The Overachiever's Guide to Nailing Your Spiritual Growth in Record Time | Kelle Sparta

You bought 28 books, binged 17 episodes of 8 different podcasts, watched 63 videos, attended 4 retreats, and took 11 classes. Do you feel better? Did you silence your inner critic? Did your fear of being hurt go away? Did your impostor syndrome transform into extreme confidence?

That’s because this scattershot approach to growth doesn’t work.

Enter the Spirit Sherpa, Kelle Sparta!

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"We don't ever recognize exactly how much pain we're in because we're only seeing one piece at a time of it. But if you pull it all up and you make yourself aware of all of it at the same time, what you do is become supremely aware of exactly the state of your discontent in this. And that discontent properly directed, serves as fuel for your change." -- Kelle Sparta

Some topic covered:

  • Her spiritual walkabout
  • Shifting away from anxiety
  • What does it mean to surrender to the universe
  • The relationship we have with the universe
  • What is a shamanic death
  • Do we remember across our lifetimes?

About our Guest:
Kelle Sparta, The Spirit Doctor(TM), is a transformational shaman working with high-performance people to unlock hidden aspects of their potential. She teaches motivated people to master their energy to create next-level results. She's the founder of The Sacred Power and Purpose Mystery School – a school that teaches self-transformation, magic, and how to become a transformational shaman.

She's been featured on many podcasts including: Sense of Soul, Our Daily Magic, The Miracle of Healing, The Natural Healing Show, The Paranormal Podcast, and Spiritual Rockstar. She's been interviewed in Thrive Global and The Boston Globe. She's been a writer for OMTimes, and Medium.Kelle is also the co-host of the wildly popular podcast, Spirit Sherpa where she explores all things energy, magick, and the spirit world to help intuitives release anxiety and increase wellbeing.

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Kelle Sparta

Will: [00:00:00] Karen we've talked. we have, but specifically you make it sound like you talk to all the time. We talked too much. We do talk too much. Yeah. So much so that we have to do a radio show with specifically talked a lot about how blocked I am in my spiritual journey. Well that too. Yes. Prevents me from attaining that all elusive spiritual awakening.

I mean, we talk a good game on the show. Right. But at the end of the day, we can talk till the cows come home. And unless you put these things into action, you're just throwing a bunch of hot air up in the air. Yep. So how does someone go about releasing any blockages that might be holding them back from true spiritual pride?

Karen: I don't know

Will: the answer is it's a lot easier said than done, right? Thankfully we have the prescription, the perfect prescription for this malady courtesy of the spirit doctor today on the skeptic metaphysicians.


Will: Hi I'm will. And we are the host of this wacky journey discovery. We call the skeptic metaphysicians.

Our guest today has so many credits to her name. Literally at a total loss as to how to introduce her. So I'm going to do my very best, not to just do a dictionary or Wiki page on, on our guests. She's the founder of the secret power and purpose mystery school. This is a school that teaches self-transformation magic and how to become a transformational.

She's also been featured on tons of podcasts, including sense of soul, our daily magic, January [00:02:00] Jones, the miracle of healing, the natural healing show, the paranormal podcast, spiritual rockstar is too many to keep on listing. She's also been interviewed by thrive global and authority magazine, as well as the Boston globe.

Wow. And she's written for such esteemed publications as the elephant journal OM times and Medium so you think she's qualified to talk

Karen: to us about this? We just need to get her on. Now,

Will: if that wasn't enough, she's also the co-host of the wildly popular podcast, spirit Sherpa, where she explores all things, energy magic, and the spirit world.

I am thrilled to welcome to the show. Kelly Sparta. Kelly. Thanks so much for coming.

Kelle: Thanks for having me. Well,

Will: so as is very much the case. I am at a loss as to where to begin, because you have so many different facets about you

you are a shaman, you're a healer, you're a psychic, a channel, a medium, an empath. You're also a [00:03:00] hardcore spiritual seeker. That has given up everything many times over in the pursuit of your spiritual growth.

Kelle: I'm about to do it again, too.

Will: Can we talk about that, then you also master manifester using the law of attraction and you're a singer song writer, a poet, and a writer.

I mean, what do you not do? Kelly?

Kelle: Calculus.

Will: You are my people. You are right. My people absolutely

Karen: can channel the answers. That's a good point.

Kelle: Actually been asked that question a lot. I suck at calculus.

Will: Well, we're going to talk again. Everyone knows how blocked I am spiritually. And I know it's a lot from fear and just not lack of putting things into action. We're going to talk about a lot of that stuff because you help people to remove blockages and things like that. And we're going to talk about that in a second, but really curious.

You've given. Your entire life, many times over on your, on your path. Tell us about that. What, forced you to do it? Why did you do it? What made it make [00:04:00] sense to you and should people be willing to do that on this spiritual.

Kelle: Well, so, the first time I did it, I was I might, I was getting married and my husband to be was on a submarine and the submarine was being transferred from California to Hawaii. And in order for me to go with him because we weren't married, I had to take only what I could fit in his barracks room in that's what they would move.

Karen: Wow. And if you've

Will: ever seen the inside of a submarine, that's not a whole lot of Cub

Karen: room. Nope.

