundin: I'm saying no,

Will: absolutely not. Well, so then how can someone discern. Between people who are truly legitimately wanting to help someone like you and someone who is in it just for money. 

Katherien Lundin: first off, and this is, this would be my rule and my advice to somebody to discern. I always say good word of mouth. Meaning if you, someone you trust recommend someone, I say, yay.

As well as we're going to do, pretend that you're seeking guidance from a healer psychic, et cetera. You know,

Reviews. I'm like, what do you check? Check reviews their credibility, et cetera. And then also. [00:25:00] They're disclaimer, meaning are they claiming to be something that they're not, are they trying to sell you something that is not possible? Meaning I can remove ELLs, Hells spells from hell. I can do all this.

Like really? Can you maybe I'm not going to go see you today. Do you understand? And then when you're sitting with someone and this has always been my rule Yeah for myself, if I'm, if I have a client and let's say there's the booked an hour session with me within the first five to 10 minutes, literally, if we're not connecting, I will refund your money and we will end the session simply because I follow a strict code of ethics.

Okay. And so I always say, and that's something you should look for is their code of ethics, meaning their code of conduct. Are they going to validate me, meaning my present time, [00:26:00] who I am today without asking me questions? So a question would be. So we'll do you have children? And if so, you have, and how old are they?

Do you understand? So they're almost leading for you to tell them everything. Another thing I always say is if that individual let's pretend for myself, if. Is this like where to go get a session on my website. I have a picture of myself with two dogs. If this person starts up my session with you have two golden retrievers, I am out simply because you could look me up and that's the first thing you will see.

However, if they were to add onto that, something specific to me that you would not find on social media, I will stay. Then maybe you go. Do you understand? So these are the things and I, myself am always very specific in my information. [00:27:00] And I do not allow you to lead with your opinion. So for example, if I tell somebody I see this coming in October and they say, well, I'm a Libra.

So does that mean that no, that has nothing to do with you being a Libra. I say October, that's it. That's. Do you understand? So they won't allow you to lead and to put your spin on it or for you to tell your whole life story to them. And yet, sometimes people want to talk about themselves. They do. But I feel the message should come first.

Will: Well, that's amazingly refreshing to hear, honestly, because I've not ever heard that from someone like you, but. 

Katherien Lundin: Oh, really, 

Will: really? No, really, truly most of the time when I get people that come on the show or not, I should say the people that have come on the show, I do vet pretty well. So I don't believe I've had anyone that's outwardly have an agenda, but in my.

Vetting process have had people [00:28:00] say to me, I'm happy to give you a reading to have you feel it for yourself, kind of thing. And then immediately start with what's your birth date? Where were you born? Obviously they're pulling a neurological logical chart for me and getting a lot of information that way, which is if, if they're, 

Katherien Lundin: if they're an astrologer.

Will: Absolutely. But these are people who are claiming like you to be a clairvoyant medium. For example, before we started. We started talking about me and my exploration and you didn't say, where did they come from? Instead? You said, what's up with your mother, which just so happens to have been the reason why I launched my exploration.

So to me that was a, a green flag, like, okay, she's on to something there's something special here. So I appreciate you mentioning that because I you're the first person that says. I don't need any information. I don't want any information and that's incredibly refreshing. Oh, well, thank you.

No, seriously. Thank you. Because like, to your point, there, there are not a lot of people out there like you who are truly genuinely looking to [00:29:00] help people, which leads me to my next question. As you have developed your gifts when was. The time that you said I need to use this to help people what prompted you to put this into use in a way that would help others rather than just direct your own life?

Katherien Lundin: My, my husband who I believe fully and with all my soul is my soulmate. After we had our son he encouraged me to as a career. To do this professionally, meaning pursue my gifts. So he was the one that kind of said, okay, you know, what do it do it I'm like, I don't know. What will people say? He's like, who cares?

So he really encouraged me to be me professionally you know, and all of me. So I, I attribute that to you. 

Will: Wow. That's remarkable because I've heard the other direction where spouses are like, what are you doing? [00:30:00] You're crazy. No, it's not. Another refreshing thing about you is that a you're with your soulmate, which is beautiful.

So congratulations, not a lot of people find them, but second, that, that he was so supportive of you to the point of pushing you. To use your gifts. So, send him our things while you're at it.

