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Scott Clover

Intuitive Energy Healer

Scott Clover’s helps people connect to their own energy so they can learn to heal themselves. He is a certified practitioner of Focalizing, a somatic-based technology for changing your body's energy patterns for areas such as trauma relief, anxiety, and positive creative uses.

Often my clients report they know something is holding them back from achieving their full potential but they aren’t sure what it is. The specific work I do allows release of stress and trauma stored in the body that is subconsciously sabotaging. For the past 7 years, I have worked 1 on 1 with clients helping them feel better in their body, optimize performance and have the support they need to reach their full potential.

The following areas are the most popular reasons people work with me:
• Interpersonal and Family Dynamics
• Energetic Consulting for Creatives
• Goal /Intentions Achievement
• Intuitive Emergence
• Sexual Awareness & Identification
• Executive Consulting
• Archetypal Charts
• Safe boundries for Empaths
•Trauma & PTSD Resolution
• Self-Acceptance
• Unblocking Past Issues

Typically my clients have tried talking or pills and they do not feel like themselves. They want to heal and be in touch with their bodies again, to feel a connection energetically and physically. Come see how Energy Healing can allow you to release old patterns, find new inspiration, resolve past traumas, and get in touch with your body and your intuition.

I help you heal what holds you back, and feel better in your body

March 23, 2022

Intuitive Healing - The Energetic Plumber | Scott Clover

Just like the pipes in your bathroom or kitchen, the energy in our bodies can sometimes get backed up, causing all manner of imbalances and dis-ease. As a 'Non-Dogmatic' healer, this week's guest views and perceives energy as...

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