Kelle: Nope. The barracks room, not the suffering. That would be very tiny,

Karen: Eight square inches. It's like two pairs of socks. More.

Kelle: basically mad. I got to take my clothes. So, and I didn't realize how hard that was going to be because having been a military brat, my definition of home was my things, not mine. Physical space because we move so much as, as a child I've actually moved [00:05:00] like this next move will be 40 times. So.

Karen: 44, 0.

Kelle: times four, zero. Yes.

And so that one was pretty traumatic because I was suddenly cast adrift and, you know, I'm used to being in new places where I don't know people because of the military brat upbringing, but that one was really disorienting because my stuff was gone. So therefore all my definition of home was gone.

And so the second time I did it was when we were getting divorced and. At that time, I literally just leveled my life. And so I, I was 28 years old. I was having my Saturn return, which is massive upheaval. And I had built the American dream. I had done everything that I was supposed to do. I was, you know, pillar of my community, working as president of a nonprofit.

I was a successful business owner. I had a beautiful husband [00:06:00] and a hot husband, and I had a big house and a dog and two cars and, you know, the whole nine yards. And I hated my life.

And I was just miserable. And so I just raised it to the ground. I just leveled it and I divorced him. I sold the house. I made him take the dog.

I've sold the business. I quit the nonprofit and I moved out of state to, to live with a bunch of people. I met at the Renaissance fair.

Will: divorce your hot husband for a bunch of pippies.

Kelle: I did.

Will: Wow.

Kelle: And then I did it again four years later. I,

Karen: Divorced hot husband again.

Kelle: no, I did not have a hot husband. No, no, no, no. That, that took another 16 years, but next time I did it was, I was. Leaving the house. So we, I spent four years in the house with the people I met at the Renaissance fair, all turned out to be shamans and magical folk.

Karen: As

Will: they wanted to do.

Karen: Yeah.

Kelle: I see her want to do [00:07:00] yes. and then I. Was leaving because the guy who owned the house was getting married and I had been sort of the defacto partner and I knew he was going to need to oust me from that position in order to make space for her. And I was just like, Yeah.

I'd rather avoid the drama I'm out.

Right. And so I left. But I couldn't find any place to land. Every place I went, they wouldn't give me an apartment. They wouldn't let me be a roommate. They wouldn't, I mean, everywhere. And I ended up couch surfing for six months at amongst all of the students that I was teaching at the time, because the universe literally would not let me leave.

And so all my stuff was in storage. And at about three months in, I was like, this is ridiculous. So I just opened up the unit and I just gave away everything. I owned with the deal that, you know, anything that was left, the people who came and took stuff had to help me card off to donation. And so that's what we did.

I, that I gave away [00:08:00] everything I owned, except my car, my clothes, and a few small items that could fit in the car. And that was the beginning of what would be a year long walkabout. And I was, I would go 14,000 miles in my car and all, all around the country uh, living on $350 a month of unemployment insurance and the kindness of strangers.

Karen: Hm.

Kelle: And so that was the big. You know, step out in faith, trust the universe moment. Right. and then, you know, over time I've done iterations of the life that I want since then. And right now I'm in the process of literally letting go of everything I own. Again, we have just signed a contract for an estate sale to come in and sell everything we own because we're moving to Panama.

Karen: Panama.

Kelle: Yeah. We're only going with whatever suitcases we can carry.

Karen: Gosh, that sounds great. It does. It does, man. I feel like I have too much stuff. Very [00:09:00] heavy feeling. I would love to just get rid of it all. Yeah.

Will: The big question is after all of these upheavals, what was the universe trying

Karen: to show you?

Kelle: Each time it Was something different.

Karen: Was it.

Kelle: Yeah. So the first time it was learning how to internalize my sense of home. Right. And then the second time it.

was recognizing that I did. The life that I want is not the one that has been prescribed and that I don't have to live somebody else's definition of the perfect life.

Karen: Mm.

Kelle: And the third time it was about learning. There were, there were so many things on that. It was learning where I ended and other people began because as an empath, I had a really hard time defining that. It was also recognizing that people actually did miss me and really liked to see me again, which I didn't believe because when I was a child, my mother had always encouraged me to look forward to not back.

And so I never kept in touch with [00:10:00] anyone from station to station. And so I just, somehow in my head that correlated with people don't want to talk to me. And so that got debunked and there, there were just so many things in the universe. I could trust the universe to take care of me and because it did, it just led me from one place to the next to the next, you know, and then, you know, learning how to make choices about what I want from there.

You know, cause there's a couple of steps that you learn when you're on walkabout. The first one is you learn how to trust the universe, but the way that you get off of walkabout by is by stepping up and saying, okay, I'm going to make a choice now rather than surrendering entirely. And then the next stage of that journey is learning how to balance what you want with where the universe is leading you and to, to come into flow around the balance of those two things.

To be in partnership with the universe, rather, when you first surrender to the universe you're in, in parent child, it's like, [00:11:00] okay, you know, you take care of me and I will do what you tell me. I'm a little baby bird come feed me. Right. And then over time it evolves into, okay, I'm going to make a choice now.