So now, what do you wish you had known before you started going down this path? If someone's starting to feel like they're developing these gifts or have had them, but are afraid to come out of the closet, so to speak with them, what kind of guidance can you give someone that is finding themselves on this path?

Whether it's voluntarily or not? 

Katherien Lundin: Okay, so it's going to be quite long-winded. Couple of things here. And this is my belief. Okay. So I'm going to start with that. A lot of I'm going to say intuition is we all have intuition. It's just varying degrees and yes, we can all learn, to watch for the signs.

and we can all learn to listen to the intuition we have. [00:31:00] Better. . Then there are, then there are those of us that have more than just intuition, meaning we're going to call it psychic ability or medium mystic ability. that would be like a dimmer switch.

You cannot shut this off. Why does it come out sometimes at different periods in time, more than others, because we've got to pretend it's like a crazy difference goes up and down like crazy.

so it's learning to tune that, not to quiet it, to tune it now within the industry. This is this, this is the funny part within the industry. There will be people who will tell everybody, well, you think mediumship is cool. I can teach you to be a medium and you can be a professional at it. No, you can't.

Okay. It doesn't mean, well, maybe you can, but no, you can't. Anyway. Bottom line, it doesn't mean that you can't for yourself. Learn the signs. Correct. But you can't go. Don't get for funny this because not everybody [00:32:00] has that gift within them. 

Will: You're saying that not everyone can be a clue. You can't develop psychic senses.

That's not possible. 

Katherien Lundin: It's not. We can learn to tune what we have. We've got to pretend that some of us have this beautiful cello. Some of us have a guitar. Some of us, you know, piano. Correct. Some of us can play all the bloody instruments. Some of us can't. That's it. That's all. Yes. We can learn to play it better, but it doesn't mean you're going to be Beethoven just because somebody told you you're going to be, do you understand?

And that's what I'm saying. So this goes back to the, you know, the industry hits and misses. So it's finding the appropriate mentor that is within their it ethics. That is going to be honest with you and tell you yes or no. And then it's going to provide you with. To best help you on your journey. 

Will: You've just shattered the dreams of millions of people across the [00:33:00] world who wished that they could develop the psychic. 

Katherien Lundin: Right. I'm a dream record. I'm so sorry, but that's the truth. And it's through my many years in this, I have had several people come to me and say, you know, Katherine, I went to see so-and-so and they told me that I can be a medium.

I don't like, what do you see? And I'm like, no you can save your thousand dollars or 2000 or sometimes upwards of 3000, and you can look for things online for free. You can invest that money, you know, maybe Bitcoin, there's a few Bitcoin, we got hollow hot. We got a lot of tips here. You can just take yourself out for them.

Instead of wasting that money and, or find a mentor that is willing to help you learn to, you know, use, utilize what you have. Or you can take the course and then come back and see me when you're upset. Because they haven't given you. Um, Choice is yours though. Cause it's [00:34:00] all about choice at the end of the day, right.

And yes, it does sound like I'm being a dream wrecker in a sense, but I guess it will really depend. Are you seeking, what are you really seeking? Do you need somebody to get sell you a dream or do you want the truth that can enable you to go further on your path towards your dream? 

Will: Well, it makes a lot of sense to me simply because.

, when I was a kid, I was great in English. I was awful in math. I'm still awful at math. So I have skillsets and I have challenges. Not everyone is good at math. So why would everyone be good at being a psychic? Right? It's 

Katherien Lundin: that's all I'm saying. So if you do feel that you have a good. And you don't have support.

We're going to do a pretend here. Like you don't have a spouse or family or friends, then you need to seek somebody within the industry. Not somebody that's been in it. Cause I've seen this as well. Meaning I got myself a tarot deck. I've [00:35:00] been doing this for five minutes. So now I'm going to teach everything.

Um, No, don't coach 


Katherien Lundin: find somebody that you connect with that can help you learn to fine tune your instrument, as well as give you tips on how to bring yourself forward. On that career path and there are some beautiful Lee gifted people out there that that will help you.


Will: that, is that something that you do that you help people with 

Katherien Lundin: from time to time you. Okay. Okay. But I, as you can tell, I'm very honest. And I don't mean to like, sincerely, I don't mean to step on toes or wreck dreams. I just feel that we need honesty and honesty takes us to credibility. And offers real validation.

