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Transformational Shaman

Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor(TM), is a transformational shaman working with high-performance people to unlock hidden aspects of their potential. She teaches motivated people to master their energy to create next-level results. Kelle works with her clients to uncover and remove hidden blocks, resistances, and beliefs that keep them from their happiness and success.
Kelle uses her skills as a transformational shaman, coach, energy healer, psychic, medium, channel, and empath to accelerate her clients’ progress.
She is the founder of The Sacred Power and Purpose Mystery School – a school that teaches self-transformation, magic, and how to become a transformational shaman.
She has been a speaker at Zest Fest, The Belly and Womb Conference, The Women Spiritual Leaders Summit, The Red Ladder Summit, E-Women Network, and more. She has been featured on many podcasts including: Sense of Soul, Our Daily Magic, January Jones, The Miracle of Healing, The Natural Healing Show, The Paranormal Podcast, and Spiritual Rockstar. She has been interviewed in Thrive Global and Authority Magazine as well as The Boston Globe. She has been a writer for The Elephant Journal, OMTimes, and Medium.
Kelle is also the co-host of the wildly popular (over 150K downloads and counting) podcast, Spirit Sherpa where she explores all things energy, magick, and the spirit world as well as personal growth tips to help intuitives release anxiety and increase wellbeing. Spirit Sherpa was listed in Feedspots’ Top 25 Metaphysical Podcasts You Must Follow in 2021.

I have recently written a book.

And here's a brief description of the book if you'd like it:

Have you ever wished there was a single place where you could identify and find solutions for the mental, emotional, and spiritual problems you're facing? Do you wish that someone would please explain - in simple terms - how this whole spiritual healing and growth thing works? Well, this book is your answer. It is a treasure-trove of information to help you understand yourself and heal faster than you ever thought was possible.

June 1, 2022

The Overachiever's Guide to Nailing Your Spiritual Growth in Record T…

You bought 28 books, binged 17 episodes of 8 different podcasts, watched 63 videos, attended 4 retreats, and took 11 classes. Do you feel better? Did you silence your inner critic? Did your fear of being hurt go away? Did …

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