And I'm going to trust that you're going to help me out. And it's it, it evolves the relationship from parent child to partner.

Karen: And which is more difficult, giving everything up and just surrendering or. Giving up that like being cared for by the university is starting to make choices again, like going in or going out of that.

Kelle: I there they're both challenging for the, for different reasons. I think the initial surrender is probably the hardest because you're pretty hardcore in, in control. Right? You're like, I got to know what the next thing is. And I got a plan and a backup plan and a backup plan for my backup plan. And I can't do this because I don't know what's coming next.

Karen: I feel, I feel so seen.

Kelle: Yeah. So

the surrender piece is pretty hard for that place, but [00:12:00] yeah. And then you know, stepping out of it is, is challenging too, because it, it literally causes the flow to go through. And it took me 10 years after the walkabout where I made a choice for me to realize that I didn't screw it up when I made the choice.

That I had actually done exactly what I was supposed to. I just, because it was such a harsh shift out of the flow of surrender into this sort of space that I hadn't learned to navigate that. And I was literally left sitting there going, okay, now what? Right, because I was no longer in that past. And so for a long time, I thought I had screwed it up.

Oh, I was doing just fine. And then I screwed it up. it was only later that I realized no, no, that's exactly what was supposed to happen.

Karen: So

Will: then when people have challenges like that, like we talked at the [00:13:00] very beginning of the show, how I have these blockages that I'm really interested in all this stuff, like super, and I want to ask to project and I want to be psychic and I want to do this and that. And the other thing. And I do a show about this stuff.

And I talked to people like you, who are experts in this kind of thing. And then I'm like, yes, I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it. And then I just sit and watch TV. Right? So there is a long distance between wanting to do something and actually getting up off your buff and doing it right.

We have the aggregation center here. The are right here in our backyard. We've got the Monroe Institute. Not far away from here as well. We've got all kinds of stuff here.

We have contacts. We have, interviewed someone that told me about a retreat that will change my life. We've got breathwork people that, that we have access to. We have everything at our fingertips. We have the miracles center here. We've have so many things right at our fingertips. It's just a matter of actually having to.

And I can't help, but think that that is something inside me that I've [00:14:00] got to find a way to get through. Like, there's something is blocking me from actually taking the steps. I need

Karen: to

Will: find myself where I need to be. So if you want into someone like that, if by some chance you happen to know someone like that, what kind of advice would you give that?

Kelle: So, what kind of advice would I give you? Yes.

Will: Look at the time anyway, theoretically. Sure. What, what advice would you give me?

Kelle: So, so, you know, when we don't do things, there's two reasons either. We're really not that interested or we're terrified. And. The, the more likely given that you're running this podcast is that it's, that you're terrified. And to a certain extent you should be. Because yeah, you know, Hey, you know, this is the thing about fear of you don't look as straight in the face, then you never going to get past it.

Right? So [00:15:00] to a certain extent you should be because anytime you step into a spiritual growth path, you are looking to kill yourself. What's called a shamonic death. The ego is, and a lot of people look at the ego and they say, oh, it's a, it's the enemy, but it's not. It's just a version of you that is no longer serving.

And so it is, it did serve you for a time. You need to honor it and say, yes, that was great. You did a great job for the period of time that that was now I'm moving on and I need to be someone different. And the process of ego death or shamonic death is the process of letting go of the old self, such that the new self can be born.

And that's a terrifying process because your ego has a self-preservation instinct and it tries to survive. And so it does things like saying, oh, it'd be so [00:16:00] easy to just watch Netflix. You know, clearly your, your, your resistance pattern is avoidance. I was like, no, I'm not going to do that. I'm I'm going to do this

Karen: It's so is

Will: I feel attacked

Karen: now. You feel seen, I see you.

Will: I feel attacked.

Kelle: So, but that's the, it's a typical avoid avoiding. This is the most common resistance that anybody has. Everybody has resistances that are their default, and there are different types of resistances underneath that avoidance category. So it could, somebody, one person might get sick. Another person might watch Netflix, another person might do drugs.

Another person might, you know, do some retail. You know, or, or, you know, go invest in somebody else's problems. So you don't have to look at your own. Right. All of this.

Will: or you could find yourself identifying with many, multiple,

Karen: those boxes you're shopping while your friend tells you her problems [00:17:00]

Kelle: Yeah.

Will: while you're sick. At the same time,

Kelle: Right.

Will: I'm having a drink.

Kelle: Yeah. So all of these things and more are resistances that show up. And this is one of the first things that I teach people when they step into the processes, because you need to learn to identify what your resistances are so that you can identify when you're in them, because.

Your ego will say, oh, this isn't important. We're not gonna do that. I'm better than this. you know, all these things, but if you find yourself doing the thing, you know, is your resistance, then you know that your ego is just blowing smoke at you. Right? And so it's trying to distract you from what it is that you know, you need to do now.

That's issue. Number one, issue. Number two is that you have not crystallized your discontent. And the crystallization of discontent, it's actually a psychological term. It is the act of finding all the [00:18:00] places that you are tolerating things that are not okay. And bringing them all together into one spot at the same time, because typically the are tolerations show up here and there and the other place.