Will: I love that. I absolutely love that. 

So then can you feel if someone has a gift that you can tell them, or is this something that it's [00:36:00] only the person themselves would be able to know

 If I came to you and I said, Catherine, someone told me that I am clairvoyant, that I have gifts that I have to. Would you be able to say, yeah, I feel that, or would you say, well only you would know? Well, 

Katherien Lundin: give me for you specifically, do you feel that you have strong intuition?

And I do feel there have been times where you've seen and felt. Through your life. Okay. And I do feel, yes, there's some, you know, times that you've questioned what's out there because of what you've seen felt or heard. So I do feel that so you do have increased, we'll say sensitivity and intuition. Can you develop that for.

Yes. Will that mean that you're going to be a psychic for other people? No. Can you use that in other ways? Yes. 

Will: And that is a beautiful way to say it. . All [00:37:00] right. So I'm Catherine. I have a loved talking with you. And I really hope that we remain in contact because I love your energy. I love your candor. I love your genuineness and your sincerity. I urge everyone to listen to your show dead time because I just, I just love what you are all about.

What kind of resources would you recommend? For someone to look at, if they're interested in this world in any way, shape or forms or anything other than your, your show, which I strongly urge people to listen to that. 

Katherien Lundin: Well, you know, the internet as much as we can call it a rabbit hole in its own. Doesn't have a lot of information there.

I do encourage people who are looking to just listen to the signs, so to speak in order to tap more into their own intuition is to actually find out what the signs are. You know, Feathers [00:38:00] nickels dimes when to trust your gut? What that really means? No, it's not always indigestion. Sometimes we actually have a gut feeling.

You know, we can also work with Oracle cards. The taro is one of my favorite because you don't need to be a psychic to work with the taro. You know, it goes back into the 14 hundreds, very beautiful history there. And you could actually do another show on that. Well, regardless, there's so much out there and I'm just saying to find what draws you and then do some research.

And if you choose to further that. Look towards somebody that can offer you a mentorship or somebody within the industry that you can talk to about it. 

Will: Wonderful. I am going to put all of your social media. Links on our show notes. So if you're interested in connecting with Katherine, you can do that very easily by going to skeptic

But your website is Katherine [00:39:00] There is a interesting way of spelling it. So I urge you to go to the show notes to get it correctly. But then also on Instagram, you're Catherine clairvoyant and on Facebook, you are K L clairvoyant. All those links will be on the show notes. So you can just hit the.

And it will take you directly to her social media platforms if you're so inclined. Catherine, thank you so much for coming on the show. Really, truly a hope that we maintain contact because I really value you as, as a person, as a clairvoyant and as a, as a, as a soul, because I just I've loved our conversation.

Katherien Lundin: And thank you so much for having me well 

Will: and listener. I want to thank you more than anyone else because you have lots of choices in this day and age, and the fact that you had decided to listen to this show speaks a lot. Makes me super appreciative 

now I'd love to continue a conversation with you on Facebook and Instagram. So you can always find me there at skeptic metaphysician, or just go to skeptic, that the website that [00:40:00] right there, you can get all the links, all the direct links, not only to our social media platforms and those of our guests, but you can also subscribe to the show there.

You can leave us ape anonymous review there, good or bad. We want to hear what your thoughts are. And you can actually even leave us a voicemail directly on there. Let us know if you want us to air it or not on the show. We can do that if you are so inclined or if you just want to give us candid feedback, we welcome that wholeheartedly as always, if you know someone that would benefit from hearing your messages we shared on the show today or any, or on any of our other shows, I hope you won't hesitate to share the show with someone else that you feel would benefit from it.

It will help grow the show and may just help someone else come to terms with the fact that we're so much more than this three-dimensional body, that we are all inhabiting. Now, if you miss any of our show today, just reminder, all the episodes are on the website, skeptic, medical And don't forget, you can become a member of the community there for free, and you can enjoy added benefits of being.

[00:41:00] Let in on the secret when every episode is published. So please feel free to join us there. Well, I hope you've enjoyed this episode as much as I have.

Sadly. That's all that I have for you today. Thanks again for joining. We'll see you again on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysician until then take care.

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