And we, we experienced them one at a time. And so we don't ever recognize exactly how much pain we're in because we're only seeing one piece at a time of it. But if you pull it all up and you make yourself aware of all of it at the same time, what you do is. Become supremely aware of exactly the state of your discontent in this.

And that discontent properly directed, serves as fuel for your change. Tony Robbins is a fan of saying that in order to make change, the pain of the change must be less than the pain of staying the same. And we crystallize our discontent to make the pain of staying the same, be [00:19:00] so clear that it is not acceptable and that the change seems easier.

Karen: Hmm,

Kelle: So those are the two pieces that I would say would be the things that are holding you back.

Karen: it makes perfect sense to like, of course, why didn't we think of this? Hence the

Kelle: You know, 45 years of study Yeah, yeah. Doing it since I was five. So, you know, I kind of picked this stuff up along the way.

Karen: Well, yeah, that's something that I wanted to ask you. When did you start knowing that you had these different abilities or inclinations in your life?

Kelle: My mother said I was talking to ghosts of my crib.

Will: Oh, sorry. Nope. Route. There's a fear. If I saw my baby talking to goes in the crib, I would've been like.

Karen: That's

Kelle: Yeah. So she, she raised me in this because she was like, you know, she [00:20:00] had been psychic and it scared her and she shut it down and never figured out how to open it back up again. And so, she was determined that was not going to happen for me. And so I was raised with all of this stuff, the whole new age movement, she had all the tapes, all the books, all the cassettes, everything,

Will: But it's interesting because when I read about you, you do talk about the fact that your mother was afraid of all this stuff, and you decided that you would not be the same, but if your mom was afraid of this stuff for her to raise you in, it was astounding because it like, if I'm afraid of. I'm going to keep it away from my daughter as much as I can, but she did the opposite.

Like she, she like threw you into it apparently. And to try to develop these things that you were feeling. So there's a kind of a weird dichotomy there that I

Kelle: Yeah, well, she was afraid of it as a child. As an adult, she came around and became more you know, willing to look into it. And a lot of.

it was [00:21:00] just her trying to figure out how to heal for herself. But you know, she was frustrated that she couldn't reclaim the gifts that she had shut down in childhood.

And so she just, you know, like, like stage parents do who couldn't become actors, they, they throw their kids into acting. Right. And my, my father was psychic too, but he would never admit. But the man would read your beads. I mean, he'd just walk up and tell you all kinds of stuff about you, but then he'd just like, nah, I just know people admitted it thought my mom was nuts.

Right. There's a reason they divorced when I was five. So, but yeah, they were both really psychic.

Karen: Wow.

Will: So other than, than really focusing on the things that are crystallizing, your, your concerns, for example what can someone do to. Really jumpstart, their spiritual awakening. If there's desire there and there is, I have strong desire for it, but but I

Karen: think your fear is stronger than your desire.

Will: No, it is. There's no question about that. She hit it right on the head that, that the fear is keeping me [00:22:00] back and the. Is 100% part of that, right? Because I had a conversation with someone a little while ago. And his question to me was if there's life after death, does our ego go with us? Right. Does our personality go with us in death?

Because he knew what was doing these shows. And I couldn't answer it because a part of me says all well, they better damn well come with me. Cause this is who makes me. But then part of me was saying, well, no, because then we'll part of a, our bigger self that doesn't need that percent of that ego.

Kelle: Well, the answer is both.

Will: So that's where I, I fall apart there. I can't

Karen: think of

Kelle: So think of it, think of

it this way. Think of coming into this lifetime as you're an actor taking on a role. Okay. When you take on this life, you become the role, right. And when you die, you go back to being the.

Okay. You take with you, everything that you have from having done the role, everything you learned, all the experiences you had, [00:23:00] you take that all with you as part of your share, your lived experience, but you are no longer limited by the role. And so initially when you first cross over you will be using. With a slightly broader perspective. Um, When you, when you pass from physical reality to the astral plane, when you are in the astral plane, you are still inherently you that you're here. Now, the role, right? When you cross over the veil from the Astro plane to the other side, you release the role and become the actor again, but you still have all the memories.

Karen: See will you had asked her if she had any messages that just kind of came up to let them out. During this interview, you are speaking his language. 'cause he used to be an actor

Kelle: No.

Karen: and I think this message needed to come across this way for you to be able to understand it, because that makes perfect sense to me.

And I imagine it does to you as well. And

Will: that's why we say w right from the very beginning of the interview, before we even [00:24:00] start recording that we allow the universe to take us in whatever direction it needs to go. We had an idea of what we're going be. With you Kelly, but this was not it, but inevitably we got derailed, but it's a perfect messaging because I know that there are other people out there that are experiencing the same kind of things and have the same kind of questions

Kelle: Yeah.

Will: and it makes it

Kelle: to your question though, because I don't want to let that go. So if you're, if you're game to play, what's your fear of stepping into that? Your spiritual self? What is your.

Will: My fear is a loss of self, right.

Karen: Right.

Kelle: Okay. So, the that's an, it's an ironic statement. To say, I'm going to step into my spiritual self, which is literally the act of stepping onto a spiritual path is about pulling out all the crap. So if you think of yourself as an artesian, well, right. Every single person on the planet is an artesian.

Well, [00:25:00] and for those who don't know an artesian, well automatically. Spurts water up, right? It doesn't need a pump. It's, it's got its own thing and it's just natural spring and we're all artesian Wells and our experiences day to day put crap in the well. So the limiting experiences, the traumas, the challenges, the things people have told us about ourselves that we've believed it all goes in.

It's all garbage. That goes into the well until the well, no longer Springs forth. And it's just now it's all this stuff is holding the well down and the only water that's available to us as the rainwater that's caught by the garbage. Okay. And if you think about those, those spring water that's spirit.

Right. And so all a spiritual path is, is taking the garbage out of the well until spirit can spring forth. And in actuality, you're uncovering yourself. [00:26:00] It is an act of uncovering the authentic you, and it is who you have always been and who you will always be. And so it's not an actual loss of self it's a recovery of.

Karen: Hmm,

Will: you have a beautiful way of explaining things that give the perfect visual and the great greatest allegories, but the show's name is the skeptic metaphysician. So we've got to ask the question, right? You've got a lot of information that you're bringing out that makes a lot of sense. But how do you know?

I mean, it is my, my biggest fear growing up was once you die, it's it, you're, you're in black. There's nothing else after that. And, and the fear of no longer existing was paralyzing to me. And now you're seeing all these things, which are wonderful to hear, but how do you know that this is the, you know, the artesian well and all that kind of stuff.

Kelle: [00:27:00] Well, from what I've done, the work. Right. So I've cleared out my well and go figure. It was amazing. Right. So I'm on the other side. I know I'm still, you know, I still pull things out every now and again, but for the most part, my well is good. Right. And you know, I've spent my life doing that. And so I know from that, from experience and from other people that I've known who have done it, and then as far as what happens when we die, I talked to people on the other side, And, you know, they tell me, and even if that were not true, I'm going to share with you something that Chellie Campbell told me.

She's the author of the wealthy spirit. She's a, she's a card. I love her. And you guys should really talk to her. She's amazing.

Karen: We'd love to.

Kelle: I'll, I'll hook you up. And she said to me, she said, look, she said, the things that you cannot know, there's no way to possibly. You can believe things that scare you, or you can believe things that make you feel better.[00:28:00]

And in the end you can never know. So why not choose to believe the things that make you feel better?

Karen: Yeah.

Kelle: And I was like, well, shit. Yeah.

Why not?

Will: You know, we we've got to get Shelley and Karen together because I can't tell you the amount of time. She said the exact same message to me for God's sakes.

Kelle: Uh, You know, yeah. So when you've had childhood trauma, which I assume you have, since you're, you're having these things Our brains are taught in trauma train changes the way your brain works. And part of the challenge as of stepping into this work is learning how to reprogram your brain to operate on a more healthy fashion, because our default is everything's going to hell in a hand basket, and it's going to happen in.

Right. You're, you're constantly in a state of anxiety and fear and worry and dreads and self doubt and inner and outer judgment. And your monkey mind is screaming at you 24 7, and it's no wonder you can't grow because your brain is too busy, worrying about the sky is falling, right. [00:29:00] And that's, that's literally trauma literally changes the way that the brain works.

Now that can be. Okay. It's just a matter of shifting the energetics. It's a matter of shifting your perspective. It's a matter of shifting your habits. So instead of saying, what if all these horrible things happen, you have to learn how to say, what if all these amazing things happen? Right. And it's just changing the pattern and the pathway and some of it's discipline and some of them.

Energetic, because you know, when you have a challenge childhood, the other thing you do is you become an empath. You feel what other people feel, and you become very good at reading other people because it's, it's literally part of your safety to be able to know if they're upset, right? And so the way you do that is by shoving your energy field out to the edges of the room or the building or the city or the world.

And. That puts everybody else inside your energy field, which allows you to monitor them on a regular basis. But [00:30:00] it also means you have no defenses against them. And so you feel unsafe on a regular basis because you're constantly not, you you're everybody, but you, because you become second to everything else, because that's how you keep yourself quote, unquote safe.

Will: Wow, Kelly, you came on the show for me. This, you are here for me. Holy smokes. I never put two and two together like that, but absolutely it makes perfect sense. The energy field expanding. I, my entire life, I've not felt like my mom calls me the. 'cause I, because my mom called me all the time. It's been programmed into me because you're right.

I I've gauged a room. And the big joke is my parents are Cuban. I was born in Puerto Rico. I was raised in Connecticut. I had an Argentinian uncle. So if I'm in a room full of Cubans, all my parents are Cuban. If I'm in a room full of Puerto Ricans, Hey, I was born in Puerto Rico. If I'm in a room full of Americans, I was raised in Connecticut.

How much more American than that? Can you get right? So I fit [00:31:00] into wherever I am.

Karen: To the point of even changing the dialect. He speaks in

Will: Spanish. Yes. Yes. Changing everything about me. And that's because I am empathic. I do, I feel other people's energies. And I've told Karen many times that when she feels stressed, it stresses me out.

And it's become a challenge for us to get through that because it's not fair to her for me to now suddenly get all mad at her because you're mad at me, you know? So in that. Because you're right. The childhood trauma forces you to increase your energy field because you do have to be very vigilant. Is he going to be angry?

What, what am I, am I doing the right thing by doing the wrong thing? So you, it becomes a part of you that's astounding. And I don't know how I didn't think about that.

Kelle: Honestly, I did not come up with. That was something that was given to me by somebody whose name I cannot remember. And it bothers me. So if, if the person ever hears this, please let me know, it's you, because I keep wanting to credit you and I don't know [00:32:00] your name, so, but yeah, it was, it was a revolution for me too.

It was just like, whoa. Yes, that's exactly what I do. And you know, I had the exact same thing. I was a chameleon I actually got called on at once. I went to a party. That a friend of mine had set up and she was like, okay, we'll go together. And then at the last second, she bailed and said, oh, but you need to go because they're expecting you.

And so I'm showing up to this room full of Renaissance, fair people that I've never met before to come and stay with them. And I'm like okay. So I bought Entenmann's and I showed up at the door. Right. And, and I walked in and I did what I do. I. Right. I, I adjusted my energy field. I, I made myself feel like, I felt like everybody else.

And I just assumed that I was part of the group. And like an hour later, somebody looked at me and said, wait a minute. And I was like, what? And they said, you have [00:33:00] only been here for an hour. We have been friends for 10 years. You feel like you have been part of the group for the entire time. How did you do that?

Karen: Magic witchcraft.

Kelle: I didn't have an answer. I went ancient Chinese secret

Will: That is the perfect answer.

Kelle: and no idea I stole from Galgon. Right. I have no idea the answer.

to that question because it was just how I was. And you know, I, now I can connect with people from a lot of different places, but I always inherently me. I'm no longer somebody different to each person,

You know?

Will: So I assume that you help people with that kind of thing. Because I I'm assuming this is something that can be fixed for lack of a better word.

Kelle: Yeah.

That's, that's what I did for me. That's what I teach other people how to do. I actually teach people how to do it faster than I did it because I took me like 25 years. And [00:34:00] Yeah. no, no time at all. Really. And, and, you know, the biggest problem with spiritual work is that there's no freaking correct.

Right. And you D you have no idea what you're supposed to do in order to fix the problems that you have. And most of the time you can't even name what the problems are, because they're just so part of you that you're like, oh, that's a problem. I didn't even know that was a problem. What do you mean?

That's a problem, right? You know, because when I was a chameleon, I was like, no, that's great. I can fit in with anybody. It's awesome for me, you know, blah, blah, blah. But no, I didn't recognize that it was me not being me. And so, you know, every problem has a gift. Every gift has a problem. And so you just have to be able to recognize it and decide what you want as you move forward.

So, yeah, that's, that's what I do. And I shortened the distance because about nine tenths of the time that you spend doing any of this work is trying to figure out what the problem is, name the problem, and then find a solution for it. And so [00:35:00] I take away all of that. Part of the search. And so I get things done in A 10th of the time with my students.

So my 25 year journey is like two and a half years. So it's really an accelerated path.

Karen: That's fantastic. Yeah. Yep.

Will: Now you've got a book that's coming out.

Kelle: Yeah. It's out.

Will: It's out. Right? Is, is that a, is that the overachievers guide?

Kelle: Yes.

Will: Okay. So it's called the overachievers guide to nailing your spiritual growth in record time. And that is exciting to me. So tell me about the.

Kelle: Well, it's the curriculum. Remember I said there was no curriculum. I wrote it. I got tired of there being no curriculum. So I wrote it.

Karen: Now there is.

Kelle: Now there is right. It is the overview of how we grow, how we heal first and then how we grow. Right. And so it goes through the stages of healing and those stages are the very first stages.

[00:36:00] What we were just talking about, which is uh, freeing up bandwidth, basically, because you've got to find a sense of emotional and energetic state. Right, because until you do, you're spending all your time going, what's coming, what's coming. What's going to be, what's going to be next. I don't know. I don't know.

I don't know. Right. And so when you spend all your time doing that, you have no energy to do anything else. And so that's the very first step. And then the second step is to solidify your sense of self, which is also your personal power, your energetic. Right. And that's about claiming your space and setting your boundaries and owning your power and internalizing your sense of value so that you don't have to ask for validation from others and learning how to love yourself.

And by the way, love yourself does not mean high self-esteem. It means I am,

lovable when I'm doing nothing.

Karen: I am,

Will: but only when I'm doing nothing.

Kelle: And then the third step is [00:37:00] doing the shadow work that everybody tries to make their first step it's it's, you know, unwinding all the stories and the buttons and the triggers and the things that send you from zero to 150 in five seconds flat. Right. It's unwinding all of that so that you can learn how to just be and be peaceful and not constantly be like uh, what's coming.

I don't know. Right? Yeah. Once you've done that, then you can actually start to expand and to grow and to evolve. And yes, you'll do some more shadow work along the way. You're never done with your shadow work, but it becomes fewer and further between the further along the path you get and you become more adept to doing it.

So it's much smoother of a process. The further along.

Will: Well, this sounds like it is the next book on my list. Absolutely. Well, is there anything that we haven't talked about that you want to make sure that our audience gets?

Kelle: Yeah.

the world is [00:38:00] waking up right now and it has been for the last couple of years. And I'm seeing this more and more often with people who are just like I'm seeing things. And I'm hearing things and I'm sensing things that I didn't sense before. And I, I, I'm not, not semi, I'm not, not spraying. Right, right.

And the answer is no, you're not nuts. Okay. The, the veil between the worlds is getting thinner. We are all waking up. The process of the pandemic has brought us into our, our universal Hermitage, where we all were pulled back from the world to forced to be forced, to look at ourselves. Right. And that is always the stage before an evolutionary leap.

We always retreat to ourselves before we leap forward. And so. A lot of people are going through this, this awakening right now. And so the first thing I want to say is when you step into an awakening, the very first thing that you [00:39:00] feel aside from holy crap, you know, is. You start to get a sense of what your mission is on the planet.

And it feels freaking huge and overwhelming. like there's no way you could possibly do this And you're terrified. And what I want to say is that happens to everyone and, you know, you're sitting there and you're thinking, okay, I can't do this. And you're right, right now, you can't do this and you're not supposed to.

Right now you're just supposed to take the next step. You will not be asked to step into that mission until your journey has made you into the person that you need to be to fulfill it. And speaking as the person who 25 years ago stepped in and went, holy crap, wait, because my mission seemed freaking huge.

And 25 years later, I'm going, yeah, I could do that. Right. So. The journey gets you to the place you need to be in order to [00:40:00] fulfill the mission. So let go of the worries about, can I be that person it's, that's not your problem right now. Your problem right now is to just take the next step. Okay. And just have faith that the journey will get you there.

Will: That's perfect. Now last question, it just occurred to me as we were talking, we're talking about fear. Part of my biggest fear is because of all the books that you read and talk about all the credit. Go bump in the night and Hollywood making things you just mentioned.

I hear things. I see things I'm freaking out. Part of my fear is that there are entities out there that I may not want to be in contact with. That may freak me out. If I happen to see them. Is there anything to fear?

Kelle: Yes. Sorry.

Karen: Not what we were hoping for.

Kelle: I'm sorry. So here's the thing, right? And this is the other piece that I talked to people about is that as you're awakening, the very first thing you want to do is not to [00:41:00] master your gift. The very first thing you want to learn, how to do is how to turn it off, because if you know how to turn it off and you know how to turn it on, then you are not at its worst.

You are not subject to it. You are not a victim of it. And you can confirm for yourself that you're not nuts. Right. And so it then becomes a gift and it becomes a choice as to engage it or not in that moment. The very second thing you want to learn, how to do is how to learn, how to master your own energy and be like, okay, how's my energy doing?

Am I okay? Do I need to clear my energy? Do I need to connect to spirit or to the ground or whatever, you know, how do I manage my energy? And then the very third thing you need to do is you need to learn how to protect yourself. How to create shields for.

your personal being and how to set up protections on your home.

And the reason you do that is because the more you do energy work, the brighter you become on the Astro. [00:42:00] So think of it as you're a ghost on the Astro right now, you're, you're sort of shades of gray on the Astro right now than the average person is. And as you become more conscious, you break. And you become more substantial on the Astro and then things on the Astro will start to interact with you.

And just like if you were walking through a city, There are good neighborhoods and there are bad neighborhoods. And just like in the city, there are people who will help you. And there will people who will mug you. Right. And you know, it's, it's the same. We, we put a lot of extra onto it because it's something we don't see.

See. Right. It's not, it's not, we're not fully cognizant of that space yet, but, and because horror movies. Yeah

Karen: exactly.

Kelle: yeah. But the, in actuality, there are, there are things that go bump in the night, just like there were people who go bump in the night. [00:43:00] Right. And the, the likelihood of running into them is directly proportional to how much energy you spend doing energy work and how little protections you have.

Right. That's why one of the very first things that happened when happens when people sign up for my programs is I put a protection sign on them. I put a sign on the Astro that says mess with this person. You're messing with me, check with the grapevine before choosing and choose wisely. Right. Because I will. So, yeah.

Will: We found, we found the title to the show.

Kelle: but you know, I put that up only until the students can protect themselves because ultimately they need to protect them from. You know, I'm not going to be around forever. I'm not going to be able to protect every single person. Whoever comes through my programs in perpetuity. It's it's just simply it's it's uh, I'm going to shepherd you through this process until you can stand on your own two feet and be the bad-ass that you were meant to be.

Right. And you know, the [00:44:00] there's I'll tell you the secret about magic. You want to know?

Karen: Yes. Yes.

Kelle: All right. Here's the secret about magic that nobody, nobody believes, but it is very simple. If you can see it and you can focus on it and you can intend it and believe that you can make it it's. So it is, that is all it takes.

There's nothing surprising or, you know, secretive or anything else. Magic is focused intent to a particular outcome. That's all it is. And we make it harder than it has to be because we, we need the pomp and circumstance to believe it. Right. But that is all it is. And so you will be a bad-ass on the spiritual plane, the moment you believe That

you're the biggest bat in the room?

Karen: That

Will: is a loaded statement because it takes it. There's a long road between getting here and getting there.

Kelle: No, actually it's just a.

Karen: Oh, [00:45:00] look at that.

Will: We're going long, but so I get it. I hear it. I've heard that message before Benji Shearer came to talk to us about this of the whole lawman manifestation thing. I get, I understand the emotional content that has to be involved there, but I am in the process right now, reading the Moses code and in the I'm trying to follow the Moses code.

And it's all about the, I am that I am and I'm making things happen and all that kind of stuff. And I understand the words I'm reading. But when I try to put the exercises into action, I'm trying my hardest to see it and believe it and feel it and live

Kelle: You're trying. That's the

Will: That's the thing. But how do you stop trying?

Cause it there's a little like the monkey brain inside me going what if it's not gonna work? Maybe it's not gonna work. It's not gonna work. Maybe it's going to work. Hey, what if it doesn't work? Right. It's

Kelle: What if it works amazingly well,

Will: And I'm trying to do that, but

Kelle: Yeah.

Will: maybe.

Kelle: and that's, again, that's the fear piece, right? [00:46:00] That's the, the early stages of how you deal with that. Right? That's your trauma brains talking, right? So you have to unwind the trauma brain to get past that, but ultimately it's a decision that you just go.

Under no circumstances, will anything ever have the right to mess with me ever again? Do you feel the declaration there?

Karen: I do.

Kelle: She's like bang. That is all it takes.

Will: do, but you're the bad-ass I'll fuck somebody up where I'm just a newbie guy.

Kelle: Why do you think about us? We'll fuck somebody up. Right? Because, because I have that intent is like, oh hell no, you know, it's a fuck around and find out kind of thing. Right. It's it's that thing. So. You know, I, one of the gifts that I actually had early on that allowed me to get here faster was the fact that I have this intense confidence I may have.

It was a belief in my uh, my ability to adapt. And I think that was [00:47:00] because of the military and the constant having to adapt and having to figure it out and whatever. And I was just. Whatever I'll figure it out. Right. And that was my mantra is I'll just figure it out. Right. And because I got so good at figuring it out, I was just like, yeah, I got this.

And I, even, when I didn't have it, I would tell myself. Right. So we're, we're in Italy uh, in 2015, we're on our honeymoon and we're on a bus that we don't speak Italian. He doesn't speak English and I'm trying to figure out where we're going and I'm like, and he's like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I like, are we there yet?

I keep thinking, we're going to miss it. We're going to miss it. I keep bugging him. And he finally, we, the minute we pull into , he doesn't drop me at the station. He trumps me in a. At a traffic circle and like just a traffic circle. Right. And so we're having to walk, walk away to, to some you know, restaurant that also doesn't speak English. [00:48:00] Because they didn't take us to the station because I irritated him. Right. And I'm sitting here and I'm like, okay, we don't speak English. My husband is having a minor heart attack behind me. Cause he's like, oh, what are we going to? I'm like, yeah, I'll figure it out. Right. And I just went to the biggest guy. I could find because they're always the ones who like to protect people.

And I went stop seal a day and he's like, I was like, oh, don't speak English. Right. And he's like, oh, Ooh, do it though. And then a whole lot of Italian, and then he's like pantomiming going underneath something and around and whatever. And my husband looks at me. He's like what? I said, I think we go two streets down, take a left.

And then we go under something. I don't know what, and he's like, well, what if we, what if we get lost? I'm like, well, ask somebody else. It'll be fine. That's right? Yeah.

It's okay. We'll make it work. And we got there. It was not a problem. Didn't even have to ask directions the second time, but that's the thing, Right. You just, you just keep going and you're [00:49:00] like, oh, that'll be fine. That'll make it work. It'll be fine.

Karen: So at

Will: the end of the day, it'll be fine.

Kelle: It'll be fine.

The universe looks out for you. You live a charmed life. You just don't acknowledge it. Most of the time.

Will: Well, your book is the overachievers guide to nailing your spiritual growth in record time. I am definitely get going to get a copy of that as soon as possible. I encourage everyone. Who's listening to do the same thing, Kelly, you are fascinating. It has been an amazing time talking with you today. So thanks so much for

Karen: coming on the show.

Kelle: Thanks for having me.

Will: Now we're going to put a direct links to your website and all your social media platforms in our show notes.

All you need to do is go to skeptic, Go to our episode page, find Kelly's episode, and you will see all of her information, right. There is just a click away. You can just contact her connect with her immediately just by clicking on the link. So, again, thanks for coming on the show.

Kelle: My pleasure. Thanks for having me. This was a blast. I knew it would be.

Karen: we did

Will: too. And thanks for coming along on this journey of discovery with [00:50:00] us. Hey, we'd really love it. If you do, as a huge favor and help us get the show into the hands of those, that would really benefit from it. If you know of anyone that you think would enjoy our conversations, please share the show with them.

And if you're listening to this on the radio and miss anything, not to worry all of our shows, including this one can be, where you can also watch the videos or even send us email or voicemails directly from the site. We absolutely love feedback and would appreciate hearing from you.

So I hope you've enjoyed the episode as much as we have that's all for now, but we'll see you on the next episode of the skeptic metaphysicians until then

Karen: take care.

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